Black Carbon From Human Fires Cause Glacial Melting, Not CO2

Even as there is a rush towards keeping planetary status quo situations intact, new data and studies show that there are many, many elements to our climate that cause the melting of glaciers and localized warming.  The concept of ‘global warming’ may be false.  Also, super-record cold is pouring across the Northern Hemisphere again, colder than the last surge.  As this cold air relentlessly freezes everyone, support for stopping global warming drops like the thermometer.


It is rather darkly amusing, watching Mother Nature do Her mischief.  There are many reasons to prevent human industrial and pastoral pollution or desertfication. And the fact of human overpopulation is a very, very important aspect of preventing the destruction of the earth’s ecosystems.  Of course, discussions about overgrazing, poor farming methods and overpopulation are not mentioned at all at this ‘climate change’ conference even though all of these aspects have just as much if not more impact on the planet.


Indeed, I would suggest that the increase in desertfication is directly due to all these pastoral, pre-industrial elements.  That is, since humans domesticated hoofed animals, the number of grazing species moving freely about the open spaces, following the fall of rain and grazing opportunities has shifted dramatically.  Humans began to collect in much tighter groups, these animals, and moving them about became increasingly constricted due to interhuman warfare and artificial boundaries set by human political organizations.


For example, the effects of overgrazing in Mongolia led directly to the Mongolian herders reorganizing themselves in a new political configuration in 1300 AD and this enabled them, via a new way of waging war, to sweep across the cultivated parts of China, Russia and the ancient civilizations of the Middle East, seeking new pastures for their growing herds.  This rearrangement of farming into grazing cultures killed over a quarter to nearly totally annihilating farming populations.


And this is the important lesson: humans rearrange habitation situations quite violently.  And this happens whenever some human-related population of various sorts such as cattle and horses, require expanding into territories where there are other humans who live a different lifestyle and culture.


Now, on to some interesting news.  A new study has come out that explains why we see glaciers melting even as it is very, very cold, not ‘hot’, in the Northern Hemisphere.  That is, Greenland and the mountain glaciers may be localized heating situations due to not CO2 but rather, dust and black carbon.


Click here to see a NASA video about black carbon pollution:

Black carbon, the soot emitted when fuels like diesel, wood and coal are burned, may have a bigger impact on climate in some areas than greenhouse gases. New research presented here at the American Geophysical Union meeting shows that the 20 percent decrease in the extent of Himalayan glaciers since the 1960s may be partly due to an influx of black carbon from Asian cities.


Using satellite data and computer models, NASA atmospheric scientist William Lau and colleagues put together this animation of Earth’s atmospheric concentration of black carbon from August to November. The time of fastest glacial melting on the western Tibetan Plateau coincides with the highest concentration of black carbon in the area, Lau reported.


“Over areas of the Himalayas, the rate of warming is more than five times faster than warming globally,” Lau said in a press release. “Based on the differences it’s not difficult to conclude that greenhouse gases are not the sole agents of change in this region. There’s a localized phenomenon at play.”


This new study is exactly why we don’t just jump onto whatever hobby horse is rocking past us.  The rush to judgement is most dangerous.  I have contended for many, many years, based on my father’s various studies in the past, that dust from dust storms, volcanoes and other environmental events has an immense impact on the temperature of the planet’s ecosystems.  The debated about this has raged since my youth.  And continues, obviously.


Generally speaking, I plan my farming or my preparations for winter based on looking at the sky’s zenith when the wind is the jet stream blowing from the north polar regions.  If I detect high atmospheric dust, I plan for a cold, snowy winter.  All rain and snow have, as a nucleus, a tiny speck of dust.  This is how dust is captured and redistributed across the planet.  A great deal of the US top soil, for example, came from Ice Age dust from Asia.


I, personally, have never been all that agitated about a warmer planet since this means releasing ice locked up in the Arctic sector and Antarctica and this increases the rain in a wider and wider temperate belt between both equators not to mention, releasing vast landmasses from ice and permafrost.  Looking at things from the distant future, this is a good thing, not an evil thing.


Of course, this will disrupt human political boundaries and artificial restrictions on human migration movements!  But then, there has NEVER ever been any time in the history of this planet that huge masses of humans haven’t been restlessly moving about!  Note how the Mongols in 1350 AD suddenly and catastrophically poured across all of Asia and into Europe!  And they killed anyone in their path!


