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China Buys Volvo—Yuan Will Be #1 Currency In Future

ΩΩTracing the arc of historical forces is fascinating.  As we see clearly how the lay of the land works, we can project forwards in time to see what will happen next.  Seeing what will happen next=power and even wealth.  Ruthlessly pursuing one’s ends is easier if one has a good idea about 50 Year Plans cooked up by the Chinese, based on understanding the arc of imperial histories.  The US is very definitely on a steep decline in power.  For example, poor Obama had to have a sudden, secret meeting in Afghanistan due to the US puppet there inviting in the Chinese and Iranians to do business.  HAHAHA.  Good grief.  We invade so others may expand their imperial powers?  End of our empire, for sure. Continue reading


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Catholic Church Pedophiles Should Apologize To All Honest Gays

The Catholic Church, like all religious organizations based on denial of the self, is instead, in self-denial.  For some very strange reason going very far back in time to the first sexual taboos of early human tribes, the gods always have a very big interest in our sex lives. This is due to our gods dwelling inside of that deepest part of our brains where our eating, drinking and panic attacks all jostle each other.  In the Stygian darkness of this innermost chamber, the religious impulses collide violently with basic human passions. Continue reading


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IMF And The Greek Chorus

Bill Gross says that the biggest bubble we are in is a bond bubble.  He is, of course, not quite right.  It is a bubble but isn’t the biggest bubble.  The closely related bubble that is far bigger and grew the fastest is the Derivatives Beast Bubble.  This hellish monster is based on all the monetary/debt bubbles and is why they were able to grow massively, flooding the planet with easy debt.  The tide seems to be changing as faith in the Derivatives Beast is fading after it ate up trillions of dollars in ‘wealth’. Continue reading


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One God Into Many Gods: The Relentless Battle Over Who Owns Jerusalem

At the dawn of the Age of Pisces, the two fishes, the tribal Jewish god suddenly split into three parts.  The destruction of the Temple by the angry Romans facilitated a spiritual revolution: the home of this very tribal god was suddenly gone and it became homeless.  It found three homes: Mecca, inside of all Jewish ghettos via the newfangled invention of the synagogue and the Christian Church.  The word ‘synagogue’ isn’t Jewish at all, it is Greek.  It means, ‘To gather together’.  The Church has Synods, for example.   Continue reading


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Empires Must Regulate Trade And Finances

I keep harping on the trade deficit issue since all of the other messes revolve around this misbalance.  Just as when one wants to run any machine, if there is an imbalance in weights or forces, the machine rattles and rocks and eventually falls apart.  If you don’t balance tires, the ride is very rough.  Balance is a key component in any smooth running system.  The restless search for a means of having anything suddenly explode in value or volume is very dangerous if there is no other countervailing forces that keeps things from suddenly erupting to infinity. Continue reading


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US Pledges Protection For Israel No Matter How Insulting Israel Is In Return

.ΩΩIsrael, through AIPAC and the US media, owns our government nearly totally.  There is virtually no open debate about Zionist projects and wars in the US thanks to this and any brave politician who dares to cross even the most vicious right wing Israeli Zionists, is punished and banished from the public view.  This week, the ruler of Israel came over to the US to enjoy the sight of nearly our entire Congress kow towing to this midget nation and to egg on the members of the President’s own political party to corner him and strong arm him into supporting illegal settlements in Jerusalem.

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The CDO Market Continues Onwards, Limping Along

An obscure story in Bloomberg News sets me off on a little business about how the current financial collapse is far from done and far from being fixed.  Indeed, it seems clearer and clearer to me that the problems we had in the past are very much still there and waiting to explode in our faces a third time.  This is due to the governments of the G7 nations saving the very criminals who destroyed international finances and who are now bankrupting the planet as they strive to renew debt increases that are wholly unsustainable due to natural market forces moving in the wrong direction. Continue reading


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