Men Go Stupid Around Cute Chicks And Stupider Around Money Magic Systems

Men go stupid when they meet beautiful women.  Women have known this startling information since around the time when we came swinging out of the trees and walked on land.  Ook always looses to Ookette.  Men fix this by being able to kill and rape women.  This is why we have civilizations: to control all this, sort of.  Anyway, gold seems on an upward trend due to rising US government debt being bought by the Federal Reserve.  Welcome to Zimbabwe.  And I discuss Minsky and talk about the key role world trade plays in all financial systems, something that many professors seem to forget due to the allure of the monetary magical system.  Oh, talking about magic, have a happy 9/9/9 day and remember: this is the German word for ‘NO’.


First, the gnome news:


Men lose their minds speaking to pretty women – Telegraph

The research shows men who spend even a few minutes in the company of an attractive woman perform less well in tests designed to measure brain function than those who chat to someone they do not find attractive. Researchers who carried out the study, published in the Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology, think the reason may be that men use up so much of their brain function or ‘cognitive resources’ trying to impress beautiful women, they have little left for other tasks. The findings have implications for the performance of men who flirt with women in the workplace, or even exam results in mixed-sex schools. Women, however, were not affected by chatting to a handsome man.


Obviously, the number one major problem within the gnome community is how they can’t handle goddess-type females.  This goes back in time to the very beginning.  For example, ancient Norse tales of dwarves and gnomes is all about how they desired to have sex with goddesses.  Since they were underground creatures in these myths, they had access to the Cave of Wealth and Death and that meant, gold, of course.


Using this gold to make cunning jewelry, they could entice the goddesses into having sex with them.  Of course, they went mad with love whenever they did this with the goddesses.  In turn, the goddesses looked upon the gnomes and dwarves with contempt and disgust but still had sex with them in order to get their charming, pretty paws on that gold.


People who are clever use this male tendency to become stupid around beautiful women in various ways.  For example, when I was in politics and wanted to snoop around an office unnoticed, I would bring a very comely lass with me and she would stand there and bat her eyelashes (some of my girlfriends were fashion models and dancers) while I, a ‘not attractive’ female, could roam about the office, reading stuff left on the desk—you would be surprised how much great information is left lying out in the open!—going through the wastebasket, observing various objects lying about, etc. All spies do this.


The James Bond mythology is all about how Bond never is barely interested in comely females *ahem*  other things come to mind here as to why he didn’t care *ahem* so he wouldn’t go stupid when around beautiful spies.  All the spy agencies use beautiful women to distract those who they are spying on.  It is an ancient practice.  Using whores to spy is extremely ancient.  So, James Bond would remain clever while the poor beautiful female spies and agents would fawn over him as he strides past these sirens singing songs of destruction while sitting upon the rocks.


Of course, in reality, psychopaths are emotionally detached and keep their heads around beautiful women which is why they are very dangerous to beautiful women and all other human beings.  So perhaps Mother Nature’s Laws of Evolution evolved the ‘stupid man wanting sex very badly’ genes because men who kept their heads turned out to be murderers, cannibals and other horrors.  Now, on to some economics today:


China alarmed by US money printing – Telegraph

China’s reserves are more than – $2 trillion, the world’s largest. “Gold is definitely an alternative, but when we buy, the price goes up. We have to do it carefully so as not to stimulate the markets,” he added.


Once again, gold has broken the $1,000 per ounce barrier. As with all previous times this has happened, it unleashes flood of sales of gold so it drops back slightly again and fell below that yesterday only to break through again, today. The key here is the yen is now 91 to the dollar. That is, the dollar is weakening.


Using gold as a protection of cash during a period in time when the dollar is being revalued downwards is a useful tool. When the dollar did its international swan dive from 1971-1982, gold was released from its prison when Nixon gave up the gold standard and it flew to the heavens. During the interregnum of adjusting trade to dollar values from 1982-2007, the dollar was kept artificially afloat via first Japan, then all our major trade rivals sucking down immense quantities of US dollars and US debts in order to keep their exports to the US growing.


And the US trade deficit became monstrously worse each year, year after year. The only pauses in this terrible decline in US economic power was during grinding recessions. After each recession, the US position was worse than before. That is, we were systematically deindustrializing both during recessions and then after recessions.

. The comments suggest that China has become the driving force in the gold market and can be counted on to buy whenever there is a price dip, putting a floor under any correction. Mr Cheng said the Fed’s loose monetary policy was stoking an unstable asset boom in China. “If we raise interest rates, we will be flooded with hot money. We have to wait for them. If they raise, we raise. “Credit in China is too loose. We have a bubble in the housing market and in stocks so we have to be very careful, because this could fall down.”


This is a fascinating paragraph! Mr. Cheng is 100% correct! China has to do something with the flood of easy credit money flowing out of the US via US debt creation and the US still buying foreign imports despite sliding into bankruptcy. Note that China does NOT want to be flooded with ‘hot money’! The US used to boast for years that everyone loved us and we were great and powerful because all the planet’s ‘hot money’ was flowing into the US and funding our spending sprees!


