Will Japan Escape The ZIRP Depression?

Screen shot 2009-08-31 at 9.46.08 AMJapan just had a political earthquake which I saw coming for a long, long time.  As usual, I called all the shots nearly perfectly and have proof of this, just in the month of July, 2007, at my older blog location, I covered the rapid looming political changes pretty well, using the usual charts and graphs and logic analysis which I apply to all things that interest me.  Just the other day, I savaged Krugman because he is so clueless about world trade and government debts.  Well, Japan’s elites are in trouble because of the STRONG yen and government overspending.  We also look at the European derivatives markets again: the Beast is still growing out of control.  Far from being tamed, it is concentrated in even fewer hands than before the Great Crash of Sept. 15, 2008..



First, we notice that world markets are tracking China all the time, not the US.  This is because the Chinese markets are now the most dynamic on earth in nearly all ways and besides, China is also the world’s #1 creditor nation.  The US simply has to trail behind the entities that own the US which happens to mostly be Asian export powers, that is, China and Japan.  China has the potential for many powerful changes from the populace pressuring the leadership.  It seems that Japan has finally opted for change.


FT.com / Markets – Wall Street set to follow China downwards

US equity futures were sharply lower early on Monday, as investors focus on a further steep decline in Chinese stocks and August draws to a close…. .

….Less than an hour before the opening bell, S&P 500 futures were down 6.4 points at 1,020.60, just above their morning low of 1,019.20, and were trading below fair value of 1,028.04. Nasdaq futures were down 11 points at 1,631.50, below a fair value reading of 1,643.19.


In the US, we voted overwhelmingly for ‘change’ and got ‘status quo’ instead.  The fury this will cause in 3 more years will be significant, I hope.  All the potential changes that must happen are rising in number, not dropping.  Even as the pressure of the global trade slowdown has eased due to the public agencies soaking up immense seas of debts, the logic pressing us to make radical changes in world trade are not only not gone, they are growing ever greater with rapid speed.


My personal ideological battle against ‘free trade’ is due to alarm that any repairs to the present system involving the US sucking down trillions in Asian credit to keep this free trade scam going, will slap us in the face when the Chinese decide it is time to pull the plug on US finances.  If the Chinese stick to their 50 Year Plan, we have until 2015-2020 to continue wracking up more public and private debts.  But the Chinese could move the date due forwards if we continue to fund insurrections inside of China.


Anyway, the fact that world markets of all sorts from commodities to stocks as well as bonds, of course, are now in the grip of the Chinese. No longer do markets move when the US sneezes, giving everyone else pneumonia.  The roles have been reversed.  China went down yesterday so today, US stocks plunge.  And since the Japanese have finally escaped the political glacier and have returned to acting like water, that is, flowing, we wonder if the US will be able to do this, too.


Obama’s faux change is a source of immense fury in the more dynamic parts of the electorate here in America.  People prefer him to Bush by a long shot.  But they wanted him to really change things, not sit on the status quo.  The Japanese status quo is very much part of the US status quo.  And if the Japanese leadership decides to give the US trouble, this would be good for the US because our elites rely on the Japanese imperialists of the LDP to support all of our imperial operations.


Krugman Wants US To Imitate Italy’s Finances « Culture of Life News

Screen shot 2009-08-29 at 9.03.22 AM

In my editorial last week, I put in the above graph from Bloomberg News because Bloomberg’s analysts were surprised that the US stocks were tracking exactly the same track the Nikkei followed after the bubble popped there in the early 1990’s.  According to Bloomberg, this meant US stocks would suddenly surge by 40%, hip, hip, hooray!


Reading graphs forward is useless.  Reading them backwards in time is very enlightening.  The Japanese surges in stocks over the course of time were due to all sorts of goofy things…namely, currency manipulations.  The 40% rise in the 18th month of the depression was due to all of Asia seeing a boomlet.  Which ended with the Great Asian Currency Crisis!  The Nikkei not only lost all of the previous 40% gain but lost more than 40% and never regained its 40% hike peak which was well below the Nikkei bubble’s top.


Of course, astute gamblers could pray for a 40% hike and then, in unison, sell off all at once so it crashes really badly…for other investors who are unaware that there is this graph being used as a guide for future events.  Of course, if all the big players use this graph and follow it slavishly, then they might make it come true, of course.  But then, what if the Chinese persist in not following this graph?  That is, there is no 40% gain at all?  This is quite possible.  I find people who talk all the time about heads and shoulders on graphs and ‘resistance’ and all the other mumbo-jumbo to be wizards hoping they can see the future via the magic of graphs.


As I keep saying, graphs are all about the past.  The future is always unknowable in the long run and even the short run.  General shapes can be discerned and projected but timing things exactly is nearly impossible.  And the more people use the same ideology and information, the more likely this is just another ‘herd instinct’ matter, not good analysis.  So, all we need to know is what sort of nutty beliefs the game players believe in and then run slightly ahead of them.  That is, if they feel the peak will be in 4 months, you sell in 3.5 months.  Of course, they all believe they are all ‘slightly ahead’ of each other so they screw up everything by always jumping the gun.  Which is why the markets see-saw so much.


Stocks Decline, Led by China on Earnings; Yen Gains on DPJ Win – Bloomberg.com

The yen strengthened after yesterday’s landslide election victory by the Democratic Party of Japan…. .

….Equities slid after valuations for Europe’s Dow Jones Stoxx 600 Index and the MSCI Asia Pacific Index reached the most expensive levels in six years, as investors speculated that lending curbs in China will damp growth in the world’s third- largest economy. The tumble in Chinese stocks increased demand for the relative safety of the yen. The Japanese currency was also boosted as the DPJ’s victory marked an end to single-party government that lasted almost unbroken for half a century. .

There’s a wide consensus saying that sentiment has been running ahead of fundamentals,” said Vincent Juvyns, a Brussels-based strategist at ING Investment Management, which oversees about $476 billion. The recovery in stocks “is probably too fast and too strong,” he said in a Bloomberg Television interview.


HAHAHA.  See what I mean?  After writing the paragraphs about ‘running ahead’ I see this Bloomberg article discussing exactly that.  The yen is now 92 to the dollar.  This kills Japanese exports of high-value items like expensive cars.  Japan’s exporters depend on a cheap yen to undercut rivals and to gain greater trade profits.  Ever since July, 2007, the yen has been strengthening.  To review: during all of the spring and summer of 2007, the G7 and IMF pressured China to raise the value of the yuan.  While at the same time, the yen was allowed to weaken against the yuan and the dollar.


