The Great Chilean 8.8 Quake Of 2010

I have dear friends who live right in the middle where the Chile earthquake did its worst damage.  I hope they are OK.  Chile, of course, is part of the Ring of Fire that surrounds the Pacific Plate.  This is due to all the continents encroaching on the gigantic Pacific Plate and overriding it.  Ever since the Great Boxing Day Quake, the entire planet is seeing major, major earthquakes as everything rearranges to refit in a new configuration.

Huge earthquake batters Chile, 78 dead | Reuters

President Michelle Bachelet said there were 78 confirmed deaths and that more were possible. Telephone and power lines were down, making it difficult to make an early assessment of the damage, but serious damage was reported in two southern cities.


“Never in my life have I experienced a quake like this, it’s like the end of the world,” one man told local television from the city of Temuco, where the quake damaged buildings and forced staff to evacuate the regional hospital.


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The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake struck 56 miles northeast of the city of Concepcion at a depth of 22 miles at 3:34 a.m. (1:34 a.m. ET).


Chilean television and radio stations said several buildings collapsed in the city of Curico and that there was damage to buildings in the historic center of the capital Santiago, about 200 miles north of the epicenter…. .Bridge collapse in Chile.

…Bachelet said a huge wave swept into the southern island of Juan Fernandez, and radio stations said it caused serious damage.


The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said the tsunami may have been destructive along the coast near the epicenter “and could also be a threat to more

distant coasts.”.

It issued a Pacific-wide tsunami warning for countries in Latin America, and as far away as the U.S. state of Hawaii as well as Japan, Russia, Philippines, Indonesia and the South Pacific.


ΩΩA major expressway has collapsed according to Chilean TV which I am seeing live streaming at tv de chile on USTREAM: tv de chile . Other Entertainment. 8 autos are crushed under the collapsed Miraflores highway in Vespuchio Norte.

ΩΩSouth America is sweeping away from Africa.  The southern half is moving at a much greater speed than the northern half.  The leading edge of this continent is the west coast which is riding over various parts of oceanic plates.  Like North America, the South American continent has to move over a smaller plate trapped between it and the mighty Pacific Plate.  The Nazca Plate is like the Juan de Fuca Plate that is troubling the North American west coast this last year with frequent quakes.


ΩΩToday’s massive quake is one of the biggest in the last 100 years but there have been even bigger ones in the past.  It is most interesting to me that the great 1960 Chilean Earthquake/Tsunami had the same depth as today’s quake: 35 km.


1960 Valdivia earthquake – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 1960 Valdivia earthquake or Great Chilean Earthquake (SpanishGran terremoto de Valdivia) of 22 May 1960 is to date the most powerful earthquake ever recorded, rating 9.5 on the moment magnitude scale.[1] It occurred in the afternoon (19:11 GMT, 14:11 local time) and its resulting tsunami affected southern ChileHawaiiJapan, the Philippines, eastern New Zealand, southeast Australia, and the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.


The epicenter was near Cañete (see map) some 900 km (435 miles) south of Santiago, althoughValdivia, Chile was the most affected city. It caused localised tsunamis that severely battered the Chilean coast, with waves up to 25 meters (82 ft). The main tsunami raced across the Pacific Ocean and devastated Hilo, Hawaii. Waves as high as 10.7 metres (35 ft) were recorded 10,000 kilometres (6,000 miles) from the epicenter, and as far away as Japan and the Philippines. The death toll and monetary losses arising from such a widespread disaster can never be precisely known. Various estimates of the total number of fatalities from the earthquake and tsunamis have been published, with the USGS citing studies with figures of 2231, 3000, or 5700 killed,[2] and another source uses an estimate of 6000 dead.[3] Different sources have estimated the monetary cost ranged from 400 million to 800 million US dollars[2](or 2.8 to 5.5 billion in 2007 dollars, adjusted for inflation.)


