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Magical Cures Versus Modern Scientific Medical Practices

Picture 18Probably the very first religions and very first magical belief systems began when humans made the transition from being apes to developing the forebrain.  That is, we have a very deep seated belief system buried inside our heads that is entirely and totally based on magical thinking.  This, in turn, is the wellspring of all religions and in turn, the entire modern financial systems.  The logic systems we use to run our health and financial systems is very much tied in with our concept of ‘gods’ and ‘magic’.  Understanding why we think in this queer way and how this operates in the real world is fascinating and at the same time, rather frightening.  For it is deeply irrational. Continue reading


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Benanke Hosts Jackass Hole Economic Debate

The jackasses who created the entire financial mess in the first place are meeting in Jackass Hole to debate each other.  This Tweedle Dumb versus Tweedle Dumber debate will end with all the dummies congratulating each other on how very clever they all are, fixing the messes they created!  Also, a judge has broken a small hole in the wall of secrecy that surrounds the noxious Federal Reserve.  Of course, the Reservists will appeal this court ruling all the way to the Supreme Court. Continue reading


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Energy Is Still Key Driving Force In International Politics And Trade

Picture 16First, China warned us to not protect our industries or stop the flood of imports pouring into the US.  Now, Saudi Arabia warns us to not even think of trying for energy independence.  How far we have fallen since Jimmy Carter tried this!  Also, there is a lot of online hysteria that the Cantrell oil fields will fail by next year.  This matter is more complicated than it appears at first glance.  And Canada is set to expand gas production.   Continue reading


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Rare Earth Elements May Become Very Rare If China Closes Markets

Picture 6Aso, while running for election in Japan, sneers at young Japanese who want to get married but can’t afford this.  Japan is literally dying and the rulers don’t care.  They are not dying of vaccinations.  They are dying of lack of babies and the collapse of the family.  Also, China may be closing the door on exporting rare earth elements which are needed by modern technology for nearly all of our manufactured systems.   Continue reading


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Lots Of Silly Or Nasty Or Stupid 9/11 News

Picture 4The US captured a bunch of guys who seem to come from the Middle Ages and has accused them of terrorizing the US. Of course, terror is a one-way street for the US/EU/UK hyper-imperial organization with the umbrella name of ‘al NATO.’  In the ideological battle between al Qaeda and al Nato, the Muslims have trumped the al Nato organization.  This is very simple: single acts by al Qaeda can cause many billions of dollars in damages.  In the case of 9/11, the damages that day and all the actions created by the damage that day has cost the US well over $2 trillion.  And cost al Qaeda about $50,000. Continue reading


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Reality TV Is A Fraud

Picture 2First, the police have finally cornered the ‘reality TV’ guy only to find he is dead by his own hand.  This is a classic gnome story.  This guy who used the flood of easy credit to buy up several properties, went on the fake reality TV, claiming he was a multimillionaire.  Then, he would be put on shows which had gullible young beauties compete to see who would be able to land this fishy gnome and marry it.  This is a cautionary story about how the media creates monsters and then unleashes them upon the unsuspecting public.


When I first heard of this guy, I said, ‘He is a junior Mr. Trump.’  That is, he uses other people’s money and easy credit to amass properties but has no or little personal capital.  Then, he uses this  property as a means for getting even more credit so he can overspend money, living it up as if he has wealth and not a mountain of debts.  Both this guy and Trump also prey on pretty women.


YouTube – Reality TV Star Wanted for Murder, Found Dead


Reality TV isn’t real, it is a manufactured product.  The TV producers could expose Trump and his many, many imitators as bankrupt frauds but this doesn’t sell commercial minutes.  No, these con artists are held up as examples to the rest of us.  Just as we are now watching the wretched Jon and Kate exploit their sad 8 children (these parents are a pair of supreme child abusers!) turn from a fake ‘happy family’ TV show into a cannibalistic ‘devour the innocent children’ demolition derby, the ‘marry a millionaire’ shows are turning out to be total frauds.


