The Universal Hologram: Human Brains Are Very Odd Places

The global warming hysteria and counter hysteria has gone up several notches as the deep south in the US and much of Europe freezes this winter.  Everyone has to be drama queens about this business as if mere humans understand half of what that elder goddess, Mother Nature, does to us.  We evolved big brains due to ‘climate change’ but it seems to be useless when it comes to thinking about things in a sane way.


ΩΩSanity is very precious.  It is rare.  When we think we are sane, we are often crazy.  Understanding that we can’t see nature directly but only can build some sort of structure in our own brains which then replaces the real thing, is the paradox of being human: we have no idea of what is really going on thanks to our amazing ability to turn everything into an Idea.


ΩΩOur feeble attempts at figuring out the obvious amuses Mother Nature but not quite to the degree that it amuses the even older goddesses of Infinity and Zero.  The story about how the universe is really a ‘hologram’ is typical of human attempts at seeing nature: we end up in a hall of mirrors which reflects our own mind’s labyrinthian interior.  We mistake this for ‘reality’.


ΩΩThe majesty of reality is totally missing from our ego-driven brains.  Since childhood, I mused over the concept of how ‘Jesus’ or ‘Buddha’ who are mere humans, could be elevated into ‘god’ status.  It is totally illogical as well as obviously impossible.  But it is easy to do: all one has to do is think this is happening and it seems normal and logical.  But it is NOT natural.  It is self-contained.


ΩΩAs well as grossly egotistical.  In ancient religions predating the idea we should worship ourselves, there was this interesting concept called ‘Hubris‘:

It was also considered the greatest crime of the ancient Greek world. The category of acts constituting hubris for the ancient Greeks apparently broadened from the original specific reference to mutilation of a corpse, or a humiliation of a defeated foe, or irreverent “outrageous treatment” in general. It often resulting in fatal retribution or Nemesis. Ate|Atë, ancient Greek for “ruin, folly, delusion,” is the action performed by the hero, usually because of his/her hubris, or great pride, that leads to his/her death or downfall…. Herodotus made it clear in a passage [6],


Seest thou how God with his lightning smites always the bigger animals, and will not suffer them to wax insolent, while those of a lesser bulk chafe him not? How likewise his bolts fall ever on the highest houses and the tallest trees? So plainly does He love to bring down everything that exalts itself. Thus ofttimes a mighty host is discomfited by a few men, when God in his jealousy sends fear or storm from heaven, and they perish in a way unworthy of them. For God allows no one to have high thoughts but Himself.


ΩΩ‘Hubris’ is a very ancient word and doesn’t stem from any other words.  Like the Indo-european words for ‘light’ or ‘mother’ or other early, elemental words, this one was probably spoken many, many thousands of years ago and like a stone in a sack, has been carried about by humans ever since we built the first fire pit.  It recognizes that humans neither control nature nor the spirit world.  All religions grew like barnacles on this elemental concept as a futile attempt at controlling nature and our fates via manipulating or controlling the gods which is the very definition of ‘hubris’!


ΩΩLike all these riddles, it is a ‘horns of dilemma’ thing as well as dangerous thing as we misunderstand all that we see due to hubristic beliefs that we know everything and control everything and everything isn’t all that ‘real’ after all, our minds and the models we construct there are ‘real’ while nature is a hologram!  See below:


Our world may be a giant hologram – space – 15 January 2009 – New Scientist

For many months, the GEO600 team-members had been scratching their heads over inexplicable noise that is plaguing their giant detector. Then, out of the blue, a researcher approached them with an explanation. In fact, he had even predicted the noise before he knew they were detecting it. According to Craig Hogan, a physicist at the Fermilab particle physics lab in Batavia, Illinois, GEO600 has stumbled upon the fundamental limit of space-time – the point where space-time stops behaving like the smooth continuum Einstein described and instead dissolves into “grains”, just as a newspaper photograph dissolves into dots as you zoom in. “It looks like GEO600 is being buffeted by the microscopic quantum convulsions of space-time,” says Hogan.


Physics is encased within a system built up since my grandfather’s day when he first looked at Mars on top of Mt. Wilson in California.  All things that happen are put into this system of thought and each item confirms each other.  But instead of showing more and more ‘reality’ it is moving us away from ‘reality’.


This story illustrates how the human mind works: something odd is noticed. So it is shuffled into the deck of ‘things we know’ and voila: the conclusion is, the Universe isn’t really real, it is this odd thing.  Well…when I was a child, my astronomer grandfather told me that all solids are not solids, they appear to be solid.  They are really atoms made up of protons and electrons, etc.


