Major Power Shift: Japan Grows Closer To China And More Distant From US

Even though the US has fooled itself into thinking the old post-WWII status quo is still good, signs are rapidly accumulating showing the impending collapse of even the pretense of US imperial global powers.  Historians know perfectly well, imperial power is not military nor financial but rather, it is INDUSTRIAL.  That is, profitable production which causes wealth to flow to the working classes is where true international power grows.  Instead, the US thought that killing the unions, withholding vital services from the lower classes and financial game playing was the Appian Way to Power and Wealth.  Instead, it is a one-way ticket to the Cave of Wealth and Death.


It is difficult to trace this decline of power without referring to the daily stream of news pouring out of all parts of the planet.  This is why I appear so tedious sometimes.  Some bloggers like to make broad pronouncements and predictions.  I try to make specific predictions.  One prediction I made many years ago is relentlessly coming true and my own predictions were not pulled out of some hat but was the alarmed response to the Chinese 50 Year Plan.  Back when it was first proposed, it sounded rather insane and improbable.  But I realized, as the Chinese leadership figured out how history works and the dynamics of empire building, I thought that they could carry this scheme out, after all.


That is, to lure the US into going into debt to China and then decapitating the US government via forcing the US elites to go to China for banking capital, not the US.  Back when this was first proposed, China was aware that the US was caught in a trap: we had to strengthen our most dangerous trade rivals, Germany and Japan, in order to fight our most dangerous political rivals, Russia and China.  This, in turn, was just barely beginning to drain capital wealth and industrial power from the US back in 1984.


The Chinese were very aware that Nixon and Burns revealed a fundamental flaw in US international economic premises when they were forced to dump gold as the regulator of the value of international trade resolution script.  That is, the dollar stood in for gold in international deals, one was the same with the other and regulated in value so sneaky inflation couldn’t degrade international contracts.  By 1984, the Chinese could clearly see (after all, I could see this too) that the mechanism for regulating trade deficits via degrading the currency were doomed to failure which is why the US still had to negotiate with Germany and Japan at various meetings, the fictional value of the dollar vis a vis the DM and yen.


So on to a whole lot of news that has come pouring in from all over the planet, all this news points very strongly at a collapse of US prestige and power.  Everyone can see that Obama’s frantic attempts at giving himself bank credits is doomed to backfire.  Although the US desires, like Japan, to spend its way to prosperity, even with ZIRP lending, eventually the US, like Japan, will hit an upper limit to credit creation and will then go bankrupt even with ZIRP borrowing.  That is, we can’t pile up principal balance forever to infinity.  There is a wall looming in the dark and I would suggest, this is the Great Wall of Chinese Capital Lending.  As per the 50 Year Plan.


ASEAN, Japan, China sign US$120 bil. reserve deal – The China Post

The fund, known as the Chiang Mai Initiative, will”strengthen the region’s capacity to safeguard against increased risks and challenges in the global economy,” the nations said in a joint statement released today. The countries announced the initiative in May. Member nations will be able to tap the pool, formed within an existing framework of bilateral currency swaps, in times of turmoil to defend their exchange rates….


…The countries agreed in May that Southeast Asian nations will contribute 20 percent to the pool; Japan will provide US$38.4 billion while China and Hong Kong together will add another US$38.4 billion. South Korea’s contribution will be US$19.2 billion, the members said.


This is huge, huge news.  Japan, alarmed at the collapse of US power, sent over increasingly bigger and bigger delegations to have meetings with the Chinese leadership.  Meetings that locked out US diplomats and the results of these meetings were shared with the US via the Chinese news services!  The last immense meeting of 600 Japanese negotiators, diplomats and politicians ended with a bang as Xe, the future ruler of China, was sent to Japan where he forced the Emperor to basically bow to him, not the other way around.  Obama foolishly bowed to this son of a war criminal.


The Emperor refused to meet with Xe at first but the Chinese would not allow this insult to pass and after very forceful negotiations, got the Japanese government to come to heel.  This incredible and important series of events have been glossed over by the US due to our need to believe that we still command respect and honor.  But the many deals being written between Japan and China are a very nasty warning sign.


