The Horrors Of The Carbon Trade Derivatives Beast

There are many ways of fixing things. Using the right tools is important.  The international bankers have chosen a very nasty tool for fixing both global warming and dealing with the Hubbert Oil Peak: wild derivative futures markets modeled on the goofy OTC —CDS market!  The thing that just destroyed international banking.  We mustn’t forget that the reason we had a banking meltdown was due to the sudden climb in energy prices beginning with the invasion of Iraq.


EU to propose climate action on planes, ships | Markets | Markets News | Reuters

Aviation and shipping should cut their respective carbon dioxide emissions to 10 and 20 percent below 2005 levels over the next decade, the European Union is likely to propose at global climate talks this week…. .

….A system of taxes might meet more political resistance than a cap and trade scheme, which would force polluters to buy permits to emit carbon dioxide. .

Shipping would be best served by a cap and trade scheme, the industry associations of Australia, Britain, Belgium, Norway and Sweden argued in a report last week that did not set targets. .

The UK Chamber of Shipping estimated a trading scheme for emissions would cost the seaborne industry up to 6 billion euros a year, depending on the price of carbon.

In other words, this is a hidden tax.  That is, everything we buy will be more expensive.  This is most interesting to me since the entire premise for ‘free trade’ is based on cheap transportation.  The world’s economy is based very strongly on this business of moving things across the planet in huge machines like container ships or giant jets.  These monster-sized transporters move massive amounts of goods all over the place.  The concept of local production working to supply local markets has been totally and utterly destroyed by free trade.


For example, my small town of Berlin, NY, used to grow flowers for sale in upstate NY and the surrounding states.  15 years ago, Seagrotte Roses tripled their green houses and expanded greatly.  But then, free trade came waltzing in and destroyed every single job in Berlin, NY.  Now, Seagrotte’s headquarters are at the Albany Airport and they process imported roses and then deliver these.  The distances these flowers travel expanded from less than 200 miles to over 3,000 miles, all of this via jets that pollute the air, mess up the atmosphere and consume much greater amounts of precious fossil resources.


If the guys yelling about global warming were even slightly serious, they would strangle ‘free trade’ and revert to the earlier, older method of doing business much more locally.  Instead of this sane solution, they have decided to have a hidden tax on energy.  Which isn’t a real tax.  It is a new Derivatives Beast which they hope to grow so it is BIGGER than the thing it supposedly taxes!!!!


This is pure insanity but very profitable for the bankers.  The bankers hate direct taxes.  This flows to GOVERNMENTS, not them!  They by far prefer to have governments run in the red and go to them for funding, not the reverse.  Frankly, I am not an anarchist.  I am pro-government systems.  I love regulations that are sane and have useful ends.  This is why I have championed that great tool of all previous government systems: tariffs.  It, too, is a tax on trade and goods.  But the money funds the GOVERNMENT directly!  It prevents foreign intrusions into domestic markets.


The pathetic attempt to balance our trade via trade has been a total 50 year failure.  There isn’t the slightest doubt about this.  We run more and more in the red, year after year.  What more proof do we need?  If we pay an international energy tax that goes to the BANKERS, this is FRAUD.  We don’t need this.  If we wish to stop carbon pollution, all we have to do is regulate our own industries here at home via laws passed by our sovereign government!  No need for any international deals.  We can and should fix our own messes here at home. And one great tool we have dropped is tariffs.  We can slap on an energy cost tariff, for example!  No need for any daffy derivatives markets.


Carbon Trading May Dwarf Crude Oil – Carbon Challenge Series 2009 – Special Report –

If carbon cap-and-trade becomes a reality, get ready for a potential multi-trillion dollar commodities market that could sprout up quickly, but not without growing pains. “I’m estimating carbon markets could be worth $2 trillion in transaction valuemoney changing hands – within five years of trading (starting),” says Bart Chilton, a Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) commissioner, who’s also chairman of its energy and environmental markets advisory committee. “That would make it the largest physically traded commodity in the US, surpassing even oil.”


Good gods!  That is utterly and totally insane and proof that the entire concept of carbon trading is rotten to the core.  Of course, the bankers are salivating over this: the pollution is INVISIBLE and thus, can be quantified in any way they wish.  Also, since it is not positive production, it is part of the negative sector of finance, that is, the concept of nothingness.  This is a KEY to understanding wealth.  There are two kinds of wealth: reality things like gold, cattle, humans, real estate, etc.  Then there are invisible things that are assigned value: money, bonds, interest rates and derivative markets.  These things are not really real, they are mental constructs representing solid things like gold, cattle, humans, etc.


