Governments Are Better Than Anarchy

One of the important themes here on my blog is how civilizations and empires operate.  The various systems and methodologies as well as ideologies are extremely important.  For example, the US has been infected with a powerful ideology that emphasizes individuality.  This, in turn, spawns a faux anarchism which is the even faker ‘cowboy’ image.  This creates problems when we consider collective actions that protect the economic and social systems.  The uproar I caused here when I supported government initiatives in healthcare as well as control of infectious diseases illustrates very clearly how ideological positions can be very destructive.


This is very literal: people think, if they have total freedom, they don’t have to cooperate with group actions set up to protect mass populations.  The heroic individual who stands in defiance of the mob is a very powerful image in our media and our religious belief systems.  Of course, there is always mob actions going on at all levels.  For example, people who are scared of government initiatives all the time are not scared of mob lynchings and mob hysteria whipped up by anonymous people using fake names or trusting con men who are in prison, etc.


History is crystal clear here: all systems that have strong governments are often great powers.  That is, in the competition of world governing systems, the ones that are the best organized and the most focused are the winners.  The unfocused or corrupt ones fail.  The US government is failing not because it is draconian but because it teeters on the edge of total destruction due to a lack of organizational abilities.  That is, the long march of ‘privatization’ has pretty much destroyed our government’s ability to do things cheaply and consistently.


That is, the failures in the systems that ‘privatization’ tried to fix have been replaced by the privatizing organizations looting the entire system!  They are privateers, ie: pirates.  What they do is, seek out ways of enriching themselves via say, the Pentagon, while dumping all the private enterprises that aren’t working into the government’s lap, say, mortgages to private home owners.  The government is stuck holding nearly all of this!  While farming out government activities like fighting wars.


The paralysis that is causing our government to grind its gears and seize up is not due to having ‘too much government’.  It is from the long privatization march whereby ‘individuals’ get to do as they please, damn the nation.  And the ‘individuals’ I am talking about are corporations.  Ever since the Supreme Court ruled, over 100 years ago, that corporations are individuals, we have seen this ruling exploited by gangs of guys working with each other against our society.  These guys cooked up the concept of ‘free trade’ and shoved it along despite mounting evidence that it is a total disaster.


On the other hand, many other individuals are also infected with this ideology of ‘me, myself and I’.  Government attempts at public health is stalled out or undermined by people who think mostly of themselves.  We see this clearly in two areas: the rising hysteria in the ‘healthcare reform’ debates and in the equally hysterical debate about vaccinations against infectious diseases.  The lack of social cohesion is very obvious here:  Americans don’t view themselves as part of a society.  We are ‘interest groups’ all looking after our own affairs and tough luck for anyone outside of our own little kingdoms.  This is why the news that many millions of Americans have no insurance moves few of the lucky people with insurance, to any pity, just for one glaring example.


This is also why Americans celebrated killing our own auto industries.  The auto unions didn’t spread the goodies with other workers, they concentrated only on gaining their own benefits.  Many autoworkers then voted for ‘cowboy’ politicians who boasted about ‘standing alone’.  And then got slaughtered in the political arena.  The US public hates the US autoworkers and rejoice that they now get to suffer like the other schmucks.  This is utterly insane since we are losing all our auto industrial power to Asia.  Which has a more unified sense as to where their ultimate interests lie.


For example, in China, the Chinese are proud to be finally producing good cars and wish to expand on this and hope to suck down General Motors and own all the systems and facilities and so on.  The government and people of China are united in this enterprise: they wish to take over our once-great but now bankrupt company and they intend to take over it and are very focused on this and have to control the desire to crow about totally defeating the US industrial system.  They don’t want to alert us to the fact that we screwed ourselves up very badly.  Now for an example as to how China is dealing with vaccinations:


Lawmakers warn of animal disease epidemic in China

BEIJING: Chinese lawmakers warned Tuesday of a “grave hidden peril” of epidemic animal disease because of inadequate monitoring facilities and a complex international environment.


He is referring to international movement of livestock.  Thanks to free trade, the movement of all sorts of organic, living things has tremendously accelerated.  China is a huge beneficiary of free trade.  But at their end, they have many hidden and overt controls just like Japan.  The recent scandals involving Chinese food products has moved the government into governing the movement and the production of farm products.  This is very definitely a role a government must perform!


In the US, there is tremendous fear that the government will regulate farming.  We have some very noxious farming methods that are bad for the environment, the nation and our health.  Yet, any moves to regulate anything is greeted with howls of rage from the entire spectrum.  From organic farmers to chemical farmers: they all want to do as they please.  This anarchy is dangerous because we are competing in global trade as well as fighting Mother Nature.  Mother Nature has her own way of governing life forms and it is rather brutal.  So it is best for us to have rules and regulations preventing say, too much fertilization which then poisons the water.  Or plowing lands that are prone to dust bowl conditions.  Or overgrazing land, etc.


Even though the government has set up a compulsory vaccination system, requiring immunization of animals against diseases harmful to people’s health and the husbandry industry, the possibility of outbreaks of disease still existed, the lawmakers said in a report presented at the 10th session of the Standing Committee of the 11th National People’s Congress (NPC)…. .

This has to be compulsory.  Before the laws, dogs ran around China, spreading rabies.  Now, this is more under control.  In the US, we have dog laws to prevent rabies, too.  Every year, the county where I live has a crew of vets who go from town to town, inoculating animals for a small fee.  These laws have to be compulsory because people who give animals shots will be undersold by people who refuse to do this.


Hoof in mouth disease is just one of many horrible animal diseases that can spread easily which should be prevented via vaccinations of all farm animals.  And people can’t simply ‘opt out’ due to whatever belief systems they may cook up.  They must participate because this is the only way to stop pandemics.


…They also said there should be relevant authorities to standardize use of veterinary drugs, strengthen and improve monitoring of the production and distribution of livestock products. The lawmakers also proposed nationwide inspections for excessive veterinary drug residues and banned food additives be put in place in the near future.


The US has allowed the abuse of veterinary medications.  This, in turn, has made many medicines to lose their effectiveness.  Using penicillin to boost animal size, for example, has been a total disaster.  We can’t expect individuals to cease doing these stupid things because these stupid things are profitable. This is identical to how financial systems operate: dumb things can make immense wealth!  And so have to be forbidden by law.  Because the effects are disastrous.


Gene therapy for the unborn – Science, News – The Independent

Scientists are on the verge of ridding inherited diseases from future generations with a new technique for swapping genes between unfertilised human eggs before the resulting IVF embryos are implanted into the womb. .

The technique has been successfully tested on laboratory monkeys and researchers believe it is now safe enough to apply for clinical trials on the many thousands of women at risk of giving birth to babies with some of the most debilitating inherited disorders. .

Such a procedure would break new ground and raise fresh ethical concerns over the direction of IVF research because it would lead to permanent changes to the genetic make-up of children that would be passed on to subsequent generations of the same families.


We all evolved from a very, very tiny population of mutants who had some queer evolutionary changes to the brain which enabled linguistic and memory abilities that caused this new sort of humaniod to be able to dominate the earth.  But we are also part of a very small genetic pool and thus, prone to birth defects.  Inherited diseases are totally different from illnesses caused by outside agents like viruses, parasites and bacteria.  We all carry a host of genetic glitches due to inbreeding.


Human evolution – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

According to the Out of Africa model, developed by Chris Stringer and Peter Andrews, modern H. sapiens evolved in Africa 200,000 years ago. Homo sapiens began migrating from Africa between 70,000 – 50,000 years ago and would eventually replace existing hominid species in Europe and Asia.[46][47] Out of Africa has gained support from research using mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). After analysing genealogy trees constructed using 133 types of mtDNA, researchers concluded that all were descended from a woman from Africa, dubbed Mitochondrial Eve. Out of Africa is also supported by the fact that mitochondrial genetic diversity is highest among African populations.[48]


There are differing theories on whether there was a single exodus or several. A multiple dispersal model involves the Southern Dispersal theory,[49] which has gained support in recent years from genetic, linguistic and archaeological evidence. In this theory, there was a coastal dispersal of modern humans from the Horn of Africa around 70,000 years ago. This group helped to populate Southeast Asia and Oceania, explaining the discovery of early human sites in these areas much earlier than those in the Levant. A second wave of humans dispersed across the Sinai peninsula into Asia, resulting in the bulk of human population for Eurasia. This second group possessed a more sophisticated tool technology and was less dependent on coastal food sources than the original group. Much of the evidence for the first group’s expansion would have been destroyed by the rising sea levels at the end of the Holocene era.[49] The multiple dispersal model is contradicted by studies indicating that the populations of Eurasia and the populations of Southeast Asia and Oceania are all descended from the same mitochondrial DNA lineages, which support a single migration out of Africa that gave rise to all non-African populations.[50] [edit]


In other words, we are all very closely related and any previous humanoid populations that fanned out across the earth were brutally eliminated by the ancestors of all present humans.  The reason our ancestors could do this was their organizational and governing abilities, oddly enough. Language is one of the chief tools used by the modern humanoids that took over all the planetary systems.  Here is some news about the Town Hall talks that are actually turning into huge battles.  The FOX TV crowds are being replaced by people who want more social services and better public healthcare systems:


McCain speaks with angry crowd at Ariz. town hall –

Sen. John McCain met with an angry crowd at a town-hall meeting about health care reform Wednesday, sometimes having to fight to talk and telling one woman who wouldn’t stop yelling that she had to leave…


…After McCain opened it up to questioning, one man angrily pointed at him and asked the senator why he deserves a better health care plan than him. “I’m trying to get it for you,” McCain told him. “We’ll do it for you. We’ll make it affordable and available to you.”… . ….McCain urged them he would fight for health care reform but reiterated his opposition to President Barack Obama’s plan to create a government option to compete with private insurers, arguing that it would be the eventual end of private insurers in the U.S.

. The cynical GOP gang has excellent public health insurance. Being ‘cowboys’, they want this for themselves, not for us. They adamantly refuse to even talk about this. It is at the core of this debate. Congress obviously believes in socialized healthcare of the best sort…for themselves. This, paid for by the people who have little to public healthcare. Much of the US system is already public so we may as well make the entire thing public like all our trade rivals have already done. . Always: we can’t just do as we please. We have to imitate our rivals who are more successful. The US statistics for any health-related index is usually poorer than nearly all the top manufacturing nations and our ratings drop every decade. It is irresponsible for fully-insured GOP operatives to mislead the public on public healthcare. Having a government doesn’t mean we can sit back and let things slide. Public participation in various forms including taking literally to the streets with demands, is what makes democracies so good. The balance between state power and the public will has to be in constant tension. There is no ideal system that operates flawlessly.


On the other hand, government spying on PRIVATE matters has expanded even as the privateers have removed many important regulations and controls from the public sector and transfered these to private individuals who make the wrong public choices, unilaterally.



Editorial – Senator Edward Kennedy –

The record Mr. Kennedy leaves after 46 years can only be envied by his peers as they join the nation in mourning his passing after a 15-month fight against brain cancer — a record firmly anchored in Mr. Kennedy’s insistence that politics be grasped and administered through the prism of human needs.


Together with a hard-won mastery of parliamentary intricacies, and a willingness to reach across party lines to win crucial votes, Mr. Kennedy’s unwavering taproot liberalism left a robust legacy: signature laws and reforms on civil rights, the judiciary, refugees, social welfare, foreign policy (he was one of 23 senators to vote against authorizing the Iraq invasion), voting rights, job training, public education and the minimum wage.


Last year, in his bittersweet adieu before the Democratic convention, the senator stirred his party to act on what he called “the cause of my life” — quality health care as a fundamental right of American citizenship.


