Comparing Tucson To Albany: Warm Places Are More Fun

Not very many people live on top of glaciers or in Greenland or Antarctica.  For that matter, not too many live above the Arctic Circle or in Siberia.  But oodles of people live merrily in very hot places.  The global warming debate is in the middle of crashing into a wall of reality: many people live in places that are extremely warm and they LOVE this!  And those of us who live in very cold places are not scared to death of it warming up.  


Worse, this winter is following a rather cold summer in the northern climates so we are obviously rather skeptical about global warming.  Yes, we know that glaciers are melting.  But the whole debate is, what is the meaning of this and more: is this so terrible for those of us who already live in very cold places?


Now, I may sound very cruel here, but we hear how very hot/very high birthrate India needs glaciers for their rivers.  This is most certainly true.  Also, it appears that China, too, need glaciers for the same purpose.  Now, it is also clear, as I posted earlier about the black carbon dust study by NASA (warning to all global warming people: NASA is a legitimate organization when it comes to planetary research!) I was chastised by some readers who are mad that I dared to talk about that study.


That is, both China and India produce immense amounts of black carbon dust as well as CO2.  Both want glaciers to continue to exist.  The southern parts of China as well as nearly all of India are very warm places.  Both countries have about a billion people.  China practices birth control, India really has very little birth control.  Both want to save the glaciers….but the solution seems to be to do this via freezing me to death.


That is, the ultimate goal of the international carbon markets plan is to make me reduce my ‘carbon footprint’ while I struggle to survive in a very, very cold place…while China and India don’t have to do this.  While my carbon may be annoying, it is less important vis a vis the Himalayan glaciers than the pollution pouring out of India and China.  Which is much closer and has a much, much greater impact.


On top of this, we saw from the Shell oil map that India’s biggest coal burning plants are all parked right next to these all-important glaciers India claims, they want preserved.  I foresee global warming people encouraging governments to pass laws outlawing the burning of firewood to heat homes, for example.  Such as my home which is 100% heated by firewood. I know deep in my bones, I will be not only forced to not use my own forest to heat my house, but I am betting the global carbon traders will steal the value of my forests and use this to gage what pollution they can create elsewhere!


On top of that, I am betting I will pay a huge surtax on any energy I am allowed to use.  And no one will install a free solar array on my house. Worse, I will be so poor due to these extra international carbon taxes, I will be totally unable to install solar panels, for example.  All, so someone’s glaciers in distant lands that service people in warm climates can have water….all at my own expense!


It is much worse: the global warming people are in near hysteria, trying this cold, dark winter, to tell those of us who are soaking wet and freezing cold, that we will all roast to death if we don’t do these various things, setting up this massive and bizarre carbon trading scheme (NOTE: THEY ARE NOT TRYING TO STOP ANY REAL POLLUTION!!!).  That is, convincing us that we will roast when we are freezing cold is dumb.  Very unconvincing. But it gets worse.  Here is a British example of a newspaper writer going into the lunatic outliers, screaming about how warming up chilly, damp England is a terrible thing:


Mark Steel: Sussex will be desert before the climate deniers accept reality – Mark Steel, Commentators – The Independent

It must drive you mad being a climatologist. You spend your life measuring carbon emissions, and monitoring glaciers and studying lumps of moss from Siberia, and then you hear someone on a radio phone-in yelling, “How can they say the world’s getting hotter? I mean at night, it’s colder than what it was in the day, so it’s got colder, not hotter. They must think we’re mugs.”


Then a series of articles will appear in which it’s claimed: “A new study by Professor Zbygnewsk of Cracow proves sea levels have gone back down so everything’s fine”, before it turns out he’s a Professor of Latin dancing, and has a history of solvent abuse….

.So no matter how much evidence there is they’ll carry on disputing it. Sussex will be desert and Guernsey will disappear, and they’ll tell us: “If sea levels are rising the obvious answer is to build roads over them. After all, it’s not the roads that are rising is it?


