Cold Mother Nature Blasts Copenhagen

Since Copenhagen is in the news and is obviously very important, we have to look at it some more even if this is rather annoying at this point.  But then, events move themselves along including Mother Nature who has decided to put the Copenhagen conference in the literal deep freeze.


This isn’t just all about energy use by various nations, it is about the status quo.  To change this status quo while not changing anything serious, the negotiations are all about the path of industrialization.  That is, Europe and Japan both want to keep their own systems fully operational while the US has been aggressively deindustrialized and can’t play catch up with the world if we have imposed upon ourselves, severe energy use cuts.


For this is all about cutting energy use.  The US misused its energy to produce the suburban auto driving culture that features oversized houses that have to be heated and air conditioned as well as behemoth gas guzzlers that makes the US home owning suburban public the world’s biggest energy consumers.  Now, if the plan is to clip this consumption, this means the US public must reduce our expectations tremendously.


That is, we have to downsize.  Now, climbing down the comfort ladder is much more irritating than climbing up society’s ladder.  This will be immensely politically unpopular.  Any political party endorsing this will fall from power.  First, let’s look at more information since this debate is all about information.  Forbes magazine has a little feature from Shell Oil.  It shows the dirtiest power plants in the world and it is interactive so it is worthwhile to click on the link below:


Interactive: The World’s Dirtiest Power Plants –

OK: Northern Europe has a very big concentration of these dirty power plants.  This has been counterbalanced in EU statistics by France which has embraced nuclear power with a vengeance.  All the US plants are much smaller than the German and Polish giants.  But there are more of them.  China has the most, of course, big and small.


But PER CAPITA, it isn’t the biggest polluter at all.  If Germany and Poland were counted as countries and not EU elements, the per capita pollution levels for both would dwarf China’s output.  As well as the US.  The US has a number of plants in the Great Lakes area but by far, the majority are in the air conditioning south.  These plants were set up in order to deal with the non-union state growth in manufacturing but more, to cool big houses so people can migrate, as usual, to balmy places and escape the bitter cold which has encased the northern states.


China and U.S. Hit Strident Impasse at Climate Talks –

The stalemate came on a day of public and private brinkmanship as the talks moved into their second and final week. Earlier Monday, a group of poor nations staged a brief walkout from the bargaining table, and a chaotic registration system left thousands of attendees freezing outside the conference hall and forced the temporary closing of the subway stop near the Bella Center, where the meetings are being held….


HAHAHA. I want these meetings to be conducted entirely outdoors. People planning to deep freeze the north ought to experience what this really means. And I want lots of polar bears to be released in a nearby park. Then, they can experience the full effects of nature in the raw.


…Negotiators for the United States and China have been trading public accusations in recent days and making little progress in negotiations on the critical issue of treaty compliance.


Chinese negotiators have said little during formal negotiation sessions here, where they have been working in partnership with the developing countries. They have made clear that they do not expect money from the industrial powers to help make the shift to a more energy-efficient economy…..The more challenging hurdle, he said, is finding a way that China can prove to the outside world that it is reducing its emissions by the amount it claims.


Naturally, the US wants Iran or China to be open to inspections.  We hate their sovereignty.  The Iranian people are struggling with each other for political control and if we keep our noses out, this will resolve itself in interesting ways, namely, the urbane Iranians who have centuries of ‘civilization’ in their own history, will work things out in the long run and become more liberalized.  On the other hand, the US greatly resents anyone inspecting us on anything at all.  Just this week, the mad bomber Obama declared the US off limits to any international inspections for WMD and biowarfare.  And this, right after the US public was attacked by a biowarfare agent who mailed anthrax to people the Bushes and Cheney wanted to intimidate!


U.S. rejects biological weapons checks | Reuters

But Ellen Tauscher, under-secretary of state for arms control and international security, said Obama’s administration wanted to strengthen the Biological Weapons Convention because of growing threats from terrorism and pandemic disease.


Tauscher said it would be difficult to monitor compliance because a biological weapons program could be disguised within legitimate activities and rapid scientific advances made it hard to detect violations….


….Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, rejected a draft inspection protocol to the convention in 2001.


