Copenhagen Incompetence: Hot Air For Global Cooling

Humans always love a status quo even if the bad parts of such things are obvious.  We tend towards getting stuck in various ruts.  We always want time to freeze and for us to be forever young and for all things to be ‘normal’, even if ‘normal’ is killing us.  Just a mere 76,000 years ago, the human species nearly died off due to the eruption of the Toba volcano in Sumatra.  Only a tiny handful of humans survived on the coast of East Africa.  The evolutionary stresses were tremendous and our brain capacity grew greatly through the elimination of the less intelligent specimens.

Here is the view from my window just before the first snow storm of the winter.  Note all the bare trees and brown grass.


This is the engine of evolution: death.  When there are great ecological stresses, there is great evolutionary changes within populations.  The humans who survived the terrors of the Toba eruption and the attending super-cooling of the earth now rule the planet and live everywhere except in most of Greenland and Antarctica.  Which are like the way Europe and North America was like when our ancestors clawed their way back from a near-extinction event.  Now, we are killing off many life forms as we colonize the planet and exploit the planet’s mineral, water and life forms for our own amusement and benefit.


The amazing modern variety of animals and plants that flourished with the MELTING of the ice sheets that locked vast acres of planetary landmasses under deadly sheets of ice, is under attack from humans.  Humans survived the Ice Ages mostly by living in the steppes and plains of Eurasia and Africa, moving to even Australia and North and South America, hunting down game on verdant plains.  That is, we evolved as creatures who love dry climates that are warm, not cold.  Even when we ended up, like the Inuit, living in the cold, we did this by encasing our bodies in warm climate materials like animal skins and living in warm shelters of various sorts.

Here is a photo I took 4 days ago when the cold wind was blowing from the Arctic.  Note that even as it was getting very dark, the stratosphere was still lit up by the high volcanic gasses!


But the joy humans feel when we go to the beach and the sun is very warm and there is no rain: this is PARADISE for us!  We don’t see people migrating towards icy environments in great numbers, for example.  Look at the US itself: the migration has been AWAY from cold, wet, rainy, dark, places towards warm, dry, desert-type places.  We don’t even like hot and humid!  We like LA.  This is NORMAL for humans!  Our deepest desires is to live in desert-style environments with just enough heat, say, around 80 F degrees and 5% humidity!  So, here we are, seeing one of the queerest movements on earth, the move to prevent ‘global warming’.


This week, the highs I will see on my little mountain will be 25 F degrees.  BRRR.  It is very cold.  The ground is frozen.  Ice covers everything.  Anything I have set down on the ground will be glued there until it defrosts.  It is slippery and dangerous and uncomfortable.  Smart humans who are rich go high-tail it to Phoenix at this point in time, they certainly don’t plan to travel to the Greenland ice sheets!  They HATE the ice and cold. And if you interview the masses up here in NY, you will get near unanimous agreement that this cold is nasty and hateful, not fun at all.  Indeed, if you ask the populace, would they like upstate NY to be more like Virginia’s weather, many would agree this would be quite splendid.


Now, on to the massive meeting in Copenhagen which seeks to keep my mountain buried in ice and snow half of the year:


Copenhagen climate change conference: ‘Fourteen days to seal history’s judgment on this generation’ | Comment is free | The Guardian

Today 56 newspapers in 45 countries take the unprecedented step of speaking with one voice through a common editorial. We do so because humanity faces a profound emergency.


Unless we combine to take decisive action, climate change will ravage our planet, and with it our prosperity and security. The dangers have been becoming apparent for a generation. Now the facts have started to speak: 11 of the past 14 years have been the warmest on record, the Arctic ice-cap is melting and last year’s inflamed oil and food prices provide a foretaste of future havoc. In scientific journals the question is no longer whether humans are to blame, but how little time we have got left to limit the damage. Yet so far the world’s response has been feeble and half-hearted.


HAHAHA. The secret Bildergberg meetings were all about scaring us into acting this year on the creation of the carbon trading derivatives scheme.  They decided to have a massive coordinated effort via totally one-sided reporting and lots of scary headlines like when the wasteful and ridiculous Prince of Wales wailed that we were all doomed if we didn’t act instantly.   The yelling was quite deafening.  There was one gigantic hitch to all this hysteria: Mother Nature, as always, did as She pleased.  And so the sun turned off its energy producing sun spot activity.  And some obscure volcanoes in South America and the Pacific rim coughed up a fair amount of high stratospheric ash and gases and thus, we had one of the wettest, coldest summers in the Northern Hemisphere, for example.