Not that the 20th century can boast about being more civilized.  WWI and WWII were all about imperialism and ethnic cleansing.  And has ethnic cleansing vanished?  Obviously, not at all.  It can be suppressed but this is extremely temporary and the world’s biggest empire, the US, heartily endorses and funds religious and ethnic cleansing in the Middle East.


The fact that DUST is causing glaciers melting faster is VERY IMPORTANT NEWS.  First, it kills the main argument about how CO2 is the main cause of ice melting.  And secondly, it shows us that the chief cause of this is not industrial dirt but ALL human activities in the Third World.  That is, the process of burning stuff is the cause.  And since the end of the last Ice Age, what have humans been doing a great deal?


Burning stuff.  We are the Fire Wielders.  We are Prometheus‘children.  Remember, the ancient myths about humans getting fire involve the other elder gods punishing the fire giver!  It is extremely common for fire gods to be mischievous and clever.  Perhaps we could say, it is because humans burn things all the time, we are not buried under a mile of ice today.  That is, as humans multiply, we burn stuff of various sorts and this causes planetary warming of various sorts!  How interesting this fact is.


And the cure is obvious: Mongol-style killing of half or more of the world’s population via murderous wars or we have this wonderful thing called ‘birth control’.  The birth control contingent has been under heavy fire from religious fanatics who are of ALL major religions.  These believers want endless copulation leading to the entire planetary surface being paved over by masses of humans living in great misery.  And it is now nearly a totally verboten topic at any meetings about how to control human burning and pollution problems.


Around 650 climate scientists have signed up to assist journalists covering the Copenhagen climate talks through an on-call email service. For three different shifts, day and night every day from Dec. 7 to Dec. 18, between three and six experts are available to the media to answer science questions related to the negotiations.


Sounds great, right? When I heard about this service, organized by members of the American Geophysical Union which holds its annual meeting in San Francisco this week, I thought it would be a way to make the job a little bit easier for those of us covering Copenhagen. The problem is, the scientists’ email inbox is far emptier than they hoped, save for perhaps some cyber crickets.


These scientists are not the only ones who struggle to understand the dynamics of this planet!  And even they are basically being ignored. This meeting is all about greed, hysteria and political manipulations of science on the behalf of other totally unrelated agendas.  It is not about how to prevent environmental problems due to humans being the Fire People.  Many years ago, my parents noted while stationed in India, that India is enveloped in smoke from millions of very small but very smoky fires as the people there cook their food by burning cow dung.


Early satellite photos clearly showed how India would quickly be enveloped in smoke as women set to work, lighting their little smoky fires every day.  Also, humans walking, cows moving, autos driving around on the ground raises a lot of dust, too.  This is very simple to see: sunrises are always much less colorful than sun sets and this is due to humans and animals raising lots of smoke and dust during the day.


No one attending the CO2 conference wants to hear this information.  The restriction of this dust is simple: the number of humans, cows and vehicles must be restricted.  And there are exactly two ways to do this: restrict the birth of these biomasses or kill them.  This is the cruel facts as set forth by Mother Nature.  She doesn’t fiddle around with various schemes and tricks.  She has always been rather bloody in tooth and claw, and annihilating entire populations is not unusual but a regular, recurring event for Her.


Waves of extinctions have swept this planet since Life itself sprang into being!  We are the evolutionary result of these previous extinctions.  And anyone who thinks this has ended is nuts. We are in the middle of a massive extinction event.  And our desire to have many humans and many cows, etc, are at the bottom of these extinctions.  As well as our restless movement about the planet has destroyed geological barriers to invasive species events as well as spreading various fungal, bacterial and viral diseases.


Now, as a reminder for the video above, here are the power plants that pollute the most:  Interactive: The World’s Dirtiest Power Plants –

The Other Carbon: Reducing Black Carbon’s Role in Global Warming | Wired Science |

Carbon dioxide, the most well-known greenhouse gas, isn’t actually a toxic substance. In fact, plants, within some limits, like and use the stuff. The problem,as we know, is with the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere.


Black carbon, on the other hand, is composed of very fine particles of carbon that can be released into the air in aerosol form. They are generally generated by burning some type of biomass, like firewood.