Senator Kennedy kindly assisted me several times in the past in regards to my relations with China. That is, when my father had a heart attack in China, he helped me get the State Department to locate him and move him out, for example. When I was representing Chinese students who were facing deportation back to China due to ideological differences, Senator Kennedy stepped in to sponsor legislation to give them all amnesty after the Tiananmen Square massacre. This seriously enraged the Chinese leadership.


I also appreciate Kennedy for voting against the obviously illegal war of aggression against Iraq. Like many politicians, his personal life was a mess especially in the area of sex. This seems to be a problem with all people who use the tool we call ‘charisma’. Charisma is very much, attached to sex. His irresponsible behavior, running away from an accident, has haunted him all his life. He deserves to be haunted by this, of course. This is the Furies doing their job. One of the biggest tools used by the spy vs spy spook community is sex. This is because we are all very mixed up when it comes to morals and sex. And the more power one has, the more goofy the sex lies.

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144 responses to “Governments Are Better Than Anarchy

  1. zip

    interesting theory in the vids.
    Elaine ….does it support your headline??

  2. PLovering


    Regardless of the many comments to the contrary, I think you host a first class insane asylum here on Culture of Life.

    That we disagree on so many issues is a huge relief to my psychic well-being.

    My satisfaction here on Culture will approach the ultimate order of MM wet dreams, once I can post LUG comments. So far, my LUG comments have been blocked.

    Please adjust your medications accordingly.


    ELAINE: What is a ‘LUG’. I use Lug nuts. Maybe that is where there is some confusion. 🙂

  3. charlottemom

    TK was a flawed man searching for redemption and purpose. I think we can all relate to that.

    As a politican, he did his job, namely to represent the people that elected him. Perhaps he stood out in this regard because our political class has become so corrupted. Maybe that’s what we’re all really mourning.

    BTW, Philip Weiss wrote “Brave Ted Kennedy could be craven when he needed to be” and remarks that he embodied the PEP rule – Progressive Except for Palestian, noting that he voted 100% of the time with AIPAC.

    Remember of course that while he voted against the Iraq War (noble of course), AIPAC never took an official position on this.

  4. illuminator

    Tarpley produces exquisite, useful, and arcane research; but he clearly also panders to a certain audience and conforms to a certain political faction. I sometimes read Tarpley’s research but for the most part dissmiss his conclusions as in your videos. Brzezinski’s Iran visit cited by Tarpley having not been reported in other media interests me, but I estimate as usual Tarpley’s conclusions about Brzezinski’s designs for Russia and China to be fabulous and insane.

  5. charlottemom

    As a strong government gets bigger, does it get better ? When does the law of dimishing returns kick in? Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and all that. Big government (like Unions) certainly works to consolidate its power and becomes more and more centralized. This will make it a better empire. Is that the ideal for the individual?

    I think the healthcare “debates” have to a small degree become a referendum on the system in general. I would LOVE single payer universal care. Alas this is not Obama’s plan. I’ve come to think he is all bluster and this , like most of his proposals is a headfake.

    A functioning society is what governments should provide. There are many breaks in the dikes of US society – economic, social, political. I agree there should be an equilibrium between public and private in functioning state. We do not have this. These healthcare debates highlight the rumblings of trouble ahead. And while there are certainly professional provocateurs at these townhalls, there are also very disenchanted citizens fearing the upcoming resource grab. Ignoring them is peril for the this government (but they will, of course).

  6. CK

    “Governments Are Better Than Anarchy”
    at what?
    Mass killing? yes. mass theft? yes. Torture? yes. Intruding into your bedroom, bathroom, workroom, kitchen, doghouse, basement and attic? Yes.
    To proclaim the virtues of the parasite, the highest use of human intellect.


    ELAINE: History is clear that when there is good governance this is much better than chaos. Even LOUSY governance is better than chaos. The small states like Singapore have much, much more rules, regulations and controls than large entities, just for example. And are wildly successful because of this.

  7. flipspiceland

    Ted Kennedy was a politician, one of the Senators who has bankrupted this nation. He has spent years, decades creating and saddling us with 10s of trillions of dollars in debts and at he died before he could see the immense burden and USA’s third world status he is partially responsible for. He has borrowed from a thousand future years to pay for his school bussing programs and hundred of other so-called social programs that have made a nightmare of our government.

    To revere a person like this is beyond comprehension for all but the good people from Massashusetts who have lived mightily well on the backs of citizens in other states.

    I for one am happy to see him gone and hopefully to follow, many more who have sold their souls to the devil for seductions of power.


    ELAINE: Both political parties were seduced by falling interest rates. This was a trap. We all fell into this trap because we don’t understand what ‘capital’ really is. This is due to not reading Marx as well as Adam Smith.

  8. Paul S

    “The heroic individual who stands in defiance of the mob is a very powerful image in our media and our religious belief systems.” The image of the lone hero standing alone against evil forces is always given a positive spin by the ruling classes. This is because the ruling class knows it is outnumbered by the ‘proles’ and if the ‘proles’ ever DO get organized, they will dominate the ruling class. It’s why they hate organized Labor. As has been said here before, the ruling elites HATE Democracy.

  9. ralph

    TERRORISM DEFINITION “the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear.” So tell me, in what sense is the US state, and every state, not terrorist? The state threatens violence against the people as the normal order of business, to achieve its parasitical political goals.” Lew Rockwell.

    I agree with Lou on this one. Governments are parasitic terrorist organizations. EMS is so out of whack sometimes it boggles the mind. Government exists as a parasite. it produces nothing, can only steal, and always needs to grow. Why do we need such an entity? EMS is a Government, CIA family gal. She loves Governement, thats why she lives in recluse in upstate NY is completely detatched from Government, yet praises its virtues? Please, she speaks with forked tongue.


    ELAINE: All states are terroristic. But then, so is chaos and anarchy. For example, if you have a heavily armed neighbor who suddenly decides to shove you out of the district, wouldn’t you love to have a powerful state backing your right to possess your property?

  10. the fool on the hill

    I see a lot of people here attacking the idea of government. OK, fair enough. Many valid points. But, if I understand correctly, Elaine’s basic argument revolves around ‘consider the alternative’.

    She addresses things thus:

    Public participation in various forms including taking literally to the streets with demands, is what makes democracies so good. The balance between state power and the public will has to be in constant tension. There is no ideal system that operates flawlessly.

    We all want ‘The Kingdom of God on Earth’ whereby everyone volunteers to obey the natural law and make the personal sacrifices necessary for everything to run smoothly.

    Some people think Jesus is going to appear and make this magically happen. It could happen, but I wouldn’t recommend arranging our affairs such that that is our only hope. I don’t think Jesus would want that either, based on what I get from the NT.

    99.9 of all species that have ever existed have gone extinct. So it would appear that our intellectual evolution has outstripped our emotional evolution.

    Based on this, I am not sure extinction isn’t justified.

    Anyway you slice it, when the righteous rule, the people rejoice. When the wicked rule, the people mourn. When anarchy rules, we are at the mercy of nature, the scariest of which appears to be our own.

  11. PLovering

    How does one separate the Terrorists from the Tyrannists?

    Is there a degree of separation between government sponsored Terrorists and government hired Tyrannists?


    Thank you for the Lizard picture/video.

    Such happy Lizards, too.

  12. charlottemom

    I loved your posting. You succuctly lay out the choice we have – a life of mourning or at the mercy of nature.

    I think some posters would prefer living at the mercy of nature to perpetual mourning. I take it that you assume the mercy of nature will be harsh and would think mourning is preferrable.

    I’m not so sure — as a life of mourning sounds like a dismal existence.


    ELAINE: When we decided to become hippies, we didn’t mourn, we celebrated everything including simple sunrises and moonlight at night. And we got stoned and had sex. It was a lot of fun. Then, some of us had babies and this meant all kinds of domestic stuff and we ended up being responsible citizens, at least, this is my own story. 🙂

  13. illuminator

    What Christians credit a “Kingdom of God on earth”? Christians describe the Kingdom of God as a Kingdom of Spirit not Flesh: Christians die before they go to heaven. All human Reason and human acts are just vanity, a sentence echoed in Shakespeare’s famous lines, “it is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.”

  14. WNC Observer

    I’m not a proponent of the right-wing “individualism” ideology of which you write, and I agree with a lot of what you are saying in principle. The problem is, though, that when it comes to entrusting the FedGov with more responsibilities such as health care, are they really up to it? Can we really trust that lot to do what is best? Or is it more likely that they are just going to take an already screwed-up system and screw it up even more?

    Yes, there are lots of other countries that have better health care systems than ours. The trouble is, they also have governments that are at least a little more focused on actually doing what is best for their national interest. You can’t take one of those foreign systems and apply it to the US – which does not have a government that sees the national interest and effectively advances it, and has not had such for many decades now – and expect to get the same results. You will not. This same thing applies not just to health care, but to just about anything that the FedGov might do.

    This doesn’t mean that anarchy is the answer; far from it. It does mean that the government we have now – or more accurately, the types of people we now have and have had and likely will continue to have in government – is a problem. It is a huge problem, perhaps the biggest problem of all, because all of our other problems stem from it (or at least our inability to deal with those problems does).

    It is getting to the point where things as they are simply can’t go on much longer. Something drastic has to happen and will happen. I don’t know what, nor am I advocating anything in particular. I do fear that we are just about past the window of opportunity for “we the people” to initiate a change that will be to our liking and that will preserve the best of our constitutional heritage. My fear is that some sort of authoritarian military takeover will be the default solution, and will be the only way where hard decisions necessary for the nation’s future will actually be made and implemented. I used to think that this scenario was unlikely; now I really worry about it more and more.


    ELAINE: A reasonable series of fears! Yes, we can have a coup if this is how the military/industrial complex will continue to sop up most US available government spending. We have to make choices and the political choice is to have our cake and eat it too. Which is a bad choice but easy to make…for the present.

  15. openly hidden

    you are only partially right elaine. as usual, about anything “spiritual”, you have it all wrong but that is just you and your collective ego-group speak.

    what has been happening during my lifetime is patriarchal society set up as a limited government whose main function was to preserve the spiritual ideals such as freedom of religion, freedom of property, freedom expression and the pursuit of happiness and etc and so on….so the patriarchal state protected teh spiritual values and expects its citizens to “be men” and look after their own physical welfare….and if shit happens, thats life.

    that was then….now there is this happening which is the concept of the state has become matriarchal and its function is to literally “mother” us all to death with the states, the governments motherly concern with her citizens physical well-being such as …. well hell, think of a million busy body intrusions by the state in the name of looking after the physical welfare of her never going to grow up and totally one-sidedly collectively conscious citizens.

    is this good or bad? i don’t know. its just different and probably just another swing in the old cycles and rhythms of our human evolution. but count on there being a price to be paid for everything extreme….especially the extremely one sided utterly unconscious now collective consciousness that was necessary to “dumb down” the people so they would give up their spiritual being and their personal individuality and ability to own their own opinions and perspectives and to literally own their own lives. plus of course to tolerate the state castrating its own sons.

    progress. its wonderful in my lifetime. by the way, i signed up for social security this week and discovered i am eligible for medical benefits from the veterans administration too. who knew? mommy!


    ELAINE: HAHAHA. So, you admit that ‘patriarchal’ states let people die while ‘matriarchal’ states don’t. I am so happy I chose the Feminine side of this business! 🙂

  16. openly hidden

    and of course sooner or later we all will learn why all the civilizations and societies coming out of the bronze age into the age of history warned and warned about matriarchal societies. i have my own opinions about this of course, but for the rest of my lifetime i get to live in an age where masturbation of the mind in the church of tittytainment is our highest conscious collective goals….to keep us busy of course until mommy decides we have lived long enough. until then we get to fuck anything that moves and call that enlightenment. hahahahah! the end.


    ELAINE: Yes, they warned everyone that mommy would take care of people but daddy has a better way: KILLING EVERYONE. Um, shall I laugh or cry?

