The Dragon And the Phoenix: Yin Versus Yang

The earthquake in Haiti and the previous one in China illustrate the difference between a powerful state and an anarchist society.  China’s death toll was due to lack of good governance and stiff building regulations.  The Chinese government decided to punish the people in charge of these things after the schools collapsed.  And now, with minimal outside help, China is rapidly rebuilding itself, better than before.   Meanwhile, Haiti is a total mess and will be even more jerry-rigged in the future and obviously, even less government controls.  


There is, in the libertarian community, a fondness for anarchy which is very touching and totally out of touch with reality.  A key problem with all human attempts at organizing in some fashion so there is prosperity and peace is a continuing debate which is extremely important.  Namely, we can’t view societies as a detached matter but as life and death.  For example, the recent attempt at imposing a massive carbon trade derivatives market as the solution to humans consuming planetary resources was engineered for one reason only: to enrich the rich in the West by turning even their own sovereign home states into colonialist outposts.


That is, the only reason any of the rich people in the Bilderberg group cooked up this scheme was so they could live high energy consumption lives while ‘saving the planet’…for their own enjoyment as the gulf between rich and poor would widen…within the richer nations.  Already, the US gulf between Goldman Sachs and the rest of us is as wide as the Gulf of Mexico.  And the gulf between rich and poor in Haiti is even wider than that, it is nearly total: virtually all of the wealth is held by the top 20% and the bottom 20% barely manage to stay alive thanks to mainly foreign aid.

Three years to rebuild China earthquake zone | The Australian: the Chinese, a very ancient imperial system which was created thousands of years ago still inform how the Chinese approach all matters, material and spiritual.  The entire concept of The Dragon Throne is the belief in dragons.  Dragons are earthquakes. And the Phoenix, another extremely important imperial concept, is how China burns when there are earthquakes but then rebuilds rapidly.  As we see in this chest I own, the dragon is on one side and the Fire Bird is on the other and in between is a scene of people doing commerce.  Surrounded by a bucolic landscape of willow trees.


Humans do better in social situations that have order, dignity and purpose.  In the US, I see people wishing for this to come from churches which control economic systems in order to strengthen spiritual systems.  Other forces at work love localism while being utterly unable to understand that the entire economic system is international.  There is no such thing as a ‘local economy’ anywhere in the US since nearly all communities sustain themselves by importing most of the goods they consume.  This issue of importation of goods and international trade interests me greatly since this is how great empires arise and rule as well as fall when they run in the red.  The difference between a creditor empire and a debtor empire is like the difference between the Dragon and the Phoenix.


The destructive Dragon of Debt versus the reborn after being destroyed by the Dragon of Debt, the Phoenix.  Christianity is all about being reborn after the Apocalypse but the religion views this as a one-time matter and there is no hope of rebuilding on this planet.  One is dead forever and it is all over.  This ‘End of Times’ belief is fatalism that infects most of our culture in hidden as well as not hidden ways. The recent attempts at shoving us into the carbon derivatives market used End of Times mythology and rhetoric.


Some people got really mad at me for noticing this.  ‘But the world IS coming to an end!’ the victims of this scam cried in agony.  Well, no.  The earth’s long history of rise and fall of species will not end at all.  It will change, certainly.  I often wonder how a planet with Greenland and Antarctica free of ice would look like.  Certainly, evolution will cascade through all systems and there will definitely be new species and new ecosystems.  But the world will certainly not end.  Only the explosion of our local star, the sun, will cause this.


Since history also isn’t ending, we can discuss future changes rising out of the ashes of present messes.  By the way, the funky Fukuyama books, The End of History and the Last Man made me laugh my head off when these books came out.  Obviously, this lunatic has been proven wrong by History Herself.  This Muse hangs out on Mt. Olympus with Pegasus, the earliest lightning god.  Both laugh at humans declaring an end to these sorts of things. And the Norse Norns who weave the past, present and future into a tapestry laugh demonically, too.  So, on to my favorite topic: tying all sorts of Dragon and Phoenix things together into knots and telling everyone how this works:


China’s Round-The-Clock Auto Factories Still Cannot Meet Demand –

Nissan Motor Co.’s factory in central China is making cars almost 24 hours a day, yet Pan Xiaowei still waited three months for her new Tiida compact to arrive at the dealership.