The Chinese refused.  In July, 2007, Japan snapped at China that they would drop the value of the yen to 120 to the dollar and at the same time, work with the US to force the yuan upwards.  The Chinese then began to force the yen upwards, this killed the Japanese carry trade instantly in August, 2007.  Since then, the Japanese carry trade has been dead and the yen hasn’t dropped even to 100 to the dollar.  Instead, it relentlessly rises in value, to the horror of the Japanese wealthy elites.  .


Now, let’s go visit my own blog on July 30, 2007:Money Matters: Fear Stalks Japanese Ruling Elites

Screen shot 2009-08-31 at 9.46.08 AMFortress Japan has fended off foreign funds and all the Japanese industrialists and businesses are now reorganizing themselves into an impossible to assault configuration. This development which I have watched for several months has gotten little or no attention in the mainstream media which doesn’t surprise me at all. The phobia driving Japanese finances is remarkable.


No other nation is so closed except for North Korea. The curious situation where the #2 economy of the world is so at odds with the rest of the world’s financial systems and trade accords still astonishes me. When the US allowed Japan to rebuild after WWII, we launched the Korean war to ‘stop communism’ and China went communist so we wanted Japan strengthened so we could stop communism. And in Japan, there was a lot of communist activity. .


So the US, instead of exploiting Japanese labor and building American-owned factories there, did a most astonishing thing: they allowed the Japanese to build, own and run major industries that were in direct competition with the US industries. Purchases for the war in Korea and then later, in Vietnam, were made in Japan, boosting their industries greatly. During this time frame, from 1948-1970, Japan exported to the US small items, little things like clothing and umbrellas and cheap toys. I bought some of these things and one of the things they exported were silk stockings, for example.


Another prescient news story from my own blog in July, 2007: Money Matters: Money Matters: CIA-LDP of Japan Nearly Totally Destroyed By Angry Voters

Screen shot 2009-08-31 at 9.52.03 AMDepressions can go for hundreds of years. Escaping them usually involves either major wars or killing most of the ruling elites. Why do they love depressions? Easy: they get richer and richer the more money is restricted and wages and prices drop! Anyone with $100 is richer and richer during a depression while people with a plugged nickle starve to death. Japan has this absurd depression which is getting worse and worse while it makes the ruling elites richer and richer! So it never ends! For the first 10 years, voters believed the rulers. Now, they are obviously very irritated with the rulers and for good reason! Off with them! They are criminals!


Please feel free to read all of my old stories from July, 2007.  Each one detailed the looming credit/monetary/banking crisis in greatest detail.  I notice there is an army of people who believe the con man, Mr. Armstrong, while attacking my own veracity.  Here is considerable proof that my ability to analyze coming future events is of the highest quality.  You don’t have to go to a con artist for accurate future predictions.  The CIA also knows I make excellent predictions and analysis.  It is just, they hate what my conclusions are so they want me to go away.  In fact, a lot of people hate my analysis and predictions.  They want this alternative reality to occur, not accuracy in examination of the flow of chaotic events.  Now, another story I wrote in July, 2007 that is accurate:


July, 2007: Money Matters: China Is Rapidly Surpassing Japan On Many Fronts

Screen shot 2009-08-31 at 9.54.19 AM

This graph is very scary for the US: we are imitating Japan exactly.  So the only way the US can fix its trade deficit, if we refuse to have any barriers or tariffs, is to undercut competition via cutting wages!  It used to be, the cost of materials tracked the cost of wages nearly exactly.  This was due to dropping prices across the board.  Then, there was this sudden divergence:  In 2002, when the US began to drop interest rates to Japanese levels, the US began a buying spree across the planet.


The US trade deficit shot upwards massively until it was nearly a trillion a year!  We bid up the price of all commodities.  The Chinese were supplying the G7 nations with cheap goods.  The commodity prices were not reflected in the price of goods because EVERYONE was cutting wages!  In particular, Japan and the US.


But none could beat China!  When the commodity peak was reached, both the US and Japan were very deep in debt and their workforces deep underwater after a decade of severe wage losses.  This was made up by increasing debt levels.  A fatal combination and the root cause of the depressions that first gripped Japan and now has begun to strangle the US.


Time for yet another great article from Culture of Life News from that key month of July, 2007: Money Matters: Japan/ China/ US Trade Dance of Death Continues

The goofy plan to use cheap Chinese labor to make the industrialists and financiers of the First World nations filthy rich is now beginning to backfire as I predicted way back in 1986. The Chinese understand money, they created fiat money, after all! And they know how to jujitsu Japan, Europe and America using their hard working masses as leverage. Just this last three months, all the economic scales suddenly tipped to China and they are now shooting upwards as the US and Japan play with creating depressions at home so they can prevent oil inflation. China is winning this battle of wits for obvious reasons: labor triumphing over monetarism.

Screen shot 2009-08-31 at 9.57.15 AM

Japan enjoyed GDP growth after 2002 and even inflation up to over 3%, yet kept the depression system running.  That is, gave no one in Japan any relief from the dropping wages/loss of credit that was strangling the Japanese domestic economy and killing literally, the Japanese people off.  More graphs from yet another great story at my blog from this same key month:


Money Matters: Japan’s Right Wing CIA Rulers Might Fall In Election

Screen shot 2009-08-31 at 9.59.56 AM

Screen shot 2009-08-31 at 10.00.50 AM

The above graphs tell a vicious story, don’t they?  This is our own future!!!! Now, yet another story from that month in 20078: Money Matters: Time to Compare Bank of Japan Stats With Federal Reserve Charts

Screen shot 2009-08-31 at 10.08.12 AMTime to visit the central bankers of the US and Japan. The Federal Reserve has different regions which put out reports. These various members of the Federal Reserve collect data and pass judgement on the information. Each one is somewhat different from the others which is why it is good to visit their home web pages to see what they are doing. One thing I notice is the general myopia, the inability to focus on more than three things at a time, has blinded most of the people writing reports to what may be going on. Namely, understanding the interaction of currency value, the rate of change in oil prices and the interest rates charged by the Bank of Japan is, to my mind, the key to understanding what is going on.


Now, back to today’s news.  The Derivatives Beast that was supposed to eliminate risk and thus, be the basis of all credit creation, has really been the destroyer of credit.  So, did the G7 elites eliminate this monster?  HAHAHA.  Nope. They need capital-free credit!  Especially, now that all the major governments of the world except for creditor nation, China, have to go very deep into debt to bail out the bankers who are using the credit default system as capital:


FT.com / Capital Markets – ECB warns of credit derivatives danger

It warned that counter-party risk remained a big concern among Europe’s banks as credit default swaps contracts, which pay out when a company defaults on its bonds, were increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few large institutions. The top 10 counter-parties of the leading European banks, often other banks, accounted for 60 per cent of CDS exposure, the ECB said. .

