Merry Xmas To One And All…Except The Jerks Who Really Ruined Xmas

Merry pre-Christmas to everyone!  Santa robs a bank!  And the biggest Derivative Beast owners rob the US Treasury and Federal Reserve.  They should all be arrested along with that jolly ho-ho-ho con man, old Santa himself.  The US struggles to have yet another consumer blow out Xmas celebration based, as usual, on increasing the debt load.  How many more of these can we have before the Grinch bill collectors descend on us?  Only Ho, ho, ho Hu knows.


One guy decided to ape the mega-Robin Hood business, only I got the real photos of the crook who held up the banking system: Armed Santa Claus robs US bank – Telegraph

Yes, a sack full of loot for Goldman Sachs (no, it isn’t a typo in the cartoon above).  Goldman Sachs got the biggest bonuses ever and had to cancel their Xmas celebrations because they are in the news over their obvious thefts and it seems that they will now be investigated for swindling people who bought all those CDO and trashy tranches based on lending money to illegal aliens to overbid on houses they obviously couldn’t afford.  Ditto, giving ARM loans to Bernanke.  Who is probably going to keep his job of handing over all our loot to the Santa GS Clauses in the international investment banking looting system.  Maybe I should go deep in debt to these guys, too.  Then, maybe the government will hire me to keep track of our finances.  Or maybe I can ape Geithner and cheat on my income taxes.  The perfect skills for a Treasury chief.


I found a nifty book with fun charts and graphs, a fine Xmas present to anyone who wants to have high blood pressure: Bailout Tally Report by Nomi Prins and Krisztina Ugrin, December 1, 2009 Supplemental Analysis for It Takes a Pillage: Behind the Bailouts, Bonuses, and Backroom Deals from Washington to Wall Street (9780470529591): Nomi Prins: Books

Yes, Citigroup got the biggest bail out.  Nearly half a trillion US taxpayer’s dollars worth!  This bank is bankrupt.  It is painfully obvious.  Thank you.  The Goldman Santa bank robber didn’t need half a trillion dollars, just a small $100 billion in loot to keep alive.  Note that the auto bail out was dwarfed by the Citigroup, AIG and Bank of America loot.  AIG’s loot happens to really be loot to save Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley was founded by a JP Morgan spawn).  Here is another fine chart from this book:

Merry Xmas for all the gnomes.  May they have an unhappy New Year.  Now, on to real worries: I happen to be less worried about global warming due to freezing nearly to death in this very, very unusually cold winter here in NY.  Now, I looked at the history of long cold snaps for NY.  If you click on this link, Cold Spell Albany NY, it becomes very clear that from 1850-1950, there were some extended below zero periods in NY but these INCREASED in intensity and number after 1960.  Just for example, the number of sub-zero days in the 100 years before 1850 that lasted four days was 17 times.  The following 60 years, it was 17 times and this was in barely more than half the time scale!


4 of these 17 times was from 2003-2005!  These years were supposed to be the years we were all roasting in global warming?  The all-time records of being below zero for consecutive days (BRRRR) was 15 days in 1961 and 10 days in 1979.  The only 19th century cold spell to last 6 days was in 1875.  Half of the 6 day cold spells were pre-WWII but half were post-WWII.  The last one to last 6 days was in 1997, again, a time we were supposed to be seeing much warmer winters according to the authorities who don’t look at these statistics (due to a desire to think we are not freezing, I am assuming as I shiver with cold even indoors this last week).


Speaking of End of Times: since we are supposed to really, really worry about roasting to death, in the news this week are stories that remind us of great fears of other events that are rather dangerous:


Al Jazeera English – Asia-Pacific – Philippine volcano blasts intensify reminds us that this is the world’s tallest uniform cone volcano.  It is at the upper limit of the physics of a volcano pyramid shape and is about to have a major eruption.  Due to its great height and steepness of the sides, the chances of it blowing off its top like Mount Vesuvius did 2,000 years ago.  If the volcano does the same thing that Mount Pinatubo blew up while we were still living in a tent complex on this mountain, here.  We got buried in snow and temperatures dropped, the next year, to -40 zero F.