He told me, ‘If you were to make yourself smaller than an electron, you could pass through any solids.’  I said, ‘Even walls?’  And he said, ‘Yes, even walls.’  So I decided to turn my own body into something less solid via using my brain.  Then I tried merging into and passing through walls.  This was to enable my spying.


Reality laughed at me.  I couldn’t do it.  When I used to lecture about space travel, I would talk about how we can’t travel at the speed of light because we would be destroyed by even light photons not to mention, space is far from empty, it is filled with gasses and fine dust as well as large objects.


If this doesn’t blow your socks off, then Hogan, who has just been appointeddirector of Fermilab’s Center for Particle Astrophysics, has an even bigger shock in store: “If the GEO600 result is what I suspect it is, then we are all living in a giant cosmic hologram.”


HAHAHA.  Look, all things in creation are actually very small things.  Very, very elementally small things.  The ‘elements’ are not small at all, they are ‘big things’ while the smallest things are everything.  This I saw very clearly when I was directly hit by a major lightning bolt as a child.


I didn’t become ‘unconscious’ like most victims, I was turned inside out, electronically speaking.  This was very unnerving.  It distresses me to even talk about the experience.  My body literally begins to shudder with the anxiety.


Nonetheless, it is important to understand what my brain did when I was hit: I suddenly understood that we are a collection of very small things that are in constant motion (the electrons in all our many atoms which are of incredible numbers that are like an interior ‘cloud’ in our own structures that  makes up our atomic mass): the lightning bolt turned all of this mass inside out: instead of thinking I was solid, I was now the SPACES between the electrons! Or rather, I became aware of these empty spaces.


These spaces are as wide as the universe and so small, we can’t detect them both at the same time.  Inside of us all, there is this dance between positive charges and negative charges.  This is the elemental and fundamental nature of being: this is the ultimate yin/yang of existence.


Of course, physics is all aware of all of this…intellectually.  I am aware of this emotionally as well as structurally.  Most people, when hit by lightning, become ‘religious’.  I fell into something rather different and I am assuming it is because my astronomer grandparents and parents set me up to directly experience the facts about the non-solid nature of all existing matter.


The idea that we live in a hologram probably sounds absurd, but it is a natural extension of our best understanding of black holes, and something with a pretty firm theoretical footing. It has also been surprisingly helpful for physicists wrestling with theories of how the universe works at its most fundamental level….


Nature is not a ‘hologram’ at all.  Our BRAINS are an electronic ‘hologram’.  Nature is the RELATIONSHIP between negative and positive elements.  Heat and gravity determines what configurations these + and – forces take.  For example, our entire planet will convert itself into a totally different form and shape if it was crushed by greater gravity or blown up.


When humans first set their first fire, we saw directly how this happens.  We sat around our first fires, hypnotized and even a bit fearful, seeing the flames convert wood into ashes.  The wood vanished eventually while we were warmed and the warming sensation in the climate change era interacted with our brains to change the way we view the world and ourselves.


….The “holographic principle” challenges our sensibilities. It seems hard to believe that you woke up, brushed your teeth and are reading this article because of something happening on the boundary of the universe. No one knows what it would mean for us if we really do live in a hologram, yet theorists have good reasons to believe that many aspects of the holographic principle are true.


ΩΩThis is the old ‘a butterfly’s wings cause hurricanes’ mental exercise.  All little things cause bigger things but the transmission of actions isn’t at all direct or even cumulative.  The wayward effects of distant galaxies is virtually meaningless to small collections of electrons and protons in any given location.  But collectively, the entire universe always has some impact, sometimes more directly.


ΩΩFor example, the turning of the arms of our own galaxy, excited increasingly by our approach to Andromeda, another galaxy which is moving, like our own, towards (NOT AWAY) from a large group of galaxies moving towards (NOT AWAY) from the Great Attractor galaxy, as we rotate towards each other, each galaxy trapped in this gravity pool, excites each other into creating stars.  These stars are made from oceans of dust being sucked into each galaxy as they also are being sucked, themselves, into bigger galaxies.


ΩΩThis spiral dance is a dance of death but it creates life.  If there were no black holes, there would probably be no stars.  The ‘holograph’ model of the universe which the physics people want to create is simply a mind game trying to explain how things interact so I wait impatiently for them to explain why all things are moving TOWARDS each other in each sector of the universe and the better question: is the universe really expanding until it falls apart or is it FALLING INWARDS, being MORE COMPRESSED?


ΩΩNow, few people want to think about this aspect but my own observations is the latter is the case.  We are being crushed, bit by bit, into a smaller and smaller gravitational matrix.  HAHAHA… astronomer told me that I am creepy.  Well, I would suggest that the idea that all of Nature as we enjoy it is thanks to the sun, our local star, squeezing all of our electrons and other atomic substructures into shape in the sun’s gravitational pool.  Otherwise, we would all be lightning bolts.


