Vermonters Want Independence (Let’s Bail From Sinking Ship)

Paul Krugman is supposedly an ‘economist’ yet he seems utterly incapable of understanding what is an ‘economy’.  Time to rip his head off, again. Also, in my neighboring state of Vermont, a distant relative of mine is pushing for secession. Hooray!  I’ll move 20 miles to Vermont!  And Russia and China mulled over destroying the US last fall but China told Russia to hold their fire due to the 50 Year Plan (I am guessing)…according to Paulson.  See?  I was right all long, as usual.


First I must deal with the deluded Krugman, the darling of way too many liberals.  His accumulating misapprehensions are now reaching the level of outright insanity.  His fellow NYT pundits have long ago, ceased being of any interest to me for ripping up because why bother with total lunatics?  But Krugman still has a huge following and is very dangerous because he is telling people to do things that will guarantee the death of the sovereign US state, not just our empire.


Paul Krugman: Op-Ed Columnist – March of the Peacocks –

Last week, the Center for American Progress, a think tank with close ties to the Obama administration, published an acerbic essay about the difference between true deficit hawks and showy “deficit peacocks.” You can identify deficit peacocks, readers were told, by the way they pretend that our budget problems can be solved with gimmicks like a temporary freeze in nondefense discretionary spending….


I would venture to say that ALL of Congress and ALL of K Street and ALL the main political party leaders are ‘deficit peacocks’. The proof is obvious: we see our national debt grow and grow like weeds. The only times this isn’t true is when Congress hates the President (being of two opposing parties) and wants to destroy the President by not passing any of his initiatives. Then, quite accidentally, the budget is balanced, the people are unhappy and the party that forces the balance gains power and doubles the deficit almost immediately.


The nature of America’s troubles is easy to state. We’re in the aftermath of a severe financial crisis, which has led to mass job destruction. The only thing that’s keeping us from sliding into a second Great Depression is deficit spending. And right now we need more of that deficit spending because millions of American lives are being blighted by high unemployment, and the government should be doing everything it can to bring unemployment down.


This is why I want to slap this idiot across his well-fed, happy face!  This stupid man is a TEACHER. Good lord!  No wonder our nation is going bankrupt!  He first says ‘the troubles are EASY to state’ and then says the banking collapse LED to mass job destruction!  I beg to differ, big time: we have been experiencing massive job destruction for years now….in all major industrial systems!


The core cause of our credit crisis is due to the loss of our major industrial base.  The ‘jobs’ created in lieu of industrial production were heavily dependent on easy credit (the consumer society) and could only exist if we continued to build up our debts rather than balance our books.  The entire Chinese 50 Year Plan is to transfer all our industrial base to China and replace this gaping hole in our economy with loans from China!  And then, dump us unceremoniously in the garbage bin of history.


The 50 Year Plan is simplicity itself and depended on the US leadership being either traitors or greedy fools.  How do you trap dangerous animals like, say, skunks or bears?  You want to catch a wolf or a lion?  Well, you BAIT A TRAP.  You put something delicious in a delightful, easy spot, the predator comes running over to eat it and bang…you kill or capture it. Greed leads to the grave!


The jobs we lost that Krugman is talking about are jobs that replaced these industrial jobs.  The credit crisis didn’t cause the economic destruction, it was the destruction of not only US but European industrial jobs that removed themselves to Asia that caused the monetary and credit collapses.


Russia’s risky roulette –

According to a forthcoming book by former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Russian leaders wanted the Chinese government to dump billions of dollars worth of bonds tied to ailing mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.That would have thrown the entities, which grease the wheels of America’s mortgage market, into a crisis and forced the US to spend emergency money on a bailout.


“The report was deeply troubling — heavy selling could create a sudden loss of confidence in the GSEs (government-sponsored enterprises) and shake the capital markets,” Paulson recalled in his upcoming book “On the Brink: Inside the Race to Stop the Collapse of the Global Financial System.”


Dear deluded Paulson imagines that he and his gnome buddies saved America.  Mean, evil Putin was going to dump us into the garbage pit of history alongside the dead Soviet Union but was thwarted by the Chinese…who assured poor baby Goldman Sachs Gnome Paulson that they were going to protect the US debt market by not selling off all the massive debts they hold.


