GE Going Bankrupt

The previous story was very long, as usual.  I left out the business about how GE is now divesting itself of all the manufacturing, profit businesses due to its stupid lending such as the loan it gave the DC welfare queen.  Also, there is Derivative Beast news as well as news about how a German banking person played money games with money saved by others to make herself look generous and goodly.  Bad morals run rampant.  It is theft to take other people’s money and move it (even for one day!) to a total stranger’s account.



Is GE Having a Yard Sale? –

Still on the block, some analysts say, are GE’s appliance, lighting, industrial controls and water chemicals businesses. GE’s Eisele says the appliance business is off the market and she isn’t aware of plans to sell the others. If they do go out for bid, Heymann says they might fetch $13 billion to $15 billion. “These businesses have been, shall we say, rode hard,” says Heymann. “They were run with a focus of minimizing invested capital and maximizing return on capital.”


In other words, they didn’t put up any money of their own, they used their CREDIT to create profits based on the appearance of having ‘capital’.  But they had no capital.  They had debts.  Lots of debts.  And since the US has decided that debt is wealth, this didn’t bother GE much at all, nay, they boasted about how rich GE was thanks to these funny money borrowing games which involved them lending money based on their own debts, not capital.  Whew.  And now, they have to sell all the furniture and flat screen TV to pay for the mess this debt created.


Standard & Poor’s analysts are less worried about GE. They took the company’s credit ratings down a notch to aa earlier this year but think the nonfinancial side can generate, after all other obligations, $2 billion in cash for 2009 and more than that next year. GE also has $61 billion in cash on hand, but most of that is earmarked to pay off maturing debt over the next two years.


GE’s cash pool is the same size as the Dubai World debt mess! HAHAHA. and did GE use this money pool to make US jobs making US goods for world and US sales? Nope. This money was the capitalization for the GE lending to DC welfare queens and Donald Trumps of the world. Who, in turn, didn’t even bother to pretend to pay for anything. Ick. The DC welfare queen particularly irks me because she has no excuse. I was poorer than her when we lived in a tent for ten years and this broad can’t even park herself in a state-paid hotel without whining?


And I raised my son in a tent complex because of my husband’s health problems, not because we did stupid things! Well, GE funded pure garbage and now is forced to divest all important, PROFITABLE parts to aliens to keep alive. And we know who is buying up GE’s capital producing parts. The same people who let us overspend all the time, let us go into collective debt. Our darling trade rivals.

. The big problems are embedded in the real estate portfolio, which includes $61 billion in non-U.S. residential mortgages, mainly in the U.K. and France. It classifies $4.8 billion of them as “nonearning,” yet it has only $975 million in loan-loss reserves. There’s another $45 billion in commercial real estate loans, with $1 billion in reserves. Goldman Sachs, hardly known as an unsophisticated lender, has marked its commercial real estate loan portfolio down 30%.


YIKES!  GE’s putrid portfolio just for the UK and France is bigger than Dubai Dupe World’s debts??? HAHAHA.  And worse, this debt load happens to exactly match the money fund used by GE to keep out of bankruptcy, itself.  And its commercial real estate is down 30%, on top of all this?  We know where GE will go to protect itself and it ain’t AIG or Goldman Sachs or any other fake operation.  They will force us, just like RBS forced England, to pony up and make the deals good.


Finally, GE owns $32 billion (book value) in real estate, much of it office buildings in cities like Paris, London and Chicago. It added $14 billion of that in 2005 and 2006 and says the whole portfolio might be worth 15% less than book value now. Maybe so, but brokers Jones Lang LaSalle say commercial real estate values are down 43% from their 2006 peak. Eisele said GE has stated as recently as the end of the third quarter that the risks in the real estate business “are understood and manageable.”


The consumer society was based on ever-expanding sales thanks to ever-easier credit thanks to rising real estate values thanks to easy lending by banks thanks to handing out impossible loans to faux buyers funded by criminal real estate vultures selling to prisoners in Colorado, illegal aliens working off the books and welfare queens with no hope of ever earning any income.  Naturally, all of this crashed to earth when no one bothered paying the loans which ruined bond sales since no one wants to buy bonds that instantly go into default.