“It wasn’t like this a couple of years ago,” said Pan, 34, whose husband runs a property development company in Shandong province. “We used to buy and get a car straight away, and now you have to pre-order and wait.”


OK: who owns Nissan?  And how does this tie into the business of Hu demanding Japan host Xi’s visit with the Emperor who is the son of the Sun Goddess?  Well, the Japanese are very practical in this regard.  They sell many cars in the US but will end up selling more cars within China.  So the PROFITS from these deals flow to Japanese hands.  So they are now balancing the US and China and not taking sides anymore in our browbeating of China on issues such as trade or currency.  This is a historic shift and it for good, it is not temporary.


Aside from the very sad deaths of so many innocent schoolchildren, China is rapidly rebounding from last year’s earthquake.  When the San Andreas blows out and it will, there isn’t the slightest doubt this will be a Great Quake when the middle sector shifts, and will the US pick itself up as fast as China?  The answer to that is obvious: in 1909, when SF was nearly totally destroyed in a Great Quake, the US was one of the world’s biggest creditor nations.

When WWI and WWII hit, the US was definitely the world’s greatest creditor nation.  But after 1972, we ceased to be this because we passed our own Hubbert Oil Peak and thus, began importing increasing seas of oil. And then, everything else we consume.  This made our trade rivals/allies happy as punch.  Both Germany and Japan regained their top economic status this way.  Anyway, here is some news from Japan that shouldn’t reassure us:


Close Japan-U.S. Ties Vital as China Military Grows, Okada Says –

Japan’s top diplomatic priority is strengthening an alliance with a U.S. administration that is engaged in Asia and can help counter China’s military buildup, Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada said in an interview.


HAHAHA.  Oh, aren’t we happy?  Japan still wants to use us as their protectors but not the way we want.  The way they want. And to kick us in the teeth further, the Japanese will now cease ALL support of our anti-Muslim invasions. Seeing that China is picking up one Muslim ruler and oil contract after another, behind the backs and to the great fury of the US, Japan sees clearly that Creditor Nation China is calling all the shots. While the US goes bankrupt, shooting at Pakistani civilians in order to stop a religious revival there, China doesn’t care what looney religion a country has so long as they want to do business with the aggressively secular Chinese government.


There are religious people in China and the ham fisted attempts by the Chinese communists to suppress these are counterproductive.  So slowly, within the politburo, this anti-religious ideology is being toned down and changed.  Thus, the accords with the Pope, for example.  Now, let’s move out of Asian news to European news.  England is in very deep trouble.  The dying empire is now on death watch:


Why this year’s Budget doesn’t matter any more – Telegraph Blogs

We always knew (as do the ratings agencies) that the “real” Budget is the emergency one that will follow the election. Osborne’s pledge has put that beyond doubt.


It also underlines the fact that, despite fears that campaigning on spending cuts would ultimately damage the Tories, this is precisely the message they intend to take to the voters. Will it work? That remains to be seen. Whereas in the mouth of a real crisis (and the late 1970s, the last time the Tories fought on a spending-cut manifesto did have rather more of the smack of social breakdown than today), such a narrative may seem attractive and sensible to your average joe, it may seem more like overkill today given that the economy is pulling itself out of recession.


It is not, of course. The economic recovery this year masks the fact that Britain remains in deep trouble, mired in debts that if not dealt with could trigger a full-blown fiscal crisis. Osborne’s rhetoric will win him fans in the City, where investors realise that Britain is on the brink of a potential sovereign disaster. As I wrote in my column this week, the next few years will see a whole variety of countries, companies and individuals being excused some of their debts after pleading inability to pay. But whether it’s called debt forgiveness or a default, the upshot is the same: when your creditors don’t get paid, they will refuse to lend to you for a long, long time. If, on the other hand, you show yourself capable of paying back your debts in full, even if it costs you a few years of stagnation, you will be far better-placed than anyone else in the recovery.