This concentration, which has not been helped by the exit from the market of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and a number of hedge funds, has increased the liquidity risk in the event of another banking failure. .

When Lehman collapsed in September, AIG, the insurer, which had sold protection on the bank, was left facing huge losses. The ECB said another worry for the commercial banks was the possible replacement of credit risk, through deleveraging, with counter-party risk…. .

…Sovereign CDS spreads have risen sharply since the fall of Lehman. Although spreads have fallen since March as hopes of a global recovery have risen, many sovereign contracts are trading five times above pre-Lehman levels. .

The CDS spread of Ireland, one of the weakest economies in Europe, is 156 basis points compared with about 30bp in summer last year. One basis point equals €1,000 to protect €10m of debt from defaulting.


HAHAHA.  So, the European central bank is warnings us about the Derivatives Beast?  HAHAHA.  About a decade too late!  So, does the ECB want to eliminate this stupid business?  According to the news, the Jackass Hole meeting talked about how to SAVE the Derivatives Beast and keep the damn thing alive!  HAHAHA.  See how foolish humans are?


They don’t want capitalism, they want magicalism.  The tendency of humans to try magic rather than work out hard physical problems is very powerful. We prefer magic, nearly always.  Magic means praying or bribing ‘gods’ to do our bidding.  Or using numbers and systems to make wealth with no capital required as a basis.


Magic always works for a short while.  That is, the lack of utility of magic doesn’t show up instantly unless you are falling off a cliff and try using magic to save yourself.  It just won’t happen.  We saw, as the world economy fell off  a cliff that all the magic spells of the top bankers were useless. So they used raw force: they bought a sea of red ink, themselves, and then showered infinite funds on the world of banking from helicopters piloted by Bernanke.  Now, they claim they saved us!


HAHAHA.  Right!  They didn’t save us at all. Or rather, they saved China’s economy.  Which still is the one that is surging and is the new bellweather of the entire global economic systems.


FT.com / Capital Markets – Short-term gilt yields at all-time lows

UK short-term bond yields hit all-time lows as expectations intensified that the Bank of England may introduce negative interest rates on its deposits. Two-year gilt yields, which have an inverse relationship with price, fell to 0.83 per cent – the lowest level since records began in the mid-1980s….


….Mervyn King, governor of the BoE has warned the Bank could charge banks for holding deposits at the central bank – rather than paying interest itself – because he fears the quantitative easing (QE) initiative is being undermined by commercial bank hoarding.


This is a naked attempt to DECAPITALIZE banks.  That is, if banks are holding capital and are getting away with this by not having to pay hardly any interest for holding capital, the central bank will seize the value of this capital and suck up the interest money that should be flowing towards the people who parked their capital at these banks!!!  This is ROBBERY.  First of all, the reason interest rates are at ZIRP levels is due to the Bank of England driving them down to these levels.  All capitalists want their money to earn interest!


So, instead of simply raising interest rates, the central bank will confiscate the interest that should be due to the capitalists and thus, force the banks to lend money even though lending is VERY HAZARDOUS.  That is, many people are very anxious to borrow…so they can go bankrupt.  Many bankrupts rush around, borrowing more and more, faster and faster, in order to keep ahead of their own bankruptcies.  Ditto, whole countries.  The US, Japan and England hold the highest debt amounts than any nations on earth.  That is, nearly HALF of all international debts owed by governments are owed by these three nations.  This is unsustainable.  All three are going much deeper into debt, faster and faster.


The only way to stop increasing debts is to increase the interest rate given as a reward to savers and capital holders!  This stops the debt creation in its tracks!  And the three top ZIRP banking powers, the US, Japan and UK, do not want to stop the ZIRP system, they want to expand it and keep it eternal.  Because all three have short term debts to turn over!  And can’t afford a higher rate than as close to ZIRP as possible.  And this is the cause of the Great Depression II: too much government debts.  Exactly like what caused the earlier Great Depression.

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40 responses to “Will Japan Escape The ZIRP Depression?

  1. charlottemom

    First Wallmart, then HSBC issuing samurai bonds. Please explain the significance of the reimmergence of this samurai bond market.

  2. Onion

    Brilliant post

    Do you think Japan will escape the ZIRP depression? The DPJ have made noises about collaboration with China and dumping/ not buying dollar-denominated assets.

    We shall find out soon enough

  3. Paul S

    “In the US, we voted overwhelmingly for ‘change’ and got ’status quo’ instead. The fury this will cause in 3 more years will be significant, I hope” I hope it will be sooner than that, like the Congressional elections of 2010. I do not think that any drop in approval for Obama will translate into support for Republican candidates. Despite What the MSM tells us, I think a majority of Americans are deeply alienated from BOTH parties. I can see, coming out of this, two parties forming. One splinter group for disaffected Democrats, and one for the non-neocon Republicans. The Republicans are pinning their hopes on 2010. I think they are in for a rude awakening–I hope. Anything that pries the stranglehold of power from the two (one?) parties is a good thing.

  4. Matheus

    Somebody please inform me what road/cliff this takes us down/off?


    The China Investment Corp. is set to invest up to $2 billion in mortgage-backed securities because it considers the housing market set for a recovery.

  5. emsnews

    Yes, the US housing market will ‘recover’ because our government is intent on getting it going again and is willing to go very deep into debt to restart this business. So the Chinese are betting, this is a golden opportunity.

  6. emsnews

    Onion, Japan has to choose between the US and China. Their long, long range interests lie to the East, not the West. So slowly, the Chinese will reel them in.

    On top of that, the fact that the LDP decided it was OK to have a collapsing birthrate makes Japan significantly weaker compared to China.

  7. zip

    I heard the next possible scenario/analysis on our local radio:

    the new DPJ want to reduce the imporatnce of export and want to increase domestic consumption, but where does this money come from??
    The japanese debt is very high, the current deficit is already very high…… so what can they do?
    Japan has some very large buffer…in american treasuries. And it could be that they want to sell this to get money for more consumption.
    This is bad for the US, because it likely rises the american interest….

    does this make sense, this scenario…..??

  8. emsnews

    The DPJ will DRAW DOWN ON THE CREDIT which the government sits on like a hen on some eggs.

    The eggs will hatch serpents! And if Japan sells off, China will also sell off US government debts and then we get….INFLATION. *ahem* This will muck up the Chinese 50 Years Plan to some degree, of course.

