Vaccination News Is Very Good

Welcome to the Germaniac empireWhen it comes to scientific or biological news, I am a huge fan of the better parts of the mainstream media such as the NYT, for example.  Or Scientific American, National Geographic, etc: all are excellent sources of information.  People have attacked me here for going to reliable sources for information while they, themselves, go to very unreliable or outright fraudulent sources for information.  The H1N1 flu vaccinations are done with the trials and will now be available.  This is not cause for hysteria.  It is good news as far as I, a regular user of flu vaccinations, am concerned.


First, interesting news from China.  Due to the increased levels of chemicals in the environment, mutations are picking up over there.  Just like frogs and reptiles here have had an increase in mutations, this does open a window on how evolution works.  The snake born with one leg is a fine example of how genes can lurk unseen inside of a DNA complex:


Snake with foot found in China – Telegraph

Screen shot 2009-09-24 at 10.06.17 AMThe snake – 16 inches long and the thickness of a little finger – is now being studied at the Life Sciences Department at China’s West Normal University in Nanchang.


This snake’s leg clearly shows that the genes for producing limbs haven’t disappeared in the snake population but rather, lurks there under the surface.  Evidently, there are genetic mutations that prevent the legs from developing.  But if we were to breed snakes in a way to cancel out the genes that shut down the leg production genes, we would have snakes with legs again.


All the evolutionary baggage we accumulated over time still are parked inside each cell of our bodies.  This is why genetic engineering is a rapidly expanding field.  One that has troubling aspects to it since many scientists now are trying to splice in alien genes into various lifeforms so we can exploit them in some way.


1 Million Spiders Make Golden Silk for Rare Cloth | Wired Science |

To produce this unique golden cloth, 70 people spent four years collecting golden orb spiders from telephone poles in Madagascar, while another dozen workers carefully extracted about 80 feet of silk filament from each of the arachnids. The resulting 11-foot by 4-foot textile is the only large piece of cloth made from natural spider silk existing in the world today…. .

…Of course, spending four years to produce a single textile of spider silk isn’t very practical for scientists trying to study the properties of spider silk or companies that want to manufacture the fabric for use as a biomedical scaffold or an alternative to Kevlar armor. Several groups have tried inserting spider genes into bacteria (or even cows and goats) to produce silk, but so far, the attempts have been only moderately successful.


The golden spider silk cloth is amazing. But what is troubling is the last sentence.  The Frankenstein attempts at creating genetic freaks and monsters has always been part of our interactions with nature.  This is what domesticating animals and plants is all about.  Normally, we used inbreeding and encouraging mutations which allowed us to dramatically alter the genetic flow of various lifeforms.  We see this clearly in our domestic animals.  The oldest of these are dogs.

Pure bred dogs are actually genetic freaks that have various recessive genes being bred with each other.  Recessive genes usually are masked by dominant genes so they can be a backup exchange point when an environment suddenly changes.  Humans have exploited this to created many sorts of dogs that are not separate species at all but look tremendously different from each other.  Now, with genetic engineering, we can introduce alien genes that dramatically alter the genetic code and produces totally freaky things such as the glow in the dark animals we saw in the news this last year.


Now, on to the swine flu news.  The shots will now be available to anyone who wishes it.  At least, authorities hope to have enough available for those people who want it.

Welcome to the Germaniac empireΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ

H1N1 pediatric trials bring good news, national institute says –

Preliminary data show that children 10 to 17 seem to be protected from H1N1 with one 15-microgram dose of the vaccine, but younger children, ages 6 months to 9 years, may have to have two doses depending on their health history, he said…. . ….The trials found that 76 percent of children ages 10 through 17 had a robust immune response to one dose. Among 3-years-olds to 9-year-olds, that percentage dropped to 36 percent, and for those ages 6 months to 35 months, it fell to 25 percent…. . …According to the Centers for Disease Control, 46 children have died from H1N1 since it began to appear in the United States in the spring. Approximately 600 children were in the H1N1 studies. Fauci said there were no adverse reactions in any of the youngsters. “In these trials, we usually see some redness, arm pain, those types of things, ” he noted, “but we saw none of it in these trials.”


The first passage of this disease scared a lot of people.  We can’t tell from day one if a influenza virus will be hyper-toxic or not.  One always tries to err on the safe side, that is, worry about a pandemic is the wisest course.  The human/domestic animal relationship meant that we evolved every day we domesticated plants and animals and these captives of human breeding systems share the same ecology with us and thus, share many diseases which are easily transmitted between them and us.