The TV producers could have conducted a sane investigation of this killer.  His many social and financial problems would have shown up pretty fast.  But they didn’t want to bar him from appearing on TV and using it as a platform for luring in money-hungry pretty, decorative females.  All gnomes need golden rings to snag these kinds of girls.  And girls are raised to want a bed of roses due to fashionable appearances.  Much of the upper levels of our social systems have become morally degraded by easy credit.


That is, the difference between real wealth and fake wealth has been deliberately concealed.  That is, TV lives off of getting us to buy stuff and easy credit enables buying of stuff so we have had a collapse in public morals due to everyone putting their future into hock so we can consume here and now.  Magic wealth based on IOUs is always extremely popular, so long as credit is growing.


Throughout history, people have flocked to easy credit and its spawn, speculative investments in real estate, South Sea ventures, tulip bulbs or whatever the mob fancies at any given time.  This is all a lot of fun.  No one wants it to stop.  The moral lessons are not learned.  No, there is always a search to restart bubbles, to regain easy credit, to enable wild speculative games.  The slide into the present economic abyss is due to our collective desire to get money the easy way.  That is, we are willing to sell the innocence of our children and sleep with deep in debt maniacal murderers, if this means we can go shopping on Rodeo Blvd the next morning.


The Cash for Clunkers is another dirty trick using debt to paper over capital losses:


YouTube – Cash for Clunkers Coming to an End


Before the ‘cash for clunkers’ program, I got regular letters in the mail from car dealers, telling me about $5,000 off the list price deals.  These vanished when the government decided to subsidize auto dealers by basically capitalizing these ‘$5,000 off’ deals!  Very little of the cash laid out by our government has gone into US manufacturing jobs.  Most of it was for foreign autos.  Worse, our government had to go deeper into debt to pay for all this.  So, our debt load is now $3 billion larger and growing.  The easy credit is now from our government and it gets this from foreign powers who are exporting cars to the US.  That is, this is making our national situation much worse, not better at all.  But a handful of dealers get to pocket bigger profits.  They don’t give a fig, if this is fake.


By the way, due to some people here who seem to be very frightened of various things in the sky, here is today’s NASA picture which should cause you all to scream with fear and run in circles:


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Picture 2

Explanation: What causes these long, strange clouds? No one is sure. A rare type of cloud known as a Morning Glory cloud can stretch 1,000 kilometers long and occur at altitudes up to two kilometers high. Although similar roll clouds have been seen at specific places across the world, the ones over BurketownQueensland Australia occur predictably every spring. Long, horizontal, circulating tubes of air might form when flowing, moist, cooling air encounters an inversion layer, an atmospheric layer where air temperature atypically increases with height. These tubes and surrounding air could cause dangerous turbulence for airplanes when clear. Morning Glory clouds can reportedly achieve an airspeed of 60 kilometers per hour over a surface with little discernible wind. Pictured above, photographer Mick Petroff photographed some Morning Glory clouds from his airplane near the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia.


After storms, we get these clouds that line up very neatly.  The dynamics of weather systems are being studied by many scientists and are endlessly fascinating.  My grandfather, Edison Pettit, studied cloud formation systems 100 years ago because he needed to know where to put observatories that would not be troubled by being occluded by the weather.  He was probably the first person to use the newfangled movie camera to film clouds via one click at a time so he could have a sped-up view of cloud formation and movement.


The nature of clouds is extremely varied and as we observe and record cloud systems, we learn more and more about the wide variety they come in.  During my own lifetime, I have observed how human activities has increased the types and styles of cloud formations.  The main thing here is, this is a business that can be studied and examined using traditional scientific methods.  Humans are having an increasing impact on all systems on this planet.  Teasing out what is caused by human agency and what is ‘natural’ is quite possible, so long as scientific principals are observed.


There are many forces tearing apart NASA.  One is the stupid ‘Star Wars’ business.  I was totally against Star Wars back when it was first proposed at a space science meeting at Princeton, NJ, back in 1977.  As I predicted, this pathetic business ate up most funds that once flowed to NASA.  Also, the urge to explore space and observe the earth has faded as people either go anti-science or public paranoia cause people to doubt anything NASA reports.  That is, the movie industry has thoroughly instilled into people’s minds the idea that all mysteries we see in the sky are aliens, not natural events.  So when NASA explains obvious natural events, people get mad because they think this is all about aliens.