So public trust in the global warming movement’s leaders collapsed.  Far fewer people fear global warming this year due to being physically cold.  And this week is no exception: it snowed heavily in southern New Mexico and Texas before it come here and turned my own mountain white.  Shouting about how we will roast to death won’t work if people are shivering in the cold!  Below is one of the comments posted with the above story:



The most importent thing to know about Copenhagen is that every journalist and every politcian will be representing big business. No one will be representing us.


The biggest lobbying group at Copenhagen will be the International Emissions Trading Association which was created to promote carbon trading more than ten years ago. That’s why every corporate newspaper and TV station has been telling us that the science is settled since that time.


Its members include :-BP, Conoco Philips, Shell, E.ON AG (coal power stations owner, EDF (one of the largest participants in the global coal market), Gazprom (Russian oil and gas), Goldman Sachs, Barclays, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley..


Thank you, Big Time.  Yes, the real source of the energy for fighting global warming comes from a gang of gnomes who want to use this as an excuse for creating a Derivatives Beast even bigger and more global than the one created by the Japanese Carry Trade/real estate bubble mess.  They gloat about how they will become ridiculously rich via this stupid carbon trading scheme.  And what, pray tell, will they do with this loot?


HAHAHA.  Fly all over the planet in jets, drive fast cars getting 9 miles per gallon!  Live in many palaces that are climate controlled and located mostly in those zones that are around 80 F degrees and 5% humidity!  And sail immense private yachts all over the Seven Seas, laughing at the peasants living in harsh conditions with no hope of anything remotely resembling the fast, furious, fun lifestyles of the top carbon traders who are imposing basically, a major tax hike on everyone else.


Copenhagen climate summit: 50/50 chance of stopping catastrophe, Lord Stern says – Telegraph

But failure to secure a new agreement could put the world at risk of temperature rises of more than 5C – a change in climate which he said ”could only be described as catastrophic”. Temperature rises of 5C would ”rewrite” where people could live and lead to serious extended global conflict, said Lord Stern, whose review for the Government set out the cost of tackling climate change….


…The gap could be closed by rich countries delivering their highest intentions or going even further to cut emissions and providing extra funding to help poor countries reduce their pollution, by big economies such as China coming forward with more domestic action and with reductions in global shipping and aviation.


OK: Quick quiz—where did Lord Stern come from?  Is he a native of Britain whose family lived there since the end of the last Ice Ages?  Or is he a newcomer?  The answer is pretty obvious: he MOVED there along with a host of other restless humans who roam the planet.  For example, some of my ancestors came to England via the Norman invasion.  Others came earlier with the Viking raids. And the Angles and Saxons also invaded the place.  So did the Romans who came there when England was much, much warmer than today.  They grew grapes there and lived in pretty open houses because it was WARMER back then.  Imagine that.


The history of humanity is all about mass migrations, invasions, colonizations, murders, stealing stuff, killing off all the Neanderthals, for example.  Yes, we are very footloose.  So, we have this immense carbon trade business that allows the Sterns of the world to float around in their internationalist ways while the rest of us end up stuck to where ever we are stuck now and if you are in a cold zone, you get to fear the next Ice Age instead of global warming.  Ins’t this fun?  Siberia and Greenland will remain barely or non-habitable but the rich people living in climate-controlled palaces along the Mediterranean won’t be scared of their living rooms flooding due to global warming.


Since most of the prime beach real estate is owned by the very rich, it doesn’t surprise me much to see them hysterical about the ocean eating up the sand in front of their palatial dwellings. They want to turn the ocean back so they can continue to enjoy their high privileges. This is why the editors working for Murdoch, for example, will concentrate on Inuit huts or the tar shacks of Africans falling into the oceans but won’t talk about mansions on the North Shore of Long Island having difficulties with the docks where they keep their yachts.


Moving little shacks is very easy.  Few of these things exist for more than a few years, anyway. This is the nature of shacks.  But the huge mansions that line prime beach real estate: these are very immobile and very expensive!  So naturally, like Xerxes, the rich want the ocean to stay put exactly where it is, not to move forwards or backwards.


Copenhagen climate summit: 1,200 limos, 140 private planes and caviar wedges – Telegraph

Ms Jorgensen reckons that between her and her rivals the total number of limos in Copenhagen next week has already broken the 1,200 barrier. The French alone rang up on Thursday and ordered another 42. “We haven’t got enough limos in the country to fulfil the demand,” she says. “We’re having to drive them in hundreds of miles from Germany and Sweden.”

. And the total number of electric cars or hybrids among that number? “Five,” says Ms Jorgensen. “The government has some alternative fuel cars but the rest will be petrol or diesel. We don’t have any hybrids in Denmark, unfortunately, due to the extreme taxes on those cars. It makes no sense at all, but it’s very Danish.”… .

…The airport says it is expecting up to 140 extra private jets during the peak period alone, so far over its capacity that the planes will have to fly off to regional airports – or to Sweden – to park, returning to Copenhagen to pick up their VIP passengers….