Because of this biological genetic pool, we have to worry about cross-species transmission of diseases.  Before 1900, various diseases shared by humans and our domestic animals culled the human populations pretty severely.  As vaccinations spread throughout first, Europe and North America, populations in these regions grew very rapidly.  400 years ago, 50% of children never reached adulthood.  Thanks to modern understanding about hygiene, germs and vaccinations, the death rate is less than 3% in industrialized nations.  A stunning change!


The 46 mothers in American who live today in extreme emotional pain after losing their children to a virus would have been overjoyed to have access to this vaccination last spring.  By the way, for all the people out there who fear vaccinations for flu germs, the technology of this business has been stunning.  Back when I first volunteered for getting these shots 30 years ago, I would have a sore arm afterwards.  Now, it produces virtually no reactions at all.


Half of Americans Want Swine Flu Vaccine

People who get their yearly flu shots were more likely than others to accept the new vaccine, found RAND Corp. researchers Jurgen Maurer, PhD, and colleagues. However, those ages 18-49 and 50-64 said they were more likely to get the new vaccine than to get their seasonal flu shot. Those over 65 said they were less likely to seek the new vaccine than the seasonal vaccine. .

Overall, Americans seem more likely to seek a swine flu shot than to get their seasonal flu vaccination….The survey suggests that more than half of Americans will not want a shot — even if there’s plenty of vaccine to go around.


The elderly who read the news know that for some odd reason still not well understood, this flu isn’t hitting them at all.  So they don’t need the shots.  I am at a borderline group so I may or may not get the shots depending on availability.  My children who have asthma most definitely will get these shots!  The fear of this flu is declining due to it not turning out to be as dangerous as we first feared.  This is good news, actually.  I didn’t want a pandemic nor does anyone.  Viral pandemics are extremely dangerous and thus, are not candidates for culling populations, if one is a ruler and wants to survive.


I suspect that the 50%  of the population who is now uninterested in flu shots will change their minds very rapidly if this virus does mutate further and become more dangerous.  Waiting on the sidelines to see what will happen next is OK with me.  But when everyone does rush to get it, they should thank those of us who supported the development and dissemination of the vaccinations in the first place.


The news about the new AIDS vaccination process is fleshing out the stories earlier this week.  It looks like this is an odd combination of vaccination therapies, not straight forwards.  But then, AIDS is not a simple disease.  It is a strange operation which hijacks our own immune systems to make it work against us, not for us.


For First Time, AIDS Vaccine Shows Some Success in Trials –

The vaccine — a combination of two genetically engineered vaccines, neither of which had worked before in humans — protected too few people to be declared an unqualified success. And the researchers do not know why it worked…. .

…Col. Jerome H. Kim, a physician who is manager of the army’s H.I.V. vaccine program, said half the 16,402 volunteers were given six doses of two vaccines in 2006 and half were given placebos. They then got regular tests for the AIDS virus for three years. Of those who got placebos, 74 became infected, while only 51 of those who got the vaccines did. .

Although the difference was small, Dr. Kim said it was statistically significant and meant the vaccine was 31.2 percent effective. .

Dr. Fauci said that scientists would seldom consider licensing a vaccine less than 70 or 80 percent effective, but he added, “If you have a product that’s even a little bit protective, you want to look at the blood samples and figure out what particular response was effective and direct research from there.”…. .

….. the RV 144 tested in Thailand was designed to combat the most common strain of the virus circulating in Southeast Asia. Different strains circulate in Africa, the United States and elsewhere, and it is not clear that the vaccine would have similar results, even in modified form… .

….One of the substances that were combined to make RV 144 is Alvac-HIV, from Sanofi-Pasteur, a canarypox virus with three AIDS virus genes grafted onto it. Variations of Alvac were tested in France, Thailand, Uganda and the United States; it was found safe but generated little immune response. .

The other, Aidsvax, was originally made by Genentech and is an engineered version of a protein found on the surface of the AIDS virus; it is grown in a broth of hamster ovary cells… .

….Combining Alvac and Aidsvax was a hunch by scientists: If one was designed to create antibodies and the other to alert white blood cells, might they work together even if neither worked alone?.


The many mysteries of this terrible disease seem to open up endlessly from one chamber to the next.  Deep inside of this riddle is how our own antibodies evolved and why this was vulnerable to a long series of mutations in the viral realm.  The motherlode for viruses is to disable any counterattacks when they invade an organism.


All living things have a powerful incentive to reproduce as much as possible.  All living things aim at reproducing to infinity.  This is impossible.  Counter systems always defeat this purpose.  This is why we see some natural balance between lifeforms on earth.  The restraints of the ecosystem prevents multiplication to infinity.  That is, we are in a finite system.