He thinks this was due to the kindness of the Chinese communists who love idiots like him?  HAHAHA.  They can’t wait to rip out his intestines and feed them to the swine.  But they are not ready yet.  They know there is some more goodies to grab before putting a bullet between the eyes of the Western capitalists who invaded China in the 19th century and stole all of China’s great treasures!


This is the difference between having a long view of history (China is one of the oldest empires on earth!) and the perpetual infantilism of American historical thinking (we are always young and new!).  You can bet that if China found itself in the fix the US was in during the September 2008 crisis, the World Bank and the City (London) and Wall Street would demand instant repayment of all debts or China hand over their industries and infrastructure and kill social programs!  Instead, China continues the ‘fatted Strasbourg Goose’ strategy where we remain with our webby feet nailed to a board while we are stuffed with food.


China Bosses Davos as Nobody Discusses What Happened to Google – HAHAHA.  The Davos fun has become glum.  The Chinese are taking over and tough titties to everyone else.  They are not like all those luvy-duvy rock stars and movie actresses.  These are hard eyed, number crunching realists.


Arms sale causes severe damage to overall China-U.S. cooperation

The China-U.S. Joint Statement points out that “the fundamental principle of respect for each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is at the core of the three Sino-U.S. joint communiques that guide China-U.S. relations.


“Neither side supports any attempt by any force to undermine this principle. The two sides agreed that respecting each other’s core interests is extremely important to ensure steady progress in China-U.S. relations.”


The words are still echoing but the U.S. government broke the promise and acted in a way that seriously undermines the core interests of China. As a result, it is totally reasonable to suspect the sincerity of U.S. pledges on “respecting each other’s core interests.”


China is very angry with the US.  We MUST sell arms since this is our ONLY real mass production industrial output export sector.  The vast majority of arms being sold right now are America.  Whoopee.  But our desire to do this is beginning to greatly irritate the Chinese and eventually, if they view this as a danger to their own sovereignty, they will pull the plug prematurely on us and we will see a global train wreck along historical lines such as in 1914 or 1933-1945.


The death of empires always involves a lot of violent flailing about  and this change over will be no exception.  The worries about WWIII are quite relevant in this regard.


Pelosi would back spending freeze if it also applies to defense – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room:

Pelosi is faking it.  She makes way too much money off of the military/industrial complex and her state is very big in this business.  She wants more spending of ALL sorts and is thus, calling the deficit peacock’s bluff.  Of course, all parties are insincere in this business as I said above.  They are not even slightly serious about balancing any budgets because the Chinese loans still come in… But with Congress also poking China in the eyeballs with a very, very pointed stick…we shall see.  I expect some sort of unpleasant Chinese response we won’t like at all and the Chinese number crunchers will do far, far worse than mess with Google.


Finally, a very interesting story since it involves a distant relative of mine:  The Secessionist Campaign for the Republic of Vermont – TIME

The President on Wednesday may have reassured Americans that the state of the Union is “strong,” but, just the week before, a group of Vermont secessionists declared their intention to seek political power in a quest to get their state to quit the Union altogether. On Jan. 15, in the state capital of Montpelier, nine candidates for statewide office gathered in a tiny room at the Capitol Plaza Hotel, to announce they wanted a divorce from the United States of America. “For the first time in over 150 years, secession and political independence from the U.S. will be front and center in a statewide New England political campaign,” said Thomas Naylor, 73, one of the leaders of the campaign.


A former Duke University economics professor, Naylor heads up the Second Vermont Republic, which he describes as “left-libertarian, anti-big government, anti-empire, antiwar, with small is beautiful as our guiding philosophy.” The group not only advocates the peaceful secession of Vermont but has minted its own silver “token” — valued at $25 — and, as part of a publishing venture with another secessionist group, runs a monthly newspaper called Vermont Commons, with a circulation of 10,000. According to a 2007 poll, they have support from at least 13% of state voters.


…Second Vermont Republic’s gubernatorial candidate is Dennis Steele, 42, a hulking Carhartt-clad fifth generation Vermonter and entrepreneur. He owns Radio Free Vermont, an Internet radio station, and honchos an online venture called Steele says that, if elected, his first act in office would be to bring home Vermont’s National Guard from overseas deployments….


…”People in Vermont in general are very antiwar, and all their faith was in Obama to end the wars. I ask people, ‘Did you get the change you wanted?’ They can’t even look you in the eyes. We live in a nation that is asleep at the wheel and where the hearts are growing cold like ice.”…


…”The gods of the empire,” Steele told the room, “are not the gods of Vermont.”..


