Rare Earth Elements May Become Very Rare If China Closes Markets

Picture 6Aso, while running for election in Japan, sneers at young Japanese who want to get married but can’t afford this.  Japan is literally dying and the rulers don’t care.  They are not dying of vaccinations.  They are dying of lack of babies and the collapse of the family.  Also, China may be closing the door on exporting rare earth elements which are needed by modern technology for nearly all of our manufactured systems.  


asahi.com(朝日新聞社):Aso tells nuptial wannabes to get a job – English

Prime Minister Taro Aso told a gathering of young people Sunday to forget about marriage if they can’t afford it, a common sense if tactless comment that has drawn fire from opposition politicians. .

Aso’s remark in Tokyo was in response to a university student who blamed the nation’s low birthrate on difficulties financially strapped youth face when contemplating marriage.

. “If you don’t have the money, then you probably shouldn’t get married,” Aso said, adding, “It’s unlikely you will be respected if you don’t have a source of income.”


Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura told a news conference Monday that he believed the comment, if a bit direct, reflected the prime minister’s desire to improve employment opportunities for the young.


Just like Japan’s G7 buddies, the ruler of Japan can’t understand the crisis the Japanese people are in.  That is, he doesn’t give a damn about the dire situation at all.  Japan’s entire existence depends on Japanese youths surviving and thriving.  Instead, they are being destroyed.  Just this week, a 12 year old girl being bullied in school and hammered at home over school work, threw herself from the 13th floor of a building!  And a 14 year old boy doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire at 2am, for the same reasons.


This terrible, terrible despair is basically ignored by the LDP.  Japan is probably the most technologically advanced countries on earth.  The people there have lived for years now, very immersed in the alternative universe created by modern entertainment technologies.  The Japanese use of animation and cameras has been far more sophisticated than American and European attempts, in that they created an alternative universe that is very deep and dense and quite real.  I have watched Japanese TV since the 1970’s and watched it grow up.  It still fascinates me, greatly.


It is also very isolating.  There are lots and lots of technological systems which we cannot cope with, operating on our brains.  I sit here, running my own operations, using various tools to try to form my own view of the world and the universe.  There are a large number of creative people doing this.  Understanding how TV and computers operate on our minds is highly important.  People today have dropped McLuhan’s ‘the medium is the message’ and I think this is foolish because he was right about how media are inherently doing things to us which we don’t really understand.  That is, the very nature of this system creates an alternative reality.


In my comments on 9/11, I mentioned how the bravest and hardest fighters against the global ruling elites seem nearly exclusively to be people without any modern communication systems.  Too poor or distant to have these, the poorest people on earth are the most successful fighters, taking on entire empires and winning their grinding battles with sophisticated robot assassin killers and distant military experts using trillions of dollars of equipment and vast military systems.


Japan is dying.  Literally dying.  The Japanese government should be very, very alarmed about this.  In 100 years, there will be no Japanese culture if this keeps up.  Japanese anime has many stories about the annihilation of the Japanese people.  This is a top story line matrix system that is part of all the Japanese youth’s outlook on the world.  Starting with the Godzilla movies, the fatalism inherent inside of the culture (stemming from Zen Buddhism) has become a deep part of all Japanese cultural systems.  Of course, Japan was the staging ground for the first attempts at Total Death Warfare, aka, nuclear war.


YouTube – Hinotori – Chapter of dawn (PART 1)


I am amazed that a Japanese student actually demanded an answer from the LDP Aso guy.  The flippant answer is a sign that the rulers of Japan are insane.  The Japanese workforce has been shunted aside in favor of robots which are easier to control.  The severe temptation to replace humans with robots is a common theme in Japanese entertainment.  The unease this is causing is understandable.  But the MEDIUM of transmitting this information about the dangers of robots replacing humans has caused the Japanese victims of this to be passive.  They are not motivated like the Afghanis, to fight off these robots.  Naturally, the rulers of this planet are rapidly working on using robots to kill humans!  This is HIDEOUS!  This scares me more than terrorist attacks.


Eventually, due to the medium of robotics, the logic systems used by robots will determine that all humans should die and that will be the end of humanity just as nuclear war will kill us.  Hinotori is a great series and well worth watching.  I studied every episode very closely and the many warnings are on target.  Now, on to some critical news.  I sat on the Chinese plans to no longer sell rare metals story because I did several other stories yesterday (as usual, getting into a dust up with the ‘bombs in the buildings’ believers).  So here it is, a very important story:


World faces hi-tech crunch as China eyes ban on rare metal exports – Telegraph

A draft report by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has called for a total ban on foreign shipments of terbium, dysprosium, yttrium, thulium, and lutetium. Other metals such as neodymium, europium, cerium, and lanthanum will be restricted to a combined export quota of 35,000 tonnes a year, far below global needs.