Since these ideological items are not physically real but rather, are assigned numbers, they can go to infinity.  Out of nothingness comes infinity.  This is the most important key to understanding economic systems.  When talking about the value of gold, for example, we should always talk about how valuable it is in relation to say, a barrel of oil or a unit of energy or the cost of sending a child to Harvard for one semester.  Dollar values are not direct but rather, are a way to calculate value of these disparate items quickly.  But if there is hyperinflation, one can’t do this fast enough for the decline in value of the calculation paper items heads towards infinity while the real value of these things are still the same, relatively speaking.


OIL FUTURES:Crude Rises On Weaker Dlr Ahead Of Stockpiles Data –

The dollar weakened this morning against its major counterparts such as the euro, pound and yen, making investments in commodities such as oil cheaper.

. Still, while some analysts point to the weaker dollar as a way to explain higher crude prices, while others say the price of the euro is more strongly correlated to the global oil trade.

. “The euro is simply more representative of how demand is doing overseas,” said Jim Ritterbusch, president of Ritterbusch & Associates in Galena, Ill. “The Brent market in the North Sea is a very important benchmark for daily oil trading. Big shifts in the euro are capable of affecting consumption across Europe.”ΩΩ


The fact that this useless and invisible trade item will overwhelm the size of the energy market it supposedly represents is proof that this is a malign system set up to LOOT everyone on the planet earth.  So it should be killed.  And the only way we can do this is to go after our sovereign governments to not do this stupid thing.  But Europe and America both hope to exploit this market to enrich the top 1%.  And if we want to see a revolution on the horizon, this is the way to set up things so the guillotines go into high gear.


Already, it is obvious that the more stable euro is rapidly replacing the dollar as the way of calculating international oil deals.  Instability in the dollar is driving away people from using it over the long term.  Europe is very big on this carbon trading business because most of the international bankers who will be destroying our lives this way are based in Europe or European-run banks on British sovereign islands.


Trichet Says Strong Dollar Is ‘Extremely Important’ (Update1) –

European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said a strong dollar is “extremely important” for the world economy and it’s too early for the ECB to unwind emergency stimulus measures. .

“In the present situation it is extremely important that we can have in the framework at the level of global finance and the global economy a strong dollar, as the authorities in the U.S. are saying,” Trichet told lawmakers in Brussels today. “The solidity of the dollar is very important.” .

Trichet’s comments come after a 15 percent slide in the dollar against the euro since February that’s threatening to hamper Europe’s recovery from the worst recession since World War II. With the Group of 20 nations pledging to rebalance the global economy away from a trade deficit in the U.S., the risk for the ECB is that its economy feels the pain of further dollar adjustment.


The Europeans and Japanese, our G7 buddies, are very upset about the weak dollar.  They want to keep it as the way of dealing with international business because this inflates the dollar’s value artificially and thus, enables invasive exports to the US domestic markets.  No one wants to fix this mess we are in since they profit from it.  The US has to fix this unilaterally since we are the ones being ravaged by free trade and an artificially strong dollar due to our trade competitors holding trillions of dollars in their own FOREX holdings.


One of my readers here sent me this PDF from Europe.  The costs of refitting an economy with alternative green energy systems is very expensive.  But of course, the other side of this equation is simple: if no one does this, eventually the Hubbert Oil Peak will reset systems so they are very, very expensive.  Even without the goofy derivatives game played by bankers.



Europe’s current policy and strategy for supporting the so-called “green jobs” or renewable energy dates back to 1997, and has become one of the principal justifications for U.S. “green jobs” proposals. Yet an examination of Europe’s experience reveals these policies to be terribly economically counterproductive. .ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ

This study is important for several reasons. First is that the Spanish experience is considered a leading example to be followed by many policy advocates and politicians. This study marks the very first time a critical analysis of the actual performance and impact has been made. Most important, it demonstrates that the Spanish/EU-style “green jobs” agenda now being promoted in the U.S. in fact destroys jobs, detailing this in terms of jobs destroyed per job created and the net destruction per installed MW. .

The study’s results demonstrate how such “green jobs” policy clearly hinders Spain’s way out of the current economic crisis, even while U.S. politicians insist that rushing into such a scheme will ease their own emergence from the turmoil…. . ….Reducing emissions, a major rationale for “green jobs” or renewables regimes, hits the poorest hardest. According to the recent report by the Congressional Budget Office, a cap-and-trade system aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by just 15% will cost the poorest quintile 3% of their annual household income, while benefiting the richest quintile ( “ T rade-Offs in Allocating Allowances for CO2 Emissions”, U.S. Congressional Budget Office, Economic and Budget Issue Brief, April 25, 2007)…..


