Pay Me A Freezing Tax Since I Live In Land Of Blizzards

I couldn’t post a story this morning due to the terrors of global warming: we had a blizzard here.  That is, I spent the day using various tools to move immense tons of snow all over the place.  The concept of global warming rests on the idea that we are suffering from too much heat. Try selling that idea in my neck of the woods today!


Below is a weather map from yesterday.  I spent the last two days preparing for a nasty storm.  It is cold here.  Say, if this legendary global warming will raise the average temperature by say, 4 degrees, this means we will see -20 F cold spells rather than -30F cold spells, I am assuming, being generous.



But I spent the entire day outside, in this massive outdoor freezer we call winter, moving ice around all over the place.  Yes, our ice does melt every spring, thank god.  If we go deep freeze, my home could be buried under a massive glacier a mile thick.


Now, compared to some unpleasant desertfication to immense glaciers covering half of the planet,  I would instantly vote for drier and hotter temperatures, not colder.  So, let’s look at today’s weather news and compare my freezing cold, vicious storm weather with other places that are supposedly worried about too much heat and too much ocean:


BBC News – Hawaii surfers compete in massive waves

Whoopee.  Just click on the link above and you will see hoards of happy people, cavorting in the warm oceans, having tons of fun.  I don’t see a single snow shovel in sight.  Not one mitten.  Are these people unhappy?  Are they fearful that they will see their noses fall off due to severe cold?


Nope!  They are having… FUN IN THE SUN.  They are HAPPY!  They can’t believe their good fortune to be living in a warm part of the globe.  You can bet, every one of these people supposedly menaced by global warming are slap happy to be somewhere very warm with lots of beachfront properties.  Of course, since many people live in beach front properties, they want me to freeze to death so they can keep their happy air conditioned condos as a great place to have fun in the sun.  Whoopee, again.


Copenhagen summit: US ‘will not subsidise China on climate change’ – Times Online

The United States is willing to pay its fair share towards a multibillion-dollar climate change accord, but would not accept American taxes ending up in China as a result, its chief climate negotiator said today.


Todd Stern, the State Department’s climate envoy, briefed reporters after flying in to the Copenhagen climate summit where more than 100 world leaders, including President Obama, are due next week to sign an agreement to cap greenhouse gas emissions and limit the effects of global warming.


From what I see at this meeting, the various warm nations that are supposedly all flipped out about ‘global warming’ are actually very anxious to collect free money from the ‘carbon producers’ who happen to be mainly countries in colder climates.  I noted earlier the story about Russia being able to collapse the carbon trade derivative beast due to deindustrializing itself so much, it can flood carbon credit markets with scat that can drive the value of these phantom things to zero which is where it belongs.


Anyway, like fish being fed bread, all the third world countries jumped on the global warming band wagon because they were told, this would be a fantastic opportunity to get their paws, that is, the elites of these countries, on trillions in cash.  The vast majority if not all rich elites happen to own beachfront properties. They are very concerned about fixing global warming so they can sun themselves on various very expensive beach resorts.


To do this, they intend to tax me, on my freezing cold mountain, and make my life even more miserable than it already is.  I live in a refrigerator climate from Thanksgiving to Easter.  This is HALF OF THE DAMN YEAR.  If this was reduced to freezing for just one month, I would be happy as a lark.  If this were like Hawaii, I would be totally satisfied.

ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ – Administration Warns of ‘Command-and-Control’ Regulation Over Emissions

The Obama administration is warning Congress that if it doesn’t move to regulate greenhouse gases, the Environmental Protection Agency will take a “command-and-control” role over the process in a way that could hurt business.


The warning, from a top White House economic official who spoke Tuesday on condition of anonymity, came on the eve of EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s address to the international conference on climate change in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Jackson, however, tried to strike a tone of cooperation in her address Wednesday, explaining that the EPA’s new powers to regulate greenhouse gases will be used to complement legislation pending in Congress, not replace it.


So, the EPA will be draconian.  This will cause the collapse of the Democratic party, bigger than the collapse that happened after LBJ gave many citizens their civil rights back.  The actual measures will not be a slap happy government handing out chits so we can insulate our homes.  Certainly, if these trillions were used to put solar energy panels on all our roofs, I would be for this.