China mines over 95pc of the world’s rare earth minerals, mostly in Inner Mongolia. The move to horde reserves is the clearest sign to date that the global struggle for diminishing resources is shifting into a new phase. Countries may find it hard to obtain key materials at any price.


Alistair Stephens, from Australia’s rare metals group Arafura, said his contacts in China had been shown a copy of the draft — `Rare Earths Industry Devlopment Plan 2009-2015’. Any decision will be made by China’s State Council….


…..Mr Stephens said China had put global competitors out of business in the early 1990s by flooding the market, leading to the closure of the biggest US rare earth mine at Mountain Pass in California – now being revived by Molycorp Minerals.


Ah!  Now we know that the Chinese were complaining about Rio Tinto spying!  That is, Rio Tinto got top secret information and passed it on.  Now that the cat is out of the bag, Australia is letting us know the secrets they got from the Chinese.  Over time, many mysteries resolve themselves as more information comes out.  For example, the Russian ship saga ended as a typical ship hijacking which copied the ones being conducted offshore Somalia, for example.


Now, I like looking at stuff my own way and as usual, am very interested in various details coming out of the above story.  So, to review what this is all about, we go to the official US geological survey website to get some details:


Rare Earth Elements—Critical Resources for High Technology | USGS Fact Sheet 087-02

Picture 6

This chart shows clearly that the US was the main supplier before China barged into world markets after arresting Madame Mao and putting her in prison.  The US market collapsed. It will now revive, if the news that China won’t sell is true.  But even if it revives, it won’t replace the Chinese supplies.  This means, the US will make oodles of money on these rare earths which will be really rare.


But this won’t save either us or our G7 manufacturing partners.  Instead, it will put all industries needing rare earth metals, out of business.  This is simple: Chinese manufacturers will get CHEAPER rare earth metals while competitors will have a higher overhead!  End of story is simple: Chinese manufactured products will have a higher profit margin!   And profit is capital.


The rare earth elements (REE) form the largest chemically coherent group in the periodic table. Though generally unfamiliar, the REE are essential for many hundreds of applications. The versatility and specificity of the REE has given them a level of technological, environmental, and economic importance considerably greater than might be expected from their relative obscurity. The United States once was largely self-sufficient in these critical materials, but over the past decade has become dependent upon imports (fig. 1). In 1999 and 2000, more than 90% of REE required by U.S. industry came from deposits in China….


The US has become more dependent on imports in nearly every possible area. This is thanks to the floating fiat currency and free trade. This fatal system is killing us rather rapidly. We went from a solvent nation to a nation deep in debt ever since Nixon cut the gold standard and began the free trade/fiat currency system.


…..Although the 15 naturally occurring REE (table 1; fig. 2) are generally similar in their geochemical properties, their individual abundances in the Earth are by no means equal. In the continental crust and its REE ore deposits, concentrations of the most and least abundant REE typically differ by two to five orders of magnitude (fig. 3). As technological applications of REE have multiplied over the past several decades, demand for several of the less abundant (and formerly quite obscure) REE has increased dramatically. .

The robot/computer technological system requires the use of these REE resources.  The Afghani fighters don’t need any of this to wage war or even, survive.  We are addicted to the robot/computer system because it is very alluring.  I like it a lot, for example.  It has some very excellent points, so long as one is very aware of the dangers.  But we tend to not be aware of the dangers. The danger is, of course, the medium takes over all our systems and runs on its own logic which is seems to tap into a very deep part of our brains in ways we barely understand.


The diverse nuclear, metallurgical, chemical, catalytic, electrical, magnetic, and optical properties of the REE have led to an ever increasing variety of applications. These uses range from mundane (lighter flints, glass polishing) to high-tech (phosphors, lasers, magnets, batteries, magnetic refrigeration) to futuristic (high-temperature superconductivity, safe storage and transport of hydrogen for a post-hydrocarbon economy).


This is the logic of the systems: to create non-carbon burning systems that will operate for us in keeping our civilization alive, we need to use rarer and rarer elements! So the conflict over how we live in comfort in a world with severe physical limitations will grow worse, not better, over time. The Chinese have been interested in solar power ever since Nixon’s visit to China. That is, the Chinese asked my dad to help them develop solar energy systems. My father was sent there repeatedly to do this. The Taiwanese government wanted him to do this, too, and ditto, the South Koreans and the Japanese.


The production of solar panels moved to Asia while the US decided, under Reagan (who refused to even talk to my father) the US decided to stick to carbon burning technology and so we ended up buying up vast seas of oil using our newfangled fiat currency. Being mere pieces of paper, we showered this upon the oil exporting world and didn’t give a hoot about any of this money returning to the US. US dollars now saturate world markets and one major holder of these dollars is China.