49 states dusted with snow; Hawaii’s the holdout – Yahoo! News

More than two-thirds of the nation’s land mass had snow on the ground when the day dawned, and then it snowed ever so slightly in Florida to make it 49 states out of 50.


At the same time, those weird weather forces are turning Canada’s Winter Olympics into the bring-your-own-snow games.


ΩΩIf there is anything electrical here, it is the weather!  The sun is warming us up again, we have some sun spots at last.  And these are spitting out X rays.  What are X rays, anyway? X-ray:

Hard X-rays can penetrate solid objects, and their largest use is to take images of the inside of objects in diagnosticradiography and crystallography….X-rays have a wavelength in the range of 10 to 0.01nanometers, corresponding to frequencies in the range 30 petahertz to 30 exahertz (3 × 1016 Hz to 3 × 1019 Hz) and energies in the range 120 eV to 120 keV. They are shorter in wavelength than UV rays…. The two types of radiation are now usually distinguished by their origin: X-rays are emitted by electrons outside the nucleus, while gamma rays are emitted by the nucleus.[


ΩΩStars, deep inside where gravity is greatest, generate both X and Gamma rays.  And these go right through our bodies which are just so many electrons with miles of space between them and the protons and neutrons, etc.  Some materials are dense enough to stop these rays. Lead – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lead has many isotopes but 4 stable ones. The 4 stable isotopes are204Pb, 206Pb, 207Pb and 208Pb with 204Pb regarded as primordial lead and 206, 207, 208 are formed from decay of uranium and thorium. The one commonradiogenic isotope202Pb, has a half-life of approximately 53,000 years.[1]


ΩΩThe stars crush matter and turn them into many things especially stuff like lead.  Lead certainly is ‘primordial’ in nature: it is the opposite of the light fantastic of our own living bodies that are loosely bonded atoms.  When I was hit by lightning, my brain viewed this as a horrible simultaneous sensation of heavy lead and a very light feather.  The vision of the lead troubled me greatly for its very inert nature was in violent contrast to the sudden change in the characteristics of the electronic impulses in my own brain which were terribly disorganized.


ΩΩBack to the snow covering much of the US this cold, cold winter: the destruction of the ‘global warming’ mental system is causing great fear, alarm, and even hysteria.  Instead of viewing this sudden surge in coldness as an interesting thing, scientists are frantic to shovel all of this snow into their global warming boxes no matter how impossible this is due to the snow having bulk as well as it is cold, hard work, shoveling snow!


ΩΩOf course, the easiest way to deal with the pesky fact that extreme cold gripped half of the planet is to point out to the few places NOT gripped in extreme cold and claim, these ‘balance’ out the cold so the cold is only ‘weather’ while any isolated warm places in the southern hemisphere and a few other places are ‘climate’.  This dishonest way of dealing with data is why people look at climate ‘scientists’ and scoff.  Well….DUH.


ΩΩBefore I go into the reasons why we had extreme cold in the north and why Australia and southeast Asia are hot, first, let’s look at this video put out by Nova:

Extreme Cave Diving | NOVA | PBS Video


ΩΩThis video is a normal documentary until it gets to climate change.  Then a gradual hysteria takes over until it degrades into mass freak outs.  It  notes first that the sinkholes in the Bahamas were carved out as the oceans dropped drastically due to the Ice Ages.  Now, humans did not cause the Ice Ages nor did we end them.  The video makes pretend there was basically one Ice Age when there were repeated cycles of Ice Ages!


ΩΩThe scientists, one of whom, Dr. Steadman, I knew in the past (my husband worked with him) explore these caves and they bring up a stalagmite which shows the climate during the last 100,000 years which is just a drop in the climate bucket, by the way.  Here is a stalagmite that was cut in half:

ΩΩIt has rings like a tree.  The dark lines are iron which comes from dust blown from Africa.  The densest rings of black iron in this deposit are actually greatest pre-54,000 years ago.  There were very, very few humans back then.  But they had something very big: fire.   The use of fire to hunt game was the big thing.  We basically set Africa on fire.  The fires had the greatest effect not since 12,000 years ago but BEFORE this.


ΩΩNow, the Nova video goes stark raving mad at this point, shrieking about how we are causing global warming.  But this is increasingly stupid as we look at this data.  Back when there were less than 5 million humans, back in the first band here marked 71,000 BC, we had vast volcanic eruptions and note how dark and wide that band is compared to the last 12,000 years!  Indeed, one could suggest the last 12,000 years has seen a DROP in dirt flying from Africa to the Bermuda islands!