This is why it is so important to have birth controls for humans.  Since we cut our cull rate of children from 50% to 3%, we have to prevent births in some other way so we don’t shoot up to infinity suddenly. As it is, the way we live on this planet is stressing all ecological systems.  Now, for a little bit more of virus news:


UPDATE 1-VeriChip shares jump after H1N1 patent license win | Markets | US Markets | Reuters

The patents, held by VeriChip partner Receptors LLC, relate to biosensors that can detect the H1N1 and other viruses, and biological threats such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, VeriChip said in a statement. The technology will combine with VeriChip’s implantable radio frequency identification devices to develop virus triage detection systems.


VeriChip is always seeking ways to get their radios implanted in people.  This is the latest attempt.  I see no need to have a radio attached to my body and I feel there are a thousand reasons to not do this.  I would rather stick to the older ways of getting information, thank you.  That is, go see a doctor.

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50 responses to “Vaccination News Is Very Good

  1. Jim Dandy

    Vaccines and implanting bio-chips, seem to go hand in hand…like war and suffering.

    It’s hard to believe you can embrace the bio-death without embracing the bio-tracking…i mean, after all elaine, all of this is to HELP us lead healthier, happier lives!!

  2. Duski

    Sigh. Jim, what exactly has bio-chips and vaccinations in common? I answer you: nothing. I cannot comprehend even where you derive the connection.

  3. hi

    Somehow our immune system’s role in health gets lost while magic pills and potions get all the credit. Speaks volumes of our “break through” society.

    Viruses are not alive like bacteria. They are just DNA or RNA wrapped in protein. Some viruses help boost the immune system against pathogens.

    Negative depictions of viruses are woefully off the mark. The mere word “virus” has latin roots that misconstrue this important biological mechanism.

    Vaccines also serve a role given the level of societal poverty, our pechant for “silver bullets”, and profit opportunities. They just do not need to be the star of the show. Our immune system deserves more credit.

    If you are not confident in your immune system -educate yourself. I had a nutritionist & geneticist audit my vitamin and mineral composition. We saw deficiencies and made dietary adjustments accordingly. The bill was less than the cost of a flu vaccine. I saved money and learned something new. Although not a proven causal link, I honestly cannot remember the last time I had the flu.

    I am thankful, but wish the propaganda for and against vaccines would exit stage-right while the miracle that is our immune system takes center stage.

  4. ralph

    Read that statement Elaine. Take it from Doctors: Government sucks at delivering health care. Particularly take note of his comments on Alleopathic vs. Homeopathic medicine; the kind you loathe and rant about as inferior and stupid. Our medical system has been hijacked and ruined just like our monetary system. Enjoy the govt. delivered vaccine.

  5. Wonderful item on those spiders Elaine, this is the best news service. Thanks.

  6. emsnews

    We need to live healthy lives and be clean. But this doesn’t stop viral epidemics spread via coughing.

    Viruses are not ‘just’ DNA or RNA, they hijack your body and colonize it to reproduce. They, more than we, can come closest to infinity. This kills us, of course.

    As for eating and thus, remaining free of disease: that is ridiculous. For example, if you eat only healthy food and then have sex with someone with AIDS or syphilis, you get very, very sick.

    I could go on but I know that the magic health food fanatics can’t comprehend how diseases operate.

  7. hi

    If I implied (or anyone assumed) that diet is the way to cure AIDS, then my “silver bullet” point was lost. I do believe we can emphasize how we directly influence our immune system every day. Let’s not hide behind an elixir and remain oblivious.

    On a different note -below is a link to a Reuters article that reveals something disturbing about the testing of vaccines. Why Americans are not protesting is just as disturbing. Why does the US Army test on “community risk”ers in Thai? There are plenty of people here in America to test on. Is this the US showing its goodwill or preying on other subservient countries’ poor? You be the judge.

    Q+A: In a first, an HIV vaccine works – but why?

  8. nah

    Aids has a ways to go till its erradicated…. jeez thats one disease that for being so new has been a total pain in the ass
    i dont get shots… mostly i try to avoid doctors unless i think i will starve or end up with a 12lb tumor… im always wrong tho, all a man needs to survive in the darkest night is ibuprofen and OJ
    every time i go to the doctor i feel like giggling ‘and i giggle a little’… i get to wait quietly for someone to tell me what i really feel… its like hypnotherapy, really cool man
    so i dont get shots… id figure im lucky to be as old as i am in the big picture… worst thing that can happen now is i sucked down life for all it was worth while i was around
    vaccinate or die

  9. Jim Dandy

    culture of life should change its name to
    “all vaccines, all the time”

    As Dow chemical so bluntly put “without chemicals, life itself would be impossible”. That from the makers of dioxin

  10. PLovering


    Wake Up to the Gardasil Vaccine!