…The first method aims to correct the rate deficit, which in part is caused by the subsidies to the renewables, evidenced by a higher future electric cost. According to the National Energy Commission, the price of a comprehensive energy rate (paid by the end consumer) in Spain would have to be increased 31% to begin to repay the historic debt generated by this deficit. . It is obvious that, if the rates were to increase by 31% — or by a lower percentage which, while it would not eliminate the deficit, it would reduce it—the energy intensive companies would suffer a very pronounced decline in their profitability and would have to reduce or eliminate operations in Spain. In our country, the sectors that consume the most energy are metallurgy, non-metallic mining and food processing, beverage and tobacco.

Screen shot 2009-09-30 at 9.37.43 AM

Facing a grave situation, 18 energy intensive Spanish companies, representing sectors such as metallurgy, cement, chemicals, ceramics and gas, and operating more than 100 factories, formed in September of 2007 an association to attempt to lower the elevated price they pay for electricity and thus be able to compete with companies in other countries where the electric cost is not as cumbersome. These companies comprise 18% of the industrial electric consumption in Spain and 7% of the total demand in the Iberian Peninsula.

. The goal of this union is twofold. On the one hand, it is to act as a central energy purchaser and, on the other, to attempt to receive from the administration special treatment allowing them to be exempted from paying the invoice incurred by the current energy policy. If they fail at this, shutting down and fleeing abroad will be unavoidable. The president of Asturiana de Zinc (one of Fortia ́s members), Santiago Zaldumbide, has openly declared that his company will relocate if no alternative is found to paying such a high market price of electricity in Spain. In terms of labor costs, what is at risk if these 18 companies relocate are the 47,000 jobs that they create.

. Before liberalizing the purchase of electricity by large consumers in July of 2008, the high-voltage regulated electric rate had been continually increasing, pushed by the burgeoning costs of electricity generation. Thus, between 1998 and 2008, the high- voltage rate increased by 40%. Last year, due to the change in rate, the large electricity consumers saw their electric price go up near 55%.


The problem Spain is having is very simple: they can’t compete with China.  China has had the intention of being the world’s #1 solar energy producer and has locked up world rare earths markets so China will be the one who gets to set the rules for future solar panel manufacturing.  The key is ALWAYS manufacturing power!  And China knows this very, very well.  Which is why this giant empire is moving relentlessly forwards on a pre-determined path.  The US and Europe suffer from older energy systems which will slowly erode in value over time.  The thing about solar energy systems is simple: you don’t need transmission lines if it is all over a community.  This is a significant cost savings in the third world.


China was third world only a short time ago.  It has every intention of building for the future.  One of the very first things Zhou Enlai asked for in the 1970’s was for my father to come to China and begin teaching them about solar energy systems.


The Europeans are directly competing with China in these futurist fields.  And are losing, of course.  China is determined to control this particular market and I suspect, are very, very close to gaining near-monopolistic powers over this business.  Right now, communities using solar power are at a great disadvantage.  But this will fade fast when the price of fossil fuels begin to really climb.  We got a small taste of this in 2008.  It can shoot upwards very, very rapidly.  The window of warning is less than 6 months.


So preparing for the future, say, 20 years from now, is paramount.  Like with flu shots, if we take strong measures to reduce the chance of a very bad epidemic, so it is with the Hubbert Oil Peak: it won’t be very destructive if we prepare for it beforehand.  If we goof off and act as if there is no danger, it will hammer us when it hits!  Of course, people want proof there is a problem in the form of millions of dead people or the inability to get any fossil fuels except if one uses gold.


It is stupid to wait until it is obvious in ANY system.  Of course, the fixes being proposed so far are all so pathetic and not even close to fixing the future.  For example, instead of using an energy tax to fund solar cells on every roof in Spain, they should have simply mandated that all housing be built with it!  Simple as HELL.


But of course, not so popular.  This might add another $10,000 or so to a house but then, an extra bathroom adds this much to a house.  So it is no hardship at all.  Since houses are bid up in price according to availability of credit, the actual price of materials and systems is immaterial to the cost of the house on the open market.  Spain, like the US, enjoyed a very big housing bubble and during this, not one building was required to have solar energy.  Instead, it piggy back rode into housing via energy costs that are assessed against everyone no matter who they were and where they lived.  This is totally ass-backwards and thus, strangles an economy, not builds it.


I have been for many years a very noisy proponent for making solar energy collection a requirement for new housing especially in desert communities in the South.