ΩΩSo why the hysteria tagged onto the end of this Nova production?  It irritated me greatly because it was like watching an intelligent person get hysterical.  I wanted to slap them and say, ‘Look, it isn’t so hideous as you claim’.


ΩΩIndeed, the narrator started wailing about how the oceans which have gone up and down and up and down for eons (I would suggest, MANY eons) this time, if the oceans rise up, it will destroy these sink holes (HAHAHA) which are MUSEUMS and thus, must be preserved!


ΩΩUm, everything on earth is a ‘museum’ and this museum talk is all about status quo thinking, not sanity.  For example, almost all of Greenland is totally entombed in ice and ditto, Antarctica.  Should they remain in this hideous state forever?  Eh?  Were they always entombed in ice?


ΩΩNo!  Sheesh.  The UPSIDE of global warming is ignored while the downside is appended to nearly everything.  I can no longer enjoy any nature film these days due to this global warming hysteria.  Everything is being very affected by humans. As we expand in numbers, we displace or destroy all ecosystems other living things use.  But pointing this out in every nature video leads to insanity.


ΩΩA shocking number of ‘naturalists’ turn into anti-human or even terrorists because they want to stop everything (except for themselves, of course!). This week, the anti-whale naturalists began shooting Japanese whalers with acid to blind them. ALERT: The Japanese news just announced that this is a fake charge.  This was pepper spray that blew back in the faces of the whalers…Still….this sort of confrontation leading to bloodshed is disgusting. Anyone wanting to stop whaling should do so politically, not using terror. There are many political ways to do this still open.


ΩΩBut the hatred of humans is being instilled by nature films.  And many are now very focused on ‘global warming’ as the latest hobby horse to ride in on as they actually are all about anti-humanism.  The truth is, if we had some core samples of some sort (we don’t have any yet) that go back 5 million years or more, we will see to our silly dismay, that ‘climate change’ is CONTINUOUS and UNSTOPPABLE.


ΩΩAnd is a great force in EVOLUTION.  Without this, we would not exist.  We would be happy animals living in our beloved rift zone forests, jumping from tree to tree, eating insects and grubs.  Now, on to our peculiar weather which is freezing balmy places: NOAA El Niño: Research, Forecasts and Observations

ΩΩEl Nino is continuing.  Note the deep blue color next to the east coast of the US: this is the Atlantic cold cycle.  Since the El Nino is coinciding with this, we get lots of snow in the lower half of the US.  Note also, the Gulf of Mexico is colder than usual, too.  The southern Atlantic is quite warm between Africa and South America but the cold ocean upwelling next to Peru and Chile is in stark contrast with the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and along the entire coast of China to Japan as well as the warmest waters off of Australia.

ΩΩThe balance of nature in this case is not extreme, it is just more noticeable due to the heavy snow hammering NYC and Washington DC as well as the south which was happy to about global warming but not happy about this reversal of global warming.


Bill Nye the Science Guy: Climate change deniers are ‘unpatriotic’ | Raw Story

Nye, however, jacked his assessment of meteorology into the realm of partisanship, scoffing on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show on Wednesday night that climate change deniers are “unpatriotic” in parroting simple minded, anti-science propaganda.


“[We] remind you that global warming was the first term for this phenomenon that we now call can climate change,” he said. “So it‘s very reasonable that a snowstorm in Washington that‘s this severe is a result of climate change.”


“There‘s more energy in the atmosphere, and this is stirring things up,” Nye continued. “If you want to get serious about it, these guys claiming that the snow in Washington disproves climate change are almost unpatriotic. It’s really, they’re denying science.”


ΩΩSee how this ‘science guy’ has been sucked into an ideology?  We can’t discuss 9/11 in public anymore due to ideologues going insane.  Well, the same goes for ANY system of thought which falls into the trap of demonizing anyone who suggests anything different than any items of the ideology.  For example, I don’t deny there is warming…whenever the sun is showing sun spots.


ΩΩI am irritated with the religious dogmatics who scream now that sun spots don’t matter!  I hate people trying to wipe out the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warm period.  This is just plain dishonest.  And above all, I celebrate global warming because we are the naked apes.  We need it to be warmer!


ΩΩGo to any beach and ask anyone, ‘Do you want it to be much colder?’ and they will look at you like you are insane.  On the reverse, go to the cold north and ask, ‘Do you want to pay a tax on energy so the planet will be colder’ and they will slug you.  It would endanger your life. Scientists can’t pretend to be unaware of all of this.