V. (Ram) Ramanathan of the UC-San Diego La Jolla, said that reducing black carbon could play an important role in reducing global climate change here at the AAAS annual meeting. Ramanathan said that a mere 10% reduction in black carbon would be equivalent to eliminating 25 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions. For scale, the world produces about 30 8 gigatons of CO2 equivalent per year (and 8 gigatons of carbon).


This is certainly true and this makes total trash of the Copenhagen meetings.  This news should be trumpeted at the meetings and bring all negotiations to a dead halt!  The NASA video at the top of my story shows clearly that the power plants in Asia are at the core of the black carbon dust causing the Himalayan glaciers to melt faster.


If we look closely at the video, we can see one of the greatest emitters of this dust are the Chinese power plants in the Hong Kong-attached industrial mainland centers and Taiwan.  But the other biggest emitter happens to be the group of Indian power plants!  The lighter concentration of this particulate matter are all the housewives of India burning cow dung.


Cleaning up this is totally different from preventing CO2.  That is, scrubbers on emissions are needed. But even more so, large power plants running on something else is needed, too.  That is, nuclear power rears its head.  The US has totally cut off all development and deployment of nuclear power.  This is due to citizen fears which has led to the suppression of this system.  Most first world nations use increasing nuclear power.


So shouldn’t this conference be all about nuclear power?  Well, this would mean the US would be assailed for preventing the use of nuclear power!  And this would also mean masses of people who want the past status quo would be rioting.  And of course, there are riots in Europe as this happens with ALL international meetings of any sort.


Police Beat Back Massed Climate Protesters –

Police deployed water cannon at the southeast corner of the center to push back the marchers if necessary. “I can only say,” said Per Larsen, chief coordinator for the Danish police, “that they will not be able to enter the Bella Center.”


Climate Justice Action, a Danish umbrella group that has served as the organizing agent for a number of planned and spontaneous demonstrations during the conference, has a permit to march along a specified route south of the venue.


According to one organizer, Anne Petermann, the overarching message of Wednesday’s action is that the United Nations process for curbing climate change is a failure, and that there are “thousands of other solutions to climate change that aren’t being considered,” she said….


Much of the focus on Wednesday was expected to be on the financing arrangements of the deal, under which industrialized nations would transfer billions of dollars annually to poor nations to help them cope with a changing climate.


One of the proposals to be discussed Wednesday was put forward by Meles Zenawi, the prime minister of Ethiopia, who has been in talks with Mr. Brown, President Obama and other leaders. The amount and timing of payments was still under discussion.


Norway and Mexico have also offered a financing plan, which envisions annual payments to developing countries substantially higher than the $10 billion annual figure that Mr. Obama said the United States would support in the near term.


Developing countries have said that they will need $100 billion to $200 billion a year by 2020 to pay for low-carbon energy development and adaptation to global warming changes.


This meeting will do absolutely nothing about black carbon pollution or stop half a billion Asian housewives from burning cow dung.  What is going to be done with this loot?  Will Third World nations use this for birth control?  And will cows jump over the moon rather than overgraze Third World nations even more?    What will be the solutions we embrace?  Since real solutions are not being even discussed, I am assuming this loot will turn up in the form of fancy palaces, very expensive and huge private jets and lots of expensive mistresses with lots of cosmetic surgeries to make them look like some demented ideal.


Virtually none of this loot which will come in the form of a massive international tax on the Northern Hemisphere’s energy users, will be used to fix much of anything at all.  Of course, China might be the recipient of some of this loot and may use it to put in lots of nuclear power plants.  This is believable.  But will Tuvalu use this money for anything remotely useful?  Of course not.  It will be exploited by the top clique on that small island that will vanish under the waves even if there  is zero global warming.


For any Pacific island that ceases to be volcanically active is actively destroyed by the oceans!  If all the island of the Hawaiian chain were to be intact, they would go all the way to Russia!  But all except for a very few, are below the sea due to EROSION.  And the most westward islands of this chain are much smaller than the volcanically active easternmost island!  DUH.  This should always be mentioned when talking about geologically inactive islands.  All of these end up being destroyed by natural forces that are always at work, whether or not there are any humans burning anything at all.


