The End Of The World Cults

I grew up and left home very early, before adulthood, in order to avoid my cultist parents and their insane beliefs.  One of my older sisters  joined this bizarre End of Times death cult group, the Children Of God in the mid 1960’s.  This group sucked up several family members and finally, my parents, who kept their cult affiliation secret from me until I dug up the evidence and confronted them.  This led to them ceasing to associate with me except on very rare occasions.


I greatly dislike death cults.  My antipathy for all death cults is very ingrained because I see, from the outside, how believers of any system, no matter what the system is, tend to be filled with hatred and a desire to kill not just themselves, but this entire planet earth and all living things.  This terrible tendency is coupled deep inside of the unconscious brain to a belief that ‘We are saving everyone from destruction,’—even when this rescue is murder.  We see this in ‘mainstream’ religions as well as various insane cults like the one that sucked up and mentally destroyed my own family and which tried very hard, to destroy me when I refused to join.


Children of God (cult) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: the Wikipedia entry barely scratches the surface of this particular and very insane cult.  For example, my older sister helped my younger sister run away to Italy with this cult when my little sister was only 14 years old.  And like all insane cults, they sucked her into sexual activity and she got pregnant.  Cultists tend to have very patchy memory of what they have done over the years and getting a simple timeline out of them is nearly impossible.  Just the other day, my father thought it would be cool to argue with me about this time frame of the sixties and he was utterly and painfully confused as to  who I was back then and what he and my siblings did during that time when deep in the insane cult.


I am furious about religious cults because in the news are various cult actions which are all about murdering people.  The young man who tried to blow up a jet (remember the French jet that disappeared over the Atlantic?) failed in his gruesome mission and this shows that Al Qaeda is still hard at work, engineering mass murder.  I looked at today’s BBC story and noted a picture of this guy pointing at a poster which is all about another hideous cult murder event, namely, the Zionist attack on the Gaza Ghetto:


BBC News – Profile: Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

As the son of one of Nigeria’s most prominent businessmen he had access to international travel and a world-class education. He has been described by one former British teacher as a dream student. But people close to him have said he was increasingly showing extremist views in recent years. His family told the BBC they had not heard from him since October. Mr Abdulmutallab’s father, Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, said he had approached the US and Nigerian authorities to warn them about his son’s views six months before the alleged attempt to destroy the flight to Detroit.


All the analysis in the mainstream media avoids mentioning that this black African upperclass youth was moved by the Palestinian bloodbath.  Various religious cults brainwash people in various ways.  In the West, the media does this via ignoring or expanding on news that fits their own agenda, that is, the agenda of the editors and owners of Western media show up pretty clearly: Zionism is a very dominant cult in the West.  And we are very much being dragged into a global war of great violence with Muslim cultists.  A war that is rapidly bankrupting the US.


Here are some interesting videos about End of Time cults:

And here is a video of the Heaven’s Gate cult which committed suicide when a comet approached the earth:

Just this year, a coordinated effort was launched by a huge cult which clusters around the Bilderberg meetings.  These meetings are extremely secretive and are protected by the military and police might of the various ‘democracies’ where these cultists meet.  This year, they decided to push ‘We are DOOMED!  Global warming will DESTROY US!’  And the only way we can save humanity is to launch a very lucrative carbon trading/tax system run by these cultists.


Perhaps it is because I had to deal with a death cult screaming at me when I was still a child, I have a very strong resistance to this sort of insanity.  Many cults like to take something that is true and then twist it in knots and get you to give them MONEY and POWER as well as controlling one’s entire life.  The naked hysteria shown by ‘Climate Change’ cult recruits was most touching and utterly scary.  They cannot see themselves, how bizarre they all sound but if you look at the above videos, the same echos of Apocalypse Now rings throughout and is IDENTICAL to the renamed cult once known as ‘Global Warming’.


When I sit down and carefully explain that I live in a very, very cold place and would cheer global warming, this infuriates cult members who have convinced themselves that the entire planet will die, rather than the Northern Hemisphere flourish, if we have warmer weather.  Scaring me with stories about how the entire planet will be like Death Valley fails to move me since I actually lived…with no air conditioners!…in Death Valley back when the US was feverishly trying to make nuclear missiles work there in the desert.