    Here is a travesty about to happen. A study published May 26 2009 on the journal Pediatrics showed that mothers are willing to risk the lives of their children due to misinformation about the Gardasil, the vaccine for cervical cancer.

    Of the 8,832 mothers who completed a survey (84% response rate), 7,207 had a daughter. Among mothers with a daughter, 48% intended to vaccinate a daughter if she were 9 to 12 years of age, 68% if she were 13 to 15 years of age, and 86% if she were 16 to 18 years of age. Forty-eight percent intended to receive the vaccine themselves if recommended. Here’s the link to the article abstract:

    This vaccine is causing death and disability to girls around the globe. I have become aware of a class action lawsuit brewing that involves 18 teenage girls who were scholars and athletes, and have either died or become chronically disabled. One of the vaccine ingredients, polysorbate 80, has been shown to cause infertility in female mice. When these teens grow up, and have issues getting pregnant, the vaccine will NOT be blamed and pharma will NOT have any liability — and the in vitro business will boom.

    Vaccines are the backbone of the entire medical system. If we stopped vaccinating, yes, some children would be sick — for a week or two. But tens of millions of kids would remain healthy after the short-term illness. This would eliminate the need for drugs that treat asthma, allergies, ADD/ADHD, depression, diabetes, and even some cancers.

    Solution? JUST SAY NO. Learn how to stay healthy without vaccines.

  11. akama

    your comments on H1N1 is a wonderful example of how we all have blind sides where we are not (adequately) informed about issues. Your comments on economics are acute and deeply admired by many. Your comments on vaccination are naive.

    It seems to me, we are all limited by the radius of our experience and information-knowledge. It is when we choose to interpret and inform (especially publicly), that we need be adequately aware of the complexity of issues due to consequences of our words upon others. With knowledge comes responsibility.

    This (H1N1 flu & vaccine) is a very complex issue with an enormous body of information building up for the last 6 months from highly credible, multiple sources that speak so loudly otherwise. Knowing that, I would think that anyone awake and aware (and you are certainly that, Elaine) would be timid to write or speak so quickly and in such an offhand manner about such an enormous public issue. Please give that some sincere reflection.

    This is not about whether your opinion is right or wrong. This is about the
    consequences and moral responsibility that
    comes with your choosing to enter into this
    enormously complicated and diverse arena
    with its enormous consequences all too casually. Casual is exactly the way that you stepped on to this ‘field.’

  12. Hegel

    This Swine stuff is just a quick way to make some extra bucks by the powers that be, they don’t want to kill us. Just watch your Bloombergs, CNBC’s etc and see how the pharmaceuticals are the hottest shit to buy in 2009. Again Hegelian Dialectics all over the place.

    Problem = create Swine stuff.
    Reaction = oh noes we will all die, vaccinations required.
    Solution = sell vaccin, $$$$ KACHING $$$$.

    Don’t make it more difficult and complicated than it is and please stop fear mongering BOTH OF YOU SIDES.

  13. DrKrbyLuv

    Elaine, you aren’t qualified to preach about vaccinations – one way or the other.

    Like us, you may link to articles and information, or rely on instincts but you are guessing never the less.

    You have friends and regulars that respect your geo-financial expertize – that’s why we come back (especially Asia).

    I just don’t see how you can affect the opinions of your fans on vaccinations. We can see this is NOT your area of expertize.

    Can we please return to geo-finance?



    ELAINE: I am thoroughly baffled by this. Do you really imagine that the swine flu news has nothing to do with economics? It certainly does! What you object to is my refusal to follow the belief systems being set in cement by various other websites. I bet you have zero objections to other websites like Infowars publishing stuff about the H1N1 virus!

    See? This is a debate. I use the exact same materials in this debate as in all other debates. This is why I won’t use unvetted information when talking about economics. I use logic and statistics a great deal. I use history and use a lot of history from all over the place coupled with my background in the sciences.

    This doesn’t match the goofy worldview of the paranoid community! HAHAHA. So what? Think they are right all the time on everything? If you have an open mind, you would read me very carefully and think hard instead of demanding I spew out junk just because other people do this all the time.

  14. Daliwood

    hi wrote, Why does the US Army test on “community risk”ers in Thai?

    hi, there’s nothing sinister about this research. It was done in Thailand because the Army already had a well-developed AIDS research program there. That program was initially placed in Thailand for purely etiological reasons. Medical researchers, both civilian and military, wanted to find a location where the virus was nearly non-existent but was beginning to spread rapidly from a few identifiable sources. Thailand proved to be such a place.

    In addition, independent civilian researchers were also involved to ensure that international and American regulations regarding human subject research were fully attended to. Also, the program has been fully public since its inception and has included frequent invitations to researchers around the world to participate in the program if they wish. There has been no attempt to hide anything.