Japan needs Chinese metals and rare earth elements to run their sophisticated robot/computer systems and they know that the Chinese are now intent on directly competing with Japan not in the cheap wares export markets but in the high-tech, expensive end of the markets.  And China has been demanding that Japanese manufacturers make their high-tech stuff in China, not Japan.  The Japanese try to keep their top industrial systems secret from the Chinese.  This will  now end.  Bang.


The Chinese kept this news about the interdiction of REE secret because they didn’t want the Japanese to hoard supplies.  Well, the cat is out of the bag.

. Many applications of REE are characterized by high specificity and high unit value. For example, color cathode-ray tubes and liquid-crystal displays used in computer monitors and televisions employ europium as the red phosphor; no substitute is known. Owing to relatively low abundance and high demand, Eu is quite valuable—$250 to $1,700/kg (for Eu2O3) over the past decade. .

Fiber-optic telecommunication cables provide much greater bandwidth than the copper wires and cables they have largely replaced. Fiber-optic cables can transmit signals over long distances because they incorporate periodically spaced lengths of erbium-doped fiber that function as laser amplifiers. Er is used in these laser repeaters, despite its high cost (~$700/kg), because it alone possesses the required optical properties. .

Specificity is not limited to the more exotic REE, such as Eu or Er. Cerium, the most abundant and least expensive REE, has dozens of applications, some highly specific. For example, Ce oxide is uniquely suited as a polishing agent for glass. The polishing action of CeO2 depends on both its physical and chemical properties, including the two accessible oxidation states of cerium, Ce,3+ and Ce4+, in aqueous solution. Virtually all polished glass products, from ordinary mirrors and eyeglasses to precision lenses, are finished with CeO2. .

Permanent magnet technology has been revolutionized by alloys containing Nd, Sm, Gd, Dy, or Pr. Small, lightweight, high-strength REE magnets have allowed miniaturization of numerous electrical and electronic components used in appliances, audio and video equipment, computers, automobiles, communications systems, and military gear. Many recent technological innovations already taken for granted (for example, miniaturized multi-gigabyte portable disk drives and DVD drives) would not be possible without REE magnets. .

Environmental applications of REE have increased markedly over the past three decades. This trend will undoubtedly continue, given growing concerns about global warming and energy efficiency. Several REE are essential constituents of both petroleum fluid cracking catalysts and automotive pollution-control catalytic converters. Use of REE magnets reduces the weight of automobiles. Widespread adoption of new energy-efficient fluorescent lamps (using Y, La, Ce, Eu, Gd, and Tb) for institutional lighting could potentially achieve reductions in U.S. carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to removing one-third of the automobiles currently on the road. Large-scale application of magnetic-refrigeration technology (described below) also could significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Our modern civilization is based on things China controls.  The value of gold is vapid compared to the future value of REE markets.  The news, IF TRUE, coming out of China, will energize world speculation in REE markets.  Goldman Sachs and others will happily actively bid up the price of these resources just like they spiked oil prices in the summer of 2008.  But the Chinese still control these markets!  They can CHANGE THEIR MINDS.  And flood the markets.  So caution is needed here: the players in this game who actually control the casino are the Chinese and they can choose to do or not do, various things.


The US has lost control of many systems and as we go deeper and deeper into debt, we lose more and more control.  I notice that Bernanke will be around to plague us for another decade.  Gah.  Well, we get what we deserve.  He actually imagines, he fixed a global depression all by his loathsome lonesome.  Well, he didn’t fix anything at all.  He simply increased our debt load and poured trillions of dollars into world monetary markets.  This did undo the Japanese: the yen remains strong against the dollar. This pisses the Japanese exporters off, no end.


But Obama fixed that by handing out $4,500 vouchers to buy Japanese imported autos!  So the Japanese are mollified, for the time being.  But the true danger to Japan is China’s ability to slightly undersell Japanese manufacturers while collecting higher profits, in the long run.  China knows it can deindustrialize Japan just like Japan deindustrialized the US.

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49 responses to “Rare Earth Elements May Become Very Rare If China Closes Markets

  1. Duski

    Huge news actually. This might also be part of the fact that our resources are finite, so when they start to get scarcer, hoarding will begin in large scale. So much for the free trade, soon it will be every country for itself.

    If you have to get something crucial from someone, it is them who will make the deals favorable to themselves.

  2. w.c.

    even sinclair in the 1980’s saw this clearly with his published book .. on china and the rare earths

    now we get the late comers lol


    ELAINE: Some of us (including myself) have been warning about global resource depletion for many years. I gave Hubbert Oil Peak speeches back in the 1970’s. I have advocated space colonization and using the moon as a launching/landing base for mining the asteroids. This is the future! Asia embraces this which is why they are increasing their space race right when the US is giving up on our own space race with them.