First of all, the funniest thing here is, Guernsey Island is one of Queen Elizabeth’s main pirate islands for the banking gnomes.  HAHAHA.  I will weep if this place goes underwater.  Look, when I compare this island that may be swamped with my mountain that won’t be swamped, I say, ‘Any banking gnomes can save their pirate coves by reducing their carbon footprints to a much smaller size and this will make me very happy.’


Asking ME to do this, on the other hand, isn’t so alluring.  I bet Bermuda will drown, too.  Well, the people who have flocked there due to it being a balmy, wonderful, fun resort can be saved.  I will volunteer to bring my share of them to my mountain where they can have new jobs, shoveling snow for me.  Of course, no one wants that job.  I am to shovel snow by myself so they can live on pristine, warm, sunny beaches in Bermuda.


Also note the reporter is screaming about how Sussex will be a ‘desert’.  This is obvious hysteria.  Perhaps Rome will be in a desert.  But I seriously doubt Sussex will be like Tucson, Arizona.  This brings me to the topic of comparing hot Tucson, Arizona (named in my great grandaddy’s day—he lived there–‘arid zone’ because it was very hot and dry back then!) which is where I grew up to Albany, NY, the nearest city to my mountain top.


Population Growth – Upstate NY 1970 – 2007 (Buffalo, Albany: new home, unemployment, construction) – New York – Page 2 – City-Data Forum

Core Counties:

Albany 294,565 -> 297,556 +1.7%
Rensselaer 152,538 -> 155,292 +1.8%
Saratoga 200,635 -> 215,473 +7.4%
Schenectady 146,555 -> 150,440 +2.7%

Surrounding Counties:

Columbia 63,094 -> 62,955, -0.2%*
Fulton 55,073 -> 55,435, +0.7%
Greene 48,195 -> 49,822 +3.4%
Montgomery 49,708 -> 49,112 -1.2%
Schoharie 31,582 -> 32,196 +1.9%
Warren 63,303 -> 66,087, +4.4%
Washington 61,042 -> 63,368 +3.8%


This is just ten years of population growth here.  Actually, over the last 200 years, we have not seen much growth compared to say, California.  Population levels here are very, very stagnant.  This happens to be a cold, damp place with very bitter winters.  Now, let’s compare the poor growth of this cold place with hot, hot, hot Arizona’s growth:


Population Growth by Decade Tucson Pima County

Over the past 50 years, the population in both Arizona and Pima County has grown at a rapid pace. In fact, according to the Census Bureau’s latest population estimates, Arizona is the fastest growing state in the United States, just ahead of Nevada. Between 1950 and 2000, Arizona grew by 584 percent. Its July 1, 2009, population was estimated at just over 6.3 million. During this same period, the population in Pima County increased by 497 percent to a July 1, 2005, population estimate of approximately 958,000. In comparison, the entire United States grew approximately 86 percent during this same period. Despite this phenomenal rate of growth, Pima County’s share of the state population has actually been steadily decreasing from 16.45 percent in 2000 to approximately 15.3 percent in 2008.


Suburban areas continue to lead the PAG region in percentage growth. From 1990 to 2000, Marana and Oro Valley experienced the highest (519%) and second highest (345%) growth rate of any Arizona city or town, respectively. Sahuarita has grown over 30 percent each year since 2003. Of all the incorporated jurisdictions in Pima County, only South Tucson has experienced an overall decline in population over the past 25 years. Between 1980 and 2000, the population decreased by 16 percent. Metro Tucson reached the 1 million mark in late 2006 and is expected to have a population of approximately 1,034,700 by 2010.


YIKES!  When I was a child in Tucson, it had only 35,000 people.  Now, it is over a million!  Pima County went from virtually empty to jam packed crowded.  People are obviously not migrating to cold, wet, miserable Albany, NY and are flocking to fun in the sun, hot Tucson!  And let’s look at population growth of the top 14 states:

Cold, wet Illinois, New York and New Jersey did see more people overall, but the percentage of growth was well under 10%.  But look at the southern, hot, dry or damp states!  Double digit growth with the hottest and driest states, Nevada and Arizona, seeing over 40-60% growth!  Wow!  What does this fact tell us?