    I am not a propagandist for the Pentagon. I know that our military is capable of wholly unethical medical research and experimentation. The Pentagon has a long and sordid history of misdeeds. However, the AIDS research in Thailand is not one of those cases.

  15. Duski

    If people go crazy against mainstream politics that are clearly stupid, of course we should debate that with all our power.

    If people go crazy against mainstream science, of course we should debate that with all our power. This nonsense about vaccine dangers can be much more fatal than any plunder that might happen in finances, and must be fought with all power.

    Do people not read history at all? “Minor illness for two weeks?” HAHHAAH! 50% of infants used to die to various “minor illnesses” before modern times. Although sanitation and living standards have part in reducing that number, vaccinations might be single biggest contributor to that.


    ELAINE; Thank you, Duski. The thing the anti-vaccination people never consider is, the fact that we have to prepare for POSSIBILITIES. We dont’ sit passively, waiting to see if something hideous will happen! We can’t wait till next year to develop a H1N1 vaccination if it goes pandemic and kills 20 million people like the 1918 flu! We have to act now.

    If there is no vast pandemic, we can be happy and we have dodged the bullet. But we don’t wait until it is painfully obvious to do something. Much of the anti-vaccination group wants is a return to no vaccinations at all. This is because they have no idea how horrible it was, before vaccinations. This certainly will fix the world overpopulation problems, if we cease doing vaccinations!

    On the other hand, I much prefer birth control for doing this.

  16. sandy

    at least we still have the choice whether to get the vaccinations in this country or not, and i am choosing not to get them. pretty soon you will need 20 different vaccinations for the 20 different flu strains that they have identified and decided that we need to be vaccinated against…..

  17. Duski

    Vaccinating against common flu is probably overkill for normal healthy adults of course.

    But that does not mean _every_ vaccine is useless and meaningless.

  18. emsnews

    The swine flu is very important news. Telling me I am stupid (as if I have no background in taking biology courses!!!) just because I won’t play the ‘vaccines are KILLING us’ tune is dishonest.

    I said before: if you don’t trust any information coming out of ANY sources that are mainstream, you are suffering from paranoia.

    I noted how the complex of belief systems that are skeptical about any and all information coming from the mainstream while being totally and utterly naive about goofy ideas that bubble up out of the ‘non-science/non-factual’ community: this is very unhealthy.

    For example, believing in UFOs while denying the fact that we had men walk on the moon is typical of this bizarre belief system.

    Far from me being wrong about vaccinations, I am most likely right about nearly everything having to do with vaccinations. If you go to only goofy websites that lie about vaccinations, you might think you are very smart. People who drink poison thinking it is healthy are not smart. Most alcoholics think they are smart.

    But they are not smart!

    Chastizing me for not going along with the herd of mindless goofballs who are exploiting deep psychological fears of medical doctors isn’t going to change my mind about reality.

    So far, every time I mention that I nearly died of a ‘simple flu’ and that I have had flu shots almost all my life, this is ignored by people who have convinced themselves that the flu isn’t so nasty (Ted Rall, the cartoonist, just wrote about how he nearly died of the swine flu last week and readers attacked him for being ‘stupid’ because he wanted medicine!) or that the flu shots kill us (obviously, my whole family would have died if this was true!)

    Look: the proof is in the pudding and the anti-flu shot lunatics have ZERO proof to back up their contentions and I have the best proof on earth: I am alive. If my endorsement of shots that keep me alive pisses off magic thinking people, fine.

    You all can refuse this and do as you wish. But don’t expect me to applaud you in this. I think it is crazy. Not to mention, unscientific.

  19. Sky

    Seasonal flu shot may increase H1N1 risk :

    “Preliminary research suggests the seasonal flu shot may put people at greater risk for getting swine flu, CBC News has learned.”

    Better hurry up and get your swine flu shot if you’ve already had the regular flu shot.

    Oops. Just a minute…not so fast!

    “We don’t know with this year’s flu shot how it interacts with the pandemic flu shot, so it’s a worry,” said Dr. Michael Gardam, director of infectious diseases prevention and control at the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion.”

    Hmmmm ?