…At least the sex will be C02-neutral. According to the organisers, the eleven-day conference, including the participants’ travel, will create a total of 41,000 tonnes of “carbon dioxide equivalent”, equal to the amount produced over the same period by a city the size of Middlesbrough.


This is one big party for the gnomes and of course, the prostitutes will be very busy even if Tiger Woods stays home.  No one is even slightly serious about global warming.  Otherwise, they would do the proper thing: use the internet and the modern broadcasting abilities of the internet to talk to each other and to set things in to motion. Why do they all have to gather together to get drunk as skunks, have orgies and kiss each other’s asses physically?  HAHAHA.  This, too, is the nature of gnomes!  This is their entire existence!


We will know that there is something bad going on (I am COLD AS HELL right now!) if these goofy jerks stop exploiting the planet and running riot.  If they are half serious, they would denounce themselves and then drink a big vat of Rothshild purple wine laced with strychnine and then keel over dead.  This would save the planet tremendous amounts of CO2.  This would also warn everyone to NOT IMITATE these creeps crying wolf about global warming.


‘Climategate’ at centre stage as Copenhagen opens – Times Online

As 15,000 delegates from 192 nations began what was billed as the “last, best chance” to avert a catastrophic rise in sea and air temperatures, Saudi Arabia’s chief climate negotiator, Mohammed al-Sabban, spoke from the floor to say that e-mails hacked from a UK research centre had shaken trust in the work of scientists.


He was not the first to mention the Climategate scandal. In his opening address to the conference, Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Nobel prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), said the hackers had been trying to undermine the work of his organisation.


In the US, the major media owners cooperating with each other in the pre-arranged conspiracy set into motion last spring, tried to bury this story entirely.  This, alone, is more than enough reason to call off the entire Copenhagen business.  There was no real debate here in the US since the media, as usual, prevented this by mostly ignoring the news flow.  The Palestinians can appreciate how this works, news from Israel is nearly totally censored in the US.


Aside from this, I feel that everyone who is unhappy with global warming show unity by moving to Siberia.  This generous act of self-punishment can go a long ways towards convincing the rest of us, being freezing cold at -50 F degrees is good for humanity.  Of course, the guys living in palaces will complain, to keep themselves warm there in Siberia, they will be forced to burn more fossil fuels.  I say, ‘Rubbish.  Humans lived in Siberia in tents made of animal skins for the last 9,000 years.  The global warming believers could all live there with the many ice age animals that still exist there.  And not burn any fossil fuels.  They can trudge around Siberia in mucklucks.  Like humans did for thousands of years.


Obama administration will formally declare danger of carbon emissions –

The Obama administration will formally declare Monday that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions pose a danger to the public’s health and welfare, a move that lays the groundwork for an economy-wide carbon cap even if Congress fails to enact climate legislation, sources familiar with the process said.


So, the gnomes living in palaces that line various oceanfront properties with beautiful sandy beaches and which as low humidity and warm, warm temperatures, will circumvent the US public and Congress to unilaterally impose on us these carbon caps which will be enforced by the obvious way: preventing the lower classes from using any energy at all.  Isn’t this cool?  As for carbon sinks: I own a mountain top with trees.  My trees clean everyone’s air.  Am I going to be paid for this service?


Nope.  I pay taxes on my forest.  So I subsidize everyone’s carbon and the carbon traders will use the existence of my own forest to make deals for carbon credits which will tax me further while not giving me any benefits at all.  I feel like chopping down all of my trees in retaliation.  And indeed, MANY OF MY NEIGHBORS ARE.  There is NO incentive to not do this.  Nor do the beach dwelling rich people want to share the loot with me.  They want those trades and they want to us me as the basis for this trading business of theirs.  And there is tremendous resentment of land owners who have forests, etc. about all of this.


Here is an older story about all this from my own blog:  The Horrors Of The Carbon Trade Derivatives Beast « Culture of Life News

In other words, this is a hidden tax.  That is, everything we buy will be more expensive.  This is most interesting to me since the entire premise for ‘free trade’ is based on cheap transportation.  The world’s economy is based very strongly on this business of moving things across the planet in huge machines like container ships or giant jets.  These monster-sized transporters move massive amounts of goods all over the place.  The concept of local production working to supply local markets has been totally and utterly destroyed by free trade.


For example, my small town of Berlin, NY, used to grow flowers for sale in upstate NY and the surrounding states.  15 years ago, Seagrotte Roses tripled their green houses and expanded greatly.  But then, free trade came waltzing in and destroyed every single job in Berlin, NY.  Now, Seagrotte’s headquarters are at the Albany Airport and they process imported roses and then deliver these.  The distances these flowers travel expanded from less than 200 miles to over 3,000 miles, all of this via jets that pollute the air, mess up the atmosphere and consume much greater amounts of precious fossil resources.