  3. w.c.

    Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

    I wrote a book titled the Strategic Metals War in the early 1980s.

  4. w.c.

    i was in knee pants in the 1980’s illuminator lol

  5. PLovering

    Rummy double-dips a miscalculation:

    William Sargent is worried. Worried that there won’t be enough horseshoe crabs and worried about Donald Rumsfeld’s history of indiscriminately vaccinating people.

    The Rumsfeld history starts in 1976, when a military recruit in New Jersey died from a flu that experts speculated might be the “swine flu” virus of 1918 pandemic fame. As Sargent tells it, Rumsfeld, who was then and is again the nation’s secretary of defense, made the imminent “swine flu” a political issue to add some spark to the campaign of President Ford, an interim leader without a cause. At Rumsfeld’s urging, the administration would ensure that “every man, woman and child” was vaccinated. Huge amounts of vaccine were produced and distributed quickly.

    Some batches were contaminated. This was in the days before lysate. Six hundred people sickened and 52 died. The program was stopped a month after the election.

    And nobody got swine flu.

    “It was,” writes Sargent, “modern medicine’s most flagrant miscalculation.”



    ELAINE: That is lots of speculation. And has little to do with the present virus. Which is still a very dangerous potential for going pandemic on us. Remember: if the rulers don’t want you to live, the best way to do this is to make you all paranoid about simple vaccinations! Then, you eliminate yourselves from the gene pool. Think about that for a minute. 🙂

  6. PLovering

    Take for the Fatherland? Or tell Rummy to stick it up his scadload?


  7. PLovering

    Germany’s Health Minister Ulla Schmidt has admitted in an interview with German TV that the “swine flu” vaccination campaign is part of a gigantic hoax as the country prepares to vaccinate 25 million people as a first step from October in the biggest ever vaccine “experiment” in history.



    ELAINE: I read the article and note that the web site LIES about what is being said by the German minister. She said what I have also said: all the people fearful of vaccination shots will swiftly change their minds if the virus goes pandemic and spreads like wildfire, killing people like with the Hong Kong and 1918 flues.

  8. ralph

    Buy Silver. China is now the #1 Gold producer and Silver producer. Chinese banks sell Gold and Silver OTC to their customers. The Chinese Govt. is actively courting their people to buy silver. watch link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxSm4bycPJk. Silver is rarer than Gold in above ground available stocks, plus the commercial short against Silver on COMEX is 5 times what can be produced in 1 year. Silver is an REE. It is the best conductor of electricity and if you were a Chinese manufacturing co. would you use Rhodium at $1600 per oz. or Silver at $15.00 per oz??? China was the last country to come off a Silver standard, and the word BANK in Chinese means “SILVER MOVEMENT”


    ELAINE: gold is a better conductor and doesn’t deteriorate like silver.

  9. Matheus

    I have started buying yuan , just in case.

  10. emsnews

    Matheus, one problem with owning foreign currency is, when there is a crisis, the home government forbids the use of foreign currencies. I have lived in other countries where this has happened and it is very difficult to deal with, trust me on this.

    The chief way we can protect ourselves is to pitch ourselves into the political power struggles. Note how Fox TV scared people into siding with insurance companies, in demanding no changes to the rapidly self-destructing US medical systems that are bankrupting both our nation and government.

    We don’t control Fox TV so we can’t get people roused with fear so they tackle the free trade issue. Also, many businesses now make their profits overseas or are in the process of shifting all their work overseas so they love free trade.

    US workers hate socialism thanks to a lifetime of anti-social propaganda so they lost the ability to band together to stop free trade. And so we have to endure the awful messes that loom below the horizon.

    There is no easy escape, either. I wish there was. In sum: the best protection is always to band together and to be strong. Not weak.

  11. ralph

    Gold is $950 per oz. air-head. Why use it when the alternative is $15.00. Thats the point. Your spin is reckless and constant.

  12. PLovering

    “The Strength and Power of Despotism Consists Wholly in the Fear of Resistance.”

  13. Joseppi

    Recent reports speculate the the Government plans mass extermination of population – How? – With a mandatory vaccination program that will poison the population – Clever, but not the final solution to the problem of too many unruly and voracious consumers.
    Elaine imagines that by creating a fear amongst those doubters of government legitimacy with paranoia of vaccinations that when the epidemic sweeps through the population that it will wipe out the deniers of government authority – A brilliant Machiavellian plan by the masterminds in the government and once again shows the brilliancy of Elaine’s mind.
    We must immediately put a filter on Elaine’s blog to insure that government agents don’t read her devious ideas.