The earthquake was a megathrust earthquake resulting from the release of mechanical stress between the subducting Nazca Plate and the South American Plate. The depth of the focus, 33 km, was relatively shallow considering that earthquakes in northern Chile and Argentina may reach depths of 70 km. Subduction zones are known to produce the strongest earthquakes on earth as their particular structure allows more stress to build up before energy is released. Geophysicists consider it a matter of time before this earthquake will be surpassed in magnitude by another. The earthquake’s rupture zone was 800 km long, stretching from Talca (35° S) to Chiloé Archipelago (43° S). The rupture velocity has been estimated as 3.5 km per second.[5] On 27 February 2010, around 0334 local time, an 8.8 magnitude earthquake occurred just to the north (off the coast of the Maule region of Chile, between Concepcion and Santiago). [6] This quake was reported to be centered approximately 22 miles (35.4 km) deep and several miles off shore.


ΩΩToday’s quake also is a major event in that it has ‘unzipped’ most of Chile’s coastline.  That is, the readjustment runs the length of central Chile’s coast.  The yellow circles below are from the pre-mega earthquake activity in the northern parts of Chile.  Obviously, the major shifts surrounding the entire Caribbean Plate are now being followed by a release of pent up energy far away.

ΩΩAs we see from the earlier picture showing how the Caribbean Plate is like a nut trapped between North and South America and is being rotated in place while the two major continents flow relentlessly westwards as the Atlantic Plate spreads.  This spreading plate is a major part of the evolution of all living things in the New World.


ΩΩThe next important thing here is the horrible fact that much of the west coast of South America is tsunami territory.  I looked at satellite photos to see previous tsunami damage.  It is just amazing.  Very bad tsunamis have happened in the past.  This present earthquake is causing a tsunami but won’t make one as hideous as the Great Boxing Day Quake that killed a quarter million people because there was not a great landslide underwater this time around.  But…this has happened more than once in the past!

ΩΩHalf of the coastline has high cliffs so any tsunamis slap into them and don’t go inland.  But any low point has been the entry point of more than one tsunami in the past.  The small island that was slammed by the tsunami from today’s earthquake probably saw most of the homes there damaged or wiped out since the people congregated at the lowest point on the island which is this small bay that faces the direction where all the tsunamis come.


ΩΩIndeed, this little cove was formed by tsunamis in the first place.  A number of port cities and towns throughout history have been established on flood plains created by giant tsunamis.  Even major old cities like Athens sit on such plains.  Major US west coast ports like Portland, Oregon, sit on tsunami plains.


ΩΩHere is a screen shot from the Chilean news showing how the roadbed in one town dropped over four feet in 30 seconds.  I see many pictures of bridge and overpass collapses.  These were built the same way US transportation is built in California.


ΩΩMany of the Californian efforts at making buildings and roads safer will not mean very much if the San Andreas has a 8.2+ quake like this one.  And the chances of this happening is about 90% when we look at the middle of the San Andreas which hasn’t budged in over 150 years.


ΩΩAs a reminder, this sector of the Chilean fault system had an immense quake a mere 50 years ago!  And look at all the energy that got stored up in that short time frame.  I pray my friends in Chile are safe and sound and wait anxiously for them to email me back.

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50 responses to “The Great Chilean 8.8 Quake Of 2010

  1. breezer1

    Elaine, I hope your friends are ok.

  2. Sky

    The only time you get glimmers of truth out of the MSM is BEFORE they’ve had a chance to send in their teams of reporters and scripters. At that point the censorship is horrific.

    CNN just interviewed a local journalist who lives in Santiago by the name of Cecila Lagos. Cecila was fast asleep when she was awakened by the tremors. Tremors are a common event in Chile so she wasn’t too concerned at first. But she became scared when the intensity increased and the noise level ratcheted up.

    Now comes the strange part.

    Remember that this quake struck in the dead of night 3:30 AM Chile time.

    Cecila said that what terrified her the most was what she saw outside her bedroom window during the quake. The whole sky changed color . She said it looked like the end of the world was coming.

    The CNN reporter in Atlanta remained silent. Cecila went on to stress again about how the sky was glowing and had changed color and how this absolutely terrified her . It was quite obvious that this was a phenomenon that she had never seen before despite having experienced many other quakes before ( albeit of smaller magnitudes).

    Any comments on why the black night sky should ” change colors ” during an earthquake ?


