Logic And Philosophy Are First To Be Destroyed When People Are Fearful

lightning 1955 pt 8Dear readers: Lately, there has been a great deal of anger directed towards me because I refuse to fall into various radical positions such as, demanding no government as the cure for technical problems and poor analysis.  Or, supporting modern medical practices in view of thwarting potential viral epidemics.  There is a long, long list of things I won’t endorse which the online ‘counterculture community’ loves to embrace.  This is because I am an analyst, not a parade participant.  When I see marching bands blasting away, I examine their musical score and then pass my own judgement on this.Lightning 1955


Of course, this peculiarity of mine, that is, telling one thing apart from another based on some sense of sophistication, doesn’t appeal to people who want simple world views expressed in charming ways.  That is, my stories here are long, complex and loaded with all sorts of examinations.  I don’t go to just one place for information, I roam all over the place and use my own experience, too.  This can be annoying to people who want a rigid world schemata which has only a limited number of slots for information!


It is like I am playing a game of chess and people want me to play checkers.  I will not do this.  A Bishop is a Bishop and a Queen is a Queen and I refuse to give the wrong names to playing pieces.  There are many people on this planet who have many experiences.  Each one is different from the others.  Mine are utterly different from the vast majority of humans by virtue of the fact, I was hit not once, but several times by lightning bolts.  Indeed, ever since the previous holder who was hit 5 times committed suicide, I probably am now the world record holder in this dark art.


So I am weird enough without having to be spooky all the time.  I strive to attain the values of Libra which is why people get angry with me.  I note over the years that if I push Libra ideas, the anger is enormous.  For example, when I explained how gold was used to stabilize prices by the British Empire from the end of the Napoleonic Wars to WWI, people got mad at me because I tied gold to imperial banking balancing acts that were deliberately engineered by London’s bankers.  I often warn people, there is no nostrum that will magically fix things because any system repairs are immediately undermined by humans because we have this immense desire to get rich, quick.  And know that the best way for this is to somehow create wealth out of thin air.


And this is why we see various systems set up to thwart this activity.  And how they all fail, is easy to learn but nearly impossible to discern…that is, few people want to learn this lesson, they want magic money.  This is true with all things: people want to be healthy but even more so, they want to be fashionable.  These two ideals clash.  This is why people starve themselves to death via bulimia (gorging and throwing up!) or anorexia (starving to death) or using drugs (speed).  People inject themselves literally with plagues and poisons and have surgeons cut their bodies up, suck things out and rearrange features, inject foreign substances…while at the same time, these same people quail with fear when doctors want to vaccinate them against contagious viral epidemics!


We want to be beautiful, not healthy.  We want to be rich, not productive.  We want to be seductive, not raped.  We want many things and are angry when people tell us, ‘No, this is bad for you.’  Or worse, ‘I really want you to do this because you need to do this.’  Governments must, perforce, ask people to do things they don’t want to do.   As a mother, I had to do this all the time.  ‘You must take a bath now, ‘ would be greeted with howls of rage.  ‘Do your homework first,’ would lead to tears of fury and threats of retaliation.  ‘Please eat your food and don’t make a scene at the table,’ will cause screams of defiance.


Mothers who give in to tantrums raise really wretched children who become difficult adults.  We are all difficult adults without the terrors of being spoiled, too.  Good parents raise their children to learn how to debate.  This is an art form.  It is the ultimate basis of all democratic systems.  For example, the democrats in ancient Greece ceased verbally sparring over things and started screaming and then fell to the swords of northern despots who turned the place into a platform for world conquest.


lightning 1955 pt 5 sVirtually no new philosophical thinking survived this.  The older works done by real debaters who had great skills with words, logic systems and a deep understanding of the cultural civilization they lived in, was destroyed with only a few remnants surviving in various libraries.  The intellectual Dark Ages didn’t begin with the fall of Rome.  It began with the fall of Athens.  The Greeks were enslaved by the Romans and used as artists, teachers, doctors and bureaucrats.  But they were FORBIDDEN to debate ANYTHING AT ALL.