The rioters in Europe are just as manipulated as any other captive group.  They are reacting to things they hear about just like every four years, Americans get all worked up over virtually identical political parties who both work for the same bosses, international bankers and industrial powers.  This is very sad to watch.  But instructive: when these massive energy taxes which will be the true fundamental basis of the carbon trading derivatives beast, begins to hammer the populace, watch out!  There will be MASSIVE riots.  And the Rand Corporation is advising the government, how to deal with this:


A Stability Police Force forthe United States

Justification and Options for Creating U.S. Capabilities

This project investigates the need for a U.S. Stability Police Force, the major capabilities it would need if created, where in the federal government it would best be headquartered, and how it should be staffed. In doing so, it considers options based in the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice, and State. The project was conducted for the U.S. Army’s Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI). Its purpose was to make recommendations to PKSOI, the Army, and the community of rule-of-law researchers, practitioners, and policymakers on the need for (and characteristics of) a U.S. Stability Police Force…. . …The MP Corps has the opposite problem: it has the capacity to take on the task, and arguably it has the skills due to its efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, its ability to maintain these skills during periods when it is not engaged in large-scale stability operations is constrained by the limits placed on its ability to perform civilian policing functions by the Posse Comitatus Act. Without relief from this con- straint, it could not take advantage of the opportunities provided by the hybrid staffing option to develop and maintain the needed skills. Furthermore, its focus is contingent on the priorities of the Army lead- ership, and were the Army to revert to the major combat focus it had held from the Vietnam era until very recently, it could put the SPF’s functionality in danger.


To make this determination, we identified three civilian options and one military option that were assessable using a method based on each option’s tactical and institutional suitability. These were the U.S. Marshals Service in the Department of Justice, the U.S. Secret Service in the Department of Homeland Security, the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) in the Department of State, and the U.S. Army’s Military Police. In addition, we considered using an existing MP unit and creating a new agency to house an SPF. In deciding which agencies to evaluate, we looked for congruence between


(a) an SPF’s tasks and


(b) the tasks and missions of a range of agencies in the Departments of Justice, State, Homeland Security, Defense, and other organizations.


This ruled out some agencies— such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Service—because they do not perform most of an SPF’s policing tasks as discussed in Chapter Two. It also ruled out other Department of Defense options, such as the Marine Corps, as its policing capabilities are much smaller than the Army’s. Our process resulted in the set of options consisting of agencies that were the best suited to take on the SPF missions in their respective departments (e.g., the U.S. Marshals Service as the best fit in the Department of Justice).


Paranoia time!  And yes, there are good reasons to be paranoid periodically.  Stupid paranoia is dumb.  Smart paranoia means trying to understand and predict future human behavior.  That is, the global energy tax system that will be set up to suck out half a trillion dollars from the colder parts of the planet to keep the rest of the planet balmy will drive northerners to complete and total rage!  This money won’t put a single solar power unit on a single US house.


It won’t fix what is wrong with our culture or society.  It will simply….kill off many Americans via denial of services such as healthcare, warmth in winter, and jobs!  The US can fix what is wrong with our energy output systems internally. We must stop importing energy for the simple reason, this is bankrupting our nation.  We must develop internal systems that are more effective than the present, easy oil system of transportation, for example.


To do this, we need internal funding.  Instead, as we already bleed from vast and stupid imperial wars, an over powerful military establishment, trade deficits, budget deficits, debt levels which are too high and utterly useless, the last thing we need are even more funds flowing outwards.  We have many things to fix here and the number one item is to stop this trade mess which is draining our nation of finances and commodities.  That is, to pay for the importation of manufactured goods, we are selling off Mother Nature’s bounty.


We will all end up like India’s many housewives, collecting cow dung and burning it in our little huts in the future if we are totally stupid.  And it seems, we are immensely stupid.  But if the US public gets very, very angry about being forced to burn cow dung while the super rich fly private jets over our heads and live in vast palaces….we will have serious riots!  And this is why the rich asked the Rand corporation to set into motion some sort of study as to how to use our bloated military to patrol the captive US population as it is forcibly downsized.


And this is beyond stupid. If we are reduced to third world status, this means the collapse of our military empire.  Look at ancient Rome.  Same story.  So why on earth are we moving ourselves into a Stalinist regime here?  In this regard, the hyperparanoid parts of the internet are right.  We can’t let this militarization of our culture turn the US into one gigantic prison camp used to pump more natural wealth out of our nation to other points on the planet like those stupid pirate operations run by Queen Elizabeth.


Prince William – the ‘Shadow King’ | Entertainment and Showbiz!