I was disgusted with this sort of infantile analysis of why money was flowing into the US in increasing amounts. PREVENTING bubbles is what regulators and governors are supposed to do. Not, luring in bettors and grifters and con artists and letting them run amok. The US is now wall to wall gambling thanks to the defacto legalization of playing games of chance. This sucks out very significant sums of money from the economic base and often, gambling is done with credit, not capital.


Indeed, we know from history that if people borrow money to gamble in stocks, they cause collapses of epic proportions. And using credit to buy debt is equally bad for any economic system. And to borrow money so one can take over a business and then try to squeeze out of that business, the money one borrowed leads to economic dislocations no government should tolerate. Ergo: this has to be controlled. And in the US, the controller happens to be the Federal Reserve. It supposedly controls these many disparate forces via raising or dropping interest rates.


But thanks to global free trade ideology, the Fed can’t do this anymore. The pools of money creation—ie: the people creating loans—has been offshored more and more over the decades as our trade deficits grow. So other nations and a host of private international bankers using various pirate coves now run the creation of credit. And anyone who dares to raise interest rates to fix messes is HAMMERED by ‘carry trades’ which are done by these self-same private international investment banks.

. Mr Cheng said China had learned from the West that it is a mistake for central banks to target retail price inflation and take their eye off assets. “This is where Greenspan went wrong from 2000 to 2004,” he said. “He thought everything was alright because inflation was low, but assets absorbed the liquidity.”


The Fed has to track bubbles, not just inflation.  In order to drop interest rates lower than the rate of inflation, the Fed and the US government conspired to drop out of the inflation figures, all the many things that show real inflation.  For example, food, fuel and government spending.  The last is critical.  If the government is overspending, this is one of the major root causes of inflation.  All wars cause tremendous devaluation of currencies uniformly and all the time.  There is no war on earth that doesn’t cause some form of inflation within the countries involved in the war.


The Cold War caused immense amounts of inflation.  The War on Drugs, ditto.  And the War on Terror is an immense inflationary event.  Despite dropping interest rates, we are in an inflationary spiral that is quite powerful and which shows up clearly when we look at how gold has gone from under $40 an ounce before WWII to over $1,000 an ounce today.  We had this lovely period when prices of various consumer goods fell relative to previous prices due to deindustrializing the US, computer technology and robot technology and free trade creating a ruthless monetary game involving faking statistics, hoarding of the dollar to boost global trade and gain advantages over the stumbling, war spending US empire which has pumped nearly all of its energies into creating an expensive military machine that eats more funds than nearly all the rest of the military machines on earth.


Stopping this stupid war spending is life and death for the US and we are going in the exact opposite direction with the warmonger-in-chief, Obama.  He is increasing spending on war and security.  He is increasing the size of the battlefields.  He is creating immense seas of future inflation by overspending the limits of our taxes by immense amounts, most of which is being wasted on war activities, not fixing our industrial base problems.


Now, more than one reader here wants me to address Prof. Minsky’s philosophical musings about the boom/bust economic cycles:


Time to read some Minsky | Steve Keen’s Debtwatch

Stable growth is inconsistent with the manner in which investment is determined in an economy in which debt-financed ownership of capital-assets exists and in which the extent to which such debt financing can be carried is determined by the market. It follows that the fundamental instability of a capitalist economy is upward. The tendency to transform doing well into a speculative investmcnt boom is the basic instability in a capitalist economy.


The whole problem with depressions is, they are ECONOMICALLY stable but SOCIALLY unstable.  When economics professors don’t look at historical dynamics and understand the cycles of revolution and war, they miss quite a few boats.  Any bubble society tends to have little in the way of social unrest.  People are happy.  Money is flowing.  Just sitting at home, one can get ‘richer and richer’ due to tapping into the apparent value of the home.


So people do this.  They go deeper into debt doing all sorts of goofy things, often using their homes as a credit trampoline to jump higher and higher.  Banks hand out mortgages with no capital investment by either the borrowers OR the bankers.  The whole system becomes a zero dollars down/zero percent interest system.  This cannot operate except on a zero capital based system.  The regulator of lending is capital.  If the governors of the banking system note that bankers are using below 10% capital to fund loans, they crack down by raising interest rates.


Only, this gets in the way of inflating bubbles.  Bubbles are wildly popular.  Rulers love bubbles.  Bankers love bubbles.  The populace loves bubbles.  It takes a very strong willed and ill tempered person to deny these bubbles and apply the brakes on bubble creation.  Since bubbles are popular, they will pop up time and again.


Innovations in financial practices are a feature of our economy, especially when things go well. New institutions, such as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and new instrunient, such as negotiable Certificates of Deposit, are developed; old instruments, such as commercial paper, increase in volume and find new uses. But each new instrument and expanded use of old instruments increases the amount of financing that is available and that can be used for financing activity and taking positions in inherited assets.


There is nothing new under the sun. Often, ‘new instruments’ are just old bubble scams in new dresses. The creators have to FOOL regulators and potential victims by renaming or disguising all sorts of bad things that we know don’t work and cause bubbles. Since these new/old scams create bubbles, everyone hails these rebirths as wondrous news. New and improved bubble blowing schemes are extraordinarily popular with virtually anyone.