When the Empire crumbled, there were debased debates about religion.  That is, the Christians waged ideological warfare on all non-magical systems and nearly destroyed the entire history of science that preceded Rome, that is, the science of ancient Greece and by extension, India, Persia, China and other great civilizations.  We are very fortunate that the Muslims didn’t burn all the books written by Greek philosophers.  It was a very, very close call.  All scientific/rational thought totally vanished from Europe for over 500 years!  It came crawling back via the Andalusian Muslim/Christian contacts.


One of the early things picked up by the barbarians in Europe was the Indian game of chess.  For some reason, this game was able to survive the general destruction of rational activities.  The Andalusians had books written about chess and encouraged the barbarians to learn it.  This, in turn, was the rebirth of military tactics which were not simply cultural habits, that is, figuring out what strategy and tactics meant rather than doing what one’s ancestors did, successfully or unsuccessfully.


The entire history of Europe during the Dark Ages was literally only a few pages in a few personal journals.  Whole decades could pass with no one writing anything at all.  The focus was nearly entirely on waiting for the World to End in the Apocalypse.  Magicians figured, this would happen by the year 1000 AD.


And…it did not happen!  We are so fortunate, the people of Europe seemed to have woken up when the shadow of the End of Times was lifted.  The long, long slog back to civilization was very difficult.  And then, just as Europe felt it reached an apex in civilized thought, philosophy, politics and technology, it all fell apart in WWI and WWII and looming on the horizon, a potential WWIII.  Why is this, we ask?  Why are we destroying ourselves in so many ways?


The destruction of love, for example: we read love poetry from the dawn of chivalry and shiver.  This was very intense: the barbarians didn’t value women except as machines to produce children.  Women were actively hated by the Church which decreed marriages could not be conducted inside the Church but only at the doors of the Church!  Marriage was only grudgingly made  a ‘sacrament’.  Only when the dark belief cloud of the Apocalypse was lifted, were women finally able to rise out of this terrible trap.  And become loved again!  The civilized troubadours sang of love and the Church crusaded against them.


But the troubadours won in the long run.  I am immensely grateful for this.  The cultural outpourings of the Great European Empires still shine like a brilliant sun.  We can’t even begin to reach their heights, today.  The modern taste is for simpler fare, easy dances, easy music, nothing very complex except for visual special effects.  Even as dancers are trained to do more amazing aerobatic tricks, the content of the dances become increasingly vapid, overtly sexual, or simply unemotional.  The ability to reach deep inside to expose intense emotions that are then controlled severely so they become transformed: this is nearly a lost art.


Our impatience with deep, difficult thinking is a sign of cultural weakness.  The resolution of tensions between opposites is the wellspring of intellectual and creative forces.  Things that are in unity cease to create.  This is why it is best to not have total unity.  People come to various web sites seeking confirmation and an elimination of controversy and difficulties.  People wish to be told, their world view is correct at all times, on all levels.  But what if this is wrong?  Or worse, killing your ability to think at all?


The death of Greek philosophy can be dated exactly to one event: the order that Socrates drink poison so he would shut up.  He obeyed the verdict of the mindless drones who figured, this was the best way to win an argument.  He delivered his last, most difficult speech which looked over the future 2,000 years and he clearly saw what was going to come of his death.  Yet, he still drank the poison.  He was a proud man who knew that there was no other road open to him, if he wished to be honorable.  He could have been a coward.  And bent to the will of the mob.


He refused.  He would rather drink physical poison than poison his own mind.  He wasn’t asked to do something rational.  The demand was for him to be IRRATIONAL.  So he drank the poison.


