I Found The Owners Of WordPress!

Dear readers, I have chosen to use the public forums of my own blog in this quixotic quest to get WordPress’ executives to talk to me.  They are all evidently very, very young, much younger than I am.  And accustomed to being hailed as young gods in the Internet.  Well, hate to bust up a party, but their game plans to run organizations for free while alienating VIP customers has hit a huge snag.  And I am a snaggle-toothed hag who doesn’t let go of a problem.  Since these guys made it impossible to contact them via WordPress, I did some research and dug them out of their little bunkers.


It is fairly simple: I used Google!  Via google, I used Wikipedia.  This was a goldmine of information allowing me to use it like a bloodhound to find these fellows who think money will pour into their pockets while they mess around, having fun.  Being able to ignore complaints from real customers is a winning strategy, they think.  I know how they operate: they thought to get rich via giving away their product.  then, to make money, they had to offer even better service that wasn’t free!


Only they forgot a critical step: taking care of the paying customers so they stay.  Instead, they dumped the paying customers into the same cesspool the freebies swam in.  This meant, the paying customers had no more access to the higher levels of the organization than non-payers.  Which meant, since non-payers are the equivalent of deadbeats, paying customers are also ‘deadbeats’!   I made repeated requests to move up the corporate ladder which WordPress staff ignored.  So I am now forcing my way up the ladder!


WordPress.com – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

WordPress.com (or just WordPress) is a WordPress MU-powered weblog hostingprovider which opened to beta testers on August 8, 2005 and opened to the public on November 21, 2005. It runs proprietary code and WordPress MU[citation needed]. It is financially supported via paid upgrades, “VIP” services and limited Google Adsense advertising.


So, according to Wikipedia, the guys who screwed me up this week need me for money!  HAHAHAHA.  This means, they better be on their knees to me and kiss my toes and give me roses, not a bloody eye.  I happen to have some experience in the real world.  All WordPress had to do was have a computerized list of all the paying customers.  Then, all matters dealing with this group of VIP customers should be handled by specially trained staff who are very careful, polite and who keep this business of paying for services as their #1 idea.


WordPress is owned by Automattic.  This is another organization that imagines it can run things, hands-off.  So I decided to pester them, too.


Automattic – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Automattic, Inc. is a web development corporation founded in August 2005.

It is most notable for WordPress (open source blogging software) and WordPress.com (a free blogging service). Other projects include:

Automattic’s employees include Matthew Mullenweg and Ryan Boren, the primary developers of WordPress.

On January 11 2006, it was announced that Toni SchneiderOddpost CEO before it was acquired by Yahoo!, where he continued as a senior executive, would be leaving Yahoo! to become CEO of Automattic. [1] [2]

In April 2006, it was discovered, through a Regulation D filing, that Automattic raised approximately 1.1 million dollars in funding[3], which Mullenweg addressed in his blog. Investors were Polaris Ventures, True Ventures, Radar Partners, and CNET.

On September 23 2008, Automattic announces acquiring IntenseDebate[4]. Two months later, on November 15th, Automattic acquired PollDaddy [5].


Thanks to Wikipedia, I found the name of one of the wretches who runs this organization so badly:

About Us « Automattic

Barry Abrahamson Systems Wrangler
Blog: Barry on WordPress
Born and raised on the banks of the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas, Barry now hangs his hat in New York. During the day, he makes sure the servers are zipping along while trying not to get too much BBQ sauce on his keyboard and at night… ok, well, he’s doing the same 🙂 When he’s not on AIM, ICQ, Jabber, IRC, or reading about the latest and greatest in MySQL optimization, Barry enjoys traveling and playing a little lacrosse.


Contact « Barry on WordPress

Dear Barry, This is Elaine Supkis, the artist/reporter who runs Culture of Life News at emsnews.wordpress.com. I got in an immense fight with one of your employees in the last 24 hours due to a mistake made by your own employees. .

Instead of giving me important information, your employees prevented me from using my own blog because of a mix-up. They thought I was spamming the net when the story that triggered their hostile take over of my own blog was about Gold 4 Cash being a spam outfit! That is, I was warning consumers of this operation! .

It took many very harsh emails just to get your staff to cough up the information. Mostly, they stone-walled me! I demanded early on that this matter be moved upstairs. Instead, they refused. I gave my phone number and they refused to pass it on. .

I also said I am a VIP customer! I am not one of the freeloaders who use your service for $0. I pay increasing fees as I was upgrading my involvement. Instead, since I can no longer trust your organization and even fear you will destroy my own blog, I have to get reassurance that you and everyone under you will no longer do unannounced freezes on my site over frivolous reasons. .

If I am forced to move because of incompetence or a refusal to cooperate with me (remember: I am one of the people who is enriching you!) I will ask for a return of my funds. Chasing me off after accepting my money is….very wrong, to put it mildly. .

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. .

Elaine Meinel Supkis


I hope this guy cleans all the sludge off of his keyboard and he writes me a very nice letter explaining how THEY goofed and THEY harmed me and THEY need to be kissy-kissy and THEY need to never censor me again.