This pitiful analysis ignores the real problems with England.  It isn’t the budget deficit.  It is the fact that both the US and UK thought they could be global banking giants while at the same time, being debtor nations that run immense trade deficits that only shrink when both empires, the US and UK commit economic suicide.  The recent international crash in trade did reduce, temporarily, the trade deficits in both countries.  But this is more like slitting wrists to fix a heart attack.  Below are some British trade statistics:

The part in the green until 2004 was the energy sector: Britain was a net energy exporter.  But note how swiftly this collapsed!  The cessation of the oil output in the North Seas Oil areas is amazing.  And is one big reason behind the sudden climb in oil prices worldwide!  Instantly, thanks to world oil prices jumping when the oil rigs owned by Britain ceased excess output for international sales, the domestic losses in addition to higher prices makes an increasingly big hole in UK trade deficit statistics.


So, in just one decade, the trade balance statistics tripled.  This is, of course, unsustainable.  Britain cannot triple trade deficits every decade forever.  This quickly leads to the end result of all hockey stick graphs: nothing, not even the Universe, can go to infinity.  Everything hits an invisible glass ceiling and the yin/yang of the goddesses of Infinity and Zero cause a rebound equal to the hike.  That is, the closer to infinity, the more it will plummet in retaliation.  Thinking of all systems sharing this same dynamic helps a lot when one is planning for the future.


Just as, along fault lines, the less frequent the quakes, the more violent they are when they do happen.  Since any system set to infinity will always reset at zero very suddenly (like, at the speed of light) then the one thing we must do is avoid this at all costs.  This means, we moderate ourselves and locate areas heading to infinity and deal with this ruthlessly.  For example, scientists warn us that CO2 production is bad and we must control this.


I agree.  I think all jets should be grounded for good, all unnecessary international shipping should cease (build local!) and all people living in hot areas who use air conditioning should be forbidden this and they must, if they want air conditioning, use only solar panels for this purpose.  To do these things, all sovereign nations have to do is pass laws.  I asked our own government to at least pass housing codes forcing all houses to have solar panels (produced in the US, of course) which would be funded by the sale of government energy bonds.  I even called this ‘The Solar Bank’ and the bills for funding this would come from people paying energy costs to the bank until they paid off their solar panels.


That is very simple: if you pay $150 a month for electricity, this money would still be paid after getting the solar panels but the money would flow into this bank to pay for more lending for installing more systems until the entire nation has this on every roof.  Now, if we began this when I first proposed this in 1979, we would be home free today!  But alas, this sort of creative thinking is not being done.  Instead, we get a stupid carbon tax that will cause funds to flow out of sovereign nations,  never to return. A loss/loss situation.


Russia comes to the rescue as Norwegian gas supplies to Britain falter | Business |

As the National Grid warned of a “high” possibility of shortages in the north-east and south-west owing to another cold snap, the Major Energy Users’ Council said Britain had been lucky to survive without shortages. Eddie Proffitt, chairman of the council’s gas group, said: “The [British] gas industry has coped very well but we have been lucky. It would have been desperate if we had seen the kind of disputes between Russia and Ukraine that have reduced gas flows on the continent in the past two or three Januaries.”


The US and UK hate Russia because Russia has insisted on being a sovereign nation and has formed a deepening alliance with China.  Even as Europe and the UK depend on Russia’s good will, both hammer Russia’s leaders and abuse them instead of COURTING them.  This stupid diplomacy hasn’t changed anymore than US thug diplomacy has faltered with Cuba.  No matter what Cuba or Russia do, they are hated openly and disrespected openly.  Just as the powerful creditor nation, China, is disrespected.


None of this fixes the energy and trade imbalances, of course, it just makes Europe, the US and UK feel better.  We rule! HAHAHA.  Not.


trade+deficit – entries tagged trade+deficit from the Economics blog

The recession is contributing to an improvement in the UK’s monthly trade balance according to new figures released by the Statistics Commission. Britain’s trade in goods deficit for May 2009 fell to the lowest level in three years mainly as a result of a fall in consumer demand for imported goods.

