At Meeting, Pentagon Officials Threatened China With Sneak Attack

Always, always, always, empires that are in serious financial trouble grasp at a very odious tool to maintain or expand power despite a collapsing economic base: the infamous and totally illegal sneak attack.  Grasping this nettle, the gamble always, always, always is, the rival empire being attacked in this sneaky illegal way will surrender or be so badly hurt, it will never interfere with outright looting or a refusal to pay off debts owed to the victim by the sneak attack empire.

ΩΩThe temptation to do this is extremely high and the goddess of History who dips Her quill in a bottomless well of blood to write about these follies has many examples of this sort.  Over and over and over again, empires try this and over and over, it fails.  Ever since WWII, the empires of the world have lived an uneasy life, tempted every single day, day after day after day, with the question, ‘Shall we do a sneak attack and thus, rule the planet via terror and murder and destruction?’


ΩΩAll nuclear armed nations have this temptation which troubles their sleep at night. Why is this?


ΩΩAt night, we are in the grip of the Outer Darkness.  Deep inside our own brains there is this place where dreams are forged and these dreams are the darkest fears and lusts and longings of our entire beings and it is totally and utterly not controlled by the conscious mind.  But all our daily activities are based on what happens in this occult world at night.  All our plans and actions can be traced back to decisions and choices made while unconscious, sleeping at night, in the grip of the forces of evolution which we have no control over.


ΩΩAnyone who tells people, they control their dreams, are delusional.  It is always the reverse.  I am controlled by my dreams and am somewhat aware of this because I remember quite a few dreams.  This is probably due to being hit by lightning as a child.  But the fact is, if people are deprived of DREAMING (not sleep)—they go insane.  This is why the CIA used dream suppression as a torture device.


ΩΩThe debate during the last election which gave the US public zero choice in the matter of WWIII, the warmongering candidates all got entangled in this bizarre debate about who could react at 3am to an attack.  This was a psychological point that interested me back then and still interests me.  The goddess of History’s red writings show very clearly, all sneak attacks occur either at dawn or during the morning of splendid, beautiful, peaceful days.  Often, when people think the wars are receding, not approaching rapidly.


ΩΩThey don’t happen at 3am.  The ability to carry out attacks at 3am is difficult at best since people are their least effective at that hour.  This is the hour when Death can emerge from the Dream World and people tend to die peacefully.  The merging of the Dream World and the opening of the Gates of Death is at this nadir hour.  No, sneak attacks like to happen when people are at their most alert.  For example, the dropping of the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima wasn’t done at 3am.  This sneak attack on the population…who saw the lone plane and thought nothing of it so they didn’t take ANY shelter at all…was done at 8:15 am right when all the school children were settling in at their desks and adults were at work in the city center, not sleeping at home further away.


ΩΩThis crime set the stage for many years of temptation for the US: the idea that sneak attacks win wars was planted and has grown to an immense size and this deadly idea is discussed during the day at meetings and at night over drinks and is very much active at 3am when Death rules the human mind.  For the great temptation inside the Cave of Wealth and Death is the desire to steal wealth and power very quickly while being very sneaky.  The character of Gollum in the Lord of the Rings expresses this very clearly.


ΩΩNow, on to today’s terrible news stream: the US has gone totally insane as we watch our post-WWII power slip away rapidly.  So our 3am alert rulers have decided decisively to use the first strike method of sneak attack to keep in power:


ΩΩChina Renews Opposition to Iran Sanctions – this news story is extremely important.  The Zionist and ‘End of Times’ Apocalyptic warriors are most intent on disarming Iran so the project to destroy all Muslims in the Holy Lands can continue to its obvious conclusion but ONE STEP SHORT.  That is, the Zionists can move all Jews to the Holy Land (via making Jews so unpopular to everyone on the planet, they are forcibly expelled from all other countries) and then live there, dominating the world from their little perch.


ΩΩThe Christians want this because they hope to have Jesus return, once all the Jews are shoved into the Holy Land, and Jesus’ return will be extremely violent involving all humans except for a tiny handful, killed in horrible ways and the ‘good’ will be shifted from the ‘evil’ via death and only Christians will survive.  This means, almost all Asians, most Africans, etc must also die in some Holocaust.  There are only two candidates for this: a major asteroid strike on the earth or nuclear war.


ΩΩOur military system is jammed packed with both Zionists and Apocalyptic Christians.  Both have engineered wars with a long list of Muslim countries.  Both wish this list to grow, not shrink.  Right now, Zionist Jews in the West Bank are ruthlessly pushing the natives there into smaller and smaller enclaves and preventing the building of homes, sewer systems and water facilities while also destroying the Gaza ghetto.  The US is paying for all of this, financially, politically and most importantly, all of our diplomatic capital is being sucked into this hellish business.  That is, we focus mainly and often only on backing Jewish ethnic cleansing.


ΩΩThe attempt at disarming Iran, doomed ever since the US disarmed Iraq and then ruthlessly invaded and totally destroyed it, is flagging as China gives up on humoring the US and now we are set on the path of confrontation on ALL fronts, diplomatic, economic and moral.  China is hyperaware of this development.  Way, way back, long ago, when the Chinese leaders of the future were arguing politics with me while we read ‘The Rise And Fall of Great Powers’ by professor Kennedy, we had intense discussions about why empires in economic difficulties always use sneak attacks and WHY THESE FAIL.


ΩΩ‘The industrial base of the empire that is victimized this way still matters if it is much greater than the attacking empire ‘ I explained.  ‘And the moral outrage is also a very important tool.  This is what defines “good and evil”.’  So, what we have here is the moral dimension: all attacking empires are covered with odium and are held in shame for generations if not forever.  The US attack on Iraq certainly has covered our own empire with a thick coat of odium.  This was done with no declaration of war, indeed, the UN refused this.  The US simply lashed out and suddenly attacked…in the morning…on a sunny day.


ΩΩI was consumed with rage over this despicable act.  And it has led to failure as the US bleeds to death thanks to our sneak attacks.  And the economic health we hoped to gain via this sneak attack on oil fields has turned into pain and agony as the angry Iraqis sell off their oil contracts to China.  And so instead of learning a harsh lesson, our collective hive minds turns to the dark business of repeating this ridiculous thing, thinking that the Chinese, victims of many sneak attacks over the last 4,000 years, would be ignorant of sneak attacks or will roll over and die for us if we do attack them.


ΩΩHere is a news story from Asia with many interviews of US Apocalyptic military ‘thinkers’ (sic) who muse openly about how ‘naive’ the Chinese leaders are and how open they will be to us using sneak attacks against China.  I will first say, the FIRST thing the Chinese leaders expect from us IS a sneak attack!  They are HYPER AWARE of this and they are also VERY INTENT on dealing with this on EVERY LEVEL.  And this comes from my own first-hand knowledge.  They know I have focused on WWIII all my life.  And they did listen to me when I lectured on this topic.  For WWIII will be all about sneak attacks!  Obviously!  And any small sneak attack will cause massive, total retaliation.  Completely and utterly.


Asia Times Online :: China News, China Business News, Taiwan and Hong Kong News and Business.