The effects of the eruption were felt worldwide. It ejected roughly 10 billion metric tonnes (10 cubic kilometres) of magma, and 20 million tons of SO2, bringing vast quantities of minerals and metals to the surface environment. It injected large amounts of aerosols into the stratosphere—more than any eruption since that of Krakatoa in 1883. Over the following months, the aerosols formed a global layer of sulfuric acid haze. Global temperatures dropped by about 0.5 °C (0.9 °F), and ozone depletion temporarily increased substantially.


Mother Nature is all about very restless tectonic plates which cause volcanic eruptions.  I would dare to suggest that all major extinction events were caused by either volcanic actions or celestial crashes. Indonesia’s next big quake due under Mentawais – Telegraph reminds us that the Australian plate is shooting northwards at an insane rate (as fast as a turtle, of course) and this will continue to cause devastating earthquakes.  More things for us to fear.  Luckily for all the people living in this volcanic/earthquake-prone region is, the balmy weather.  Unlike say, the other end of the planet where Alaska and Russia meet: lots of volcanos, earthquakes and freezing cold, too.


But here is the real rubber hits the road:  Video: The Asteroid That Will Almost Hit Earth | Wired Science |

Now this is something that should scare everyone to death!  We get smacked by this rock, we all die, for sure.  The need to get everyone hysterical because Albany, NY’s weather might be slightly above zero more often in January pales in comparison to a global super-massive winter from hell with possible tsunamis higher than mountains and half of the Atlantic ocean flung into the atmosphere!


For the last 50 years, I have held the position that our gravest danger comes from Outer Space.  And that we should have a very strict watch on celestial objects because these things can utterly and totally destroy all of us even more effectively than WWIII, using all our nuclear bombs to annihilate each other. This event, a major asteroid strike, can wipe out most lifeforms.  We know this for absolutely certain.


Now back to regular news:

The god or rather gods that sprang out of the Middle East continue to spread no real cheer.  I marvel at death gods all the time.  People tell me, these gods are giving life but I see mostly the darker side of these creations of human desires and beliefs: these gods hate me and I have little sympathy for their various tics, psychotic desires and weird sexual activities.  And I like eating apples, too, so kill me.  Enough with the light humor, on to the Greatest Empire on Earth, the one that the Sun Never Set on, England:


Army halts soldiers’ training to cut costs – Times Online

The Ministry of Defence has cancelled dozens of army training exercises as it struggles to cut costs. The savings affect the regular Army as well as the Territorial Army and have forced Britain to withdraw from a major Nato exercise alongside the United States, The Times has learnt.


Fifty-six exercises have been cancelled this year, raising concerns about the readiness of military personnel who are deployed to Afghanistan.


General Sir David Richards, the Chief of the General Staff, admitted that there were long-term risks in scrapping exercises. News of the cuts comes at the end of a year in which more than 100 troops have been killed in Afghanistan, the largest death toll for a generation, and the Government has faced constant criticism that underinvestment is compromising frontline operations.


The sun has not only set, it is rapidly approaching midnight.  England has gone from being the world’s creditor/manufacturing power to being a typical imperial basket case.  The slow death of empires is very interesting to historians ever since the book, ‘The Decline and Fall of Rome’ was published over 200 years ago.  The end collapse is always due to overspending on the presumption that the empire is really powerful and strong even as all the signs of collapse accumulate relentlessly.  Britain is heading down the same road Italy or Spain trod: the Empress/Queen lives as if she rules a tremendous global empire while the military shrinks in size, the economy collapses and industry vanishes.  Still, life grinds on in a host of immense palaces patrolled by the courtiers who assiduously ignore the raging peasants kept far from manicured acres of lawns and flower gardens.