The UK is the US in miniature.  The UK will obviously collapse first.  Then comes the US default and collapse.  China is a bit anxious because this is a good deal ahead of schedule.  The Chinese want us to stumble along until 2020-2025.  The 50 Year Plan needs this time frame so China can step into the role of World Ruler #1: the Dragon Returns To Power.  Below is some interesting information about world trade I found while roaming the net:  EH.Net Encyclopedia: The Economic History of Indonesia

Note the rush to infinity followed by a resounding crash.  Indonesia is one of the top 10 nations when it come to population.  Despite massive earthquakes, incredible, huge tsunamis and volcanic eruptions of epic proportions, this nation is still one of the biggest population centers on earth, behind China and India.  Below is an interesting table of GDP growth in Asia which alas, leaves out China:

The graph showing the exploitation of Indonesia by the Europeans and Japanese show clearly that the INCOME from EXPORTS shot through the roof between 1900 and 1934.  But look at the GDP for Indonesia: barely went up!  After WWII, it still went up very slowly.  From 1900 to 1950, Japan nearly doubled its own GDP ratios but this was still only slightly more than double Indonesia’s GDP figures in 1950.  But from 1973, when the US trade deficit with Japan began to soar and Japan began flooding the US with cars, already the GDP share of Japan was 10 times greater than in 1950.  While Indonesia’s rates were still below Japan’s 1950 rate!


By 2000, Japan doubled its GDP ratio.  And this, during a depression!  While Indonesia struggled to bring their own to Japan’s 1960’s levels.  The Philippines is worse: it started out better off than Indonesia and nearly the same as Japan in 1900 and by 2000, 100 years later, it was one third smaller than Indonesia’s numbers and 10 times smaller than Japan’s numbers!  An epic fail.  The Philippines exports cheap labor just like many other poor countries with out of control births and little export industrial power.


India Orders Societe Generale Stop Derivatives Trades (Update2) –

Societe Generale SA’s Indian unit was ordered to stop selling or trading offshore derivatives by the nation’s capital markets regulator, which said the bank failed to provide fair and complete information about its trades. The Securities & Exchange Board of India gave Societe Generale, France’s second-largest bank, 30 days to reply or file an objection to the order, according to a statement posted on its Web site yesterday.


Both China and India are very annoyed with the Derivatives Beast and the international bankers seeking places to destroy.  So they are being rational: locking the door to keep out irresponsible banking.  Wish the US did this long ago.  Alas.


Over half of the US states are running budget deficits.  The worse are California, running over 20% in the red, closely followed by Arizona at 17% and Nevada and Rhode Island at over 12% each and Florida and New Jersey at over 10%.  Collectively, the states are $44 billion over budget.  It so happens that the latest military war emergency funds are almost this same amount.  Congress, of course, will pass that bill on to the burdened tax deficits without batting an eyelash.


Ariz. to close 13 parks by June due to budget woes –

The Arizona State Parks Board is closing some of the state’s iconic Old West landmarks, including the Tombstone Courthouse in one of the West’s most storied towns, and the Yuma Territorial Prison, which housed hundreds of Old West outlaws and was portrayed in the film “3:10 to Yuma.”


The decision also closes parks such as Red Rock State Park near Sedona that draw tens of thousands of tourists a year. The Legislature has cut 61 percent of the state parks budget since July….


…The plan spares the system’s six profitable parks and three others that generate significant revenue in the spring and summer. The nine parks that will remain open generate 75 percent of the system’s revenue, said Jay Ream, assistant state parks director.


Arizona relies on tourists.  So does NYC, for that matter.  The US could easily make up the temporary fall in state revenues and then beg the Chinese Dragon to buy our bonds.  But no, we sell war bonds to China and hope China doesn’t notice this.  While we talk openly and wildly about surrounding China with a US military alliance fence built on murdering civilians with assassin robots.  Yes, we really are doing this.  Congress has zero trouble bailing out the military industrial complex and no time for saving our states.  Well, we get to learn the downside of Dragons: they burn everything down.


After rattling everything apart.  The US has zero money to fix California or the Mississippi valley cities if we have massive earthquakes.  We don’t even have our own military to secure systems after an earthquake much less, hurricanes.  And we think we can go to China, hat in hand, when the inevitable happens?  We have to realize, the Chinese method of working very hard and using DOMESTIC tools to rebuild is the key to triggering the Phoenix cycles of the yin/yang destruction/rebuilding cycles.


Oh, and one last item that we must look at: Haiti’s Health System Crumbles Under Quake as Outbreaks Loom –

Measles outbreaks, which sometimes follow natural disasters, may flash through neighborhoods of tightly packed courtyards where thousands of homeless residents are gathering. Measles spreads rapidly and kills 15 percent of infected children in regions with malnutrition, Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in an interview in December.