If the guys yelling about global warming were even slightly serious, they would strangle ‘free trade’ and revert to the earlier, older method of doing business much more locally.  Instead of this sane solution, they have decided to have a hidden tax on energy.  Which isn’t a real tax.  It is a new Derivatives Beast which they hope to grow so it is BIGGER than the thing it supposedly taxes!!!!


And finally, here is a story that is full of lies about how amazing it is, that the lordly Rothschilds are actually environmentalists:

ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ / Reportage – Upper-class eco-warriors

David de Rothschild is one of a small band of people who have set themselves the task of saving the world. We used to think of climate activists and eco-protesters as scruffy outsiders. Now they are anything but. De Rothschild, son of the prominent banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, is the heir to a fortune. He could be lazing around, doing pretty much what he wants. But what he wants is to save the world.


Something interesting is happening to eco-warriors. To those making the headlines at least. They’re getting posher. A couple of years ago, the words “climate activist” would conjure an image of unkempt clothes and dreadlocks. They looked like people who wanted to spoil the party because they hadn’t been invited. Now, as activism enters the mainstream in a big way, we’re seeing something different. The new breed, such as Tamsin Omond, founder of campaign group Climate Rush, and Franny Armstrong, director of the acclaimed docudrama The Age of Stupid, mostly protest in expensively educated accents. David de Rothschild looks like the sort of guy who could get into any party he liked.


Excuse me, but nearly since day one, many years ago, the very rich were always all for the environment….except where they were making money.  So they would do all kinds of dirty things where the poor lived while preserving nature where they live.  Which is why the forests of Europe were not denuded over the centuries, the aristocrats loved hunting wild game in lovely places!  So they worked hard to preserve this environment and the wildlife therein.  This is thousands of years old, not a recent idea.


And no different from today!  Much of the mass extinction going on is due to peasants burning down forests to plant arid-climate plants!  And the rich know how to stop this: kill the peasants.  But this is hard to do in public.  Yes, it is being done in places like Afghanistan!  But it is embarrassing to the rich.  They can’t say outright, ‘Let’s save the pandas and kill most of the Chinese.  Yes!’  Nor can they go to the US public and announce, ‘We don’t need most of you.  DIE!’


Now, there is a group of online people who believe that the rulers want to use vaccinations to kill us.  A total failure since it caused the population boom we see today.  Perhaps the rulers are encouraging people in believing vaccinations are evil so they won’t get these shots and then die of diseases.  Who knows? It would certainly be a useful way to eliminate humans.  But mostly, we are told to have fewer babies.  When most mothers have to work to support themselves, this cuts down greatly on child birthing.


42.8% of Japanese see no need to have children: survey › Japan Today: is interesting.  The Japanese masses are eliminating themselves.  The younger generation is very against having children!  68% of Japanese women in their twenties don’t want to have children at all!!!  And the vast bulk of these women want what?


They want to live in the warmest part of Japan and have fun.  They want to travel around the world and party.  They want the exact same things the ruling elites want.  And note that the birth rate of the elites is very low.  They have one to two kiddies and then pass these off to servants to raise.  While they jet around the planet, mostly staying in very warm places except for the hours they choose to say, ski.  But they ski outside and then rush inside where the climate is like their beach houses.  Ahem.


Jordan Times

According to Thai Ambassador in Amman Isinthorn Sornvai, Jordan and Thailand will cooperate in a new technique adopted by the latter for purposes of artificial rain induction. .

The Thai embassy in Amman has received a request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs seeking cooperation between the two sides in this field through expediting a Jordanian team to Thailand to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills related in particular to a rain-induction technique that proved successful in the East Asian country, Sornvai told The Jordan Times on Saturday.


And yes, the rain patterns will change.  Many things will change.  And as usual, Mother Nature will force us to change.  But no one wants to change.  And this is the nature of humans: we want to have our climate cooled while we want to live in dry, warm climates.  We want rain but not too much and we don’t like really wet, cool places like….Scotland!  HAHAHA.  Yes, this is why the Romans didn’t want to bother with the Scots.  It was too dank and cold up there.  And this is why Russia is so hard to beat in wars: General Winter defeats all comers.

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35 responses to “Copenhagen Incompetence: Hot Air For Global Cooling

  1. Howard R.

    The EPA will issue shortly that CO2 is a pollutant and must be reduced by government action. This will accrue before Obama makes his speech on the 18th. This ruling should be interesting as it will be followed by numerous law suits. These law suits will challenge the scientific basis for the ruling. I am sure that the EPA finding depends on the junk science that has come out of the resent E-Mails. These law suits will clear the air on how accurate the computer models used to show that CO2 is the primary cause for global warming.