Do people want to live on glaciers?  Or in hot, hot, hot, dry, dry and even more dry, places?  Here is more interesting information:


Note that the hottest month is not July but May.  July and August are somewhat cooler due to the monsoon season.  But most of the time, there is barely a cloud in the sky.  Now, to cold, wet Albany, NY.  The place that few humans seem eager to move to because it is cold and wet:

First, half of the sun that Tucson gets!  Secondly, look at the record hot and record cold: the hottest day ever was way back in 1936, not this decade!  And the coldest day was in 1971, back when everyone was worried to death that we were entering a new Ice Age.  Tucson was pretty cold that winter, too, as I recall.  About the sun shining: last summer, we went for over 36 days with less than 3 hours of sunshine, altogether!  It was cold and dark!  In summer!  I worked outside in between the raging storms.  I burned firewood in summer!


I am not the only person on this planet who shivered all summer long.  This year was a total catastrophe for people running around, screaming, ‘We are all going to roast to death.’  Far from me being stupid, anyone dumb enough to do that, is viewed as insane.  It particularly irks me to see these same hysterical nuts, yelling at me that I am insane!  Anyone who believes that it is too warm and will get even warmer can come visit me this week…it will be about zero degrees F tomorrow….and they can show me how hot it is by wearing a swimsuit while I throw water on them.


Otherwise, come up with a better storyline about pollution.  I am 100% for cleaning up the entire planet but I also want us to be sane while doing this.  And a #1 requirement is, those people suggesting we do something, must do it too, not demand that I do it while they go off and have fun.  When it comes to global warming, I am all for it if it warms up my place.  I don’t need glaciers to get water.  All those people who do need this, they have to come up with some scheme that makes ME happy, first.  Not hammer me to death.

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33 responses to “Comparing Tucson To Albany: Warm Places Are More Fun

  1. OT, i guess but when i flew north out of Resolute there was someone living in a regular looking house at the end of a long road out in the middle of the arctic desert. And Reosolute was like the edge of the world. Strange , i think.

  2. emsnews

    Yes, one person, eh? Quite a crowd.

    The funniest thing here is, the ‘arctic deserts’ of today will be the ‘blooming fields of flowers’ if we have global warming. The people who are yelling about global warming have to be more honest about this matter.

    This dishonesty about things pisses me off greatly. Yes, India, a land that has been hideously overgrazed and badly farmed, will continue to dry out. So will all the equatorial places that chose to eliminate the rain forests.

    But rain forests won’t vanish from the earth! They will MOVE. As forests have done for eons. Once upon a time, there wasn’t one tree in upstate NY, for example. It was solid ice. Like Greenland’s central plains.

    Today, it is heavily forested. But back in the 19th century it was stripped of 90% of its trees. This certainly changed the climate around 1890, for example. The shifts and changes in the Sahara are another fine example. Once, it was very wet. Now it is nearly totally dry. To make it wet again, all we have to do is turn NY and other northern places back into glaciers.

    See my drift here?

  3. Gary

    When Al Gore is re-born into his next life,
    he will become a snowplow driver in Caribou, Maine. In the winter. In the summer he will
    be digging potatoes in Aroostook County.
    In between he can pick blueberries or dig clams. And when funds run low, he can apply for foodstamps or maybe work at Wally-World.

  4. Gary

    I read somewhere lately that ice ages can start in a matter of months. They’ve proven this by looking at ice cores from Greenland. Previously it was thought that ice ages took a decade or more to pick up speed. That thinking has changed.

    And the glaciers that covered New England, the Midwest and the NW did NOT come grinding down from Canada. They formed “in place” from mega storm after mega storm dumping snow and not enough melting in the summer creating a feed back loop of increasing cold and increasing moisture.