USCR = EIA:July US Crude Imports -8.9% On Yr, Despite Canada Record

The federal Energy Information Administration said Tuesday that U.S. crude oil imports were up a fractional 0.6% from June, and the highest level since April.


Canada was the top crude oil supplier to the world’s biggest oil consumer for the 41st straight month, with volumes climbing 5.4% in the month, to a record 2.11 million barrels a day, up 6.8% from a year ago. Canada’s share of U.S. imports was 22.9%, the highest level since September 2008. .

Refiners paid an average of $62.93 a barrel for imported crude supplies, down 5.2% from June and less than half the year-earlier record level of $127.77 a barrel, EIA data show. The EIA also reported revised U.S.oil demand in July was 4% below a year earlier, at 18.771 million barrels a day, a 13-year low for July, but the highest in any month since January. .

Imports from Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter, averaged 1.137 million barrels a day, the most since January and up 26% from June, when imports were the lowest since November 1988. July crude imports from Saudi Arabia were 32.2% below a year ago, and were near the volumes imported by China and Japan from the Saudis in the month, as the kingdom has expanded its exports to Asia. .

Saudi returned to its traditional role as the second-biggest crude supplier to the U.S., from a fourth-place ranking in June.


So, Mexico is fading fast as our major oil supplier!  Canada is surging.  And so is Saudi Arabia.  The US is a military mercenary nation that serves Saudi Arabia.  This is why we cannot leave Iraq.  The Saudis are very fearful that the Shi’ites in Iraq will join in an alliance with Iran.  And fear a nuclear armed Iran.  So the US has to stay in this bloody region, dying for the Saudis.  And we have to pay for all this, too.  We can’t even be real mercenaries!  We have to fund this mess via going to China for money.


China just blew out of the water, our desire to crush Iran because China gets lots of oil from Iran and has no intention of helping us service the Saudis.  They hope to force the king of Arabia to come to THEM for military support.  This is in negotiations, of course.  The Chinese Dragon, Hu, has gone to Saudi Arabia more than once, gently prying the king away from the US.


INEVITABLY, Saudi Arabia will ask the Chinese to protect the kingdom. Why is this prediction so obvious?


Simple: China doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the Holy Land. They simply do not care one bit about the entire mess there.  So they don’t have to embarrass the King of Saudi Arabia by committing war crimes against Muslims.  True, the Chinese suppress Muslims in China.  But if they form an alliance with the King who rules Mecca, it is very possible that this will also be used to help elevate the Muslim Chinese socially and diplomatically so they can work with the Chinese government and the Kings of Arabia to further the diplomatic ends of the Muslims which happens to be, this very same business in Palestine.


And the US top elites are very much aware of all this!  And are utterly helpless.  The Jewish lobby won’t yield one inch of Palestinian territory they ripped from the hands of the natives there.  The bitter struggle for power will destroy US international relations and we can’t fix this at all.


And this all goes back to energy: if Saudi Arabia embraces China, we can kiss cheap oil goodbye and this will happen at a very furious pace.  That is, the process of switching from US protection to Chinese military protection will be VERY SUDDEN.  All international power shifts occur in hours, not years.

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42 responses to “The Horrors Of The Carbon Trade Derivatives Beast

  1. Jim Dandy

    wow. Great point…I hadn’t thought of that in that way

    The bankers hate direct taxes. This flows to GOVERNMENTS, not them! They by far prefer to have governments run in the red and go to them for funding, not the reverse.

  2. Daliwood

    Some environmental policy groups are proposing a cap and divident system rather than a cap and trade system–this one for example:

    It has various permutations offered by different groups but many of them address carbon where it enters the economic system rather than the point at which it enters the atmosphere. It’s an interesting idea, but I haven’t looked at it closely enough to see if it has real merit.

  3. Daliwood

    Oops. Dividend, not divident.

  4. isha

    “So the US has to stay in this bloody region, dying for the Saudis.” IS NOT Real. ” Dying for Is_Real” is_real …


  5. DeVaul

    You know, I just want to say that I have entered a state of “shock and awe” at the ability of the ruling elites to keep our bankrupt system chugging along for year after year after year — long after it was obvious that we were totally insolvent.

    I did not know bankrupt systems could go on forever, but I guess they can. I think there is now a greater chance of me dying of old age before the US goes belly up.

    I guess bankruptcy is something that only applies to individuals, not powerful groups or countries.

  6. JT

    we desperately need inflation now.
    One way the create inflation is taxes.

    Eternal growth comes not from increased productivity as they say, it comes from inflation.

    Whatever it takes as Ben would say ;).