…One analysis by a researcher at the University of Vermont found that the state only gets 75 cents back for every dollar it hands over to the federal center. The secessionists say they’d prefer to save their money and keep it at home.


HAHAHA.  My family goes way back before the Revolution. We have always been a difficult clan and if there is going to be trouble, we tend to gravitate towards it.  We like a big fight, we got our clan name at the Battle of Hastings when King Henry gave it to us for obvious reasons.  We are steel.  And if irritated, dangerous.  We fought the Kings of England over the centuries, we were one of the baronies that revolted against King John and we ended up in the colonies due to fighting the king of England and I am very pleased to see one of us going down this road again.


This greatly motivates me to move to Vermont which is a short hop away from where I am now.  Perhaps I can persuade my small town to leave NY and join Vermont, we are tremendously close, hardly much more than a stone’s throw away!  I could even just get the people who share this small mountain to join me in joining Vermont!  HAHAHA.  Build a castle on top of the mountain and thus, command control of the entire valley!  Whoopee!


So much fun, I can’t wait!  If my nation is throwing away its own sovereignty with both hands for a goofy, expensive and dangerous empire, then we must break it up and start over again.  NY pays a lot more in Fed taxes than virtually any state and thus, NY and Conn. and Mass and all the NE states pay much more than they get and we have great incentive to leave the union.  The southern states, on the other hand, are leeches and even as they whine about the Federal Government, they are fakes.  We are very real.


Our anger is justified.  When I was last in DC, I was very impressed that one of the biggest lobbying groups of citizens that week were about 50 Vermonters who were angry about lack of regard from DC politicians.  I wanted the activists in my town of Berlin to imitate our next door neighbors but they were sour about this, being mostly Republicans.  They didn’t seem at all interested in fighting the system.  Well, fight we must!  We have no choice.  It is fight or die.


One thing I find very funny about people is how feisty they are in the wrong way.  They will turn and attack anything but the thing that is destroying them.  We have to locate the correct target and go after it but no, we don’t do this.  We go after either phantom targets or we only attack things that are peripheral.  Going to the heart of any matter is very difficult and we like doing the sillier, more meaningless thing because it is comfortable and easy.  But when we are involved in a life and death struggle, we can’t afford these pleasures, we have to grab the bull by the horns and deal with the Horns of Dilemma.  Or we die in the labyrinth.


This is the Davos week and as we saw above, the only news there seems to be the fact that the Chinese rule the roost.  But note this tidbit from BBC News – Ten things you didn’t know about Davos

7. The ideas: Davos discussions are always full of ideas, and some come to fruition. The Northern American Free Trade Agreement – linking the United States, Canada and Mexico – was first proposed at an informal meeting for political leaders in Davos.


This was the beginning of the end for the US.  We latched onto this business because we consume a huge amount of energy and oil from both Canada and Mexico.  Previous to 1970, the US was totally self-sufficient in the area of energy consumption.  Since then, we are importers of energy, more and more energy is imported and this is a very dangerous hole in our pocket.


After Obama rips lobbyists, K Street insiders get private policy briefings –

The Treasury Department on Thursday morning invited selected individuals to “a series of conference calls with senior Obama administration officials to discuss key aspects of the State of the Union address.”


I just threw this in as another reason to get rid of that Goldman Sachs Treasury secretary, Geithner.  He made Obama a fool (seems all of Obama’s staff has a talent for this) and just due to the embarrassment factor, Obama should dump him.  As I said in the past, Obama was shown the Kennedy Assassination video to remind him, who is boss.  Even then, he briefly greatly irritated the CIA by releasing a lot of secret documents.  Then he clammed up and suddenly reversed gears and joined the party and ceased trying to make any changes at all.  Time for Vermont to leave the union.

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49 responses to “Vermonters Want Independence (Let’s Bail From Sinking Ship)

  1. Dibbles

    First! (I’m still hiding out from in-laws.)

    “according to Paulson”??!!
    Huh? Why on earth should we believe the number one gnome feeder now?
    As I recall, this shanker is the one that terrorized Congress into giving his buddies our money. But I’ll bet his book sales will sky-rocket.

    Vermont? Secede? Go for it Vermont!
    What will you rename yourself? How about Fed-Up Syrup Republic. I have confidence that you’ll hammer out a deal that’s in the best interests of your (former state) citizens before you surrender and get redevelopment funds.