German banker admits transferring money from rich to help poorer clients | World news | The Guardian

The woman knew most of the clients of her small rural branch and had access to their accounts, German TV station WDR reported. That’s how she discovered that some of her richest customers – some with six-figure balances – had not touched their accounts in years. Meanwhile, others were drowning in debt. “Customers asked me if I could help them. They couldn’t get credit in a conventional way,” the woman told the court, adding that she found her actions unbelievable now. “I can’t understand it any more. I must have had helper syndrome.”


Out of sympathy, she began to move money about, ostensibly to “lend” from the rich to the poor for a short period. The authorities finally cottoned on when she broadened her reach, subsidising a small taxi firm in addition to her private clients.


The woman could have faced a four-year prison sentence, but the court decided on leniency as she had confessed immediately and did not profit personally.


Banks must be moral institutions.  Their job is to protect the CAPITAL placed there by outsiders.  They can make this capital profitable by lending to responsible people, not welfare queens and Donald Trumps, but they also must do this with permission of the capital givers.  The deals made by this woman were illegal.  She was removing money from accounts and giving them…FREE…for others to use.  During this time, the accounts made no profits for the owners of the accounts.  On the other hand, all ZIRP systems are theft.


As I keep yelling about!  The Japanese banking system has warped global banking systems now for over a decade!  And now, the biggest system of them all, the US, is running a ZIRP system whereby my savings earn no money for me but funds the lending system of this nation which is a bunch of people stealing my capital for themselves while I gain absolutely nothing so why save money?  BUY GOLD!  This is the only sensible thing to do when in a ZIRP system like ours.  Of course, consumers pay very high rates to banks.  Which, in turn, are NOT shared with me even though I am part of the people who capitalize these same banks lending a high rates.  Rats.


And this kills banking systems.  Many billions of dollars are no longer flowing into savings due to ZIRP.  They flow into gold markets.  And this is bad news for banking systems.  Can’t be sustained.


Credit Default Swaps Are So Huge That They Can’t Be Banned

Despite regulatory threats on the horizon, the outlook for the credit default swaps (CDS) market remains bright. While the CDS market’s notional value of outstanding contracts fell 14% in 2009, it’s still at massive $36 trillion of notional value….


…Despite the regulatory risk, recent data supports this view that the credit default swaps market will continue to grow. For example interdealer broker ICAP’s recent interim results showed that the company’s credit-related trading revenue 37% year over year, despite all the scorn….the end it isn’t crazy that bondholders might want to purchase insurance against default. Given the gigantic size of the global bond market and today’s technology, someone will find a way to meet this massive need. Thus less regulation would be better than more, since it would keep these markets onshore and under closer supervision.


This Business Insider article is so dumb.  So, the Derivatives Beast is immense?  We should make it bigger!  Huh???  Insane.  Of course, keeping uncontrolled betting casinos open so we can supervise them…while not applying any rules or supervision….is circular logic.  That is, what is the point of observing these con games up close if we have no intention of controlling or stopping them?  $36 trillion in ‘notational’ debt is insanity.  This is not ‘value’…there is nothing of value here…these are IOU promises to make debts good if they go into default.


World markets plunged when Dubai Dupe World basically declared bankruptcy.  No one will make Dubai’s debts good.  Except the main central bankers in order to save the lunatics who created the Derivatives Beast!  Which will pay NOTHING for the debts it insured against Dubai debts defaulting!


China State Construction nets $100m US subway deal

China State Construction Engineering Corp, the largest contractor in China, has bagged a subway ventilation project worth about $100 million in New York’s Manhattan area, marking the construction giant’s third order in the United States’ infrastructure space this year.


The contract was given to China Construction American Co, a subsidiary, the Wall Street Journal quoted a source as saying.


“The new project, along with the $410-million Hamilton Bridge project and a $1.7-billion entertainment project it won earlier this year, signals China State Construction’s ambition to tap the American construction market,” said Li Zhirui, an industry analyst at First Capital Securities.