The United States plans to unveil later this decade a new conventional “Prompt Global Strike” (C-PGS) system. It will enable the US to instantly carry out a massive conventional attack anywhere in the world in an hour or less.


WWIII will last 12 hours.  The first hour will be the futile sneak attack against all rival facilities.  The second half will be the instant rain of death in retaliation that will spring out of seemingly nowhere as the intended victims of our sneak attack, who spent the last half a century preparing for our sneak attack, retaliate.


Worse, the US will smugly prepare a sneak attack only the army of spies watching for this will ANTICIPATE it and rain death and destruction on our entire home base leaving nothing for us to enjoy in our retaliation as far as existing as humans on a viable planet is concerned.  The hope is, their threat to annihilate us totally will restrain our desire to use a military sneak attack when we go bankrupt.  And we are going bankrupt, rapidly.


Research and development work by the US Department of Defense (DoD) on C-PGS began almost two decades ago, and this shifted into high gear in 2003. Instead of delivering a nuclear warhead, a new US-based missile and/or some other unmanned delivery vehicle may carry a conventional warhead that is able to destroy a distant target in less than an hour….


It doesn’t matter if something is nuclear or not when it comes to sneak attacks: it is still illegal and immoral.  And it is an open door invitation for the victim of the sneak attack to NUKE all CIVILIANS.  A la Hiroshima.  Our only excuse for using a pair of nuclear bombs on unsuspecting civilian populations right when they all move INTO the city center to work or go to school was ‘Japan did a sneak attack on the US (and China!) so it is OK for us to nuke civilians’.  This excuse is still used.


So…this means it is LEGAL for China to nuke ALL US cities without warning if the US does a sneak attack on China.  I hope everyone understands this logic.  The Chinese do and they are going to warn us that this logic will be applied to the US with total brutality is we even imagine we can do a sneak attack on ANY Chinese facility ANYWHERE on earth at ANY TIME.  Period.


Again: I deliver this message straight from the source.  The Chinese intentions were made clear during our debates.


…”We should be modest about what military force can accomplish and what technology can accomplish. The advances in precision, sensor, information, and satellite technologies have led to extraordinary gains in what the US military can do,” Gates wrote. “The Taliban were dispatched within three months; Saddam [Hussein]’s regime was toppled in three weeks. A button can be pushed in Nevada, and seconds later a pickup truck will explode in Mosul. A bomb dropped from the sky can destroy a targeted house while leaving the one next to it intact.”…


THIS MAN IS INSANE.  For over two centuries, the image of an insane man was to dress up like Napoleon.  Well, this is Gates!  Bomb Bomb Obama chose him to run our military.  And if he imagines we defeated the Taliban in three months, he is certifiably insane.  He must be removed.


The blowing up of vehicles while in Nevada is another sign of insanity.  Our assassination spree using robot missiles has backfired very badly.  This is also cowardly, stupid and immoral and shows that we lost our bearings.  The opposing side gains great strength from pointing out all of this, it is a top tool in recruiting assassin counterstrike groups who terrify the public in the US so much.


“It’s an emerging realization. I don’t think the Chinese have fully come to grips with it,” said Dr Jeffrey Lewis, director of the Nuclear Strategy and Nonproliferation Initiative at the Washington DC-based New America Foundation. “At some level, the Chinese see the US as investing in precision conventional munitions and have made their own parallel investments. But the more interesting question – ‘Could conventional forces hold at risk China’s nuclear forces?’ – is something that seems to be just settling in.”


The reason why I am not part of any think tanks is because I think, therefore I am. HAHAHA. Oh my god. Talk about insanity on every level! Just before I was born, right when the odious and disgusting CIA was first founded, the US nearly invaded China. China did NOT have a nuclear bomb back then.


When our troops came to China’s borders, the Chinese poured over it with the North Koreans and rolled our troops back all the way to Seoul. When this disaster happened, there was discussion about nuking China. Why didn’t we?


Sigh. Russia threatened to roll over all of Europe. And worse, this is exactly when Russia demonstrated that they also now had nukes and if we nuked China, they would nuke Europe. So we had to change our course. It should be painfully obvious to anyone that any conventional war can instantly flare into nuclear war when two empires clash. Thus, the Cold War with Russia, China and the US sparring over client states, not daring even the slightest direct attack on each other.


Even so, the US did discuss nuking North Vietnam. And the only thing preventing this was China and Russia warning us that this would launch WWIII.


One senior US policy analyst wonders whether this has China both confused and concerned about the program.


“Confused because I don’t think anyone could explain to them what [C-PGS] entailed and perhaps still cannot with any fidelity, and concerned because it is seen as another aspect of American hegemony and space domination plans, and because it potentially changes US nuclear strategy in unanticipated and perhaps undesirable ways,” said this analyst.


Good lord! Why wasn’t I in that room when this was presented to the Chinese???? The reaction of the Chinese was not one of surprise nor was it ignorance at to the US intentions of developing this system. The Chinese expected us to try this gambit.


No, the rage as a political demonstration by the Chinese to WARN us to STOP OR ELSE. And they did this to gage American intentions. Did the Americans wince and then apologize and then suggest diplomatic negotiations? Or did we sneer and grin and high five each other or worse, stared at the Chinese with a collective blank face, confirming Chinese thoughts that the US is planning a sneak attack? .

Lewis points to a recent meeting, a so-called US-China Track II exchange, involving many US and Chinese participants, which demonstrated how the Chinese may have been caught off guard by the way in which C-PGS has suddenly appeared on their radar screen.


“US participants tried to explain the problem with making a ‘no first use’ promise. What would happen, they asked, if the United States attacked China’s nuclear forces with conventional weapons? Would China still adhere to its ‘no first use’ promise?” said Lewis. “The Chinese side did not understand that the Americans were engaging in a clumsy ‘thought experiment’ that was purely illustrative, but instead believed that they had been subjected to a very serious threat of coercion. Such misunderstandings are inevitable and, in fact, this is why Track II discussions are essential. It simply illustrates the point that Chinese and American strategists have yet to think through what impact [C-PGS] will have on strategic stability.”


THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ‘CLUMSY’ WHEN DISCUSSING NUCLEAR WAR. Nuclear war is all about being stupid, not smart. This happens when dumb people press that stupid red button thinking they can win WWIII via sneak attack. Anyone even suggesting the possibility of attacking using sneak weapons is immediately discussing WWIII.


The Chinese did NOT ‘misunderstand’ these ‘clumsy’ attempts at gaging what the Chinese plan to do if we physically attack them with ANY weapon. The Chinese will make it crystal clear to us in the ensuing weeks that any attacks on any Chinese military facilities will lead to full nuclear counterstrikes. PERIOD. And guess what?


THIS WILL BE LEGAL AND MORAL! That is, we cannot run around this planet, invading sovereign nations, using assassin sneak attacks on NUCLEAR POWERS. Period. The Zionist Jews did this to Iraq when they illegally bombed Saddam’s nuclear power plants and they plan to replicate this in Iran. But China protested the Israeli attacks which were condemned by the rest of the UN with the US vetoing it as always, on behalf of the Zionist Jews.