  17. Daliwood

    I am often amazed at how much we demand of our government officials–practically requiring them to act selflessly at all times and in all situations–while at the same time we ignore or excuse our own conduct that is far less than ideal.

    Many people screw up their marriages, their careers, their finances, their families, and so on. They are (myself included) typically motivated by self-interest or greed or any other self-serving desire; and yet we still howl with outrage when government officials prove themselves to be just as human as the rest of us.

    Is the problem that we look at the world with too many microscopes and not enough mirrors?

    On the other hand, I believe that everyone who reads this blog (even the folks with some goofy ideas) is probably a decent person who wouldn’t engage in any of the corrupt and/or incompetent nonsense we see in gov’t every day. The same kind of people who read this blog also work for the gov’t–I used to be a gov’t worker, for instance. So what happens? What is it about gov’t (or the governed) that makes the cream sink to the bottom?


    ELAINE: I love everyone here. 🙂

  18. PLovering


    No religion mentions the equality of man.

    How come?


    ELAINE: No religion? Libra is rather annoyed with you. On the other hand, Pegasus thinks all humans are unequal with all horses. So what do you do with that? 🙂

  19. the fool on the hill

    I loved your posting. You succuctly lay out the choice we have – a life of mourning or at the mercy of nature.

    Maybe, but the point of the “culture of life” is that we can work to make it better.

    All human Reason and human acts are just vanity, a sentence echoed in Shakespeare’s famous lines, “it is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.”

    Well, I’m not sure I necessarily accept ol’ Macbeth prima facie there, but I’ll grant substantial rebuttals may appear to be in short supply at this point. I do appreciate great music, for example, despite the ongoing debate as to what that is, exactly.

    But, echoing what I said above, If you accept that, then maybe you are hanging out at the wrong blog.

    Please don’t take that as an active measure to discourage reading here, but rather to encourage people to constantly bear in mind Elaine’s advice to think and debate rationally.

  20. openly hidden

    that rancid “stench” is because of a whole lot of loss of religion and commandments and spiritual virtues and morals done by the collective for the matriarchal state. when the collective conscious is totally what determines right and wrong….wait! there is no right and wrong anymore is there…. the only question is … no, not is it legal…. but CAN WE GET AWAY WITH IT.

    can’t make an omlet without breaking some eggs can we. done. done raining i hope too.

  21. openly hidden

    i have no problem with matriarchal society and its neurotic and effeminate mores, but i think when it fails….cause someone has to make a living and pay their own way…. you all end up in concentration camps and gulags and eating tree bark. why? cause the spiritual side was murdered first. hahahaha!

    but thats probably just me.

  22. openly hidden

    and i am not defending what is busy disappearing in my lifetime. good riddance. i am not sure what usa can be called since …. hummm. well since iraq war 1 when we saw fit to invade the cradle of civilization and bring all sorts of bad shit upon our house.

  23. openly hidden

    7 billion people and counting….all roasting together in our own earthly pressure cooker. hahahahha! what will come of all this hell in time? a new man? betcha. with a little bit of humility and grace? hope so. but we all gotta cook slowly and suffer first til we are done.

    now it has stopped raining back outside. and football season starts soon. and my grandson started kindergarten yesterday. my fetters give me joy and hope. good day to you all.

  24. illuminator

    Fool has adopted the tone of a sock puppet, which could explain its incoherent yet admonishing tone. Fool’s description of Christian ethos is not Christian at all but Dominionist, which I’ve observed here before is not Christian at all: “We all want ‘The Kingdom of God on Earth’ whereby everyone volunteers to obey the natural law and make the personal sacrifices necessary for everything to run smoothly.” As Chris Hedges has observed in his book and in interviews “obey” “sacrifice” “for everything to run smoothly” is a Fascist ideology, just as Mussolini compelled obedience and sacrifices to make the trains run on time. The rest of Fool’s comment is incomprehensible and incoherent (gee, where did the nature of music come from?). Should Fool dissent with my interpretation, it should offer its own; although “signifying nothing” is very similar in meaning to “vanity”. No literate educated Christians would accept Fool’s fascist description of Christianity, so Fool’s contention is not with just me but with all true Christians (not Fundamentalists, Dominionists or most Southern Baptists). Should Fool dispute religion, it should construct rational arguments based on accurate definitions and not erect strawmen based on ambiguous or tenuous fabulous images.

  25. CK

    “History is clear ” Not really. It is often certain and always written by someone associated with or paid by the state but it is seldom clear.
    “that when there is good governance” Good defined as what exactly and by whom for whose benefit?
    “this is much better than chaos.” You are talking about anarcy which is not chaos. Anarchy is a political organizing principle same as autocracy or democracy or republic.
    True in anarchy there is an absense of governance but that does not mean there is chaos. The one does not follow from the other. When there is chaos one can always find a governance intervention close by…a war, a decision to let a city drown….good governance indeed.
    “Even LOUSY governance is better than chaos.” You might want to ask the cambodians under pol pot, the vietnamese under diem. the amerindians under anynumber of merkin presidents and congresses for there dead agreement to that assertion.
    “The small states like Singapore have much, much more rules, regulations and controls than large entities, just for example. And are wildly successful because of this.” Success defined by whom on what basis and for whose benefit. You might want to ask some of the ethnic chinese how they appreciate the many rules and regs and enforcements against chinese entrepreneurs in malaysia.

  26. CK

    “All states are terroristic.” Anarchic states are not. No standing armies, no monopoly armed force, no state terrorism. And very few targets either.
    “But then, so is chaos and anarchy.” NOT. Chaos derives from governance, anarcy being the absense of armed force leaves little room for governance inspired chaos. Mother Nature might cause some chaos but as was shown in N.O. The common folk did quite well and handled the situation with courage and human kindness, the governmental actors on the other hand could not wait to start killing the citizens.
    “For example, if you have a heavily armed neighbor who suddenly decides to shove you out of the district, wouldn’t you love to have a powerful state backing your right to possess your property?” Like the Indians had when the white man’s government decided it wanted their lands? Any governmental entity that can protect you from harm can and will destroy your ass at its leisure. Any govt that can give you what you want without effort on your part can take whatever you might have without concern on its.


    ELAINE: Anarchistic states are called ‘dinner’ by other, more organized entities.

  27. CK

    Just because some gentlemans nickname was caesar does not mean he is entitled to any of the results of the sweat of your brow, or the strain of your cognition, or the brilliance of your works. There is nothing that should be rendered unto caesar, not even the raised middle digit of penetration.
    What you have created is yours to dispose of as pleases you, to be charitable or mean, to be intelligent or stupid, to re-invest or piss away into the keeping of someone who will likewise face the decision to invest or piss away, to use to press your own idiocyncratic vision or to howl mightily for the visions of some bearded demon from the pits. You have your hours and days and years here, then you are gone. Use or not those hours are yours until you give them and yourself into slavery. Your children to the demon’s maw called conscription, half your productive time to the neverending maw of taxation, your dreams given over to fears of anthrax mail or stupid buildings being blown up because someone stuck their nose into someone elses business. Society comes from humanity, government comes from greed, envy and the hatred of the parasite for its host.

  28. justiceatsqualor

    In military parlance, what is the critical vulnerability/center of gravity for the NWO?

  29. emsnews

    The NWO is the ‘status quo’. Says a lot, doesn’t it?

  30. CK

    I am guessing here that the NWO is another attempt at a governance system. Some form of improved parasite with better information networks. I would guess that it will involve the creation of a world currency, the dissolution of all borders, the free flow of labour to wherever it is demanded, the abrogation of blood citizenship and full democracy for 7 billion people. Since a supra majority of the 7 billion will be non white the NWO is probably a less than wonderful idea. I am also guessing that an NWO will be a bit slim of the freedom to worship various demons thing that is so admired in the USA, but probably not so slim on the right to bear Kalshnikovs, a trade off here a trade off there.

  31. CK

    “ELAINE: Anarchistic states are called ‘dinner’ by other, more organized entities.” Or Afghanistan.

  32. illuminator

    CK detects itself to be a common delusional racist with this platitude of illiterate disenfranchised “white supremacists”: “Since a supra majority of the 7 billion will be non white the NWO is probably a less than wonderful idea.” Those Rulers of the HRE who imposed civilization on CK’s ancestors created the fiction of “white race” in order to impel Celts and Bauer into the frontiers and into the trenches. CK’s hatred of government is just a common Celt or Bauer (especially Irish Catholic) replacement of “government” for Norman or HRE subjugation; id est Celts and Bauer had no civilization or government before Roman occupation and slavery, so even today many Celts and Bauer sense slavery and pain to be intrinsic components of “government”; such Celts and Bauer sense for the same reason “anarchy” to comprise mastery and delight or freedom from “government”. Remarkable is how events thousands of years past today still effect perceptions and mores today: as the twig is bent so grows the tree.

  33. openly hidden

    hello CK. i have always wanted to ask….what is a “merkin” anyway? really.

    and the russians already call us “tax serfs”. am i the only one who thinks we are simply being farmed for the taxes?

    pol pot died in bed a free man didn’t he? i read every now and then of international courts for some of pol pots merry men, but then nothing seems to come of it. this week when i was waiting to sign up for social security, there was a family come in waiting too, a woman about my age who could speak zero english, a man in his 40’s who had a big accent, and a teenage daughter who was totally americanized. and they came here from cambodia….and i swear they said they were khymer….

    and it never entered my mind when i was young that i would live long enough to qualify for social security. not at all. who would have imagined i would have survived and so many good people i knew would not. life is funny ha ha.


    ELAINE: When you are taxed for socialist services, your taxes go to yourself and your home community. When you fight social taxes, then the rulers happily give you NO services while STILL taxing you for imperial power systems. See?

  34. CK

    The original usage of the word merkin was to describe a pubic wig. Worn by prostitutes in England, a merkin was a way to hide lice infestations and other less salubrious sexual conditions.
    George Bush always claimed he was a merkin and I never had the heart to argue with him about it.
    Of course merkins are tax serfs, 50+% of your income disappears to taxes … that would count as serfdom most places.
    Khmer is what cambodians call themselves, khmer rouge was Pol Pot’s governance of the Khmer nation.
    The only better revenge than living long is living well at the same time. Welcome to revenger’s territory.
    @Illuminator: So are you suggesting that if a supra-majority of the 7 billion members of the NWO were white it would make the NWO a good idea?


    ELAINE: ‘Pubic’ wigs are new to me. Did they wear this due to no hairs around the balls? 🙂

  35. illuminator

    CK as I cited above wrote: “Since a supra majority of the 7 billion will be non white the NWO is probably a less than wonderful idea.” It then responded to my comment with this question: So are you suggesting that if a supra-majority of the 7 billion members of the NWO were white it would make the NWO a good idea?” Evidently CK’s brain and pen are disjoined, since “non white” as “less than wonderful idea” necessarily implies “white” as “wonderful idea”.


    ELAINE: It was a totally racist comment. Over a billion people involved in living on the planet are Chinese, for example. What was suggested was that they, due to being non white, would ipso facto, be worse at running things. Since the European/white American system screwed up after conquering most of the planet, suggesting that ‘whites’ are better at anything is kind of annoying, if you get my drift.

    LOGIC matters! One can’t be hyperparanoid about the ‘elite rulers’ and then make absurd racist claims that these same people are ‘better’ than ‘other people’. Good gods, note the disjointed belief systems underlying all this!

  36. openly hidden

    hahahhahahahahah! at first i read “public wig” . hahahahhaaha! i could live 1000 lifetimes and that such a thing even was would never cross my mind. thanks! merkin indeed.

  37. criticalcontrarian

    @CK: the Old World Order was controlled by 5 families, predominantly white. The Newer World Order will be a more equitable mix properly representing the human demographic. Having said that, nationalism is a proles issue, and a tool for mass management. Elevate your concept to that of a feudal lord and you will begin to grasp their mindset.