That, by the way, really was and still is, the potential Apocalypse we must all fear.  Global warming is a pipsqueak compared to nuking everyone to death and poisoning the planet.  One problem with insane cults is obvious: they can commit mass suicide and mass murder.  The history of this planet is stained black with oceans of blood of many, many millions and millions of victims of religious or insane cultist wars.  The Nazis, for example, were a cult, not a political party.  Mao ran China as cult camp as did Pol Pot and a host of other dictators.


The 30 Years War was a cult versus cult war that annihilated much of Central Europe and destroyed huge swaths of Germany.  Cultists usually cling to past history of being attacked by other insane death cults as an excuse to impose present death cult mass murder.  We see this clearly in the Middle East and it roils all of the Muslim world as the Sunni/Shiite 1,000 year old split continues to worsen.  The Jewish colonization of the ‘Holy Land’ is a bleeding ulcer that spills poison across the entire planet.


What really angered me about Copenhagen was Obama coming out of Norway, clutching his illicit ‘Peace Prize’ where he talked about the right of the US to use UNILATERAL military WMD strikes on anyone on earth, and then he went off to negotiate the global warming business.  With total insincerity.  That is, he and all the nuclear bomb governors at that  meeting said not a word about nuclear war or religious madness while at the same time, telling us we are doomed if we don’t give them the Keys to Heaven (ie: our money in the form of taxes and impositions!).  All to stop my little farm from warming up to above zero F.


Below is a queer story from this week.  A very connected and very upper class noble family in France isolated themselves while in the grip of this con man who was supposedly saving them from the End of the World:  Conman held for 10-year ‘kidnap’ of noble family | News & Politics | News & Comment | The First Post

Ghislaine and her brothers believed Tilly, and soon other members of the family fell under the spell, 11 in total, including Ghislaine’s 88-year-old mother, and her two children, Francois, then 22, and her 24-year-old daughter, Guillemette, who had married four months earlier.


At first Ghislaine’s husband, Jean, a financial journalist, assumed his educated wife and her sophisticated brothers would soon see Tilly for what he was: nothing more than a skilful con-man. But they didn’t, and in September 2001 Tilly and 11 members of the De Vedrines moved into the family chateau at Monflanquin, in the Lot-et-Garonne region of France. When Jean tried to reason with his daughter, Guillemette, who had walked out on her husband, she called her father “evil”.


For five years the De Vedrines locked themselves in the chateau, shunning the outside world, while allegedly handing over to Tilly most of the family fortune worth an estimated €4m. In 2006 they sold the chateau and moved to England, to Oxford, staying in a series of guest houses and honouring the rent on none.


We are all being asked to lock ourselves in a dungeon and hand over all the money to the con artists who intend to save us from being warm (it is going below zero again here this week, by the way!).  This French family is typical: their finances collapsed and they lived hand to mouth and finally were homeless.  While the cult leader who was saving them from doom flew all over the planet and lived high off the hog!


Now, my BS meter was buzzing pretty loud during the fake conference to save us from being warm.  Not only did it snow a lot even in Europe, causing deaths and woes while this was all going on, the very fact that all of these con artists were consuming vast seas of fossil fuels and polluted the planet with epic amounts of CO2 while solemnly telling us, we must stop doing this: typical cult behavior.  The leaders of all cults always live high off the hog!  While starving the underlings who beg to be saved.


Back to the founders of the Children of God: I actually was taken for a ride in a car with the founder of the cult.  He wanted to have sex with me but I didn’t want to do it (I was NOT an adult!).  He then suddenly said, ‘I can close my eyes and drive the car because God will drive it for me.’  He closed his eyes and I punched him and yelled, ‘Give me the steering wheel or you will die!’


I yanked the car over to the curb and fought with him until he let me drive the car.  I was furious and….well, kicked out of my own family.  ARF.  HAHAHA.  Yes, it is very dangerous to try and stop cult leaders and their zombie followers.  Jimmy Carter, a former President and thus, supposedly a powerful man, decided to tell the truth about the Zionist death cult.  He was treated like scum and hammered mercilessly by the media owners and reporters and editors and all his good friends who were Zionist cultists but befriended him so he would work for this insane cult.


After being punished relentlessly by them while the cult lavished money on all of the cult members in Congress, Carter surrendered this week because he is a mere mortal and not made of iron like me (being hammered by cultists as a child does that if one fights back—you get strong, fast, or die).


