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Comparing Tucson To Albany: Warm Places Are More Fun

Not very many people live on top of glaciers or in Greenland or Antarctica.  For that matter, not too many live above the Arctic Circle or in Siberia.  But oodles of people live merrily in very hot places.  The global warming debate is in the middle of crashing into a wall of reality: many people live in places that are extremely warm and they LOVE this!  And those of us who live in very cold places are not scared to death of it warming up.   Continue reading


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Black Carbon From Human Fires Cause Glacial Melting, Not CO2

Even as there is a rush towards keeping planetary status quo situations intact, new data and studies show that there are many, many elements to our climate that cause the melting of glaciers and localized warming.  The concept of ‘global warming’ may be false.  Also, super-record cold is pouring across the Northern Hemisphere again, colder than the last surge.  As this cold air relentlessly freezes everyone, support for stopping global warming drops like the thermometer. Continue reading


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Cold Mother Nature Blasts Copenhagen

Since Copenhagen is in the news and is obviously very important, we have to look at it some more even if this is rather annoying at this point.  But then, events move themselves along including Mother Nature who has decided to put the Copenhagen conference in the literal deep freeze. Continue reading


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US Dollars Turned Into Soap Suds

A Japanese company makes soap $100 dollar bills.  This has as much veracity as the Fed dollars created to cover our expenses.  Krugman, a former ‘smart’ economist professor, wants desperately for the Fed to ‘save’ us and ‘create jobs’ via making bubbly funny money that will lift all our economic boats.  This is plain silly, of course.  But first, some news from Reality Land: Continue reading


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Climate Change Conference Collapses

The Copenhagen talks are on the verge of collapse.  The conflicts between the US and China are heating up much hotter than the climate at large which happens to be rather cool this year, I would suggest.  The third world countries want their money, NOW.  And they are supremely ticked off that the US and China battle is preventing a very big pay day for the rulers of these smaller, weaker nations. Continue reading


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Global Warming Scientists Try To Minimize The Sun

I am getting rather angry now, as the media joins up with a number of scientists to back the concept of ‘climate change’ which they really mean, ‘global warming’: the latest insane claim to come down the road is ‘sun spots don’t cause climate change’!!!!  If anything, this is the final nail in the global warming business.  That is, it has gone entirely insane. Continue reading


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Polar Opposites

I don’t like making contentions without some good data to back up my comments so I thought it was time to discuss human population density and global migration and how this interacts with high birthrates, population density, location of trade/port systems and how the southern hemisphere of the earth has a very different dynamic than the northern hemisphere of the earth.  So, as usual, we go to maps and look at various data sets to figure things out, yet again. Continue reading


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