    But by rejecting the “greed is good” doctrine of Wall Street’s privatizing free-marketeers, I hope you understand that it makes you’re socialist! And that makes you a terrorist sympathizer. (Give me a minute to created a convoluted reason why.)

  2. Dibbles

    “I hope you understand that it makes you’re socialist! And that makes you a terrorist sympathizer.”

    Should be “I hope you understand that it makes you a socialist! And that makes you a terrorist sympathizer. (Give me a minute to create… ”

    Sorry. Had to hurry. Inlaws almost busted me.

  3. nah

    people should get energetic about the all encompasing federal power… imean does anyone want a quasi dictatorship via synergys of power, subidies, and taxes…
    not me boy i want the government to chill out… government jobs destroy wealth out of neccesity… imean how large a fulcrum of the people is required to not get robbed in broad daylight by secret organizations that blend in with the public
    as i see it big government is the byproduct of bad law
    one ring to rule them all

  4. Dibbles

    Sorry nah, but I have one of those wealth destroying jobs in government. Wealth destroying higher ed to be more specific.

  5. melponeme_k

    “Time for Vermont to leave the union.”

    I thought from the beginning the best way to deal with the mess is for each state to declare no confidence in the current union. To secede , fire their representatives, elect new ones then unite again.

    However things are so far gone now. I don’t think anyone would want to unite with the Southern States again.

  6. Bravo, Elaine! I also read the news about the Vermont secession movement and want to join them. My people are Southerners and the memory of that movement left lasting scars. There is some activity in favor of secession in the modern South too – such as upcoming meetings of the Tenth Amendment center in South Carolina and Atlanta.

  7. Daliwood

    Did you see that the TARP guy Barofky says we’re still heading off a cliff thanks to the bailouts?

    Vermont should act with caution. I suspect millions of “refugees” from the current Obamanation would push their way into the newly created country. I would be one of them.

  8. Joseppi

    “So much fun, I can’t wait!”

    It does sound exciting – A state-wide grass roots movement to extradite true patriots from the empire of death’s juggernaut.
    It has all the nostalgic romanticism of the end-the-war demonstrations of the 60’s and 70’s – That is until the shock troops arrive at the state capital’s steps to enforce allegiance to the emperor.
    Then the fun is over.


    ELAINE: I have actually been shot at and had chemicals dropped from helicopters while in the US, demonstrating against the government. I know full well how violent this all is.

  9. nah
    And while Volcker does speak of the need for structural reform, which is absolutely necessary, his outline does not go anywhere near far enough to start defusing the bomb that financial services deregulation managed to create.
    Yo, i betcha the government even knows there problems in river city… but fails to be un-retarded enough to excuse itself to a responsible role of the politic…
    money should not be reduced to charge cards… i will not accept it myself in prudence… yet the government has proven there is no will to allow a gross market failure as credit is by far the high volume of transaction
    So why not regulate banks BACK to fiscal self importance
    as long as the failure of the people is used to support a market it is weak
    the banks are a fraud… there is no excuse for the rewards they collect on the back of everything human when it is obvious there is marginal U.S. if not negligible to negative U.S. capitol valuation
    banks need to compete for more than just government kickbacks and guilt

  10. Dibbles

    To melponeme_k at 7:00 pm

    To be honest I would not like to see a dissolution of the union and loss of southern states.

    For one, this is precisely the wet dream of financial scheming global free-marketeers. Civil War 2 would not be a virtual war. It would be real. What Lincoln kept from happening could become reality again with much greater loss of life and suffering.

    And that is point number two: these are my fellow American citizens. I may not always agree with them ideologically because my own personal American history is very different then theirs. But I’ve met wonderful Southerners. Their shared legacy and poverty shapes a different and legitimate view of ourselves.

    Destroying our country to fix “everything” is not a solution to our problems. Privatizing everything is not in the interest of 95% of Americans.