    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
    Choose your flu jabs. Don’t be slow.
    If they maim you…we told you so !
    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

  20. Mark

    Findings from animal and human studies confirm that diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and pertussis (DTP) and tetanus vaccinations induce allergic responses; associations between childhood vaccinations and subsequent allergies have been reported recently. OBJECTIVE: The association of DTP or tetanus vaccination with allergies and allergy-related respiratory symptoms among children and adolescents in the United States was assessed. METHODS: Data were used from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey on infants aged 2 months through adolescents aged 16 years. DTP or tetanus vaccination, lifetime allergy history, and allergy symptoms in the past 12 months were based on parental or guardian recall. Logistic regression modeling was performed to estimate the effects of DTP or tetanus vaccination on each allergy. RESULTS: The odds of having a history of asthma was twice as great among vaccinated subjects than among unvaccinated subjects (adjusted odds ratio, 2.00; 95% confidence interval, 0.59 to 6.74). The odds of having had any allergy-related respiratory symptom in the past 12 months was 63% greater among vaccinated subjects than unvaccinated subjects (adjusted odds ratio, 1.63; 95% confidence interval, 1.05 to 2.54). The associations between vaccination and subsequent allergies and symptoms were greatest among children aged 5 through 10 years. CONCLUSIONS: DTP or tetanus vaccination appears to increase the risk of allergies and related respiratory symptoms in children and adolescents. Although it is unlikely that these results are entirely because of any sources of bias, the small number of unvaccinated subjects and the study design limit our ability to make firm causal inferences about the true magnitude of effect.

  21. emsnews

    That article said ‘We don’t KNOW’…nothing absolute. The doctors are guessing.

    Reading carefully is very important. I try doing this all the time. As for the swine flu being caused by shots: that isn’t in the story.

    Jumping to conclusions is fun but not smart.

  22. emsnews

    About the allergies thing: um, hate to tell you this, but children who die of diptheria, for example, don’t have allergies at all. They are dead.

    So, if the choice is some allergies or death, guess what? I know what I would choose.

  23. emsnews

    This is what bothers me the most here: people haul out all kinds of things as proof that shots are ‘evil’ yet ignore the greatest evil of all: death from not getting shots! This is the ultimate dishonesty I can think of here.

    The list of hideous diseases which slaughtered nearly half of all children shows us that the alternative to not having shots is to have massive death rates and thus, we shouldn’t be so casual to compare small discomforts to these monstrous deadly diseases….!!!!!

    I am very upset about this! The reason the anti-vaccination people are so arrogant about these potential deaths if we don’t vaccinate is simple: the death rate of children has plummeted since the introduction of vaccinations! And so the spread of most of these diseases has been reduced to nearly zero.

    If we stop this vaccination business, we resume, within just 2 generations, the death toll from a wide number of deadly diseases. Also remember, people who get these diseases and survive often have lifetime health problems from this. For example, scarlet fever in childhood can cause death from heart attack as a young adult. I knew someone who died while walking up the stairs at home due to this, at the age of only 39 years.

    This is not a joke. Eating healthy foods after scarlet fever doesn’t fix the heart problem. Not to mention, mothers who get simple diseases while pregnant, have children with birth defects.

    The anti-vaccination gang won’t mention this detail, either. We have to weigh all things on a scale of life and death. So far, the vaccination side of the scale outweighs the ‘there are SIDE effects!’ side of the scale, massively.

  24. RobG

    Funny commentary over at Jesse’s: Federal Reserve Eyes the US Money Market Funds

    One thing we can judge is character, and the character of many of the actors on this stage appear to be less than trustworthy to say the least, especially in the Obama Administration and their cronies on Wall Street. In reviewing the biographies of many of the key players, we were struck by how few of them have ever done anything, built anything, in the productive economy. Its all about FIRE institutions and governments, and revolving doors where one is paid for connections and influence, and following orders.

    Increasingly it seems that the Wall Street financial institutions, led by the gang of four, will push their power grip on the nation until something stops them. What that will be, no one can know for sure. The Ponzi scheme they have been running is starting to fall apart. The target bag holders, the Chinese, Japanese, and Europeans seem to be slipping towards the exit. When the music stops, someone may be left with a big pile of worthless paper. It looks to us like the Fed is interviewing candidates.

  25. nah

    In early 2009, “it appeared that Finton was on the verge of taking action, so it was decided to proactively provide him with an opportunity for action that we controlled, rather than merely hoping to be able to find out and stop him,” according to a government affidavit.

    He was introduced to an undercover FBI agent who began working with him to plot an attack, but Finton was repeatedly told he could walk away at any time, according to the Justice Department.
    Back to the slammer’ with ya

  26. nah

    September 25, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    This is what bothers me the most here: people haul out all kinds of things as proof that shots are ‘evil’ yet ignore the greatest evil of all: death from not getting shots! This is the ultimate dishonesty I can think of here.
    I hate needles…. its like hold still… PAUSE… ok does that hurt… NO… ok hold still… uggg… flex you muscles… anesthesiologists know what their doing… nurses git thar’ job done
    that is the ultimate reason to NOT get flu shots… cuz they SUCK

  27. nah
    Maoists protest “undignified” pageant
    “The contest is a forum where women are used by companies to popularize and sell their products,” said Manu Humagain, head of an anti-pageant Maoist panel. “It is a blow to the dignity of the women. We oppose it.”
    We should all sit around in mud huts, plow our own land, teach our own children, and idolize our own situation… the world would be a better place if thats all we had’ been doin’ for the past 150yrZ boi

  28. PLovering

    The science community divides itself thus:

    Good Science = seeing is believing.