According to reliable resources, Queen Elizabeth II 83 of England has started designating a part of her public duties to Prince William. The move is seen as preparing the prince for a possible future as the monarch head of England. It is apparently being done to reduce the burden of the Queen and Prince Philip 88. Prince William, 27 is being trained in the Windsor Palace. As a matter of fact the reports have been denied by the royal circle. It only states that the changes have been implemented as a part of revised financial plans for Prince Charles, along with his sons, William and Harry.

. It is not new for the royal house to get its private details leaked to the media time and again. The changes have been anticipated at a probable change of power from Prince Charles to Prince William. If the prediction proves to be true, it may turn out to be the most sensitive issue ever to be dealt by the royal family of England. The innumerable affairs of the royal family members like the late Princess Diana, former wife of Prince Charles has put the Queen on the defensive side many a times in the past. At the moment Prince Williams is enjoying high level of popularity all over the nation. He is charming, young and has a huge fan following in England.


Note, dear English non-citizens but rather, subjects owned by Her Majesty, that this whole business is being done SECRETLY.  The peasants have zero input in this business.  Think carefully about this little matter.  At least, in the US, we can pretend we are not owned by Goldman Sachs….heh.  Gah!


Dean urges defeat of emerging health care bill is another story illustrating how little regard our rulers have for us and our supposed ‘democracy’: Dr. Dean was a guy I supported for President way back long ago when we ended up with not one but two Skull and Bones frat rats running for President.  Obama wanted to throw us all a sop to keep the left happy.  So he decided to push for healthcare reforms. This turned into a total fiasco thanks to money interests pushing aside the voters and getting their own way.


The fact that moneyed interests are getting their own way with dopy, expensive and corrupt solutions to the terrible problems caused by too many humans burning too much stuff, is why the Copenhagen thing rolls relentlessly forwards despite record Northern Hemispheric cold waves sweeping over us this month.  Tomorrow, the low on my mountain will be below 0 degrees F!  Good gods!  Before Xmas???


Just like the healthcare bill manufactured by the Democrats and Lieberman are all about milking us for more money while cutting back healthcare, so it is with global warming: if we get global cooling (it is DAMN COLD HERE!) then we pay for this via freezing to death to save some glaciers which will still melt due to the extra dust caused by fires…or we see absolutely nothing happen except we can’t burn anything due to international police preventing us from burning our own firewood from forests we own or other means, that is, the cops will patrol to prevent us from keeping warm while taxing us heavily to pay for international carbon markets.


And I am absolutely certain this will cause massive riots in the future, thus, the Rand report.

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26 responses to “Black Carbon From Human Fires Cause Glacial Melting, Not CO2

  1. charlottemom

    I agree with Dr. Dean — kill the bill. Also Zerohedge has a piece up this morning on black carbon (not addressed in eco-financial system proposed in Copenhagen)

    Two instances of gov addressing a problem with a “solution” that makes money for entrenched special interests but fails to solve anything

  2. Sky

    Cap and Trade Bedtime Story – a parody of the ACTON CO2 propaganda…short vid …lol

    Minus 46 celsius in Edmonton Alberta the other day ( minus 58 with the wind chill ). For those of you using the Farhenheit scale this is the equivalent of almost minus 75 degrees below zero.These temps absolutely shattered the previous temperature records .

    Here in the Okanagan, despite the hot summer, our growing season was shortened by at least 6 weeks.People planted their gardens, were frozen out, planted again and were frozen out yet again.Our main agricultural industry ( estate vineyards and wineries) took a major hit because of the cold.

    Edmonton : Latitude 53

    Fairbanks, Alaska : Latitude 65

  3. Piffle. I’ve been on lots of glaciers, i’ve seen , rock dust [lots], pink algae, insects, not much if any soot.
    I’m listening to James Hansen right now on CBC.
    Elaine ,you are either being just contrary or you are engaging in wishfull thinking.

  4. adammateyko

    This wrap-up of the current situation is excellent. The artificial boundaries ie. in Africa by colonial powers has led to terrific problems. There should be 1000 tribal regions each tending their own affairs. Same with the MEast.. we are witnessing natural forces tending to overwhelm manmade creations. Man proposes, nature disposes…. or as I tend to believe; everything we know today will be overturned in the future, whether we call it society, science, religion or whatever. Reality will intrude with revelations.. that we cannot or do not want to see.. today. So that is exactly why we must look at history, not just 200 years back; but 2000 or 20 000 to view a glimpse of our condition. Keep on truckin.