The US is on the same stupid road downwards and China slapped us around at the Copenhagen meetings.  Hu took us so seriously, he didn’t even bother to go while Obama was forced to wait at the door to enter into direct negotiations with China’s lower ranking officials, not even Wen allowed a direct meeting without first humiliating the beggar at the Dragon Throne’s gates.  The US still lectures China and gets all snotty about China’s internal affairs while at the same time, is collapsing into this deep, dark pit of debt…much of it owed to the Dragon.  A Dragon who sprang back to life after collapsing into debt, itself, 200 years ago.


The ancient symbols of China are the Dragon and the Phoenix, after all.

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33 responses to “Merry Xmas To One And All…Except The Jerks Who Really Ruined Xmas

  1. tree son

    who is the mystery buyer of treasuries?

    Click to access Sprott%20December.pdf

    Happy Christmas Elaine.
    all the best.

  2. emsnews

    Tree son, I suspect many of the buyers of US debt are people who normally capitalize banks via savings. Banks hate having to hold savings and pay interest and are pleased as punch they are now paying 0% or slightly higher, in interest on savings!

    So people who have savings go to wherever they can get some return on their investments which happens to be Treasuries. Before 2008, other places paid more in interest on savings. Now, there is only good Old Uncle Sam.

  3. FrzngmyazzinAmrica

    Just say Yes to Insulation.
    Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards Elaine.

  4. DeVaul

    Happy Midwinter, Elaine!

    Try to stay warm, but don’t create any CO2!

  5. emsnews

    OK, I will try to not fart or exhale. 🙂

  6. JSmith

    “Merry Xmas To One And All”

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you, too, Elaine.

  7. emsnews

    I promise to not steal your oxygen. 🙂

  8. Guss

    A Merry Christmas to All….
    Punjabi Style!

  9. Merry Christmas and may GW warm you soon.

    By the way i suspect if you really wanted to attack climate science, the best route is through their use of statistics, which i’m sure is impecable. For example i would think the best way to see GW would be to chart the records of just one spot, keep it simple, instead of having to adjust for multitudes of reporting errors. Do they do that ? then combine or compare from different locations.


    ELAINE: I am just pointing out the obvious: global warming isn’t a total evil for EVERYONE. It’s negative impact is highly selective. Ergo: places that will see bad things have a different agenda from places that BENEFIT. Scientists and global warming fanatics who tell us otherwise are liars. We may collectively choose to enforce cold regimes on the Northern Hemisphere but this will be little benefit to places locked in ice and unable to support life.

    That is, the cold benefits the warm places while keeping Greenland or Antarctica dead.

  10. Wu Wei

    Happy Pagan ConsumeandBuy Day to all.

    Let us sacrifice babies in the name of Moloch!

  11. tio

    Merry Christmas Elaine and have a Happy New Year – x

  12. w3g

    Merry Christmas Elaine
    (New Year greetings sold separately)

  13. Gary

    Merry Christmas Elaine.

    Keep those articles coming. And fart away

  14. roger

    Elaine, I think the defining issue with climate change is not whether one area is getting colder or hotter but that these changes are now being driven by humans. Not only by cataclysmic occurrences like an asteroid hitting the earth or a volcano erupting or an ice age beginning or ending or sunspots increasing or decreasing. Humans are changing our global climate. That is freaky, isn’t it? It seems that way to me.


    ELAINE: Ever since we began herding grazing animals, we have created deserts and killed forests. So yes, we changed the climate greatly. As we multiply, we change it more. The question is, do we court another Ice Age?

  15. JSmith

    Christmas in central Ohio:

    43F and raining, off and on. Mostly on.

  16. charlottemom

    As bad as these banksters are, they personify what Western culture represents and rewards. Greed (consumerism, Wall Street), deceit (Wall Street, government), lying (advertising, propaganda, info and data manipulation.) The banksters personify these ideals in the extreme.