Often, reports of ‘aliens’ are actually things done by NASA or the secret branch of our military system.  I am, of course, against secrecy in all its many forms.  So we can blame our own paranoid government for this paranoid mirror of the public mood.  We are whipsawed by secrecy which leads to insanity.  Just like the TV reality shows keep secret, the truth about the jerks who appear on their shows, so it is with the government.  Not everything on ‘reality’ shows is fake.  But enough is for the entire business to be shut down for perpetrating fraud.  With our own government, we have the same problem.  But the cure for fraud and lies is to find the truth, using scientific methods.  Which have severe limitations on speculations and hearsay evidence.  And all evidence has to pass the ‘logic’ test.

.朝日新聞社):DPJ eyes unified space agency – English

The main opposition Democratic Party of Japan has proposed integrating the nation’s disjointed space administration by the end of this fiscal year to eventually create a “Japanese version of NASA.” . Space exploration, research and the use of satellites are currently divided among several ministries and agencies. . The DPJ, stepping up its offensive to wrest power from the Liberal Democratic Party in the Aug. 30 Lower House election, has included the proposal in the party’s policy pamphlet, which serves as the basis for its election manifesto.


As NASA is defunded while Congress funds ‘Cash for Clunkers’, Japan is reaping the profits from the clunker program and is now building a NASA there.   Lockheed Martin to Cut 800 Space Systems Jobs – as the US cuts back in jobs, Japan is hiring. AFP: Software caused S.Korean rocket launch problems:  South Korea has joined North Korea, China, Japan and India in a space race.  As the US collapses, they surge ahead in this area.  Obviously, something has gone very much wrong in the US.


I noted this back in the 1970’s at SF conventions which was less and less interested in the ‘science’ part of the equation and more interested in movies and fantasies.  I noted early on, the anti-NASA, anti-science groups were very insistent and persistent.  They live in this upside down world where all our space triumphs were ‘proven’ to be fakes while all sorts of insane and silly stuff was elevated into truth and reality.  So a vapid light in the evening sky would morph into exotic aliens while the moon landings were turned into ‘staged events’.  All of this is utterly and totally insane.  And quite predictable.


I switched gears from trying to tell people what is real to figuring out how human brains work and why we are so prone to this sort of fantastical thinking processes.  I have seen this even in scientists who can believe the most astonishingly obviously strange ideas while applying the rigors of scientific thought to other systems.  Obviously, there is something deep inside our brains that do this to us.  Incidentally, this is why the CIA and other organizations fall into bizarre mental traps.  The CIA is as deluded and insane as people who deny we landed on the moon.


The CIA periodically pretends to hire people who are ‘analysts’ but cannot tolerate any such people because a real analyst would end up analyzing the CIA itself and would instantly light upon the many thinking flaws that cause this odious organization to commit grave crimes like torturing prisoners or overthrowing democratically elected governments or conspiring with and enabling terrorists.  A long list of evil actions that are motivated by a desire to control world events.  No one really controls world events.  This is because systems have internal and external dynamics which defy even gross applications of outside force (ie: wars, for example).


U.S. Military Says Its Force in Afghanistan Is Insufficient –

American military commanders with the NATO mission in Afghanistan told President Obama’s chief envoy to the region this weekend that they did not have enough troops to do their job, pushed past their limit by Taliban rebels who operate across borders. The commanders emphasized problems in southern Afghanistan, where Taliban insurgents continue to bombard towns and villages with rockets despite a new influx of American troops, and in eastern Afghanistan, where the father-and-son-led Haqqani network of militants has become the main source of attacks against American troops and their Afghan allies.


The White House has been concerned about declining support for the war among the American public. After recent polls illustrating the decline, Admiral Mullen and Karl W. Eikenberry, a retired general who is the ambassador to Afghanistan, went on Sunday talk shows to discuss the direction of the mission. .