As for Obama’s pathetic US debt spending (courtesy of China!) fixing our economy: the Chinese get the contracts!!!  All our trade rivals will get the contracts.  And we get more debts.  We can get low level jobs with these projects.  But we get no PROFITS from it.  And so things go from bad to worse.  Imagine if the New Deal projects all bankrolled German or Japanese corporations?  Then, WWII would have been a tad different.

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31 responses to “GE Going Bankrupt

  1. nah

    GE Going Bankrupt
    the people need to wake up…. these are not business…. they are socialist enterprises that are rooting out businesses core values to sell paper that it is legal for them to dump on the market…. public and private asset classes are taking a very real hit in this thing
    because they would rather government carry the debt so that GE or GS can be nimble…. so they started selling credit that they squeezed for paper profits so hard to meet ‘our needs’ that blood started pouring out
    well its the peoples blood, and our international reputation should be worth more than a few HUGE trading institutions…
    lets just say it, the governments need to raise taxes and depress valuations and drive us into a depression… or shrink government maintain taxes depress valuations and drive us into a depression
    i like lower taxes… i also am just being blunt… jobs are the most fantastic commodity, probably more valuable than oil itself as they provide more stability and are more versatile than any ‘substance’….
    but we need to unwind this mess and that has to go through US banks and US government debt… we could im sure mantain a valuation of our debt for years to come…. but the banks who are dumbfarts must know that statistically we are looking at social programs and energy volatility being a headwind for the foreseeable future…. and you cant squeeze blood from a turnip, so we need low joblessness smaller banks ‘big ones cant fail anymore’ federal cost cutting ‘see california’ something to move the azimuth of public fortunes into the ‘pay your bills like a man’ direction

    jamie dimon for overlord in 2010

  2. nah
    Breaking News
    Tiger Woods injured after crash near Florida home: reports 2:37pm EST
    bummer man… best wishes to the golf overlord

  3. Billibaldi

    Because we love history, a reminder of GE’s glory days

    According to papers filed in divorce court by Welch’s estranged wife, these are just some of the perks Welch receives from GE. Want the dirty details? (We knew you would.)

    According to the filing, Jack Welch’s lifelong benefits include:

    A $9 million annual pension

    Twenty-four-hour access to a Boeing 737 owned by GE (a perk valued at $291,869 a month, according to an expert hired by Mrs. Welch)

    A Central Park apartment (estimated value of $80,000 a month), complete with flowers and food

    A limited-edition 2003 Mercedes-Benz SLR

    Tickets to Wimbledon, Red Sox games, the Metropolitan Opera, and access to VIP seats at sporting events broadcast by GE’s NBC

    Cellular phones for five cars

    Satellite television in four homes

    Five computers, complete with technical support

    Dues for three private golf clubs, including Augusta

    Financial planning and tax services

  4. Billibaldi

    Whoops – from a Motley fool article from 2002.

  5. justiceatsqualor

    In the current climate, the alternative to gold investment would be equity investment in companies well situated to pass on cost increases, survive and profit in volatility, inflation and declining energy usage. Perhaps companies that are key to cheap transportation (trains, barges etc.), “staple” foods, common caliber ammunition, etc.

    Except so many of these companies have been infested and rotted out by finance departments who created “landfills” for the bankers’ “toxic waste” securities, dwarfing the original company.

    When Buffet bought trains he might have been betting on America. On the other hand, where else was he going to go? Over the last decade, western businessmen have been fleeced, beaten and run out of places like Russia and China. By getting rid of his cash and buying a form of potentially cheaper but less convenient transportation than gasoline, it seems he was also betting against the dollar and for peak-oil. I wonder what the finance department of Burlington Northern looks like? My guess is it’s not so bad as GE.


    ELAINE: During the long credit flood of Japanese carry trade funny money, many US corporations decided to ape JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. This was incredibly stupid and was part of the whole business of deindustrializing the US.