He was not the first nor the last to take a stand and refuse to bend to irrational demands.  History is written about the people who refuse to do the wrong thing.  For example, I feel that people are scared of the wrong things.  So I give warnings of real dangers, as I see them, while at the same time, telling people that other things they imagine, are not the way they think, if only they look at it from another perspective.  There are many such perspectives!  Socrates, for example, was a ‘mere’ stone mason.  Like I am merely a builder of houses who also digs ditches and has taught in the past.  But Socrates also fought bravely in wars and did heroic things without much fanfare such as Alexander the Great needed while doing less.


lightning 1955 pt 7I fought, too, in the streets, I fought whole governments.  When virtually no one was standing up to a government, I did stand up.  People don’t realize how seldom someone does stand up.  I have literally waded through crowds of people gawking at something in order to take command and stop whatever is going on.  This is my nature.  The world is undergoing an immense change.  My own family has been dead center, involved up to our eyeballs, in changing the world.  This world is our world.  And we have been involved in bitter internal familial battles during all this!  That is, I have been a thorn in the side of the CIA since childhood.


Did I change it?  Hardly.  Did I turn the Wheel of History, anyway?  Absolutely!  It isn’t that hard.  You just have to not give in to fear.  Cindy Sheehan has tried her best to turn the Wheel of History and she has failed again and again.  But is she giving up?  NO!  Even today, she is heroically demonstrating at Obama’s vacation hideaway.  Just as she did to Bush Jr.  Obama isn’t a hero at all.  He wants to get along.  He says, ‘Yes,’ to the CIA.  Just for example.  He endorses ethnic cleansing even as this concept menaces his own children.  He gets along, he won’t see the connection between philosophical beliefs and his own choices and actions.


For they are divorced!  And this goes for many people on the world stage today: there is a lot of mixed up beliefs and wretched deals being made on ALL levels!  People are again in fear.  Why is this?


Well, it is now another 1000 years since the End of Times didn’t end time.  Now, people are increasingly convinced, we really are at the End of Times!  And to insure this hideous event occurs, we now have the means at hand to create the End of Times, artificially.  There is NO NEED to kill people with vaccinations when nuclear bombs can do a far better job of it.  The real fear here isn’t even nuclear bombs.  The fear is the ideological/philosophical desire for an end of all time: the destruction of the entire species and perhaps, all living creatures on this planet!


Fears create fatalism.  People want to be beautiful and loved and also want to have reality conform to our confused desires and deadly wishes.  And this goes all to the Cave of Wealth and Death!  That is, all our wishes will come true, all of them!  And this is a catastrophe.  For we wish for… death.  Always, for others.  But the way the Cave works is simple: what we wish will happen…to us!


And this is why I call this blog ‘Culture of Life’:  the Christians scheming to create WWIII aka, the Apocalypse, annoyed me when they talked all the time about the ‘culture of life’.  So I grabbed this name and took physical ownership of it.  No one else can call themselves ‘The Culture of Life’ except for me.  This is just one of my actions taken with full understanding of the implications of all this.  Will people demand I drink poison because of what I write?


Quite possible!  People want to hear echoes, not arguments.  And so it goes: this wish will come true.  The Goddesses in the Cave of Wealth and Death who weave our fates laugh as they twist the strands and sing songs mocking us.  All we can do is visit Libra who doesn’t mock us.  She wants to instruct us on how to live.  And that is, to balance everything as best we can, from day to day.  Life is balanced with death.  The memory of our deeds and our thoughts are the ONLY things that pass from the World of the Living into the Gates of Death.  This is where Libra appears and works out all one’s problems, one by one.  It is a difficult affair but She does this easily.  This is Her function, after all.


lightning 1955 pt 10Nothing is more magical than the human mind.  And learning to use this magic wisely, is the hardest thing we can do.  I can lay claim to at least glimpsing the way the Gates of Death work: everything is turned inside out.  It is not what we think it is.  It is big and tiny at the same time.  It is darkness and blinding light simultaneously.  And it is very disturbing.  That is, our brains can’t keep all the little schemes and deals and trinkets all lined up, when we pass out of this world and lose seeming control of ourselves.


This is why I don’t sound like most of the other bloggers talking about economics or politics or other items.  This is a peculiar place.  I am interested in somehow guiding all of us out of this mess  and to a new understanding of the future.  That is, I do not want WWIII nor do I want the world to end in all sorts of devious ways.  I want us all to learn wisdom and to prosper.  So, peace and love to everyone here.  And just remember: I can’t force anyone to do anything sane.  This is not a power given to me or to anyone on this planet.  We all have to find sanity, however we can, if this is even possible.