But Saddam couldn’t nuke Israel in retaliation. China can and will and MUST nuke the US if we do something even faintly along the lines of what Israel did to Iraq and certainly, what the US did to Iraq a decade later.


As a result, Lewis doubts that China has formed a consensus yet about how to it should view US conventional strike capabilities emerging under the banner of C-PGS.


I clutch my head in despair.  These complete lunatics, total idiots are the advisors to the military, to the President?  At least my father, when he was doing this for Eisenhower, Kennedy, LBJ and Carter, wasn’t this stupid.  Indeed, my dad worried every day about sneak attacks and nuclear war!  He wouldn’t go to the Chinese, and IN THEIR FACE, threaten them with ‘conventional’ weapons and then ask if they will nuke us in retaliation!


Of course, he would understand any sneak attack by us would lead to nuclear war!  The Chinese leaders really liked my dad and did a lot of business with him.  That is, they told him things they wanted the President to know and then my dad would explain the obvious implications of all of this.  And of course, I was deeply involved for several years in this, too.  Until the State Department decided to cease listening to my warnings.


“It seems likely that Chinese defense planners will coalesce around the idea that the US is undertaking an open-ended strategic modernization which focuses largely on missile defenses and conventional strike capabilities, and that China needs to continue to improve the survivability of nuclear forces, largely through mobility, and continue to investigate ways to disrupt US command, control and intelligence capabilities,” said Lewis….


Ever since the Star Wars debates (and yes, I was directly involved in these Pentagon-sponsored debates held at Princeton, NJ and was greatly disliked by the Pentagon staff for what I said there, back in the 1970’s) the US has put both Russia and China on full alert.  The Russians were very pissed off by Star Wars.


Why is that?  Well…..(clearing throat here)…in the debates, Will Safire suddenly announced what the Pentagon staff was thinking to themselves, ‘With this, we can do a SNEAK ATTACK ON RUSSIA AND WIN!’ he chortled.  I was utterly enraged and yelled at him, ‘That will launch WWIII and Europe will be destroyed!’


He said, ‘Who cares?’  I was even more enraged, ‘I will tell the Germans what you said!’ I yelled, I nearly jumped across the table at this point (we were sitting around a very long but narrow table).  Soon after this event, the Chinese moved in with me with CIA blessings and we discussed Star Wars technology and strategy.  I tried to get the warmongering NYT to have an open discussion but it was one sided with Safire on his perch, writing long screeds while my response was confined to short, short ‘letters to the editor’.


I lost the debate and Reagan embraced Star Wars and we very nearly  had WWIII in 1984.  We escaped by the skin of our teeth.  Russia seriously considered nuking us before we could finish our Star Wars program.  But as they watched the program fail, they held off nuking us first.  So did the Chinese.


IT WAS THE FAILURE OF STAR WARS THAT SAVED US.  Now the Pentagon wants an alternative Star Wars????


Using above-ground launch facilities for CSM is seen by US military planners as a way to make it easy for China and Russia to distinguish quickly that the US missile in question is being fired as part of a C-PGS strike and not a nuclear strike. It is quite likely that CSM will be based at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and fall directly under the command of the US Strategic Command rather than the new USAF Global Strike Command.


OHG….this is so insane….I lived at that base when a child….saw  nukes being developed, this base also was an epicenter of Russian and Chinese spying.  One of my father’s associates was deported from the US and became the Father of China’s Rocket Program.  The pretense that it is OK to launch a non-nuclear military missile strike on China or Russia is obviously wrong, immoral and stupid.  It is certainly NOT OK to launch ANY sneak attack.


Launching even a 9/11 sort of attack can result in a nuclear strike.  I remember 9/11 very clearly (many people are quite unable to do this anymore) and I remember that the popularity of the concept of nuking all of Afghanistan was very, very high.  The only reason we didn’t nuke Afghanistan was it wasn’t necessary.  We simply invaded.  It was a victim with virtually zero ability at stopping an invasion.


But very high talent for bleeding any invaders slowly to death over many years!  But the other reason we couldn’t nuke Afghanistan was its proximity to both Russia and China.  Both forewarned us to not even discuss using nukes.


Note also in the above quote how the NEW ‘USAF Global Strike Command’ wasn’t going to do this odious sneak attack our Pentagon guys threatened the Chinese with: of course, the Chinese know that after this sneak attack from the US in California, the Global Strike Command will try to prevent a counter attack by China!


C-PGS fits quite neatly into President Barack Obama’s “Global Zero” plan to create a nuclear-free world.


See how Bomb Bomb Obama is now officially insane?  So, we will create a ‘nuclear free world’ via developing non-nuclear weapons so we can bomb anyone we want and not worry about retaliation!  Got that.  And pray tell, who on earth will disarm if they will now be unable to stop US assassin robot sneak attacks?  Eh?  People will arm even more and the US sells lots of arms to other nations.


Still, the 2010 QDR will only prompt opponents of C-PGS to speak out more loudly. Consider what Alexei Arbatov, a scholar in residence at the Carnegie Moscow Center, stated at a recent conference sponsored by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace:


There are very few countries in the world that are afraid of American nuclear weapons. But there are many countries that are afraid of American conventional weapons. In particular, nuclear weapons states like China and Russia are primarily concerned about growing American conventional, precision-guided, long-range capability, [or C-PGS] systems.


The only reason Muslims don’t fear nukes…so far…was due to the US not invading them but this has changed utterly with the disarmament and invasion of Iraq.  Now that the US is using assassin missiles freely every day in nuclear Pakistan, we know for certain that when the uprising succeeds and takes over Pakistan’s nuclear missiles, they will launch them.


[2] The Russians comprehend the inherent ambiguity in the US initiative, and they quickly became the most vocal and adamant opponents of C-PGS in general. It was the strong message from Russia that helped to cancel out the Trident in terms of any C-PGS role after the Russians argued successfully that it would be virtually impossible for them to discern quickly whether a long-range missile fired from a US submarine was carrying a nuclear or a conventional warhead.


ΩΩIn all discussions about disarmament, Israel is left out.  The Zionists won’t even admit they have a huge nuclear arsenal!  They sign NO treaties and they have a past record of sneak attacks on other nations.  The concept of disarming everyone else while letting Israel keep it secret nukes is insanity. No sane nation will disarm under these conditions.  I am still enraged at the anti nuke groups who pretend to be interested in disarmament but won’t go after Israel, first and foremost.


ΩΩNO nation on earth has secret nukes except for Israel!  And Israel is ground zero in the Apocalypse.  It is the grinding hell hole center of that event and is of great interest to anyone wishing to stop WWIII.  The fact that Russia reacted angrily to US moves to enhance sneak attack methods shows us that the Chinese, who talk secretly with the Russians and have many high level and intense contacts with Putin’s military arm, should warn us that the emerging Russian/Chinese alliance will aim at preventing US sneak attacks using ANY weapons whatsoever.


ΩΩOf course, the Pentagon loves all of this turmoil they are causing by being blunt, aggressive and despicable.  They know that now they can scare the US public into doubling Pentagon spending!  And the Pentagon is half of the US budget and growing as Bomb Bomb Obama increases their budget while telling the rest of us to go drop dead, he isn’t increasing domestic spending on Americans, while doubling money going to Israel, of course.