ΩΩThey are always part of the political process.  There is no such thing as ‘pure science’.  It is hubristic (see the top of my story) to think that we have some special pure thinking process that is god-like and clear.  We are trapped inside of our own brains which evolved in this harsh climate of the Ice Ages, a desperate brain that wants to control nature and the universe.


Crisis of climate-change confidence

A memo obtained under freedom of information by a US environment group revealed that Exxon’s lobbyist, Randy Randol, wrote to a key Bush official within weeks of the president’s inauguration in 2001 asking, ”Can Watson be replaced now at the request of the US?” By early 2002 the Bush administration was backing a new candidate for the IPCC chair, an Indian engineer, Dr Rajendra Pauchari.


”You may not have seen this latest piece of politicisation from the Bushies,” the former head of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, Tom Wigley, wrote in a email to his old colleagues Phil Jones and Mike Hulme in April that year.


That year Jones would come under scrutiny by climate sceptics in the US over data he had used for some critical research to support his finding on rising temperatures in cities.


Jones noted the concerns over the IPPC chairman. But his colleague, Hulme, in a prescient response, argued, ”Why should not an Indian scientist chair IPCC? One could argue the [climate change] issue is more important for the south than the north …


ΩΩNote not only all the political thinking of these ‘scientists’ but also how they recognize, although they had to quickly run away from this idea I keep hammering: the northern hemisphere has a different agenda and needs.  The southern hemisphere has a great need to keep the present vapid interglacial going while the northern has to worry about another ice age.


ΩΩA warmer climate benefits the northern hemisphere.  Maybe not all the humans who have been clustering as close as possible to the balmier, sea areas.  We evolved from a small tribe in Africa who fled to the sea during the first Ice Ages.  Harsh reality is, humans can’t double our population forever.  This is a limited planet in a limited solar system.


ΩΩControlling our numbers is far, far, far more important than imposing an energy tax on the industrial north.  The north industrialized due to this being the best response to living in a cold, cold climate.  Anyway, the biggest barrier to controlling population numbers without using hideous plagues like the Black Death or starvation or war (aka: the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse) is to use birth control.  And nearly all religions hate this fact.  Instead, they want the Apocalypse.  And this is what I fear more than ‘climate change’.  Good grief.  Well, that will fix all our lose atoms: incinerating humanity.

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24 responses to “The Universal Hologram: Human Brains Are Very Odd Places

  1. ”religious dogmatics who scream now that sun spots don’t matter! ”

    Eh? the effect of sunspots has been quantified ,not by religious dogmatics but by scientists with instruments, so its not as large as you imagined.

  2. Interesting article & subject. Why does the universe go to the trouble, what is the nature of the forces that drive it.?
    Physics seeems lost now in string theory and has the hubris to think the problem can be solved on the one hand, while limiting the question of the nature of a universe to a bounded system. It would seem obvious that what drives all this must have something to do with forces beyond the edge.
    From my simple minded perspective its seems we could say something. matter/ energy does seem to want to attract and stick to itself, the ultimate end point being, if the universe is NOT expanding forever, a super massive black hole, the physics of which, is unknown. The starting point is supposed to be a super-hot point, the physics of which is also unknown. Is it a closed cycle or part of a larger system?

  3. emsnews

    ‘Quantified’ is a funny word. HAHAHA. Right. If you think there isn’t dissent over this ‘quantification process’….you are wrong.

  4. emsnews

    Oh, and the ‘universe’ is not universal otherwise it would not ‘expand’. Everything having to do with Zero and Infinity rapidly runs into the Horns of Dilemma and the Bogs of Paradox. This is due to the nature of ‘existence’. It isn’t an absolute no matter how hard we try to nail everything down into some sort of STATIC STATUS QUO.

    The entire ‘omg, the climate changes!’ is part of this sort of mania. That is, people don’t want change, PERIOD. Ever. Even when they claim they want change, they often really don’t want all that much to change. What they do want is balmy temperatures, little labor and to live forever. And this is an impossible status quo to obtain.

  5. Z

    I got into an argument with one of my ultra-liberal demo-zombie acquaintances the other day … I’ve lost too much respect for the idiots who are anchored into either wing of THE PARTY to consider them friends anymore becoz they are a big part of the problem with this country IMO and a barrier to a representative government. I simply stated that scientists have not definitively proved that the world’s warming temperatures are due to humans … and that it could very well be a case where there are larger influences that are involved that are at least partially responsible for the higher global temperatures over the past 20 to 30 years. I even posited that if it is due to human created pollution, that the atmosphere may find a way to “heal” itself and counteract that. That led to shrieking from my acquaintance who never passes on taking the most emotionally satisfying solution to everything … the one that she has been fed that makes her feel the most self-righteous in this case … that science has PROVEN that global warming is due to humans. She even went on to claim that the weather back east has not been unusually cold this winter, it has only been unusually snowy.