    ELAINE: Taxes don’t create inflation at all. It sucks money out of the system, money that is capital. That is, if we see lots of money being created via credit, raising taxes sucks the money out of the system so it doesn’t inflate the value of housing, mistresses, etc. Balancing a budget this way is good news, not bad news, when it comes to inflation. Of course, this works ONLY IF THERE ARE NO WARS GOING ON. The US is addicted to wars and has one going on all the time.

  7. @ Elaine:

    “The bankers hate direct taxes. This flows to GOVERNMENTS, not them! They by far prefer to have governments run in the red and go to them for funding, not the reverse.”

    The insurance company execs are the same way. Witness the health insurance debacle where the writers of the bills (the ins cos’ lobbyists) have put provisions in there to make health ‘insurance’ MANDATORY and to have all those who don’t buy it pay an outrageous fine at tax time. Those who DON”T pay the fine get sent to prison or fined $25,000 by the IRS. Or both.

  8. And I forgot the provision most dear to the insurance gnomes’ hearts: ALL the fines go to the insurance companies, not the Government!

  9. emsnews

    The DNC health care bill is a total disaster. We must imitate our trade rivals.

  10. Jim Dandy

    I attended a city council meeting in Phoenix a few months ago where they were bidding a solar generation station. There were reps from some of the solar companies that do this discussing the important issues of solar.

    To say the council members were clueless was an understatement. Any time governments get involved with these issues it becomes a mess, at least in the US, which seems to be trapped in a grey area between free markets and state controlled businesses.

    It’s time for the US to choose one way or the other. If we are to be free market, get the government out completely. If socialized, then kill the little left as obama seems intent on doing.

  11. nah

    The pathetic attempt to balance our trade via trade has been a total 50 year failure.
    dont know if its been that bad… lots of cheap goods and labor… good environment for business… just less and less ways to pay for it with monopolys dictating their ‘fair share’ to government even if its negative over time
    monopolys love to export industry cuz they get to mark up the imports and give out fat bonuses to the bosses of the modern economys of scale
    and israel sux as a boss, id say figure out what it takes for peace… ask for 20% more and negotiate on behalf of the U.S.
    baby your one in a million

  12. roger

    Gestation takes 9 months (humans) birth occurs in a matter of minutes .Earthquakes can take centuries to build up,and disaster strikes in seconds,International power shift occur in much the same way.Understanding the process of change needs a dialectic mind. The old Greeks where masters at it

  13. criticalcontrarian

    @Elaine: Off topic. What’s your take on this: Military coup “to resolve the ‘Obama problem’ ” is not “unrealistic” @ &

    Was it a failed trial balloon to gauge public sentiment? The story was pulled before it got to print… It’s clear to me that Obama is a Bush clone with better manners, his policy’s are identical, so what gives?

  14. PLovering

    @criticalcontrarian, “What’s your take on this: Military coup “to resolve the ‘Obama problem’ is not “unrealistic” ……..

    A military coup is entirely realistic IMHO.

    Soldiers take their oath to “defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic” very seriously. Their Commander-In-Chief does not. Strike one!

    Contaminated anthrax vaccine has crippled a few hundred thousand US soldiers. Their wounded comrades do not receive the best of medical care and are often left dangling in the wind to fend for themselves. Morale is at an all time low. Strike two!

    The military is back in control of the Pentagon. Forcing soldiers to line up for another contaminate vaccine shot is a risky business. Strike three!

  15. Matheus

    You can see the trick on Carbon but don´t see the trick with the flu ! They are the same !


    ELAINE: No, they are not the same at all. Or perhaps, you should realize the antivaccination media groups are full of liars and scare mongers. The list of stupid claims they make are long and funny as hell.

    One recent claim is, vaccinations make your dicks small.

    Another is vaccinations make you dumber.

    Just these two claims alone show that the people doing this crap to you are seeking psychological control over you by pressing some very bizarre buttons. You should be very, very suspicious of this sort of nonsense.

  16. I think Cap and Trade is a starter which surprises me as I usually agree with Elaine.
    In ten years we will be bitching why we didn’t do more sooner. One or two cool wet years you want to call it quits.

    everyone talks about China’s power station a week but never the megawatt of wind capacity that goes in every hour.

    A law that puts a price on carbon is a must.


    ELAINE: Track the money! Where is this tax going? Into governments, or banks? Who controls this tax? Sovereign nations or international bankers?

  17. Since when is a military coup a solution for anything? EMS should delete these pathetic remarks because they border on treason. Really Sad.