“The health system has been eliminated, water and sanitation entirely knocked out,” Kirsch said in an interview yesterday. “The chance of them recovering even to the low level that they were before is almost zero.”


And why are children in Haiti going to die of measles?  In the US, we nearly eradicated measles but the antivaccination movement prevented victory in this battle with the Germ Empire.  We are lucky we stopped small pox but like polio, poor populations will remain a beachhead for the Virus Storm Troopers who hope to reinfect mass populations once herd immunity is compromised.  Of course, in some regards, killing off humans may be Mother Nature’s desperate efforts to stop overpopulation.


Of course, my main point here is, when sanitation collapses, if people are vaccinated against common killer diseases, they don’t die.  And if there is any force on earth set up to insure humans die, it is the antivaccinationists trying to stop us from vaccinating children against deadly diseases.  And yes, the recent flu was very deadly to children.

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24 responses to “The Dragon And the Phoenix: Yin Versus Yang

  1. Colin

    “When the San Andreas blows out and it will, there isn’t the slightest doubt this will be a Great Quake when the middle sector shifts, and will the US pick itself up as fast as China?”

    Am, well considering they haven’t even started rebuilding NewOrleans yet, i guess no.

  2. Elaine~

    Don’t you think the priority will be higher for California because of it’s status in the empire? There’s money to be made in the entertainment industry there and the people of influence might want to invest to get it back up and running and quickly as possible.

  3. PLovering

    “HAARP was only suggested as a possibility given our general ignorance of that systems purpose and capabilities and Defense Secretary Cohen’s 1997 reference to weaponized triggering of earthquakes by “electro-magnetic” means.”

    “Weaponized electro-magnetic earthquakes”
    might happen suddenly in, just for instance,

    We could call it C/11.

  4. emsnews

    Plovering, why on earth would these ‘Haarp’ people want a California earthquake? I hope your thinking cap doesn’t blow a gasket while you explain this mystery to us.

  5. scarletfire

    “Of course, my main point here is, when sanitation collapses, if people are vaccinated against common killer diseases, they don’t die.”

    I think you get the sanitation part right, as it seams to be the largest factor of health and the potential outbreak of infectious diseases.
    Unfortunately a quick google search will reveal many..many cases of people contracting diseases that they have been vaccinated for. And in many cases they contract the disease at similar rates or greater than unvaccinated people.
    Then of course there is the allegation that vaccines actually allow other diseases to flourish. Do you trade immunity to mumps for cancer? Some think so (in at least small percentages) and while I don’t know one way or the other I do know that recently mammogram scans have been proven to be a cause of breast cancer and MRI scans also increase your chance for cancer.
    Humans very frequently rush in to judgement assuming they have controlled or conquered natural forces only later to have to revise their once limited way of thinking.
    Maybe you are correct in stating vaccines are the savior of humanity from diseases..or perhaps it’s running clean water and modern plumbing. Or perhaps a combo of the two..or some other undiagnosed helper (twinkies maybe…i think they were introduced around the same time of vaccines..kidding of course)
    It just seams you might be a tad obsessed with this vaccine thing as many articles you write start off in one direction than end with how great vaccines are. Just sayin…:)
    Still love to read what you write have a unique and inciteful style which I treasure reading..
    take care all

    ELAINE: ‘Many people’ seems to be few people. Secondly, ‘herd immunity’ matters greatly. Thirdly, if vaccinations eliminated measles like it did smallpox, even in unsanitary conditions (like emergencies and wars) one will not get sick with the damn diseases. But then, antivaccinationists don’t think about THAT possibility! Also, mammograms do NOT cause breast cancer anymore since they changed the way it is done greatly since 15 years ago, thank goodness. Modern technology improves more and more. I had my breast mammogram this last week. It is much safer than dental xrays.

  6. H

    Would someone please explain,with detail, the “50 Year China Plan”?


    ELAINE: My father was sent to China right after Nixon opened the door. Back when Madame Mao ran things. Then, she was deposed and put on trial. Immediately after this, Chou Enlai contacted my dad and asked if he knew someone who could teach the Chinese how to socialize with Westerners and teach them about capitalism so my dad suggested these young communist officials move in with me in New Jersey where I had a big house.