One of my basic themes here is pretty obvious: no alliances are eternal.  Nor can internationalism swamp national sovereignty.  I am all for sovereignty of all nations.  If sovereign nations form confederations with other sovereign nations, this is still an exercise of sovereign power.  But if a sovereign nation sells its own security, status, industry and finances to other sovereign powers, the country that hosts these governments is put in severe and even fatal jeopardy.  Governments riddled with foreign agents seeking benefits and finances for alien powers die rapidly.  A fine example is the US Congress that howls and shrieks and moans while trying to eke out a simple national healthcare bill but is nearly unanimous and in lockstep when voting funds for foreign governments and international wars!


DPP urges U.S. to respect Taiwan people’s will on beef imports – The China Post

On Tuesday, the DDP legislative caucus accepted a revised motion by the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) to write into law that hazardous substances, including cattle skulls, brains, eyes, spinal cords, and intestines, as well as ground beef and other related beef products from areas in which mad cow disease has been reported in the past 10 years, are banned from entering Taiwan.


The revision to the Act Governing Food Sanitation, however, sparked fears among officials who participated in negotiations with the U.S. on the beef issue that Taipei-Washington relations could be affected. Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Trade Representative office issued a joint statement saying the proposed amendment “would constitute a unilateral abrogation of a bilateral agreement.”


Tsai argued that there would be no “U.S. beef import protocol” if the government had not promoted the agreement in secret, a practice showing its lack of respect for the people’s will.


Taiwan, like all our Asian allies and rivals, runs trade surpluses with the US.  The US constantly has its own inept trade negotiators who incessantly, under both Republican and Democratic Presidencies and Congressional controls, always gets a small concession while granting immense favors.  One has to ponder why this is so.  Are we so desperate for deals, we have to base our political relations with Asian powers on cow eye balls?  Or cattle brains?


I would suggest the brains of our negotiators are addled and maybe we should grind them up and export these to Asia only Asians won’t accept these, they would rather have mad cow disease rather than mad American disease.  Meanwhile, back to the masters at not allowing US penetration of domestic markets, Japan:  Japan Unveils New Plan for Growth –

Mr. Hatoyama’s short-term remedy for Japan’s economic troubles has been to funnel funds to struggling households, including offering new cash subsidies for families with small children and free high school education. But his government has appeared distracted by a spat with Washington and a campaign finance investigation. And budget constraints have forced Mr. Hatoyama to backtrack on some promises, hurting his popularity….


…The government’s new blueprint for economic growth in the long run is more global in outlook. The government says that it will push to create a free trade zone in Asia by 2020 to leverage the region’s economic growth and that it will make Haneda Airport in Tokyo a 24-hour hub for international flights.


Japan also needs to become less reliant on the United States and bolster economic ties in Asia, Mr. Hatoyama said. “Until now, our connection with the United States has been very strong. Naturally, this will continue to be the case in terms of our national security. But for economic growth, it is necessary to look closely at Asia as a new frontier,” Mr. Hatoyama said.


Another shot across the prow of the USS Sinking Empire!  Japan is shifting its economic attention to Asia.  While expecting the US to fully protect Japan and enable the penetration of Asian markets under the US nuclear umbrella.  This is a very, very bad deal for the US and we should promptly pull out all our bases from Korea, Taiwan and Japan.  True, this will cause a sudden expansion of Chinese political dominance in Asia. But then, our dominance there brought us to bankruptcy!  We cannot afford to dominate Asia via enabling Asia to destroy our domestic industries and markets!  Period.  End of the story.  We have to retreat in order to survive.

ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ朝日新聞社):Record drop in Japan U.N. budget share – English

Japan’s share of the United Nations’ ordinary budget will drop a record 4 percentage points, reflecting a decline in the nation’s relative weight in the global economy. Japan will contribute 12.53 percent of the ordinary budget in the 2010-2012 period, down from 16.624 percent in the preceding three years, according to a U.N. General Assembly decision Thursday. The share is more than 8 points lower than the 2000 level of more than 20 percent. Japan’s contribution in the two-year period from 2010 will fall by 19.2 billion yen.(IHT/Asahi: December 26,2009)


This is an over $2 billion drop.  Japan always wanted the political power that came from being one of the biggest bankrollers of the UN international actions.  But this cost Japan dearly as the Japanese government has driven up the GDP/debt ratio to nearly 200%.  Which is impossible to sustain.  Japan has exhausted its options which were all aimed at the G7 West confederation and is basically surrendering to the Pax China Asian confederacy system.  The US has nothing to gain by having our military isolated at bases in various Asian confederacy states, there only to regulate military relations between a group of national entities all of which are dedicated to destroying our domestic markets and industries.


Uneasy Engagement – China, Willing to Spend, Wins a Trove of Afghan Copper – Series –

Two years ago, the China Metallurgical Group Corporation, a Chinese state-owned conglomerate, bid $3.4 billion — $1 billion more than any of its competitors from Canada, Europe, Russia, the United States and Kazakhstan — for the rights to mine deposits near the village of Aynak. Over the next 25 years, it plans to extract about 11 million tons of copper — an amount equal to one-third of all the known copper reserves in China.


While the United States spends hundreds of billions of dollars fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda here, China is securing raw material for its voracious economy. The world’s superpower is focused on security. Its fastest rising competitor concentrates on commerce.


China is swooping in and vacuuming up all the good deals in all the countries we invade and destroy.  The Chinese don’t have to fire a shot to gain greater and greater financial, industrial and resource aggregation.  The US goes a trillion dollars into debt to the Chinese, invading and killing in all sorts of Muslim nations and then China gets to sign contracts and make sweetheart deals with the victims of US military aggression.  This is just too insane and I believe future historians will laugh to death while trying to analyze this insane process.


And the strategy of bin Laden marches on: he isn’t out to kill us more than he is out to poke us with one pin prick or another in the hopes that we will respond like the Cyclops  in his cave, bellowing and madly groping about in the dark, trying to pin down where Odysseus was hiding amongst the sheep.  Every time we relax and think bin Laden is finished off, one of his conspirators will cause more turmoil.  The recent failed bombing attempt did succeed in its goal of totally disrupting international commerce and travel and luring the US into yet another misbegotten war, this time, in Yemen, another mountainous, poor, fractured state!


I see a pattern here: mountains, poverty, lack of resources, roads, etc, filled with fanatics who hate alien invaders.  Yes, the perfect mouse trap.  And I can easily predict that the Chinese will trail in after us there and take over that place, too.  Now, China isn’t perfect, far, far from it.  But my other theme here is, perfection isn’t what counts.  Dynamism and flexibility and a focus on a gainful strategy is very important.  No matter what the political system, culture or philosophy, if a country has the Three Virtues, it will still triumph over countries that have no credible strategy, is in flexible due to previous treaties and diplomatic deals done under different circumstances and of course, flaccid, lax, unable to rouse itself to going after good goals: this is a real killer.  No dynamism.


Audit Found $35 Billion in Fraud Among Chinese Officials –

The National Audit Office, which carried out the examination, did not disclose the size of the budgets reviewed this year. But the agency, which is based in Beijing, said it surveyed nearly 100,000 government departments and state-owned companies, and that more than 1,000 officials were facing prosecution or disciplinary action because of the audits. Auditors said government officials engaged in everything from money laundering and issuing fraudulent loans to cheating the government through the sale or purchase of state land or mining rights.


Ah, the NYT can detect corruption in China!  Well, I wait breathlessly for the NYT to explain AIPAC’s corruption of Congress and all Presidents since Reagan!  Dumty-dumpty-doo….hmmmm….time is passing.  Years go by.  Not a peep from the excellent NYT, owned by a participant in this massive corruption scheme.  Aliens who run rival countries that run trade surpluses with the US also own our Congress.  Just as we protect Japan while Japan reams us out, it is the same with others, in particular, Israel.  But Europe does this too.  We are surrounded by trade rivals who all run trade surpluses with the US.  This is a major loss of sovereignty that we are paying dearly for and will pay more in the future!