    Bad Science = believing what isn’t there.

    Ruth Fowler, author of “No Man’s Land” defined feminism as believing what isn’t there. Same as bad science.

  29. emsnews

    Plovering, glad you are showing your true colors: I am a FEMINIST.

    If you imagine the ferocious discrimination I had to fight for most of my life was ‘invisible’ I hate to tell you this, but it was LEGAL and very ‘visible’!

    This is why my fight became much easier after the Civil Rights Act was passed. I immediately began lawsuits demanding equal rights.

    I was only in junior high and I demanded and end to the separation of classes whereby boys in high school get auto and shop classes while girls took typing and home ec.

    I even protested these classes by refusing to take the girl’s classes! But when the typing teacher came to me when I was in my third year in high school, she said, ‘If you learn to type fast, you can file lawsuits faster.’

    So I took speed typing. HAHAHA.

    Anyway: any guy who claims feminism is fake is stupid. Period. And if you hate me for this, Plovering, tough titties. Eh?

    I am happy you refuse modern medicine.

  30. PLovering

    @Elaine, “Plovering, tough titties.”

    Dear Elaine, I am impressed with your grasp of our differences. Just admitting that you have two hanging high to my two hanging low and the generally lower scores of female IQ’s is progress.

    To further elevate the level of comity, may I broach the subject of shingles, a rather painful disease suffered by Americans in the hundreds of thousands. There is hope.


    ELAINE: I know how painful shingles are.

    1. the bundles are very heavy and they are floppy. Carrying them up a ladder on one’s shoulder is a real pain in the ass.

    2. shingles have rocks glued to them. Tiny rocks. These blunt the razors when you slice them.

    3. they also have tar in them and this gums up the utility knife. I used to call my utility knifes SUV knives. Always got a chuckle from the guys on the roof.

    4. it REALLLLLY hurts if you hit yourself with a hammer while putting on shingles.

    5. when a shingle drops, it is like a falling knife. OUCH.

    Yes, the topic of shingles! Next: flashing. Males flash, they go to jail. But if you flash a roof, this is a good thing. 🙂

  31. PLovering

    @blues, my dear boy, while I appreciate your inquisitive mind, your lack of scientific method begs the need of formal education.

    Might I respectfully suggest you study the correlation between vaccines and cancer.

    Good luck,


    ELAINE: Hey, I like how you and your gang likes to scare us claiming vaccinations make us as stupid as you.

  32. CK

    Gravity is inexorable. Which is why Howard Hughes was a true benefactor to man.

  33. PLovering

    @CK Good proof.

    The Lizards were most unhappy with Howard Hughes.

    New HIV vaccine all the rage in today’s MSM.

    A daily sip of colloidal silver beats this HIV vaccine by a bloody mile, yet never gets a drop of ink.

    Remember the vaccine killers, when “Come To Jesus Day” rolls around.

  34. De Witte Joodse Feministische Marxistische Darwinistische Verrader

    People, read everything by people like Bob Chapman, Ellen Brown, William Engdahl or Henry C.K. Liu. They are NOT suspicious.

  35. Mark

    There is no vaccine for scarlet fever Elaine. It is treated easily with antibiotics. There may have been one long ago but not today.

  36. CK

    ” Males flash, they go to jail.” Paris Hilton flashes, she gets another tv show.
    Brittany Spears flashes and no one cares anymore.

  37. emsnews

    It all depends on what you are flashing. 🙂

  38. matthew

    Doctor Admits Vaccine is more Deadly Than Swine Flu Itself …

    3 min 24 sec – 2 days ago –

  39. Sky

    @ matthew – Here’s the link.

    MSM… it should be good enough for Elaine.

  40. Sky

    The good doctor managed to squeak in the word ” squalene”…and the talking head IMMEDIATELY cut him off and got the doc talking about another neurotoxin instead – thimerosol.

    Can’t be havin’ none of that squalene talk on FOX . Squalene talk could easily lead to talk about Gulf War Syndrome and how the squalene laced vaccines sickened and disabled thousands upon thousands of American vets.

  41. Sky

    Well, well, what have we here ?

    911 brought us the Patriot Act and now H1N1 brings us this :

    “The government plans to rush through measures allowing people with suspected mental health issues to be quickly detained because of fears over staff shortages in any forthcoming swine flu outbreak, it has been revealed.