    So I hosted top Chinese officials for two years and during that time, they went from being ardent communists to lovers of capitalism. They figured out very fast, how capital operates in world trade (my husband was in international shipping) and they then became very fascinated with the Japanese and German penetrations of US shipping as well as industrial goods markets and they were ecstatic to watch how the US dealt with Reagan’s treason: that is, the Japanese were in very intense negotiations with Reagan over trade and we lost every round with them.

    Why? Because Reagan was literally owned by the Japanese! The minute he left the White House, he ran off to Tokyo and was paid an amazing (back then) $2.5 million for one short Alzheimer’s riddled speech! Wow. And wasn’t arrested when he came back home, was greeted as a hero! The Chinese turned to me and said, ‘We buy ALL Presidents!’ and so they always had a very fat fund for bribery. For example, they own the Bushes. All of them, the entire clan. They own Clinton, too. And his silly wife. Who ‘negotiates’ with them.

    They literally cooked up a ’50 Year Plan’ to pull down the US right in front of me and I warned the State Department (and the CIA knew this, obviously, via my dad) that this plan was a mirror of the Japanese plan to destroy the US industrial base and corrupt all of our leaders but of course, no one listened to me for ideological reasons.

    All our living Presidents should be arrested for treason. This is why all our trade negotiations are utter failures: everyone involved on our side are owned by foreign powers, not just the Chinese.

  7. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    You wrote:

    “Plovering, why on earth would these ‘Haarp’ people want a California earthquake? I hope your thinking cap doesn’t blow a gasket while you explain this mystery to us.”

    While working for Ralph M.Parsons Engineers, Inc. in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in 1983, I was taken to a facility that had a GE Jet Engine mounted over an oil well. I was told this engine would force natural gas back into the ground until such time as a NG pipeline was built to the lower 48.

    Well naturally, I opined that was nuts and just as naturally I was run off the North Slope within the week, I suppose because I was a disloyal american .

    Years later I realized that I had witnessed the initial HAARP base in Alaska! The 2nd. HAARP Base is more strategically located at Galcona, Alaska to allow maximum impact on the Earths Atmosphere.

    Yes, Elaine this HAARP monster does indeed create monstrous weather conditions and even earthquakes!

    WHY, is simple. To allow the masters of HAARP to dominate the Earth! A goal absolutely no different from any Roman Cesar!

    Kindest regards,


    ELAINE: There are many things humans do (dam building, just for one big example) that cause geological instability. This is TOTALLY different from talking about DELIBERATELY doing things. Got that? The goal with the gas was to put it back into the ground and may have been futile or even dangerous. But the GOAL wasn’t to cause problems. See the vital difference here? HAARP is supposed to protect us from Russian nuclear missiles. This is the goal. The effects could be different and even dangerous just like sub sonar is very bad for whales. But the INTENT is not to cause harm but for ‘protection’. Haarp is NOT designed to ‘change the weather’. It may possibly do this but that sin’t the INTENT or DESIRE. If you hang out at paranoid sites, everything there is how this or that is deliberate and etc. Totally insane.

  8. nah

    Christianity is all about being reborn after the Apocalypse
    dude…. Jesus says himself that faith and love bring a believer to forgiveness
    and that you will die and wait in the grave for his return
    anyone that thinks they get to see the Lord God in death is somewhat hopeless… the ulitmate of knowlege is abhorrent to a mind
    Haitis got alot of pain in wait after this catastrophe, yet still the US will provide some protection against cholera and disease enough to warrant a living miracle
    this is the Americas babe we dont fuck around
    the US navy aint gunna watch US boys suffer the poison of death in some sence of impunity
    however the hubbert oil peak in england is a perverse circumstance…. todays tomarrows dont come with capitol

    to the lake the snake he is long, seven miles

  9. Colin

    ” “Weaponized electro-magnetic earthquakes” might happen suddenly in, just for instance, California.”

    Is it just me, or has the internet got distinctly madder over the last six months?


    ELAINE: Yes, the conspiracy sites which I have monitored for many years, has congealed into this huge, stupid thing that has many goofy and strange and illogical storylines that resembles religious thinking which is all about magic and fears. It is all about voodoo thinking from the deepest parts of our brains and thus, takes over the victims who fall for these storylines. You can’t argue logically with these people and yes, it is a form of insanity. But then, I believe that we are all insane, more or less. Not nearly as realist as animals who view things straight forwards.