  6. nah

    Keiser on ‘Tsunami alert’: Dubai debt crisis awakes storm?

    thanks to the US banks and the FED the dollar is looking more and more truly cheap…. undermining a world of deals and creating more than just a ‘credit crunch’…. we are facing a debt reality
    and the fed letting 6 trillion of garbage hit the books is not the hero of this story let me tell you…. they regulate at the end of the line poor kids with tickets
    so we need a strong dollar…. lip service is charming but a strong dollar is impossible when we need to create more credit daily to afford more jobs…. fact is we promised more than the insurance costs…. more so in the last 10 years than what its worth….
    we need to deal with the banks…. they are out of control and increasingly financed by the fed ‘regardless of its political observational inoculation’ to warp credit into a nightmare of profit and ladder capitalism
    if the fed wants to manage the economy…. do it before you need to be superman…. else we will have to look at what US policy is ‘which more and more is not FED policy and regulation’

  7. nah

    November 27th, 2009
    7:19 pm GMT

    It really is getting to a point in history where we need to move beyond systems. It’s really a simple lesson. I taught it to my son not too long ago.

    You do something good because it’s good. Not because you want something for doing it. That’s it. Not hard at all.

    But profit motive disciples call this idea weak, childish, foolish, etc…

    And yet they give lip service to the idea of one day achieving an enlightened society based on the very idea they scoff at now.

    So really we all need to be a bit more childish in our thinking. We need to stop being so self absorbed and self important. That leads to pride and greed and all manner of suffering.

    Do what is good because it’s good. And for no other reason. How about THAT for a great experiment?
    – Posted by Benny Acosta
    goodness is the greatest enemy of hope… playing behind the ball puts you on defence forever???? systems shmystemz we need something basically slightly more fair… say 2% year… and less insurance… insurance is the hobgoblin of modern finance… loosers loose more when the sell bullshit to someone else…. as it is banking is a homeless man telling us all how it is

  8. Paul S

    “GE going Bankrupt”. The next article will have the headline, “GE to Ask for Taxpayer Bailout”. I wonder how the public relations people will handle this “transition” from GE, the role model for global competition into a corporate welfare loving parasite of the taxpayer? Will GE threaten to outsource jobs if they aren’t bailed out? That doggie aint gonna hunt, pardner. GE has already been doing that . I recall how much money Home Depot spent buying out the contract of GE/Jack Welch clone Robert Nardelli (close to $200 million). But don’t worry. GE is one of THE biggest spending lobbyists in Washington DC; right up there with Microsoft. You know, this Free Market stuff sure seems to be expensive. Maybe if the patent and copyright laws were completely voided that would help the free market recover–haha.


    ELAINE: Many years ago when I was one of the very, very few women who built things, I had to fight various lumberyards for service because they simply refused to treat me like the men. It was really nasty. Well, Home Depot’s President, when he learned who I was, called me and promised me Home Depot (this was 30 years ago) would treat me really nice. Like a Queen.

    And they did! In the new store in NJ, the first Home Depot up there, they always listened to me and cooperated with me. It was great! But then, when the corporation became bigger, it began to slip. All the contractors got treated worse and worse, bit by bit, male and female.

    Then, GE’s gnome took over. He began to aggressively loot Home Depot. He fired my favorite store managers (who did favors for us contractors) and he became incredibly stingy not only with the contractors but the staff. He drove out all the good staff who knew the trade (mostly retired electricians, plumbers and builders) and hired the lowest quality staff, often unable to communicate in English, and the place went to hell.

    I now hate Home Depot and shop there only if I must. Welsh was a wrecker, not a builder. This is why there was a revolt high up in the ranks of the organization and they had to pay this creep to get rid of him. To pay him off, they had to continue looting Home Depot.

  9. @nah, “Businesses” like GE and their ilk are NOT socialist enterprises! (That would require at least state ownership.) Rather, they are basically bunches of pirates setting up their own private kingdoms in order to run Ponzi schemes!!!


    ELAINE: We joke about how the top 1% love socialism so long as it is for themselves. But actually, rescuing the very rich is pure Banana Republic. For example, Hitler’s fascism didn’t leave millions of unemployed Germans to starve to death….except if they were Jews or others, then they starved and stole from them. But fascists have to have a popular support base to function. Banana Republics don’t.