Shenzhen Nanshan Refuses Goldman Demand for Payment (Update3) –

“Fraudulent practices” by some foreign banks were partly to blame for more than 11.4 billion yuan ($1.7 billion) of derivative losses at those companies last year, Li Wei, vice chairman of the agency, wrote in an article this month, without saying which banks may have been at fault.


Shenzhen Nanshan went into a dispute with Goldman Sachs a year ago after it refused to pay for losses on contracts signed in March 2008 based on oil prices ranging from $62 to $66.50 a barrel, the power producer said earlier. Chinese regulators have said the contracts bought from Goldman Sachs didn’t pass “proper decision-making channels, failed disclosure rules and violated state laws.”


In one contract, Shenzhen Nanshan would gain as much as $300,000 a month if oil prices were to rise above $63.50 a barrel between March 3 and Dec. 31, 2008, the Chinese company said in October 2008. The company would incur a loss if oil fell below $62. Crude oil fell as low as $32.40 a barrel in December 2008. Profit at Shenzhen Nanshan slumped 94 percent last year.


“Nanshan should never have touched trades like this,” said Song Yixin, a partner at Shanghai Newhope Law Firm. “These trades aren’t for ordinary people or companies, they are supposed to be a product used only by large banks.”


China has approved 31 companies to trade derivatives overseas, with 16 of them owned by the central government. The state assets regulator sent letters to foreign banks stating Chinese counterparties will reserve the right to default on commodity hedging contracts, Caijing Magazine reported Aug. 29.


China now holds the whip and GS will discover that China doesn’t care if they die.  Indeed, the Chinese execute anyone that irritates them.  The Op-Ed Contributor – President Obama, Push Back on China – has an excellent editorial written by a Chinese man victimized by the Communist leaders mania for controls.  He demands the US tell off China and stop China from doing these domestic things.  HAHAHA.  Impossible.  I hope this dissident realizes his demands that a foreign sovereign nation force his own native country to come to heel is rather unpatriotic.  What if I were to call on China to depose or change Congress when Congress clips my own civil rights?  Congress has done this with the Patriot Act.


Maybe Hu can come over here and lecture Congress about messing up our own Constitution in this fashion.  I would find this immensely funny.  And if Americans think this is nasty, of course, it is!  Just like the US going to Afghanistan and telling them how to arrange their own domestic cultural systems.  Ahem.  Anyway, Goldman Sachs will discover that if the Dragon isn’t happy with a deal, the deal dies.  If anyone argues, they die too.  And the Chinese aren’t talking metaphors here, either.  They see clearly how these deals killed the US economic system.  They are not stupid.  They know who is at fault.  I wish we would copy this a bit, namely, tell GS to shove it where there is no sun shining.


Geely Bid for Volvo Makes Goldman-Backed Boss Disregard Toyota –

Li, Geely’s chairman, already has an international auto business. Since 2006, Geely Automobile has been a 23 percent shareholder in the company that’s the biggest maker of London’s iconic black cabs. In October, Ford named Geely Holding Group Co., Geely Automobile’s closely held parent, as the preferred bidder for Volvo. On Dec. 23, Ford said the companies had agreed on most terms of the sale, which would be completed in the second quarter….


…While U.S. manufacturers shrink, China had 117 automakers at the end of 2008, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. Amid a global recession, the collapse of Detroit and trouble at Toyota, investors are wild about China’s prospects. Geely, in which a Goldman-managed fund holds bonds and warrants that can be converted into 15 percent of the company, saw its shares jump 573 percent on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2009 through Dec. 28. That’s more than 10 times the rise in the benchmark Hang Seng Index.


Goldman Sachs has to suck onto whatever is growing and China is growing.  I would also suggest, the Chinese are very aware of this entity and how GS kills economic systems.  A forewarning, of course.  If China gets to lecture the US about laws and customs like the US likes to lecture China, I would expect the Chinese to suggest we free ourselves of destructive banking gnomes the Chinese way (we are quite capable of using our own equipment to do this, too!).