Pearl Harbor Attack

Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Hawaii, was attacked by Japanese torpedo and bomber planes on December 7, 1941, at 7:55 a.m. Hawaii time. The sneak attack sparked outrage in the American populace, news media, government and the world. On December 8, President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the American Congress, and the nation, to detail the attack. In that address, the president asked Congress to pass a declaration of war. Congress obliged, voted and passed the U.S. Declaration of War on Japan, on the same day. That was America’s formal entry into World War II.

. The attack took place on a sunny Sunday morning. A minimal contingent of soldiers was on duty at the time. Most offices on the base were closed and many servicemen were on leave for the weekend.


ΩΩWe review history: who won WWII?  The Japanese?  Or the US?  I have another major thesis here: sneak attackers nearly always lose wars over the long grind.  The hope of all sneak attackers is, the victim will either surrender or cease to trouble the victors who use the pause to attack others. The day of Pearl Harbor, the Japanese rolled into many smaller nations in the Pacific.  They lost all of these islands in less than 3 years.


ΩΩThey were hated tremendously.  Everyone cooperated with us and greeted us with joy when we came back and rescued them from the evil sneak attackers.  Ahem.  Note this: sneak attackers are EVIL by definition.


Operation Barbarossa was the largest military operation in human history in both manpower and casualties.[23] Its failure was a turning point in the Third Reich’s fortunes. Most important, Operation Barbarossa opened up the Eastern Front, to which more forces were committed than in any other theatre of war in world history. Operation Barbarossa and the areas that fell under it became the site of some of the largest battles, deadliest atrocities, highest casualties, and most horrific conditions for Soviets and Germans alike – all of which influenced the course of both World War II and 20th century history….


Immediately after the German invasion of the USSR, Adolf Hitler put forward a thesis that the Red Army made extensive preparations for an offensive war in Europe, thus justifying the German invasion as a pre-emptive strike.[65] After war this view was brought forward by some Wehrmacht leaders, like Wilhelm Keitel.[66]


ΩΩHitler seemed to win at first but again, the Russians pulled together and fought heroically to expel the sneak attackers.  And they put all their hearts and souls into this!  And Nazi Germany was utterly destroyed by the Russians, they were the ones that made it impossible for Hitler to hold onto Europe!  Worse, when the US came in from the opposite side, we were greeted as liberators because absolutely everyone hated the sneak attacking Nazis by that point.


French invasion of Russia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Napoleon’s invasion is better known in Russia as the Patriotic War of 1812 (Russian Отечественная война 1812 года, Otechestvennaya Vojna 1812 goda), not to be confused with the Great Patriotic War (Великая Отечественная война, Velikaya Otechestvennaya Voyna) which refers to Hitler’s, rather than Napoleon’s, invasion of Russia. The Patriotic War of 1812 is also occasionally referred to as the “War of 1812”, which is not to be confused with the conflict of the same name between the United Kingdom and the United States. It was also termed the “Fatherland War”, and later the “First Fatherland War”, with both World Wars later being termed the “Second Fatherland War”.[2] In pre-revolutionary Russian literature found such an epithet of the war as “an invasion of twelve languages” Russian: нашествие двунадесяти ясек. In an attempt to gain increased support from Polish nationalists and patriots, Napoleon in his own words termed this war the “Second Polish War” (the first Polish war being the liberation of Poland from Russia, Prussia and Austria), because one of the main goals of this war was the resurrection of the Polish state on the territories of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine.


ΩΩThis was one of the most spectacular failed sneak attacks in history…alongside the other famous one by Hitler.  The US is utterly insane if we think we can do sneak attacks on Russia.  And now on to other dire news showing that we MUST terminate not only the CIA but reduce our Pentagon by at least 50% if we wish to survive as a culture, a democracy or even as human beings on this planet:


Blair: US Govt Can Kill Citizens Overseas as Part of ‘Defined Policy’ — News from

In testimony before the House Intelligence Committee today, National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair told representatives that American citizens can be assassinated by the US government when they are oveseas.


Blair said the comments were intended to “reassure” Americans that there was a “set of defined policy and legal procedures” in place and that such assassinations are always carried out by the book….


…Blair insisted that under no circumstances would Americans be assassinated overseas for criticizing the government, adding “we don’t target people for free speech.” Rather they are subject to assassination when the government decides they are a threat and when they “get specific permission.” Exactly who was giving that permission was unclear.


ΩΩWe are addicted to assassinations using robots controlled by distant operators.  We now are going to assassinate Americans.  Oh, this will  be all ‘legal’, of course!  My dad was at the Nüremberg Trials.  He was a witness for the prosecution.  As I figure it, one of the big excuses the Nazis had was, ‘We were following German laws’.  Legalizing one’s own crimes doesn’t work.  When the Chinese put our leaders on trial after WWIII, if we have any systems left to use for this purpose, they will throw this ‘legal’ excuse back in our faces.


ΩΩSo, who will get to run this assassination squad death list?  Nixon had a hate list, for example.  And what nighttime temptations!  No one can control the person who is unilaterally deciding who to murder via robot assassins!  So what will stop this lunatic from using this secret Ring of Doom power of assassination?  What if he is mad at his wife?  Or irritated with someone who cut him off in traffic?


ΩΩWhat if he wants to stop someone from talking about getting rid of him politically?  What if he wants to shut up critics?  The temptations are obvious and the results equally obvious: this new, paralegal, nay, illegal use of assassination power will be used even against Presidents!  Who will not control the assassins, no one controls them, they are isolated in some chamber and talk to someone in the Pentagon!!!!!


ΩΩGood gods, this program must stop!  Note the happy talk about the powers these dark assassinations give the Pentagon!!!  Note that Congress didn’t arrest this clown!!! Instead, they discussed how to do this ‘only’ overseas!!!!  And who can trust a government that uses robot assassin killers when we venture out of this country, and could target anyone, any time for any reason at all????


US to Launch Massive Helmand Offensive ‘Within Days’ — News from

“We are going to go with the Afghan national security forces to clear, hold and build, and deliver alternatives for all the Afghans,” insisted NATO spokesman Eric Tremblay. It is expected to be the largest US military operation since President Obama announced his December escalation.


But vague pledges of “alternatives” aside, the invasion’s key goal is to prop up Haji Zair, who was appointed as the Marjah governor but hasn’t been able to actually travel there, let alone set up residence.


ΩΩAnd we continue to bleed to death in Afghanistan.  The poor people there will now bear the brunt of brutal US assassin warfare.  And the number of assassin robots attacking Pakistan climb.  The civilians there are retaliating and managed to penetrate our defenses and kill three US secret assassin target facilitators in Pakistan as well as last month’s successful attack on secret CIA agents in Afghanistan.


ΩΩThe Chinese watch all of this with rising irritation.  And Russia is rapidly preparing for another sneak attack.

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  1. ralph

    America is like the bully kid in the school yard. One day all the other kids band together and kick his ass, teach him a lesson. America has been pillaging-financially every nation on Earth. They send us goods, we send them scrap paper. How much longer can this last?