    This whole global warming debate has been polluted by both sides irreparably. The anti side has been polluted by big energy money and the pro side is being polluted by Wall St money—

  5. JT


    Out of curiosity. How do you think Carbon Trading will stop greenhouse effect?
    You are aware that the deal is no restricitons on China, Philippines, India or any other “developing” countries?
    We´ve had it here for 5 years. CO2 emissions are up, energy is made with older more polluting power plants (In Russia), energy saving lamps are a fiasco in cold climates, the aftermarket was run 90% by VAT criminals, giving more money to developing countries adds to theie CO2 output. I could go on and on…

    This year with all northern landmasses having a record cold summer and winter temps and still you just know for a fact that on average the planet is 0,6 degrees warmer than it was 100 years ago? This is with a 90% certainty and with a margin of error of 1,5 degrees (according to IPCC). Have you looked at how many assumptions, cleaning of data and fudging they have to do to find this 0,6 degrees?
    Without statistical fudging temp data is all white noise without any warming trend?
    You really think after reading Harry_readme.txt that these guys have a computer model that works and gives an answer to life, universe and everything with a 0,1 degree accuracy?
    They know it doesn´t work and thats why they push this so hard now.

    Just tax oil and electricity yourselves in the US. Pay off some of your debt and buy healthcare for poor people. Why give all that money away to world bank and wall street?

  6. emsnews

    Correct, our problem remains the bleeding red ink in our system. I am not against taxing our energy usage so long as these taxes flow into putting private alternative energy systems on all houses.

    NOTE THE WORD PRIVATE: we should all be our own energy generators! We should control our own energy usage and output via investing in our own, privately owned, individual energy generation systems.

    This is a huge, huge difference from creating an international carbon market which is always tempted to enrich itself via confiscation of private energy systems like my CO2 eating forest. I greatly fear, knowing gnomes so well, that they will assume my forest is their CO2 sink for them to use to make themselves rich in international markets, and the end result will either be, no improvement in CO2 reduction or worse, this does work and I freeze to death while being forbidden to burn my own firewood.

  7. JSmith

    Elaine… this recent set of articles has a flavor of “think locally, act locally” about it. While I do have a certain amount of sympathy for that, the move away from a carbon economy (i.e., burning stuff) has a certain logic about it that has nothing to do with climate – as anyone who has ever howled “PEAK OIL!!!” should freely admit.

    ” many people live in places that are extremely warm and they LOVE this! ”

    Some places are just too damn warm. And dry. Or wet. Several years back I spent two weeks in Riyadh on a business trip – in July. Why the wandering nomadic tribes ever took up station there in the first place is beyond me. Same goes for the fetid snake-infested jungles of South America and Africa – when humans first moved there, was the good climate already occupied? I like warm weather myself, but some places are ridiculous.

    “Anyone who believes that it is too warm and will get even warmer can come visit me this week…it will be about zero degrees F tomorrow….”

    Here in central Ohio it’s been in the 30s, with only trace snow so far. Last summer was moderate, but a few years ago we had a stretch of six weeks or so of 90+ days including five when it was over 100. That’s not Ohio – that’s Phoenix.

    “All those people who do need this, they have to come up with some scheme that makes ME happy, first.”

    You, you, you? I agree that climate change will affect people in places that don’t interest me very much – like Bangladesh – first, but eventually I expect it will get around to me, too – most things do.

    ” I am to shovel snow by myself so they can live on pristine, warm, sunny beaches in Bermuda.”

    Have you ever considered a move to someplace warm(er)? (Of course, you’d have to find something else to grouse about…)

    FYI… here’s what it’s like in my vicinity.