  9. Joseppi

    Yes, Elaine, according to my graph you are head and shoulders above the rest in your ability to crack the ZIRP code of misbehavior.
    So we have the three ZIRP amigos trying to reinflate the Ponzi casino game using derivatives, while simultaneously, there are not so subtle changes appearing on the mirage filled horizon.
    Trying to pinpoint the changes with predictions, which Armstrong and Sinclair are foolishly doing, even with their being wrong numerous times in the past when it comes to specific dates is treading where the gods won’t even venture a bet.
    We won’t even guess when the changes to the US dollar system will manifest, most agree it will happen, the question is how, and will it be a gradual change or an overnight currency phenomenon?
    The Treasury bond sales are what everyone is wondering about. How long will the Asians recycle their earnings back to purchasing US debt? Will the FED be able to covertly conduct Quantitive Easing to take up the slack of reduced debt purchases by foreigners?
    Will the convertibility of the Remnibi co-exist with the present US dollar system? How long? (I know foolish question)
    Will there be some International consensus agreeing on a new global currency that will lay the foundation for an orderly change?
    No matter what happens will it take a military threat to collect the debts the US owes, and if that is the case, the military industrial complex should be earning higher profits in the future.
    Elaine, would love to hear your comments on the mechanics of the currency changes comin’ down the pike.

  10. emsnews

    Japan suddenly changed its government. If it proves to be ‘revolutionary’ then we will see a series of very swift shifts in relative power between nearly everyone. Japan one of the world’s top four economies, after all!

    So here on in: hold onto your hats, things are going to be hard to see until they hit.

  11. Joseppi

    Elaine, can’t you give us an exact date – I guess the question to ask you is – will the political/financial changes in Japan end up to be the same “changes we got with Obama?


    ELAINE: The exact date isn’t known yet. The status quo always tries very hard to assert itself no matter what happens so this sort of gums up the works. But Japan has limited time to figure out how to keep from being wiped off the map literally (via the baby dearth).

  12. ralph

    “In the US, we voted overwhelmingly for ‘change’ and got ’status quo’ instead. The fury this will cause in 3 more years will be significant, I hope.”

    The fury you speak of is real and manifesting. However, Im afraid the sheep will be herded to the far, far right (think FOX news) and vote Rick Perry, or some other assenine fake conservative shill of the warmongering Republican party. Americans are still totally clueless even after their jobs have been exported, and all their wealth. Ron Paul and Kuchinich are freedom and liberty’s only hope and the jew owned media will only allow AIPAC boot lickers and warmongering maniacs to be heard. Shame on the jew media. Its not “is he good for the jews” it should be “is he good for the gentiles” after all the as Rothbard points out. The jew is always and everywhere the minority. The gentiles are the ones who have to suffer for the jewish mistakes.

  13. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Yes, the ‘fury could be significant’; but let’s follow the good examples of Poland and The Phillipines in the 1980’s where not a window was broken when they through-out their respective dictators.

    I especially remember Corazon Aquino addressing crowds in downtown Manila and telling them which banks to boycott to speed Marco’s departure.

    We Americans have better financial/legal tools avaialable for better results if we have the wisdom to use them:



    Kindest regards,

  14. CK

    Not to be a negative Nellie here PFO but leaving any of the oligarchies or their enabling organizations and enterprises standing just allows them to be immediately repopulated with a new bunch of parasites.
    As examples consider Phillipines and Poland today. SS DM. ( Same Shit different millenia )

  15. flipspiceland

    poland has 38 million
    Phillipines: 96 million concenctrated in two cities

    Why do people insist on comparing these countries with the United States?

    California alone can be compared to the Poland. One of our states.

    Whether it’s health insurance, insurrection,
    taxation, social issues—whatever, these comparisons to countries that don’t amount
    the population and especially geographical density and area in square miles, are not only invalid, they are intellectually more than dishonest, they are outrageous, disingenuous, smack of lefty bias, and get us absolutely no where in dealing with the issues that face the unique, one and only, disUnited States.

    It’s about time it stops.

  16. MCC

    It’s curious to me that so many people (maybe most people) imagine that what we’re experiencing right now is a short-term economic downturn, and that in the long-term we will surely rebound to business as usual with constant growth forever and ever. This assumption seems to exist in both those who support the current status quo regimes, AND those who support reforming the systems. But to my mind, the idea of constant growth is so delusional as to be farcical. Our planet is dying, and we are killing it. Most by now have heard of Peak Oil and are aware of the implications of that. But that’s the tip of the iceberg. We’re also either hitting or passed the point of Peak Coal, Peak Fresh Water, Peak Forest, Peak Fishing, Peak Fertile Soil, Peak Biodiversity… and ultimately Peak Human Population will be the final indicator.

    I listened to a Japanese man today talking about the shift in political mood in his country. He said that they all recognize the need for change, but no one really knows what to do to improve their situation. He said that the problem is that their nation became fully developed long ago, and they just kept clinging to the same model of constant growth well past the point that it ceased to make any sense anymore. I think he was spot on with his assessment. We developed our countries to the point that they’re mostly covered over with concrete and trash, and yet somehow we keep striving for constant economic growth at the cost of everything else. In this regard, our species is collectively insane and a danger to the existence of all other life on the planet.

  17. Harry J. Krebs, Jr.

    Could you please tell me how to retreave a copy of the “China 50 Year Plan”. I have Googled and Binged, but with no luck.

  18. mike

    be wary of the medicalization that causes the problem of medicalization that you can not extract yourself from in the medicine for profit system that gets those profits

  19. mises

    google if interested

    Mises: Defender of Freedom – George Reisman – Mises Institute

  20. Search the Web on Snap.com

    if not interested than stop the confounded attempt to rewrite economics ,,

    and the laughable level of understanding of how the material world works,

    start from the right premise.

    why build a house on sand lol

  21. w.c.

    wc is search the web.. lol

  22. w3g

    China out to slay the Derivatives Beast, allows state owned corps to default on derivative contracts. This will be fun to watch.


    Denninger also talked about this on market ticker.

  23. emsnews

    W3G: Thanks for the story! I was out all day, working. Just got to my blog at nearly midnight.

    A report that Chinese state-owned companies will be allowed to walk away from loss-making commodity derivative trades provoked anger and dismay among investment bankers on Monday as they feared it may set a damaging precedent.
    The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the regulator and nominal shareholder for state-owned enterprises (SOEs), told six foreign banks that SOEs reserved the right to default on contracts, Caijing magazine quoted an unnamed industry source as saying in an article published on Saturday.
    While the details of the report could not be confirmed, it was Monday’s hot topic in financial circles from Shanghai to Singapore as commodity marketers feared that companies holding underwater price hedges could simply renege on the deals, costing banks millions of dollars in profit.

    The US and other G7 nations OPENLY talked about reneging on financial deals with China. That is, everyone talked about how we can dump dollars into China and then make the dollars worthless by creating money out of thin air. Also, Americans who have power over our finances let everyone know that the debts China holds will NOT be honored.