Naysayers are mocked.  Alarmed analysts are derided.  The wizards who cook up these new/old schemes are rewarded by being put on TV, petted by the rich and feted as geniuses.  All the while, the historical fundamental basis of an economy collapses.  Here in the US, our entire economic base is being utterly destroyed and some of the elements of this are painfully obvious and utterly ignored.  The budget deficit can’t be ignored so we have the ‘balance the budget’ crew who are about a dozen in size, versus the ‘spend like fiends’ army of politicians and pundits and economists who are 90% of the rest.


That is, both the Democrats and the Republican Presidents double the deficit at 8 years or less.  Whenever Congress is run by the same party as the President, the spending doubles.  When there is a split between President and Congress, it slows down somewhat.  Both political parties are Keynesians when in power and both are balanced budget maniacs when out of power.  But there is no overall belief system about balancing the books. It is all about who gets what, not how do we all survive as a nation.


Increased availability of finance bids up the prices of assets relative to the prices of current output and this leads to increases in investment. The quantity of relevant money, in an economy in which money conforms to Keynes’ definition, is endogenously determined, The money of standard theory— be it the reserve base, demand deposits and currency, or a concept that includes time and savings deposits—does not catch the monetary phenomena that are relevant to the behavior of our economy.


The entire reason gold was used as the final arbiter of all international trade was due to the inherent portability of gold.  A ship full of cargo could sail into a port, and any PROFITS could be hauled back home via gold which is so small, it takes up hardly any room.  The rest of the ship can return with another cargo to be sold at the home port.  We see with world trade today that all the ships going to and from the US are coming here with manufactured goods and returning to Asia either empty or with junk to be recycled into manufactured goods!


The gold is also flowing to Asia.  This is why there is inflation in gold right now, relative to the dollar.  The loss of value in the dollar since WWII is immense, when scaled against the value of gold.  It is obvious that the few outlying scales of relative value we have show clearly that the flood of US export buying has devalued the dollar EVEN as it ‘kills inflation’ via using cheaper and cheaper wage labor overseas.  This is a feed-back dynamic that is killing the US economy, not saving it.


In our economy it is useful to distinguish between hedge and speculative finance. Hedge finance takes place when the cash flows from operations are expected to be large enough to meet the payment commitments on debts. Speculative finance takes place when the cash flows from operations are not expected to be large enough to meet payment commitments, even though the present value of expected cash receipts is greater than the present value of payment commitments. Speculating units expect to fulfill obligations by raising funds by new debts.


Speculation IS debt.  This is why central banks and governments have to prevent the creation of debt flowing into speculations.  So if stocks suddenly soar or real estate shoots upwards, it is life and death for governors to kill this instantly via high interest rates and higher capital requirements.  The rise of the international pirate banks and hedges should have been militarily shut down by the US government when it became aware of the use of these islands and entities for hiding profits and creating dollars via lending.


This exterior-based finance creation process should have been shut down using ‘sovereign power’.  This power is immensely important.  All nations and states have ‘sovereign power’ and exercise this via military and diplomatic means.  The US used its power to protect the entire British Imperial complex of islands and odd corners of the planet that swear fealty to the Queen of England.  Instead of invading and taking over these pirate coves, the US PROTECTED THEM.


So today, many members of Congress are now funded by, protected by or are outright pirates, themselves.  The pirates run our government for their own ends.  This is why NOTHING is ever fixed at all and the whole efforts of our government are designed to encourage more debt, more overspending and more speculative games.  Not, balancing things.


By this definition a “bank” with demand and short-term deposits normally engages in speculative finance. The RET, airlines, and New York City engaged in speculative finance in 1970-73. Their difficulties in 1974-75 were due to a reversal in present values (the present value of debt commitments exceeding the present value of expected receipts), due to both increases in interest rates and a shortfall of realized over previously anticipated cash flows.


The ‘difficulties’ Minsky is referring to here was the immense overspending on the Vietnam War, the social spending at home to keep the populace happy while overspending on a futile series of wars against peasants, and the OIL CRISIS.  This is KEY.  Nearly all collapses of bubbles are connected to sudden hikes in oil prices.  Oil is the fundamental basis of this global culture and economic system.  When there is a sudden constriction in oil production coupled with a war (all oil constrictions are war-related so far this last 40 years) then all the other systems collapse.


Interest rates rose because the US had to pay oil producing nations with money that was rapidly losing value and the oil producing nations raised the price of oil to reflect this and since there was a constriction in the rate of oil production, they could do this.  They can’t do this all the time due to competing with each other for markets.  But when there is an invasion of an oil pumping nation, this forms an instant constriction in the markets and causes price hikes to be successful.


This, in turn, is ‘fixed’ by the US via printing money like mad which is what we are doing right now.  The most recent oil constriction event caused oil to suddenly shoot up to over $140 a barrel.  This eased off briefly due to a global depression.  But the news that China now outstrips US auto sales is grim news for people hoping to see cheap oil due to it being denied to the teeming masses in Asia. They are ON THE MOVE AGAIN and the US trade deficit is rising.


