Beware Of Starting Global War With China And Russia

I know this gets tiresome but once again, THANKS TO DAVOS, all the propaganda/CIA outfits are back to whacking at China about everything under the sun.  It pays to look at this overt propaganda for it is preparing us for WWIII.  The one sided, totally ridiculous propaganda points are the exact same ones being thrown at Iran, for example.  Let’s look at several of these stories being coughed up like hairballs in the mainstream media:


First, the supreme war criminal rag from Washington, DC:  China’s strident tone raises concerns among Western governments, analysts –

China’s indignant reaction to the announcement of U.S. plans to sell weapons to Taiwan appears to be in keeping with a new triumphalist attitude from Beijing that is worrying governments and analysts across the globe…. .


When NATO spit in Putin’s eye and expanded deep into Eastern Europe, he got mad.  The West then sat around asking, ‘Why is Putin mad at us?’  As if they didn’t know!  Then, Poland parked a bunch of missiles right at Russia’s frontier and pointed these at Moscow.  Again, the West professed to be puzzled as to why Russia, a country repeatedly the victim of SNEAK invasions over a 200 year history, was worried and angry.


Well, the US and NATO secretly support Tibetan uprisings.  Again: when China reacts in fury, we pretend we didn’t know these riots would happen and of course, even as NATO butchers Muslims all over the planet, NATO leaders hammered China for doing far, far less in Tibet.  I see no killer assassin robots flying around Tibet, blowing up families and then seeing the Chinese leadership standing in Beijing, slapping each other in the back, chortling with glee.


Which takes us to another item: how many ALIENS have the Chinese assassinated or blown up this last month?  This last week?  Today?


The answer is ‘NONE.’  Not one.  In stark contrast with NATO.


…This new posture has befuddled Western officials and analysts: Is it just China’s tone that is changing or are its policies changing as well?


HAHAHA…the triumphalists in NATO are puzzled that China, using this bizarre thing we call ‘diplomacy’ has managed more victories than all our Predator assassin robots can deliver.  Of course, being criminal operations, the West’s officials are like Blair and Bush: hey, it’s OK for NATO to wage utterly illegal wars, torture prisoners, carry out assassinations across borders and lie to the UN!  This is good.  The Chinese, using diplomacy and money, are evil.  See?


In a case in point, one senior U.S. official termed as unusual China’s behavior at the December climate conference, during which China publicly reprimanded White House envoy Todd Stern, dispatched a Foreign Ministry functionary to an event for state leaders and fought strenuously against fixed targets for emission cuts in the developed world….


The US has insulted China repeatedly such as both our entire media as well as Bush insulting the Chinese people during the entire build up to and during the Olympics and then we insulted and physically attacked Russia with the Georgia border incident…and we wonder about both Russia and China reacting negatively.  What is so ‘unusual’ about them using world platforms to slap us down?


…A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington said China’s tone had not changed. “China’s positions on issues like arms sales to Taiwan and Tibet have been consistent and clear,” Wang Baodong said, “as these issues bear on sovereignty and territorial integrity, which are closely related to Chinese core national interests.”


In this article, the only sane people interviewed are the Chinese.  Yes, they are 100% correct about their position concerning US attempts at ringing China with missiles every bit as much as Russia has consistently been very angry about the US doing this to Russia.  Territorial integrity refers to Tibet.  And of course, China must defend its own sovereignty.


I have actually had people come to me and say, they wish the Chinese would fix our sovereignty problems.  I tell everyone, the Chinese don’t have to fix a damn thing for us.  By definition, any country’s sovereignty has to be done by the natives and no one else.  Anyone coming in to fix it are invaders in one form or another.  As we see in the US as we throw away all our sovereignty with both hands.  We no longer have a State Department or Congress thanks to AIPAC, for example.


And international bankers! Wow.  We got nothing.  We have no voice in our government thanks to lobbyists who have lots of loot and use this loot to bribe Congress into giving them more loot so they can use 1% of this loot to corrupt Congress so this cycle of looting can continue uninterrupted.


Obama Seeks Massive Increase in Nuke Spending — News from

In a move he insists is somehow consistent with his call for disarmament, President Obama is seeking more than $5 billion in increased funding for America’s nuclear weapons program, aimed chiefly at modernization and building new facilities.