But this won’t happen.  I see merely higher taxes and higher prices for things while I still struggle to buy a snow shovel so I can keep my head out of the deep freeze that simply is NOT going away, not at all. Not even slightly.


New Orleans a test case for global warming –

People will go home, even if home is in harm’s way. The pull of family, friends and happy memories proved irresistible for many in the Lower 9th Ward. The common history and culture of any community will keep people living in flood plains, along earthquake faults, and on shorelines, if those places are home.


More people are moving into harm’s way. The number of people who live at the water’s edge will continue to grow. The Lower 9th Ward is not unique — more than 50 percent of America’s population lives within 50 miles of a coast, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The same percentage applies to the world’s population. In the United States, NOAA predicts the number will rise as high as 75 percent by 2050 or sooner. Governments were formed to protect their citizens — and not just from armed marauders.


OK: a quick quiz.  Let’s assume there is global warming.  Oceans will rise!  Hurricanes will be worse!  The cold north will warm up!  So….where are people moving?


HAHAHA.  Obviously, no one is moving inland!  And I bet most of those people choosing to live by oceans are planning to or want to move to LA or Florida or Hawaii, the Mediterranean shores, etc.  They are NOT moving to Vermont.  Or upstate NY.  Or Alaska.


If all these people in hysterics about how we are getting too warm were even slightly serious, they would be moving AWAY from the oceans and INTO the mid plain, northern areas.  Contrary to all the bloviating by the global warmers, humans move around all the time. No one is stuck living next to the beach in a major resort area.  But I detect no fear at all about rising oceans.  On the contrary, the ocean front people want to tax us to pay for fixing up their beaches!


I pay for people to get fresh sand on their beaches while I have to pay also for snow removal here in the form of taxes as well as immense amounts of my own labor and machines here on my mountain.  So, my demand is, forget giving trillions to warm places with oceanfront properties.  Forget places that are hotter and drier each decade.  GIVE ME MONEY FOR MY SNOW REMOVAL.


That is, I want global warming so I won’t have to move to see the ocean or avoid snow like so many people obviously are doing.  Pay me to live in my cold, miserable place and I won’t make fun of global warming.  OK?  So simple.  I want a global tax to fund the people of Siberia and upstate NY.  Fair is fair.  After all, our states, the cold states, have lost population for several generations while everyone moves to hot, dry places with oceans.  Let them pay us to be the global bellweather.


Exodus of the bankers – Business News, Business – The Independent

The Chancellor, Alistair Darling, is widely expected to use his pre-Budget report to introduce a one-off windfall tax on banking bonuses to help assuage public anger over six- and seven-figure pay-outs just months after the Government’s multibillion-pound bailout of the banks.


Bob Diamond, the president of Barclays and head of investment bank Barclays Capital, said businesses and individuals could desert the City if new taxes were imposed….


…”Both financial capital and human capital are extremely mobile,” he said.


His comments came as the City of London Corporation – the Square Mile’s local government – said financial services provided 12 per cent of Britain’s tax take. It warned that Britain would find it all but impossible to pay back its gargantuan budget deficit without the money. Speaking at a conference in Sussex, Mr Diamond warned the Government could do real damage to Britain’s financial sector in an attempt to get cheap headlines.


The gnomes are in a very bad mood.  They put up with living in damp, cold places so they can make lots of loot and then run off to top notch beachfront properties where they can whine about it being too hot and how the water is rising.  Note the words about people and money being ‘mobile’.  Humans have been notoriously mobile since day one when we first picked up a pointy stick and began stabbing our neighbors in the jungles millions of years ago.


As I keep noting, gnomes hate paying taxes. They like looting systems and stealing from the neighbors.  This is why they are nearly uniformly very happy about the future carbon trade market for they see yet another iron-clad scheme to loot someone.  But try to balance budgets wrecked from the effort to save these creeps and guess what?


They run away!  Sticking us with the bills, of course.  And where do they go?  Why, to various pirate islands!  That are being screwed up by rising oceans.  Thus, the concerns of the very wealthy are quite obvious.


War Bonds Proposal Introduced in Senate — News from

Rather than broad-based funding of the global war on terror, the new bonds would be presented as simply funding the Iraq and Afghan Wars. In practice, however, both bonds put all money borrowed directly into the general fund.


