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The Horrors Of The Carbon Trade Derivatives Beast

There are many ways of fixing things. Using the right tools is important.  The international bankers have chosen a very nasty tool for fixing both global warming and dealing with the Hubbert Oil Peak: wild derivative futures markets modeled on the goofy OTC —CDS market!  The thing that just destroyed international banking.  We mustn’t forget that the reason we had a banking meltdown was due to the sudden climb in energy prices beginning with the invasion of Iraq. Continue reading


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FDIC Is Broken

The FDIC is running out of insurance money for depositors.  To fund future bank closings, the FDIC is fast-forwarding the fees due to it from solvent banks.  I know that my own bank is grousing about this.  The oldest credit union in America was set up in the Great Depression in Albany, NY, to provide banking for state employees.  Being conservative, this bank didn’t go off the lending cliff during the Bush bubble years.  But will have to protect depositors to banks that were careless or stupid. Continue reading


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UK School Girl May Have Died Of Cervical Cancer Vaccination

I keep up this grim research here, all about vaccinations, because it is important and I am curious, not doctrinaire.  The latest news that the new vaccination for cervical cancer may (note the word here) have caused the death of a school girl is something we must heed.  If this is true, then the vaccination should be examined more closely or withdrawn.  By the way, this is VERY UNUSUAL for vaccinations.  This is why one death makes the news. Continue reading


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G8 Is Dead, The G20 Take Over International Trade

The G7 was changed to the G8 which pushed ‘free trade’ further down the road so now the top 8 economies have been surpassed by more Asian powers so the G8 is not the G20.  I suppose it will go in reverse until it is the G3 or G1 again.   From 1945-1970, the world had a G2 system of Russia and the US.  Then, it became Europe, Japan, Russia and the US as the global powers.  We got a lot of banking news this weekend. I was doing construction work the whole weekend so I didn’t do my regular postings but here it goes: the G8 nations flooded the entire banking system with government bail outs.  This is a huge problem in the future. Continue reading


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Tax Havens Under Attack

Tax havens are now under attack because governments in the socialistic countries in the West are desperate to do something about the sea of red ink that is drowning them.  Much of this red ink is due to saving bankers and others who use these tax havens to avoid paying for the social/government systems they use to make themselves richer.  Blaming socialist spending for the economic collapses is short sighted. Continue reading


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Vaccination News Is Very Good

Welcome to the Germaniac empireWhen it comes to scientific or biological news, I am a huge fan of the better parts of the mainstream media such as the NYT, for example.  Or Scientific American, National Geographic, etc: all are excellent sources of information.  People have attacked me here for going to reliable sources for information while they, themselves, go to very unreliable or outright fraudulent sources for information.  The H1N1 flu vaccinations are done with the trials and will now be available.  This is not cause for hysteria.  It is good news as far as I, a regular user of flu vaccinations, am concerned. Continue reading


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Attack Iran Plans Go Wry Thanks To Afghanistan Disasters

The UN is having its annual meetings and it is very odd how the US continues to pretend to be the power center while China increasingly calls all the shots.  Afghanistan is also in the news with the release of a report that was not classified but was not for news consumption.  This report from our military is all about how we can ‘win’ in Afghanistan by doing the same stupid things the Russians did there as well as all the dumb things we did in Vietnam.  Why we want to do these things baffles me.  But then, our trade deficit is also very mysterious. Continue reading


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