China opposes Britain’s accusation of its handling of British drug smuggler_English_Xinhua

China on Tuesday expressed its strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to Britain’s accusation of its handling of a British drug smuggler….


…”Such accusation was groundless, to which China expressed its resolute opposition,” Jiang said. “We urge the British side to correct its wrongdoing to avoid causing damages to bilateral relations.” Jiang said the case was an individual criminal case, and Chinese judicial authorities had always handled the case independently in accordance with China’s law and legal procedures….


… China is a country under the rule of law. The judicial authorities of China handle cases in strict accordance with law and China’s judicial independence brooks no interference from the outside, said Jiang.


The Europeans who showed little mercy for centuries have very recently done away with the death penalty.  Not that this has made it safer.  Again: China will brook no interference with domestic matters.  Just like the Chinese don’t go around telling England or the US how to run local affairs.  But then, maybe China could send delegations to California or New York state to talk about how to balance budgets and attract industries.  Heh. Good gods.  Anyway, if England is enabling drug dealers to enter China in order to get the Chinese addicted like we are overrun with addicts in England and the US….hey!  I recall that we are still in this long running ‘War on Drugs’!


So we should congratulate China’s efforts to stop terrorists bearing heroin which is just as bad as bombers on airplanes.  But then, our own criminals are not in the same class as foreign criminals, are they?  Ours are special.   Unlike Muslims:  Tom Ridge: Terror suspect doesn’t deserve ‘full range’ of rights –  This is a typical example.  Ridge presided over the loss of our own civil rights.  Now, he wants to destroy the Constitution further and not even have people arrested on US territory to have Constitutional rights!  We kidnapped foreigners in foreign lands and then unconstitutionally locked them up at a base we stole from the Cubans after invading them over 100 years ago.  So maybe we should ask the Brits to lecture us on denying basic rights to foreigners trying to terrorize the US, too.


Egypt cracks down on foreign protesters heading to Gaza Strip / The Christian Science Monitor –

Much like the humanitarian supplies they were intent on delivering, Gaza Freedom Marchers say they too have been caught in the siege on Gaza. Unable to protest the blockade from within the territory, they have protested it from here. The result has been a tense confrontation between American and European left-wing activism and a repressive police state engaged in a rigorous four-year-long crackdown on critics of the regime of Hosni Mubarak.


Medea Benjamin, an American citizen, cofounder of the antiwar group Code Pink, and one of the march organizers, says she and 50 other US nationals were “beaten up” by Egyptian police when they went to the US Embassy in Cairo to attend a previously scheduled meeting with embassy staff on Tuesday morning.


They went to deliver a letter of support from Sen. John Kerry (D) of Massachusetts, says Ms. Benjamin, but instead were “dragged, pulled, and manhandled” on the pavement by Egyptian police. The group was then detained inside a pen made of metal fences. Benjamin got away and ultimately met with US diplomats, but other protesters were held for six hours.


So, does the NYT even report about this?  What?  Dissidents in the Middle East pressuring Israel to change course and give civil rights to people locked in ghettos?  Perish the thought!  Imagine if any of these demonstrators were to get a full page on the editorial page imploring China to help us save ourselves from tyranny!  HAHAHA.  The Egyptian client state imposed on the Muslims there is paid for entirely by the US.  We bankroll these crooks for there is tremendous corruption in Egypt thanks to US money.   Note also how our own embassy that owns the Egyptian dictator refuses to protect US citizens because they are annoying Zionists.


Executive Order — Amending Executive Order 12425 | The White House

The White House  Office of the Press Secretary

Executive Order — Amending Executive Order 12425

– – – – – – –

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 1 of the International Organizations Immunities Act (22 U.S.C. 288), and in order to extend the appropriate privileges, exemptions, and immunities to the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), it is hereby ordered that Executive Order 12425 of June 16, 1983, as amended, is further amended by deleting from the first sentence the words “except those provided by Section 2(c), Section 3, Section 4, Section 5, and Section 6 of that Act” and the semicolon that immediately precedes them.


December 16, 2009.