Chinese Jet Ambitions Take Aim at Aging Airbus, Boeing Models –

China is taking aim at the heart of the global commercial aerospace industry with a jet dubbed “The Big Plane,” seeking to crack the duopoly Boeing Co. and Airbus SAS hold in the $70-billion-a-year market. Government-controlled planemaker Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China showcased a model at the Hong Kong air show yesterday of the 168-seater C919 that it’s slated to enter service in 2016. Comac is marketing the jet as a cheaper alternative that uses as much as 15 percent less fuel than Boeing 737s and Airbus A320s airplanes, which dominate the single-aisle plane market.


For the last 40 years, the US has vainly tried to balance our trade deficits by selling raw materials to rivals who turn this into industrial goods and then ship it back, also, selling arms which is still a big money maker except we often have to pay for these sales, ourselves!!!  And then there is Boeing aircraft.  The US sends diplomats all over Asia and oil pumping nations, flacking Boeing jet sales.  I have reported on this for years.  Back in 2005, I wrote about how China’s plan is to lure Boeing into opening plants in China and then China using this technological information to create their own jets.


Well, here it is!  Just like China’s plans to take over GM are rolling along smoothly, ditto with the airplane business.  China always had full intentions of taking over these industries.  As well as space industries, solar energy industries (since 1978, they have been intently focused on solar energy), laser technology systems (ditto) and of course, eventually, arms sales.  One by one, they tick these items of their list as they gain traction.  Time is running out for the US.  We have to decide if we want to be run by pirates and sex mad gnomes or run by capitalist industrialists like the COMMUNISTS in Asia who are beating our brains out in international finance and trade!

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  1. swindler

    everytime I come to your blog I read the USA is going to collapse, I go to bed happy as a ever, I wake up in the morning I hear the USA is getting stronger, the DJI is rocketing and the war mongers are getting evern more hysterical. So when or please when is the USA going to collapse, tell me so I can get a mass for the empire


    ELAINE: The stock market isn’t a good gage for seeing if our collective economic systems are OK. It is a speculative gambling house. It is GREAT for tracking bubbles. 🙂

  2. w c

    in the present world

    go to any small berg in the USA and buy a 1/2 pint of milk ,, cold fresh .

    do that with a mouth full of string and sacks of mush… and tomes of 1560 thinking lol

    all talk and no potatoes …

    drather see a sermon than hear one any time ..

    action speak louder than words lol

  3. leavingtheoffice

    “Back in 2005, I wrote about how China’s plan is to lure Boeing into opening plants in China and then China using this technological information to create their own jets.”

    They did the same thing with the fighter jet engines in Russian MIGs that they were making under license. That’s why China wasn’t invited to join the PAK-FA project. The West better wake up soon. For my part, I’m beginning my Mandarin lessons this month!

  4. Joseppi

    “The way everyone is funding their risky investments is by using dollars,” said Bilal Hafeez, London-based global head of foreign-exchange strategy at Deutsche Bank AG, the world’s largest currency trader. “They are borrowing dollars to invest in other markets.”
    The casino bubble machine is bubbling, while…….
    “The Social Security Trust Fund reported an August net deficit of $5.865 Billion.”
    The casino’s infrastructure is showing signs of stress as their chips (US dollar) are becoming worthless outside the casino.
    Elaine, does it appear to keep the Treasury debt sales valid, that another strong deflationary wave down has to be orchestrated soon to strengthen the dollar?

  5. PLovering

    @Elaine, “Men go stupid around cute women.”

    Yup, give a little, get a little.

    China will match Big NYC bank defaults in COMEX Gold with their own defaults in US toxic AAA waste.

    IOWs for every ton of gold defaulted, China will burn a ton of paper.


    ELAINE: This explains our FASCINATING relationship. 🙂 🙂

  6. CK

    Cute chicks age and lose their cuteness, gold never dulls. There’s always another cute chick available, younger, more pneumatic, more pliable. So a bit o gold for a bit o doss and a bit of slap and tickle. The sea is full of fish and crabs.
    Why does the truly powerful person not wear a watch?
    Because nothing of import will commence or be decided until he gets there.


    ELAINE: too bad the other sex’s pneumatic system seems to develop problems once gold is finally accumulated. 🙂

  7. DeVaul

    Yes, China did everything you said they would do. Your predictions all came true. Congratulations! Too bad you were not paid for them. You would be rich.

    I am really glad that you continue to talk about the connection between wars and inflation. I cannot find anyone else who will do so except Paul Craig Roberts and perhaps Ron Paul in a kind of muted way.

    All the financial bloggers have the same remedy: eliminate Social Security (a self-funding program whose funds were stolen by the Pentagon), Medicare, and anything else non-military related. It has become tiresome reading their nonsense.

    I notice Kunstler recently advised the same on a list of things we must do without. He has never mentioned our imperial wars even after I brought them to his attention years ago in an email which he answered.

    He said he “could have mentioned those”, but for some reason did not think about it. He said he would in the future, but he never did. I wonder which government agency he works for?