    This was incredibly stupid, as I said many times. Worse: China expected us to do this since day one, when the Chinese were first reaching out to the West after Nixon’s famous visit.

  24. K-Bo

    MCC, humans are rather clever. Yes, we need new energy sources, and we’ll probably get them, hopefully before any calamaties strike.
    As you stated, we need *sustainability* not exponential growth. I think many are coming to this realization. Let’s hope enough of us and our leaders are forward thinking enough to stave off disaster. It can be done.

    Sustainability should start with stable money, which our current debt-based money system with fractional reserve banking and the ability of those in power to create as much money as they want from thin air, is not.

  25. @Elaine and w3g:

    Yes, I just came over from denninger’s place. A lot of schadenfreude coming from Mr. Denninger. You see, a certain group or groups of banking gnomes have been selling derivatives over there! And in a much earlier blog article thread, here or at the typopad COL News, I had posted an article that Goldman Sachs were doing business in China… obviously they were hoping that they could bollix China’s 50-year plan. Not.


    Enjoy Karl’s glee at the gnomes’ expense!

  26. Oh, drat. The link got cut “short.” Well, the article in question is presently first in line at his site’s main page. Now if I can only get the hang of coding at this here thread! :blush:

  27. w.c.


    yes sincairs e-mail developed that news 30 minutes before denninger //

    as much as folks get all red faced about him

    sinclair has been dead right on china , derivatives, the need for a gold backed currency,, and much macro economic understanding.


    ELAINE: I actually go outside and work so I don’t spend the day hanging out in the news stream, trying to be ‘first’. I also don’t mindlessly jump on the news all the time, I try to think for 5 minutes before posting stuff.

  28. w.c.


    along with the forward looking .. culture of life news

    a good place to scratch the surface for little tidbits of insight and dig deep , bravo emc..

  29. w.c.


    Last night you were, unhinged. You were like some desperate, howling demon. You frightened me.
    …Do it again.

    — Morticia Addams

  30. nah

    In the US, we voted overwhelmingly for ‘change’ and got ’status quo’ instead
    tell me again why the banks would want my money
    In the US, we voted overwhelmingly for ‘change’ and got ’status quo’ instead
    and the last one was just right

  31. criticalcontrarian

    @PFO & CK: while we had a peaceful transition with Cory Aquino in the early 80’s this was very much a CIA op. Even the sending Ninoy Aquino home to die part. Marcos had stepped on the toes of the American sugar and coconut oil interests. Cargill particularly, only the largest private corporation in the world at the time. All the NGO’s, civil society and oligarchs that put Marcos in power were in play. The gatekeepers closed ranks and turned our feudal system disguised as a democracy into a media circus. And like CK has so aptly pointed out, when the dust settled, the same “inglorious basterds” who created the monster were back machinating the fairytale of democracy. Nothing has changed, just a few additional faces. In my view, for as long as we remain a vassal of the US, nothing ever will. Thailand is a very good example. And I predict that once the US bases are out of Japan you will see the same. I personally am hopeful we follow Japan’s lead.

    Unfortunately, I see resistance from the US in this regard. We are pivotal to the US in Asia. The yellow ribbons have been activated by the passing of Cory Aquino, I notice the subtlety of the US ambassador going to all the social, political and military functions dressed in the proverbial yellow. Our Presidential elections are next year, and already the Aquino drama is being foisted again over our nation. The only positive I see is that we are in a good position economically. We can afford to wait a little longer.

  32. openly hidden

    elaine i have decided you have conventional wisdom that is of the conscious collective about a lot more than i first suspected. about “reading charts”…. i don’t know of anyone who is a success financially in the world in agriculture that doesn’t make a point of spending about all their management time “reading charts” and deciding when to sell. i used to do this and did it well, but stopped to follow my inner quest….which you also only hold the common conscious collective incredibly wrong opinions about too.

    “reading charts”, aka “the trend is your friend”. simple. you read the charts so you can know what has been happening and what is …. get it? “what is now” for that day. and you are in the market long or short corn or cattle and following along on your charts. and when the market does not do what it ought to be doing if the trend you are on is going to continue, you decide if it is time to GET OUT THEN. and then you can follow along and decide to get back in if it seems the market was just doing a typical or untypical sort of expected adjustment and going to continue doing what it has been doing….or if the market has broke down completely, you decide if you want to get back into the market on the other side.

    but the point of all the chart reading IS NOT that it is predicting the future, which you claim is MAGIC, but the point is that you know what the chart will look like basically if the trend is continuing. how “magic” is this elaine?

    i read you and your commenters for description of “what is” happening politically and financially. it pleases me to follow along here for that. i do not claim any expertise about wall street or the outside machinations of the huge ego worldly types who compete to run it. so i use you to follow along with others. but it amuses me to read of your collective common wrong opinions about things “religious” and arts like “reading charts”.

    no offense meant. just there is much more to “reading charts” and things spiritual or holy or religious (or now, psychological jeez you missing out here) than you apparently can begin to imagine. but nobody knows everything. you do very well most of what you do and are interesting with your heroic productive labors putting up posts several times a day. but i always get the impression that you are some sort of cheerleader for disaster. heh. again no offense, but some of…hell all of your assertions on some topics are simply dogmatic defending of the brave collective that hopes to take over and rule someday….but time is running out for all of you now isn’t it. its now or never as you will soon be in your grave and glory in the world will have eluded you…. which i am surprised at sort of since i think wc is right and i also think that if you had applied youself to actually doing and using what it is you do so well, you might have been hugely prosperous as a gnome yourself since gnomedom seems to be your literal joy in life. but you do not leave open the possibility that the conscious collective of the 1960’s is actually incredibly closed minded about an awful lot of things since it does not fit into what it is they must believe in. that is interesting to me.

    well time to get the little nipper up and ready for his bus to kindergarten. heh. the boy seems totally normal and well adjusted so far. and athletic as hell. i bet today will be a good day. wonderfully significent dreams too. no time for proof.

  33. openly hidden

    i have a minute now the nipper is ready and waiting is all that needs to be done for right now. i see my last hurried post could be taken as offensive. please don’t. sorry.

    my last word on reading charts. reading charts and playing the commodity market is like playing poker well. you need incredible mental dexterity and the ability to leave your ego and the conscious collective opinions and assertions of what “ought to be” out of the reading “what is” in the moment. most simply cannot do that well. it is impossible for someone wholeheartedly happy existing in the collective i believe. and what seems to be an assertion of “magic” to you is actually being very aware and nimble and quick and especially OPEN to changes moment to moment. it is almost impossible for the hungry ego to do. which i suppose is why the criminals of big finance seem to resort to fraud instead. hang them if you want. time for the bus.