    ELAINE: When the New Madrid quake happened, it was the same thing. Gasses are released when there is an earthquake as well as the fine dust that suddenly rises. Fine dust changes any lights to red.

  3. Joe

    Sky, do you know of a link to Cecila’s comments? If true it would indicate that DARPA may have had HAARP fired up again.


    ELAINE: That is totally stupid. These ‘lights’ happen with major earthquakes all the time.

  4. Sky

    That was a live CNN interview that I caught about 45 minutes ago, Joe. I doubt there would be a link.

    And yeah, it has all the hallmarks of EM energy. I was suspicious when I read this comment from somebody in Santiago earlier :

    “Hello, writing from southwest Santiago, Chile. It seems a war attack during the eartquake for all the lightnings on the sky. Now, 4 hours later… ”

    Cecila’s report came hours after the quake struck. She sounded quite calm, her initial terror had passed. But what struck me the most while listening to her was how she was still struggling to come to grips with, still trying to understand what had happened in her sky. It made a LASTING impression on her.

  5. Koshka

    Earthquake lights are a well know natural phenomenon.


  6. Sky

    @ Koshka- Funny how the scientific community dismissed earthquake lights until the 1960’s when they were photographed. Tectonic and EM weapons were fully operational in the 60’s ( weather warfare treaty signed at the UN in 1976 ).

  7. Koshka

    Unless HAARP is also a time machine not all earthquake lights witnessed in history are caused by HAARP.

    Paranoia is a mental illness.


    ELAINE: The very saddest part of all these people who go to the dumber conspiracy web sites is, they are turning mere bumbling humans into gods. This childish passion pisses me off. They can’t believe in ANY natural forces including germs.

  8. DrKrbyLuv

    Elaine, thanks for the detailed explanation of the geophysics. Do you think the technology exists to trigger an earthquake?

    Thanks for the info Sky.

    I’ve read (can’t remember where) that the HAARP technology has been made more compact and can be deployed as a weapon system on a ship or submarine.

    Can anyone verify this?


    ELAINE: No, humans can’t cause earthquakes on the scale of Mother Nature. We could if we could degrade the orbit of an asteroid and smack it into the earth, of course. But this quake was 100% due to tectonic plate movements, not scary spooky people.

  9. Sky

    Koshka , whatever gave you the idea that ALL quakes are caused via tectonic weaponry ?

    Some forest fires have natural causes ( lightning), some are caused by careless humans and some are deliberately set. Same goes for quakes.

    It IS interesting that this week we have the dispute between the British faction of the NWO over the Falklands and that an alternative to the OAS was proposed which excludes the USA and Canada.


    ELAINE: Mere humans can’t cause plate tectonic shifts.

  10. Koshka

    I don’t have that idea.

    Why do people read about earthquake lights, a know natural phenomenon, and begin talking about HAARP?


    ELAINE: Every few weeks I debate with myself about allowing total nuts to post bizarre and often stupid conspiracy theory junk here. There ARE conspiracies. But the ones beloved to these people who visit Rense and other sites are mostly the dumber or dumbest of possible ‘conspiracies’ and often these same people become very enraged if people doubt these bizarre theories they cook up.

  11. Sky

    Why ? Because there are both natural and UNNATURAL causes for these lights.

    The technology is not in dispute. There are any number of unclassified govt documents ( white papers) which you can read for yourself.

    Those who’ve developed , control and use these weapons do not have your best interests at heart, to put it mildly.

    Was this particular quake nature’s doing or not ? Quien sabe. Maybe 50 years down the road the info will leak out in the same way we find out about SOME of the other chemical and bio experiments the govts routinely subject their citizens to.

    The death toll will mercifully not approach Haiti’s. But the economic hit will be substantial.

    So is Mother Nature working with the NWO to keep those uppity Latinos from trying to escape the clutches of the empire with their own exclusive economic bloc ? Or did Mother Nature get a ‘ helping hand ‘ ?

    You decide.


    ELAINE: Message from Mother Nature: You are pretty arrogant for a mere human.

  12. charlottemom

    I so hope your friends are Ok. Earthquakes are so terrifying.