Tauscher said the Obama administration’s National Strategy for Countering Biological Threats, released Tuesday, recognized that there was no comprehensive strategy to deal with gaps in efforts to prevent the proliferation of biological weapons and scientific abuse.


Yes, we want to control other nations’ biowarfare programs…but not the reverse.  China knows this which is why they are playing a sophisticated game at the Copenhagen meetings.  That is, they allied themselves with the third world nations seeking funds from the West.  This irritates the US greatly.  And this accord is going to produce approximately nothing at all except for a rise in international taxes, more power for bankers dealing with these fake carbon credit markets and our ability to reindustrialize will be forever locked from us if we are put in an energy straightjacket.


What really, really irritates me is this: the US could easily fix a lot of our energy problems by having a NATIONAL tax on coal-burning power and this tax is used to install solar panels on all roofs of houses in the US. These are perfect for air conditioners: since the hot sun makes it necessary to cool houses, this is a perfect match.  This, in turn, will give us room to expand our industrial base which requires more energy concentration and uniformity.

ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ朝日新聞社):Japan eyes emissions cuts by China, India – English

Tokyo has maintained that a post-Kyoto Protocol framework should impose obligations on the United States, which withdrew from the 1997 protocol, as well as China, India and other “key developing nations” not currently bound to meet specific targets.


The Japanese government is proposing that a table of midterm targets for emissions reduction for 2020 for all countries, excluding the least developed, be attached to the political agreement.


Japan will also push for South Korea and Mexico, both members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, to set reduction targets.


The platform also calls for China, India, Brazil and other emerging economic powers to be designated “major developing countries” and dealt with separately from less developed nations.


The biggest selling item in Japan happens to be thermal underwear.  The Japanese people are downsizing themselves.  They own fewer cars per capita than 15 years ago. They live in smaller homes than the West.  They have less heating and cooling comforts.  This is our future.  The US climate change people should be honest about this.  The program isn’t about expanding our alternative energy systems. It is really about reducing our lifestyles.


Now, pretending this is not so is bad politics.  If the climate change people think no one will notice this, they are dead wrong.  People will notice and will be very angry since no one has been totally honest about what this business at Copenhagen.  Already, distrust is rising rapidly.  The liberal agenda that swept Obama into power will vanish like ice in global warming scenarios.  As it is, the super-cold weather this year has irritated many people greatly.


China launches “Yaogan VII” remote-sensing satellite_English_Xinhua

It will be mainly used for scientific experiment, land resources survey, crop yield estimates and disaster prevention and reduction, according to the center.


The satellite was developed by the China Academy of Space Technology under the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. The rocket was designed by the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, also under the corporation.


The Chinese have ZERO intention of deindustrializing itself for some pastoral fantasy.  They know what is what and they have their collective eyes on a ball which is the 50 Year Plan.  This plan has nothing about reducing the live styles and production systems of China.  It is the exact opposite.  China will play diplomatic ballgames with the West but only up to a point: if it interferes with the 50 Year Plan, they will do as they please.


This plan is sacrosanct. It is not the subject of open discussion, either.  This satellite launch is all about prospecting out commodities.  And the Chinese know that they have a limited window of opportunity to use their US dollar holdings to lock in important material advantages in global commodity markets.


Chinese, Turkmen, Kazakh, Uzbek presidents unveil gas pipeline_English_Xinhua

At the ceremony in a gas plant near the Turkmen-Uzbek border, President Hu said the China-Central Asia natural gas pipeline is a model of sincere solidarity and mutually beneficial cooperation of the four countries. He said the gas pipeline is a carrier of goodwill for friendship and mutual benefits of the four countries….


Hu said at present the international situation is undergoing profound and complicated changes. He called for the four countries to strengthen cooperation and work to promote common development of all countries in the region.


Thus sprach the Dragon: we are undergoing a profound power shift.  And this is due to China industrializing itself and taking over US and EU export markets.  We are in this dreadful competition and we lost.  The trade figures which infuriated me since 1972 are now so great, we simply no longer exist as a sovereign ECONOMIC power.  We have been stripped down and colonized and now are helpless.  Our last hurrah is this business about saving the planet from being like Florida or California.  That is, balmy.


