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Nuclear War, Not Global Warming, Is The Real Menace

There seems to be global confusion over the concept of ‘having your cake and eating it too.’  Just as there seems to be an inability to understand why Horns of Dilemma are so deadly and so difficult to escape.  Escapism seems to be the tidal pull when the planet’s many systems hit the rocks and tsunamis of various sorts including real tsunamis roar over the lands, washing away whole civilizations. Continue reading


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Copenhagen Meltdown–China Strikes Back

The world is coming to an end!  At least, we are supposed to be worried about this.  Certainly, looking at the frigid world outside,  expect to see mastodons and saber toothed tigers, not my pussy cats and chickadees!  Well, the banking regulation bill passed Congress, what pitiful parts survived the lobbying onslaught. And China makes fun of the global warming alarms.  No surprise. Continue reading


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Global Deep Freeze

There are many things one can worry about.  For example, the army of people who moved to very warm places in the last 100 years worry about ‘global warming’ while I worry about being buried under tons of ice and snow.  The global warming people picked probably the worst possible year to wave their arms, screaming about global warming: it is effing cold out there and this cold isn’t confined, as normal, to just a few places like my  little mountain here but is all over the North American continent. Continue reading


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Fixing Messes By Making Bigger Messes Doesn’t Work

One the same day Bomb Bomb Obama accepted the Norwegian ‘War is Peace Prize’, Congress is again trying to figure out how to balance the budget while not cutting a penny for wars.  Also, jobless claims take a ‘surprising’ jump while according to another source in the news, it is dropping.  Ahem.  Soros wants to use IMF SDRs to save everyone from global warming.  And no, he doesn’t mean, use the money to move everyone to very cold climates. Continue reading


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Pay Me A Freezing Tax Since I Live In Land Of Blizzards

I couldn’t post a story this morning due to the terrors of global warming: we had a blizzard here.  That is, I spent the day using various tools to move immense tons of snow all over the place.  The concept of global warming rests on the idea that we are suffering from too much heat. Try selling that idea in my neck of the woods today! Continue reading


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Financial Sewer Rats Use Chicago Sewer Debt To Loot The Taxpayers

The hedge funds and international bankers continue to try to loot the US public via various bond schemes and dirty backroom deals.  Appropriately, in Chicago, they conspired with politicians to use a sewer debt as a machine to loot the taxpayers.  Also, England’s messed up leaders are telling the peasants there, everyone will have to live on less….and this, before the fraud of the derivatives carbon trading mess is imposed.  This will really hammer the peasants of Merrie England.  And I rage onwards, again, about freezing my *ss off while being told, we are suffering from too much heat.  Gads. Continue reading


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Copenhagen Incompetence: Hot Air For Global Cooling

Humans always love a status quo even if the bad parts of such things are obvious.  We tend towards getting stuck in various ruts.  We always want time to freeze and for us to be forever young and for all things to be ‘normal’, even if ‘normal’ is killing us.  Just a mere 76,000 years ago, the human species nearly died off due to the eruption of the Toba volcano in Sumatra.  Only a tiny handful of humans survived on the coast of East Africa.  The evolutionary stresses were tremendous and our brain capacity grew greatly through the elimination of the less intelligent specimens. Continue reading


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