    ELAINE: I hope you noticed how I explained that people ARE moving to ‘warmer’ places. You pick one of the hottest on earth and then say I am stupid. Talk about thinking ‘local’! On the other hand, my point that I, not people in balmy places, should be paid to live in the cold if balmy people want balmy days instead of hotter weather. End of story. Telling me to move is evil. After all, I can say ditto right back: anyone who hates global warming can move to Greenland.

  8. nah

    Bengals receiver Chris Henry dies from injuries
    at least romo dropped his girl off at IHOP i guess, how ’emotionally retarded’ did Madonna say men are again….
    guys like tiger woods and gang make this dynamic of relationships easy to pin on men are pigs

  9. @ Elaine: Actually, with Global Warming, the Sahahra will turn into a lush savannah. Likewise, EURPOE will turn into a sahara desert. It is already happening, adjacent to the Sahel, today. Also in Greece, Sicily and Spain.

  10. @ Elaine: Actually, with Global Warming, the Sahara will turn into a lush savannah. Likewise, EUROPE will turn into a sahara desert. It is already happening, adjacent to the Sahel, today. Also in Greece, Sicily and Spain.


  11. And I full well know that Global Warming could be cancelled at any time by natural forces.

  12. ”Out of curiosity. How do you think Carbon Trading will stop greenhouse effect?”

    I don’t.

  13. @Gary: I have found out what causes the sudden phase change from a decent climate to full-blown ice age. It is caused by a collapse of the global Thermo-Haline Circulation, and with it the North Atlantic Current and the Gulf Stream. And said collapse is caused by the influx of too much meltwater from the Arctic sea ice and the Greenland ice cap. And the meltwater itself is generated by global warming!

    There is a great chance that the present ice cap melt will cause yet another ice age. The British media are on it. Ours? HAHAHAHA.


    ELAINE: Ultimately, it is the sun that causes these things.

  14. Ed yes there are many things that will trigger an ice age even with GW , but we [our next generation will never see them.

  15. emsnews

    Are you falling for the propaganda about there being no ‘next generation’????

    Amazing. Again: WWIII can do this far better than global warming. And we are not disarming. As my earlier article noted.

  16. larry, dfh

    Albany is in the Hudson Valley. The Hudson is one of the most beautiful rivers on earth. I have friends outside Ithaca, in the Susquehanna River watershed. If my wife was a bit more hip, I would have been able to name our first son Susquehanna. Upstate NY is a paridise in many ways, ignoring the rednecks. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time with the cold, I know you’ll come through stronger and finer.

  17. emsnews

    Actually, I love Upstate NY. I love the cold, even.

    I dislike being taxed for using energy to keep warm. Also, I want solar energy and these dumb solutions will give me exactly no solar panels.

    Also, I fear they will seize my 23 acres of forest and declare their own ownership of the CO2 sink these deep woods represent and thus, prevent me from using my own trees to heat my home. They WILL do this, these people are crooks.

  18. JSmith

    “You pick one of the hottest on earth and then say I am stupid.”

    I carefully reread my post; at no point did I allege you are ‘stupid’.

    I’ve “known” you (in the ‘net sense) for years, remember? You’re always grouchier in the winter. I remember a few years back when you wanted the NY National Guard to come shovel your road for you.

    You live where it gets cold in the winter: deal.

    When I was a kid some cousins of mine used to live in that neck of the woods – in Plattsburgh, I believe.

    Them: “In the winter we flood the back yard and we have our own skating rink!”

    Me: “Whoop-de-doo.”

    “They WILL do this, these people are crooks.”

    Who are these ‘they’ of whom you type?


    ELAINE; What a curious memory you have. You remember me joking and thought I was serious about the snow plowing? I was complaining that up here, I have to prepare for winter while the dudes out West who pretend to be all macho men not needing help cry like babies for the NG to bail them out when it snows.

  19. JSmith

    “If my wife was a bit more hip, I would have been able to name our first son Susquehanna.”

    You wanted to name your SON “Susquehanna”?? Everyone would call him Suzy. Your wife has the brains in the family.