For God’s Sake: Carter’s apology to Israel – On Faith at

Former President Jimmy Carter offered the following words in a letter addressed to the Jewish community: “We must recognize Israel’s achievements under difficult circumstances, even as we strive in a positive way to help Israel continue to improve its relations with its Arab populations, but we must not permit criticisms for improvement to stigmatize Israel. As I would have noted at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, but which is appropriate at any time of the year, I offer an Al Het for any words or deeds of mine that may have done so.”


The remarks should be welcomed especially in light of both the healing they could bring and the deep awareness of Jewish liturgical tradition which they reflect. I wonder in fact how many Jews would reach for the penitentiary prayer, Al Het ,as their model for public apology. Yet here we have a devout Baptist, sufficiently learned and comfortable in a tradition not his own, doing so. That alone is noteworthy.


That is, the Zionist cult thinks that poor Carter has apologized.  But this isn’t enough.  He has to not only rejoin the cult, he must drink the blood of babies, too.  Many people happily do this.  Nazis or Communist cultists do this.  Zionist and Muslim cults also do this.  Christians love to do this and so on: drinking the blood of the innocent is a requirement of all cults.  I will note that cultists, when informed that their beliefs are killing children, will get extraordinarily nasty about this and go on full attack.  Such as whenever I told anti-vaccinationists that children were dying in far greater numbers than the elderly during the swine flu outbreak. They could care less.  Incidentally, as many millions of people like my own family (non-cult thinking adults) got flu shots, the epidemic is fading, thank goodness for that!


But note the ‘Climate Change’ cultists: I read story after story in the mainstream news about how many children will die due to global warming.  But not one PEEP, not one WORD about the  many people who are dying this month due to blizzards!  Nothing!  These monsters don’t give a hoot about present deaths due to extreme cold and extreme snow.  And so it goes: we know people by their deeds.  And if the global warming people are so hysterical about this matter, I want to see all of them cease burning ANY fossil fuels or using ANY system that burns fossil fuels.  Now, not next year or ten years from now.


Now is NOW.  I lived with virtually no modern systems at all for 10 years.  No running water except if you moved very fast while carrying a bucket or if it was raining really hard.  No electrical lights.  Nothing modern at all.  I cooked on a Victorian stove, for crying out loud. I was one of the few people in America who could safely say, I was doing most of the heavy lifting about global warming.  And what is my reward for this?  For using horses and oxen to move things?  For living without modern stuff?


Nothing.  Nothing at all.  And the cult leaders who want me to join them in their goofy death march: even with vast rewards, they still can’t stop flying their private jets and using fast cars and living in palaces like Prince Charles.  So I say, stop all cults!  Stop all Doomsday End of Time cultists!  All of them.  Every last one of them.  I say, doom them all to hell.

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39 responses to “The End Of The World Cults

  1. emsnews

    A series of avalanches in the Italian Alps has killed seven people, emergency services said.
    Four of those who died were rescuers searching for two tourists killed by an earlier avalanche in the Trentino region of northern Italy.

    This BBC story is the latest example of people dying due to cold and snow. Also, I go around the web looking at people’s postings and note that at the Daily Kos, everyone seems ‘on message’ with the goofy and totally insane story that cold and snow are caused by global warming, not cooling!

    GAH. No.

    Yes, there may be more snow…but that doesn’t explain the bitter cold. Bitter cold is bitter cold. If someone dares to tell me that super-cold temperatures are global warming, I will say, they are making up/down/in/out insane talk. In other words, if it is getting wetter, it can’t also be getting COLDER, too, and still be ‘global warming’.

    Also, a major story line of the global warming group is, it will also be DRIER, not WETTER. Yet, they don’t hesitate to claim that increasing rain AND SNOW are caused by global warming and therefore, is evil.

  2. nah

    end of the world is dumb… its hard enough already getting people to work

    like in movies too, in the matrix that guy neo… he betrayed and enslaved humanity with ignorant pandering on behalf of the machines… stupid end of the world mongers

  3. JT

    “Whenever a cult leader sets himself up as God’s infallible wingman, here on Earth, lock away the kids.”
    – Bill Maher –

    “Forecasts of climate change are about to go seriously out of kilter.”