  10. Simon

    Fake gold bars in Bank of England and Fort Knox


    ELAINE; England’s gold hoard is much, much older than ours and had debased gold in it. But no one can verify, outside, what is in Ft. Knox and Ron Paul wants it all verified just like he wants the Fed audited and I hope he wins this and we get this audit.

  11. Sky

    “First reports from the epicentre of Tuesday’s earthquake in Haiti suggest the damage is even more dramatic than in the capital, BBC correspondents say.

    They say the scene in Leogane, west of Port-au-Prince, is “apocalyptic”, with thousands left homeless and almost every building destroyed.

    “We don’t have any aid, nothing at all,” he said. “No food, no water, no medical, no doctors.”

    The military are talking about 20,000 to 30,000 dead.”

  12. Sky

    Meanwhile, back on CNN…reports from field reporter/neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta continue to baffle and disturb the controlled media veterans like Blitzer and Anderson Cooper. None of them can understand why the UN continues to order the doctors to LEAVE the temporary treatment facilities where the doctors valiantly struggle to care for the victims of this quake.

    Fri. night we got the 1st report. Dr. Gupta was showing us the tents that were erected ( including surgical tents) when suddenly all around him erupted a hectic scene of all the doctors getting ready to flee. Why ? The UN ordered this. Too dangerous they claimed. ‘ What’s going to happen to those patients?’
    asked Blitzer. Gupta’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head as he responded, ‘ I don’t know.’

    Yesterday it was the SAME story with 2 more temporary medical facilities ordered to close by the UN. One of them because it was on UN property.

    Anderson Cooper queried Dr. Gupta….’ But if it’s too dangerous, why can’t they just send in a few UN peacekeepers? ‘ Nobody had an answer. Both termed it ‘ inexplicable.’ ( Dr. Gupta, by the way, did NOT flee the first facility and he survived the night quite nicely in these ‘ dangerous’ conditions.)

    Inexplicable? Not really. Not once you understand that the criminal elite and their criminal organizations are running this so called humanitarian operation.


    ELAINE: The UN just lost many troops as well as doctors, etc in the earthquake. The staff there, unlike Cooper who just flew in, are very nervous. Understandably so. And even if there was no danger that night, it turned out, it could have been totally different and Cooper would be dead. Why don’t you volunteer to go there, Sky?

    By the way, I lived through a three day and three night riot in NYC when the lights went out and my entire neighborhood was burned to the ground by rioters. It was a nightmare of looting, breaking and screaming. I can’t even begin to describe how horrible it was.

  13. Sky

    It is extremely difficult to get much information as to what is really happening in Haiti from the American news media. Beyond a few sanitized field reports, most of the coverage has already descended to the level of a telethon.

    However, near the beginning, I caught a glimpse of the search and rescue team in the red jumpsuits. This all voluteer team exuded professionalism, humility, and above all, competance. Sheer competance.

    Iceland search and rescue ( ICE- SAR ) was among the first to arrive at the scene.

    “For this reason, the Icelandic team will most likely start preparing for the arrival of teams from other countries, install telecommunication and an operation base camp. ”

    Report January 16th – “News reports from Haiti have included footage of screaming locals waving machetes, and many people are therefore worried about the safety of the search and rescue workers. Even though the situation in Haiti is quite critical, the Icelandic team has been received with nothing but gratitude and friendliness on the part of the local population and has not seen anything resembling that which is shown in foreign media.”

  14. emsnews

    For the most part, the Haitian people are friendly and kind but again: riots can form very rapidly. A friendly crowd that is laughing can turn into a screaming, trampling crowd. I watched this happen in real life many years ago. Everyone was laughing in the sudden darkness. Everyone was helping each other.

    But suddenly, like a switch being thrown, chaos began due to small gangs breaking windows. Rapidly, it turned into a looting, screaming spree that went totally out of control. It was a total nightmare.

  15. Sky

    Why don’t I volunteer to go there ? Hmmm? Well, for starters, there are search and rescue teams from LA who can’t get IN. And the foreign wounded can’t get OUT.

    But I’ll just slip into my private jet and parachute right in. Can’t use the airport. That’s crammed full of heavily guarded food that the local victims can only stare across the way at.