    ELAINE: No, the reader was alerting me to a valid news story. The US always trembles on the edge of the military coup cliff. This is because we are a military nation and the military eats an immense hunk of our government funds.

  18. criticalcontrarian

    @PLovering: am very familiar with the “defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic” philosophy, having participated in several coups. What did I learn? It’s a Catch-22. Problem is there is always a political agenda, and you had better know the tail wagging the dog before engaging and putting yourself in harm’s way. Pentagon, CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. are vassal institutions of the MeisterSpast Klasse, at least the ones giving the orders. So the question is, who does one really work for when one participates in such an exercise? In my experience, when the MeisterSpast realize they have shit on themsleves, they do a round robin to appease the proles. To give a different flavor, feeling, atmosphere. It’s just an illusion. Not very encouraging.

    Better to do what one can do in your own backyard. Rule of thumb, if you cannot fix local, what makes you think you can national? Worse yet, global. It all starts in one’s own backyard. 😉

    In a perfect world, a coup takes place when there is a clear delineation between good and evil in government, and the soldier surgically removes the evil portion of government and then returns to barracks after turning the government over to civilian branch of government. Problem is in a perfect world you CAN delineate good and evil in government. You and I, all of us, do not have that luxury in our world.

    @Kevin McKern: Treason?

    “We are a rebellious nation. Our whole history is treason; our blood was attained before we were born; our creeds were infidelity to the mother church; our constitution treason to our fatherland.” ~ (Theodore Parker)

  19. billibaldi

    I am sure I read somewhere that in the armed forces that Colonel is as far you can rise on natural talent, after that it is politics, ie you have to play the game. The ruling elites are never going to let some loose cannon be put in charge of the Praetorian guard. It is all in wikipedia.

    For example- General Stanley Mcchrystal -After a year as a senior service college fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, he moved up to command the entire 75th Ranger Regiment from June 1997 to August 1999, then spent another year as a military fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. Does this sound like an outsider to you.

  20. Sky

    @ CC – While we’re off topic, what do you think about the situation in Montana ?

    There’s a private paramilitary group that’s been handed a contract for God only knows what to a state detention facility that doesn’t meet building codes.

    They refuse to reveal who their parent corp is .

    Oh, and they drove around with official Montana police insignias on their vehicles.These guys weren’t just impersonating a police officer….they were impersonating a police DEPARTMENT .

    And nobody does anything.

    The question people really, really need to ask themselves is this : Where in hell did they get the police insignia from ? Who gave to them ? And how high up the govt ladder does this stinking, secretive operation go ?

  21. billibaldi

    Elaine, re Saudi Arabia, when you follow the money, it looks like the Saudis bankrolled the the Pakistan nuclear program. The Saudis are not just relying on Uncle Sam.

    I am really just re-iterating you point on how things could go pear-shaped very quickly.

  22. Dragon

    Meine geliebten Führer, 周恩來. May you rest in peace in heaven.

  23. justiceatsqualor

    Can they use global warming rationalized derivatives, offsets, or indulgences to take the place of central banking money creation once the system crosses peak oil and moves from an energy increasing system to an energy decreasing system? I guess.

    Can they install it? I guess they can sell it to our leaders and diplomats as a way to keep an equivalent of the T-bill scam rolling in perpetuity by clawing back the profits from all that unbalanced trade now that the BRICs are big emitters. I guess they can sell the idea to the BRICs as a way to ensure our de-industrialization and keep the frog in the pot of warming water from stirring. Now that’s treason folks. And it ain’t comin’ from the ‘pres. It’s from the NWO. Even if they only get partial success, they still make money and maintain more control.

    Their hubris is thinking that their scam has worked because of their brilliance. On the front side of the Hubbert curve, everyone got richer every year. No matter how lame the lies, everyone will nod their heads when they’re getting richer. People aren’t that skeptical when they’re fat drunk and happy. But ask those same folks to get poorer? And then by the way tell them that they’re going to be poorer because bankers want to keep making outsize profits and maintain the ability to create economic realities? And then let those folks see the snickering nerds.

    The gnomes don’t realize that their existence and relevance is now tied to the front side of the Hubbert curve.

    Elaine is right: the place for these controls is government, not private hands, particularly now that the question is how to divide a shrinking pie.

  24. criticalcontrarian

    @billibaldi: Amen. The John F. Kennedy School of Government is one main elite vassal training grounds. You make Fido proud after indoctrination. 😉

    @Sky: that’s a strange one, albeit disturbing. The first word that comes to my mind is fragmentation. I see a lot of fragmentation going on at different levels, socio, political, financial, judicial, and so on. Coup rumors, paramilitaries, militia. I could actually see the US breaking up into several territories run by “democratic” warlords (presidential wannabes). Heck just the Bush criminal franchise could take the whole South if they aligned with the Arkansas criminal franchise. But hey, that would spreading conspiracy rumors, eh? LOL.