All the hyperventilation about rising Chinese power and look in the mirror!  Bomb, bomb, bomb Obama wants to upgrade our End of Times bombs so we can blow up the entire planet.  We shall fix global warming…it has been below zero every night this week here on my mountain…by causing a nuclear winter!  Whoo hoo.  And to think that Osama bin Laden just warned Bomber Obama about global warming!  Nuke away!


Obama’s New Gitmo Closure Deadline: Jan. 22, 2013 and the other news stories from such as No Sanctions for Bush Lawyers Who OK’d Torture, Report Will Say and US Missile Strike Kills 15 in Pakistan and Thousands Protest in Tokyo Against US Military Presence show clearly that the hyperactive lunatics at the State Department (owned by Israel) are busy bees.  First off, it is OK to torture people you kidnap.


So, let’s criticize China for what?  Torture?  Kidnapping people 3,000 miles away and then holding them forever with no trial?  Or the usual news about trespassing into Pakistan to commit war crimes?  And of course, Japan: the US military base isn’t so beloved, is it?  The US has snarled quite bitterly at Japan about this base.  We need our far flung bases so we can torture, kidnap and commit war crimes. Meanwhile, as Japan, Russia and China and now, even India compete in space, the US is shutting down everything except military robot killer drones in L-3 orbit stuff as well as our constant spy stuff: Hopes for NASA’s moon mission fade –

NASA’s grand plan to return to the moon, built on President George W. Bush’s vision of an ambitious new chapter in space exploration, is about to vanish with hardly a whimper. With the release Monday of President Obama’s budget request, NASA will finally get the new administration’s marching orders, and there won’t be anything in there about flying to the moon.


The budget numbers will show that the administration effectively plans to kill the Constellation program that called for a return to the moon by 2020. The budget is also a death knell for the Ares 1 rocket, NASA’s planned successor to the space shuttle. The agency has spent billions developing the rocket, which is still years from its first scheduled crew flight.


HAHAHA.  I predicted this would happen.  I made fun of Bush and NASA when they announced they were  going back to the moon right on the heels of China announcing they planned to colonize the moon.  Well, I knew this would flounder due to lack of funds and of course, if we didn’t spend a trillion dollars murdering and kidnapping Muslims, we would probably be able to afford a space race.


How should Europe respond to China’s strident rise? by Charles Grant, February/March 2010

by Charles Grant Until very recently, many western politicians, bankers and business people were broadly optimistic about the rise of China. They assumed that as China became more developed it would become more western. As it integrated into the global economy it would play a constructive role in multilateral institutions, help western governments sort out key foreign policy challenges and permit a more open society. China’s leaders seemed to understand that the economic development of their country required friendly relations with the US and other major powers.


I can see it now: the Brits, for example, huffing and puffing and saying, ‘Why can’t the Chinese fix our dying country?  Why can’t China do our KEY foreign policies?’  Of course, these stupid ‘key’ policies are mostly about kidnapping, murdering, blowing up, invading and etc….Muslims who irritate Israel!


China has zero reason to do this, of course.  How mean of them, not to endorse, expand and justify war crimes by NATO?   HAHAHA.  Charles Grant, unlike me, is respectable.  This means clueless.  I am not respectable which means, I know what is going on.


Why would China want to be more ‘western’?  Maybe they want a high crime rate?  Or bad schools?  Or disrespectful children?  How about broken marriages?  The list of things that aren’t so hot in the West is very long.  And of course, China’s culture is very ancient and when Europeans were scratching fleas and running away from giant forest boars and bears, China was inventing silk and other fine arts.


. The EU’s leaders shared this optimism. But over the past year China’s behaviour has changed. Relatively hard-line and nationalist elements in the leadership appear to have sidelined those with liberal and internationalist instincts. This shift is spurring the EU’s governments and institutions to reappraise their China strategies.


.Note that Charles can’t mention the unmentionable. The NATO countries tried to destroy China last year! China fought back and won. And is winning the economic game, too. Winners are winners. And the West reacted by snarling at China and then planting weapons right off China’s coast! And they wonder about China’s anger!


. China’s foreign policy has become more assertive. Its vocal claims to the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh have upset India’s leaders. It has become less helpful to the West on the Iranian nuclear problem. It threatens the commercial interests of EU countries whose leaders meet the Dalai Lama in an official setting. Western governments have suffered increasingly powerful cyber-attacks that have been traced to mainland China. And at the Copenhagen climate change conference, China worked hard behind the scenes to scupper the kind of deal that many western countries (and poor nations) wanted.