  2. emsnews

    The plan seems to be to keep this scam going via military threats on anyone demanding we honor our contracts (that is, not destroy the dollar via inflation or default on all the loans in particular, government debt and Fannie Mae loans).

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    We started as a place where countries sent their religious crazy sects. And now we will end as a crazy religious sect gone power mad. What the Founding Fathers did was just a band aid over the original problem.

    In the dreams of the US, we are forever a small group of religious people huddling around a campfire while the Natives hoot at us in the dark. Its been the mindset of the nation from day one. We all have been collectively hiding from the shame that we were born as a country from mass genocide. It still haunts us, which is why we get silly, immature films like Avatar and Dances with Wolves. And not to mention that we exulted in slavery for years after.

    As far as Israel goes, almost all Jewish Americans I spoke to hate the country and the people. But would never say so in public protest. Why is that? What fear is holding them back with what they know? We are coming to a point where our Jewish countrymen and women will have to make a choice. They must because they hold part of the key to stopping this insanity.

  4. Obviously, they have adapted the drone technology to the cruise missles. Which means the real war is in space.

  5. RobG

    Off Topic – hey Elaine, there really is a Miss Risky!: (link)

    In case you missed it because it was an L.A. story: A former Beverly Hills real estate appraiser who last week was sentenced to 3 years in prison and ordered to pay more than $46 million for her role in an extensive mortgage fraud scheme is an Orange County resident.

    The scheme cost banks tens of millions of dollars in losses, the U.S. Attorney’s office says.

    Lila Rizk, 43, was convicted last summer on conspiracy, bank fraud and loan fraud charges.

    Lehman Brothers Bank alone was deceived into funding more than 80 such inflated loans from 2000 into 2003, resulting in tens of millions of dollars in losses.

  6. if

    Tomorrow you get the governments “revision” on jobless claims. 824,000 Jobs will disappear on Feb 5th. If there are no jobs there is no consumption or taxes to feed the system. Here is Mish on the subject 824,000 Will Disappear On February 5; BLS Admits Flawed Model But Plans No Changes and NO ONE is paying any attention to those falling OFF OF the unemployment list cause they have been on there for too long. We just don’t count them anymore. Real umemployment will cross 20% (+17% now).
    They have now enacted legislation that will limit what you can get from your MM accounts. Yes, you can not just withdraw your funds on demand anymore. The Treasury Is Soliciting Your Feedback Regarding The Proposed Annuitization Of 401(k) I highly suggest you use the link provided to fight this action…
    …Shall we mention the possibility of raising of the US Treasury’s borrowing limits by $1.9 TRILLION. Yes, we were out of money and just might decide to extend our own credit (ain’t that the cherry on top of the cake in this credit crisis!) They are debating that virtually right now. Try Visualizing The Abyss: An Itemized Representation Of The (Endless) U.S. Budget Deficit Would you like to see the US National Debt Clock?

  7. Dibbles

    melponeme_k at 6:06 pm

    Not disparage or disrespect you, but our country started with debt-bondage and religious refuge. Europe was in the throws of religious persecution and global colonization at the time. Some of that persecution (witch burnings) even found its way to our shores. That’s in part why our founding fathers wanted to protect religious freedom. Including freedom from religious intolerance.

    Also, the genocide and rampage involved in colonization of the New World was not exclusive to the (now) US. Read some of C. Columbus’ writings, and read about the Conquistadors. The pilgrims came about a century after Columbus and the first Conquistadors.

  8. Dibbles

    Also, I want to mention that slavery did not exist in most states. Much of US statehood did not happen until after the Civil War.

  9. Dibbles

    Most of our founding fathers were products of the enlightenment.


    ELAINE: And half including Jefferson and G. Washington were slave owners.

  10. PLovering

    TWIMC, “It’s an emerging realization. I don’t think the Chinese have fully come to grips with it,” said Dr Jeffrey Lewis, director of the Nuclear Strategy and Nonproliferation Initiative at the Washington DC-based New America Foundation.”

    The New America Foundation wants to fill the US military with gays, queers, lesbians, transsexuals, and interior decorators.

    The Chinese will die by the thousands laughing themselves to death.


    ELAINE: Not only are you gullible about germ technology systems, you are a seething mass of unpleasant hatreds. Typical of right wingers of many sorts, by the way. Also, people with good taste are good. Think about it.

    As for lesbians, if you want, I can set up a cage fight for you to battle the real thing. But I won’t bother with you doing this with some stranger, I’ll step in for all Lesbians who are offended by you. Smack down fun.

  11. Romania is now getting involved. They are going to help America with “other” threats.

  12. Jeremy/Nashville


    ELAINE: Plovering is suffering from ideological burn out. Ignore him…HAHAHA….as for Romania; all the soviet states want us to step in and take all the blows while they tease Russia. NOT a smart move on our part, not at all.

  13. Jeremy/Nashville

    PLovering, you are a total dumb ass.

  14. melponeme_k

    Dibbles, I’m one of the ancestors of the surviving members from mass displacement.

    From my readings of history, the religious communities here went feral and started witch hunts in which they murdered their own towns people. They were here to create their “city on the hill”. Not too different from the cults who run off to the desert and go insane together.

    The Founding Fathers tried to protect speech and religious worship. But it was a band aid over the initial impulse to come here…to create a new Jerusalem.

    All states have bloody hands in slavery. My people were enslaved. But since we had no immunity to European disease we didn’t survive very long. Hence the move to enslave the African populace. The northern states had a hand in shipping those enslaved people here. It was good for the money for awhile. And the nascent western states did nothing to stop it either. It was only a small group that sheltered escapees.

    I count black Americans as my people as well. Many of them have Native ancestry.


    ELAINE: A number of Indian tribes kept black slaves who became very integrated within these communities (since racism put both groups in the same category).

  15. emsnews

    I came from conquerers who would sail their Viking ships to some shore somewhere and then loot the place. Finally, under William the Bastard, we came ashore to Merry England and took over rather violently.

    The butchery of people in history is long, very long, all the way back to when we were apes.

  16. melponeme_k

    Yes, Elaine, tribes kept slaves as well. Both black and white people kidnapped from neighboring villages. Racism is universal.

    The viking ancestors wanted to do that here in “Vinland” too. But they were small and couldn’t hold their own against the tribes. They were afraid of the skraelings. There is a myth that what started the skraelings to attack the Norse was milk. They could drink it but we couldn’t. So the tribe that tried, got sick and thought they were being poisoned.

    Now other Norse ancestors, Russians, had run ins with my particular tribe. When they sold Alaska to the US, they wrote about us as “uncivilized”. Which was a nice way to say dangerous and bug ass crazy. My tribe killed anyone on sight, no questions asked. Only relatives were allowed free passage on to their lands. You can imagine how popular forced marriages became among Russian fur trappers.

  17. PLovering

    @Elaine, “As for lesbians, if you want, I can set up a cage fight for you to battle the real thing.”

    Hot Dayum, cage fight with lesbian.

    Will need prenup to cover rape charges.


    ELAINE: You wouldn’t last ten minutes. And it will be rather painful.