    ELAINE: killing everyone with vaccinations is a total flop. It seems that vaccinations have increased life spans. OOPS. Back to the NWO drawing board! HAHAHA. 🙂

  14. ralph

    If you can fix the horse race always and get away with it, why would you kill the horses? The Govt. doesnt want you dead, it wants you making it $, and giving over control of your kids to them.


    ELAINE: Correct. They want you to either be a consumer and taxpayer or die in their many wars. Why kill people with diseases? At least, CONTAGIOUS diseases?

  15. leavingtheoffice

    Since REEs are found in very low concentrations they require enormous amounts of energy to extract; so, Hubbert’s Peak plays a role here too. And, as Kunstler pointed out several months ago, REEs are important in the manufacture of most alternative energy systems—a double whammy! More and more stories like this point toward a Mad Max future rather than a robot-controlled dystopia.


    ELAINE: Partially correct. That is, most systems will be run by human slave labor (which is why any future ruler will want living humans) but the core of the system (the top 1%) will use robots and other high-tech stuff. After all, you don’t need to use a lot of fuel to dig up minerals. Look at all the gold mines being worked by mobs of people in places like Brazil.

  16. Joseppi

    In regards to holding foreign currencies to protect stored value of one’s savings.
    When the currency crisis manifests there will be a myriad of laws enacted to prevent a further deterioration of the value of the US dollar by the population (captured) fleeing the the use of the dollar.
    To prevent holding the bag of worthless US dollars one must open an account in a foreign bank in the currency of that country. NOW! (That’s if one is so lucky to have the capital and the knowledge to escape what most of us will have to endure even if we’re not what)


    ELAINE: I happen to have some real life experience with that process during the Nixon monetary crisis: suddenly, it is VERY HARD to access foreign accounts. Either, the foreign banks won’t respond or the government at home interferes. Just trust me on this one. 😦

  17. Joseppi

    “not sure what” whoops

  18. Itwentbyme

    They do seem to be to worried at Molycorp

    Molycorp CEO, Mark Smith (not related to
    Rocky Smith), explained that because the Rare Earth ore body at Mountain Pass is so rich, continuous mining is not necessary in order to produce enough ore to keep Molycorp’s Rare Earth production facilities running full time.

    Mr. Smith went on to say, “The amount of
    previously mined material stockpiled at
    Mountain Pass from prior mining is sufficient to support our planned production rate until 2012 at which time we will conduct a mining campaign to produce and stockpile enough new ore to support operations for an additional two to three years.

    Thereafter, we will conduct mining campaigns at two or three-year intervals, which should be sufficient to support full production of finished Rare Earth products at the planned rate of 40 million pounds per year.

    ” Mr. Smith concluded by saying, “As the only western producer of Rare Earth materials, Molycorp is proud to be playing a key role in helping to assure America’s energy, economic and national security, by assuring a secure supply of these critical and indispensable materials that are ultimately utilized in the production of hybrid and electric cars, wind power turbines, various high-tech applications and numerous advanced defense systems.”

  19. DeVaul

    The government can and will enact any and all laws it deems necessary to prevent the American population from escaping the coming devaluation of the dollar. Only the super rich and top government officials will be able to secure their hoards of wealth.

    Even now the IRS is hunting down medium rich investors who used tax evasion schemes offered by offshore bank accounts in Switzerland, and this investigation will be expanded to include all offshore bank accounts. Only the most well-connected will be spared. Their names will not appear in the indictments.

    This is the logical end game of a government that is bankrupt. It must find money somewhere to pay themselves and the soldiers who protect them from the general populace. Rome did this also. Every segment of the populace, except the rulers and their army, will be slowly and methodically crushed until they truly have nothing at all to give other than slave labor.

    That will be the end and also the point when foreign powers openly buy us out or divide up our country into spheres of influence, possibly letting our rulers act as regional governors or other administrative type officials in exchange for privaleged status in our impoverished land.

    I do not foresee any kind of “revolution” or uprising. A trip to the mall should show why. I do not see anyone capable of enduring real hardships like our ancestors did when they went up against the British Army. Do we have anyone who can march 100 miles without blowing out their knees or stopping at a local buffet?

    Arab and Afghan peasants can fight us because they were born into hardship. We were not, and it will take a lot of hardship before we are ready to risk everything for freedom from our new rulers — whatever their true names may be.

    I do not see that happening for at least 50 to a hundred years or more. That is simply my opinion based on what I currently see.

  20. K-Bo

    And China is also heavily subsidizing their solar energy industry, via feed-in-tariffs, tax credits, low interest state bank loans, electricity subsidies, government owned
    utility projects boosting demand, etc…

    Hoku in the U.S. is probably going bankrupt since it can’t get financing for it’s polysilicon plants. Meanwhile, China provides cheap loans for Chinese poly plants.