The West has zero reason to prevent Iran from having nuclear bombs.  Iran has, like Russia, been repeatedly invaded illegally by hostile forces funded by and supported by NATO!  Since NATO has nukes and attacks Iran, Iran should have nukes to fight back!  Or NATO can thoroughly disarm.  There is ZERO reason to prevent ANY nation from having nukes if the nations with nukes are going around the world, kidnapping, torturing and killing people using assassin robot flying machines crossing borders illegally!


Not to mention, lying to the UN about ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and then totally illegally invading disarmed nations cooperating with the UN!  Tony Blair thought and said out loud this week that it was useful to take down Saddam once he was disarmed by the UN so what are people whining about?


Well, this  is exactly why we need a mirror: to see our own bloody, distorted, disturbed face and see what fools we are to criticize the Chinese about anything including free speech. There is no free speech in Europe, for example.  Try talking about ANYTHING verboten and you go to prison. Talk about the Holocaust and you are punished.  Compare Israel to any criminal state like South Africa and you are fined and will lose your job (I have no job so I can say whatever the hell I want).


Internet censorship isn’t just in China!  It is global and the yapping dogs in the US and European media know perfectly well this is true and they keep up the stupid stories due to CIA funds and the owners of the media being a pack of ravening wolves.  Here is more:


American attitudes to China are palpably hardening. At some point this year the US may declare China to be a ‘currency manipulator’ and then apply protectionist measures. And even in the EU – which finds it so hard to get tough with anyone – governments are rethinking their China policies. What line should the EU adopt?


The split second the US imposes protections ONLY against China, China will explode in fury and several trillion dollars in bonds, paper money, etc will explode across the planet and the US dollar will be worth about 1 cent at the end of it all. China knows this and our stupid leaders know this. This is why they make threats but never do anything.


First, European leaders need to remind themselves of the obvious point that if they stand together they will have more clout. As an ultra-realist power, China respects strength. Too often, European states – and especially Britain, France and Germany – have sought to cultivate their own special relationships with Beijing, viewing each other as competitors. The Europeans need to agree on a single set of messages for China, so that it cannot play a game of divide and rule. And sometimes the Europeans should work with the Americans, who agree with them on issues like market access and human rights, in order to increase their leverage.


Germany, above all, do a lot of high-tech business with China.  Germany is still a sovereign nation.  They will continue doing this or commit economic suicide with England and the US?  Japan certainly will not alienate their biggest market which is NOT America but CHINA.


As for ‘human rights’: if China imitates NATO, we will regret this very much.  I don’t want to see military murdering robot assassin drones flying all over America.  Nor do I want the Chinese kidnapping Americans, torturing them and holding them forever with no trials, either.  Otherwise, the NATO countries should stop yapping about ‘human rights’.  Gah.


Second, the Europeans should be more willing to criticise China for reneging on commitments it has signed up to. China is in breach of some World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules and the EU should be prepared to take China before WTO disciplinary panels more often. It should also scold China for failing to ratify the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights. And rather than merely lecturing the Chinese government on human rights, the Europeans should point out that it often breaches its own constitution and laws when acting against Chinese citizens. The Europeans have learned that when they treat China deferentially they achieve very little.


Perhaps the Chinese leaders can stop being mad at me and hire me to represent them in the public…HAHAHA….about scolding China over human rights issues.  Or better, scolding Europe and America over screwing up our own Constitutions!  Good lord!  If there is ANYONE on earth who can’t scold someone about breaching Constitutions, it is the US Supreme Court which does this on a daily basis!  The LAST thing we support is adhering to our own Constitution!  And we shall lecture the Chinese?  HAHAHA.


Third, the Europeans should continue to engage China. But they should abandon the fiction of a ‘strategic partnership’, which cannot be meaningful when the values of the two sides are so different. The number of summits, ‘executive to executive’ meetings and ‘high-level mechanisms’ between the EU and China should be cut. Future summits should focus on a small number of issues on which China and the EU have mutual interests but conflicting views: the preservation of an open global trading system, China’s mercantilist currency policy and climate change. If China ignores European views on these issues, the EU is less likely to keep its markets open and more likely to discourage some of the technology transfers that China wants (China’s leaders say the Europeans currently transfer more useful technology than the Americans).