    What a surprise that an evil communist country = China = punishes quite publicly the individuals that demonstrate greed, manipulation and lying.
    The banksters will not be revealed or punished for what they’ve done until we as a culture change and demand accountability – not just from them but from each other collectively.

    That’s the miracle that I’m hoping for this Christmas.

  17. nah

    Merry Christmas
    with the re-apointment of bernanke now confirmed the left should really take obama to task… he ran on a platform of change, as a liberal… and all i see is bad policy, no follow through, pandering, the man is bot and sold, the buck always stops in monopoly money… imean bernanke for gods sakes this is one of the 3 heads of bubblenomics misdirection of capitol into speculative economys AND HES DOING IT AGAIN! RITE NOW!… how is that liberal to fund the system of wealth directly with artificial production of stock price and debt fundementals… news flash cutting taxes is more populist that this garbage of wealthfare subsidies… but i guess youd have to glean information that isnt spoon fed you and say the buck stops here im a liberal… as opposed to wailing over monopoly money
    and then there the worlds first best global climate pact in copenhagen… i want to point out that anyone from this day forward that claims that global CO2 controlls will not target the individual breath you take is fooling themselves… the chinese have made history by using human ‘waste’ a pretext for industrial ‘waste’ managment for INTERNATIONAL CO2 REGIMES… karl marx would be proud of these attempts to centralize absolute power
    knock knock

  18. DM

    Roger is freaked out that humans are changing our global climate.

    Relax, Roger. It is all mere hubris – or it it seems that way to me.

    You like charts, graphs, scientific analysis? There are plenty of sources if you seek.

    Click to access solar_arch_ny_mar2_08.pdf

  19. emsnews

    We just had the annual Xmas Lasagna. I make one for each family member to take home. This means hours of cooking. I guess this exceeded my allotted CO2 amounts…if we have international rules on CO2 usage.

    But then, I have trees so I get to make as much pasta as I wish.

  20. the fool on the hill

    Looking for the perfect Xmas gift:

    I saw the ad for this while watching part of a really bad movie about King David. I thought it must be some sort of SNL gag but, it’s real.

    The chia Obama. Click on that if anyone needs a good laugh.

    Speaking of laughs:

    Are we amused yet?

    The Welfare Queen calls 2009 a ‘difficult year’, ‘one to be forgotten’ and praises her imperial stormtroopers in Afghanistan.

    Don’t forget to keep that pinky extended while enjoying tea, or egg nog.

  21. nah
    Earlier, Goldman denied it could have known this was a problem, yet acknowledged I had warned about the grave risks at the time. If Goldman wants to stick to its story that it didn’t know the gun was loaded, then it is not in the public interest to rely on Goldman’s opinion about the greater risk it now poses to the global markets.
    smartest guy in the room… they use the FED as well as FDIC, alchemy, and electricity to make us think they invented to world
    to bad for us

  22. nah,,20333229,00.html
    Charlie Sheen was released from jail after being arrested on domestic violence charges Friday morning.
    Hang im’ good for nothing hollywood star… I got a better hair cut than this guy

  23. roger

    elaine said:


    ELAINE: Ever since we began herding grazing animals, we have created deserts and killed forests. So yes, we changed the climate greatly. As we multiply, we change it more. The question is, do we court another Ice Age?

    roger replies:
    yes, humans have changed local climate and environment throughout our history. usually for the worst. However, we have not changed the global climate nor have we changed the global environment until recently. So recently that many people still deny that we are. I do not believe the question is “do we court another ice age” but rather what will be the result of our massive interference with global climate and environment? Since we don’t know the answer to this question, maybe we should be careful and limit our interference? Lots of other things we can cause besides an Ice Age.

  24. emsnews

    And this is why the Copenhagen thing was a total fraud: if we were seeing an attempt at saving the planet earth, the focus should have been more honest.

    Eliminating all jet and auto travel, for starters. Of course, the entire event was a mega-jet/auto de fee.