  2. justiceatsqualor

    Didn’t Gorbachev warn that “global warming” was a scheme being cooked up by western elites?

    “Global warming” is really code for “peak oil.”

    Emissions controls are not about reducing global temperatures; they’re about maintaining balance and control in a world of declining energy output.

    The danger is in the self-inflicted delusion of the schemers. If their plan doesn’t succeed in bringing the whole world to heel, it might succeed in crippling supplicant western economies while the rest of the world powers disingenuously take handouts and exemptions until they finally pull out of the treaty when the west is completely de-industrialized.

  3. emsnews

    Correct, everyone. Sad, isn’t it?

  4. you don’t care about science or people who suffer rising heat and water levels, ‘I am all right fuck you’ is your approach is it not?

    Carbon trading is I agree a con but climate change is a problem, placing head in sand is not a secure solution


    ELAINE: Several years ago, it was -40 F here and NOT A SOUL in the south showed even the slightest regard that I was freezing. In fact, they found this funny. Stupid Elaine, living where it was cold!

    Indeed, the lack of sympathy for those of us who live in the extreme cold belts of the planet is a feature of the ‘global warming’ community. If it gets hotter here, this is no skin off of my nose or anyone in Siberia, for example. This is why the global warming crew has focused on ‘save the ice in the north’ instead of ‘we want balmy weather in the south’. They want us to think, we should freeze and this is good.

    Well, PAY ME FOR THIS. That is, the ‘carbon trades’ should compensate those of us who live in very cold conditions (it is well below freezing tonight and will get much colder this winter) instead of browbeating us to stop consuming energy while people in the south get air conditioning as well as balmy temperatures, overall.

  5. DeVaul

    What these stolen emails indicate, as well as the meeting of monarchs in Copenhagen, is that global warming is not necessarily caused by CO2 emissions. It might be part of the problem, but certainly not the whole problem. If CO2 emissions were so powerful, they would have shut down the natural consequences of volcanic eruptions all across the globe, but they didn’t.

    Whenever the rich gather together to wine and dine and “save the world” as an aside, you can be certain that you are being taken for a ride.

    I doubt the rich, or anyone for that matter, can stop climate change. If they could, the Sahara would still be a lush forest interspersed with breezy grasslands, as it was just 5,000 years ago. 5,000 years is nothing in geological time.

    Anything “global” is really just a scheme by the rich to distract us from what we can change: the creation of huge, toxic landfills, the dumping of sewage and heavy metals in our streams and rivers, the razing of our forests for stupid McMansions, the blacktopping of our best farmlands, and… do I need to go on?

    Local efforts at stopping pollution and environmental destruction are shut down as we consider how to keep some rich man’s resort island 3,000 miles away from “going under water”.

    As for the natives, they can get in their canoes and boats and sail for higher ground, just as they have done for 1 million years. As the earth changes, we will have to move as well, but wherever we go, we will still need fresh water, good soil, and healthy forests if we want to survive.

  6. Mojo

    Bernie Sanders has an online Petition to remove


    ELAINE: Great catch, Mojo. Everyone: sign it now!!

  7. charlottemom

    correct Duval – this is about revenue to maintain the status quo vis a vis property and power. Elite vs. mother nature. My favorite part of the cap and tap “treaty” is the mandate to cap global temperatures hahahhah! I can’t believe anyone is buying this?!?

    and btw you are quite fiesty tonight!

  8. nah

    This is one big party for the gnomes and of course, the prostitutes will be very busy even if Tiger Woods stays home. No one is even slightly serious about global warming. Otherwise, they would do the proper thing: use the internet and the modern broadcasting abilities of the internet to talk to each other and to set things in to motion. Why do they all have to gather together to get drunk as skunks, have orgies and kiss each other’s asses physically? HAHAHA. This, too, is the nature of gnomes! This is their entire existence!
    41,000-tons of carbon dioxide equivalent the summit will put out, more than 60 of the world’s smallest countries put out in a year combined.
    if global warming were such a big deal we would know about it…. and it would be taken more seriously than it is…
    I have to agree that its all just peak oil management…. cost controls paid for by guess who…. US taxpayers
    i see it all as more of a subsidy or incentive to make markets more profitable for the power brokers….
    the less free markets are… the more enshrined in law centralized power structures with a cushy seat for revolving door government employees who tow the line… wealthcare will be a way of life for the rest of us as RECORD PROFITS are the only way the US can structure its foreign debt
    financial regulation stinks of kickbacks, in house trades, government trickery, and dodgy liability…. we regulate cars one way…
    we regulate anything tied to money printing and ridiculous risk modeling as the most sacred holy word of capitalism…. even tho its a shadowy deceitful abortion of our national consciousness

    the people have spoken

  9. nah

    like what kind of accounting are banks required to do… taxes and banks are like the same thing… governments lifeline
    and they get paid like supersoldiers in GS

  10. quidnunc

    Incompetence. Copenhagen. CDC. Pentagon. The list almost endless. Incompetence by design. Designed to make profits on gullible people who pretend to want to know otherwise…

    Swine Flu Kills at Slower Rate Than Seasonal Strains (

    Swine-flu bribe fever!