  11. nah

    January 31, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    Sorry nah, but I have one of those wealth destroying jobs in government. Wealth destroying higher ed to be more specific.
    Education is a crown of human achievent… but accusing yourself of ‘fair alignment’ is nuts bro’
    look the government taxes too to create a million jobs or more…
    the best governement policys are social security U.S. trade and WAR
    excellence is sought by Great nations of men… that alone defines the order of the ages as near as i can see… also a great deal of fate
    are you saying there would be no ‘College’ of man without government subsidies?
    like spock says the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one
    people do shit
    but governments have a tendency twords self destruction believe it or not collage dude… at the exaust of their peoples

  12. nah

    education is probably the 1st most important thing governments can procure to be honest… knowlege is not free is a buck ninety nine for sure
    best return on any investment is reading and math

  13. nah
    Aliens can’t hear us, says astronomer
    good… i hate them all already… we need to figure out what kind of jingoism this platetude of needs has for a viewpoint FIRST
    afghanistan is a waste of our time… we dont need no aliens round here watching us
    see there territory… then theres territory

  14. PLovering

    “Bill Gates: White kids will not be eligible for my scholarships.”

    Does Bill’s policy border on hate crime?

    Or is he just jerkin the Johnson?

  15. Dibbles

    “The two sides agreed that respecting each other’s core interests is extremely important to ensure steady progress in China-U.S. relations.”

    If only the Democrats and Republicans could understand this.

    China did not steal our industries. Our industries went looking for the cheapest labor in countries that had no environmental or consumer laws. And of course, no unions.

    If a product made in China makes you ill, consider holding the corporation accountable that hired the manufacturer to produce the goods. They’ve made boatloads of profit at your expense, literally and nationally.

    And China is doing what they have every right to do. Develop their own sovereign, self-interest driven economy.

    Nice job again Elaine. You connect the dots accurately imho.

  16. nah

    January 31, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    “Bill Gates: White kids will not be eligible for my scholarships.”

    Does Bill’s policy border on hate crime?

    Or is he just jerkin the Johnson?
    Bill Gates is my fuckin’ love child
    white kids got plenty of white folks to help encourage… blacks got a serious prison problem that is entrenched in their society
    there has to be a National Juggernaut to address some of these problems… and this pal o’ mine Mr. Gates is just the beginning… hes for many great ideas… the eradication of airborne disease in Africa and Social equality in the States
    Washington State should leave its mark on the U.S.
    its only fair

  17. melponeme_k


    Did you read my whole post? I said we should unite again under new leadership…that includes every state. Our founding fathers even encouraged the idea if our government became too entrenched with corruption.

    As far as the southern states, I have lived there and I’ve met wonderful people. And I’ve met more people who wished me to disappear from the face of the earth because my skin is not white. To this day they still fly a flag that symbolizes their attempt at secession (for all the wrong reasons). And their politicians and elite encourage this craziness. So are they a part of the Union or not? It seems to me like they don’t want to be. But they sure like feeding at the trough and taking the large amount of NY tax dollars.

  18. Dibbles

    to nah at 8:17

    What ‘fair alignment’ am I accusing myself of aligning with?

    “are you saying there would be no ‘College’ of man without government subsidies?”

    I don’t know who funds the College of man. I don’t think it’s supported in any state or federal budgets. Must be private. There are many wonderful private colleges. Hell I graduated from one!

    “the best governement policys are social security U.S. trade and WAR”

    Perhaps you haven’t read the US Constitution, but WAR in not a government policy. Perhaps you meant DEFENSE.

    “needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”

    And the interests of the minority must be protected from the majority. Somewhere in the tombs of US Constitutional jurisprudence. (Mob rule has a tendency to get messy.)

    But I agree, “banks need to compete for more than just government kickbacks and guilt”.

    And yes, people do shit….dude.

  19. Dibbles

    PLover at 8:40pm

    Next thing you know, Mr. Gates will set up a scholarship for displaced Haitians.

    Where will it all end?

  20. Dibbles

    To melponeme_k at 9:06 pm

    Well I certainly can’t disagree with you about the Confederate flag waving crazies that never got over losing the Civil War (as if that’s really the cause of their discontent in life). But they are certainly not the Southerners I was referring to.

    These people have wayyyyy too much time on their hands and not enough interest in doing anything constructive imho.

    But back to your suggestion about corruption in government and uniting. Well, we really only have one government to serve many. If we are unhappy with our elected officials we can only inform them. And if they still don’t promote and pass legislation that we feel represents us, we have the opportunity to send them into retirement at the next election.

    There is no one, true mindset that applies to all Americans. The best we can do is vote for those that come closest to our own personal self- (and to me community) interests.

    We don’t have the option of voting for someone else’s representatives just because we don’t like how they supported their constituencies. Governance is about reaching common consensus, and at this stage there’s lots of consensus to reach among the lower 95%. That’s why the radical right-wing spends some much money to promote agitation and division.