    We don’t know what has caused the temperature rises over the past 20 to 30 years … there are too many variables … many unknown … and man does not have the power to isolate them. All we know is that there are correlations, but they are not proof of causation. And that doesn’t mean that there are not still good reasons to take actions to prevent some of the perceived causes such as cutting down the rain forests, trying to find cleaner and more efficient sources of energy, and the root cause of a lot of the pollution: population control.

    But you can’t talk reason to zealots who already have all the “proof” they need to anchor down into emotionally satisfying beliefs. And once it feels “right”, they are almost impossible to move off their beliefs becoz that would mean that they were wrong … and that doesn’t feel good.


  6. adammateyko

    Deep thoughts on reality here. All the scientists, religious leaders, philosophers, thinkers and savants have not yet been able to answer these questions.. maybe they are the wrong questions totally. Maybe there are no answers other than go along for the ride.
    There are plenty of people who say they have the answers from: to to religious leaders to politicians to advertisers.
    We do know things change often to our detriment, and as you say we dont like that.
    So we create stories to explain or soothe ourselves.
    Maybe it will take “something or someone” from outside our little local experience ie earthview; to shake things up a bit. Welcome visitors! Now dont eat us.

  7. PLovering

    ” 77% of mumps-infected patients in New Jersey had been previously vaccinated against mumps. Vaccination has little benefit while carrying many risks.”

    Natural News 2010 Feb 11 (Cached)


    ELAINE: This is called ‘herd protection’ and thanks to idiots who scream we shouldn’t vaccinate, it is now spreading even to vaccinated people thanks to germ-coughing ultra religious nuts.

    And guess what? Having no vaccinations will make this MUCH WORSE. This is why we think you antivaccinationists are killers.

  8. Speaking of hubris, the legal advisor for the End-Times group who got arrested for trying to spirit Haitian children away from their still-living parents, guardians and relatives, himself has a warrant out for his arrest. For sex trafficking.

  9. Z

    As far as the anxious to please nye’s performance on maddow’s show … and though I’m glad that maddow has a show to at least offset some of the nonsense coming from fox and cnn, she is a demo-zombie and is far from objective and hence has kinks in her intellectual honesty … and his contention that essentially questioning science is “unpatriotic”, fuck him. I don’t like anyone pulling out the old patriotism card, but to hear a devout scientist pull it out is even more odious than usual.

    Oh sorry, bill who are we to question scientific beliefs? And where exactly would science be if scientific beliefs were not questioned? And what are you promoting … besides yourself of course?


  10. emsnews

    All science is always open to question. But of course, this means being honest about what is in question. There are MANY MANY believers of every possible permutation out there and when something is debated, the reaction is to warp the data to push an agenda.

    This is why there is a lot of paralysis in many areas. Science simultaneously moves rapidly forwards while falling apart in the middle. And the trap of any ideology is this: you can’t escape even if the door is wide open.

    The sad truth is, people want to die while claiming they want to live long lives. They are scared of change while demanding things get better (!!!) and worse of all, there are armies of people out there who think there is some mental magic that will allow them to float above the systems set up by evolution and Nature.

    That is, we broke the natural cycle by inoculating most people on earth so this was a direct cause of a massive population boom even in the starving third world with poor sanitation (a big boom there!) while birth control lagged far, far behind.

    So one horrible thing that is approaching is, in countries unlike China with draconian birth control laws or Japan which is simply dying off, we will see the poor parts of the earth double their billions in less than 25 years. This will be a total catastrophe for the entire planet.

    To fix this, all we have to do is reinstate magical medical care like the antivaccinationists wish. Then, we will see the entire planet swept by many plagues and this will of course, cause a population crash and Mother Nature, bloody in tooth and claw, will be satisfied.

    Of course, this means you and I and many we love will die rather suddenly when one germ or another roars into your homes. But I suppose this will be inevitable. The death wish is very strong.

  11. PLovering

    Hologram describes Tea Party Patriot Movement down to a tee.

    Bust a hologram of TTPM into 7 million pieces, and every piece, or cluster of pieces, looks the same.

    All pieces are completely interchangeable.

  12. PLovering


    Complete German sovereignty might happen sooner than you thought possible.

    The sooner the better IMHO.

  13. the fool on the hill

    Elaine raised a critical point when she mentioned the Paradox factor.

    Trying to understand things is interesting; it’s a hobby of mine.