  25. Gus

    The US Navy controls the
    shipping lanes, Saudi Arabia
    has to price oil in USD as a
    result. China cannot protect
    Saudi Arabia. Why hasn’t there been a pipeline built to Europe from Arabia? Its the leverage we have controlling the shipping lanes.
    They need our Navy.

  26. billibaldi

    @Gus, the peak (acme) of strategy is to defeat the enemy without battle. (Sun Tzu).

    The Chinese just have out-wait the US. The timeline that Marc Faber gives is five to ten years. This is because he forsees no reduction in the US $2 trillion deficit.

  27. criticalcontrarian

    @billibaldi: spot on! The Chinese elite will sit back and patiently sip cognac on the rocks, while watching the “guizi” 鬼子 rant, blow smoke and do the Hollywood shuffle…

  28. emsnews

    The British navy ruled the Seven Seas in 1914. Most of this was sunk by 1919. By 1939, the rest was sunk and Britain had to depend on the US for ships.

    By 1980, British ships nearly ceased being made in Britain. By 2000, the entire ship building business collapsed.

    The US used to build the most ships on earth in 1940. By 1980, we gave up on having a domestic civilian shipping industry.

    By 2000, the only ships we build are military and this is now hideously expensive due to graft, corruption and bribery.

    By 2020, we won’t have a navy just like Britain doesn’t have much of a navy. China, the world’s #1 ship builder, will rule the Seven Seas.

  29. JSmith

    “Military coup “to resolve the ‘Obama problem’ ” is not “unrealistic”… Was it a failed trial balloon to gauge public sentiment? The story was pulled before it got to print…”

    Right-wing whackjobbery at its finest!

    From the second link:

    “Imagine a bloodless coup to restore and defend the Constitution through an interim administration that would do
    the serious business of governing and defending the nation. Skilled, military-trained, nation-builders would
    replace accountability-challenged, radical-left commissars.”

    That guy sounds like one of my long-deceased uncles – in the late 60s, when Elaine and her associates were doing their thing, he mintained that five or ten years of martial law was just what the country needed to get back on track.

    The problem this guy at SpewsMax has, of course, is that his side lost an election. We have to remember Smith’s First Two Maxims of Politics:

    1) Democracy is when there’s an election and your side wins. Dictatorship is when there’s an election and your side loses.

    2) Any president you didn’t vote for is Hitler. Or possibly Stalin.

  30. Matheus

    DEFCON 2 IN IRAN !!!!

    # #iran ATTN Src:NSC upped Nat’l DefCon 2 RED : awaiting Foreign military attack.IR Armed Forces mobilizing for defense.about 10 hours ago from web
    # #iran DefCon RED is not a trick.They r dead serious abt their assessment,it comes from central command of IR Armed Forces.about 9 hours ago from web
    # #iran #military src: Re-enforcement units r dispatched to several frontiers, mainly Persian Gulf.about 9 hours ago from web
    # src #iran drones have spotted suspicious enemy movement :US/Saudi troop activities & US Navy Armada closing in on Gulfabout 8 hours ago from web
    # #iran src “red” Defense Condition alert related to readiness of defense forces, not a war condition/war mobilization.about 8 hours ago from web
    > @Irani_kami here’s how src defines defcon red: RED mean full combat readiness for territorial defense, anticipating imminent attack. In cases like that, frontiers r reinforced, counter measures taken ,entire defense force ready,leaves canceled.”

  31. Matheus


    “Motaki, Iran’s foregin minister claims that 4 of Iran’s top nuclear scientists have been kidnapped”

  32. PLovering

    @Elaine, “One recent claim is, vaccinations make your dicks small.”

    Now we are talking important stuff.

    May I add that colloidal silver upgraded my dick and shrunk my prostate.

    Yup, true! Both the doc and I got all excited.

  33. Matheus

    If they used the vacines or not doesn´t matter the important is to BUY the vaccines .

  34. justiceatsqualor


    Check this out:

    150 years is a long time to store value for a rainy day, but if the illuminists are pouring national security oil reserves on the fire to reflate the balloon, then the gig might be almost up.

    I suppose after 20 trillion, all the gold, and all the oil, perhaps what will prove to be a failed attempt to create a global emissions market, the last card to play is war.