  18. Dibbles

    To Elaine,
    “half including Jefferson and G. Washington were slave owners.”

    True. But the Enlightenment was a radical shift from Church & Monarchic rule, with people as subjects. The concept of Natural Law gave man inherent rights and direct communion with God (as opposed to interventionist communion by higher human authority.)

    Slavery was an unquestioned condition of humanity for most of our existence. The abolishment of slavery by nation states is a relatively current event in human history. Sadly slavery still exists in much of the world today in various forms.

    My point was only that we can’t beat ourselves up for slavery, when in fact our nation was a product of inherited preexisting societal structure, and was relatively early in the movement to abolish it. Abolishment in itself was radical at the time. The Civil War was a defining moment, not only in our US history, but that of the world. (But I’m not suggesting we were the first.)

  19. PLovering

    @Dibbles, “Jefferson and G. Washington were slave owners.”

    The difference between slave owners and slave traders.

    Listen to Professor Tony Martin:

  20. Dibbles

    To melponeme_k at 10:19 pm

    My intent is not to start a feud. Too much of that going on already.

    Some of my extended family is native American. Our Grandfather was an agent of Congress (and probably Quaker) who came far out west (pre-Civil War) to negotiate treaties with tribes, after first establishing who and what consisted of a given tribe. One of the conditions was that the tribe must give up the practice of slavery. It was rare, but did in fact exist.

    (This region would have become part of the British Empire, or part of the US nation.)

  21. Dibbles

    PLovering at 11:53

    I’m not sure what the intent of this video is except to suggest that slavery is the fault of Jews?

    Even where there could not have been contact with Jews?


    ELAINE: Plovering brings in every piece of garbage he can find and then some. It is interesting me to see how some people operate and the world they inhabit.

  22. B.A.

    That Americans still see themselves as pilgrims in a new world, surrounded by threatening, strange, demonic, enemies, I agree. I don’t agree though, of a deep remorse affecting them. Precisely because the were religious exiles, and this was their promised land, “clearing out” the land of “barbaric” natives was part of God’s imperative, sanctioned by the Old Testament and carried out in the brutal fashion of the old twelve tribes in which these new chosen peoples fashioned themselves.
    Make no mistake: they were and are as lacking in guilt over their exterminations of rival faiths as the cosquistadores or any other aggressive, expansionist tribe ever were.

  23. adammateyko

    While the US etal gear up for the confluence of events to trigger WWIII, some are debating slavery? I personally dont own any slaves nor would I, but indentured servants; why not? The banks own them by the truckload. Anyone with any kind of loan, is a “slave”. That includes anyone who belongs to any country that is in debt, ie nearly everyone. So we are all slaves. Jostling between slaves while the masters look on, is stupid.
    Power over people or nature, is the only real power there is. Again this is the dualism; over people is the insane/irrational, over nature is the rational/logical. One must balance the other. So the smarter we get the crazier we become. Right?
    Regarding dreams, they truly are the reality when all things are revealed.

  24. Colin

    “Slavery was an unquestioned condition of humanity for most of our existence. The abolishment of slavery by nation states is a relatively current event in human history.”

    The even sader thing is that slavery will probably make a come back. In the ancient world the slave states where always the democratic states. If you think about it it makes sense: When people get a say in government they don’t want to do physical labour any more. The cost of labour rises untill, it is unaffordable, then the enslavement starts. Democracy : High cost of Labour : Slavery : Oligarchy

    If you live in a democracy that looks after the peoples’ welfare then you might avoid it. Fordism (or bottom up economics) is what really helps avoid it. But, that’s not the way i see the situation going at the moment. Not now we’re obcessed with top down / trickle down economics, and are in a serious crisis. I exect a tragic return to slavery.

    There’s no taxation without representation, but there’s also no representation without taxation (Charles the first was alowed to end representation because he also stopped requesting taxation). And if governments have decided that they’re going to fund the day-to-day opperations of the government through debt, rather than tax… (A policy started under reagan by the way, who created more debt than all the other presidents before him combined – no tax cut is a real tax cut if they’re spending more afterwards). … If they’re funding themselves thru debt, then they’re ‘taxing’ the banks, the banks pay their wages, and logically it follows that they’re represnting the banks.

    ELAINE: Absolutely correct. People think taxes are slavery. They can…if there is no gain from labor going to the workers. But avoiding taxes by dumping debt on the public is insidious and leads to being enslaved by the creditors.

  25. Duski

    ““Confused because I don’t think anyone could explain to them what [C-PGS] entailed and perhaps still cannot with any fidelity, and concerned because it is seen as another aspect of American hegemony and space domination plans, and because it potentially changes US nuclear strategy in unanticipated and perhaps undesirable ways,””

    … How, after all this, can they underestimate chinese people intelligence so horribly? Unbelieavable.

  26. Duski

    ” What would happen, they asked, if the United States attacked China’s nuclear forces with conventional weapons? Would China still adhere to its ‘no first use’ promise?” said Lewis. “The Chinese side did not understand that the Americans were engaging in a clumsy ‘thought experiment’ that was purely illustrative,”

    AHAHAHHAHA IDIOTS. “Oh, we thought that we’d destroy your nuclear capacity, you surely would not retaliate us, would you? Oh come on, how did you take our OPEN THREAT OF SNEAK ATTACK seriously?”

    Are these people purposedly playing dumb and trying to provoke China to attack first?

  27. justiceatsqualor


    Surprised opponents are much less effective several hours before dawn than at dawn. And attackers trained and equipped to fight in the dark are better served with more time in the dark.

    All those historical sneak attacks happened at dawn because the attackers lacked good nightfighting capabilities, but wanted to approach under cover of darkness and sleep. At dawn, the attackers could operate while the targets were still a little drowsy. But limited nightfighting technology and training meant they were still better off fighting in the light of dawn. Nowadays in order to maximize nightfighting skills, technological advantages, and time on drowsy target sites, things do happen between 3:00 AM and dawn. This I’ve learned through much experience.

    Anyway, it does seem like nuclear war is more inexorable now than ever, from societal insanity over peak oil resource shortages, to the tendencies of empires going broke, to overpopulation.

  28. Dibbles

    “but there’s also no representation without taxation”
    Agree. And listen to corporations and the right-wing howl for more tax cuts. Like tax cuts have helped anyone by them for the last thirty years. They want to replace government with a new feudal society.

  29. Dibbles

    anyone “but” them


  30. Dibbles

    Our government needs to fund its’ operating budgets through Credit. But moving from a privately owned debt banking system to one of credit is the challenge.

  31. B.A.

    The behavior of US’s elites, exemplified by this absurd “consultation” on the consequences of a sneak conventional attack ( “that cool with you?”) doe not bring to mind a mad man. Rather it is what you expect from an arrogant, spoilt and frivolous rich kid, used to getting his way, never paying for a broken glass, treating other as though they are obviously less than you so that any affront to their their dignity is irrelevant. And there is no bigger affront than the total lack of empathy for someone’s feelings, for it denies their humanity more eloquently than words can. When effectively executed it leads to the submissive compliance by the weakened victim. Pimps and bullies are masters of this. The English were very good at it. They were an empire of bullies, very clever ones. People are still in awe of their “superiority” and want their Queen to rule over their “freed” nations.
    Asking someone how they’ll react if you attack them with conventional weapons is not so much mad as it is arrogant and humiliating. We are contemplating destroying you, which obviously means we can, we would dare and we expect to get away with it cost free. Oh, by the way, we’ll need you to by more Treasury bills, old boy.