More loss of sovereignty.  Back to our buddies in Israel:  Mordechai Vanunu arrested for having contact with foreign agents in Israel – Telegraph

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said Mr Vanunu met with “a number of foreigners,” something he was ordered not to do for fear he might divulge classified information. Mr Vanunu, who has been charged with violating this order before, flashed a “V” sign and unleashed a rambling tirade against the “impotent” Jewish state as he entered a Jerusalem court. His lawyer, Avigdor Feldman, said Vanunu was arrested because he has a Norwegian girlfriend whom police have already interrogated.


In 2007, Vanunu was sentenced to six months in prison for violating terms of his parole. The sentence was considered unusual even by the prosecution who expected a suspended sentence. In response, Amnesty International issued a press release on 2 July 2007, stating that “The organisation considers Mordechai Vanunu to be a prisoner of conscience and calls for his immediate and unconditional release.”[4] Vanunu has been characterized by some as a whistleblower[5][6] and by others as a traitor.[7][8][9][10] Daniel Ellsberg has referred to him as “the preeminent hero of the nuclear era”.[11]


The NYT virtually never mentions this man. They view him as invisible. Unlike Chinese dissidents, he is a nobody who must be kept locked in the dark so the deluded US public can’t know what the hell is going on in Israel.  This is, after all, about WMD spreading all over the place.  A key thing we profess to be against except in the case of the owners of our Congress. Then, it is OK and Congress works hard to protect the secrecy of this operation while screaming at Iran.  Iran is having yet another revolution and we better keep out of their internal affairs. They will resolve this, I hope, the proper way, with real elections that are better than our yin/yang nothing changes elections we have here.


Putin: Russia to develop offensive weapons to keep balance with U.S. –

Russia needs to develop “offensive strike systems” to preserve strategic balance with the United States, without producing its own missile defense, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Tuesday. Putin’s comment, made at a press briefing in the far eastern Russian city of Vladivostok, echoed a similar call from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev last week.


And the beat goes on.  Russia knows we are fading fast but wants to be strong due to China, a serious and dangerous potential rival.  We have to remember how to tell rivals from allies.  Nearly everyone is a rival in one way or another which is why we have to be very careful and take a hard nosed look at what is really going on.

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24 responses to “Major Power Shift: Japan Grows Closer To China And More Distant From US

  1. adammateyko

    Famous saying derived from Lord Palmerson .. :”“Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests.” So as a patriot, you cite this sentiment.

    The international bankers echo this as well.

    Which reminds me, Larouche often castigates Palmerston, and has been proven correct on the climate cult, besides much else including the cult of international finance.

    there is a discourse on the trading vs production model; and that leads me to cite the Chinese model of acquiring the “means of production” as the ultimate prize for any communist regime. Up to 1600?? the
    Chinese traded well and often, then finding no superior culture; burned their ships to cut off contact. Ultimately they were “contacted” and suffered a hundred years of colonialism.

    So understand the entire game very well. As you keep saying.

  2. Billibaldi

    “The Next Big Thing

    The next colossal casualty of the Internet Revolution will be TV/cable networks. Technological innovations already in place will enable enterprising upstarts to gouge out large chunks of market share from daytime, primetime, news and opinion-based programming.

    Just as the print media was blindsided by the online assault and responded with strategies that proved counterproductive, the networks are already making moves guaranteed to weaken their franchises. Techno-guerilla warriors, producers, impresarios, entrepreneurs and investors will not only carve out lucrative niches, but will also prove influential in effecting sociological, cultural and even political change…”

    Gerald Celente’s predictions for 2010 –
    Elaine, I think this sort of covers you.

  3. emsnews

    Oh, I get a lot of TV stuff online from all over the planet at a variety of websites which I periodically link to here. I love how the net has expanded.

  4. Steve Murgaski

    I worry that Google is becoming too powerful. That’s the biggest threat I see to the internet. Recently I tried out some other search engines from here Google must not become the future of the net.