    When I lived in Lima, Peru in the early 80s, experienced several minor tremor events that were scary, scary, scary enough for me. Can’t even imagine going through such a strong quake?! What of aftershocks following a 8.8 quake?

    But i’m confused, how can the carribbean plate be stationary when the Haiti quake just happened? Additionally, with the volcanos in Alaska humming (but not blowing) and this Chilean jolt…i’d be paranoid sitting on any fault lines along the Pacific Plate/Ring of Fire (i.e. San Andreas, Nazca faults).

  13. emsnews

    It isn’t totally stationary, it is ROTATING. But it doesn’t move westwards like the two major plates above and below it. They are rubbing against it.

  14. Sky

    First off, quake lights have been written about and talked about for hundreds of years. Yet it took the esteemed ‘ scientific ‘ community until the 1960’s before they even admitted they EXISTED ! So much for science.

    There are any number of loopy scientific theories about what causes the lights. Bottom line – they don’t have a clue.

    C’mon Elaine. How much longer are you going to keep covering up for the bastards who are using weather warfare weapons against the peoples ? This is Tesla technology used for evil purposes. Read your Tesla…way back in the 1890’s he set off a small earthquake in his lab in NYC using only a clock sized resonator. This experiment would have been a full blown disaster had he not smashed the resonator to smithereens with a sledge hammer.

    Are you honestly trying to tell us that the USA military, in conjunction with the top Nazi scientists who were brought into NASA during WW2, has NOT advanced Tesla’s science ?

  15. Joe

    Elaine, us ‘crazies’ do not get angry because you don’t agree, we get angry because when you get defensive you get nasty and insulting.

    Earthquakes are not ’caused’ by spooks but they can be ‘triggered’. This is an important distinction.

  16. Joe

    This stuff is just undeniable now. Do yourself a favor, open your mind and listen.

  17. Judah

    Weird diffuse lights and color changes happen whenever a large amount of dust or particulates are kicked up into the atmosphere. This includes volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, meteors and even manmade bombs or factories (smog). All you need are enough particles to change the localized diffraction content of the atmosphere. Things will look different.

  18. adammateyko

    from: on 27 Feb 2010-

    PURPLE HAZE: “I was work early yesterday, just before local sunrise, when I looked out the window,” says Monika Landy-Gyebnar of Veszprem, Hungary. “What I saw made me wonder if someone had put something ‘extra’ in my coffee.” The landscape was blanketed by an intense purple fog:

    ” I asked my colleague, who’s not a coffee drinker, if he also saw the unbelievable color and he said ‘yes.’ I took some pictures and they also had the same color. So it was reality, not a psychedelic vision.”

    What caused this strange apparition?

    It was the sunrise. “Using some weather webcams, I looked around the city and saw that other places without fog were also purple, pink and red,” she continues. “Colorful sunrise rays were painting everything. The scattering of this light by tiny water droplets in the fog was truly wonderful!”

    “Today’s fog reminded me that the 43rd anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze is just around the corner. It was first released on March 17, 1967.”

    Purple haze all in my brain
    Lately things just don’t seem the same
    Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why
    ‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky

    MSNBC interview

    NOT HAARP, Elaine is right, man proposes, nature disposes. We are <<<<orders of magnitude from being able to do this….

    Meanwhile riots broke out in Berkley the day before….

  19. Jim Dandy

    for one who claims to be a researcher and open minded, fact oriented scientist, you are pretty hard core when it comes to HAARP and vaccines in “knowing” what is going on.

    Some of the better posters, like charlottesmom tip toe around your biases, but they are very glaring and most men lack tact.

    might as well come out as a full blown intellectual despot. Like the elders who persecuted great scientists of their time for not following conventional/prescribed thought.

    Problem is, you don’t have the power of the church behind you.


    ELAINE: It bothers me like crazy that people fall for pure garbage. It is NOT factual, this stupid HAARP stuff that comes up every time any weather or geological event happens. It annoys the hell out of me. If you want to yap about this, go to the HAARP religious sites and yap there. Goodbye.