  32. PLovering

    @ Dibbles, “fault of Jews? Even where there could not have been contact with Jews?”

    Newport, RI was the epicenter of the colonial slave trade in the Americas.

    Newport shipped rum to Africa to trade for slaves.

    Slaves were then shipped to the Caribbean and Americas, and traded for molasses and money.

    The molasses and monies were then shipped to Newport, RI and traded for rum.

    Newport, RI had 22 rum distilleries all owned by Jews, who also owned (leased) most of the slave ships.

  33. Aussie

    Elaine, you are a treasure.
    It is such joys to read the comments from fellow bloggers….you are the light at the end of a dark and distant tunnel.
    The internet may create world communities large enough to influence modify how our leaders act – over time.

    This John Pilger may interest you:

    Any comments Elaine on this?

    The US government is a rogue terror state.

    But we must remember that even my own country is not without faults.
    Australia, to my shame, went with you into Vietnam and recently into Iraq and Afghanistan as well for expediency.
    Our leaders fear Asia and prefer to manipulate them under bully boy Uncle Sam.
    Our contribution was the annual premium paid for “protection” insurance.

    Plovering, I agree with Elaine and suggest the people you denigrate have feelings and hope as much as you.
    They have parents, friends and needs just as you.

    Perhaps, you need to look into yourself and ask what caused you hate so much?
    Sometimes, we re-direct our own subconscious and unresolved issues on others that have done you no harm?

    I am not trying to belittle you and confess that I have had personal issues before and no doubt experience others in the future.
    That means you and I are the same but are coping differently?

  34. bob k

    Thanks Elaine,

    I have one further deterrent option for the SCO. They make it clear that any attack on their nations will mean instant nuclear retaliation on the Zionist Jews of London, Israel, and New York. They are the predatory elite willing to sacrifice our lives for their deviant dreams of world domination. Maintain a nuclear threat to the Zionist Jews, who own and dominate American politics, academy, and economics,
    to protect China from sneak attack!

  35. Aussie


    Deep inside our own brains there is this place ……

    How true your insight is again.

    The amydala (older brain aggression) and brain stem (older brain reptilian) is where our dark side comes rationalized by cerebral cortex.
    I am a carer for my daughter suffering schizophrenia and Elaine’s penchant for associating our nature to analogous myths and our perceptions is so appropriate.

    Sometimes, her delusions are expressions are deeply logical that was distorted her sensory and reasoning pathways do not synergize into one coherent process.
    Other times, her fears from the older brain components are not filtered by her cerebellum become naked fear.

    Despite all her problems she a responsible person implying that our love and her value system somehow prevailed.

    I have learned to better understand myself by trying to understand why and how my daughter feels.
    Somehow, Elaine reached the same insight into how we are thru her own journey.

    My impression is Elaine suggests group thinking is the aggregation resulting from how we as individuals perceive and act?

    You blog is a palimpsest of converging reasoning processes?

  36. On the other hand what this process sounds like to me is the Mil-Ind ‘complex’ doing advance planning in order to…… spend money. Its now so very organized you even work everything out with your ‘enemies’ so they can benefit from the spending also. Efficiency.
    If you pick up an Aviation magazine there is very little about flying ,its all about politics and budgets.

  37. Ian


    Every cloud has a silver lining – mostly.

    Although I agree we shouldn’t have sent our military to Vietnam (especially given the UK got a pass), think of all the great Vietnamese Australians who have ended up here as a result – even Kevin Rudd’s nephew (not that I agree with all he says)!

    Traditionally we’ve gone to war at other nations’ behest, but we’ve embraced people from countries we fought against at the end of hostilities. Think of the Snowy Mountains Scheme… Our military were in Somalia in the Nineteen- Eighties, and now we have a Somali-Australian community.

    Let’s see what happens with the Iraqis and Afghanis.

  38. PLovering

    Aussie, “That means you and I are the same but are coping differently?”

    Yes, indeed!

    I am much obliged for your differing application of personal sensitivity.

  39. if

    @Aussie, regarding schizophrenia:
    “If you have a cardiovascular problem, I would prefer to be a citizen in Los Angeles than in India,” said Benedetto Saraceno, director of the department of mental health and substance abuse at WHO’s headquarters in Geneva. “If I had cancer, I would prefer to be treated in New York than in Iran. But if you have schizophrenia, I am not sure I would prefer to be treated in Los Angeles than in India.”

  40. isha

    Very informative blog on an very interesting subject in Texas… Hope you like it …
    Monday, January 25, 2010
    Homeschool Students and the Military

    Many homeschool students aspire to enter the military after graduation, but they encounter confusion and misinformation when it comes time to speak with the recruiters in the field. There are a few simple things to keep in mind in this regard, but the most important one is that homeschool students must have actually graduated from high school in order to qualify for Tier 1 status with the military. (Tier 1 status is definitely the route to go as that will open up the doors for advancement and opportunities that are not available without this ranking.)

    The June 1, 2007, Department of Defense policy states that a GED will not be required of homeschool graduates in order to prove their academic equivalency.

  41. Aussie

    If and Ian,

    Good point, the fact we embrace the people you mention is good and shows how stupid the was in the first place.

    Thank you, Social Network’s Healing Power… was excellent.
    I agree.
    Unfortunately, in the west the healing is mostly done by a professional in a society where cars isolate us from each other.
    We in the west do not have a village community in our own suburb.

    We are social animals as was our distant ancestors such as Australopithecines etc.

  42. csurge

    Words fail me.

    American Zionists: “Listen up, bub. I want to beat the living shit out of you. But I know you’ve got a Uzi in the back. So if I promise only to use knuckle-dusters and knives, will you promise not to go get that sucker and retaliate?”

    Russians and Chinese: -_-

  43. Wu Wei

    “Most of our founding fathers were products of the enlightenment.


    ELAINE: And half including Jefferson and G. Washington were slave owners.”

    LOL EMS! Yeah that’s enlightenment for y’all.

  44. Dibbles

    Colin at 12:51 am

    Not to keep beating a dead horse, but I wanted to respond and ran out of time yesterday:

    “When people get a say in government they don’t want to do physical labour any more.”
    What you are describing is a currency that has become so degraded that it can no longer afford skilled labor. Thus the need to outsource. And to attack labor unions.

    B.A. @ 1:29 am

    “total lack of empathy”
    You are describing sociopathology.

    PLovering @ 1:36 am

    Oh I get it now.
    Newport, RI and Jews are the cause of slavery among tribes and peoples that had not had contact and awareness of each other before. And of course all slavery predating Moses and the birth of Judahism.
    Do you go to school at Wellesley?

  45. Dibbles

    To Ian at 4:46 am

    All my life I’ve noticed that every time we engage in a war somewhere in the world, our local community and school systems suddenly explode with a new group of citizens. Not that it’s a bad thing. In fact many new local treasures of business and commerce spring up. But it does put quite a strain on local social and physical infrastructure, and budget constraints.