    “NAO [ocean] cycles were probably responsible for some of the strong global warming seen in the past three decades.”

    “Model biases are also still a serious problem. We have a long way to go to get them right.”


    “There´s fear in some circles, what if nature doesn´t behave like our models predict”.
    – professor Atte Korhola –

    Climategate on Finnish television (part 1/3):

  4. PLovering

    Lizard Labs announce new vaccine for climate change.

    The new vax contains fragments of plankton which attack all Copenhagen viruses via photosynthesis.

    Plankton are voracious eaters of CO2 in ocean waters.

  5. Gary

    Its funny here !

    When a few hundred people hole up out in the toolie wacks, dress up in Little House on the Prairie clothing, follow a charismatic leader, and molest children they are called a “cult”

    But when millions of people join an organization whose priests molest children by the hundreds of thousands and worship a leader who has an endless collection of funny hats and robes, they call it the Catholic Church and their leader, the Pope.


    ELAINE: Correct. Unfortunately, seekers of moral verities often end up falling prey to their own subconscious desires and sins.

  6. scarletfire

    yet another reason to trust medical professionals…and the governments they report to

  7. Timothy


    you miss the point about what makes these organizations so dangerous. It’s not the sexual abuse, or even the end-times conspiracy theories they subject their believers under. It’s their lack of concern for the outside world. My aunt’s life was a mess, then she thought she found the silver bullet to sort things out for her – in hardline Christianity. Now her life is a bit more organized, but she’s also become a completely reclusive asshole who refuses to associate with anyone, because in her mind we’re “all going to hell anyway”.

  8. bob k

    The Zionist Death Cult and the Gaza Genocide: 2009

  9. bob k

    Gaza 2009: We Will Never Forget

  10. nah

    regular street gangs are cults… mystic love of power and money… noone is born a gang leader… death is wiiidely accepted… rape and beating is common sex is a commodity of power… leaving the cult is VERY frowned upon by the members
    only they are way huger duche bags to society
    while we debate the evils of the catholic church on the daily show with jhon stewart

  11. nah

    your new life begins with the gang and the gang ‘honor’ is what you die for…. as it exists in some dimensional brotherhood beyond not being a total sell out faggot to societal exploitation

  12. Ash

    Hi all,
    That guy from Heaven’s Gate is spooky.
    Maybe out of place but thought maybe share what I think is the genuine article. As a young man, the fear of death came upon Ramana Maharshi, instead of running away he lay down and examined it and had some experience. Within a week he left for the mountain Arunachala where he resided the rest of his life. He had little interest in the world, never chased his women followers or accepted money but his door was open to questioners 24 hours a day.

    Anyway, hope no-one minds

  13. nah

    bob k
    December 29, 2009 at 3:10 am

    Gaza 2009: We Will Never Forget
    i think its the worst deal for any people in the entire world and to be honest as a US citizen i dont want to acknowledge the situation in palestine anymore… im sick to watch a segragated enslaved people try to access politics by way of fools for a new political situation… i dont want any part of it… let israel be to blame for its heartless victimization… the intifada was an act of fools to trap themselves under a machine of deception and death…
    ignorance rules that tiny enclave israel and it undermines my access to global politics and competition… that has to be a near crime under the Constitution…
    and as for israel in gaza AND lebanon in the modern decade… we are just lucky they didnt draw us into the same dire political situation
    and i wouldnt be so sure some ignorant bastard here in the US wont find a way to put us there

  14. emsnews

    China has good reason to be draconian about heroin. The US invasion of Afghanistan caused a global flood of heroin and we do nothing about stopping this. But anyone looking at history can understand why China is very upset about aliens coming into the country bearing heroin, especially British ones.

    About the Maharishi: typical. The guy lies around, doing nothing very useful and thinks he sees god. I wish I could be so lazy.

  15. bob k

    nah…”and as for israel in gaza AND lebanon in the modern decade… we are just lucky they didnt draw us into the same dire political situation”

    Have you noticed a “war on terror” for the
    last decade?