  20. Gary

    A far worse quake hit Chile in the late 70’s.
    This quake killed tens of thousands of some of the most educated Chileans. This quake is still giving the nation of Chile aftershocks and will long after the effects of this smaller quake have gone.

    This was the Dr Henry Kissinger, ITT, and CIA quake that destroyed Chilean civil society and crushed the independent development of that nation and it still has not recovered yet.

    There’s a real freaking conspiracy FACT for you to ponder.

    Somebody’s been drinking too much Haarp beer. Bad stuff. Suggest switching to Guinness or local brewery


    ELAINE: Correct. And a CIA assassination of the ambassador of Chile in DC.

  21. wuen

    The earthquake in Haiti is a tragic event for many people. Over ten thousand people died and many more injured without having received a proper medical care. The Haitians had lost friends, families and a place call home. Every day, they need to eat from the food they manage to scavenge from here and there.

    As if these bad event are not bad enough, the arrival of the American army in Haiti cause the resource to be more scarce. The U.S. army are not robot, they also need food, water and shelter that should be given to the Haitians. With over 20 000 troops, these resources are wasted on the army. The American media does not see the Haitians as trust worthy to collaborate with the rescue effort and safety of the society. While the American Leaders have their own plan for sending the army.

    To save the people of Haiti, the American citizen should focus on removing the U.S. army from Haiti and stop the U.S. government from interfering in the internal affair of Haiti. Trying to figure out if the earthquake is cause by HAARP or not will not help the Haitians to regain their sovereignty. It will divert the attention away of the crime of the U.S. leaders.

    The HAARP conspiracy should be left to the leaders of Russia and China to figure it out.

  22. one thing for sure earthquakes bring out the crazies!!

  23. Back in the 4th Century CE there was a huge Earthquake swarm much like what’s going on today. Collapse of Ancient Societies by Great earthquakes Back then, the religious authorities, being utterly ignorant of plate tectonics, blamed them on men having sexual relations with other men… and sent the power of the imperial state out after them! This church-sanctioned persecution has gone on for 1600 years. Today some Christian and Jewish authorities are still as dumb as a box of rocks on this matter, even though they have no excuse. They still blame us gay men What are we, opposing gods?????

  24. Dang. my first link didn’t work. “Collapse of Ancient Societies by Great Earthquakes”

  25. PLovering

    Speaking of earthquakes, the head of the IMF thinks the time has come for a global reserve currency.

    The IMF will control the creation of this new currency — and who will get the money.

    The European Central Lizards love this idea.

    So do the PIGS.

  26. PLovering

    @wuen, “Over ten thousand people died …”

    Over two hundred thousand died.

    And don’t blame the U.S. Army.

    U.S. Department of Homeland Security is running this show.

  27. wuen


    What I see in television is the U.S. army who are occupying Haiti and the leaders of U.S. who order the army into Haiti. I do not know much about U.S. Department of Homeland Security in relation to Haiti.

    Do you really think that the U.S. army is beyond blame for what is happening in the occupation of Haiti by their action?

  28. Dibbles

    The depth of the center of this quake was 22 miles deep. I live in an active quake and volcano region and have been through two major quakes in the last two decades. To suggest that this could be caused by man is ridiculous. There is nothing comparable to mother nature.

  29. Dibbles

    Even if earthquakes of today’s magnitude could be created or helped along by man (which is fantasy) why on earth would Chile be a target? There are far more unfriendly and more threatening nations in the world.

  30. PLovering


    Trying to make sense out of news on Lizard TV will fry your brain.

    What I do know, from boots on the ground, is that had the U.S. Military been given a free hand to deal with Haiti’s problems, many of the present problems would have vanished long since.

    Just for instance, the U.S. Air Force is probably better than DHS at flight control.


    ELAINE: So why fry your own brains, too?

  31. Colin

    “First off, quake lights have been written about and talked about for hundreds of years. Yet it took the esteemed ‘ scientific ‘ community until the 1960’s before they even admitted they EXISTED ! So much for science.”

    “Funny how the scientific community dismissed earthquake lights until the 1960’s when they were photographed.”