    Socialism is for workers. Period. We have here the entire Federal Government and the JPM private Federal Reserve being rescued while the people are left to fend for themselves, for the most part. What socialist systems we have a are left overs from the Great Depression FDR and LBJ’s Great Society.

  10. JT

    I just watched this 1 hour video.
    It´s something I think you all should see.
    Elizabeth Warren (she´s a current figure now in many other ways too right?).
    It´s refreshing. It´s real data, statistics and reasoning without any crazy propaganda.

    “The coming collapse of american middle class”
    Distinguished law scholar Elizabeth Warren teaches contract law, bankruptcy, and commercial law at Harvard Law School. She is an outspoken critic of America’s credit economy, which she has linked to the continuing rise in bankruptcy among the middle-class.


    ELAINE: Thanks for the great video link. Elizabeth was also featured in the Frontline credit story. It is online at

  11. michaeldon

    Hi Elaine

    Is your blog aimed at the defense of the US against all comers? You are always taking aim at US competitors and are anti-corporate when those corporates don’t protect US interests.

    Having been born in one country, raised in another and spent my adult life outside both I tend not to see the world in nationalistic terms.

    We all live in one world and surely nations matter less than like-mindedness?
    I would rather live amongst people who think like me than than people holding the same passport as me.

    Does nationalism matter? There will always be winners and losers.

  12. emsnews

    Nationalism is key. When a country is ruled by internationalists who don’t care if the country they are using is dying, it dies! That is, countries are like families: they have their own interests.

    Keeping the children alive being #1. People who live in Iceland were told, the internationalists using Iceland as a pirate cove, would make Iceland stronger.

    But when things went bad, the pirates looted the Icelandic people and then RAN AWAY. The bankers looting England are running away. All the ‘internationalists’ run away from any country they loot.

    For example, after driving Dubai deep into debt, these same faux internationalists are packing their bags and running away to say, Singapore.

    Singapore is like China, being Chinese. If you screw up, they beat your brains out. The only way ‘internationalism’ works is if the ethnic group spreading out keeps dear, their own home base.

    That is, will die to protect their country of origin. Note that the Chinese have little desire to destroy China itself. While many top US rich people don’t hesitate for a minute to loot America and in the case of AIPAC, get free money shipped to their true home nation while dumping more debt on top of the US, a sovereign nation.

    We lose sovereignty to foreign powers, we die. Period. Why would someone who is making themselves comfortable in Monaco want to save US industries? Of course not.

  13. michaeldon

    The question is what is more important? Welfare of Americans at the expense of everyone else or the average welfare of people on the planet?

    Nationalism, just like corruption promotes the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.

  14. emsnews

    I am against looting or enslaving anyone. But fixing the world while destroying ourselves isn’t a good option, either. And if you read my latest article, using 100,000 ships belching noxious pollution so we can transport all our production from Asia to the US and Europe is destroying the entire planet earth.

  15. Paul S

    Elaine: I notice in the Home Depot stores I have gone in, they are still heavy with the GE products on display. Such as the home appliance areas. A BIG majority of appliances are GE named. I wonder what kind of purchase agreement Nardelli stuck Home Depot with? BTW: the guy who replaced Nardelli at Home Depot is also a former GE guy.

  16. Wu Wei

    uh, who, uh, is, uh, that, uh, Elizabeth Warren, uh? I, uh, fell, uh, asleep, uh, poor, uh, speaker, uh, boring, uh, talks, uh , thin air, uh.

    I prefer Ellen Brown, Max Keiser, Henry Liu, Bob Chapman and Matthias Chang.

  17. emsnews

    Paul, you are right. And I am not surprised.

    Wu: many people are poor speakers. This is because we are not trained properly when young. But then, look at Bush. He barely could wade from one noun to another and use any sane bridge between the two.