  20. larry, dfh

    His name is Ariel. They already call him the little mermaid. You like Monongahela better?


    ELAINE: Then he would be nicked named ‘Mongol’. 🙂

  21. JT

    Could someone who understands AGW tell me what is the average temp this morning here in Helsinki? I´ll settle for an accuracy of 1 degree 😀 .
    (my house -21 celsius)
    0,1 degree accuracy my ass.

    This morning the news from Copenhagen was that we will limit warming to 2 degrees.
    Now we need:
    a a way to measure it
    b some tools to actually control the climate
    c some sunspots fast

  22. JSmith

    “His name is Ariel. They already call him the little mermaid.”

    Disney screwed that all up – in the Bible and in Shakespeare, Ariel is male.

    “You like Monongahela better?”

    Yeah, except anyone with that name will end up saying “M-o-n-o-n-g…”, etc., a lot, nd will probably just go by “Mony”. (Did you ever consider “Youghiogheny”?)

    A good general rule is to not give your children a name that’s even moderately difficult to spell. My wife has one of those and it’s given her fits all her life.


    ELAINE: Ariel is a demonic creature I like to call ‘Watchers’.

  23. CK

    Yo, Mongo is not such a bad nickname.

  24. Red

    JT, you should watch this and come to your own conclusions.

  25. Red, I saw that video. The sunspot cycle will heighten the effect of global dimming for another 30 years or so, forcing global COOLING. The sunspots will kick into high gear again just as it becomes economically unfeasible to extract any more fossil fuels out of the Earth, in other words, Energy Returned Over Energy Invested equals 1 or less. After that, global warming with a vengeance.

    And the glaicers and ice caps during the time of cooling will still continue to melt from carbon black.

    Strange world we’re entering, innit?

  26. emsnews

    The people yelling that we are all going to die are doing a grave disservice to Science.

  27. Red

    Ed-M, yes it would seem what is being bandied about are half pictures, truths mixed in with re-engineered profit centers. My concern is focused more on what is “not” being talked about, for instance, Svalbard. They are not talking about the attrition rate on the global human population, how long the critical period will last, when and where will be the safest place to regroup and regrow what has been destroyed, assuming the worst case scenario. Yelling we are going to all die is just declaring the obvious, we are only here for 80, 90, for up to a 100 years, if lucky. In this age of mass media, subterfuge and mind conditioning, it makes more sense to look for what is missing in the diarrheal verbosity that is today. Obviously, the people in power will not tell us these things, it’s intellectual capital they believe is their birthright.

  28. JT


    I watched the video.
    Very scary music, scary pictures of underwater volcanoes, the big Tsunami was mentioned of course (as if they are caused by climate) and the conclusion was funny: The climate is just about to slip out of our control 😀 .
    A looming catastrophy present through the whole movie. We killed small babies in the 1970 with oil and cars and we still kill them with oil and cars. A few European catalysators and clean industries and right away we could see how there was rain/watering cans and prosperity in Africa.
    Propaganda is propaganda Red….

    My conclusions:
    a pollution causes warming and cooling
    b our current climate models do not work at all
    c global dimming made me a tad more afraid of a new ice age
    d climate is not within our control

    Global dimming = droughts, extreme weather
    Global warming = droughts, extreme weather
    Global colding = droughts, extreme weather

    Any model at all that predicts more rainfall anywhere on the planet? Or just calm weather? Or do these models just not get any airtime on the media.

  29. JT

    I´m pretty sceptical, maybe it´s because I´ve lived all my life in the crossfire of western and sovjet propaganda.
    BS is coming from both sides in every issue we hear about. Everything is shades of gray…

    Read some jokes from the Sovjet era and relax:

  30. emsnews

    Well, if we have global warming, I can securely predict that Greenland will be well-named.

  31. JSmith

    800,000 years or so ago, it was. Erik the Red’s use of “Greenland”, on the other hand, was part of his marketing pitch.

  32. This design is incredible! You certainly know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

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