  5. emsnews

    Ziff, I put up a legitimate story that is about scientists giving a report. Now, you may dispute this but ‘I looked and saw glaciers melting’ doesn’t explain GLOBAL warming, just local warming around glaciers.

    This is the entire problem: it is COMPLEX, not simple. And the solution is painfully obvious: restricting human reproduction somehow. The choices are: starve people to death. Kill them in wars. Or birth controls.

  6. ‘‘I looked and saw glaciers melting’ doesn’t explain GLOBAL warming, just local warming around glaciers.”

    And freezing your butt off doesn’t refute GW. And if the ‘local warming around glaciers’ is worldwide?….

    Your difficulty is, you have have to delve as deeply ,do as much research as the scientists. You do this with other topics.
    I appreciate your efforts however.

  7. I agree it is a complicated scenario where no group has all the right information. And, we humans are burning fuel that creates the soot. To that degree at least, we are causing some of the climate change.

  8. Jim Dandy

    Thanks for the Forbes map. Excellent info.

    As to the topsoil, thank the earthworms, Darwins main field of study. Cleopatra decreed death to anyone killing those soil producing marvels.

    Can you elaborate on your weather predictions using upper atmosphere observations? Based on what, the color of the sunsets? Interesting.

  9. justiceatsqualor

    “This ruled out some agencies— such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Service—because they do not perform most of an SPF’s policing tasks as discussed in Chapter Two. It also ruled out other Department of Defense options, such as the Marine Corps, as its policing capabilities are much smaller than the Army’s.”

    Ruled out some agencies?

    There’s battle lines being drawn. . .

  10. the fool on the hill

    I know I’m repeating myself, but we can’t have nuclear power in the U.S. for the same reason we have massive fly ash spills and our bridges are falling. It takes smart people to run important systems properly.

    When I was a kid in school, I used to get freaking ATTACKED by the other children for knowing all the answers and having my homework done.

    As an adult, it wasn’t much better. Come up with a good idea that might take a little spotlight away from the boss? Good way to get canned.

    Wanna’ be a musician? Better not outplay or outshine the ‘star’, or whatever wannabe happens to own the PA. In a sane world people would want to listen to the best musicians in the world playing at the top of their ability, not vapid pop songs and gangsters rhyming over programmed beats.

    In America, getting ahead is usually about dragging the other guy down, not working hard to reach one’s own potential and contribute accordingly.

    There are really only three ways to make good in America: Start with money and/or legacy influence, kiss ass royally (the military is included in this one), or crime. Because the only things this fucked up country cares about are money and sucking up to people with money or legacy influence.

    This is a piss poor way to manage human resources and a substantial factor as to why we are going down the tubes.



  11. emsnews

    As for global warming, it is extremely cold here right now. Glaciers far from my home base may be melting but it sure isn’t melting much, here. We have to look at the entire planet earth. When people ask me to freeze some more so that this glacier or that ice floe will remain, they should PAY ME. That is, they should take care that I am happy and warm.

    Otherwise, I have zero reason to support reductions in my own life to protect a distant glacier or ice covering other continents.

  12. DeVaul

    Good point, Fool on the Hill!

    The other question no one ever asks is this:

    where do they hide all the nuclear waste?

    So, France is “clean” because it has nuclear power everywhere. Ok, can someone tell me where they dispose of the waste from these power plants? Is it in France?

    If so, then how do they dispose of it?

    If not, then who is dying from cancer so that Frenchmen can live “clean” lives?

  13. zip

    apparently it is not understood how it works yet…

    I have read that several studies showed that the reduction of particulate matter from exhaust gas emissions reduced the capability of cloud forming due to the lack of nucleus.
    And because of the reduction of the particulate matter , less clouds and hence an increase in temperature was found.
    (and so the opposite which is similar IMO as with big vulcanic eruptions cooling down the atmosphere)

    can’t find the right reference right now, but will post it later.

  14. emsnews

    Thanks, Zip. Analyzing how the earth operates is confused with wishful thinking. Example: the idea we have some sort of fun steady state we can enjoy. This is an illusion.

    The other side of the debate is all about how humans don’t have an effect. Anyone reading me VERY CAREFULLY will see me talking about all the many, many, many ways humans, a major biomass unit here, are totally messing around with the world’s dynamic systems!