  21. charlottemom

    glad to see Osama Bin Laden AND the Pentagon are out to save planet:

    The Pentagon will for the first time rank global warming as a destabilising force, adding fuel to conflict and putting US troops at risk around the world, in a major strategy review to be presented to Congress tomorrow. The quadrennial defence review, prepared by the Pentagon to update Congress on its security vision, will direct military planners to keep track of the latest climate science, and to factor global warming into their long term strategic planning.

  22. Dibbles



    Is this a case of:
    if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?


    Arianna Huffington states US is in a constitutional crisis due to all the corporate interests that each want a piece of the action. If it’s bad now, what will the crisis be like if we were to suffer an economic collapse?

    It could be this bad:

    First they came after the Muslims….

  24. PLovering

    Now that females constitute the majority of our work force, our worries are over.


    ELAINE: And males did better?

  25. @Elaine: like you, I think New York and all the New England States should secede and either join Canada or form their own federation: maybe they can call it the Union of Sovereign Socialist Republics.

    Looks like I’m a “terrorist” as well, hahaha.

  26. PLovering

    @nah, “this pal o’ mine Mr. Gates … many great ideas… the eradication of airborne disease in Africa and Social equality in the States”

    Surely you jest!

    Bill Gates is the Pied Piper for Imperial Lizards.

    The white man’s front man, just like Warren Buffett.

    All show and blow and no come.

    The ultimate corporate Insider … over cutting
    deals in Davos, like the collapse of our financial system.


    ELAINE: I seriously think you must be working for the Viral Empress. She wants you to help spread disease and death.

  27. norcalkid

    I think most Californians would be happy to leave the US. We will take our 8th largest economy in the world and go play without the other states or Wash. DC. We send more money to the federal government than we get back, and have been doing so for years. Passports, please.

  28. charlottemom

    California may be the 8th largest economy but this state lives large..way too to large. The epicenter for the greatest proponderance of inflated real estate. So, we in NC (and the rest of the states) ready to call your bluff on this. Go for it, leave.

    See, I really don’t think that CA is going anyplace too far from DC and federal purse anytime soon. Gov has said stated that state will (again) face cash shortage in April. Go ahead issue your IOUs to keep your (still) overpriced salaries and real estate, government, schools and lifestyle going.

    P.S. I don’t think the rest of the states are in great shakes, but am tired of hearing the how lucky the rest of the states should be to have CA in the union.


    ELAINE: California is just one major earthquake away from being Haiti.

  29. Aussie


    You are spot on in your outrage.

    During the Asian Crisis, Krugman visited Malaysia, Indonesia and Indonesia to lecture them on what and why their economies crashed.
    He castigated their crony capitalism and pushed for IMF solutions.
    Geithner and friends instructed US banks to help Korea and refused to help the other Asian countries.

    The IMF conditions caused massive social pain and forced Indonesia and Thailand to sell their large companies to US multinationals.
    In contrast, Malaysia survived the Asian crisis with minimal social pain by ignoring both by recommendations.
    Mahathir (Malaysia’s Prime Minister at the time) was viciously castigated by US and UK media for having the courage to defy Krugman and IMF.

    The social costs resulting from IMF loan conditions caused both Thailand and Indonesia to expedite payback of IMF loans.
    Now Asian countries will never again borrow from IMF.
    The painful experience is the reason China, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries set up Currency Swaps, plus build huge forex reserves, to ensure that Asia will together protect them from such future crisis.

    Now debtor US, UK are in worse economic plight than the Asian crisis and there is no outrage on crony capitalism, no imposed IMF loans, no ratings agency downgrades.
    Plus Geithner and friends remain in charge and were responsible for the present crisis.

    Sadly, US media ignore the irony and hypocrisy.


    ELAINE: 100% correct. And true story: I spoke with Mahathir during that time and warned him to avoid the IMF like the plague. My dad happened to be there during the beginning of the crisis (another bizarre story about all that….)

  30. @Aussie,

    The US media only serve to keep the facts and views alternative to those of the military-industrial-finance-insurance-healthcare-religiousright complex under a cone of silence. Which is why I come here to be up to date on socioeconomic and political trends.

  31. justiceatsqualor

    I’ll dispute the notion that Vermont contributes more to the feds than it receives. Empirically just looking at all the folks on subsidies and doles of one sort or another. People actually move here to apply for disability through local doctors who are perceived as being more permissive than doctors in other states.