    From Baxter, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi-Aventis, Astra-Zeneca, Novartis, Merry Christmas!!!

    Stay tuned for our soon to come out hacked emails. LOL.


    ELAINE: How horribly cruel you are. The reason why the death rate is lower is due to it NOT killing the elderly who are the main group that dies from the flu. It is killing CHILDREN who normally virtually never die of the flu. You con’t figure this out because you read antivaccinationist propaganda.

  11. JT

    Tax on life…
    Dog´s have a larger carbon footprint than SUV´s.

    One has to be grateful that you guys shot all the millions of buffalos that were killing our planet by eating and breathing.
    As precautinary measure what other animals should we kill in order the prevent climate change?
    (The answer is humans, but nobody can say it out loud yet)

  12. emsnews

    JT, you are correct about dogs having little to do with the CO2 business. Dogs can live outside. They get around via walking. Humans can take them indoors and drive them around but that is humans doing this, not dogs.

    That whole thing was ridiculous.

  13. quidnunc

    Yup I read the antivaccinationist propaganda from Bloomberg and the Harvard School of Public Health. LOL.


    ELAINE: The dead children are not fake. You are.

  14. Duski

    Mainstream science claims that global warming is happening, so once again, I stick with mainstream science.

    Natural events can disrupt this a lot, like volcanoes erupting. But they will only usually move rising of temperatures for a while.

    Anecdotal evidence is, once again, not worth much. Here in Finland we have had two very warm winters, and this one so far has been warm. But for any single year the weather is affected more by air currents etc than global temperature, so to get good data it has to be collected over time.

    About those leaked e-mails, I have read some excerpts of them, and feel like they are overexaggerated by a lot in the deniers community. For example, in one e-mail guy asks how to represent data in a way that it cannot be easily distorted by deniers, but wording it in a way that can be interpreted more nastily if one wants to. Most of the stuff is the same, but it is the same as always in human communication!

    If you exchange information with colleagues, you don’t waste time to pin down exact meaning of every sentence, but rather make quick, efficient messages and you can trust other side most likely understands you. Or asks for clarification.

    But one thing is for sure: Our elite really, really deserves to be ridiculed for organizing event producing a lot of greenhouse gases when there are much more efficient ways available. That certainly gives out a message that they don’t REALLY care about what will happen, but want to put up a show for it. All sorts of silly emission trade deals are so stupid and will just make following real outputs more hard (maybe they want this, to go on normally and claim they are cutting emissions)…

    If they were serious about this, they would simply restrict outputs RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Western politicians have acted the last 20 years like they really don’t have any power over the society anymore. They are all so wimpy that I guess they must boast around after winning peasants with modern military machines (although, maybe they will lose even with those odds in the long run).

    But hey, really, once again this is a thing where everyone can say “I told you so!” in just around 20-30 years! Then we’ll see who was right!

  15. emsnews

    Yes, there is global warming. But the question is, who is suffering from global warming and who should fix it.

    And the fixes being offered are stupid fixes that fix ONLY the finances of the very rich! This is why I am very angry.

    I don’t mind ‘global warming’ at all, personally. It is very, very cold, still, where I live. I don’t mind the oceans rising, either, I don’t live near the oceans.

    So, to get me to go along with reducing my use of energy involves being very, very nice to me, not taxing me or hammering me. I have NO INCENTIVE to cut back so it will cool off.

    None at all. This is how things operate in the real world: if someone in a hot area is scared of global warming, they can pay me to put in say, solar panels on my roof. They can’t tax me for keeping warm! That is INSANE.

  16. JT

    There is global warming yes.
    Scientist disagree on how much warming there will be.

    Kioto did nothing to reduce C02 and neither will Copenhagen.

    So why should anyone be happy about Copenhagen, it will achieve nothing and the price tag is 7 trillion in the next 10 years.

    You can save the world by trading carbon credits with Goldman Sachs?
    Really does anybody believe this?
    Why not make it a cool 1000 trillion and trade water, oxygen, calories, child birth coupons and sunlight too?
    Money for your sins and you are forgiven by our lord the free global market 😀 .

  17. The opposite of freezing in the winter is no fun either. Unlike you, we had a really hot summer in bc , hiking in 100 F is no fun, a group tried to get up Siwhe this summer and the forest burst into flames above them, no joke and no fun.
    If you choose to live in the temperate zone, you know what comes, you can always move.