  46. Dibbles

    Aussie at 2:59 am

    “Other times, her fears from the older brain components are not filtered by her cerebellum become naked fear.”

    In our large extended family, we have sufferers of Schizophrenia, Autism and Asperger’s. The mind is a remarkable thing, even in seeming aberrations.

    Your mentioning of brain layers makes me think of my very old Coon Hound. I had to put her to sleep recently. She was suffering from doggie dementia (Altzheimers). Toward the end of her days she became afraid and resistant to the very activity she’d loved and lived for…her daily walk. The last two times I took her out she had bouts of panic and terror from things that would have interested her before. An approaching, unmenacing human figure off in the distance. A cat running away from us. Insignificant movement, particularly of living things. Yes, I think you and Elaine are correct about emotion, primitive layers, brain function and reasoning abilities.

    I loved that ancient old bag of bones and miss her.

    Best of luck with your daughter. You sound like a wonderful parent.

  47. Dibbles

    ziff house @ 3:12 am

    Efficiency and innovation.
    On the cheap.

  48. Dibbles

    OK Elaine,

    ELAINE: And half including Jefferson and G. Washington were slave owners.”

    LOL EMS! Yeah that’s enlightenment for y’all.

    I think you are putting the cart before the ox and blaming the cart for where it is. Without the Enlightenment we would not have become independent from monarchy and religious dominion. We would still be subjects without individual rights. There would be no sovereignty to shape and mold our future, which later included the abolition of slavery.

  49. Dibbles

    Oops. Sorry Elaine,

    Should have responded to Wu Wei
    @ 12:00 pm

  50. PLovering

    @ Wu Wei, “Most of our founding fathers were products of the enlightenment.”

    The Founding Fathers were true Patriots.

    They labored to write the Constitution with a noose over their heads. They were gambling their families, fortunes, and very lives.

    They were all in.

  51. PLovering


    The Wabanaki Indians killed my great x-grandfather, William Lovering, during the Sheepscot Massacre of 1688 in Maine.

    Our great nation was born of sacrifice.

    Freedoms are maintained by sacrifice.

    Lock’n Load

  52. hans

    Anybody care to comment on the accuracy of this Last August 2009, a busload of former key employees from the USDept Treasury and Wall Street firms arrived in Brussels Belgium. They turned themselves in to legal authorities in an attempt to avoid eventual prosecution. They came loaded with evidence, documents, emails, testimony, boxes of CDs, and much more. They won asylum in exchange for turning state’s evidence. The Brussels Serious Fraud Squad is running with the data. All indications point to a strategic decision made by the Brussels Interpol squad. Their target is London, because it lies at the center of the syndicate enforcement of the fiat currency system, where the gold suppression is centered, where the greatest point of weakness exists, where the absence of gold is most glaring to make them vulnerable. London is the weakest link in the Ponzi Scheme chain, known as the global monetary system with USDollar price mechanism and USTreasury Bond reserve component in banks.

  53. wuen

    If Pentagon threaten China with sneak Attack, then China should threaten Pentagon with peace and love with Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, Japan, India, Brasil, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, America Africa, Europe, the whole world 🙂

  54. wuen

    I want make a correction, instead of “peace and love”, it is “peace and friendship”

  55. justiceatsqualor

    Blair is now the “blame-O” for extrajudicial murder of American citizens outside the framework of the Geneva Convention, even considering the most liberal definitions of unlawful combatant spies and saboteurs, he doesn’t get to kill Americans unless Congress authorizes summary executions, and I don’t think they’ve done so. Notice how this ding-dong isn’t a part of any agency with a bureaucracy or staff to defend or any institutional wisdom. He’s hanging out there like Ollie.

    Congrats dude!

    Here’s a hint for your trial: self defense requires imminence, so if you’re going to say American citizen killings were justified by some type of deadly “threat” then it needs to be just about to happen and there ought to be no lesser means available to avert the threat than deadly force. i.e. no possible time to arrest, etc. Otherwise, you’re murdering Americans, dude!

    If your lawyers are telling you something different from hundreds of years of English and American jurisprudence, you need to wonder before it’s too late . . . but then again, you are the Blame-O, after all.

  56. nah

    James Cameron should make a movie about American creating a time machine to send androids to nazi germany to kill Hitler… but like they have to kill him like 20 times
    theres time machines see
    be a good movie… dudes like a movie Meatloaf
    but i also think israel could do some more… partner with the PLO for LIFE SUN
    or whatever, its not like its the end of the world… theres only so many anti muslim laws a nation can pass without nazi death camps… or ghettos… or racial inequality rite down to personal property… or a tyranny of ideas…
    israel is like a friendly sunny place rite next to a oil derrick
    and that holds a dear place in my heart ‘THE OIL DERRICK’
    and with the pentagon, i agree they kill lots of people… sometimes id almost wish them good luck, like theres something in it for me or something… anyways its not brain science, but it aint kindergarten and if were gunna go broke for the pentagon thats a damn shame, the banks ruined us
    however the private mercenaries hold a host of concerns that i entertain… if the world were to go apocalypse whats left of the pentagon should put any organized group of foreign militia on the terrorist watch list…
    in the world of dog eat dog… all thats left is one dog

  57. justiceatsqualor


    Your grammar and format seems disingenuous. Please don’t address me and I won’t address you.

  58. @Elaine: thanks for illustrating another reason why the apocalyptic Christians scare me half to death! For what would they do before they lauch their pet project, The Apocalypse, aka WWIII? They’ll come after us queers and especially us gay men and particularly us gay men who are also Christian (like me), that’s what they’d do! For we are living proof that their cherished theories and assumptions about homosexuality, that they think they got from the Bible, are completely erroneous. This is why the implementation of gay rights = equal rights is so vitally important. Because it would be a curb and a control against the end-timers’ desire to precipitate the Rapture.

    And what if they and TPTB do bring about WWIII? One of two things will happen: either Jesus Christ will return, with every queer that has been exterminated by the end-timers and their homophobic ilk at his right hand, and the end-timers themselves at his left, doomed to become demons with TPTB in the Outer Darkness. Otherwise, Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and that is just too ugly.


    ELAINE: I seriously doubt that Jesus and his 12 buddies hate gays. This is something that we should think about: what if Jesus hates anti-gay people? And sends them to hell? It is possible, after all! 🙂

  59. @Plovering,

    Have you ever put yourself in our shoes? What if you and all other straight people were in a minority sexual orientation and we denied your common humanity?

    BTW, the ancient Hellenic city-states figured out how to intergrate homosexual men into their militaries:

    But you won’t learn it from “The 300” wherein Hollywood homophobically made this band into a fraternal brotherhood and the opposing Persian warriors a bunch of disorganised, unprepared, promiscuously gay men.

  60. OK I have a correction to make: the 300 were actually Spartans. In the film, Leonidas referred to the Athenians as “boy-lovers” but in reality the Spartans were the ones who practiced institutional pederasty and the other Greeks told rude sexual jokes about their practices! HAHAHA.

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