  38. criticalcontrarian

    @OH: how you doing brother? Just to let you know what these shy boys haven’t told you, a merkin is a also a pubic wig. LOL.

  39. CK

    Never enjoyed being a slave, doubt I would enjoy being a slaveowner … for more than a night … ok maybe a couple of times a night for a week or so it would be ok … A month not one day more than a month of slaveowning could I indulge in … a month of sundays … As for being representational of the human condition, does this mean more stupidity but with different accents? More restaurants with less appetizing food but really colourful menus? And will the dogs be allowed to eat at table like they were in the good old days when there were groaning boards and ladies with merkins who waited?
    Feudal lords had droit de seigneur didn’t they? Ius primae noctis, droit de cuissage. To paraphrase Mao: Let a hundred deflowerings blossom.
    Why in the hell can’t there be a new world order that disappears, that gets out of the way and lets life flow? I do agree that nationalism is a rube’s game … prole management, I think I said that a few posts up.
    Now here in the real world 22 weeks without. At a pack a day, at $6.55 a pack x 154 days is not worth calculating in fiat money.

  40. openly hidden

    can i type this much without losing it? this is for you elaine. i know the progress towards the borg depends completely upon the diminishment of the individual and redefining what he is. so this is for you elaine….speaking of our evolved minds like it is “nothing but” to prove mothers point…

    “jung’s studies and work led him to conclude that the unconscious is the real source of all our human consciousness. it is the source of our human capacity for orderly thought, reasoning, human awareness, and feeling. the unconscious is the original mind of humankind, the primal matrix out of which our species has evolved a conscious mind and then developed it over the millennia to the extent and the refinement that it has today. every capacity, every feature of our functioning consciousness, was first contained in the unconscious and then found its way from there up to the conscious level.

    jung developed a magnificent vision of this human capacity for consciousness, of its role and meaning. he saw a creative force at work in nature….A COSMOS LABORING THRoUGH TIMELESS AEONS TO GIVE BIRTH TO THIS RARE QUALITY THAT WE CALL CONSCIOUSNESS. THROUGH THE HUMAN RACE, THE HUGE UNCONSCIOUS PSYCHE OF NATURE HAS SLOWLY MADE A PART OF ITSELF CONSCIOUS. jung believed that GOD and all of creation LABORED THROUGH TIME TO BRING CONSCIOUS AWARENESS INTO THE UNIVERSE, and that it is the role of human beings to carry that evolution forward….
    hi cc! i think about you quite a bit and do the sound thing every day.


    ELAINE: People turn themselves into ‘borgs’. For example, by pressuring everyone to believe in strange things like the illogical ‘bombs in the buildings’ business that is so socially and mentally isolating. The ‘borg’ business is due to sucking down some idea or belief system and then seeing ONLY it ALL the time and redefining ALL relationships based on the borg belief.

    To the one turned into a borg, you feel comfortable and normal. To outsiders, you look bizarre and your conversations become robotic, repeating the same thing over and over and over again, monotonous and like a drone or something. The goal of a borg is to suck in everyone and everything so all things conform with whatever goofy idea the borg believes (and there is a HOST of these sorts of ideas!).

    Confusing this with people rationally banding together to form a functional society is a fundamental problem. You imagine that if everyone goes their own way and has no agreed philosophical system for figuring out data, then this non-governed chaos will be ‘freedom’ and you will do as you please. This is a childish idea that is very dangerous. I happen to believe in the elements of scientific thought as an agreed way to consume and refer to data. Then I have my own spiritual system which is private and belongs to me.

    Most people want to force others to believe their belief systems which is why they get angry. If I were this sort of borg person, I would be mad if you didn’t adhere to my own religion. So, bow to the Great Square Pegasus! HAHAHAHA. Or you will burn in horse hell! Sheesh.

  41. openly hidden

    don’t you see? it all depends upon your viewpoint. what is seen from the human perspective as being enlightenment or being saved or as being the process of individuation, as seen from the angle of the image of God is a process of incarnation.

    hahahahahahah! God incarnates!

    and by the way, Buddha also said there were two different levels or ways you could take what he had to say about this too. the exoteric and the esoteric, the psychic and the pneumatic, the greek and the jew, the gentile and the jew, the circumcised and the not, its all over. i forgot the buddha. mother doesn’t get to redefine everything to suit her purposes. now i am quiet again. i am satisfied.

  42. openly hidden

    you are lucky. i lost my remarks on your misconceptions and misperceptions about the development of language. “nothing but” indeed.

  43. nah

    This is very literal: people think, if they have total freedom, they don’t have to cooperate with group actions set up to protect mass populations. The heroic individual who stands in defiance of the mob is a very powerful image in our media and our religious belief systems.
    identity is vastly more important than ideas in any scence of modern order… education itself is a tradition… borders are TRADITIONAL not idealistic… law is order ‘wish we had better laws’… this is not the end of time i do hope beyond hope… most of the zealots that are duped into nutjobdom are the very same multigenerational freedom fighters that seem to be the cheapest loudmouths to loathe…
    co-operation and society are some of the most jingoistic terms thrown into endless meat soups of idea purists…
    fact is ideas are mostly small good and worth a fair amount of respect
    co-operation is a PAIN IN THE ASS only laze faire painters get to enjoy the works of co-operation… everyone else has to suck it up and MAKE it work
    even Clinton knows its about the meaning of is

  44. nah

    Senator Kennedy kindly assisted me several times in the past in regards to my relations with China. That is, when my father had a heart attack in China, he helped me get the State Department to locate him and move him out, for example. When I was representing Chinese students who were facing deportation back to China due to ideological differences, Senator Kennedy stepped in to sponsor legislation to give them all amnesty after the Tiananmen Square massacre. This seriously enraged the Chinese leadership.
    The Kennedy’s have given our nation many brave men.

  45. the fool on the hill

    Wow, wasn’t expecting to ruffle feathers, I apologize for being ‘incomprehensible and incoherent’.

    I’ll try to clarify.

    First, I wasn’t trying to define an ‘ethos’ with the intent of putting anyone else in a box. I was merely presenting an example/scenario which impresses me as one that most reasonable, non-psychopathic people would evaluate as being inherently desirable. I actually plagiarized the whole concept from Leo Tolstoy. So your issue is really with him, not with me.

    When one VOLUNTEERS to do something, no one is COMPELLED to do anything, as is the case with in your analogy to fascism and Mussolini. That’s the whole point of the example.

    I presented the example of great music as a potential rebuttal to the assertion that all human acts are ‘just vanity’.

    I wasn’t meaning to admonish anyone, but since you brought it up, ‘debating rationally’ entails doing the work of reading carefully and giving people a little benefit of the doubt if there is a misunderstanding in order to establish firm communication and make sure one actually understands what one is attempting to disprove.

    Hope this helps.


    ELAINE: The reason volunteers don’t work in the long run is simple. Most people don’t volunteer. If one wants to save puppies, for example, one can volunteer to do this. But note that over time, the puppy savers get tired of doing this, it become futile unless they can back up their work with laws and the police enforcing regulations on puppy abusers! See?

    You can’t have a healthy society if it depends entirely on volunteers to provide vaccinations, for example. Animal farm diseases would spread like wildfire if there were no rules or regulations controlling husbandry. In a system where things run better if there are restrictions, if restrictions are removed, there is serious harm to the environment and society as everyone simply takes whatever they can and runs off with it. Eventually, outright robbery becomes common.

    I LIVED IN THIS SORT OF CHAOS! When I was poor in NYC, I lived in communities the bankrupt city decided to let go and fall into chaos. The day my neighbors looted the entire community and burned much of the shopping district down, I set out to reimpose order. This required nearly continuous battles with all and sundry, LITERAL FIGHTS WITH GANGS.

    I am a trained fighter and was young and relished these battles which occurred virtually daily. I had a second level of battles to force the city to patrol our community and to impose order. I worked hard to pass laws such as the ‘broken window’ laws (the city had to take responsibility for abandoned buildings) and the dog poop law (clean streets are good streets) and I forced the police to restart foot patrols in our slum. Huge battles which involved getting masses of people to come to rallies, meetings and voting in elections.

    This organizational effort was also a pain in the ass which is why, once I got enough money, I retired to my distant mountain with virtually no neighbors! Gads! I should have been paid millions for fixing NYC. The section I worked on, Park Slope, is now one of the best communities in NYC. But I am now a vanished person. No one really remembers the battles 40 years ago. Heh.

    Now, we are lucky, I am not desiring total control over other humans. Dictatorship is tons easier than democracy. And tons more dangerous.

  46. larry, dfh

    Mitochondrial DNA is a little deceptive when tracing evolution. The egg, before fertilization, has many mitochondria. The fertilizing sperm, being much smaller, has fewer, pretty much only for powering motility, and these don’t enter the egg on fertilization. In effect, all of one’s mitochondria are maternal, so only maternal links are counted. Lineages whose females are not represented in consecutive generations are lost. These lineages obviously don’t die out, but they are not counted because their mitochondria have disappeared. This leads to simpler statistics, but there may be a loss in accuracy. Hey, being a male, I’m used to not being counted!
    Funny how the more we learn about cultural evolution, the more questions arise. I think the current viewpoint focusing on the fertile crescent is a little too ethnocentric. There were civilizations in the new world 13,000 years ago, and in the Ganges valley 60,000, and in Australia maybe 40,000. But generally, much more emphasis is given to the Middle East/Eurasian cultures. Alot of this has to do with the availability of artifacts.


    ELAINE: ‘Civilizations’ means organized cities. The New World had none of this 13,000 years ago. It did have CULTURES. A culture is a way of life with stories, carvings, tools, etc. A city is a human innovation that is less than 13,000 years old. Cities grew ONLY after crops were domesticated.

    While animals such as dogs, pigs, cows and sheep were being domesticated, there could be no cities due to the simple fact, people followed herds of animals and were therefore, migratory. Only when the first grasses and things like fig and date trees were protected and grown and then, the harvest stored, did cities appear.

  47. w.c.

    governments are better than anarchy

    and plum pudding is better than twinkies

  48. w.c.

    hot chocolate on ice cream is better than plum pudding.

  49. w.c.

    the government “PUT”

    take it from their… to the logical ending of the gun at head.

    pure organic lemonaide.. much better than even hot chocolate on ice cream. for those who are allergic to milk

  50. nah

    August 28, 2009 at 6:01 am

    the government “PUT”
    together a mity turd sandwich

  51. nah

    New York Times Runs Yet Another Fawning Story on Health Insurance Industry
    The latest salvo in the health care industry charm offensive is another story humanizing the health insurance industry, this one on the front page of the New York Times website, “Dealing With Being the Health Care ‘Villains’”
    blah blah blah…. public option is not a reasonably explained/defended anything… all that is left is negotiation… obama should let a sleeping dog lie… the ambivalence has taken hold on all fronts… the media is bot and sold on the new ‘idea’ of democrats… just to turn again to the comfort of easy money driven by a million minds… sometimes its better to not pass laws that do more nothing… if its diluted now… just wait 6 years and witness the power of bureaucracy
    how could it be so easy for bush to sell the end of the world and obama to not sell a modern healthcare
    so yeah boo anarchy

  52. nah
    Fed chief victim of identity theft
    we same now father burn anke iey… has my credit found your dollars happier now that we have chosen a new spirit walk

  53. w.c.


    individuality lol

    and ems is part of a crowd .. blending in with perfect harmony

    the anti crowd person ,,, walking her own way.. no not individuality. she morphs into an unrecognized crowd heaving rocks to build a castle for the sheep like droons of government peace . Eric, Julie, and Neal.. from the evil anarchy.. which with out 100%government control would surely be our lot

    as way leads on to way ,


    ELAINE: So, you no longer walk with the crowd of mindless ‘bombs in the buildings’ people? I am so happy. Take over your own mind! Start thinking again. It is a wonderful experience. 🙂

  54. criticalcontrarian

    @CK: sorry for the late response, been working a project that is green, gives back, liberates the dirt poor from poverty, restores peace and order, and turns a profit. What the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve. For the common good. Not possible with a feudal mindset.