    ELAINE: And ditto to you. Why do you live in a hot place? I grew up in Death Valley and Tucson and Phoenix, after all. And my little house in Tucson had no air conditioning at all. I used to bike all over town in June when it was over 100 degrees and it didn’t bother me one bit.

    Try running around in -40 F. I have done, this, too. It is tons harsher and you can die from exposure in minutes.

  18. leavingtheoffice

    @ziff house,

    The rest of Canada had the coolest summer I can remember in my 37 years. BC was an anomaly. I spent half my summer on the prairies and half in southern Ontario (where it was too cold to use my parents’ pool in JULY!!) It was cool on the prairies where, like Elaine, people have little concern for global warming–high elevation and -38 C this morning with wind chill, brrrr.

  19. justiceatsqualor

    I challenge someone to find a LARGE CORPORATION’S website that claims their product has reduced CO2 emissions AND THUS REDUCES “GLOBAL WARMING.”?

    I doubt they exist. Media and moron scientists will babble sound and fury, but NO ONE wants to put product liability (money) on the line if the curtain gets pulled back on this farce called global warming. . .

    For example, take a look at what would be one of the obvious candidates for supposedly virtuous claims of reduced CO2 emissions and thus claims of reduced global warming. . .

    “Q: Are clean diesel vehicles more “eco-conscious” than hybrids?
    A: It depends on the application and your point of view. The advantage of Clean Diesel is this: combine a significantly more efficient and dependable engine system with a cleaner, more efficient fuel and then add new technology around ignition and emissions systems. What you get is an engine that uses less fuel, burns as clean – or cleaner – than regular gasoline and avoids that messy dead battery storage issue. That’s enough to make the editors at Green Car Journal award the Jetta TDI as its 2009 Green Car of the Year.”

    Generally, the company talks about its product’s cleaner emissions and fuel efficiency, but not a peep about reducing CO2 emissions and specifically global warming. . .

    Great cars, though.

  20. justiceatsqualor

    The science of global warming is far from settled if big corporations won’t advertise the expected results.

  21. emsnews

    I have a diesel tractor. One draw back: it doesn’t run too well in extreme cold which is what we get up here despite the global warming hysteria, it is really cold here.

    Ahem. I am harping on this only because it will be near zero degrees up here by the end of the week. HOHOHO, says Santa who doesn’t drive his sleigh here due to the reindeer getting too chilled.

  22. Lois T

    Elaine, I suspect our elites are hoping us cold-weather natives will move to the coastal areas and get drowned out by the Great Global Warming Flood.

  23. emsnews

    Lois, they goofed. We can swim. 🙂

  24. quidnunc

    As H.G. Wells once said, “Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.” When at a loss for words revert to name calling, that’s the spirit!

  25. K-Bo

    Not too smart to have global warming treaty meeting in winter, either.

    I forget where I read it, but why not carbon tax, and distribute dividend to all? Use less, pay less taxes then get back in dividend. Use more, pay more taxes. Seems fair. Avoids those who want to scam the system – the derivateers.

    But I remain a skeptic on the science, and don’t think we should do anything until we are very sure. Too much massaging of data to fit a pre-conceived notion.


    Regardless of CO2 and possible global warming, we should do something to lower our energy imports (more renewable production here, more efficiency) for economic reasons. It’s a huge reason for our ruinous trade deficit, which is bankrupting us.

  26. Mr Bill

    Given the controversy about the Copenhagen meetings, the bad science coming from the Global Warming supporters and the potential harmful effects posed for us humans, I believe the massive push for a new set of treaties and climate management should be put on hold. In the meantime, let’s try to take a common sense look at the climate, temperature, CO2 issues without the propagandized fearmongering from the elitists.

    Start with a common sense fact that is still scientific. The main issue on the table currently is the relationship between Global temperature and the Global CO2 content in Earth’s atmosphere. Climate, shifts in climate, climate cycles, etc are important issues, but are only diversions in the current high pitched fever over “Global Warming”.

    Global temperature is influenced by many factors( solar activity, orbits, currents, volcanos, etc). CO2 is only one of those factors. The fact is that humans have no means for direct control over Global temperature. Humans can influence only a few of the factors, with great effort and difficulty. At this point, it should be clear that even the best science cannot predict the outcome of human influences. There is a lot that science can do and there is even more that science will contribute in the future. Further “good” science should be pursued. However, we have no business jumping off a “Global Warming” cliff now, based on some uncertain agenda.