Ruling parties of China, Japan agree on seeking stronger overall relationship_English_Xinhua

Ozawa praised China’s economic and social progress and its constructive role in international affairs.


Ozawa said profound changes in the international arena offered a broad prospect for Japan and China to work together in all fronts.


OK: five years ago, I predicted that China and Japan would find they have more in common with each other than with the US.  I also said that Japan would dump its US alliance if it saw that China would be a smarter ally.  That is, Chinese diplomatic, economic and military power would eventually cause Japan to switch gears rapidly.  And note how Ozawa echoes what Hu said earlier!   He realizes these are PROFOUND changes.


The failure of US diplomatic and economic powers has not changed under Bomber Obama.  He fell into the same stupid Pentagon trap of fighting wars and expanding wars (into Pakistan!) instead of retreating from expensive wars that are causing economic destruction for the US.  China is not at war with anyone.  The US is demanding the right to fly assassin killer robot drones into large Pakistani cities!  And Pakistan is blowing up all over the place, as I predicted.


When we forced Pakistan to invade itself and attack its own citizens, I said, this would drive everyone into other parts of Pakistan and these people will be immensely pissed off and will attack the government.  And so it is: this has backfired immensely and yet, Assassin Bomber Obama wants to expand this stupidity!  Worse, Congress and Obama want to pass a military wasting bill costing nearly $700 billion.  While arguing about raising the debt ceiling.


The Democrats want to increase this by well over a trillion dollars.  The GOP wants it to simply cover the extra military spending, only.  Both sides are totally INSANE.  Gah.  Neither party has done a blasted thing about our trade deficits and neither have tried to stop runaway military adventurism and spending.


Residents flee as Philippines volcano threatens to erupt –

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology raised the alert level up a notch on Monday night to level 3. Scientist Alex Baloloy told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) that under level 3, “a full-blown eruption is expected to take place within weeks to days.” He said seismic instruments detected 83 volcanic quakes, a majority of which were tremors associated with rockfalls.


People in Albay province, about 466 kilometers (290 miles) south of the capital, Manila, flocked to town centers to catch a glimpse of glowing lava cascading down the slopes of Mayon. The volcanic mountain soars 2,464 meters (8,077 feet) into the sky and has erupted 49 times since the first documented erupted in 1616.


We are always one major volcanic event away from very unpleasant cold and misery.  It would be rather darkly funny if this volcano reminds the Copenhagen meeting people to remember who really runs this planet: Mother Nature.  This won’t fix the rising tide of hokum about how the sun has nothing to do with ‘global warming’, etc.  I see a lot of madness broiling out of the scientific community due to the flood of funding for studies coming from various entities interested in establishing international powers of control that will force everyone into some sort of energy straightjacket right at the same time we hit both the Hubbert ENERGY peak as well as catastrophic population growth levels.


Last of all, in the US, we are reducing support for public transportation, of course.  Everything is going backwards here:  MTA committee approves budget cuts that slash NYC subway, bus services.


If we are even slightly serious about the ‘climate change’ business, the US Congress should vote to fully fund the NY public transportation system.  Not more wild military spending.

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27 responses to “Cold Mother Nature Blasts Copenhagen

  1. B.A.

    I like the title: Cold Mother Nature. She is cold indeed, cold and indifferent.

    I wonder what a couple of years of global cooling will do to the whole campaign. Loss of face is not only important in the East: ridicule is one of the fastest ways to lose authority anywhere. People have short memories ( though hard disks in web servers don’t ) and pundits usually get away with past errors. But this campaign has been pushed too far down our throats. They’d better be right, for their own sake…

  2. emsnews

    This is all about bad timing: the global warming people chose this particular year to push hard for the carbon cap and trade business. But they neglected the fact that nature might not cooperate.

    So, instead of tacking their sails to match events, they pushed ahead with over the top scare tactics in the teeth of obvious events showing contrary conditions. Ie: it isn’t warm.