Thank you for reading yet another long Culture of Life News story.

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23 responses to “Logic And Philosophy Are First To Be Destroyed When People Are Fearful

  1. Judah

    You’ve perfectly described why I’m a long time reader of your blog. You have informed opinions, which I may not always agree 100% on, but I do think they are informed with careful consideration and comprehension of the issues.

  2. justiceatsqualor

    Maybe there is no justice at squalor, maybe justice eats squalor, or maybe there is just us, or just ice. . .

  3. I second Judah completely Elaine. There would be no reason for me to visit this space if the “reward” were herd validation. Please keep it going.

  4. emsnews

    Thank you. It is pouring outside…again. We had record rain this year. And this puts me in a certain mood. I feel this news service here is at a turning point: I wish to engage everyone in an experiment in real engaged discussions. That is, don’t react emotionally to what I or anyone says.

    Think about it first, bring in new information and then don’t be angry if we chew it up, collectively and individually.

    So few places allow this! It is most disturbing to me. I don’t run this place to peddle gold, for example. I don’t run it to scare people. I don’t run this place to make people very rich or very poor (god help us, so many sites online are out to suck money out of people!).

    We are here to debate basic philosophical and economic processes and questions. This is an educational effort which is an attempt at winning hearts and minds… so people can think clearly.

    Gods know, this is very difficult! We are beset by all sorts of people who want to channel us down this or that river! The ‘free trade’ people are very powerful and persistent, for example!

    The people who want to replace public service with private and vice versa, are very intent. And people who want to spook us are also well-represented.

    We have to look at EVERYONE with a jaundiced eye. Heh. Maybe we should have hepatitis. That will make our eyes nice and yellow! 🙂

  5. ilex

    Love the art Elaine.

    Please continue in your efforts to thresh the grain from the chaff that engulfs us.

    When I recommend your blog posts to others I describe you as colorful so that they might have an inkling what they are in for… a lovely thought kaleidoscope. Without parables so much of what has recently transpired would be incomprehensible.

    Independent thought is surely no symptom of madness.

  6. nah

    this ‘peckuliar place’ is pretty happenin’… you got endless red 21 hope…
    I r Be luviN athens… Sicily was a forgone conclusion… so go many ideas, empires, and men… the nature of time allows for more ‘slack’ than truth itself… Sparta helped trancend the city state more than athens most likely… in the ultimate due is a fantastic conflagration of the deepest hope..
    . the history of modern europe to a great degree is the end of Roman empire… and the history of the renisance is all USA… the masons we BOT AND SOLD… this era of destruction has never known an equal, and yet we find time to enjoy the fruits of all our elders in a time beyond even language… curiosity has given way to paranoia as there ever less ‘world’… doesnt mean i dont feel fear is a good measure of where we are… just may be a lotta’ fear
    sucking up is old school

  7. Aussie emailwriter

    I second Judah, justiceatsqualor, Coldtype, and ilex

    It is your mind and and the informed opinions that anchor me to your blogs.
    Let us hope your poignant fears of a return to the dark ages remain only history.

    Some cultures such as the Javanese focussed on acceptance of fate and hierachy that made them less able to resist Dutch colonial rule for 300 years. They became liberated when enough Javanese became liberated from their own cultural stratjacket.

    Hence it is fear and irrational conditioning that enslaves us all.

  8. shockuhzulu

    Just a thought. Cindy Sheehan can do what she does because she has the means to do it. The scientists and poets of the Renaissance did what they did, only because they had the means to do it. Without leisure time, who could accomplish anything other than the grinding labor required to survive. Where does this gift come from? From thin air? How did Western Civilization manage to provide us with the opportunities (and freedom) for advancement? Somewhere in this question lies an answer which I fear is disappearing in the New World Order where the Elites wish to take this “leisure time” away from the rest of us. Are the Elites Christians? Hardly. They despise everything resembling true Christianity. Why I wonder? Of what are they afraid? Just a thought.