  5. the fool on the hill

    Anytime a government is beating the drum for the idea that ‘certain people’ aren’t entitled to their ‘full range of rights’ that means that tyranny is at work behind the scenes, trying to squirm its way back into being the primary means with which humans organize their affairs.

    We may quibble about what exactly comprises a ‘full range of rights’ but it must be understood that the purpose of enshrining these rights in law is to serve as bulwark against those that wish to wield arbitrary power. Yes, there is somewhat of a cost to society in the loss of efficiency in law enforcement. Prisons, for example, are very efficient when it comes to effective law enforcement. But few people want to live in one.

    This concept is what should be understood by the phrase ‘the land of free and the home of the brave’.

    These statements are not intended to whitewash historical crimes committed by our own governments, but merely to sound a note for people to consider how these concepts can be applied in an effort to make the world we have now a better place.

    In this case, it seems unlikely that giving the ‘terror suspect’ the benefit of Miranda rights is going to negatively affect the government’s case in a meaningful way. Apparently there is plenty of evidence that he tried to blow up a plane. The government doesn’t need to prove to the jury beyond a reasonable doubt that he was working with Al-Qaeda. So there isn’t even a law enforcement related rationale for denying the ‘full range of rights’ here.

  6. emsnews

    Killing our judicial system won’t stop terrorists, this is one of their goals! They want us to be as unfair as possible.

  7. justiceatsqualor

    My prediction is that China will dump the dollar and revalue the yuan much higher when food inflation begins. They have no incentive to do so before then, a placative excuse of a billion people to do so when it happens, and no incentive not to do so afterwards.

    Maybe this year or the next, but I suggest that’s when the music stops and the fat lady sings. All the internationalists and our politicians with one hand over their hearts and their heads bowed solemnly while their other hands stuff their pockets, they all run for the exits. The tail lights fade to black and its all over except for the crying.

  8. Gus

    Details on Goldman and
    the Cayman Pirate Island

  9. PLovering

    Recent “Investor’s Business Daily” article provided very interesting statistics from a survey by the United Nations International Health Organization.

    Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years after diagnosis:
    U.S. 65%
    England 46%
    Canada 42%

    Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received treatment within six months:
    U.S. 93%
    England 15%
    Canada 43%

    Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it within six months:
    U.S. 90%
    England 15%
    Canada 43%

    Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within one month:
    U.S. 77%
    England 40%
    Canada 43%

    Number of MRI scanners (a prime diagnostic tool) per million people:
    U.S. 71
    England 14
    Canada 18

    Percentage of seniors (65+), with low income, who say they are in “excellent health”:
    U.S. 12%
    England 2%
    Canada 6%

  10. nah

    i would put it more simply…
    power is power…
    and when the media does not represent the progressive view of educated ‘personalities’ or blogs or whatever… there is a shame present that sequesters all forgone reason
    military arms probably are the greatest asset of our nation ‘wierd huh’ the pinnacle of our combined communication and achievements
    lobyists run DC all day and all nite… if anyone has any questions please email… boldness is based in stupidity i swear… challenge morality and scence in the name of re-election… challenge economics and credit in the name of re-election… challenge corporatism and incompetence in the name of re-election
    i have looked and cannot find a pretense for our situation that accepts the distribution of risk
    and our representatives are hardy under a regime that sequesters their greatest asset

    we are all futurists now

  11. nah

    Taliban admits role in deadly CIA bombing
    something something… talqueda is organized and is choosing modern battlefields to confront the US war machine
    tween the airline blackys and the CIA assasinations we are in the 3rd quarter of a 10yr war since these talqueda be thinking in terms of co-ordinated attacks… so like who is defining US security…
    this website is smoooshing my posts babe

  12. if

    Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winner in economics, suggested that the Fed add another $2 trillion to the nation’s monetary base, partly to accommodate federal borrowing…and, he believes, to stimulate employment.
    This idea is widespread. Richard Koo, one of the few economists to understand the Japanese depression and what awaits the US, thinks along similar lines. The US economy is going into a depression, like Japan; the government must spend huge amounts of money in order to keep GDP from falling.
    Japan’s top man shocked the nation last week when he announced the largest budget deficit ever. The government will spend about $1 trillion – a new record. And it will collect less than half that much in taxes. Meaning, most of what the Japanese government spends is borrowed – something the Japanese haven’t done since the days when Americans were dropping bombs on them.
    The Japanese government is doing what it should do, says Koo. It is replacing missing private spending with public spending. So doing, it has avoided a drop in GDP and employment. Throughout its 20 year slump, Japan’s GDP has never fallen below the peak set in 1989. Nor has unemployment ever risen above 6%. Bravo!