“I’m certainly aware of the criticality of support of the American people for this war and in fact, any war,” Admiral Mullen said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “And so certainly the numbers are of concern. That said, the president’s given me and the American military a mission, and that focuses on a new strategy, new leadership, and we’re moving very much in that direction.” .

He said, “I believe we’ve got to start to turn this thing around from a security standpoint in the next 12 to 18 months.”


Someone please arrest these lunatics and put them in an insane asylum.  They are as dangerous as the fake multimillionaire reality TV star!  These guys learned nothing from the Vietnam War because we didn’t like the lessons we were forced to learn in that war.  Hollywood created a fake reality with movies like the goofy Stallone fantasies. We had to turn ourselves into victims rather than invading imperial powers.  Lately, the arguments for increasing our bloody occupational battles in Afghanistan are all about how bad things went when Belgium retreated from Rwanda.  Millions of people were butchered!


Well, we were forced to leave SE Asia and millions of people were also butchered!  But while we were there, we also butchered a million plus people.  We fixed nothing, indeed, we made the bloodbath that followed, inevitable.  Obama and his gang of war criminals want to fight another 18 months?  Doubling and redoubling the troops?  This is utter insanity.  Especially since this is also supremely expensive.  We are spending $100 billion a year on this!  The military sucks down, in one year, what we spent on all our science and space programs during the entire history of the US!  That is, well over half a trillion dollars.  Which happens to be also our trade deficit.


St. Louis Fed: FRED Graph

trade deficit

I wanted to highlight the very few times our trade deficit shrank, rather than grew.  Note the dynamics in the above graph!  Namely, the oscillations are growing greater and thus, the instability of the red ink system is increasing.  This unstable system has only one end: it stops, one day, very abruptly.  The rate of failure has been increasing exponentially.  And is impossible to increase, forever.  The US is losing its space program right at the same time, our trade rivals in Asia are increasing their own space explorations.  The US public is being consumed by fantasies and unscientific emotional belief systems while our trade rivals are using hard science to expand their political and economic powers.


Huawei Sees European Market-Share Gain, ‘Breakthrough’ in U.S. –

Huawei Technologies Co., China’s biggest telecommunications equipment maker, has garnered a 10 percent market share in Europe and expects to gain more ground this year, a company executive said. .

The Shenzhen, China-based company is targeting a “huge improvement” in Europe this year with a focus on wireless equipment, Tim Watkins, Huawei’s vice president for western Europe, said in an interview in London…. .

….Huawei’s gains defy the trend in the telecommunications- equipment industry that’s been hurt by falling demand and intensifying price competition. The Chinese company’s net income rose 20 percent to $1.15 billion in 2008, while its major rivals Ericsson AB and Nokia Siemens Networks both suffered an almost 50 percent drop in annual profit, and Alcatel-Lucent SA’s full- year loss widened by 48 percent.


It is amazing, watching people raised in the communist matrix, hammering the older capitalist systems into the ground.  This is due to China achieving the honorable position of being a CREDITOR nation, not a debtor nation.  They have CAPITAL while the EU/US/UK system has gotten all confused about what is capital and what is debt.  Ever since the older system convinced themselves that debt is wealth, the collapse of capitalism has accelerated greatly.  It is increasingly inevitable that China will be boasting about space triumphs while the US public runs around, looking for aliens from outer space.  Consumed by paranoia and fears, attacking a government which is attacking back: we will devolve back into chaos right when China will be forging ahead in the opposite direction.

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Will China Buy Dow Jones?

The Senate wants no healthcare changes except when everything is going just fine, not when we are in the middle of a massive economic collapse.  This is just utterly silly, of course.  But then, Congress has been silly for the last 35 years with no end in sight.  Japan, the EU, the UK and the US are all very anxious to sell immense seas of red ink.  And have few buyers now that stocks are going up.  And Murdoch is selling the Dow Jones.  And the Chinese are eyeing it.  The communists are besting the capitalists because they understand what capital is: it is NOT debts. Continue reading


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