  34. openly hidden

    my last words about what you call your “science” and using your “reason”…. its not science and you aren’t using reason. most people are in a state of blind unconsciousness of most things just about all of the time. and the world you and people like you have made is going to shit with amoral elites and gnomes ruining things because of deliberate decisions by our masters and owners to keep the collective stupid and unaware and clueless. why would both the hard left who yearns for power so they can kill and the elite bastards who may or may not be losing their grip on power both agree on a nature of reality which denies reality? because it makes it that much easier for you all to be harvested or disposed of or marginalized and to steal all you have and whatever witless futures you may have. thats why. that is the only true conspiracy that i see.

    the end.

  35. emsnews

    Openly hidden: you accuse me of ‘cheerleading disaster’? See how bizarre things get: I worry about the Apocalypse, for example. Do I want it? Or am I trying to stop it? Think carefully when you answer.

    Many millions of people pray for it to come and consume us. I AM NOT ONE OF THEM.

    About all the other stuff: I have been around many years and have organized things in the past. I learned many years ago that people like to have ‘cultures’ and these cultures tend to be rather intolerant of any analysis at all.

    I analyze cultures. I analyze systems. I use logic, history and science while doing this. I love logic more than anything. If people prove I am illogical, I accept this and alter my systems to reflect this.

    On the other hand, the ‘culture’ of any system hates logic and fights it EMOTIONALLY. I will note that when I began to discuss a very important news story and referred to scientific information relevant to this, the ‘culture’ of the ‘conspiracy’ people went totally haywire.

    I was supposed to be freaking out about governments trying to stop pandemics! I was supposed to be fearful of doctors!!! EH???? Talk about insane.

    I was supposed to dump 99.9% of modern science in favor of poorly researched or total fabrications and jump up and down over false accusations of complicit crime peddled by mostly anonymous people (you, dear OH, are ANONYMOUS and therefore, suspect).

    Good gods. The last thing I will do is trust unknown people peddling bizarre fears. If you are scared to death of all modern things….that is actually funny considering that I lived for years, in a tent, using Victorian technology and didn’t even have electricity!

    And you? You live in a modern, civilized cocoon. Which you claim, you fear tremendously. HAHAHA. Sheesh.

  36. illuminator

    Japan’s superior technology—especially arms technology—secured the yen as the de facto world currency in 1988 and was the proximate cause of USSR’s destruction in 1989; with this technological and consequent financial primacy, Japan forced open US’ consumer and financial markets while impoverishing USSR. Recently, Japan both used its technology to annihilate US’ industrial base and also used its yen
    to annihilate US’ banking system. Since 1988 Japan has maintained a classic colonial relationship with US: Japan exports capital and high-value-added goods to US and imports raw materials from US; Japan has liberal and complete access to all US consumer markets, while it restricts US access to Japan’s consumer markets—a relationship similar to that between the British Crown and American colonies
    before the Insurrection; Japan funds US budget deficit in exchange for US army and navy securing Japan’s trade routes—a relationship similar to that
    between the Crown and Australia in the Transvaal or Dardanelles. Japan now subjugates US by facilely corrupting Congress and Bureaucrats and Presidents,
    defines US’ consumer technology by restricting high-value-added exports and technology transfers, and defines US foreign policy through corruption and also
    by contributions to Zionists—US’ Jewish banks accepted all their funding for the Credit Bubble through the Yen Carry trade, which funding promoted Zionist interests rendering US the most hated country
    in the world, thus averting colonial rage from Japan. So many unconscious and servile commentators wonder
    like blinkered cattle at US’ reckless policies having presumed a US hegemon; presume instead a Japanese hegemon and immediately everything clarifies.

  37. emsnews

    Are you referring to the Plaza Accords? I have written a lot about that subject. It is more complex than your summary. But otherwise, it is a good thing you do see some of what is going on.

    The Plaza Accords nearly killed Japan. The yen became very strong and so the Japanese people went shopping in the US for bargains. The strong yen caused an immense housing/stock market bubble in Tokyo which rapidly went bust.

    Afterwards, the Japanese introduced the weak yen/ZIRP system in 1995. This begat the ‘Japanese carry trade’ whereby cheap loans from Japan flooded world markets with US dollars.

  38. illuminator


    With the Plaza Accord Japan defined the US as the world’s primary consumer market. Having read much of your commentary, you don’t consent with my argument, or else you wouldn’t wonder at US politicians’ and bureaucrats’ stupidity. Japan could assume financial primacy in 1988, only if it had had for many years the arms technology to secure the yen as the de facto world currency; Germany failed twice in 20th century to capture financial primacy from Anglo-Americans, and no empire before Japan had ever peacefully dissolved. Since 1988 US has just imported high-value-added goods with borrowed money like any other third-world country, and it has fallen further behind Japan every year. US politicians and bureaucrats can do nothing other than obey Japan and accept its foreign policy from Japan.


    St. Anthony Shikshan Sansthan
    J.S.Public School Bhawan
    Rapti Nagar- 4, Rail Vihar Colony Gorakhpur- 273409
    Ph. :0551-2504737, 6817579
    Annual Progress Report – 2009- 2010

    INTRODCTION:- St. Anthony Shikshan Sansthan was established in the year 1987 by some intellectuals and Social workers. Later is registered on November 30, 1989.

    The Vision of the Sansthan: The Sansthan envisages an equalitarian society in which injustice, social and gender basis or economic disparity does not find any place in life
    The Mission of the Sansthan: the Sansthan aims at empowering the socially and communally marginalized women, children and the underdogs of the Society by bringing awareness in them through an organized and adjuvant process so that their life may see positive improvement in Education, Health, Economic status and Environment.
    The Sansthan thinks that the main reasoo behind poverty, illness and economic exploitation’s illiteracy in society. No challenge can be met overlooking education among the poor and backward classes. So to meet this challenge, the S.A.S.S. has developed on, integrated technique. For community development work based on this technique incorporating, education-women’s right, social Justice, health-services, advocacy
    panchayats, economic development and literacy.
    The organization has been trying seriously for including them in the main stream of development health, education and gender equality. The organization is doing work in 5 development blocks of Destt. Gorakhpur, Maharajgang and Basti. At present, the following schemes are being implemented success fully by the organization.
    1. The main features of the S.A.S.S.
    LITER CY :- During the period 2001-2009 the overall literacy in the country rose to 60 to 65 percent, and yet more than half of the Indian women are still illiterate. Nearly four million children at the primary school age do not register their presence in schools. Most’ of these are grils from poor and socially backward families only one third of these girls complete their education upto class-8.
    So the endeavour made by the S.A.S.S. for litracy has been the back bone and main centre of each programm. The thinking of the sansthan about literacy is not limited only to the knowlege of alphabet, but it extends to improving the social, cultural and economic envirement.
    So the S.A.S.S. with its broad outlook towards literacy emphasises the following system of education.