Yes, stop all diplomacy with China except attack meetings where NATO bands with the US (there is no mention of Japan in this stupid article!) where we yell at China and give ultimatums like ‘We shall bury you!’  Great.  While upgrading the US nuclear bombs so we can bomb, bomb, bomb everyone into submission.


And how will this fix ‘open global trading systems’?  Or fix ‘climate change’?  WWIII won’t fix either.   And this is a prelude to WWIII: the debtor nations turn on the creditor nation and screams curses and threats!  For the US and most of Europe is sliding into penury and both go to China for loans.


China’s leaders may have miscalculated by underestimating the impact of their harder line on Washington and European capitals. Undoubtedly, some of them stand by the premise of the ‘peaceful rise’ slogan – that China’s economic development requires a degree of modesty in foreign policy and good relations with the West. When the most senior leaders see the negative impact of their tougher approach, they may choose to change course. But if they maintain the hard line for a prolonged period, protectionism will flourish and some powerful countries will start working together to contain China. Those outcomes would be bad for China.


The Chinese, way back in the 1980’s, were very aware that once the West finally figures out the Chinese 50 Year Plan to displace the US and Europe as an INDUSTRIAL power, the old powers would try military solutions to their loss of political and economic power.  The Chinese hoped to take down the EU/US imperial powers very gently but knew this would not be possible.


For China has been, like Russia, repeatedly invaded in the last 200 years and has learned, via whip and blood, the penalty for losing sovereignty and the US/EU response to Russia surrendering (looting and destroying Russia) has shown the Chinese that the EU/US system is all about raw, physical, bloody power and they are willing to kill to get their own way.


So the gentle methods used by the Chinese will swiftly turn harsh if we decide it is time for WWIII.  Russia will NOT be on ‘our side’ because they are angry at the loss of power and the overt attacks from the West and we won’t have Africa on our side, either.


And the Muslim world will blow itself up as all our dictators there will do down in flames and Israel will nuke all over the place and this will be called ‘The Apocalypse’.  Lots of fun.  I hope all the people complaining about the heat in balmy resorts and fun places like it when this happens.  Life will be much, much colder.


And one last story showing who is serious about alternative energy and it ain’t the US:  China Is Leading the Race to Make Renewable Energy –

China vaulted past competitors in Denmark, Germany, Spain and the United States last year to become the world’s largest maker of wind turbines, and is poised to expand even further this year.


China has also leapfrogged the West in the last two years to emerge as the world’s largest manufacturer of solar panels. And the country is pushing equally hard to build nuclear reactors and the most efficient types of coal power plants….


...Multinational corporations are responding to the rapid growth of China’s market by building big, state-of-the-art factories in China. Vestas of Denmark has just erected the world’s biggest wind turbine manufacturing complex here in northeastern China, and transferred the technology to build the latest electronic controls and generators….


…Yet renewable energy may be doing more for China’s economy than for the environment. Total power generation in China is on track to pass the United States in 2012 — and most of the added capacity will still be from coal.


Even this news story has a whining tone to it.  The US could have led the world in alternative energy.  Jimmy Carter wanted this. But no…we kicked him out and chose Reagan…Reaganism is very much the religion of the US today: low taxes except where they are not so low, cheap imports, deindustrialization, excessive trade deficits and government deficits and cheap credit even when things are blowing bubbles like crazy.  Yes, this insane ideology is also coupled with killing public transportation…China built a high-speed rail in 4 years while the US can’t even upgrade tottering, rotting old Amtrak cars that rattle along at less than 70 mph (the Chinese go over 200 mph!).


And killing people for Reaganism is all about militarism.  The Pentagon grows bloated while starving important industries.  And so on: the US is the one thumping its chest and thumbing its nose at everyone.  And the Europeans love this. They want this.  They wish they could resume doing this.  They want to loot and burn the Summer Palace again. Oh, those were the days!

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20 responses to “Beware Of Starting Global War With China And Russia

  1. CK

    When you nail it, you truly nail it. A fine review of reality. It will be ignored.

  2. charlottemom


    How does news of China establishing a Pakistan base factor in?