Bush/Obama has to have ritualistic concern about the stupid wars being waged.  Now, Afghanistan is like upstate NY: the people who live there are crazy.  There are no oceans, most of the year is very miserable and nasty.  And no one wants to move to Afghanistan, either.  No surfing.  No fun in the sun for gnomes and their various female friendlies.


Now, it is a miserable place. Like Bush, Obama has to pretend to be paying for this somehow.  So he issues bonds???  HAHAHA.  That is a bunch of IOUs.  Will they sell at ZIRP rates?  Of course not.  He will promise to pay off these bonds via TAXES on top of the stupid carbon taxes.  That is, he has to tax someone.


Will he tax the gnomes?  Obviously, they will slap that down.  No, he must sell them bonds at at least a 6% bonus so they can have fun in the sun on the sea shore.  All this does is ADD TO OUR DEBTS.  Talk about dumb ideas.  Just bring the military home and have them invade the Cayman Islands. Then, our soldiers can have fun in the sun while hunting down gnomes.


Geithner Said to Be Seeking TARP Extension Until Next October – is just another news story on top of everything else.  Obviously, things are screwed up.  Time to impose a carbon tax on Michigan!


Dubai Company Bonds Dive as Swaps Show Default Risk (Update5) – shows that fun in the sun Dubai that wanted to be Vegas on the Verge of Islamic Revolution is worse off than fun in the sun California that doesn’t know a snow shovel from a liposuction machine.


Ireland to Appease ‘Vigilantes’ as Greece Punished (Update1) –

Ireland is poised to show Greece a way to cut ballooning budget deficits.


Finance Minister Brian Lenihan will today announce plans to cut spending by 6 percent in the face of the worst recession in Ireland’s modern history. On the other side of Europe, the yield on Greece’s two-year note yesterday rose the most since November 2008 as it struggles to convince investors it will be as bold.


Lenihan is trying to shore up confidence in Ireland, once Europe’s most dynamic economy, a day after Fitch Ratings cut Greece by one step to the third-lowest investment grade. A successful strategy may lead investors to reward Ireland and add pressure on Greece to follow.


Ireland, like Iceland (another cold, dank, place but Iceland and Ireland both have many beaches even though they are not fun in the sun beaches!) is on the rocks.  To fix the mess created by the banking gnomes who are having fun in the sun, the Irish people will have to live off of rock soup (boil water, add rock).  So, people in Ireland will go hungry, will suffer, will shiver and shake in the dank cold while the freaky goofs worried about global warming will cavort on sunny, warm beaches.


See how easy this is?  I am rather pissed off that half of the planet didn’t shovel snow today.  More than half, only a small minority of us shoveled snow.  But I am a people, too!  I want my own way, too! I want it to be very warm. I want my home to be Hawaii without me moving there.  See?  Everyone pays a price or gets something and since a hunk of humanity wants me to freeze, well,  I will return the wish in the exact opposite.


I want a ‘freeze tax’.  We should definitely pay Russia for freezing its bunions for all humanity.  How about that!

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17 responses to “Pay Me A Freezing Tax Since I Live In Land Of Blizzards

  1. justiceatsqualor

    Don’t forget about “Libra”; there are some disadvantages to warm, oceanfront living:

    1) If a big meteor hits an ocean, folks along all its shores and inland for miles will drown.

    2) If there are post-peak oil food shortages, then warm crowded littorals will become rather sporty, to say the least.

  2. norcalkid

    The sunny West isn’t so warm right now, either. The water pipe onto my property froze and broke. Nights are in the low 20s and ‘teens, which is cold for us (I know, whine, whine).

  3. JT

    The oceans are rising 2.8 to 3.3 millimeters per year.

    So it´s not like there is some sort of a sudden tsunami coming : D .

    Here in Finland the rockbed is rising 3 mm per year so we are +-0 on this.
    We have 12 acres of forest per every person here, petrol is 7,35 dollars per gallon already.
    And it´s cold too so we will not have any negatives from this alledged warming.
    Still we are expected to pay 200-400 euros every year to fight this.