    The people that died in the quake will more than likely be dwarfed by the numbers that die in this criminal aftermath.

    You can’t walk the streets of LA, Detroit, or Miami after dark either. But the UN has good cause for concern. The blue helmet death squads are HATED in Haiti.

    “The Militarization of Emergency Aid to Haiti: Is it a Humanitarian Operation or an Invasion? ”

  16. Colin

    “But then, I believe that we are all insane, more or less. Not nearly as realist as animals who view things straight forwards.”

    That was as profound as U.G. Krishnamurti !

  17. DrKrbyLuv

    scarletfire wrote:

    I think you get the sanitation part right, as it seams to be the largest factor of health and the potential outbreak of infectious diseases.

    Unfortunately a quick google search will reveal many..many cases of people contracting diseases that they have been vaccinated for. And in many cases they contract the disease at similar rates or greater than unvaccinated people.

    Then of course there is the allegation that vaccines actually allow other diseases to flourish. Do you trade immunity to mumps for cancer? Some think so (in at least small percentages) and while I don’t know one way or the other I do know that recently mammogram scans have been proven to be a cause of breast cancer and MRI scans also increase your chance for cancer.

    Your point is underscored by this article:

    Thousands of Americans died from H1N1 even after receiving vaccine shots

    • 61 million Americans were vaccinated against swine flu (about 20% of the U.S. population). The CDC calls this a “success” even though it means 4 out of 5 people rejected the vaccines.

    • 55 million people “became ill” from swine flu infections.

    • 246,000 Americans were hospitalized due to swine flu infections.

    • 11,160 Americans died from the swine flu.

    Base on these statistics, the CDC is now desperately urging people to get vaccinated because they claim the pandemic might come back and vaccines are the best defense.

    But here’s the part you’re NOT being told.

    The CDC statistics lie by omission. They do not reveal the single most important piece of information about H1N1 vaccines: How many of the people who died from the swine flu had already been vaccinated?

    Many who died had already been vaccinated
    The CDC is intentionally not tracking how many of the dead were previously vaccinated. They want you (and mainstream media journalists) to mistakenly believe that ZERO deaths occurred in those who were vaccinated. But this is blatantly false. Being vaccinated against H1N1 swine flu offers absolutely no reduction in mortality from swine flu infections.

    Injecting 61 million people with a chemical that threatens the nervous system in order to avoid 22 deaths — and that’s the best case! — is an idiotic public health stance. America would have been better off doing nothing rather than hyping up a pandemic in order to sell more vaccines to people who don’t need them.

    Better yet, what the USA could have done that would have been more effective is handing out bottles of Vitamin D to 61 million people. At no more cost than the vaccines, the bottles of vitamin D supplements would have saved thousands of lives and offered tremendously importantly additional benefits such as preventing cancer and depression, too.

    Because, remember: Some of the dead victims of H1N1 got vaccinated. In fact, I personally challenge the CDC to release statistics detailing what percentage of the dead people had previously received such vaccines.

    The headline to this article, “Thousands of Americans died from H1N1 even after receiving vaccine shots” is a direct challenge to the CDC, actually. If the CDC believes this headline is wrong — and that the number of vaccinated Americans who died from H1N1 is zero — then why don’t they say so on the record?

    The answer? Because they’d be laughed right out of the room. Everybody who has been following this with any degree of intelligence knows that the H1N1 vaccine was a medical joke from the start.

  18. PLovering

    @DrKrbyLuv, “Everybody who has been following this with any degree of intelligence knows that the H1N1 vaccine was a medical joke from the start.”

    A JOKE !? From the START !?

    Surely you jest.

    ROFLMAO !!

  19. emsnews

    Kirbyluv lost it. Um, the antivaccinationists have been claiming there was no epidemic….then they claim thousands died of the flu shots but….there were really no deaths….etc.

    They are all mad. Insane. The vaccination worked wonderfully. Everyone I know who has asthma and lived in the epicenters (NY and Mexico) who got the shots didn’t get even slightly sick this year, thank heavens. And thanks to the vaccinations.

  20. Jesse Thomas

    LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT!!! i knew when the phoenix appears some stuff is about to happen…lol

    …Codename: Phoenix (who already has the blue dragon) out….

  21. I LOVE THIS legend ….codename: Phoenix…out. >;)

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