    When a spider climbs on a wall or a ceiling is it aware of the change in terrain? The answer to this could shed some light on our own abilities and limitations in comprehending things. Also, it could aid in formulating strategies to overcome limitations.

    It is interesting (and painful, for me) to be a being that really is only barely capable of Reason and therefore behaving in a civilized way. But, we are capable nevertheless, so we have that duty. We are failing.

    We are evolving, but into what? I won’t be around to find out.

    Nature apparently has no use for me, but an unhappy fool has to occupy his thoughts somehow.

  14. the fool on the hill

    Picture this:

    An ancient astronomer works for a king. The king needs a way to keep people under control so he can stay a king. So he tells the astronomer/priest to tell the people that if they don’t sacrifice children, the sun will refuse to shine. The people say “what are you crazy; we can’t let you sacrifice our beloved little ones”. The astronomer says, “Well, ok, but when the Sun doesn’t shine it will be your fault. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

    “Well, ok, I guess we can sacrifice a few children.”

    Now, you piss off the king, your kids get whacked, and no one will stop him because they are convinced they have to obey the priest or face the consequences.

    Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

  15. ”the ‘universe’ is not universal otherwise it would not ‘expand’. Everything having to do with Zero and Infinity rapidly runs into the Horns of Dilemma and the Bogs of Paradox.”

    Now you sound like a phyisist, only having to consider a bounded universe , by definition! Semantics trumps imagining getting to the edge and going a step further.
    I see no paradox in infinity, its just impossible to comprehend because that would take an infinite amount of time.
    There is another aspect of the ‘outer darkness’ [ maybe that should be the ‘inner darkness’]that you haven’t [i think] touched upon, that is problem solving. Specificaly the sort of problem that requires knowing an outcome that depends on precise initial condtions and vise versa knowing the initial conditions that will lead to the outcome. Example, to produce from a set of artistic ‘tools’ a new work of art which is entirely original, the end point is completely unknown as there is no precident in the world to copy, and the tools when used will produce myriad useless results unless you know the the solution which is unknowable! Roger Penrose wrote book with some discussion of this, i think he referred to this as 5th dimensional thinking and used ’tiling’ problems to illustrate this.
    It was his conjecture that if you wanted to understand the nature of matter one had only to examine conscienceness, or the inner darkness.

  16. More hubris: End-Times “Bornagain” “Christian” Fundamentalist zealots rewrite US history that is to be taught in Texas public schools.

    They want the truth to be taught, but in reality they are promulgating the teaching of lies. They are the worst sort of hypocrites.

  17. nah

    The majesty of reality is totally missing from our ego-driven brains.
    completely true… we are moron robots driven by will power alone… lots of moron robots have no will
    a great point in the southern hemisphere having drastically more water mass than the northern and the effect this would have on ‘global solar energy planetary change’… the south would be abnormally ‘warmer’ in any period of change… its natural ability to store energy is superior to the norths, as its seasons are oposite as well observations of the 2 hemispheres do not ‘tune’ well to another
    but i still believe global warming is happening and is a more natural state… energy begets gas whether we create it or not and the earth is naturally warmer viewed through life itself ‘fuck simple trees and ice’
    that does by no means make pollution and resource exploitation ok… just a real problem
    alot is happening all the time… and opportunity is a strange persistent force that contains a billion minds oblivious
    earth man

  18. justiceatsqualor

    The universe as a hologram is an interesting metaphysical model. I would say that reality is that which differs from what can be described by mathematical models. Because, if something can be completely described by mathematical models then there is no difference between reality and those models. In that possibility, reality becomes indistinguishable from ideas, or even say a simulation in some kind of computer.

    It seems, the smaller or larger we discover, the better our mathematical models become, and yet there is always some minor discrepancy to explain, something left to discover. I prefer to believe that perpetual something differentiates reality from model.

    In a sense, those physicists searching for a grand unified theory are trying to disprove existence. . .

  19. JT

    “Forward charge, said the grandma in deep snow.”
    – old saying –

    It called the grandma in deep snow argument here. Should the grandma in the artic circle be allowed to have more CO2 emissions than let´s say the grandma in Greece?
    Current rules say no. The pensioner in the Artic circle has to put all her pension money to energy bills.

    Why should the industrialized north pay for everything when the north will have no harmful effects from warming?

