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CO2 Trading Business Is 100% Fraud

Gamblers hoping to see into the future so they can always win are killing off the vultures in Africa because they hope this will give them magical powers to see deep into the Cave of Wealth and Death.  This horrifies me was well as irritates me.  The vultures have zero interest in life and wealth. They are strictly interested in dead things.  Speaking of dead things, it turns out that Europe’s attempts at carbon trading is leading up to perhaps 90% fraud.  No surprise to me.  The entire concept is pure fraud.


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Major Power Shift: Japan Grows Closer To China And More Distant From US

Even though the US has fooled itself into thinking the old post-WWII status quo is still good, signs are rapidly accumulating showing the impending collapse of even the pretense of US imperial global powers.  Historians know perfectly well, imperial power is not military nor financial but rather, it is INDUSTRIAL.  That is, profitable production which causes wealth to flow to the working classes is where true international power grows.  Instead, the US thought that killing the unions, withholding vital services from the lower classes and financial game playing was the Appian Way to Power and Wealth.  Instead, it is a one-way ticket to the Cave of Wealth and Death. Continue reading


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Great Depression II Continues Its Course

One of the queerest things is how all bubbles are exactly the same and all depressions following bubbles are reproductions of previous depressions.  Every bubble features people saying, ‘We are in a new economy now, one with no risk!’ while every depression has experts like Bernanke who say, ‘My measures prevented a Great Depression this time.’  But for some bizarre reason, each event stubbornly plays out nearly exactly the same. Continue reading


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The End Of The World Cults

I grew up and left home very early, before adulthood, in order to avoid my cultist parents and their insane beliefs.  One of my older sisters  joined this bizarre End of Times death cult group, the Children Of God in the mid 1960’s.  This group sucked up several family members and finally, my parents, who kept their cult affiliation secret from me until I dug up the evidence and confronted them.  This led to them ceasing to associate with me except on very rare occasions. Continue reading


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Credit Creation Problems Worsen

We have the very queer situation whereby many of the top central banks of the G7 nations are running ZIRP (zero interest rate) lending coupled with massive, massive government borrowing.  A number of nations are entering ‘debt red zones’ such as Greece, Ireland, Iceland, England, Spain, Italy, all the Warsaw States as well as parts of the former USSR as well as the top 2 economic powers, the US and Japan.  The banking credit crisis is morphing into a series of potential and actual national debt defaults. Continue reading


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Merry Xmas To One And All…Except The Jerks Who Really Ruined Xmas

Merry pre-Christmas to everyone!  Santa robs a bank!  And the biggest Derivative Beast owners rob the US Treasury and Federal Reserve.  They should all be arrested along with that jolly ho-ho-ho con man, old Santa himself.  The US struggles to have yet another consumer blow out Xmas celebration based, as usual, on increasing the debt load.  How many more of these can we have before the Grinch bill collectors descend on us?  Only Ho, ho, ho Hu knows. Continue reading


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We Desperately Need Global Warming

This is the time of year humans traditionally worried, in the Northern Hemisphere, that the world would come to an icy end.  That is, the sun would cease to warm us up again so we had to do various magic spells to save us from the jaws of the great wolf Fenrir. There was also the Dragon of the North as well as the Ice Queen and creatures like Ice Giants to worry about. Fixing them so we could have summer come back was literally life and death. Continue reading


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