    I do not trust people who talk about everything but the elephant sitting in the room while pretending to be experts. When the elephant turns around and crushes someone, they claim not to know what happened, but it must have been something other than an elephant. It is tiring.

  8. charlottemom

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist:

    A millionaire banker offered an escort girl £500,000 to leave her pensioner husband, a court has heard. Yann Samuelides, 35, a managing director of Goldman Sachs, became so infatuated with the Slovakian escort girl that he wanted to make her his wife. And being a money man, he calculated that 28-year-old Alzbeta Holmokova was worth £500,000.

    Read more:

  9. Jim Dandy

    James Bond is a figment of an authors imagination. Are you suggesting that spys are recruited based on their sexual preferences?

    Hetero men are in fact impared by a woman’s beauty. When I met my wife, I was speechless for 10 minutes. She thought I was mentally challenged so this gene would be an impediment to the reproductive selection process.


    ELAINE: Yes, spies are recruited with a consideration as to sexual prowess. As for your reproductive selections, how are your kids?

    It is funny how they suddenly erupt into a different species when teenagers and then suddenly revert back to being humans a few years later (we hope). 🙂

  10. DeVaul

    Here is Kunstler’s brief foray into the world outside of America (the land of “Happy Motoring” and “tatooed freaks”):

    “The Asian nations may swap things around a while longer but China is basically screwed. They have less oil left than we have (which is saying, not much at all) and they won’t corner the rest of the global oil market without starting World War Three. Meanwhile, they’re running out of water and food. Good luck becoming the next global hegemon. Oh, and Japan imports 90 percent of its energy; India over 80 percent. Fuggeddabowdit.”

    Let’s see here. China cannot corner the oil market without starting WWIII… but we can and will continue to do so because we have the right to do so. (Silence equals complicity. I hope all the “experts” out there understand that.)

    I agree with Kunstler that major changes must be made here at home, but the idea that we can change while still shoveling untold trillions of dollars into imperial wars abroad is so absurd that I am inclined to believe that Kunstler is the one who has “decoupled from reality”.

    Of course, he is not the only one, but this is a sample of their thinking. What happens outside the U.S. does not affect us. Pure rubbish.


    ELAINE; China has many nuclear missiles as well as a billion Han people to draw on for any military incursions if this is required.

  11. Gus

    Top 1% made 2/3 of income
    gains from 1980 to present

  12. CK

    If spys are recruited on sexual preference, Philby, Burgess, McClean and Blunt explain something about England, Russia and Yale.
    It is probably a good idea to reinforce the belief that men cannot do anything around women, a little sexism is a good thing in discource with sexists. As long as they continue to put out and continue to believe that we think they are all that important; life will continue in its appointed course. Even Libra will be assuaged at the balance. At the end, since they live longer they can enjoy the gold after we are dead and they are old. I recommend the Gabor sister approach to them when they are aged. A little nice gets a lot of gold back.


    ELAINE: Traitors don’t have to be sexy. Infiltrating foreign offices or countries is a totally different matter. Take it from me. *cough* *giggle*

  13. DeVaul

    That’s an incredible report, Gus! Wow.

    Thanks for finding that. Now we know.

    Here is the “conclusion” of the compilers:

    “Whether the highest income households will once more capture a highly disproportionate share of income gains as the economy begins to recover is uncertain, but Saez, along with Harvard economist Lawrence Katz, points to previous recessions and notes that only major policy shifts like the New Deal have prevented income concentration from “bouncing back” after a decline. In the absence of significant policy changes, income concentration levels could well return to their previous highs after the current recession ends and resume their 30-year climb. [5]”

    As Elaine says, we can let the invisible hand of the market (the Shadow Government) manage the economy or we can do it through an elected republic consisting of people who represent us and not bankers and Wall Street gnomes.

    As a member of the bottom 90%, I would prefer a government manage the economy like it did after WWII and let the “invisible hand” go menance some other country.

  14. tio



  15. King Solomon

    There is nothing new under the sun.

    “The withered old king sat in a quiet corner of his favorite garden on his golden chair quietly considering how his reign had gone from good at first to bad in his later years. Perhaps it was a tear of what-should-have-been that glistened in the corner of his eye.

    Of all the kings in all of history, Solomon had been handed the highest and best chance to succeed. God had given young Solomon his throne, peace, phenomenal wealth and more wisdom than any man had ever had.

    All that fabulous wisdom and Solomon let his harem of wives lead him into pagan idolatry. “Smart, smart—stupid! How could I have done this? And what can be done now?” he scolded himself. ”

    Without Prejudice. All Rights Reserved.


    ELAINE; King David had a harem, too. Indeed, the differences between ‘pagans’ and these guys was always vanishingly small. Note that even the Christians trend towards multi-gods, too.

  16. PLovering

    Will somebody please tell Steve Jobs about colloidal silver.

  17. payAttention

    Good news Dear Author!

    Gorgon Project

    Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., the world’s second-largest shipyard by sales, surged 14 percent, the most in the MSCI Asia gauge, on speculation the company will win orders from Chevron Corp.’s Gorgon natural gas project in Australia.