    To the rest of the ‘protocols peanut gallery:

    Unlike a couple of the other commentators, I doubt that war will come against, say, Iran without some substantial buildup unless we want to lose a lot of planes. The Iranians have real air defense capabilities.

    Anyone loyal to the constitution is loyal to the office of the Presidency, if not the man. Certainly that doesn not extend to those who would blackmail that office. The frustration is that Obama was duped into getting his nuts clipped when he accepted that last 100 million the summer before the election, reputedly from Madoff, later revealed as a huckster. Now he dances for the Bilderberg man having actually babbled the words “new world order” at least once and, given his cabinet picks, hopes that he won’t go down in history as something other than the first African American President. At this point, Obama has more to fear from retaliation if he backstabs those who bought him off. AIPAC and Mossad operatives grooming some right-wing racist patsy to use on him if he steps out of line. Of course, Israel is again the proxy/patsy for the New World Order in this scenario.

    As far as fragmentation goes, that would be a mistake. We are a big country with lots of resources capable of feeding our masses internally and with two huge oceans to nurture and protect us through our own present incompetence. Fragmentation would invite re-colonialization by other world powers. And that’s just what the Chinese, among others, are looking to do. Interestingly, I’ve heard their operatives are willing to promote communist revoluntion here, but not if it involves explicit opposition to the “new world order.”

  35. PLovering

    @billibaldi, “For example- General Stanley Mcchrystal”

    The Senate voted Thursday (59-40) to delay an in-person briefing by the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan (General McChrystal) who hours earlier had warned of a large risk that al-Qaida terrorists could regain ground there if new plans to fight aren’t adopted soon. The General said conditions there are “serious and deteriorating.”

    WTF is this ?! Afghanistan is blowing up, and the Lizards back at the Shite House want to keep quiet !! What’s going on ?!

    Lemme take a wild guess. We are losing large.

    “How’s that?” ya’ll may well ask. Are we short of bullets, missiles, tanks, sunglasses, private contractors, vaccinations … Jeebus, that’s it. Vaccine. We’re low on morale vaccine.

  36. @JSmith: Yes, you got it right. If one’s side wins, its democracy for him and tyranny for the other guy! And vice-versa. Which is why the right-winged hack’s predicted outcome of a military coup was slightly amiss. It would be more like:

    “Imagine a bloodless coup to restore and defend the Constitution through an interim administration that would do the serious business of governing and defending the nation. Skilled, military-trained, nation-builders accountability-challenged, radical-right commissars would replace skilled, university-trained, accountability-challenged, radical-left commissars.”

  37. criticalcontrarian

    @Sky: here is one for you! THE ELITES ARE AT WAR!!! @

    Perfect example of further fragmentation.

  38. Lucht

    October 1, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    “If they used the vacines or not doesn´t matter the important is to BUY the vaccines .”

    Yep, i said the same earlier. EMS is always talking about how much MONEY MATTERS but i guess not in this case…………MWUAHHAHAHAHAH.

    Spread flu – fear – sell vaccins, just another creative way to create money out of thin air.


    I posted the following on Mother Earth News in response to their ‘auto-pilot’ support of this deadly bill working its way through congress. It goes well with Elaine’s comments and observations above:

    “I stand amazed as I watch all these so-called ‘earth protectors’ screech for the passage of this legislation. When will all of you who support these ‘environmental’ foundations realize they are nothing but pawns in the hands of ‘world corporatism’. You are played like a fiddle and point your fingers at the Christian Right and laugh at their ignorance. They are ignorant of many things but they suffer not from the piousness that the radical left does as they [the left] always in their hubris think they come from higher ground. The left has finally, after 50 years started to get wise to the influence of AIPAC and Israel, who manipulate the ‘right’ as easily as the big dogs of capitalism manipulate the environmental movement. If you could only get wise to this fact we could change the world.

    BTW, I’ve never heard a word from anyone on the left or from any environmental group complain about the destructiveness of our fiat money system. Without it, we would probably have only about 3 billion people on the earth, few wars, tremendously less environmental damage to our earth and we, not the corporations would control our political destiny as well as the money system. Think about this. Where the hell are your brains? Where are the writers who dare go to the ‘belly of the beast’ and prepare a fatal blow to the very heart of an evil empire who exploit and destroy our fellow man as well as our good earth? Support of this bill in congress will deal us, the people and the earth a fatal blow as we give total power to corrupt politicians who are in total obedience to the corporate money masters who desire not to preserve this earth…..they wish to exploit it, and us….only strictly on THEIR terms!”

  40. Pingback: Copenhagen Incompetence: Hot Air For Global Cooling « Culture of Life News

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