    BUT the question is, if we didn’t mess it up, would we already be deep in an ice age? Ah! A major question, big time.

  15. Red

    Forcing the release of clean renewable energy technology that has been suppressed by the West, to maintain global hegemony through oil and the dollar fiat, would be a better course of action.

    Starvation, war and birth control are very Babylonian constructs. Copenhagen is another ruse to switch from oil based profiteering to carbon credit based looting. If the world wants to move forward, displacing the beast that keeps the silent majority in perpetual servitude would be a starting point. If one has illusions of creating critical mass for a birth control movement (ask the Pope how that fared), civil disobedience would far more effective, not to mention attainable under the current atmosphere of discontent and uncertainty. Either that or stay cold in winter.

  16. emsnews

    Birth control is the Key to fixing many, many things. And if people don’t want that, they will be FORCED into the other, darker, nastier choices. Pretending this doesn’t matter is insanity. On the other hand, no one believes anything I write.

  17. Gary

    From what I hear Les Froggies dispose of their nuke waste inside of a big mountain
    in the central highlands—near those cave man drawings in Lascaux.

    But I’m also hearing that a lot of low level waste is being dumped off the Somalian Coast— with a wink and a nod —from Euro corporations, by the mafia. The fishermen there are pissed and this is part of the reason for the piracy going on there now.
    All kinds of waste and garbage has been washing up on the shores of Somalia lately.

  18. K-Bo

    How do you propose enforcing or encouraging birth control? The Chinese way?

  19. Red

    Respectfully, it is not a simple matter of not believing what you say, you make absolute sense with regard to birth control, most certainly. However, I posit that if the Roman Catholic Church can’t get it done after decades of using the fear of damnation with the “faithful” then it next to impossible to to implement it on the “faithless”, unless of course draconian measures like the Chinese have used, are applied. Not.

    Having said that, taking back the power people have so freely given to government is in my opinion doable. After all, their solutions to the problems they have created are hardly solutions. Let’s give that some perspective shall we:

  20. nah

    soot n’ melting glaciers
    thats change rite like the same change you can believe in…. first year is almost out for obama and he hasnt done anything domestically but get soundly behind the status quo….
    some status quo i like and some i dont…. but change sure as hell dont fit the new democrat executive…. i think there was a mandate, and…. its been slushed into a bunch of 2nd rate monopolys that are cruisin along, gorging themselves on every last dollar of money creation and them some
    if this is the government centric party THEY GOT NO BALLS…. government planning and the exceptionalism of village consciousness reaching the masses, from the caring hands of government brokers is a joke…
    no-one is tuning the message for the people. its just slop that falls off the gravy train, and that slop is mainstream news
    did i do that

  21. nah

    soot is bad… the chinese dont scrub their chimney exaust cheap bastards…
    bet every microgram of oxide and heavy metal are floating up to the himelayas as well…

  22. nah

    on the obama change tip…
    this is all happening with a majority in both houses… i cant think of a single piece of core legislation that really says Democrat that is in either house
    imean the republicans gave the top 1% a huge tax break and it wasnt trashed to kingdom come by the time the executive signed it…. he got THE bill from HIS people and it had a nice populism tax break….
    democrats are all closet republicans LOL…
    and all i want are fereal conservatives that can help me see what the hell is going on with the mega government failure that is mopeing around…. the more self servicing governments are always rent seeking money pits

  23. justiceatsqualor


    I don’t see that any religions have tried and failed to implement birth control. On the contrary, they seem to be in a population race, a dangerous race now that we are at the edge of the world’s carrying capacity.

    Catholicism, Islam, ultra-orthodox Jews and other religions are practicing studied procreation.

  24. emsnews

    Yes, the best recruiting method for religious brainwashing is giving birth and raising children.

  25. Red

    If by “studied procreation” you mean family planning rather than birth control then we are in accord. The root of all religions teach sex as a means of procreation, building a family; not for pleasure, or recreation (pun not intended). Once the family has reached its desired number then “continence” is the prescribed method taught by all religions. However, due to the general religious agenda changing from esoteric to material, this is downplayed to minimize disaffection of the mass base. Collections rather than salvation being the main thrust of the major religions. Propagating the continuity of the priesthood. Take for instance the Shaolin priests who are planning an IPO in the coming year.

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