    I don’t have the red ink to make me special, but my comment is: eat shit and die American steelworkers. We don’t need your stinking pipes. Thanks in advance, Chevron Corporation.

  18. payAttention

    One more thing. We bid crude another dollar overnight. We needed the money. Thanks in advance, Chevron Corporation.

  19. tio

    I’m thinking nerve strike

  20. flipspiceland

    I don’t even have to talk with Venus to get befuddled. But the beauty being in the eye, etc….I find that I can view photos of Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, J. Lo, Cindy Crawford, Iman, Diana Dors, and some other so-called beauties does nothing for me. I could negotiate an Atomic Treaty successfully if they were involved.

    However, simply viewing an early photo of Ursula Undress, Bond’s first paramour, Bardot in “And God Created Woman, Zeta-Jones in “The Mark of Zorro”, Theron, Zooey Deschanel, (I once had a surge of testosterone for Hilary Rodham), and others turns my mind to things other than successfully traversing the wild and dangerous shoals of, say, continued gainful employment, closing the deal or other life-sustaining activity.

    The Black Widow spider embodies this construct in one tiny, mortifying package.

  21. JSmith

    “In turn, the goddesses looked upon the gnomes and dwarves with contempt and disgust but still had sex with them in order to get their charming, pretty paws on that gold.”

    Goddesses tend to be somewhat shallow, don’t they?

    “have a happy 9/9/9 day”

    It was just your typical basic Wednesday.

  22. CK

    The bald natalie portman in V.
    Diana Rigg as Mrs. Emma Peel
    Barbara Stanwyck in anything she ever did
    Maureen O’hara for breathing.
    The PussyCatDolls for walking and chewing gum.
    Kate Moss for heroin chic chick.
    Mrs. Al Bundy ( The last of the family values moms on TV )
    Short or tall
    zaftig or svelte
    Rubenesque or bony
    dumb as a rock’
    or sharper than a serpent’s tooth
    Thank heaven’s for them all, they allow time to be wasted in easy doses, and there is always another herd out there.

  23. nah

    Hot girls are super smart… I always tell them how smart they are and how cool my friends are… girls like me more than anyone i know
    the dollar is flapping in the wind… and im sort of confused, how are they going to raise rates… or is there any law of supply and demand in banking… it seems that there is no basic reason for the government to do anything, and the banks like it like that
    mostly i wonder how long the systems can continue just ‘spreading wealth’… not that there isnt wealth to be had, but the pump is mostly an artificial
    so elaine if the pretty smart chinese girls dont politely cut us out of the rest of our international agreements and industry by 2030 do we get a prize

    smokin’ hawt

  24. PLovering

    Women live on promises.

    Lizards promise best.

    Now, women sleep with Lizards.

    Talk about stupid.

  25. if

    The recovery has won the approval of economists and the public. It has almost everything going for it. It just won’t fly!

  26. ralph

    China wants to raise rates to reign in some of the massive inflation they created. However, they cannot. They imported Ben Bernankes monetary policy. The Chinese fund all our largesse including military warfarism. This is why the Chinese Govt. is encouraging their populace to buy Gold and Silver. The Chinese can’t raise rates until Bernanke does, and we know he isnt doing that until Obama’s #’s rise in the polls and re-election is guaranteed. So, join the Gold party and BUY, don’t sell your Gold for cash. Trade your cash in for Gold.

  27. emsnews

    We are in ‘recovery’ which means, more debts.

  28. PLovering

    @Elaine, “We are in ‘recovery’ which means, more debts.”

    Jeebus, Elaine, get a grip.

    The Lizards continue to concentrate wealth at the top 1% of population … now at its highest level since 1927.

    Ring any bells?

  29. emsnews

    Plovering, why the constant hostility? I said something you agree with but you have to package it in garbage before delivery. Gah.

  30. DeVaul

    I’ve noticed a lot of hostility towards Elaine recently, but I do not know what caused it. I was not able to read her articles for a week or so and I am just now back to reading them.

    It seems unfounded, especially since Elaine does not censor her blog like others do. Anyone can comment here without going through an elaborate subscription process only to have their comments never appear because they offend the author. You should be grateful that Elaine does not do that.

    In exchange for this freedom of speech, those who disagree with her should be civil in doing so. I understand that some debates can become heated, but endless vicious nit-picking is not a form of civility or even righteous anger.

    Please think before you write.

  31. W.C.

    hostility towards Elaine devaul

    this from my view point is not detected .

    me no hostility .. just casual amusement

    she hammers away from a point of view . that has all the markers of a chick yet to break out of the confines of an egg.

    and spouts nonscience about some noble attempt to rob peter to pay paul.

    every one but her is insane lol

    just spirited chat.. but she has final control of the basket ball.. and just might run home .. with all the eggs yet to be opened


    ELAINE: You are often totally off topic, rude as well as bringing up really dumb things. I wonder how old you are?

  32. PLovering

    @Elaine, “Plovering, why the constant hostility?”

    Certainly nothing personal.

    Just keeping to our MOU.

    Actually, deep down, I might be jealous of your success.

  33. emsnews

    Plovering, you should not always sound the same notes. Do, do, do, do…is a boring song.