    On topic, I must remind you, sadly we are all slaves. Whether we know it or not, accept it or not. Regardless of who we are, our nationality, race, creed or stature in life, elite or prole; we are all slaves of mind. Until and unless we take control of our own mind, we will remain so. Mind will continue to run after desires and create our never ending futures on our dime. Ad infinitum. Every swig, every puff, every poke, every everything. This in a iota of Time, a figment of our imagination in Reality. And while I commiserate with your “Why in the hell can’t there be a new world order that disappears, that gets out of the way and lets life flow?”, the answer clearly is in the nature of mind. Tame the mind, tame the beast that drives this madness. It starts within, each one of us has the capacity to fix it. Alas, convenience rules and so we continue to be cannon fodder.

    @OH: Keep on keeping on. Matthew 7:7 🙂

  55. w.c.

    linited govenment is better than anarchy.

    govenment do no need monoply money., to control mail delivery. to control the price system , to control the million and one laws that diminish freedoms .

    the should be powerful enough to enforce the laws,, start with the constitution,,and the rights of the person,

    YES limited government is necessary..

    and is better than anarchy..

    i prefer a good peach. freshly picked.

  56. w.c.


    ask for understanding not things ..

    matt 7:1-2-3-4-

    a lesson in perspective

  57. criticalcontrarian

    @w.c.: We only ask for the One. For everything else there’s VISA. Been there done that. We are on the same page.

  58. criticalcontrarian

    @w.c.: BTW, Matt 7:7 is really about knocking at the third eye center. True “understanding” or knowledge begins above the eye center. But you know that.

  59. w.c.


    yep,, visa lol

  60. emsnews

    Credit runs the world. The next step is to understand that CREDITORS run the credit that runs the world.

    The mistake the ‘NWO’ guys made (such as the Bushes) is they forgot who the creditors really are. Europe and the US has ceased to be the creditors. Asia is the creditors.

    This miscalculation irritates these people who imagined, when Nixon went to China, they could resume exploiting China like they did from 1840-1950. Instead, it is the reverse.

  61. JSmith

    ““ELAINE: Anarchistic states are called ‘dinner’ by other, more organized entities.” Or Afghanistan.”


    ““non white” as “less than wonderful idea” necessarily implies “white” as “wonderful idea”.”

    Not “necessarily”.

  62. CK

    @Elaine: ” ‘Pubic’ wigs are new to me. Did they wear this due to no hairs around the balls? ” Usually a female accoutrement. Both sexes wear them today, in some movie situations they are called for by the contract. To prevent inadvertant full frontal nudity.
    “It was a totally racist comment. Over a billion people involved in living on the planet are Chinese, for example. What was suggested was that they, due to being non white, would ipso facto, be worse at running things. ” Since when did PROBABLY come to mean THEREFORE? Given my oft spoken beliefs in the wonderfulness of governance why would it matter the race of the overlord? I suppose it might be possible to list all the wondeful governances of the current fictional races to find the stellar Pol Pot, or Mugabe, to match the wonderous Bush and Co.
    “One can’t be hyperparanoid about the ‘elite rulers’ and then make absurd racist claims that these same people are ‘better’ than ‘other people’.” Why not? Some people are better than others, they volunteer to save puppies and send old clothes to homeless shelters, other folks are worse, they pay for sex with willing young women, invent new financial instruments, torture children for no reason, and give the world zero interest rate loans.

  63. CK

    “The reason volunteers don’t work in the long run is simple. Most people don’t volunteer. If one wants to save puppies, for example, one can volunteer to do this. But note that over time, the puppy savers get tired of doing this, it become futile unless they can back up their work with laws and the police enforcing regulations on puppy abusers! See? ”
    So that is why the ASPCA failed and went out of business? Folks got tired of being all meddlesome about dog abuse and now there is nothing but dead puppies everywhere.

    “Eventually, outright robbery becomes common.” All taxation is theft. You are right though that most people will not willingly allow themselves to be the victim of thieves. That is why the State must always have the monopoly on the use of force over its slaves. Slaves must not fight back, talk back, look uppity, refuse to answer. Slaves must always turn the other cheek and turn out the other pocket.

  64. Aussie email writer

    Re: History is crystal clear here: all systems that have strong governments …
    How true …you are indeed very insightful.

    I suggest such strong governments focusing on the public good also reflect their unique contemporary culture, socio-economic and technological conditions?
    Such governments will also balance public and private interests to improve living and civic standards of its citizens.

    For example, the strong government in, say, Singapore in the 1950’s now is now different because their citizens today are affluent and more sophisticated. Their system would not work in, say, Australia or the US.

    I admired how your founders took what was good from ancient Rome, Greece and Europe. They structured mechanisms to keep your Republic, and citizens honest, using your Bill of Rights, Constitution, separation of powers and legislated elections to serve as check and balances.

    Sadly, their wisdom was misused leaving you with a Corporative Economy, bankrupted empire, founded on Crony-Speculative Financial Capitalist system. The original Jeffersonian democracy is lost. All of us (not only Americans) lost something precious.

    I hope you can regain what is lost for all our sakes

  65. CK

    @OH: I went back to something you asked earlier about Pol Pot.
    “pol pot died in bed a free man didn’t he?”
    At the time of his death he was under life time house arrest for organizing the murder of his second in command. Trial was in november 97, he joined the choir eternal on taxday 98 He supposedly died ( no autopsy so the conspiracy theorists can enjoy this ) the same evening it was announced that the khmer rouge had aggreed to turn him over to some international tribunal.
    As a stellar example of the wonderfulness of government, the total deaths attributable to Mr. Pot range from 800,000 ( his own estimate) to 3,000,000 ( Cambodian estimate for the the four best governed years of his regime 1974-1979.)

  66. openly hidden

    elaine. your “science” is materialism. pure dogmatic materialism. and your world “reasons” from that unscientific assumption. that is why much “science” that “proves” your 19th century materialistic assertions dead-ends at inconvenient evidence. but oh well. we can ignore that and keep it out of the mostly unconscious collective conscious can’t we….

    and the important thing to me is that it is time for yet another patriarchal civilization to fade away due to exhaustion. it is going to be a lively time for sure coming up betcha. perhaps britney will rule?

    so should i go into what the greeks were doing with their mythology and what pegasus really was? or not. not i think. not now. heh.

    “show me thy original face”.


    ELAINE: What is funny is how all ‘spiritualists’ are actually the least spiritual people. They are very crass about materialism. Their gods are ‘real’. Their gods can have magic sex with women and produce hero gods who fly off to heaven! Heaven is a real place that looks like a physical place and it is all very ‘real’ while being utterly and totally not real at all!

    All the temples built by all religions all over the planet are attempts to make physical, what is supposed to be ‘spiritual’. No one is more dogmatically materialistic than religious people. End of story.

  67. w.c.

    Willy Wonka & the credit Factory

  68. openly hidden

    CK. pol pot and his revolution was something i never could consider too much. i think what went on then was more than i could stomach and i never wanted to look at it too much. i blame materialistic assumptions for that obscenity.

    would all that tragedy have happened if america had not been in viet nam?

    and is this why america is in afghanistan? i.e. to prevent another “pol pot” from happening to our inferior friends of islam? or will we end up dredging another pol pot up from hell again?

  69. w.c.

    the division of labor

    “The Incredible Bread Machine”
    a study in …
    Freedom, & the State

  70. openly hidden

    we live in a world with merkins. well that explains a lot to me. hahahhha!

  71. JSmith

    “your “science” is materialism. pure dogmatic materialism. and your world “reasons” from that unscientific assumption. that is why much “science” that “proves” your 19th century materialistic assertions dead-ends at inconvenient evidence. ”

    That depends on what you count as evidence.

    Helpful hint: not every just-so story counts as ‘evidence’. As the saying goes: the plural of ‘anecdote’ isn’t ‘data’.

  72. JSmith

    I find CK’s equation of Pol Pot to ‘government’ to be specious at best, nonsensical at worst. One can only conclude you have no idea of what you’re typing about.

    Get a grip, CK… not every government wants to drag you off to Tuol Sleng prison and beat you to death.

    “All taxation is theft. You are right though that most people will not willingly allow themselves to be the victim of thieves. That is why the State must always have the monopoly on the use of force over its slaves.”

    Youre always going to find some types who equate any sort of civil order with “slavery”. Many of these people find solace living in the wilds of Montana.

  73. CK

    @OH: It is probably well forgotten that Pol Pot was “our guy” in that adventure.
    You ask: “and is this why america is in afghanistan? i.e. to prevent another “pol pot” from happening to our inferior friends of islam? ”
    1) It’s August, it’s a slow sales month, this is a message that could sell. It plays to our supposed virtue without requiring anything virtuous.
    2) Unocal thought it had the monopoly right to run an oil pipeline from the bananastans to the indian ocean through quiescent Afghanistan.
    In 2000, the Taliban said … no not so fast. War commenced soon thereafter. ( a few years later in a spasm of mercantilism and national treasure protection, the US congress refused to allow the PRC to purchase Unocal )
    3) The world’s major source of cheap opium and thus cheap heroin comes out of afghanistan. The money flow keeps a lot of world finanacial institutions operating. The Taliban had succeeded in eradicating Opium poppy production in Afghanistan for the first time ever. notice date, early 2001. War commenced soon thereafter. ( The other major source The Golden Triangle is mostly in Burma, and the Shan territories. So eradicate in Afghanistan and the money flows to the Burmese and the Laotians.)
    4) In dec 2001, Bin Laden was about to be captured by merkin forces at Tora Bora. The capture or official execution of Bin Laden would have put paid to the whole Twin Towers thing. Three months from attack to payback, would have made Bush a hero for a day, way too early before the 2004 elections. ( Remember pappybush won the first gulf war too early in his single term .) So suddenly things go awry at Tora Bora and Bin Laden lives to be the boogey man for another 8 years now and counting.
    5) In 2008 the USA elects the person who has claimed he will have us out of Iraq in a year or so, never claimed he wanted us out of afghanistan did he?
    6) An individual goes into a store and breaks something accidentally in that store, morally he should pay for it, legally he can be inconvenienced if he refuses to pay. The world being just a big shopping center for the merkin empire, the thought that american clumsiness broke afghanistan means that we also get to break pakistan, iraq, iran, somalia, east timor, the phillipines, indonesia and any place else there might be a moslem who doesn’t drink bud and eat bacon.

  74. CK

    It’s not my equation, it was the position of the US government that Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge were the legitimate government of Cambodia. Most of the “civilized” world approved of him and his party as the official and legitimate government. The US government even used merkin generated tax dollars to support Pol Pot in his attack on VietNam.
    “Get a grip, CK… not every government wants to drag you off to Tuol Sleng prison and beat you to death.” How many merkins are in prison in the USA? Proportionately the highest percentage of any nation in the world. Can I interest you in some photos from various federal prisons showing the different way this government prefers to treat with its citizens and non-citizens? Maybe I could interest you in some Tazer stories?

  75. rockpaperscizzors

    Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” satircal skit of “what has Rome done for us?”, ends the “is government good for civilization” discussion Ergo, government and quality of life; hand meet glove.