  4. kevin

    it’s a cycle, it’s a cycle. it’s a cycle

  5. ralph

    India is BANNING OTC oil derivatives. This is the same country that just purchased 200 metric tonnes of PHYSICAL Gold from the IMF. The banking Gnomes are fucked. Their fake paper game is unravelling. HA HA HA!!! Fake paper contracts, naked short sold constantly, suppressing commodity prices is coming to an end. Inflation holocaust is coming. Buy JR. canadian mining firms. Gold in the ground for $50 an oz. will look really appealing to brain dead financial advisors soon.

  6. nah

    Nope! They are having… FUN IN THE SUN.
    dude please . . . . . .


  7. Well, i for one relish the cold days, they may be the last, hope all those GW freaks are wrong, if only physics didn’t work.
    I’ve been to Hawaii, its beauty really surprised me , but there are lots of unhappy warm people there. Could i live there? probably not, there is something gloriously and hidiously suffocating about the place.
    I was in Yellowknife a few years ago , it was a slightly warm day, boy were the Inuit complaining, to warm!

  8. emsnews

    Yes, the Inuit have evolved to handle the cold via natural selection. But this has ceased. Now, they live in places that are heated by burning carbon.

    The real dynamic here is the billions of air conditioners: these create hot air on top of using a lot of carbon based materials which are burned the most during heat spells.

    This dynamic is growing, not shrinking. As more and more people move to the hotter parts of the planet and we are very, very drawn to moving to hot places, the more air conditioners are made and used and this jacks up the heat tremendously.

    When I was a child, the few places that had air conditioning were movie theaters and places where there were lots of computers. Univac, for example, was the only air conditioned room at the University of Chicago.

    When I went to school, we had no air conditioners and the school year in the desert was shorter than in the north due to not being able to endure the heat until well after August. And school let out by June 6th.

  9. JSmith

    “The concept of global warming rests on the idea that we are suffering from too much heat.”

    Depends on how you define “we”. Some parts of the planet may indeed be too warm.

    “To do this, they intend to tax me, on my freezing cold mountain, and make my life even more miserable than it already is. I live in a refrigerator climate from Thanksgiving to Easter. This is HALF OF THE DAMN YEAR. If this was reduced to freezing for just one month, I would be happy as a lark. If this were like Hawaii, I would be totally satisfied.”

    I assume there are reasons you decided to live there that seemed pursuasive at the time the decision was made.

    I live, as you probably know, in central Ohio. It’s been “light jacket” weather right up to last night. This morning, it’s 20F.

    On the other hand, it is December. And it used to get a lot colder here, a lot earlier, once upon a time.

  10. RobG

    My understanding of Global Warming is that the average temperature of the earth is increasing and the evidence points to AGW, ie. human activity. That applies to the entire planet.

    Where people get confused is when they see their temperatures lower than normal. That in fact is ‘Climate Change’ and it accompanies GW because the normal weather patterns are now disrupted.

    I saw one explanation, which seemed logical, presented this way. Dry areas will grow drier and wet areas will become wetter. Why? Because the climate that cause dry weather, now begin hotter, will continue to parch. And climate that was causing wet weather will create more moisture because the added heat will create more evaporation over oceans putting more precipitation over those areas.

    So just a caution, because this blog has shared the general misconceptions and incorrect terminology of most of the public.

  11. emsnews

    No, Rob, I am making a powerful point. Yes, it may be warming in many places but this doesn’t mean we tax people in cold places even more so they do DOUBLE DUTY: they suffer the cold while everyone else moves to the warm ocean areas and then live really comfy lives while we freeze our bunions off.

    See how this works? If people living in warm places live a zero-carbon footprint life style, they can then live in the present status quo and not worry about global warming.

    But they want ME to do this more than they! They want to tax ME so they can keep the status quo while THEY get to have the same size carbon footprint as those of us who live in cold places!

    See my drift now?

  12. The War on Weather!

    The ultimate international governmental program.

  13. RobG

    Was that a pun, ‘drift’/your blizzard (LOL). So yes I get it now and it does tie to GW.

  14. emsnews

    I was in a bad mood due to wrestling with lots of ice and snow. Now, it is flurries with high winds. Very, very cold.

    Gosh. Imagine that!

  15. A very useful and helpful site with great articles for everyone and for me too. I discovered your website from a link posted on a forum. I will Come here regularly because i like your site.

  16. its firs date to this blog, its nice ! keep work…..

  17. Thank you for your help, this was a great read. Bookmarked for the future. Have a good week! =]

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