  34. W.C.

    ELAINE: You are often totally off topic, rude as well as bringing up really dumb things. I wonder how old you are?

    nope re-read .. lol was in the context of devaul see above ..

    rude yes at times you are a fine teacher.

    rob peter to pay paul classic elaine socialist stuff right on topic ..

    egg chick .. in reference to seeing small .. sometimes .. as in pointing with finger at moon seeing only the finger ,, so i bring in points discussed in prior statements ..

    in charge of basket ball.. in reference to your i will remove this stuff .. from a prior post ..

    so all these statements in context .. yet the rush to find some innereds wrapt in musty old documents .. sure makes a lot of sense .. for those into raving conspiratory theorys of the secret life of the old cia and their expression “plausibly deniable” used first by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director

    68 .. been their done that..

    as for sticking my hand in old trash cans ,, i let the clean up person do that.

    nothing their move along ..

    and elaine will you love me in the morning.

  35. nah

    this place has great content… we need more picutres with red winged unicorns and dubious underworld t-shirt henchmen… ya’ know i luv money honkeys with smart women… now thats entertainment this place draws crowds

  36. PLovering

    Enjoy your seasonal flu shot:

    “The company (Baxter) this year said it had inadvertently released samples of the lethal H5N1 bird flu virus to clients mixed in with seasonal flu strains.”

  37. criticalcontrarian

    @PLovering: Omigawd! That can’t be! It must be a conspiracy theory! Even if it was reported by the Financial Times. LOL. 😈

  38. CK

    If one is a merkin, one knows that there are not now nor ever have been any conspiricies.
    There have been instead a never ending string of co-incidences that benefitted one special group of people.

  39. criticalcontrarian

    Good one CK! 🙂

  40. W.C.

    the pane stewart incident

    Consider the following: On October 25, 1999, a tiny Learjet 35 departed from Orlando, Florida that was carrying Payne Stewart, a professional American golfer. About 14 minutes after departing from the airport, the control tower lost contact with his plane. So the air-traffic controllers, following rigid protocol regarding lost aircraft, immediately notified the US Air Force.

    According to FAA official transcripts, “At 9:52 a U.S. Air Force F-16 from the 40th Flight Test Squadron at the Englin Air Force was vectored toward the aircraft.”

    At 9:54 – just two minutes after the command to intercept had been ordered – the fighter jet had already spotted Payne Stewart’s wayward aircraft.

    a small learjet 35 but four or five planes flying willy nilly over washington are lost in the haze of confusion .. lol

  41. criticalcontrarian

    @w.c.: this one’s for you:

    Fifty questions on 9/11

    It’s useless to expect US corporate media and the ruling elites’ political operatives to call for a true, in-depth investigation into the attacks on the US on September 11, 2001. Whitewash has been the norm. But even establishment highlight Dr Zbig “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski, a former national security advisor, has admitted to the US Senate that the post-9/11 “war on terror” is a “mythical historical narrative”.

    The following questions, some multi-part – and most totally ignored by the 9/11 Commission – are just the tip of the immense 9/11 iceberg. A hat tip goes to the indefatigable work of;; architects and engineers for 9/11 truth; the Italian documentary Zero: an investigation into 9/11; and Asia Times Online readers’ e-mails.

    None of these questions has been convincingly answered – according to the official narrative. It’s up to US civil society to keep up the pressure. Eight years after the fact, one fundamental conclusion is imperative. The official narrative edifice of 9/11 is simply not acceptable.

    Read the 50 questions @

  42. W.C.


    thanks .. do not let emc get wind of those questions/

    of course i will agree with emc 100% on the need to lock and bind all of the crooks , politicians , and assorted low life bankers .. those who rape and pillage the folks on the alter of saving the very low lifes who caused the problem .. with the central bank and the fed reserve and the derivitive monster from hell .

  43. K-Bo

    Well, OK, the Baxter incident is VERY troubling and certainly doesn’t foster much confidence in the government and/or pharmaceutical companies.

    I’d really like to see the result of the criminal investigation to this allegedly monstrous crime (if intentional) or criminal negligence (if accidental).


    I haven’t found any news about it lately.

    @cc, what, the long links aren’t aesthetically pleasing enough for you? Efficiency over pleasing.

  44. K-Bo

    “Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder”

    Pretty steep charges, indeed.

  45. W.C.


    the payne stewart incident

    and the 5 planes flying willy nilly .. for two hours .. or more .. with no contact ,,

    except for the penn shoot down of the aircraft as the wreckage scattered over 80 miles .. with human parts found all over the place .miles away ,

    sure lets roll .. lol

    explain that for us silly people .

  46. emsnews

    WC: the fact that Rumsfeld sat at his desk during virtually the entire attacks and Bush goofed off in a schoolroom and Cheney hid in an undisclosed place is proof of a conspiracy.


    So why the fixation on ‘bombs in the buildings’? GEEZE get a brain! Why select the one thing you CAN’T prove while throwing aside tons of evidence that is obvious?

    I suspect you work for the CIA.

  47. emsnews

    Either WC and his group of loonies are naive idiots or….they are agents. That is, they want people to be deceived.