    Reg: They’ve bled us white, the bastards. They’ve taken everything we had, not just from us, from our fathers and from our fathers’ fathers………

    Reg: All right, Stan. Don’t labour the point. And what have they ever given us in return?
    Xerxes: The aqueduct.
    Reg: Oh yeah, yeah they gave us that. Yeah. That’s true.
    Masked Activist: And the sanitation!
    Stan: Oh yes… sanitation, Reg, you remember what the city used to be like.
    Reg: All right, I’ll grant you that the aqueduct and the sanitation are two things that the Romans have done…
    Matthias: And the roads…
    Reg: (sharply) Well yes obviously the roads… the roads go without saying. But apart from the aqueduct, the sanitation and the roads…
    Another Masked Activist: Irrigation…
    Other Masked Voices: Medicine… Education… Health…
    Reg: Yes… all right, fair enough…
    Activist Near Front: And the wine…
    Omnes: Oh yes! True!
    Francis: Yeah. That’s something we’d really miss if the Romans left, Reg.
    Masked Activist at Back: Public baths!
    Stan: And it’s safe to walk in the streets at night now.
    Francis: Yes, they certainly know how to keep order… (general nodding)… let’s face it, they’re the only ones who could in a place like this.

    (more general murmurs of agreement)
    Reg: All right… all right… but apart from better sanitation and medicine and education and irrigation and public health and roads and a freshwater system and baths and public order… what have the Romans done for us?
    Xerxes: Brought peace!
    Reg: (very angry, he’s not having a good meeting at all) What!? Oh… (scornfully) Peace, yes… shut up!

  76. w.c.

    Argentina Legalizes Marijuana For Personal Use

    joint chief of staff

    nuke um lol

  77. w.c.

    in back room talk in pentegon

    well they are invading our turf …

  78. w.c.

    But once permanent backwardation in gold establishes itself, gold is no longer available at any price. Bondholders will scramble to sell their irredeemable bonds before they lose all their remaining value. There is no other way to pacify bondholders than letting the game of musical chairs go on, that is, continue the charade of gold futures trading putting ever more claims on the same lump of gold

    google .. gold seek


    Gold Is Pale Because It Has So Many Thieves Plotting Against It”

    By: Antal E. Fekete

    the hand of government ,,

  79. rockpaperscizzors

    As a city dweller, I enjoy peace of mind not worrying about the infrastructure that supports my family and neighbors basic needs such as water, streets and sanitation, streetlights, fire and police departments, county hospitals, libraries, education, and rodent control to name a few. Government employees showup every Friday and remove my garbage. Icy streets in Winter are salted. Spring, Summer, and Fall swepted. Roads are patched or replaced. If I see a crime happening, I call 911. If a house is on fire, I call the 911. A stranger falls ill, I call 911. These government workers are us, our neighbors, and relatives who make it possible for a cohesive community “collective,” aka government. I like being able to bitch and complain to my precint captain, city alderman who will jump thru hoops. State representatives and federal congresspeople depend on my vote. If I’m unhappy I’ll vote against them. When government services are cut then chaos reigns.

    Next, I want to walk into a healthcare facility and not worry about whether or not I can afford my private healthcare or if I’ll be denied by the “for profit” bonus incentive private insurers. Why should there be age discrimination for MEDICARE? I want healthcare available for every citizen at any age. And yes, I will pay for that via taxes, because it’ll work just like all the other above-mentioned government services do. I enjoy not thinking about the city operated filtration plant that runs clean water thru miles of pipes maintained by the city into my home. I enjoy turning on the tap knowing my taxes and my neighbors taxes pay for this collective service.

    I don’t want to worry anymore about whether me or a family member develops a catastrophic illness and financially wipes us out due to limited private health insurance.

  80. w.c.

    rock paper scizzors

    . I enjoy not thinking

    as you wish (G)


    ELAINE: Do note that Rock mentioned voting and talking to representatives. The corruption in our system is via campaign contributions and this needs fixing. And the impulse to imperialism needs to be curbed which is an ideological battle. Pretending we don’t need a smoothly functioning society should be obvious.

  81. JT

    rockpaperscizzors, great point :D.

  82. JSmith

    “How many merkins are in prison in the USA? Proportionately the highest percentage of any nation in the world. ”

    I’m still at large. (So, apparently, are you.)

    But you’re enslaved!!!!!

  83. JSmith

    Rockpaperscissors, just think how much better your life would be if you weren’t taxed to pay for all that infrastructure such as water and sanitation, streetlights, fire and police departments, hospitals, libraries, education, rodent control, trash collection, and highway maintenance.

    But don’t waste too much time on it.

    There was a local special election a few weeks back with one issue – a tax increase to maintain city services.

    I voted “for”.

    Want to escape the heavy hand of government? Move to Somalia. There’s so little government there, you won’t even notice it. (But you may notice its absence.)

  84. illuminator

    Fekete isn’t a fraud such as Armstrong and Sinclair, but he is ignorant about aspects of the gold market and argues errantly. Fekete cites decreasing COMEX gold inventories as an indicator of an imminent gold shortage; decreasing COMEX inventories could correctly also indicate decreasing COMEX open interest, since GLD ETF increased at same time to over 34MM oz. John Paulson divulged in recent 13F his fund to have accumulated about 3MM oz of gold through not COMEX but GLD: Paulson accepted about 10X the amount usually delivered against a single COMEX contract, so Paulson IS now the gold market and trades with GLD not COMEX. Fekete also argues the increasing percentage of risk-free-rate of total basis to indicate imminent gold backwardation, which contemporaneous percentage is unprecedented; increasing percentage could also indicate 0% effective risk-free-rate, which 0% rate among all G-7 countries also is unprecedented. How many times over the last 400 years since the institution of the Bank of England have rates been practically at 0% among all developed countries? How about never. Fekete cites some useful facts, but argues errantly and thus concludes errantly: unless some unlawful conspiracy such as the Hunts’ attempts to accept delivery for a single contract month, gold isn’t going into backwardation.


    ELAINE: Correct. This is why I also take all sorts of information from all over. No one is consistently right, not even ME! HAHAHA.

    Anyway, the thing we have to fear not being sold for any price is stuff the Chinese are madly buying up so they control the price: rare earth metals, oil, etc. Gold is an indicator of fear. Not a creator of chaos. It is a secondary platform, not the primary platform. Energy creation and related raw materials are the platform.

  85. illuminator

    I laughed very hard at JSmith’s and Fool’s attempts at textual analysis. JSmith referred to a wiki source impertinent to my argument in place a of a response; EMS often dissents with me, but she consents here with my description of CK’s comment as racist; please interpret CK’s comment as NOT racist, JSmith. Fool attempts to exonerate itself from defending its fallacious depiction of Christianity with facile textual analysis; Fool, isn’t volunteer to obey” a variation of an army private’s “volunteer for a suicide mission”? “Volition” never consists with “obey”, since to obey an order necessarily precludes volition of the person obeying. Whatever of Fool’s convoluted arguments and definitions do not obscure at all his depiction as a fascist one, or one of Pat Robertson or James Dobson or John Rushdooney; these self-appointed Messiahs all demand obedience to themselves alone, regulate every aspect of their lives, depict all outsiders as enemies and imminent menaces; these all in return for fascist obedience promise a smoothly-run “Christian” State which would provide all life’s desires. Should Fool desire to insult the likes of Robertson, it shouldn’t describe them as “Christians”; use words accurately, and accept rational dispute.

  86. emsnews

    During wars, we all lose our freedom of choice because choices are reduced to life and death.

    One could flee a war zone or the obligations to fight but one then becomes a fugitive to society.

    Wars are mass affairs. This is why preventing them is far better than resisting them. The US is addicted to wars because we make profits off of them so there is little resistance to stumbling into one war after another.

    But just as police and firemen put their lives on the line, as do linemen trying to restore electricity during storms or highway workers who get hit by cars, etc: life has many dangers and we expect fellow citizens to endanger their lives for us. 3 firemen died in my state this month, trying to save someone only there was no one in the fire to save, but they all died, anyway, trying.

    See? Are they fools or heroes? You decide.

    All I know is no society has ever existed without a number of people physically endangering themselves in the name of the greater good.

  87. rockpaperscizzors

    JT, thanks for Life of Brian video. The movie is hilarious!

    JSmith, Evelyn Wood is offering remedial classes.
    Please do reread my comment. I’m pro taxation for social and city services.
    “……..And yes, I will pay for that via taxes, because it’ll work just like all the other above-mentioned government services do.”

  88. openly hidden

    my fellow merkins….hahahhahaha!

    so i finally get it! hahahahaha!

    about cities? during good times when things are getting better, they fill up. and they empty as fast as possible in the wet ass hour….according to chinese history. i think the lucky city folks then remember their cousin billy-bob still on the farm….cause country boys can survive!


  89. CK

    But will Billy-Bob be wanting to feed and succor the city cousins, how long does the Billy-Bob play host to the parasites before he takes a few anti-helmentics.

  90. JSmith

    “JSmith referred to a wiki source impertinent to my argument in place a of a response”

    Impertinent? I think you might mean ‘irrelevant’, although it’s hard to say just what you mean sometimes.

    “JSmith, Evelyn Wood is offering remedial classes.
    Please do reread my comment. I’m pro taxation for social and city services.”

    I do believe you’ve missed my point entirely, RPS – perhaps I should have been more clear that my post was directed at CK.

    Evelyn Wood teaches speed-reading, not reading for comprehension. Here’s a helpful online resource to assist you with the latter.

  91. illuminator

    Thanks to JSmith for detecting his Mass-Media diction. MM only uses “impertinent” in the inaccurate sense of “impudent” and rarely uses it in my accurate sense, so only the educated are cognizant of “impertinent” as “not pertinent”.

  92. JSmith

    According to my Oxford English Dictionary (hardly “Mass-Media”), the primary mening of “impertinent” is “impudent or disrespectful”. Your usage is a bit further down the list, so I’ll spot you that one.

    Further, my wiki reference was quite relevant; as long as you’re going to talk about something being “necessarily” so, I thought it would be helpful for you to know a bit more abut the idea of logical necessity.

    But if you don’t want to learn anything new today, that’s fine…

  93. w.c.

    e.e. cunnings

    i am a beggar always
    who begs in your mind

    (slightly smiling, patient, unspeaking
    with a sign on his
    BLIND)yes i

    am this person of whom somehow
    you are never wholly rid(and who

    does not ask for more than
    just enough dreams to
    live on)
    after all, kid

    you might as well
    toss him a few thoughts

    a little love preferably,
    anything which you can’t
    pass off on other people: for
    instance a
    plugged promise-

    the he will maybe (hearing something
    fall into his hat)go wandering
    after it with fingers;till having

    what was thrown away
    taptaptaps out of your brain, hopes, life
    to(carefully turning a
    corner)never bother you any more

  94. illuminator


    Why were you incognizant of the direct meaning of “im-pertinent” as “not pertinent” but cognizant of the indirect meaning as “impudent”? Does “impertinent” either appear similar to “impudent” or even have common roots?Speculate too on why I was cognizant of your meaning, but you were incognizant of mine. Your wiki citation pertains to whether or not a statement be absolutely true, but my argument pertained to CK’s estimation: id est, whether or not “non whites” be worse or better is not the matter, but rather whether or not CK estimated so


    ELAINE: Smith is correct in that the PRIMARY usage of the word is the one he referred to. Words are used mainly for various purposes based on how it is used in relation to other words and concepts. Few words retain original meanings over time, they morph and warp depending on usage. Note also that Smith gave you credit for using a word in an old fashioned way that is less common.

  95. illuminator

    JSmith responds inaccurately to my observation of his Mass-Media diction by estimating the OED to be “hardly Mass-Media”. JSmith confuses the words “inaccurate” with “incorrect”. MM usually uses words correctly, and–contradictory to JSmith’s assertion–MM all use either the OED book or online subscription; but MM use words inaccurately or for the MM audience “carelessly”; MM only uses “impertinent” in one sense, the sense of “impudent”; since JSmith is cognizant only of MM’s indirect and inaccurate usage, JSmith only uses MM diction, Quod Erat Demonstrandum. Beware accepting unconsciously MM’s diction, for with the diction also perceptions, precepts, concepts are also unconsciously accepted; thereby MM totally controls your mind. Independent cogitation requires discipline and labor and capacity; but unconsciously accepting MM’s junk–while easy–renders one a mindless slave.