Matt Mullenweg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In November 2005 Mullenweg’s project WordPress.com stopped being invite-only and opened up to the world.

In December 2005 he announced Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com and Akismet. Automattic employed people who had contributed to the WordPress project, including lead developer Ryan Boren and WordPress MU creator Donncha O Caoimh. An Akismet licensing deal[14] and WordPress bundling[15] was announced with Yahoo! Small Business web hosting about the same time.

In January 2006 Mullenweg recruited former Oddpost CEO and Yahoo! executive Toni Schneider to join Automattic as CEO, bringing the size of the company to 5.

It was discovered in April 2006 through a Regulation D filing that Automattic raised approximately 1.1 million dollars in funding[16][citation needed], which Mullenweg addressed in his blog. Investors were Polaris Ventures, True Ventures, Radar Partners, and CNET.

The first WordCamp conference in July 2006 was pulled together in 3 weeks, in the style of BarCamp, attracting over 300 people to the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco. The firstWordCamp Argentina event was held on October 31, 2007 in Buenos Aires.

In March 2007 he was named #16 of the 50 Most Important People on the Web by PC World, reportedly the youngest on the list[17].

In October 2007 Mullenweg acquired the Gravatar service[18] and was rumored to have turned down a US$200 million offer to buy his company Automattic[19].


I wrote to this youngster, too:


Contact — Matt Mullenweg

Hello! You’re probably here because you want to talk; there are a couple of ways to get in touch with me.

By Land

I really love email. The volume of email I get is somewhere between Zeldman and Santa Claus, however I still do my best to reply to each and every personal email sent to me. Realistically you’ll either get a reply right away or in a couple of months. If you have a WordPress support question, your best bet is to ask on the excellent Support Forums.


All that said, email me directly or use the form below.


Hello, I am Elaine Meinel Supkis. I have just gone through a 24 hour battle with the staff at WordPress and they will not pass my complaints to the owners


I run a news service and got locked out of it by the staff at WordPress due to them misunderstanding what I was doing. Instead of informing me of what was going on, they gave me nothing but grief and after fighting for hours and hours, they finally told me they made a mistake but didn’t apologize. Since WordPress prevents anyone from contacting the owners, I looked you up in Google on Wikipedia and figured you might be somewhat interested in what happened. I published a series of stories showing how inept and poorly run WordPress has become. If you are still involved in this organization, you might be interested in talking to me. I am the 1% of the users of this service who actually pays annual fees so I am a somewhat important person, I would presume. If you are ‘hands off’ please tell me who is at the top so we can begin communicating. This is not a small matter, it goes to the heart of your organization.


Thank you in advance, Elaine Meinel Supkis editor and reporter Culture of Life News


I hope these two guys write back.  It would be amusing, if nothing else.  The Dot Com insanity has not finished, not at all.  People still think they can make oodles of money online while GIVING AWAY services!  How insane is that?  The original game plan of giving away service so they can lure in paying customers has been totally tossed aside.  They just want to ‘grow’ like the Derivatives Beast grows.  When something is worthless or being given away for free, it will rapidly grow to infinity very fast.  But paying customers get scarcer and scarcer.


This is like printing money: if the money isn’t capitalized, it loses value.  We call this ‘inflation’.  If a service is given away but is very wretched and then you make the service for paying people wretched, they dump it for it is devalued by being given away. Seems simple enough for me.  I hope Matt and Barry figure this out.  Otherwise, we may end up reading about their bankruptcy problems.

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P.O. BOX 483

BERLIN, NY 12022

Make checks out to ‘Elaine Supkis’

Click on the Pegasus icon on the right sidebar to donate via Paypal.

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20 responses to “I Found The Owners Of WordPress!

  1. tio

    “Barry Abrahamson Systems Wrangler”, is this what techies call a recursive meme?

  2. flipspiceland

    Elaine, Please turn your name-mining talents now to all those responsible for terrorizing the global financial system.

    We know the obvious ones from THE TRIBE.

    Now a more comprehensive list like the one above including the unususal suspects should portray their compensation and how their organizations performed, 2- 3-10 years after these terrorists surreptitiously planted C4 and anthrax with cleverly disguised set off points, while taking down monstrous bonuses based on Compensation committee collusion.

    A real coup would be finding how much Compensation committees, consultants, and lawyers received to arrange this financial jihad.

  3. emsnews

    HAHAHA. Or maybe, ‘kick yourself in the rear’.

  4. emsnews

    Flipspiceland: When I talk about the religions of the people who do banking, people yell at me. The religious component of money creation is extremely powerful and important and it pisses off nearly everyone.

    I will tackle this again and again, of course.

  5. DeVaul

    Good job, Elaine!

    I had a similar problem with HP a year ago and it lasted a month. Of course, I never got to email the “owners”, but I did break through the computer firewall that kept out complaints and requests for repairs or refunds from reaching actual humans. Then, I spammed them until they told me the “situation has been resolved”. They sent me a new hard drive that actually worked. Took one month of daily emails. Hundreds.