  18. quidnunc

    Bush may have been a poor speaker but he certainly knew how to conduct lie. Read Pilots for 9/11 Truth:

    On the morning of September 11, 2001, American Airlines Flight 77 departed Dulles International Airport bound for Los Angeles at 8:20 am Eastern Time. According to reports and data, a hijacking took place between 08:50:54 and 08:54:11[1] in which the hijackers allegedly crashed the aircraft into the Pentagon at 09:37:45. Reported by CNN, according to Ted Olson, wife Barbara Olson had called him from the reported flight stating, “…all passengers and flight personnel, including the pilots, were herded to the back of the plane by armed hijackers…”[2]. However, according to Flight Data provided by the NTSB, the Flight Deck Door was never opened in flight. How were the hijackers able to gain access to the cockpit, remove the pilots, and navigate the aircraft to the Pentagon if the Flight Deck Door remained closed?[3]

    Also the pilots have come up with a very interesting video which point out many impossibilities about the two planes that hit the WTC towers.


    ELAINE: Well, hate to pop your bubble but 2 jets did hit both WTC buildings and there were many reasons why the hijackers did it and even though it may seem…at this point in time….impossible. Just remember: the rules were utterly different back then. But people went insane not on 9/11. Nope. Everyone except a very few people were totally behind Bush and totally in favor of killing most Afghanis (who didn’t attack us). I recall the hysteria back then.

    Now, over time, people go nuts over this issue only because I assume they have nothing better to do. If they wish, they can demand Bush not run for President on a second term…HAHAHA. Kind of late! Like many years too late, too few and too ridiculous for words at this point. Bah.

  19. Paul S

    Of course, Bush deliberately mispronounced some words. Such as nu-cya-lur instead of nuclear. He did this to hide the fact that he is from the bluest of blue blood American families. That fact clashes harshly with his good ol’ boy from Texas image. (You know, leaving the White House to clear brush on his ranch in Crawford.) Actually, I think “Dubaya” is an accomplished liar. Look how often he lied. It’s actually pretty funny if you think about it: you have a uber spoiled rotten rich kid, educated at Andover, Yale and Harvard going around projecting himself as commonfolk from Texas. BTW: who is the only Harvard MBA graduate to NOT get a job offer even though he went on 53 job interviews? George W. Bush

  20. quidnunc

    Blue blood from Connecticut who went to the best schools to learn how to lie for a living. Even the schools are in on it, that’s the ticket. They sell the soul of their nation for a couple of libraries.

    Who can be trusted? Scam after scam, racketeering, ponzi schemes, market manipulation, disinformation and the like, in all levels of industry and society; banking, medical, science, military, police, religious. All infected, all morally bankrupt. It has become so bad that even now members of the elite have started targeting one another. Watch as this British blue blood rips into his colonial cousin Al the Bore, truly, when evil has torn all good men to shreds, it starts feeding on itself. That is the nature of the animal.

  21. emsnews

    No, everything is not corrupt. If you look at it rationally, many ‘alternative’ things are just as stupid, corrupt or based on lies.

    It is COMMON HUMAN BEHAVIOR. Being totally turned off by everything ‘mainstream’ is as dumb as being unable to look at things differently.

    And do note that the ‘alternative’ side of the internet is loaded to the gills with many con artists, frauds, delusional nut cases and all sorts of junk.

    This is why there is no ‘black/white/good/bad’ duality at work. Instead, reality is many shades of grey.

  22. quidnunc

    On the 9/11 thing, you are right, the NTSB and all those professional pilots who only risk their lives everyday must be spending too much time drinking at the bar from boredom. What a bunch of crying Mary’s. Jeez, why couldn’t I figure that out!?

    How can anyone believe the drivel governments spout when there are rackets being exposed almost weekly on all levels of their institutions, administrators and politicians? For example, these upstanding pricks decided to invade Iraq and Afghanistan even before 9/11 was coined. This information has recently come to light from memo’s withing the UK government. Blair was told attacking Iraq was illegal.

    About common human behaviour, you speak from experience? Are you saying wanting to learn the truth about Holocaust 1 (Germany), Holocaust 2 (Vietnam), Holocaust 3 (Iraq) and baby Holocaust (Afghanistan) is dumb if not discerned from the mainstream point of view? You say not everything is corrupt, please tell us what remaining branch of government is free of corruption, I sincerely want to know.

    Bah. Interesting choice of word. BTW, I wasn’t aware that crimes against humanity had statutory limitations. Hmmm, common human behaviour. Must remember that one.