    Formal Education:- The S.A.S.S. has built a large building equipped with all facilities and established therein an academic centre. At this centre well orderly education from nursery to high school level is imparted. About 12 teachers teach at this centre where children from all sections of society come for studies. Some such children of the age group 6 -14 as could not have get access to any other school. Such children as provided with free education, as a result of which they get a best to their social, cultural and economic development.
    NON FORMAL EDUCATION – Adult women education programme was launched when the Sansthan came to know that not contented with the improvement in their more economic condition through the formation of the Self help Group, the members of the Mahila Mandal of village under Block khajane,
    Chargawan Gorakhpur district had, in one of their meeting s, decided each to contribute five rupees per month to raise a fund for engaging a teacher who could teach them at noon w’hen they were over with their house-hold chores between 12 and 1 pm. Thus the importance attached this to education by these ladies was the inspiration for launching his programme which is going on smoothly with their own contribution. Besides this, training of tailoring and embroidery etc. are provided to them for self employment

    2. HEALTH:- Out of every group of three children in the world, one is Indian Every year more than 2 million children die here of infectious diseases in spite of the fact that they could have been cured and saved easily. Four lakh children below five years of age lose their life every year due to diarrhea. As per a sample Registration Survey, every year 70 thousand deaths of women occur in India. Apart from these, thousands of more men ,women and children have been dying of malaria, dengue , chicken – pox and encephalitis . Observing such a state of affairs, St. Anthony Shikshan is actively engaged in carrying out various health- related programmes.

    i. HEALTH RELATED AWARENESS – It is the highest aim of the organization to concive the idea of healthy society in rural areas to prevent the increasing carelessness. For the purpose of maintaining fitness in respect of physical and mental health and in order to make aware the people, various concrete steps have been taken by the organization . Regardless of the tall claim made by the government today that all facilities for safe delivery are available in government hospitals free of cost, the truth experienced daily by all of us is otherwise. This gave a good reason to SASS to work for the enlightenment of the women especially those belonging to the Dalit and deprived class on how to ensure safe maternity thus benefiting on the information passed on to the members of the Self -Help Group of village khutahan khash under the chargawan Block, the pregnant women of there have, Since 20 , been getting inoculated twice against T.T and undergoing exam test after every three months besides taking all the precautions before delivery and eating wholesome diets along with the tablets of iron and folic acid

    ii. WOMEN’S HEALTH CHECK-UP AND EYE CAMP- with the collaboration of Fatima Hospital, SASS organized a medical camp on dated 15-03-2010 in which health check- ups of one hundreds fifteen women Naharapur ,Sharaia of etc .were done and medicines, distributed . In addition to this, eye —tests were also carried out and eye- drops were applied. Durig the eye- tests about 10 patients were found to be suffering from cataract. These patients were operated upon in the Fatima Hospital and the expenditure of the operation was borne by the Hospital itself.

    iii. HIV / AIDS AWARENESS CAMP – World AIDS Day was observed by SASS in the campus of J.S. Public School and the opportunity was utilized in telling the people that AIDS is a fatal disease the spread of which is caused by unsafe sex or by transfusion of the blood of an AIDS infected person and not by merely shaking hands or living together, The baby born to an AIDS affected woman is also likely to acquire the disease. The only remedy of this disease is prevention and safety which can be ensured by enlightening both the rural and urban people on the social ills through meetings, contacts and seminars. The programme was held in the presence of Smt. Pushpa Singh, Smt. Kaveri Singh, Sri Rajendra Mall and Sri D.G. Singh, the Secretary to the Sansthan.

    iv. Organised of encephalitis help camp :-
    Observing the epidemic of enc. SASS bas held awareness camp in respect of detecting symptoms of Enc. And safety there from in rural areas by its workers and in near by areas organized camps for spraying of pesticides for maintaining cleanliness and for this purpose help and Cooperation of women group and girls group was taken.

    3.TRAINING: — SASS endeavours to maintain spirits and its mutual relations of workers by arranging for them occasional training and capacity building programmes, This helps in keeping up their interest and continuity in the work,

    i.TEACHERS’ TRAINING: – The teachers of the J.S. Public School were made to undergo one-day training in which they were given the know-how of preparing teaching items from the locally available materials. They were also taught about how to make teaching interesting for the children so that the num¬ber of students in the school as well as the quality of their education might go up

    ii. Training for Skill Development:-
    Human source development is an important resource for the Sansthan because trained workers affects directly the empowerment programme various skill development programmes are organized by the Sansthan. the worker are sent to other Sansthans from time to time for training where they display their Social activities in better manner besides the development of their own ability there fore, the Sansthan had given the training for ability development of their own workers on 25 -04- 2009 due to which the workers could perform their duties for achievement of better results.

    iii. S.H.G. WORKERS’ TRAINING- Three- days training of how to write record books, proceeding register etc. was given by SASS to the president, Secretary and the Office bearars members of the Self- help Groups. The beneficiaries were also given tips on ‘Group Formation’ and its importance. The occasion was marked by the presence all the woman members of the Self-Help Groups of village khutankhash tolla chaharem Village –Pipeara Banwari Tolla Turkwallia Block Khajani Gorakhpur .

    4. MANDAL MAHILA – Through the Services of its workers, the Sansthan has succeeded in getting a number of Manila mandals formed in Bajaha, Tarkulahi, Meerapur. Lalkarauna and Bargpdahi of the-Development Block of Bhathat as also in the Lakshmipur Block .Kajari Gularia, Bhagwanpur and other Block of the Maharajganj district. The women of these Mahila Mandals are regularly meeting even month and Showing awareness to the solutions their problems .They are always informed of their rights and the facilities provided to them by the government. This has resulted in putting their own candidate in the tray from the Bargadahi Gram panchayat seat and bringing victory to her.
    Job cards were got prepared on the strength of hard struggle of women of women groups. The benefit of mother’s protection Scheme was given to women for safe maternity. Enrolment of drop out Children was got done in primary Schools. Knowledge was also

    5. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Shrmik Mahlia Awareness. – Women play their important role in development and progress of any country. Mothers and sisters influences in very positive way and gives glorious impression on all either in their family or in social life. Even then in today’s atmosphere women feel themselves weak and helpless in all spheres of life. The Saint Anthony Shikshan Sansthan is making all out efforts for women empowerment through the self help Groups. All out efforts Are being done for the change in economic and social of women members of the Groups so that the women could be self dependent through the medium of self employment.
    Besides this , women were apprised by the Sansthan in respect of Panchayati Raj Right, welfare Sehemes I, e, Old age pension National family wefare scheme, National Mother;s welfare scheme . Widow pension scheme widow Remarrisge schemes, Mother’s protection scheme Asha etc. and all other National Schemes in villages of Naharapur Development Block Charganwan , Distc Gorakhpur so that women could get its benefits.