  25. roger

    Even if Copenhagen was a fraud, it doesn’t mean that the issue of global climate change is a fraud. We have seen, very frequently, the bad guys glom onto the good guys’ issues and pervert them into actually doing the opposite of what they were intended. We live in an Orwellian world. Clean Skies Act equals dirty skies. Nobel Peace Prize equals war promoter etc….

    The elites are taking the truth/fear of global climate change and using it to further their ends. This doesn’t mean that global climate change is now unworthy or false; just that life continues to be excruciatingly complicated since our laws, regulations, (and media, politics…) have stopped working for citizens and are now tools of the elites. It’s a great game for those elites since confusion, it turns out, is a boon for the bad guys. What is happening with global climate change is exactly what happened with cigarettes causing cancer. Stir up enough confusion and watch the decades roll by as the public tries to divine the truth.

  26. emsnews

    But the main fix for global warming is to destroy modern civilization. Ahem.

    And to forbid people in cold climates burning various fuels, fossil as well as non-fossil fuels. This is impossible, unless one wishes to do suicide.

    So what is the solution? I say, outlaw all cars, aircraft including military aircraft, outlaw air conditioners (if you want a cooler planet, the people in the hot areas must pay a price, too) etc.

    A long list. I used to have an ox team and horses with a carriage. I could go back to that again. Does everyone else want to do this?

    I think not. It is hard work, cleaning out the stables.

  27. emsnews

    And frankly, it is the total lack of seriousness of the people screaming at me (WHILE I FREEZE TO DEATH) that the planet is warming up (I wish it was at this point….we had exactly one day in the last three weeks where it was up to 34º F!) and these same screamers are not riding horses, using oxen to pull wagons or sailing across the ocean to meetings, using sail boats.

    I see not one thing being done that is even slightly serious. And these clowns dare to yell at me that we are facing the end of humanity?????

    Good gods. The least we can ask is for them to be slightly serious and not goofballs.

  28. roger

    I think the clowns you are talking about are the politicians, business leaders and rulers? But you can’t expect most of these people to be serious and not goofballs (mostly corrupt goofballs). They have a contrary motivation. They want to keep power and money. They are not motivated to “fix” anything, especially not anything that might limit their power and freedom. Only by exerting pressure (laws, regulations, proper government, etc) can we expect them to obey and only when they don’t hold the (corrupted) reins of power (which they do right now). None of this is news to you since your blog is full of this analysis. and I know this because I read almost everything you write. (which keeps me busy because you are so amazingly prolific!) And I read your stuff, I imagine for the same reason most people read your blog: because you are very talented at aiming at the truth.

    ps. global warming is a term that adds confusion to this debate. It is not just warming that is the issue. It is much more complicated than “warming.” But what is not complicated is that humans are changing the global ecosystem quickly in a way that has not been done before (except by a “natural” cataclysmic event like a meteor hitting the earth or a new ice age, etc.)

  29. nah

    never underestimate the power to tax… the perversion of commitment to rule by corporations is almost totally one sided

  30. DM

    Even if Copenhagen was a fraud, it doesn’t mean that the issue of global climate change is a fraud.

    Ha! .. but..but..but…

  31. emsnews

    The climate will change. It may get hotter. I can’t wait, frankly (it is going back below zero again in two days!). I fell on the ice three days ago. I expect to fall on ice again, later this week. Gah.

    Anyway, the main thing here is, no one at the top is even remotely serious about setting a good example. Not one of these pampered clowns walked or rode a horse to Copenhagen. Not one sailed a sail boat that used zero CO2 to Copenhagen. They all consumed vast seas of fossil fuels and the buildings they stayed in and used were ALL heated using fossil fuels.

    It was totally disgusting.

  32. emsnews

    And the al Qaeda terrorist who tried to blow up a plane also burned fossil fuels. And note that many attacks on the West involve jets. Many attacks.

    The religious End of Time people of every possible stripe and belief system seem to be very addicted to committing suicide while killing innocent bystanders, etc.

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