    Not that carbon trading will even reduce emissions. Why US wants to follow Europe´s stupid lead on this is beyond my understanding.
    Carbon trading did not reduce CO2 emissions it just lined the pockets of energy companies and politicians.
    The system is so perverted, we pay the polluter and the clean industries suffer. Only politicians can come up with stuff like this.
    Carbon trading is a total failure.
    And global warming?
    We will get 1-2 degrees warming no matter what we do or not do.
    Totally miss spent money going towards this. Money that could be spent on real environmental things (pollution prevention, recycling etc)

  20. emsnews

    All of our understanding of nature is a painting while Nature Herself is the model we look at. She is real, the painting is a flat representation of the real Nature which we can then manipulate and change while Nature rolls onwards, doing Her own thing. For example, all our cities will eventually be nothing. All our engineered creations we domesticated will not survive one season on their own (this includes our domestic animals and plants).

    We like to model things because then we can manipulate them. But the natural forces that shape behavior and species as well as geology always triumph over us, we need constant effort to keep things going our own way which we model.

    As for the ‘holograph’ comments of scientists here: what they are seeing is the pressure upon our planet from even distant sources of gravity or energy or both. We live in this matrix that is invisible (gravity is invisible, when we think we are floating in space around the earth as astronauts, we are actually constantly falling).

    We have to think when we fly our machines while birds don’t think about things, they just respond to incoming data when they fly. They may ‘group think’ in that all birds of each species flies its particular ways. It is just how they move in their environment just like we move in our own bipedal environment.

  21. emsnews

    Indeed, I am watching a dozen chickadees flitting artfully through the bare branches of the plum tree outside my window. How do they do this? They fly very, very fast. They fly between twigs that are moving in the wind and it is snowing, too. They seem to do this effortlessly.

    No human designed flying thing can be this good. Calculating the wind velocity and gusts, dodging the twigs (I never see a bird hit a twig, they always miss them) and landing on a twig with a seed in the mouth and then breaking it open and then darting off for another seed….the complexity of these actions is amazing and yet, the birds don’t ‘think’ about this for it would be impossible to do it this fast if there is thinking going on.

    I just saw one aggressive chickadee chase off another one and again: this was in an eyeblink and both birds didn’t bang into any twigs nor did a gust of snow bother them in their elaborate battle.

  22. K-Bo

    Thanks as always for a thought provoking article. I’ve been thinking a little bit about the nature of reality lately. Please bear with me while I try to figure it out.

    The only thing that is real is our perceptions of the world, i.e., our own conscious experience. How do we “know” things? We have to see it with our own eyes, hear it, smell it, taste it, feel it.

    Ah, the wonders of our universe and our quest to understand … such as the laws and forces of nature which you worship – how do you know the force of gravity is the same everywhere in the universe, or the same throughout time? Science is the best tool we have to understand our world, but we are nowhere near understanding the true physics of our universe: dark matter, dark energy, quantum gravity, string theory, the Higgs boson, multiple universes, the Big Bang, the Big Implosion anyone?

    As you stated, “solid” matter is composed of nearly infinitely small particles that are also waves and only exist in a probabilistic sense in one location at a time, and the solid feeling of a thing is due entirely to the forces between incredibly small particles. In fact, a single particle exists at many locations at the same time, and only when we observe it does it become fixed. And two things can be in the same state (quantum entanglement), travel across the universe in opposite directions, and when one changes the other does too, instantaneously. Wow, how does that work?

    We build models of our world inside our brains, then we test them with predictions and modify them when things don’t fit or come out as expected. Except for those who don’t have cognitive flexibility, and don’t want to change any of their models of the world (beliefs, opinions, etc…), who are lazy, or who are not curious at all. Our brains and our abilities to build accurate models are certainly limited. When our models of things contradict, we can indeed go crazy. That’s why we have to filter out so much.

    What I’m trying to get at is that the mind of our reality (conscious experience) is separate from the “real world” of things we experience, and science doesn’t really fully explain either, or their interaction. Which is more real, our experiences or the presumed “real” world which presumably leads to them?

    Reductive materialism and absolute faith in science and the laws of nature can only go so far. I’m against the materialism of modern thinking, and against the notion that “science” (which is just our current hypothesis of the nature of our universe, and certainly prone to error) can explain everything.

    Take the mind vs. brain. The reductive materialist will argue that the mind IS the brain, and cannot exist without the brain, and it is only brain states (“real,” measurable things) which matter. How is consciousness created from a bunch of brain states / masses of neurons firing? Furthermore, how can anyone have free will if all our brain states (including our choices) are determined by the “laws of nature” and cause and effect? Our mind must at some point alter our brain states to make a true choice, no? Well how can the mind influence “real” matter?

    Our mind interacts with the world, but it is our mind which is real, not the universe it experiences.

    This view is opposite to that of hard scientists and reductive materialists, who think only the universe with its laws of nature is real, and when we die, we – as free, conscious individuals experiencing “reality” – cease being because our brains stop working.

  23. Very Good Views. Thanks!

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