  9. CK

    The scientists, poets and artists of the renaissance had sponsors. Churchmen, bankers, popes who paid them a stipend to do their various arts. The starving artiste in his lonely garrett is a post revolutionary french invention.

  10. emsnews

    The great explosion in the arts that was the Romantic Era was thanks to the bourgeoisie, not rich people. Opera houses were plentiful due to the middle and lower classes, not due to the rich. Art shows were full of visitors who were often ‘working stiffs’.

    Too much money is actually detrimental to art. So when we have celebrity artists, they don’t ‘grow’ as artists as they get richer, they either stagnate or do increasingly anti-artistic things out of sheer boredom.

    The US has produced prodigious stuff for the last 100 years. A tremendous amount of it is going to not survive the next 100 years. This is due to the difference between ‘fashion’ and ‘art’.

  11. CK

    The renaissance is generally accepted as being the 1100’s high gothic and then the 1400’s-1600’s italian inspired. The romantic era is generally considered to be 1800-approx 1920.
    There were not so many bourgies during the renaissance, as developed with the flowering of capitalism and the burghers and middle class patrons of the arts that capitalism created.

  12. JSmith

    I still love you, Elaine.

    “It is like I am playing a game of chess and people want me to play checkers.”

    I suggest relaxing just a bit. I also have to remind myself not to take these squabbles so seriously. After all, Elaine… you know what they say about internet squabbles.

  13. JSmith

    Putting it a bit differently…

    Remember the Turing Test, in which if a human judge cannot reliably tell a properly programmed machine from another human, the machine is said to have passed the test?

    The majority of posters on internet boards fail the Turing Test, in that they cannot be reliably distinguished from a properly programmed machine.

    (NB: I have interacted with Elaine enough over many years so that I am sure she is a real person.)

  14. emsnews

    CK: the Renaissance happened mainly in Northern Italian city/states! That had a considerable middle class compared to the rest of Europe.

    The 1100s was not ‘gothic’…that style came LATER. This was the period of ‘Romanesque’ art. Go look it up.

  15. CK

    “The 1100s was not ‘gothic’…that style came LATER.”
    The Hanseatic league also began in the 1100’s. It took a few centuries for the middle class to develop from the mercantilists of northern europe and scandinavia.
    “Go look it up.” 8)


    The Hanseatic League was not the ‘gothic’ style. This came about AFTER 1100. That is, it really began with the St. Denis cathedral after 1260, in PARIS. Thank you.

  16. I really loved this post and the art that is in it. I am a regular reader and was keeping up with your other blog; but you stopped writing over there. I didn’t know about this site until a few weeks ago. I’m glad The Culture of Life exists and will remain a reader.

  17. w.c.

    August 29, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    but smith are you a real person lol

  18. the fool on the hill

    Actually, the world did come to end in 1066, at least it would have seemed that way to a lot of people.

    1812 is another example. We say, looking back, ‘look at all those stupid people that thought the world was going to end because of the scary comet’.

    But from their perspective, it likely would have seemed like their world had been destroyed.

  19. JSmith

    “but smith are you a real person”

    Well… we’ll never know for sure, will we, wc?

  20. w.c.

    w.c. ? lol


  21. emsnews

    If you were Napoleon’s army, yes, the comet was certainly bad news. Worse news was the weather forecast.

  22. The world will be a much better and sophisticated place only twenty years from now. Even at present we have all the technologies and financial instruments to make the world a fantastic place to live in but what we actually lack is a total flux of the minds of the people of this planet to change the condition of all the poor people of earth. As soon as this mass realization comes changing the world would be a very simple act.
    For a glimpse into the world of future please visit the website http://www.eloquentbooks.com/MegalopolisOne2080AD.html

  23. JSmith

    “what we actually lack is a total flux of the minds of the people of this planet”

    What we frequently see in the EMSNews comments is actually too much total flux of the mind.

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