  21. emsnews

    Correct, K-Bo. The Chinese were interested in solar energy back in 1974. Have been interested in it since then. This is due to the ease with which solar can be set up in distant villages. No need to string long power lines.

  22. Well, Elaine,

    There’s always the Congo (DRC) where it is embraced with China and the U.S. over a struggle for coltan and other precious resources.


  23. emsnews

    Correct. I wrote several years ago about the Chinese ‘Year of Africa’ where they focused all of their vast monetary and diplomatic resources on Africa. It is now bearing fruit.

  24. justiceatsqualor


    I think you’re a bit pessimistic about our future.

    From my vantage point, Americans have a lot of guns and a lot of fight when it comes to foreigners on our shores. Maybe our Army and Navy will turn into low-income housing with minimal readiness, but we’ve got a lot of strategic weapons. And, we’re sitting on top of all the world’s gold in Manhattan, no matter whose pile is whose.

    Second, I don’t see that a “revolution” is necessary since the elites don’t rule by status or force, they rule by blackmail, bribery, and treasonous collaboration. Thus all that is necessary for a transfer of power is for real officials to turn their backs on them. The elites understand this and it doesn’t seem they’re planning on sticking around to test it if the situation starts to deteriorate; they’re buying Islands.

    As far as tax evaders are concerned. Forget about Switzerland, they’ve been mostly an open book since the war on drugs. UBS is subject to tremendous international leverage, to boot. The media coverage seems focused on bolstering taxpayer confidence in compliance.

    But there are plenty of other jurisdictions that have real secrecy. Take Liechtenstein for example. They have two layers of bank secrecy, one law that makes it a crime for officials at the Prince’s bank from disclosing the names of account holders. Another law (or ethics rule, I forgot) prohibits lawyers from disclosing the names of the beneficiaries of foundations, foundations with bank accounts in the lawyer’s name, not the name of the tax evader. Oh, and the lawyer never leaves the jursidiction, either, not like UBS leaves Switzerland.

    So, any old tax evader (not just a big fish) can go visit a homebody Liechtenstein lawyer, set up a foundation (lawyer is prohibited from divulging name of client), then lawyer deposit money into account created under name of the foundation/lawyer with lawyer’s address given to Liechtenstein bank (bank is prohibited from disclosure of accountholder and only knows the name of the lawyer, anyway).

    Then, to evade U.S. reporting requirements, the foundation is set up to benefit the tax evader when he expatriates from the U.S., using some mumbo jumbo, perhaps about descendants, but only if the beneficiary is not a U.S. citizen. That way, the tax evader thinks he can lie on the U.S. tax forms and say he has no interest in foreign accounts or trusts (felony liability sucks). That is, until he expatriates and becomes his only non-U.S. citizen “descendant” that matches the other requirements of the trust.

    Voila! Tax scam for traitors planning on selling us out and then expatriating with the loot!

  25. emsnews

    Germany and the US are but two major nations that are tightening the noose on Liechtenstein and other banking hiding places.

  26. w.c.

    August 26, 2009 at 12:07 am
    Correct. I wrote several years ago about the Chinese ‘Year of Africa’

    yes and sinclair did something… buying up leases in tanzania at the low of gold at 250.when brown sold sinclair bought . then calling for a run to 1650,, and now sees 5000.

    and old illuninatie ,,, throws bile;; lol

  27. illuminator

    The Trolls emerge. COMEX silver OI is about 103,000 contracts, each contract 5,000 oz; as total silver production is greater than 600MM oz., commercial shorts could not be greater than 5 years’ total production. Only jackasses expect rising commodity prices for cause only of large commercial shorts: the open interest for all commodity contracts always is greater than total amount in storage; Frauds like Sinclair and Butler advising the ignorant and stupid to buy silver for cause only of commercial short positions being greater than current storage could for same cause advise the same ignorant and stupid to buy oil, wheat, corn, platinum, cocoa, sugar, treasury notes, etc. Sinclair has defrauded ignorant and stupid in past here: “MRA:



  28. justiceatsqualor

    These tax evading schemes have multiple necks, in each jurisdiction, and some are daisy chained.

    The first “neck” in Liechtenstein is abrogating bank secrecy law to get the names of the accountholders, which gets the U.S. a list of very unsophisticated foreign tax evaders and what amounts to a replica of the phonebook listing of lawyers in Vaduz. Second, the lawyers must be persuaded by their Prince to abrogate their version of attorney client privilege. Third, each of these deviously worded foundations must then be separately litigated, in Liechtenstein, using their laws, to determine if the tax evader is actually a beneficiary, and thus legally a tax evader. How many tax evaders are going to be given a bye in terms of their beneficiary status by the court system there in order to take the damages, and thus the remedy, away from any tax evaders trying to sue fellow members of the bar who breached client privilege?

    And our noose is closing on the first. . .