    -Yes, indeed, the great down fall of science is waiting untill you have proof, untill you start believing in things.-

    Let me see if i can peice all this together: the lights in the sky prove the quake was unatural disaster launched by a secret wepons program, that only became active in the nineteen sixties. However the lights in the sky have been mentioned by sourses who experinced earth quakes for hundreds of years. Ok? So then, either, the weapons have existed for hundreds of years, or the lights in the sky are completely natural. If the weapons have existed since the middle ages then who the hell built them out of wood and string, and why mention the suposed 60’s weapons program? If the lights have been happing for hundreds of years and are completely natural then why are you mentioning the lights at all; why are they cause to believe that it was a weapons program event, why is this villager’s report of changes in the night sky even worth mentioning? And, why is the scientific community being accused of covering up these lights in the sky if they are completely natural; why the conspiracy if they’re natural, if they’re not natural why have they been happening for hundreds of years before the supposed weapons program? And if their not natural and they are evidence of a weapons program that started in the 60’s then surely from then on they would have even more reason to cover them up – not admit to them (but then why would they be covering up something that didn’t alread exist before?). And futhermore if scientific community is so bad / incompetent / incoherant : ‘so much for science’, then who exactly do you think built these suposesd earth-quake weapons? Astrologers? Homeopathists?

    That thought pattern contains so many contradictions that i have to assume you’ve a raging case of multiple personality disorder.

    Ok i take last months comment back, may be logic cant solve our problems but it is a basic requirement before we can start.

  32. Sky

    @ Colin – Very confused post. The quake lights have both natural and unnatural causes ( as I’d stated earlier).

    Natural quake lights are rare. They can occur during or BEFORE a quake ( there goes the quake dust in the air theory ).

    Unnatural quake lights are caused by HAARP ( the word auroral in the acronym should give you a clue).

    Many of today’s scientists are engaged in pseudo-science. Don’t consume coffee/eggs/chocolate they’re bad for you. No, wait. They’re good for you. No, wait, they’re bad for you. Co2 is a deadly gas and the culprit behind global warming. No wait, it’s water vapor that’s to blame. Quake lights don’t exist. No wait, they do .Those are the scientists I slammed.

    We are all too well aware that there is another ilk of scientists who are working with hard science to produce ever more exotic WMDs. And these guys are building on the science of one of the greatest geniuses of all time – Nicola Tesla. And they are not building on this science to benefit humanity.

    ELAINE: You drink anything proffered by pseudoscientists. In your upside down world, real scientists are fakes while crazy people are scientists.

  33. Sky

    @Joe, Angela,Larry…. Do you all know about the Russian earthquake machine ( Pamir ) ?

    Snippets :

    Officially, at the end of the Vietnam War, the United States and the Soviet Union gave up environmental wars (earthquakes, tsunamis, environmental balance destabilization, atmospheric modification – clouds, rain, cyclones, tornadoes -, modification of the climate, ocean currents, the ozone layer and the ionosphere) upon signing the 1976 “Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques”.

    Nevertheless, in 1975, the USSR embarked on a new research, this time in the field of Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) for the purpose of studying the earth’s crust and be able to anticipate earthquakes. The Soviets examined the possibility of provoking small quakes in order to forestall a big one. This research was quickly militarized and resulted in the construction of Pamir, the earthquake machine.

    After the dismemberment of the USSR, those in charge of this programme decided to go to the United States for lure of money, but the Pentagon refused to pay them since their research was incomplete. In 1995, when Russia was governed by Boris Yeltsin and oligarch Viktor Chernomyrdin, the US Air Force recruited the researchers working at their Nizhny Novgorod laboratory. They built a much more powerful machine, Pamir 3, that was tested successfully. At that point, the Pentagon bought the men together with the material and shipped them to the United States, where they were incorporated into the HAARP programme.

    The link in article to the French documentary video clip showing Pamir is broken. Here’s a working link :

  34. Sky

    Of course , the public is always told the development of this technology is for our GOOD. It will only be used to produce SMALL quakes, to control quakes. And government never lies, does it ?