  3. adammateyko

    When the Ukraine election runoff anounces a Russia favoring leader, will NATO invade? When Tibet has another riot, will NATO invade? When Turkey throws the US out, will NATO invade? When Japan kicks the US out of Okinawa, will NATO invade? The IMF and WORLD BANK cannot invade anymore so, we need another trojan horse fleet.

    Maybe there is a weather war going on…. on top of financial and military… it seems USA and China are going into a DEEPFREEZE and currently having FROSTY relations over…. everything…. Clinton is known for this… coldness… ask BILL!!! hahaha


    ELAINE: Maybe she will throw a lamp at Hu. 🙂

  4. the fool on the hill


    I still think Russia is a wildcard.

    The Russians may side with the West if, for example, they decide that they just won’t last very long otherwise.

    But really, it doesn’t matter what countries side with whomever because there won’t be any countries when it’s over.

    On the bright side, if the human race goes extinct no one will ever be tortured or otherwise abused again.

    Of course, I’m not respected either. I’m just a fool on a hill.

  5. Dibbles

    US Constitution
    Article 1
    Section 8. The Congress shall have Power To…
    • To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations;

    Ya see, W crossed his fingers and wrote in the margins, so China’s OK with it…

    Super Bowl next Sunday.
    Bring on the chips ‘n beer.
    It’s all good…

  6. @Elaine: So the gentle methods used by the Chinese will swiftly turn harsh if we decide it is time for WWIII. Russia will NOT be on ‘our side’ because they are angry at the loss of power and the overt attacks from the West and we won’t have Africa on our side, either.

    And the Muslim world will blow itself up as all our dictators there will do down in flames and Israel will nuke all over the place and this will be called ‘The Apocalypse’. Lots of fun. I hope all the people complaining about the heat in balmy resorts and fun places like it when this happens. Life will be much, much colder.


    I hope WW3 and ‘The Apocalypse’ never pan out the way you describe, that would be the end of everything. So we have to fight the end-timers and the big vested interests on every front, including gay rights, in order to save humanity. Yet I despair of us ever being successful, given the huge corruption in DC and SCOTUS enabling a huge tsunami of corruption on top of that.

    On a personal note, I recently was contacted by a certain ‘Jesus’ (certainly NOT the Death God version!!!) and so I hold out hope that He will return when the US/UK/EU Empire confronts Iran, Russia, China, India et al on the plains below Mount Megiddo and prevents the final nuclear exchange, saving the biosphere from certain death.

    There. I said it. I’ve outted my self on this board as a gay man and as a Christian. At least I’m not the end-timers variety because those people hate me for who I am yet love me enough to ask me to do the impossible: change from gay to straight. They sincerely believe that I will going to He(double hockey sticks) if I don’t. To me, it seems they worship a Jesus different from the One who contacted me and the One who had a beloved disciple (maybe two). But I am not going to push this further because I believe you when reported that you found the Death God Jesus dead (shot between the eyes?) and because of the unspeakable, ugly things your family and their friends did to you: in Jesus’ name, of course, which I deem blasphemous and disgusting!

  7. Joseppi

    “China seeks to dominate energy-equipment exports”
    It seems that the Chinese anticipated what the astute Eric Jensen has been saying – that next bubble will be the renewable energy investment bubble.
    China, as Elaine has directed our attention to for some time, is ready to further undermine US industrial infrastructure with building the industrial means to ride the next investment bubble.
    Our gal, Elaine, seems to see into the future like a radicalized Sibyl – ready to slay the media sycophants as they attempt to hypnotize the citizens.

  8. Paul S

    God forbid I would defend that lying fraudster Ronald Reagan, but I think he was merely a figurehead for the warmongers who permanently occupy DC. I don’t think Reagan had the brains to be that corrupt. I think it was a 50-50 mix with Reagan between corruption and stupidity. Maybe Reagan half believed the s**t he was talking. Elaine is right (is Elaine ever wrong?); the folks running the US war machine like the CIA are stark raving nuts. These people probably think China quakes in its boots at the mere mention of US war power.

  9. JT

    Stagflation it is then.
    US Deflation No Longer a Risk: Fed’s Bullard

    Thank god they avoided that :D.
    It took a 3,8 (3 800 000 000 000) trillion dollar US budget with a deficit of 1,6 (1 600 000 000 000) trillion dollars to accomplish this.
    (in 2000 the budget was 2 trillion with a surplus).
    It took some work but now it seems we might just get a little inflation next fall.