  96. the fool on the hill

    Right Elaine,

    Do note, I said desirable, not necessarily attainable. Just me, but I would think the inferences flowing from that would be disheartening to anyone trying to thwart an apocalypse.

    Also, people seem to be reading all kinds of things into my statements.

    “Volunteer to obey the natural law” does not mean “work for free”.

    It simply means not behaving like an animal.

    As far as other criticisms go, if I am the one presenting the concept, then I get to define it in my own terms. The recipients’ job is to try to wrap his or head around what I’m saying, and then, after confirming that we are indeed on the same page, disprove, ignore, or do whatever you want with it.

    Otherwise, you are just playing the political/control game of trying to marginalize and or dominate and I really don’t have any interest in that sort of nonsense.

    Of course, no one has ever cared about my input. That’s why I’m just a fool on a hill. Fair enough.

    But when the apocalypse happens, don’t blame me.

  97. w.c.

    heres some imput lol

    just ordered a wooden back scratcher from amazon. $5.00 bucks

    a board for the relevent the irrelevent ,balls of string and bags of mush. and assorted bits of how the world turns

    here’s to the back,, an itch a day.

  98. emsnews

    Deciding what is junk and what isn’t junk isn’t easy. I see a sad tendency for a number of people trying to riddle out things, to reject EVERYTHING in the ‘mainstream’ while embracing some of the weirdest stuff that is ‘non-mainstream’.

    This sounds queer coming from me because I am not ‘mainstream’ at all. But on the other hand, I am not disavowing everything the mainstream says or publishes. Far from it.

    Casting off all outside information is as dangerous as casting off all non-conforming information.

  99. JSmith

    Illuminator has just proven conclusively that his porch light has gone out.

  100. CK

    While noodling around the intertubes this morning, I came upon two little drolleries that might raise a smile among the readers here:
    Point the first, the $4500 that the govt gave to the dealer in the cash for clunkers program so that you could buy a new car is taxable income to you. Quel Surprisé
    Point the second, the $4500 that the govt gave the dealers in the cash for clunkers program is deducted from the sticker price of the car in the calculation of the inflation rate. So there was a $15,000 sticker on yonder ford, you traded in an oldie and your neighbours taxes kicked in $4500 and you got a new car for $10,500 ( on the note)
    and a tax bill on the $4500 and the car for which the dealer got his $15,000 sticker is valued at $10,500 for the calculation of inflation. COLA COLA who’s got a COLA?
    There is a term BOHICA. As a citizen it is good to familiarize yourself with BOHICA.

  101. emsnews

    Yes, they are taxing this windfall.

    And they want to lower the inflation rate artificially so the government can keep the stupid ZIRP borrowing costs.

  102. PLovering

    Obama is closing hospitals.

    What pandemic?

  103. CK

    “Yes, they are taxing this windfall.”
    It is good to describe the proceeds of theft as a windfall. It takes away any need for balance.

  104. emsnews

    Plovering, has it occurred to you that Obama doesn’t open or close any hospitals? This is due to the US having a PRIVATE, not public, health system for the most part.

    As for the pandemic: the US seems unwilling to prepare for any pandemics. We are in the middle of a terrible AIDS pandemic which as caused other diseases like tuberculosis, to mutate into more hideous forms. Yet, we have very little sense of urgency with that business, either.

    This is why US health statistics are looking worse and worse compared to most other major economic powers.

  105. JSmith

    “There is a term BOHICA. As a citizen it is good to familiarize yourself with BOHICA.”

    Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.

    Anyone who’s ever worked in a large organization knows that one

  106. You all need to read Durant. Elaine is right about government.

    I wrote about it the other day…

  107. w.c.


    Elaine is right about government.

    you mean that governments are better than anarchy,,?

    sure anarchy is the pits .

    but less government is better than more government .. we need some government .

    the constitution spells out forms of government ,, with less not more .

    apple pie is better than crow pie.

    where is this line drawn,, maybe as they aim a gun at your head. woops going to far there,

    whis ox has to be gored,,

    and those who have CAUSED THE PROBLEM IN GOVERNMENT ,, want now to define the limits .. of this power.


    it is the duty

    That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

    Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. ‘


    ELAINE: funny thing, the slaves were not freed. And if they escaped, the GOVERNMENT chased them down! And if people hid runaway slaves, the freedom loving whites in the south would pass FEDERAL laws forbidding this and giving themselves permission to use the police and sheriffs to seize and re-enslave the escaped slaves! This lead to a Civil War and only then, were the slaves finally freed. So much for ‘smaller government ‘ of the Founding Fathers.

  108. openly hidden

    elaine says: “ELAINE: What is funny is how all ’spiritualists’ are actually the least spiritual people. They are very crass about materialism. Their gods are ‘real’. Their gods can have magic sex with women and produce hero gods who fly off to heaven! Heaven is a real place that looks like a physical place and it is all very ‘real’ while being utterly and totally not real at all!

    All the temples built by all religions all over the planet are attempts to make physical, what is supposed to be ’spiritual’. No one is more dogmatically materialistic than religious people. End of story.”
    arrgh! nope, you don’t grasp it at all elaine….you simply don’t know too much about what i keep trying to get at….but i will stop it because in a way you are right. people like me (and maybe people like you) historically have ended up tied to a stake and being burned alive or hanging from a tree or drowned in a witches pond by “the religious”….and these “religious” fucks are who you seem to think of whenever i jump into the conversation and i see them as being completely un-spiritual materialists evil fucks too. so i am going to let this go for now.

    but you are wrong why people have places, special holy places and things elaine. but i am not going to touch that since you apparently do not believe in jung either or fairy tales or myths or dreams or prophets or impossible coincidence or healing powers or a whole lot of things you refuse to really see but that isn’t important. but you could at least consider that there is always the explicit and esoteric and why. instead of utterly so ignoring it as to be unaware of it like the inhabitants of my former little materialistic church do.

    to sum up, you apparently simply can’t see what i am seeing, but we both see the dangerous creeps who lay claim to the truth for what they are.

    i wish i didn’t have to come here to pester a happy dogmatic 1960’s elaine, but for some fucked up mental reason, you seem to constellate something inside me sometimes and i have no idea where he/she/it comes from either. it is so strange to me. sometimes, it is automatic writing. sometimes i have to read it myself to see what i wrote. and i am not crazy! apart from your website, i am almost normal! hahahaha!

    They’re coming to take me away, HA HA
    They’re coming to take me away, HO HO HEE HEE HA HA
    To the funny farm
    Where life is beautiful all the time
    And I’ll be happy to see
    Those nice, young men
    In their clean, white coats
    And they’re coming to take me away, Ha-haaa!

    so have a good day whoever.

  109. w.c.


    mixes apples with oranges ..

    not undertanding that her brand of seeing ,,

    perhaps does not fit in the round hole of a square thought.

    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Bill Shakespeare

  110. emsnews

    How on earth can I see what anyone else sees? I see what I see! Geeze, isn’t that an amazing revelation.

    As for my comment about spiritual stuff becoming crassly physical: this is the fate of all religious belief systems. We want things to be REAL. We find it very hard to accept the non-real (ie: stuff in our heads).

    I know this bothers people because people need to believe they are spiritual but in reality, people cling to the physical. This is lucky for us. If you go totally spiritual, you disappear, that is, die.

  111. emsnews

    For example, all ‘miracles’ are events where physical things happen after people draw upon or pray to a god or some Power. And then things like storms happen, or people become magically well again, or other physical events happen.

    Then, the ‘spiritualists’ will point to this raw physical suppositions (ie: coincidences) and claim, ‘See, our god is real!’

    I hope this helps you understand how humans think.

  112. w.c.


    I know this bothers people because people need to believe they are spiritual but in reality, people cling to the physical. This is lucky for us. If you go totally spiritual, you disappear, that is, die.]

    “you” do not disappear, the exact opposite,,,, you ems disappear. from the vison of the living ,, they no longer see into the dream .. and no one dies. consciousness is always inbodied.. and as long as the clinging goes on… more deeply is the dream. it is temporary.. our dream is but a sleep and a forgetting

    it does not bother me, .. you want to see the way you see. ..

    this morning a saw Sundance canyon.. had some breakfast enjoyed a canyon stream.

    it is impossible for three bldgs to fall within hours of each other into their own footprints .. you keep that illusion alive ,, and forensic experts report 12 tons of thermite.

    do we trust the physics or the blog.

    maybe shit floats … but as e e cummings retorts .. i eat no shit. lol

    i closed my eyes to see and could not see to see , dickenson

    others have a way of seeing .. and reject the phony nickles ,, they also chew gum and walk at the same time.

    many reject flying saucers, big foot, lock ness monsters.. a lot of [people think that the way they see is the only seen,, like looking into a pool at their own likeness and smile


    ELAINE: See how you operate? Why is it impossible for three buildings to fall? This happens in various events such as tsunamis, earthquakes and jets ramming into buidings, tearing out huge hunks of the outer skin which is a main support of huge buildings that were designed very badly.

  113. w.c.

    no wrong .. mircles happen not after some one prays.. but after a person sees into the dream ,, the dream of sickness, death, war,

    sees into the dream and through it.

    the mircle is the real .. the sickness is the unreal ..

    only a mad man would pray to a god to fix a problem. there is no problem to fix,

    just wake up,, as the budda taught,, which in about thirty years after he walked out of the dream// those that followed corrupted the teaching .. ditto all religions are corrupted ..

    and what we see is false and misleading examples,, like econ0mics lol

    the solution is there.. but the clever thinkers screw it all up,,

  114. emsnews

    So, WC, you admit I am right: people who pray to gods to give them things or health or whatever are ‘mad’. 🙂

    Also, if you believe reality is a dream world and the dream world is reality, welcome to the Outer Darkness where up is down, in is out and dreams are real.

  115. emsnews

    WC: do warn people if you are linking to something written by a crook. Thank you.

  116. w.c.


    So, WC, you admit I am right: people who pray to gods to give them things or health or whatever are ‘mad’.

    yes ,, but it seems to give them some relief..rolaids

  117. w.c.

    ems ;; he is not a crook.. IN MY OPINION

    A CROOK comes in many disguises ,, even those who sometimes suck on the tit of others works .. and we give them reverence lol

    read the material ,, forget the maN

  118. w.c.


    welcome to the Outer Darkness where up is down, in is out and dreams are real.

    yes ,, but realizing the dream is the first step to overcoming the dream // until then we are in the dream

  119. emsnews

    It also leaves you entirely confused, WC.

    As for Armstrong: he is in prison for a reason. I suppose you also want to invest in Madoff’s funds, too? You realize, Armstrong is a con artist. These guys are good at conning people. Usually, they leave their victims significantly poorer.

    These cons always also want you to think they are victims of vindictive prosecutors. But if you trust this sort of jerk, be my guest. Fools are born every minute, otherwise con men would starve to death. 🙂

  120. w.c.

    Innocent Man Freed From Prison After 23 Years

    Ernest Sonnier was 23 when he was arrested and charged with rape and kidnapping. He was taken in handcuffs from his Houston home and didn’t leave prison for another 23 years.

    A week and a half ago, at the age of 46, Sonnier was freed after essentially being told by prosecutors, sorry – but we now inform you that DNA evidence we’ve just gotten around to checking indicates you did not commit this crime.

  121. w.c.