  29. nah

    the machines are facinating… if china corners the REE market wont be long before the US ‘using its immense technological geological behemoth of modern science’ finds plenty anywyas…
    the chinese can charge us $2.50lb
    japanese lust for modern caricatures of impotent deep conflict… and i R lUv CartoonZ… i like phantasy star why cant the japanese make another super sic sequel, why cant phantasy star go toe to toe with FF…
    anyways money is serious business and this here credits system is definately most exponential dude… guess the chinese could upseat us all by lording business ‘which i hear they do a great deal anyways with some international consent’ or just keep on screwing cercopithecidae like the rest of us
    im in favor of capitolism and this dont qualify to well… internationalism is a dangerous tool of elites and other top rank criminals who barely scratch the law… but the whole china na’na’na’ thing is a phase… they will incorporate a existential rule ‘which i believe the have already’ or just be bluster like every other 3rd world country… however i hope they are 12x more nationalist than the US… we are global automitons… just pouring ourselves into every late 1960s ambition… we dont even have basic refined raw material industries for the most part no more

    candy comes in endless color

  30. nah

    Germany and the US are but two major nations that are tightening the noose on Liechtenstein and other banking hiding places.
    how much money is in there… 1.7 trillion… nah… try more like a few billions of loots being smooshed into illegal alleyways, is a tuff way to make a living… im glad tho… im all about pinching every criminal/agent who uses these facilities to ‘internationalize’ there quantitative holdings of commerce…
    if a bank gets a subpoena from the US gov and they talk about ‘CHINA HAS THE RITE TO HORD REE’ or whatever 1st world countries that facilitate pilfering of wealth whine about say… put all their citizens on our no-fly lists and mine their waters, freeze their accounts, kill their kings…. i dont care

  31. justiceatsqualor

    nah said: “how much money is in there… 1.7 trillion… nah… try more like a few billions of loots being smooshed into illegal alleyways, is a tuff way to make a living”

    No, these tax-haven offshore banking machinations are the lifeblood and the methodology for the transnational banking elites that sit atop the powerstructure of subverted national billionaires. This kind of trust/foundation/bank secrecy/lawyers/multiple jurisdictions represents their mobility and their secrecy. Try to find Rothschild on the Forbes list of billionaires?

    The outer edge of conspiracy theorists suspect a hundred trillion, presumably not in cash. On the other hand, it’s safe to say Rothschild has more than a few billion, and he’s just the big dog among others. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

  32. w.c.


    you row little boats in back yard scum yards as of yet we no nothing about you plenty about sinclair ,,
    you cut and paste looking into the mold of your own mind ..

    any one who has run any serious business ,, have law suits .. guys that pick their nose have little brown ones,,,


    Jim Sinclair is primarily a precious metals specialist and a commodities and foreign currency trader. In 1977, he founded the Sinclair Group of Companies (1977), which offered full brokerage services in stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles. The companies, which operated branches in New York, Kansas City, Toronto, Chicago, London and Geneva, were sold in 1983.

    From 1981 to 1984, Mr. Sinclair served as a Precious Metals Advisor to Hunt Oil and the Hunt family for the liquidation of their silver position as a prerequisite for the $1 billion loan arranged by the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Paul Volker.

    He was also a General Partner and Member of the Executive Committee of two New York Stock Exchange firms and President of Sinclair Global Clearing Corporation (commodity clearing firm) and Global Arbitrage (derivative dealer in metals and currencies).

    Mr. Sinclair was President of James Sinclair Financial Research SARL in Luxembourg and he also held the position of Chairman of Sutton Resources from 1989 to 1995. Sutton, which is credited with the discovery of the giant Bulyanhulu gold mine in Tanzania, was the subject of a $US350 million takeover by Barrick Gold in 1999. In April 2002, shareholders of Tan Range Exploration approved the acquisition of Tanzanian American Development, a company controlled by the Sinclair family, for shares in Tan Range. Following this transaction, Mr. Sinclair became Chairman and CEO of Tan Range and now leads its efforts to become a gold royalty company.

    lets see your’s you little yellow bellied sap sucker.. lol and not your nose .. some sort of background ,,

    in a one on one with sinclair he would eat your lunch , and the pizz would run down your leg. for the foundation you stand on is based on muck and a little troll like attitude.

    your a merkin,, get over it. go deliver the coffee to= mrs larkin

  33. w.c.