  16. CK

    In 1952, the USA was forced to accept a draw in the Korean War. Round eyes got their asses handed to them as far as the rest of the world was concerned.
    In 1979, Iran deposed but did not execute the USA’s puppet the Shah. Took a bunch of political appointees hostage and negotiated with Bush senior for the release of said hostages on/after Regan’s innauguration. Round eyes humiliated again.
    In 199o Iraq took umbrage at the wholesale theft by the Kuwaiti ruling family of Iraqi oil. In 1991, the USA and the whole rest of the world kicked Iraq out of Kuwait but did not do anything more. ( When a behemoth defeats a weakling, the behemoth loses. When a behemoth loses to a weakling, the behemoth loses. )
    There is your axis of evil. Three nations that in various ways made the USA look like a “paper tiger.”
    Somalia made the USA and Bush senior and Clinton look like incompetents with “blackhawk down.” Somalia has been raped by the USA and its proxies. ever since. Yemen was where the USS Cole got holed. Unlike the sinking of the USS Liberty, the USS Cole will be revenged. The christmas bumbler is as good an excuse as any.
    If I were in a position of importance in unified Vietnam, I would keep an eye peeled for Round Eye revenge attempts. The history of the USA’s defeat there has already been revised and re-edited. The prevailing meme is that it was Bad Boomers, combined with Bad Free Press, that stabbed the GIs in the back and lost the war. The truth that the USA was out generaled, out intelligenced, and out fought at the end is to be avoided.

  17. Daliwood

    Gary wrote, “But when millions of people join an organization whose priests molest children by the hundreds of thousands and worship a leader who has an endless collection of funny hats and robes, they call it the Catholic Church and their leader, the Pope.”

    Gary, I’ve heard a cult humorously defined as a religion with no political power. The other side of that coin is true too. A religion is a cult with lots of political power.

    It would be funny only if the stakes weren’t so high–that is, if religions didn’t cause so much human suffering, megalomania, and paranoia.

  18. Red

    CK, if you take the collateral damage out of the equation, the grunts, women, children, expendables, it is simply about good business. Doesn’t matter who is the bad guy, both sides profit. In the events you mentioned the U.S. looked like a big gorilla with no brain, cutting huge swaths of destruction wherever it went. However, the people controlling the ape made good, continue to make good, and until and unless are decapitated or transformed into fertilizer, will continue to make profit at the expense of the enslaved masses they feed off. Here is a good article that makes the point: How bankers destroy £7 for every £1 they create: Hospital cleaners are more valuable to society, say researchers

    Good read that, lots of clarity.

  19. CK

    “However, the people controlling the ape made good, continue to make good, and until and unless are decapitated or transformed into fertilizer…” as fine a new year’s eve resolution as I have ever read.

  20. Red

    Then perhaps this would be a good place to jump start the resolution:

    Watch the video:

  21. Jim Dandy

    swine flu was a fraud…now it can be told.

    you think a feww million vaccinations would stop a pandemic in its tracks?? Where is your self proclaimed research skills.

    the vaccine/medical fraud is just another CULT of death, like the ones you supposedly ran from.


  22. emsnews

    Tell the many parents of dead children that it was a fraud. Gads, you antivaccinationists are incredibly cruel.

  23. JSmith

    “this bizarre End of Times death cult group, the Children Of God”

    I knew a guy who got in with them in the 70s. Scrape any cult to the bottom and you’ll find an excuse to get more money or more tail, preferably both.

    “This BBC story is the latest example of people dying due to cold and snow.”

    Moving from the specific to the general is poor logic. Upstate NY isn’t that big a deal on the macro scale. (I’m sorry, Elaine, but… it isn’t.)

    If the glaciers on the Tibetan plateau shrink or disappear, the large restive nations to the north and south (China and India for the geographically challenged) will face… challenges.

    Of course, that’s there, not here, and there is a long way away… so what.


  24. emsnews

    Smith, I am assuming you junked your CO2 car and are now using a horse and buggy. If you can’t find one, I can sell you one.

  25. JSmith

    “I am assuming you junked your CO2 car …”

    No, I haven’t had my car long enough but my wife’s thinking about a new car and she’s been looking at electrics and hybrids since all of her driving is pretty much urban, under 15 miles per day. (Right now she likes the Nissan LEAF.)

  26. emsnews

    And you have only solar energy to service this? Or are you going to cheat? Remember: anyone worried about CO2 pollution is required to take this very seriously rather than make it all one big, fat joke.

  27. scarletfire

    WHO leader has not gotten the vaccine…seems even she doesn’t believe in it..