    Also, I just found out why the post office has said “there is no more boat”. The answer can be found at this link:


    A fleet of ghost ships. Unbelievable.

  6. emsnews

    Yes, lots of idle shipping. My ex used to work in the shipping industry. We have had this in the past. It is worse this time around thanks to free trade.

  7. JT

    😀 oh I would hate to have you as a customer. Even if you paid. I would put your email on the “to-do sometime not too soon list” right away .
    Are you sure “Mark” is to blame?

    You don´t get anywhere with IT people by getting angry and SHOUTING over email.
    We don´t compute human emotion so well ;).


    ELAINE; If I were to punch you in the nose, would you yell? And if I ran a business with touchie techies who alienated PAYING customers, would I keep them as my staff? And what happened when the Dot Com businesses collapsed?

    Didn’t they go bankrupt? This process is gathering steam: the dreams of making things grow by giving away stuff and hiring unsupervised staff that insults paying customers is not a good business model.

  8. LoisT

    I highly recommend Hank Williams’ site


    ELAINE: I use a lot of Adobe products!!! Wow. Looks like they are also shutting down all interface with consumers!!! And Adobe is EXPENSIVE AS HELL.


    If you poke around his site a bit you’ll find he has some pretty interesting thoughts about “free” online business models. This is a sample post of his


    I’m tired of people thinking they can service thousands of people and perform millions of transactions with just a skeleton staff of a half-dozen people who monitor the servers. Could you imagine how quickly WordPress could have handled the situation if they had a middle-aged secretary with a degree in English Lit. responding to emails?

  9. emsnews

    HAHAHA. Correct, LoisT!

    I was trained to be a speed typist. When I took classes, I was the only college bound HS student in the class. I told my teacher, a demonically fast speed typist, I needed to type as fast as I think.

    Well…I couldn’t do the ‘look and type’ stuff at all. But she decided this was totally unnecessary. She taught me to type very, very fast, as fast as I think.

    Thanks for all the links. Very amusing. 🙂

  10. anonymous


    You may have other problems with these people.

    I just tried to click on the “donate to this website” link and it is not working.

    Your arguments regarding the customer/service dynamic are compelling and should resonate but if WordPress is only in this game for the money they are sunk anyway. There is more at stake here.


    ELAINE: I will change it. If you click on the sidebar picture of Pegasus, it still works. Thanks for noticing and telling me.

  11. emsnews

    Yes, they have TV ads. And are annoying. 🙂

  12. nah

    I hope this guy cleans all the sludge off of his keyboard and he writes me a very nice letter explaining how THEY goofed and THEY harmed me and THEY need to be kissy-kissy and THEY need to never censor me again.
    i bet i know 20x more how shit works in the real world than any of these assholes… better fix you up right girl and higher a lawyer to consul or at least understand ‘innocent until proven guilty’… aint no fucking reason these douchbags should be removing content from the web when so many folks are working FOR WORDPRESSES FREEDOM… you deserve an apology from these freeloaders… i pray people use my programs… these assholes take it for granted

    whats itchy, quiet, and poor

  13. nah

    my programs get used nearly daily… most times 100+ times a day… hell almost all day most of them… for next to nothing

  14. emsnews

    Yes, those Cash 4 gold jerks would run a bogus website. But the guys running WordPress should have the brilliant brains to figure out what is what. That is, a hard-hitting story I wrote attacking Gold 4 Cash versus a spam outfit.

    This is what started my fight here. If WordPress is going to play Soviet Censors, they have to be less ham-fisted about it.

  15. emsnews

    Yes, Cash4gold is very nasty people. And I understand why WordPress wants to prevent them from using WordPress as a forum. But of course, the problem I have is how WordPress did this which was to attack me just because I mentioned this horrible organization and cautioned people to avoid them.

    And I am angry the government allows this organization to flourish and reporters in the mainstream media don’t go after them.

    The mainstream media sells commercial space to these clowns and so they don’t want to stop that gravy train. I have no ads so I can be honest.

  16. LoisT

    Thanks for the “Cash4Gold Threatened Jail..” link, Blues. Fascinating business. Looks like they’ll have to add “money spent on legal fees” along with their high marketing expenses on why they pay so little for their gold.

    On a related note, I bet their law firm has it down to where they can crank out their court documents and filings for pennies while the attorneys collect the usual huge markups. Plenty of money to be made all around.

  17. emsnews

    These lawsuits are for scaring people off. And are malicious. And if taken to court, the company will lose but they are betting no one will go to court against them. Many corporations bully people which is why we don’t like many of them.


    Google “Grits4Gold” for an amusing
    short video takeoff on the Cash4Gold scammers.

    I read an article some weeks back on what a scam they are. They pay next to nothing for your gold, then charge you oodles if you want to have your item sent back.
    Anyone who would fall for that scam is an idiot to begin with.

    I can’t stand the voice of that lady who says “I got $600 for my gold”.

    There are three commercials on cable TV that drive me nuts.
    Progressive Insurance
    Any ad for ‘boner’ pills

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  20. dscpiwliq

    new gucci bags 2013 he very favourite look online outlet

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