    Friends of George W. Bush. A few merkins wear pubic wigs.
    My fellow ‘merkins, Let’s Roll.

    and 22 others

    in the army the merkin was hair left on the toilet seat, the guy on latrine duty had to clean up

  34. w.c.

    tiredsome to read the pointed attacks on another when they are not here to defend themselves

    ems is fair game lol as is W.C. because we can respond

    only a little twit with absolute non understanding would take at shot at armstrongs work,, dennenger , and sinclair .

    armstrong may or may not have been guilty.. sinclair is a lighting rod years ahead of most analysist.. not a day trader per say .. but a long term planner ..

    hell any one who mixes it up in the business world .. has scars.. and law suits ,, some justified some not ..

    illuminmotor mouth ,, is a troll .. a big foot impersonator ..

    with out a wig to hang on lol

  35. emsnews

    Your trust in criminals is most touching. It just seems rather odd, coming from someone who is paranoid about criminals, that’s all. Ahem. HAHAHAHA…..

  36. emsnews

    And that Armstrong character is another player on the Paranoid Poster Theater. This show adores hooking into various crooks, anonymous people who are shady characters and outright liars and then shapes and forms their little dramas so the people watching this show are not only entertained but get to learn all about miracle cures and taught how to avoid science, modern medicine and logic.

    Instead, hocus pocus magic is used to defy gravity and create marvels that are hard to believe!

    Yes, part of the internet is certainly a carnival. And lots of fun. But not all that instructive.

    By the way, I dislike con artists. If I were one, I would be a LOT richer. All I would have to do is collect all the ticks and beliefs of gullible people and then amplify these things and tell lots of tall tales and outright lies.

    And of course, I would have to be a criminal. Something about being cold blooded would help a lot. Then, I would be rich! And deluded people would worship me! And I could be CREATIVE! No more looking up hard data and trying to understand how real stuff works.

    Better still, I could make up aliens from outer space stories. Especially having them sexually assault people. HAHAHA. Yes, that’s the ticket! Forget real analysis. 🙂

  37. Cahunaau

    I hereby tender, exhibit “A”; wc’s 3.19am (my time i guess) list of crimes against the common man commited by this Sinclair bloke.
    May my god and yours have no mercy on the prick.

  38. w.c.


    jump large over the person reputation .. with out a response possible ..

    then take a larger slice of the trivial being said by others

    lump then all together in a hodge pog .

    The fallacy of the undistributed middle takes the following form:

    All Zs are Bs.
    Y is a B.
    Therefore, Y is a Z.
    It may or may not be the case that “all Zs are Bs,” but in either case it is irrelevant to the conclusion. What is relevant to the conclusion is whether it is true that “all Bs are Zs,” which is ignored i in the argument.

    you think they are criminals

    you think you are perfect

    therefore all perfect people are living on crumbs

  39. w.c.

    ah another non entity … with a mouth that roars..and no doubt suffering from anal desire ,,

    and prostate leanings .. fore shadowing ..

  40. w.c.

    wow what a site and blog

    perfect people all over .. with out a flaw judge and jury..

    W.C bows to this perfection in other s as they pull splinters out of others eyes leaving logs protruding like grotesques masks of transcendence.

  41. emsnews

    No, we are not perfect. But we know a crook when we see one. Why you are so easy to con is the real question here. Obviously, you doubt nearly everything I say. But cling like glue to convicted criminals and swallow their lies, wholesale.

  42. CK

    Soon Madoff will be the new underdog.
    I still thinks it’s a hoot that his mistress was the CFO of Hadassa. Keeping it real and all that.

  43. larry, dfh

    I remember the silver market of the early 1980s. Lots of people cashing in their jewelry and silverware for scrap. Fat bunkie hunt lost a bundle, too, iirc.
    Elaine, referring to what you stated earlier: rugged individualism is the biggest of phoney myths. A single person can do very little, but the people who own the message want us to believe in the rugged individual, that way we stay divided. The FUNDAMENTAL aspect of human evolution is cooperativity. It is from the need to cooperate that we have language, after all.

  44. emsnews

    You are correct, Larry. And any mother knows, trying to herd her children around, cooperation does not come naturally to humans. 🙂

  45. “The US has become more dependent on imports in nearly every possible area. This is thanks to the floating fiat currency and free trade. This fatal system is killing us rather rapidly. We went from a solvent nation to a nation deep in debt ever since Nixon cut the gold standard and began the free trade/fiat currency system.”

    This is incorrect.

    F.D.R. took the U.S. Dollar off the Gold Standard when he declared Bankruptcy and the passing of the Amendatory Act of 1933.

    Nixon completed the transition of the Dollar not being backed up by precious metals when he stopped redemptions (primarily for foreigners) in Silver in the early 70’s.

  46. Pingback: Rare earth mining in California — can we out-mine the Chinese? « I THINK MINING

  47. LCD monitors are the de factor standard these days because they do not consume too much electricity-“;

  48. Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your content seem to be running off the screen in Ie. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know. The style and design look great though! Hope you get the issue solved soon. Many thanks

  49. Thanks a lot for your helpful tips. You figure out a little something each day.

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