  13. Thank you!! I just found your blog and it goes right into my reading list for 2010.

  14. nah

    Five alive: Handful of 8-7 AFC teams chase two playoff spots
    pa’ said when the AFC wins superbowls the economy traditionally is smokin’….
    therefore i vote for Cincinnati as most badass planetary heros for 2k10

  15. nah

    mabe he said NFC its been awhile GO SEAHAWKS

  16. nah
    Rush Limbaugh ‘Resting Comfortably’ at Honolulu Hospital
    tell me the NFL wouldnt let Oprah buy a football team… what is the difference if anything Limbaugh is one of the best entertainers of my lifetime
    think of it, he makes dreambucks on AM radio…. Rush did that…. and his name actually is RUSH which could spell trouble for the NE Bradys… his politics are as heavy oprah at the worst, and seinfeld at the best… fact is hes an entertainer and his brand requires him to talk trash that he can justify ‘and in AM radio land thats alot of trash for any man’
    point, look at
    then check out
    FACE IT THERES GOOD MATERIAL THERE…. so i say give limbah the detroit lions or rams or whatever and take his dirty money HES AN AMERICAN BOI

  17. emsnews

    When Rush dies, Libra will have a very entertaining time interrogating him.

  18. Paul S

    Reading this reminds me of a rigged boxing match. Most of the major trade players–if not all of them–are in the tank. They know they can take out their opponent whenever they wish, but they choose not to do so right away. They want to carry the palooka they are in the ring with because it suits their purpose. The palooka in this case is the US of A. Everyone is in the know about it–except the palooka himself. Behind its back, everyone laughs at the fool/palooka, but he is a useful tool.

  19. DeVaul

    Rush may never get his chance to face off against Libra. The Law of Gravity might prevent it from ever happening.

    The Laws of Nature are harsh.

  20. PLovering


    Rush Baker stuff good get.

    Lots said.

    Lots left.

  21. Paul S

    Rush Limbaugh is a corporate welfare whore. He gets the big bucks to misdirect his followers into thinking that big government is the source of all that is wrong with the world. Limbaugh does all of this under the guise of being some sort of Populist. In reality, Rush is a mouthpiece for the people and institutions that pay him his massive salary. Who are they? If you look up the biggest spending lobbying groups in Washington DC, you find out who they are. Limbaugh marches in almost perfect lockstep with their agendas. How does Limbaugh pull his charade off? Limbaugh simply employs the tried and true methods of the propgandist, of which Rush is a master. Like all competent propagandists, Limbaugh KNOWS he’s a lying SOB, so no detail of his show is left to chance–or an opposing view. Just as important, Limbaugh must be proactive in discrediting media outlets who dispute or contradict what he says. This is why Limbaugh spends so much time on his show ripping the “drive-by media”. This media is–of course–part of the liberal elite (they want to raise everybody’s taxes too). This vilifying of the media is the part that really kills me about the Big Blob: he rips the elites, but in fact Limbaugh is one of the elites himself. He is their mouthpiece. I’m shocked to think I was ever dumb enough to be a ditto-head. But I was. That said, I really do hope the Big Blob gets better. I want a Limbaugh-Palin ticket in 2012!hahahaha…

  22. emsnews

    Oh, the Gates of Death are wide enough for anyone’s girth or rather, their egos since the body is left behind. I find it rather funny that the ‘Left Behind’ people actually believe their bodies will fly into space to heaven leaving their clothes behind. Naked stuff coupled with a childish desire to keep the body when they go off to have fun in heaven…forget souls. Ick. 🙂

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