    Fools are born every minute, otherwise con men would starve to death.

    like those who follow the bankers, the fed, the political elite, and give them substance ..

    the greatest con game of all .. is participated by the majority , with gusto .

    agreed .. lol

    you think armstrong would starve

    sinclair .

    it looks like the persons starving are close to you .. so that makes you a non-followed con person /// which i do not believe for a second ..

    armstrong made zero ,, off wc .. although bought gold at 300. free site .

    sinclairs made nothing off me .. although a bought silver at 4.00 free site .

    but i did buy 10,000 shares of tanrange at 60Cents . so a gain of now 6 grand to 30 grand ..

    did not know sinclair in 1976 ,, bought gold . sold at 800.

    took a 10,000 dollar bill.. turned it into 9 mill.. in five years. with out you, with out sinclair with out armstrong.

    the idea that a person can not learn .. and absorb various point of view with out the need .. to bolster a position by pulling some one down is in my opinion,, (especially when they are not here to defend themselves in open debate,,) makes little green apples sweet in comparison .

    so to call people fools .. is again barking up a tree of common human behavior. ems is common lol

    like a could go off on another site .. and throw all kinds if invictive .. perhaps making fradulent statements.. of ems .. like she follows the cave of death,. was paid to keep secrets .. was an errand person for the dark works of the CIA..

    violated zoneing laws by living in a tent lol //

    small claims court documents distorted .

    some one in fact made a swip at you.. i was their to defend your position,, you nwere not their .

    many make remarks and judgements with out really knowing the full story..

    so when you repeat this mantra .. i take it with a small small smaller grain of sand .

  122. CK

    Prisons are for-profit enterprises these days, so getting free labour overrides any consideration of guilt or innocence. We have had a few judges in PA who are not facing small fines for sending innocents off to prison for kickbacks. It is doubtful that the judges will be removed from the bench for any length of time, even more doubtful that they will see an hour of incarcerated inconvenience. As I said in another post on another topic, justice is rarely seen and when it is it will be called terrorism or vigilanteism or illegal self help.

  123. CK

    “in PA who are NOW…” finger farts bad

  124. JSmith

    “Armstrong Economics???”

    Damn… that thing looks like an underground newspaper from the early 70s -I’m sure Elaine remembers those things that used to be in stacks by the coffeehouse doors.

  125. openly hidden

    here i am eating day old spaghetti. spaghetti is one of the foods that actually tastes better the next day. like fried chicken legs. then back on a barn roof until my grandson gets off the bus.

    anyway, CK i was born in wilkes-barre pennsylvania back in the old days. heh. i remember well back in the 1950’s riding in the back of dads buicks on the penna turnpike i think mom or dad called it not interstate….the first 4 lane highway i was ever aware of certainly iowa didn’t have any then i don’t think. anyway, back then i could stretch out in the rear window of the buick and look at the scenery out the rear window. and i used to love going through the tunnels on the way to grandmas house. now, i am sure dad would be arrested by a swat team if anyone noticed a little kid sleeping in the rear window of a buick electra….was that the 4 holer model?

    for what thats worth. and if WC has managed to make himself 9 million dollars on the stock market and still has it….well salute wc!

    i know what you are talking about WC. elaine is one of “those people” with closed minds about such stuff. but thats ok. later!

  126. CK

    Take PA rt 6 west from Scranton a long ways to McKean county. ( Look for the fork in the road, Take the Slauson cutoff, get out of your car, cut off your slauson, and …) Farming country with a huge annual crop o rocks and stumps. Hunting and fishing and trapping and digging some ramps and some goldenseal and some other stuff … a long time ago.
    I do believe it was the Big Ol Buick with the 4 mouse holes on either side of the hood.
    My Granda had on of the old Chrysler Imperials with the big ol Sparrow Strainer taillights, rode that down the back roads to williamsport PA to the auctions.
    Left all that behind in 64.

  127. w.c.

    openely hidden

    for what thats worth. and if WC has managed to make himself 9 million dollars on the stock market and still has it….well salute wc!

    nope the dough was made providing a service .. lowering the cost of business ,, so wages could be higher , and a profit made by the owners ..

  128. JSmith
    August 31, 2009 at 12:35 pm
    “Armstrong Economics???”

    sure he is writing from a prizon cell,, guilty or not ..,, read the stuff,, you may learn even from a old starbucks napkin stained with coffee. if a brillent person jogs a couple notes lol

    he has not missed a major trend change since 1974,

  129. openly hidden

    heh. i see russell crowe smokes a cigarette while he rides his bicycle. i smoked for…. hummm 12 to about 40 or 28 years? anyway, at the end before i finally quit, i noticed that if i had one of my delicious camel filters with the filter pinched off right before i went into the ymca to work out, i simply could not lift as much weight. it was a noticeable difference. but it didn’t seem to affect my arm wrestling back in teh day.

    so what service did you provide WC?

    back to smoking. i finally had to quit drinking too before i could quit for good. i know a fellow who stopped smoking, then got some horrible cancer (not lung) and died. he told me he wished he had known he was going to die anyway cause he sure as hell would not have stopped smoking. the fellow was in viet nam. he was off a little 160 acre farm here in iowa. anyway, he and 1 or 2 others would sneak into VC land at night and stay hid for days and days. one time he had to call plane strikes on himself while he and his merry men were hid in foxholes and the VC decided to make camp all around them. when he got back home all broke up and disabled, some asshole up and smacked him in a bar for being in the military. that asshole got dog-stomped very soon thereafter and never was the same. anyway, my buddy was unrecognizable when they buried him 10 years ago. i did not recognize him in the funeral home. he looked 80 years old and was only in his early 50’s. this is what i did in the 1960’s. the end.

  130. ems and economic learning

    stay tuned as wc schools elaine on economics lol
    first we need one point ,, then go on from there .. it may take a year,, but rather than rush ,, with out understanding ..

    she claims many points .. lets start with one,


  131. openly hidden

    huh. i just remember that night in the bar, another kid i went to high school with was also back and he had stepped on not one but two booby-traps. instead of a foot, he had a like stub. he told me his girlfriend liked it for sex since that was about all he had left of that too. memories is all i got now. ha! not!

    and i found a genuine autonomous …. person/energy/force/whatever …. living in me yesterday too. hahahahah! we are not alone! hahahahahah! no shit! she/it/me? took the form of an indian girl in i presume indian garb from a century ago sitting on the old fashioned railroad tracks in front of a old steam locomotive that was stopped. wearing a feather too. wtf! hahahaha! will i scare her away if i hint for something more than good conversation?

  132. ems


    by who and when.. ems lets see the whites of their eyes lol

  133. i bet 50 bucks you have never read the text .

    but are depending on some else to tell you .. some one like mr, magoo

  134. CK

    If she is “living inside you” and you attempt anything more than conversation, the morals police will be on your ass before you can say IO WA. Also be careful that she does not have an older brother just waiting for you to try something merkin on her…or try her merkin on… or….
    Yeah I quit smoking this spring after 47 years of Chesterfield Kings. Chantix did the necessary for me. It is now 23 weeks without a smoke. I try to convince myself that the money will be spent on something intelligent or saved or something all moral and shit; but it won’t. It will buy me tools and gadgets and useful stuff. I saw a lovely cut throat razor the other day, sterling silver handles, soligen blade, german made probably from the 1870’s … naked nymphs repoussé in the handle, edge like you would not believe. Sooooooo lovely.

  135. openly hidden

    so what service did you provide WC?

    staff leasing

    brought many small business together to give a buying power of co-op

    provide all payroll services /

    deductions filings, usually a better rate for state unemployment ,,

    non productive work..

    workers comp usually for a 20% savings..

    we probably had over a 100 classifications of risk

    human resource services included

    policy and procedure guides

    group medical .. with large group buying power.,. gave five employee group same advantage as large groups. at the same price for all.. prexisting conditions waved after three months .

    disability long and short term

    group life . all part of the fee, as a percentage of payroll

  136. CK

    Not to put too fine a point on it here WC but you manage to make yourself sound like an entrepreneurial capitalist and worse than that someone who gives value for value. Are you certain you are not currently in jail somewhere?

  137. CK
    August 31, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    well my favorite haunts now are dumpsters next to starbucks lol

  138. openly hidden

    i am impressed wc. so tell me, is now the time for me to mortgage a couple of iowa farms i now have free and clear to get my almost 23 year old diesel mechanic employed boy started grain farming family land? stupid question….the way i figure it, gross income per acre is about $200/acre LESS than than the actual production costs. look out for a train wreck down on the farm in another year or two it looks like to me. but i expect wild inflation in the future so i will look back and wish i had borrowed money now???? or not? what do you think is going to happen? since both establishment political parties apparently believes our merkin (hahahahah!) way of life depends on keeping our banking friends and wall street and corporate elites happy and the status quo like it is, how can we not have inflation? but what do i know. do you know? what do you think? inflation for the next generation? or an old fashioned depression and the 1960’s protesters finally get to storm the barricades and start hanging people before they turn 70?

    and CK, chesterfields was my brand of choice when i first took up smoking on the sly back in …. oh about 6th grade or so. (and looking back on it i bet i was more like in my middle 40’s before i finally got quit) i remember i thought chesterfields tasted kind of like “cherries” back then when i still had taste buds. heh. i would murder my kids if they were half as bad as i was then.

  139. w.c.

    openly hidden

    get my almost 23 year old diesel mechanic employed boy started grain farming

    whats wrong with being a dieselmechanic,,

    if he wants to farm let hin have access to free and clear farm land , i suppose you have the equipment ,, let him finance the enterprise in my humbe opinion,..

    as far as a mortgage on something free and clear,, . let the son stress.. if he want to do this he will find a way,

    farming can be done on week ends and nights .. long hours ,, diesel by day.. only finance production value one year at a time , seeds .. what ever .. need to finance his labor let him do it, pay the note off the first bushels .. how many

    wheat grows all by itself once it is planted

    the harvest is done in a week .. off leave from work .. all in my very humble opinion of course

    and if the yield is 100 bucks an acre,, do you need the income .. ?

  140. openly hidden

    where are you from wc? you seem to have a suspiciously decent knowledge of grain farming.

    in the early 1980’s my dad and i were the largest corn farmers in the county. i still remember the banker telling me since we hadn’t collected on crop insurance for 20 years, we ought to drop it. naturally, 1983 was the driest year on record except for the 1930’s in iowa. harvested average of 15 bu/acre of corn. i took inevitable bankrupcy in 1987 and sold all my cows except i had one cow back in the woods having a calf. a couple of days later this one cow came up to the buildings with a heifer calf. she had 7 heifers in a row. mrs. and me eventually got all the land bought back, and about 4 years ago, i seeded down everything and doubled my cow herd. i haven’t sold a good heifer for over 20 years wc. so beef cows is all i do. like elaine, i predicted hard times coming due to costs getting out of control and big money ruining the markets and vertical integration into industrial farming. and beef cows, NOT dairy cows, does not have nearly the gross income per acre as cash grain farming, but i have very few annual expenses once you are set up. dad is 90, and wants boy to cash rent his land next year since nobody else will be able to afford the high cash rent he gets after this year. i am not going to mortgage my land to buy the boy and myself a complete line of crop machinery and go back into debt wc. boy agrees with this. i made him a 50:50 partner when he came home and got himself a good job at john deere dealership. i just gave him half the herd and machinery and equipment wc. nobody in our family for generations has turned anything loose until their hands are cold and dead but i am different. and now, i think the break even price for average yield of corn according to iowa state extension now is almost $5/bushel….new crop price for corn is….new crop futures closed at $3.29 today and i have no idea what the basis is now but cash price locally would have to be below $3/bu.

    so are you from the midwest? heh.

  141. CK

    Upthread I mentioned that in my younger days I did some ramp and goldenseal and other stuff picking.
    Do you have any acreage that is mostly shady? If so,
    The market is China, now.
    It ain’t corn or wheat or oats or barley, but fiat dollars are fiat dollars.
    As an added attraction, you can use grandson to do the heavy lifting for the next five years while the crop is growing to useful weight.

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