    When building a case against someone, you don’t go looking for the kitchen sink and all the spoons and then throw everything at the criminals.

    You select the obvious and provable crimes and use these to prove your case that someone is a criminal.

    When you do the opposite, your case is a F***CKING FAILURE. And is thrown out of court. And it is obvious that now, even the good parts of our case against Bush have been tossed aside thanks to this.

    We LOST. BIG TIME. And now, all that is left is to write the history as this business unwinds. And keep our eyes on the real story which is the death of the American Empire.

  48. emsnews

    Also, the fact that the 9/11 Truthers have attracted a bunch of anti-vaccination people is proof it is an operation not an investigation. The lack of connection to any real information is exactly how the entire anti-vaccination community operates. They throw out all the positive information and then LIE about many things.

    Often, they exaggerate things, too. This lack of scientific honesty has infected the entire 9/11 maniac community.

    The child mortality rate has declined by more than a quarter in the last two decades — to 65 per 1,000 live births last year from 90 in 1990 — in large part because of the widening distribution of relatively inexpensive technologies, like measles vaccines and anti-malaria mosquito nets.

    This is one of many examples of how child mortality has declined from 50% to less than 5% thanks to vaccinations. This fact infuriates the anti-vaccination crews so they talk around it in all sorts of goofy ways that are easily brushed aside.

    But can’t penetrate their own realm since they live in la-la land. This is where up is down and in is out. It is a very magical place.

    Which means, scientific proofs are ignored. While these same liars use the appearance of science to attack real science. This pseudo-science has been applied with a very thick trowel to the 9/11 business as well as all sorts of other related matters.

    And if anyone thinks I will fall for this sort of garbage: you are nuts. Anyone who reads me and disbelieves me is Ok. But asking me to believe garbage is not OK. It won’t happen.

  49. W.C.

    September 11, 2009 at 5:57 pm
    Either WC and his group of loonies are naive idiots or….they are agents. That is, they want people to be deceived.

    believe it or not my same opinion of your group..

    my group of loonies lol i have no group .

    lump things in a bad mix .. and out comes hash . lol who has the locus with CIA…

  50. CK

    “… and out comes hash …” Start trash talkin at hash and you and I will become non friends. Shit on a shingle, side o hash and a gallon of black … fruit juice optional.

  51. W.C.

    September 11, 2009 at 7:33 pm
    hash lol

  52. emsnews

    WC: I am puzzled as to why you still exist. Aren’t you filled with despair? Do note that the ‘end of times’ stuff that is destroying the brains of many people like you is sad to watch from the outside.

  53. W.C.

    ELAINE: aside from being rather insulting nearly all the time and an inability to read carefully, I tolerated you. But I also warned you about cussing all the time. You decided to test me. See what happens?

  54. DMAN

    FY2008 in Billions
    Military $762
    SSN $612
    Medicaid & Medicare $682
    Interest $249
    Other Mandatory $303
    Other $520

    Looks to me like we need to cut all of it across the board.
    Reduce military spending and halt creation of any new entitlement programs to include government healthcare. While military spending can and should be reduced when an exit strategy is put into place. Except for a short time in the mid 90 government programs never scale down. Entitlement spending only goes up. Most of these programs have built in cost of living/inflation adjustments that guarantee they will increase. If this wasn’t bad enough the sheer fact of new participation in these programs from baby boomers coming of age and growing old will increase entitlement spending as well. While this doesn’t paint a pretty picture for those who depend on entitlements we have painted ourselves into a corner. The unfunded stimulus programs will increase the federal interest payment to an estimated 340 billion for 2009. Within the next 20 to 30 years military spending will be moot. I’m one that supports major cuts in military spending. I especially question why we still have bases in nations where we won 50 or more years ago. To me these places would be a great place to start for cuts. I also don’t think we need billion dollar bombers either. But to think that eliminating military spending will produce a plethora of funding for give me programs is crazy. The major Burden is and will become more and more entitlements that place pressure on government budgets federal and state. Look at California and their lack of funding to such a degree that they actually issued IOUs. Just the unfunded obligations under Social Security as of January 1, 2009 approx $5.3 trillion isn’t enough to bring us back to reality I don’t know what is. The utopian dream that government can be everything to everyone is more likely to lead us down the road to dystopia. What will be the means for income for all these people who depend on the government when it fails? Who will feed and care for the aged when the IOUs start to flow? Where will the food stamps come from when there isn’t a viable economy to tax? I don’t mean to come off as cold . I know there are people who need these programs but when upwards of 40% of the population plus who knows how many illegal immigrants are on the dole how can they survive? It’s mind boggling that well educated people seem to gloss over this as if it doesn’t matter.

  55. emsnews

    Dman, paying for everything is easy as pie if we return to being an industrial power again.

  56. emsnews

    If people wish to come here and be endlessly destructive, I will delete them and put them into the spam filter.

    I never did this before. Usually, people ban themselves when I object to their abuse. So I will now have to put some people in the spam filter.

    Note to everyone here: WC has been removed because he refused minimal cooperation. Thank you.

    I hope I won’t have to do this again.

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