    The temporary changes to the Mental Health Act, as laid out in an unusually short consultation lasting just one month, would mean it would only take one doctor, rather than two, to have a person sectioned and put on medication without their consent.

    The measures could have a serious effect on the thousands of patients with psychiatric issues who currently live outside state care, meaning many could be detained against their will on the word of just one health professional. ”

    H1N1 : the bioengineered gift that keeps on giving.

    Of course the measures are always ” temporary “. lol

  42. Sky

    Has anyone seen the new choke collars they have for dogs ?

    My husband and I went for a walk last night and ran into a lady walking her young spaniel. I reached down to pet her dog and ( as usual ) checked to see if her dog’s collar was too tight. I was in shock at what I saw. These choke chains now have one inch steel prongs pointing IN towards the dog’s neck. They look like some kind of medieval torture device.The dog’s owner reassured me that the prongs weren’t painful because she had tried it out on her own leg. In her mind, there is zero difference between a heavily muscled leg and a delicate neck replete with vital arteries.

    What does this have to do with the NWO and H1N1 ?

    The NWO already had us in choke collars. Now they’ve added the prongs with the H1N1 pandemic.

  43. emsnews

    That is because if you are a nurse or doctor and are carrying the disease, you can KILL someone.

    This is the reality. People have ‘freedom’ up to a point. If a doctor refuses to protect patients from a disease that is preventable, he isn’t a doctor, he is a murderer.

  44. CK

    Data suggests that men who had the full run of vaccinations during their babyhood and childhood are much more likely to need Viagra or other ED meds by their late 40’s early 50s. Men in their 60’s and older who had many fewer vaccinations are much less likely to need ED meds.


    ELAINE: That is pure bullshit.

  45. butters

    Elaine. Just the fact that the drug companies are not held libel if the vaccine makes you sick or disabled.

    Eh gadds…

  46. Rajiv

    Flying Pigs Saga Continued: WHO admits no deadly mutation of H1N1 Swine Flu

    The World Health Organization, the UN agency (ir-)responsible for declaring a Phase 6 “PANDEMIC” global alert over what it calls H1N1 Influenza A or Swine Flu, whose chief Dr Margaret Chan has repeatedly warned that while Swine Flu to date had been rather mild, that the emergency declaration was necessary because it “could mutate” aggressively into a deadly pandemic killing millions, now admits well into the flu season in the Northern Hemisphere that H1N1 has apparently not mutated.

    Margaret Chan, the head of the World Health Organization, at a meeting with health officials in her native Hong Kong, has just stated that the swine flu virus has not yet mutated into a more deadly strain. WHO Director of the Initiative for Vaccine Research, Dr Marie-Paule Kieny, reinforced that statement in a press conference September 24 in Geneva when she stated, “we are lucky that the pandemic is moderate in severity that most people experience a mild illness and recover spontaneously.” That means recovery with no vaccination, no Tamiflu or other dangerous ”antiviral” drugs. Just with letting nature take its course.

    Last summer, when the WHO decided to declare a global “pandemic emergency” over what it called the H1N1 Influenza A global spread, it also announced in a notice buried among its press releases that most countries had stopped testing ill populations for H1N1, and that the WHO therefore simply arbitrarily “assumed” all patients with a stated set of symptoms were automatically H1N1 victims. So the H1N1 pandemic case counts, to quote the WHO, “no longer reflect actual disease activity.”

    The symptoms the WHO listed as indication that a patient has H1N1? A fever, cough, sore throat, headache… in short, all the symptoms of a common cold. The pandemic declaration by the agency entrusted by the UN with monitoring and guarding the world’s health came anyway, on recommendation of the WHO’s “experts,” the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts, or SAGE.

    However, even though the WHO admits it is not testing patients for H1N1 around the world, they also state that the H1N1 “pandemic virus” is becoming more common than the common seasonal flu virus. A simple question in the interest of accuracy: How in hell’s blazes do they know that if they stopped testing around the world? Gut feeling? WHO’s “intuition” that everyone who has a fever, cough, headache and or sore throat around the world automatically must have H1N1? The alarming aspect of this entire charade is that it will likely have severe health consequences for millions or tens of millions of some three billion people around the world targeted to get injections of largely untested so-called H1N1 Swine Flu vaccines.

    End Quote

  47. emsnews

    THANK GOD this latest virus isn’t butchering everyone. But it COULD.

    All organizations looking after us must plan for the POSSIBILITY of this happening. This virus has killed a number of people already and I bet every last one of the dead, if they could talk to us, would tell us, they wish they had a vaccination instead of dying. Thank you.

  48. Pingback: Magic Food Doesn’t Cure Or Prevent Cancer And Flu Season Begins In Ernest | Culture of Life News

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