    2nd International Conference on Urban Disaster Reduction
    November 27~29, 2007

    Discharge of Tectonic Stresses in the Earth Crust by High-power Electric Pulses for Earthquake Hazard Mitigation

    All results obtained by statistical analysis of field experiments and laboratory testing pointed
    to a possibility of application of high-power electromagnetic pulsed for earthquake control by
    regulation of seismic flow and release of energy accumulated in the Earth crust in the form of large number of not dangerous seismic events

    Click to access generateur_seisme-2-2.pdf

    Quake technology is real.

  35. Joe

    I for one never claimed that this quake was a result of HARRP, but anyone dismissing the FACT that we can do such things is willfully ignorant.

    Yes, I am aware that several other countries possess similar technology. It really is simple technology when you think about it. When and how to use it effectively is another question.

  36. Sky

    @ wuen – The relief efforts in Haiti are a criminal mess.

    Within hours of the quake in the Cook Islands, a few weeks back, Australia sent a fully operational portable desalination plant pumping out 50 thousand litres of fresh water per hour.

    ROWATER Australia specialises in skid-mounted, containerised and portable desalination plants in a range of sizes from 1,500 to 1,500,000 litres per day

    Southcom is in charge in Haiti, but remember all those ‘ communication ‘ problems they blamed for not getting the aid to the Haitians ? You can bet your bottom dollar that there was a huge power struggle going on down there between the military and USAID ( who were there first). It’s obvious that the AID part of USAID has very little to do with getting food and water to the victims

  37. emsnews

    Sky, everything is a conspiracy with you. Indeed, as the ability of science rises to help us deal with the harsh reality of Mother Nature, the arrogance of humans rise, too. Imagining that ALL events are sponsored by, created by and run entirely by mysterious powerful humans has grown out of the entire concept that humans like Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha, etc are gods.

    This mental condition is at the roots of much of what ails us. This is why I hammer away about the Cave of Wealth and Death. We don’t control it or Mother Nature.

  38. emsnews

    About health and the human brain: people hate hearing that they, themselves, can control many symptoms. Even real diseases have some degree of mental symptom control one can apply to it (including pain from broken limbs!)….we all want to be happy and comfortable all the time but our brains can nix this very easily since we all have emotional feelings that have to latch onto something.

    This is why psychology was developed: to understand the human PSYCHE and not just the mechanics of the mind. Humans have a desperate, desperate need to think we control everything that happens to us.

    This is why, during plagues and geological disasters, mobs seek out someone to punish. Witches will be burned, or people practicing various sexual things will be stoned, or people will run around praying loudly to various gods. Or governments are blamed and are overthrown. Often, this leads to very ugly murders.

    The violence people unleash mindlessly whenever there is some mysterious natural effect is scary in the extreme. I can’t be nice to people who indulge in this sort of fake blaming of all natural events on various people (like, say, the Jews!). This is the root to all massacres and mass murders in the past and will cause them in the future.

    It is NOT benign talk at all. It is dangerous as well as cruel talk. Sky and the other HAARPers think this is a game just like the antivaccinationists wanted to pin the H1N1 flu on mysterious scientists.

    I am truly scared by this sort of thinking. And there is no rational debate in this matter anymore than the global warming people could manage debates based on scientific observations: the group think of this sort is very powerful and scientists do this, too.

    This is why teasing apart various belief systems is a tricky business. Maybe I should just give up trying to explain how the upper classes think and operate. Or how nature works. Maybe I should go insane and join some sort of pre-set group and ape everyone else?

    On the other hand, the only reason my miserable blog exists is to run across many ideological lines.

  39. emsnews

    About ticks: ahem…..Mother Nature hates excess population. This is fixed by the germ empire which insidiously tries to colonize any and all major biomasses. To the germs, we are a massive, massive continent of biomass to be colonized.

    We thwarted the balance of nature thanks to vaccinations. Diseases are now controlled and even eliminated!

    The biomass has expanded greatly. So new diseases EVOLVE to intersect with the human biomass. Ticks have, since time immemorial going back to before the dinosaurs, been a major transmission vector for the germ empire! We have many specialized ticks of all sorts that carry special diseases as well as sharing special vectors (such as the ticks involved in living in our pubic hair are specific to chimps and humans!).