    Certainly the notion that Vermont contributes more to the federal government than it receives would be false if Vermont were to effectively close its doors to “out-of-staters” who would otherwise continue vacationing and paying taxes on stunning estates. Goodbye to the AIG owned mecca at Stowe, for example, and goodbye to all the hundred millionaire and billionaire AIG retirees and their heirs. Not that I’d miss them, but I doubt anyone is going to be able to convince Vermonters to convert their nanny-state from being run like a vacation town to being run like Afghanistan. As much as some of the locals bluster they would just assume take down the bridges to New York and bring it on. As much they’re all well armed, seasoned outdoorsmen and hunters. As much as they all reload and gunsmith. As much as the weather is always overcast and the winters are frigid. . .

    What Vermont has now and ought to jealously maintain is the prospect of at least subsistence level sustainability in a post-peak-oil future when many communities may find themselves unsustainable at best. Vermont has population density, terrain, and policy in its favor here. For example, Vermont has incubators like “intervale” training idealists to be organic small farmers. I could go on. . .

  32. Gus

    What happened to the Soviet Empire might just happen to the US Empire.

    The Russian people got fed up with
    the economic situation and the
    Soviet military morale collapsed.

    After the Soviet Republics elected their
    own leaders ….Gorby was
    General Secretary of Nothing.
    He was never elected by the masses.

    The morale was so low in the Soviet military they could not knock
    Yeltsin off a tank in front of the legislature and that was the end of
    the Soviet Empire.

    If the American people get fed up
    with our economic situation and
    decide to leave the US Empire,
    the Feds in DC will be head of
    Nothing. Governments derive their
    powers from the consent of the people.

    Morale right now in the US military
    is very low. Suicides are higher than
    battle casualties in Iraq or Afghan.
    If the sociopaths in DC order force against the US people the military
    might not respond.

    The US Empire would just fade away
    like the Soviet Empire. No consent
    from the people to govern.

  33. Ian


    You’re correct about Geithner in the Asian currency crisis. Australia actually helped our neighbours then with currency, unlike the US. We also essentially devalued our own currency to allow our neighbours to keep buying raw materials at reasonable prices. Not that Dr. Mahatir showed any gratitude. He still hated Australia for cancelling his junket to Canberra when he failed to get elected in the first election of his fledgling political career. And for being called “recalcitrant” by Paul Keating! His colleagues in Malaysia and in the other SE Asian nations eventually got fed up with him bagging Australia in public and quietly told him to pull his head in – which he did. All that being said, his defiance of the IMF was spot on.

    Paul Keating has referred to Geithner as (I paraphrase) “an idiot who didn’t understand the difference between a current account crisis and a capital account crisis”.


    ELAINE: HAHAHA…How true that last quote is! Worse, none of these guys even have a clue what ‘capital’ is. They should read Karl Marx more. It is no mystery why commies are using capital better than the West.

  34. JT

    Which side will the military take?
    If it takes the side of the people = revolution
    If the military takes over = military coup
    If the military takes the side of the government = crushed rebellion of a group of terrorists
    😀 isn´t that how it goes.

  35. JT

    Oh and I forgot the sovjet version:
    if the demoralized military hasn´t been paid and doesn´t give a f*ck anymore = singing revolution of Estonia

  36. JSmith

    “Also, in my neighboring state of Vermont, a distant relative of mine is pushing for secession. Hooray! I’ll move 20 miles to Vermont!”

    Great idea, secession. Once free of the US, you can apply for foreign aid – from the US. (You’ll probably get it, too.)

  37. emsnews

    Naw, I want my own army. We need to annex Mass to get access to the ocean. Maine might join voluntarily. Heh.

    Actually, this is all pipe dreams. But the IMPULSE is important: it is a warning sign. The US must return to some form of reality if we wish to continue. We can’t continue piling on debts and expanding military adventures in distant lands forever. We are coming to a rapid end of this.

  38. CK

    What ever do you need access to an ocean for? What do you have to trade that anyone might want under your tarriff happy admin?

  39. emsnews

    I like building sand castles. We could become the American Switzerland. Everyone armed to the teeth and we could then become a tax haven for the gnomes…. 🙂

  40. CK

    Indeed, the Swiss do have a way with national defense. Automatic weapons in every home, ( it should be noted that the swiss citizenry is NOT outgunned by the swiss constabulary ), reserve requirement for citizenship. And funny thing, those allmighty vicious, strong, warlike Nazis took a look at the swiss situation and prudently decided that invading switzerland was a sure path to defeat. Same as the Kaiser had decided a generation prior to that. Same as Bismark had decided before the Franco Prussian War. A lot to be said for being Swiss.