  10. Bravo, Elaine! You get better and better. Let me know if you ever come to Philadelphia – I’d like to meet you! There are few commentators who see the corruption, hypocrisy, deception, self-justifying rationalization, etc. with such clear-eyed focus, as you. America is in a spiritual crisis, no doubt about it.


    ELAINE: Actually, Philly is on the Amtrak line to DC. May take you up on this.

  11. Dibbles

    Now that the inlaws are gone, I’ve had a chance to re-read this blog entry and appreciate it all the more.

    I think the criminality of the previous administration may not be prosecutable by the US because it was all done, of course, to “keep us safe from terrorism”. And it was off-shored and outsourced in secrecy. NATO is sounding more and more like a profitable thug protection racket!

    I hope Pres. O’s nuclear spending increases includes alternative energy development. If Wack-a-mole, Inc. can shuffle our $ around the globe through war and dual-citizenship status, then why can’t Americans use our same slush-fund for ourselves? Of course that would require some citizen input and transparency – that open society stuff we promote to China.

    (I can dream can’t I?

    The narcism of assuming China would become more westernized and willfully exploitable by development is astounding. Yeah, and I’m going to turn into a wombat by visiting the zoo. Sheesh…

    Once global corporations manage – with the use of our tax dollars – to return to the moon, will they establish dual-citizenship? Maybe we’ll get lucky and they get stranded up there, leaving us earthbound individuals alone.

    Another bulls-eye hit, Elaine. Your commitment and efforts at truth-seeking are much appreciated by this lone blogger.


    ELAINE: Wombats are cute as hell! I think we should all turn into wombats. 🙂

  12. Duski

    “China’s foreign policy has become more assertive. Its vocal claims to the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh have upset India’s leaders. It has become less helpful to the West on the Iranian nuclear problem.”

    But there is no single West-opinion on Iranian “nuclear problem”. There are diverse of opinions in different countries, plenty of which assert there is no such program! This is just once again telling (lying) for masses what governments think, who cares about reality..

  13. PLovering


    ELAINE: last warning, Plovering.

  14. justiceatsqualor

    Perhaps avoiding WWIII is the real objective in the other (non-banker) smoke filled room of GS-15, SES, LEL and O-10 self-appointed philosopher kings. Maybe shared by those similarly situated in other great powers. Perhaps all other concerns are minor players as our “empire” wanes: sovereignty, bankruptcy, wealth disparity, unrest, foisting blame on others, etc. If our situation ends up worse than it might have been, perhaps the game was well played as long as the risk of WWIII was minimized.

  15. Shockuhzulu

    ” Israel will nuke all over the place and this will be called ‘The Apocalypse’. Lots of fun.” As Wiki describes it: The Samson Option is a term used to describe Israel’s alleged deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear weapons as a “last resort” against nations whose military attacks threaten its existence, and possibly against other targets as well.

    The question is since ‘The Apocalypse’ is a clear and present possibility: what will you do if it happens? How are you to prepare for this? Well, the Bible has a few suggestions, which I’ll leave for you to investigate. Everyone has to find their own answers.

    If we wake up tomorrow in a Beaver Cleaver world, then no worries. Yeah, I’d rather turn into a beaver myself.

  16. nah

    Reagan proved that US Global power had become the norm… and that we could use it effectively to promote US interests… Carter is a great guy, but for the early 80’s its hard to beet a good Reagan
    honduras wants to play debt softball with russia, iran, china, and venezuela…. wonder if cuba gots a pinky toe to contribute… imean look at this alignment of interests, nationalist funny government…
    I dont think the US is anything but desirable for 100yrs…
    50 years is ever dashing

  17. Ian


    Wombats are incredibly cute as you say, until you’ve been charged down by one (they come at you from behind) or worse, you break your leg down one of their burrows. 🙂

  18. emsnews

    Ah, sort of like groundhogs! My dogs take care of them and yes, the horses can break a leg in their big holes which they hide carefully. Sort of like in combat….

  19. Ali

    Oh Jesus Christ!! This edition is a proverbial baseball bat of logic and understanding slammed into the face.
    I’m printing this out and having it laminated.

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