    Chan said she has not received the H1N1 shot but would have it soon, adding to reporters, “I am a bit more relaxed, but I will never let down my guard.”

  28. emsnews

    That is because SHE DIDN’T NEED IT. She is not under the age of 30 nor has asthma. My son who has asthma and is under 30 was one of the earliest people to get the shots back in October!

    Thank god.

  29. scarletfire

    Here are the guidelines from the WHO’s website…I believe the head of the WHO would qualify as a health care worker, after all you want to keep the WHO operational in a pandemic environment. Unless she realizes the threat from the virus isn’t great.

    The following recommendations were provided to the WHO Director-General:

    * All countries should immunize their health-care workers as a first priority to protect the essential health infrastructure. As vaccines available initially will not be sufficient, a step-wise approach to vaccinate particular groups may be considered. SAGE suggested the following groups for consideration, noting that countries need to determine their order of priority based on country-specific conditions: pregnant women; those aged above 6 months with one of several chronic medical conditions; healthy young adults of 15 to 49 years of age; healthy children; healthy adults of 50 to 64 years of age; and healthy adults of 65 years of age and above.

  30. emsnews

    No, the head of WHO doesn’t work in a hospital or see patients.

  31. emsnews

    By the way, antivaccinationists certainly qualify for ‘End of the World’ people since they are very intent on preventing sane healthcare while being enamored by ‘alternative’ healthcare which is positively medieval in science.

  32. scarletfire

    I got the implication that being concerned about the over use of vaccinations in our children equates me with being in an end of world cult from your article above, but perhaps it bears repeating that I’m crazy for wanting accountability for the vaccine makers, if…and only if..they make a bad product..A few studies showing the combined effect of multiple vaccines on children would be nice too, except as far as I can tell they haven’t done any. Western Science has progressed medicine very far in the last 100 or so years…I would argue that medicine still has much room to improve, and giving blanket immunity to vaccine makers hinders that improvement. You have very little incentive to improve your product if your not liable for it.
    I think you can be pro western medicine while still asking for it to be improved. I believe there is a movement out there that is trying to “green the vaccine”, perhaps it makes them anti-vaccinationists, but i don’t find asking for safer vaccines to be that controversial.
    Just my 2 cents…happy new year all and thank you ems for the forum and the time you dedicate to your site.


    ELAINE: ‘Over vaccination’ ends up in the bitter end meaning, ‘Zero vaccinations’. Suing all the vaccination producers until they cease doing business won’t fix technological problems. First of all, people leap to expectations that ANY problems they experience are due to vaccinations and no amount of scientific evidence can get them to change their minds.

    We want perfection. Well, we get total chaos if we strangle vaccination systems. This will inevitably lead to hideous viral plagues sweeping the earth.

  33. JSmith

    “And you have only solar energy to service this? Or are you going to cheat?”

    Cheat. I’ve seen sunshine here one day out of the last 7.

    But if you gave me a non-polluting nuclear power plant I’d plug into it in a nanosecond.

    “Remember: anyone worried about CO2 pollution is required to take this very seriously…”

    Remember: absolutism gets us nowhere. Carbon reduction is a one-step-at-a time process in which one has to start somewhere.

  34. @elaine: “Christians love to do this and so on: drinking the blood of the innocent is a requirement of all cults.” The end-time Christian Fundamentalists in this country set up and run mind-control death cults known as “ex-gay ministries.” These are within the greater death cult, of course. These are apparently designed to kill the spirit of gay teenagers and young adults by demonising their natural born sexuality and devising schemes to to get them to become straight and alter their natural comportment. Usually the victims, er “clients” are manipulated by their parents into joining such a cult apparatus and residing at its facility, sometimes for as long as 14 months. The end result is usually great psychological damage to the victims, sometimes to the point of suicide.

    Here is the story of one such victim, manipulated by his parents into joining one of these cults for 14 months this past June.

  35. But for some strange reason, I am fully convinced that one Bryce will finally leave the death cult he’s in a survivor.

    All right I’ll admit: it’s not for some strange reason; it’s because I’m a Jesus contactee and happy to be one! 🙂 Hey at least the fundamentalists’ death god version didn’t contact me. Otherwise, I’d already be banned from your site! 😆 And I’m a cult survivor as well: Boston Church of Christ ’87-’89.

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