    What greatly angers me is, we are in an El Nino event and it is cold! Normally, this leads to warm weather. This is due to the sun having a slightly lower output and virtually no sun spots. But instead of accepting this fact, the Global Warming group has issued a report that claims sun spot activity doesn’t matter.

    Gah. Talk about insane.

  3. zip

    maybe they (GW) read the report about solar activity and decided that if they wait another 2 years, it will be too cold….

  4. charlottemom

    Don’t think the cap and trade folks chose this year. I think it chose them. The collapse in financial derivatives market forced these folks to rush to create another fancy schmancy derivatives game — carbon derivatives. They (the Western countries and intl banks) are desperate to get this new scheme up and running before the financial clock winds down (yes, the bailouts bought time for the west, but this was a postponement not final solution). it is sputtering now, with EU and other sovereigns on verge of defaulting.

    It is funny though, that the Mother Nature has other ideas. Hence, falsified data, fear-mongering, arm-twisting by these climatist folks to ram this new eco-financial system through. Still watching and waiting for the outcome.

  5. leavingtheoffice

    Well, now that the Chinese have locked up the Turkmen gas supplies, NATO can call off the Afghan war and go home, lol.

    By the way, this is really bad news for Europe because Russia’s giant Shtokman field won’t be online for about 5 more years. Gazprom has been buying most of Turkmenistan’s nat gas in recent years, but production would have to increase tremendously to fill the Chinese pipeline AND sell to Gazprom at 2007 levels.

  6. Rutben

    Here’s George Carlin on global warming (8 minutes) if you need a little laugh.

  7. justiceatsqualor

    Peak oil is a disaster for central banking credit expansion. No more increases in production means no more call for new credit. Kyoto-ism is the chosen methodology to keep all the old economic, military and geo-political power structures in place and scaled down, by reducing energy usage faster than its supply falls.

    The difference between the call for new money on the front side of the Hubbert Curve and emissions controls on the back side, is that the call for money was a phenomena that could be monopolized, but emissions controls are a contruct doomed to instability.

    Our alternatives when Copenhagen fails will be to return to colonialism or else pull back the empire.

  8. PLovering

    Eric deCarbonnel reports as follows:

    “If you read an economic, financial, or political analysis for 2010 that mention the food shortage looming next year, throw it in the trash, as it is worthless. There is overwhelming, irrefutable evidence that the world will run out of food next year. When this happens, the resulting triple digit food inflation will lead to the collapse of the dollar, the treasury market, derivative markets, and the global financial system. The US will experience economic disintegration.”

    Good luck.

    Long live colloidal silver.

  9. justiceatsqualor

    No starvation or disintigration here. Maybe in lots of other places, and not just under your pillow.

    Just like the contrived health care “debate.” The left hand puppet is talking to the right hand puppet. Only here one puppet head is the Bilderberg Copenhagen new world order, the other puppet head is talking U.S. disintigration, because disintigration of the world cop is the best way to avoid justice.

    The U.K. is facing disintigration.

    The U.S. has plenty of food and at least some indistrial recoverability, if we maintain our integrity.

  10. DeVaul

    “The left hand puppet is talking to the right hand puppet.”

    The one silver lining of a collapse of the electric grid would be an end to the massive, nonstop, national puppet show put on by the media for most of our lives now.

    Meanwhile, here in Kentucky, a 43 year old man committed suicide with his 13 year old daughter by carbon monoxide poisoning.

    The man was unemployed (a former home builder), unable to sell his 450,000 dollar home after four years on the market, divorced after 21 years of marriage (probably in preparation for declaring bankruptcy, as they cooperate regarding just about everything), and caring for his 13 year old daughter, who had a rare neurological problem that left her in a wheelchair with the cognitive ability of an 18 month old child. She also had to be fed by a tube inserted directly into her stomach.

    Turns out his friends recommended he declare bankruptcy, but I guess he just could not bring himself to do it for some reason (Trump likes to use it as a weapon against his creditors), so he killed himself lying next to his most vulnerable child (Kentucky plans to slash medicaid funding to the bone).

    The whole thing is just unbelievably sad, but I have a feeling it will be repeated more and more, just as the number of barn fires and dead horses continue to climb everyday here.