    Consider some simple facts about CO2 and carbon. Fact one is that the total amount of carbon on this planet is more or less constant and has been for eons. The total CO2 on the planet was ultimately made from some other form of carbon material. The primary source for all of the CO2 gas was and is from “burning” other carbon materials. Much of the CO2 comes from high temperature “burning” of carbon based fuels (oil, gas, trees, etc), some comes from bacteria and some from all living animals. Which of these sources are humans likely to influence?

    Fact three is that are only three basic options to influence CO2 content in the Global atmosphere (1) Reduce CO2 gas generation (slow down “burning”, (2) Increase CO2 gas consumption (plant more trees and vegetation) or convert it to aother
    form and store it. There are many variations but, they are versions of these basic three.
    Many of these variations are beyond human influence, but some human influence is possible. Which ones are humans realistically likely to choose?

    Take the CO2 reduction one. Are humans making any effort to reduce “burning” – stop drivingor flying, stop heating/cooling homes, running factories? How about reducing animal discharge- no more body gas, maybe kill a bunch of animals or even other humans? How about increased CO2 consumption? Are human leaders pressing to plant more trees. Is there any reforestation planned for the rain forests? How about locating real estate projects and factories on barren land? Dosen’t current trends still point to land consumption, not reclamation?

    The last possible option to influence the CO2 gas levels involves a lot of exotic chemistry. CO2 can be dissolved in water (like rivers, lakes and oceans) but that turns the water into acid which is ultimately harmful to plants and animals. It can be converted into a new chemical like baking soda. Then what? In an extreme it could be converted into carbonate rock or something similar, but that would be an awfully expensive way to make rocks. There are other possibilities that can be considered. Just pick a good one.

    There is one option for converting CO2 gas into something else. The elites are already working on this option for the benefit of all humankind! The elites and world leaders have discovered that CO2 gas simply needs to be converted into MONEY! The CO2 can be taxed, it can be bought and sold in financial markets, it can be capped and traded all over the world. No science needed here. Just keep making more CO2 gas,so that it can be converted to more MONEY, and stop worrying about that CO2 gas in the Global atmosphere. Once the money is in hand, we won’t need to be that worried about Global Warming right now.

  27. JT

    @Mr Bill:
    “CO2 gas simply needs to be converted into MONEY”

    Great point 😀 .
    Both thumbs and big toes up for Mr Bill.

  28. emsnews

    Yes, Bill is right.

    HAHAHA. Sigh. Taxing carbon burned by people living in very cold places is monstrous. Tax air conditioners!

    These horrid things pump HOT AIR into the environment. They have spread everywhere. When I was a child, virtually no one had them. Now, they are all over the place. They run only when it is hot so they double the heat.

    Kill off all air conditioners and then come and talk to me about my burning wood to keep alive in severe cold areas.

  29. PLovering

    Lakshmi Mittal, UK steel tycoon, stands to gain a 1 billion pound windfall profit from Copenhagen Emissions Trading Scheme.

  30. justiceatsqualor

    But you know how the blame game turns out if this falls apart, don’t you?

  31. Mr Bill


    I only wrote a sentence, I did not create the concept. The elites and government leaders did that. But, do you ever here or read reports that show actionable efforts to actually reduce CO2 in the Global atmosphere. It seems to me that the current proposed plans mostly legislates CO2 to be a tradable commodity and sets up a financial trading system to shift “carbon credits” around the globe. I think it is proposed basically to trade CO2 credits in low CO2 areas for excess CO2 in high CO2 areas. There do not seem to be plans to specifically reduce CO2. Rather, there are expectation that financial dynamics will “lower the Global CO2 footprint”. It sounds like a corporate scam.


    I resent that remark about air conditioning.. As a Southerner, I can say we consider both heating and cooling. I have friends who use the exhaust from their refrigerators for heat in the winter and leave the door open in the summer for cooling. That was a joke.

    Seriously, heating and cooling fall into the same bucket. Most Electricity, Gas and Fuels come from carbon based “burning”. So they all contribute to the same issues. Basically, it realistically comes down to two basic options. Either cut back on unsustainable “burning” or increase vegetative cultivation. Who will do that?

  32. justiceatsqualor

    Get rid of air conditioning before heating and get rid of heating before food. . .

  33. emsnews

    I lived in both Death Valley and Arizona with NO AIR CONDITIONING.

    People lived there for thousands of years with no air conditioning. We are all very spoiled. The Tuareg of the Sahara have no air conditioning, too.

    Air conditioners are much worse than heating systems of any sort. Because when it is hot, the units spew out heat! Go stand next to an air conditioning unit section where it spews out hot air. OUCH. And every cubic yard of hot air heats up the neighborhood, quite literally. Ergo: anyone beefing about too much heat should outlaw all air conditioning systems that spew out hot air.

  34. that it depends on the application and your point of view …………………

    that all i got hehehehe
    j3j3j3j3j3j3 \

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