    You have to be LOGICAL: Why in the name of a million devils would some mysterious scientist working for the government want to spread a disease that is in ticks????

    This makes no sense at all. And yes, scientists did try using anthrax as a weapon. And it was stupid, dangerous and now, illegal. Which is why the anthrax killer annoys the hell out of me and why I call for an end to secret military labs.

    BUT this doesn’t mean that all diseases come from these labs. Nor even slightly. The germ empire has an immense lab: all living things. And its tool is simple: evolution via mutation.

    If you think that humans are better at this, the answer is no. Not even slightly. Every hour of every day every germ is probing the limits of mutation and evolution in order to expand in number. Any germ that finds a new place to expand will do so, rapidly. Sans any humans assisting.

  40. emsnews

    Even if a lab works on a germ and this germ exists in nature, it doesn’t automatically follow that the natural germ was launched by or had anything to do with germs isolated in a lab. And this truth is true about all conspiracy stories: coincidence doesn’t automatically mean conspiracy.

  41. Sky

    @ Elaine – ‘Sky, everything is a conspiracy with you. ‘

    No, Elaine. In fact I’m a very open person, no hidden motives or nebulous agendas. But most things that the govt plans behind closed doors where the real action lies, where the money exchanges hands and the deals get hammered out, IS a conspiracy. Particulary the military.

    I’m too young to remember, but are there any older readers on this forum who can recall FDR’s fireside chats where he openly revealed the Manhattan Project’s H bomb ?

    I didn’t get my memo in the mail either discussing the latest results of the militaries biowarfare experiments.

    And I wasn’t a fly on the wall when they planned the Iraq war years before they went in.

    Thank God for the whistleblowers and the net.


    ELAINE: You peddle all sorts of bizarre things which makes it sound to me like you work for DARPA and want to disrupt things. HAHAHA.

  42. To all who objected to my calling them crazies;
    You have a remarkable lack of any sense of scale ie. the size of the land realitive to man. To think that any puny human effort could effect hidden forces of a continental scale.


  43. Sky

    @ ziff – I missed your earlier post. Did I make your ‘ crazy ‘ A list ?

    Here’s what you said about us crazies :

    “You have a remarkable lack of any sense of scale ie. the size of the land realitive to man. To think that any puny human effort could effect hidden forces of a continental scale.”

    Relative to man, a whale is gigantic. Pop goes the harpoon. Kaboom goes the nuke and bye-bye mountain.

    Yeah, man is too puny to affect much in the natural world. Except for…wait for it… driving cars and breathing out C02. Yup that’ll do it ! The polar caps will melt and the seas will wash over us as we are swept out to the Pacific , cast adrift and burned to a crisp under a planetary temperature of 100s of degrees.

  44. sky crazy for sure , your example is not appropo to my arguement. Good for bar fights only.

  45. emsnews

    Human pollution does effect all of nature. Dam building can trigger earthquakes. Exploding nuclear bombs underground also can trigger earthquakes. But the tectonic plate movements have to be ready for this trigger, first. And will or will not react depending on greater forces.

    Anyone who thinks all earthquakes are deliberately triggered by silly stuff, on the other hand, is just….silly. HAARP can’t cause all tectonic plate movement earthquakes.

  46. CedarS

    Wondering where these “nature” conspiracy theories of magical machines come from? When in doubt, check the cartoon network.

    The Weather Dominator – GI Joe

  47. emsnews

    Ever since movies were created, the beliefs of all-powerful humans have proliferated alongside UFO beliefs, etc. Movies have a TREMENDOUS effect on us. Absolutely immense.

  48. rodrigo

    Hi Elaine,
    your analysis of the satellite photos is incorrect. The sand deposits shown are of aeolian origin. If you look along the entire coastline of northern Chile you will notice active dune fields to the north of almost every embayment. These deposits are formed as sand is accumulated by marine processes and then transported by wind. They are unrelated to tsunamis past or present.

    There are however several places in which tsunami deposits can be seen and there are certainly deposits from the latest earthquake as well. If you look arounbd you may find quite a lot of literature on the subject. The examples shown on you web page are not tsunami deposits.


    Rodrigo Sala

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