    It wasn’t much in the news because there was no shooting rampage or a police stand-off, but it was every bit as important, if not more so.

    It is about our collective future.

  11. Daliwood

    B.A., I think Mother Nature is cold and indifferent only from our human perspective. Nature is simply what it is, and in a very real way exists outside of human judgment.

    We lead the most comfortable lives when we strive to align ourselves with the fundamental realities of nature; but for too long, we humans–convinced that comfort comes from subjugating nature (which can’t be subjugated)–have tried to impose unnatural demands on natural systems. In short, we’re screwed when we remove ourselves from nature’s realities. She doesn’t have to punish us; just letting us live with the consequences of our actions is the punishment we lower on ourselves.

    On a related note, I’ve been bothered lately that so few people talk about conservation anymore. As a first step toward a realignment of our energy use patterns, it could be a dramatic and powerful way for citizens to address so many energy and environmental problems.

    People keep looking to the gov’t to fix problems, and they feel helpless to bring about major changes in the nation. But if every citizen made only minor changes (NOT sacrifices), we could take back our economy from the energy dictators of the world.

    I am very conscious of my energy usage, and I feel quite comfortable in my life. My home is 3400 sq. ft and has the typical natural gas heat and electric central air. I live in Tennessee, where summers are hot and winters are cold (at least to Southerners). Nevertheless, my electric bill for Nov. was $76 and my gas bill was $43. My neighbors, who have a smaller home, paid a $375 electric bill and a $410 gas bill.

    Don’t ask me how I have such low bills. Just google something like “easy ways to conserve energy.”

    Most Americans, frankly, are spoiled babies who fidget with a thermostat if they feel the tiniest bit hot or cold. They never acclimate to the change in seasons, so they easily feel too hot or too cold if the temps change by 2 or 3 degrees. Maybe they should learn to be human again and re-discover how wonderfully the body adapts to temp. changes without regarding them as uncomfortable. And maybe they should learn that conservation isn’t deprivation.

  12. emsnews

    Yes, it is sensible to conserve energy and to run efficient systems. I live for this! But of course, the problem here is obvious: those who conserve are not appreciated.

    A tax system could be devised whereby savers of any sort are rewarded and energy guzzlers like the rich are punished. But this isn’t the plan.

    A better plan is for our energy taxes to go into making people the owners of their own energy systems. That is, bankrolling the installation of energy systems owned by homeowners!

    But this doesn’t create a huge international carbon trading derivatives market which is why the bankers are not interested. Nor are energy sellers interested. Far from it.

  13. JT
    “The European Union (EU) Emission Trading System (ETS) has been the victim of fraudulent traders in the past 18 months. This resulted in losses of approximately 5 billion euros for several national tax revenues. It is estimated that in some countries, up to 90% of the whole market volume was caused by fraudulent activities.”

    Yes this carbon trading scheme comes highly recommended by us here in the EU. 90% of the market consisted of criminals. I´m happy as a hippo that my energy bill has doubled in the last 5 years. Glad to be of service to these guys.

    I just can´t wait what my energy bill looks like in the future after GS gets to sprinkle some of their magic dust on this turdcake.

  14. nah

    saw the climate conference on tv…. yeah the planet has gotten warmer since 2k7…. so everyone needs more money
    is that not the message of this thing from the Malteks and the like…. if we can make the US the best place to live cuz its clean with good jobs and an educated people…. wont that make more people live like us
    a simple organization of people who enjoy the best things in life…. bet if we can live within our means that would be the next big thing

  15. PLovering

    Ethanol fuel: “Alcohol Can Be A Gas”

    Great review.

  16. Interesting… according to the USDA and National Arbor Day Foundation Zone Hardiness Maps, 15 years apart, Berlin NY did not warm at all! (Meanwhile Tampa, Jacsonville and New Orleans are each one cold hardiness zone warmer.)

    On a different note, Denmark has prepped for the Copenhagen conference by imitation US law enforcement and going one step further: preemptive arrest! Shades of “The Minority Report.”