    6- World women’s Day 8- March 2010 – Chaharamm women of self help group observed the women’s day in Chattsam tola of khuthan khash village in chargawan block Gorakhpur . On this occasion Shri D.G.Singh, Secretary of the Sanathan said that women have 50% of world population but women are accustomed to follow always in back side in stead of feeling their power. But and they are coming forward and are joining the main stream of development and Smt. Pushpa singh said that to day we all women shall have to take oath for fighting together for our rights .


    A Seminar was organized on the subject of Climate Change under National Environment Awareness drive during 2009-2010 by St. Anthony Shikshan Sansthan , Rail Vihar Colony Gorakhpur in phulwaria Bazar Gorakhpur . Shri Satya Narayan Verma B.D.O. Charganwan , Gorakhpur and Chief guest of seminar , addressing the present public gathering said that the whole world is worried about the Climate Change but to defeat this worry people are not trying their best . He further said we all have to grow plants and tree in the seminar Shri Haribansh Singh

    said that we have to create clean atmosphere around us and for this we all have to stop the use of plastic materials and it is necessary to protect bio diversity by bio .agriculture. In the seminar, giving thanks and expressing abbigation of all present guests Mr. D.G. Singh said that we all have to save the good future. Therefore we should try to root out the reasons of Climate change. On this occasion,Mr. Surendra Prasad Mishera Rajendr Mall expressed their thoughts Seminar was conducted by Dr. Dharmendra kumar Singh after the Seminar plantation of trees was dove by the Sansthan in front of house of Women of self help of group in Charharamm Tola.

    8- Salvation of Biri workers from contractors.
    In the Town area of Siswa in Maharajganj, distt, women Children and men of minority community, back word, SC and below poverty lines manufacture, Beeri, they are engaged in manufactur of Beeri after doing a hard labour for the whole day but they sell their manufactured Beeri to delars and contractors. And do not get reasonable wages. They cannot sell Beeri directly in the market because they get the raw materials through the medium of contractors. There fore, they get few rupees only after doing hard labours due to which they hardly manage their bread and dall
    There fore, the Sansthan has organized them and made them Aware for Salvation from this occupation.

    Today violence against women is constantly on the rise in the UP state of India. They are being burnt alive at places and their modesty is outraged, yet the administration is not taking due interest in their safety even knowing fully well that no Society can be imagined without women. The exploitation of women stars even before their birth in our Society. By means of Ultra -Sound machine, people acquire prior knowledge of what is developing in the womb—a boy or a girl if it is found to be a girl, it is instantly got killed in the foetus stage by paying money for this foetus of a malybaby on the ather handif it is found to be the, more and more rich dits begin to be given to the pregnant woman.
    The birth of a male baby is celebrated with great pomposity. A lot of money is happily spent on his rituals like ‘Barahi’ and ‘chhathiaar.’But opposite is the case when a female baby is born. Then the parents feel that a great, burden has befallen their head .it is a very common practice to keep a girl engaged in washing utensils, doing other household chores or grazing goats. But boy are sent to good English medium public schools. This is one reason why fewer girls attend schools. So to bring awareness among the women against this malpractice, some rallies and seminars were organized in the villages Tarkulahi, Bajeha, Khuthan Khas Tola Chaharam etc of Bhathat and Chargawan .Development Block with the support and co-operation of Maisawa, Lucknow.

    10-World Literacy Day 8-9-2009-10 :- In the development block of Bhathat, Distt Gorakhpur World Literacy Day was observed by the women of self help group. On this occasion those women who were utterly uneducated were taught to make their signature and importance of education was taught amongst the present participants and persons and they were encouraged for this purpose so that they could send the girls to the Schools and in future help can be taken by the education

    11-Programme of world handicapped day.
    Under the auspices of SASS world handicapped day was observed on 3-December 2009in Tola Turkwalia of Village Pipravanvari in which Shri D.G. singh Secretary of the Sansthan told that there are various reasons of Handicappedness occurrence of accident , persons suffering from Ence. Handicappedness by birth, the handicappedness by birth can be saved from handicappedness way of administering pulse polio vaccination and immunity vaccination. For this vaccination should necessarily be done to pregnant women and from zero to 5 years children. In handicapped awareness camps women of self help groups and children of turkwalia and near by villages were present.
    12. GIRLS COMMITTEE ORGANISATION – Girls committee have been formed consisting of girls between 12 to 18 years of age from villages by the Sansthan through the medium of which knowledge about health , Education, moral responsibilities and liabilities are imparted to them and after marriage , art of living is taught to them . in formative knowledge are provided to the girls group from time to time about their married life, individual cleanliness, aids, vaccination through the medium of training , girl committee formed by the Sansthan have also formed girl committee in Village Panchayats ,of Pipra Banwari, Turkwalia, khuthan khas , Tola Chauharam

    13. COMMUNITY BASED DISASTER MANAGEMENT- community based disaster preparation programme was implemented successfully in 5 villages of Bbhuswal, Sarsopar, Godsaura , Karhal and Jamauli etc. falling in flood in fested Ares of Development BlocK of Bansgaon in Gorakhpur Distric . For the damage minimization due to disaster and for the purpose of prei preparation in 5 dentified Villages, 5 dangerous and most dangerous villeges were selected.
    Under the community based disaster preparation programme, the community People were made aware through the training. Under this preparation before flood and after Coming flood, knowledge was provided for drinking water, medicines and cleanliness etc. so that persons living in flood infested area, minimum damage to public be life and life property could be minimized.

    The Future Works Plans/objective -The St. Anthony Shikshan Sansthan proposes to have-the following future plans in addition to the regular actives and programs already undertaken.
    1- Women Empowerment Programme in Laxmipur block of Maharajgang District with the Support of PACS.
    2. The Income Jenrette training Programme support of the CAPART Lucknow
    St. Anthony Shikshan Sansthan (SASS) is registered Society which is engaged in the social activities in the eastern U.P. and completed its 19 years. The Sansthan is progressively active new sphere of infrastructural progress. The Sansthan with the help of own workers, volunteers and members of community based organization has been performing its social activities We always encourage the hard labours and firm determine of our team members we are obliged for the cooperation and guidance of our Donors, partners, cooperating organization and govt. institutions.
    D.G.Singh (Secretary)

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