  23. emsnews

    All those pilots had absolutely NO PROBLEM understanding how the hijackings happened until rather recently.

    Look, even drunk passengers were able to invade the cabins of the flight crew and assault pilots and even then, the pilots still had no secure doors to lock. SINCE 9/11, there has been secure doors.

    You see, I didn’t go insane in the last 4 years since the US reelected Bush, happy with Bush’s response on 9/11. Nope, I remember the real past. And I thought everyone could do the same. Alas, this isn’t true. People have an amazing ability to forget stuff.

  24. emsnews

    PS: I didn’t see any pilot organizations howling about Bush in 2004. Not a peep. For them to be yelling now is rather bizarre.

  25. scarletfire

    To ems, it’s just inconceivable that the gov. could be complicit in 9/11. Please study the gulf of tonkin..did wonders to escalate vietnam. what else? the uss maine started the spanish american war. Hitler’s reichtag’s fire never happened right? Gee what else… pearl harbor set up for WW2? Many people believe so. Let’s throw a bone to the Israeli’s liberty attack..the mossad is honest at least in it’s mission statement “BY DECEPTION SHALT THOU DO WAR”
    thermite at the towers in a peer reviewed closed the buildings were blown up..doesn’t mean planes didn’t hit..obviously both can be the case.. now the NTSB releases data that the cockpit doors were never opened midflight..just one more nail of many in the official story..
    believe what you want ems, unfortunately the facts aren’t on your side

  26. quidnunc

    There are two reasons why people take time to react to crimes against humanity, 1. they wait for their leadership to lead, 2. they mourn for their losses. Bush led them alright — to war! A war of design.

    Regarding forgetfulness, interesting point, part of the reason is government hides behind 25 years of secrecy, to hide their acts of criminality against other nations and peoples. Check out how the Alphabet soup agencies have yet again foiled democracy and the right to know.

    It is very probable they hide a trail of crumbs leading to a lot of the recent staged events all over the world. I am sure they would turn back the clock and return things to a world of snail mail, telegraph, no TV, and no Internet.

    But hey, at least these pilots are yelling about something real and not trying to pretend it did not happen that way. You see, the real conspiracy is getting people to believe the government lies about everything.

  27. emsnews

    The government doesn’t lie about ‘everything’. Anymore than the 9/11 bomb people are truthful about ‘everything’ (or much of anything, I might suggest). Your black/white thinking is a sign that you are not thinking correctly since this is a function of the religious part of the brain, not the discriminatory thinking parts.

  28. the fool on the hill

    While we’re on the subject, just where are these ‘learned elders of Zion’, anyway?

    Does Kissinger hang with that crowd?

    They be some crazy mofos.

    I think racist nutcases like David Duke make it more difficult to talk about ‘the Israel problem’ in a rational way.

  29. quidnunc

    The 9/11 Commission now tells us that the official version of 9/11 was based on false testimony and documents and is almost entirely untrue. The details of this massive cover-up are carefully outlined in a book by John Farmer, who was the Senior Counsel for the 9/11 Commission.

    Bah. Another pot of conspiracy drivel.

    On the flipside of the coin, it’s easy to figure out how these people were too afraid to declare a cover up right in the thick of anger and hatred that swept America in the years that followed 9/11. A few brave but stupid souls did, they are no longer alive.

    About the discriminatory thinking part of the brain, you mean the one used by rapist and sociopaths to justify their work?

    The law is black and white. Figure that.

  30. emsnews

    It was obvious to me from day one that the 9/11 commission was stupid. And accepted many lies from Bush and Cheney.

    This doesn’t make all the bomb in the building people even slightly right about anything.

  31. scarletfire

    nor does it make you right either, try rebuking a peer reviewed journal proving explosives were in the building, or the countless witnesses who heard, saw and were blasted by them..or the news reports on the day that reported them..or the police and fire radio chatter that reported them as well…how else can you account for the 6 inches of dust that layered manhattan. buildings do not self implode…
    perhaps you never read the PNAC report which gave everyone the game plan…they put it in writing for godssake..what more do you need? or is your mind made up and no evidence will sway you

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