  41. emsnews

    Wrong about the Nazis. They didn’t need to invade, Switzerland was a major funnel for all the gold they confiscated from conquered nations and various minorities being eradicated.

  42. Shockuhzulu

    “The 50 Year Plan is simplicity itself…” That was a great paragraph. A real nugget. That’s why I still read the blog, although I don’t always agree with everything, I find you have a gift for reducing complex issues to their core simplicity while cutting through all the chaff. That’s why I listen to a guy like Michael Savage. I like truth, er facts, just the facts ma’am. I looked at plo’s link. Sometimes facts can be disturbing, even depressing. But it’s amazing to think there are enough people with brains left in Vermont that they are actually pushing for secession. But when you mention Elaine, about the violence you’ve seen, yeah, the guys in D.C. are in this for keeps. It’s no game to them. Vermonters might find a big target on their back if they come close to succeeding (seceding).

  43. JSmith

    “Naw, I want my own army. ”

    And you can have it: US-trained and equipped, no less!

    Actually… the secessionists in places like Vermont and Texas remind me of the Quebec-ers who spent most of the 70s threatening to secede from Canada. Not that they ever actually would, you understand, because merely saying the “s”-word got them lots of goodies from Ottawa.

  44. justiceatsqualor

    The question really is what happens when the goodies from the center stop coming.

    History has seen what happens to nations that overspend and print money. Over and over this results in one of two things: either the checks stop coming (Eastern Europe) or the money goes to zero (Zimbabwe).

    What’s worse, history has never seen a time when global access to cheap energy was decreasing rather than increasing, as it will be after peak oil. History of isolated populations suffering resource shortages (Aztecs, Easter Island) suggest that societies simply go insane.

  45. emsnews

    Correct. The cheap oil years of the Clinton years are now the more and more expensive oil years we see today. Will get worse.

  46. Colin


    “I’ll dispute the notion that Vermont contributes more to the feds than it receives. Empirically just looking at all the folks on subsidies and doles of one sort or another.”

    Your right it gets two cent more than it gives, but it’s well knowen that the northwestern states in general (it is not spectific to vermont) contribute nearly twice as much in taxes as people in the south, and that northerns and west coasters are net givers to the economy, where as the southern states are net takers from the economy. (except Texas, but then Texas always does things differently). See here:

    Also, (old new but still) amusing:

    78 percent of Mr. Bush’s electoral votes came from Taker states. 76 percent of Mr. Gore’s electoral votes came from Giver states. Of the 33 Taker states, Mr. Bush carried 25. Of the 16 Giver states, Mr. Gore carried 12.

    As usual the people who complain about big government the most (Alaska, Montana) are actually the biggest moochers. ‘Flyover land’ should be renamed ‘Welfare land’.

    It puts “keep the government out of my medicare” in a whole new light doesn’t it. It’s not just stupidity – it’s an accurate summary of the situation. The people who dont want a bigger government are the people who’ve all ready looted the place. Same goes for bankers – they hate big government – ‘no new regulations for us thanks’ – ‘we’ve already taken everything we can carry’.

    There’s the same problem in England; the people obcessed with separation (scots) are the ones that live on handouts and would be back to the stone age if the south wasnt funding them.

  47. justiceatsqualor

    @Colin: “Your right it gets two cent more than it gives, but it’s well knowen that the northwestern states in general (it is not spectific to vermont) contribute nearly twice as much in taxes as people in the south, and that northerns and west coasters are net givers to the economy, where as the southern states are net takers from the economy. (except Texas, but then Texas always does things differently).”

    I wouldn’t rely on the averages and statistics when considering Vermont. There is very little commerce here, partially as retaliation for the anti-globalization regulatory environment restricting “box stores” and taxing the heck out of businesses in general. As one example, Vermont has rules prohibiting billboards and certain signs. They say, a business with no sign is a sign of no business. The point is that Vermont is a “taker”, at least for now, a taker with retaliatory, anemic cell phone coverage. Then again, they also say the best thing about Burlington is that it’s so close to Vermont.

  48. krugman etc…fools, they get paid to lie
    years ago fed head greenspan said ‘ the economy is strong’…another paid liar

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