  17. correction: imitating US law enforcement


  18. B.A., They are not going to be right in the short term (the next 30 years). There is expected to be global cooling until 2040 or so because of the the next two sunspot cycles’ predicted low activity.

  19. Sky

    Video clip – Lord Monckton adresses a Greenpeace-campaigner on global warming :

  20. emsnews

    Yes, Ed M. But do note that the global warming guys now claim that sun spot activity has zero effect. I wish I could put them to work outside here on my mountain this week, chopping firewood.

  21. Mr Bill


    I hear you on the spoiled attitude of Americans. Your 2 -3 degree sensitivity experience is demonstrated with many of with my local friends and neighbors. I think it reflects the apathy and stagnant mindset of a broad swathe of our society. I am on the upper Gulf coast, so summers are hot and humid and winters are cool. My family tends to moderate our heat/cool energy consumption. But many guests, when they come into our house after a 20 yard walk from their cars, complain about being to warm! So often, friendly relationship prevails and the thermostat is adjusted. Happy visitor but more energy useage. Nobody notices or cares. I suspect similar apathy and stagnant mindset may extend over the broad society.

    So what do we do? We may, as a society, encounter an energy or otherwise similar crisis. Crucial decisions must be made to best resolve the crisis for us, the society.

    So how should the crisis be resolved? There are really three currently viable options to resolve the above issue.
    1. Individual action of like minded people.
    2. Decree from the broadly local authorities.
    3. International decree for worldwide
    There is also a fourth option, no action, which leaves the crisis to persist or worsen.

    In my opinion, the best option is to mobilize a worldwild network of individual grassroots effort to resolve whatever social crisis. Unfortunately, so many of us humans tend to lack the capacity friendly relations with our neighbors. Personal interests so often interfere with crisis resolutions that would have the broadest impacts. So often, the crises grows to the extent that overriding social force are required, often with undesired consequences for all.

    An nasty example that comes to mind is the fight over water rights between the states of Georgia, Alabama and Florida. The fight centers around who gets how much water from the Chattahoochee River at flows thru each state to the Gulf of Mexico. The irony of this case is that the entire region iis loaded with fresh water streams. Yet, there has been a multiyear battle over who gets what and for what reason. Georgia wants the water to allow Atlanta to expand, Alabama wants the water for water sports and expanded industry along certain tributaries and Florida wants it to support its seafood industry in near the discharge point into the Gulf. There are no apparant Mother Nature issues (other than not producing ever more water). It appears to boil down to growth, greed and group conflicts. No rational solutions seem to be possible. But, hey humans seem to thrive on such destrutive behavior!

  22. emsnews

    The hotter the climate, the more water restrictions. Since humans are happily moving like crazy to hot climates, there are fewer people hugging cold, wet places which is where water production is obviously easier.

    This is the paradox of the entire business: everyone wants to be blissfully happy but need to make someone else miserable as hell to achieve this blessed condition. This is the story of history: when whites in the south were fanned as they fainted from the heat, the dark slaves toiled endless hours in the hot sun….just for example.

  23. emsnews

    But in the northern hemisphere, we had a very cold SUMMER. See, Anton, how this works?

    Not to mention, December has been devilishly colder than normal…also, the differences you see are between northern and southern hemispheres which I point out more than once.

    It can get hotter in places where there were few glaciers except for some mountains in the past while places that were covered with mile thick ice in the ice ages in the northern hemisphere are where the real problem lies.

  24. MikeM

    What an outstanding all-encompassing series you’ve posted recently regarding the climate change farce.

    I hadn’t heard about Mayon Volcano. In 1978 I visited the north rim of Taal’s very large caldera, just south of Manila. Mayon was visible in the far distance. Anyway, when I visited Taal there was one 5-star hotel. I was amazed at the number of Norweigan license plates.

    I have heard that today the entire north rim is crowded with luxuy hotels, and is quite popular with the EU gnome community.

    Taal is overdue for an eruption. In the ’65 eruption, there were many casualties right there on the north rim due to a high sulfur dioxide release.

  25. emsnews

    Yes, Taal will eventually erupt. Like many volcanoes in balmy, warm places, they are popular as Pompeii was for the Romans.

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