Israel’s President Smashed Biden Gift While Ranting At US

Finally, an entire account of Biden’s visit to Israel has come out via Reuters!  The NYT has a zillion reporters in Israel and not one told the story of the important visit.  Not one.  It turns out, the Israelis played many tricks on Biden as well as, Bibi really DID break the glass, while he was ranting at Biden!  Now, Clinton is SECRETLY telling Bibi to stop it or else something secret will happen.  The entire planet watches this with a big smirk or rising horror depending on if they want the US to die or survive.


ΩΩCertainly, bin Laden is laughing his head off.  If he is dead, he is finding this twice as funny.  One of the world’s most invisible riots has been raging for nearly a month in East Jerusalem.  The US media thinks this is non-news, of course.  The Israelis Block Palestinians From Holy Site – The Lede Blog – is a blog story in the NYT rather than a front page news story, none of this is deemed worthy of front page treatment.  In it, is embedded this video that clearly illustrates the raging insanity that has devoured the minds of right wing neo-Nazi Jews in Israel:

ΩΩThis is clearly a ‘Cave of Wealth and Death’ moment!  Goldstein was a right wing doctor from America who went crazy and decided to terrorize and murder innocent, unarmed Muslims while they worshipped in a cave.  He felt, if he did this crime, all the religious wealth of the Holy Land would be handed over to only Jews who are supposedly beloved by this bizarre Death God (anyone who disputes me about this bloody god should read the Bible!).


ΩΩNaturally, whenever belief in this terrifying god rises, so does murderous emotions.  For example, in Europe 1,000 years ago, faith in this god rose to great heights and this led to invading the Holy Land and butchering everyone the crusaders met there.  Covered with blood, they gained Jerusalem and celebrated this bloody deed by crying with happiness, now, they were at one with this bizarre Death God!  No mercy was shown even to children in the butchery, but they were convinced, God loved THEM!


ΩΩThis rampant insanity continues.  In between invasions, Jerusalem sinks down into narcoleptic peace and everyone fights religious dogma at home instead of in this terrifying place.  Slumbering fitfully in the caves that riddle the Mount is the Apocalypse, that is, WWIII.  This is why we can’t just say, to hell with everyone.  We must pay attention!


Israel Arrests Top Hamas Official –

U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell promised Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that the U.S. will bring a halt to Israeli building in East Jerusalem, a Palestinian official told the newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi on Saturday.


Biden’s attempt at pleasing the Jews by overriding Mitchell was wrecked by the Jewish government of Israel.  They, themselves, destroyed his attempt at diplomacy.  All he had to do was swear fealty to the Jewish religious dictatorship and then scuttle back home.  This was made to be as painful as possible as the Jews sought total humiliation and complete slavish adherence to the Zionist regime.


“In a telephone conversation, Mitchell said the U.S. would make sure Israel stops building in the area,” the Palestinian official told the London-based Arabic daily newspaper.


I am amazed the NYT published this story.  Of course, all of the rest of the world got it.  But for it to appear in the US is just amazing.  Most of the news concerning the Muslims is censored.


In an interview with CNN aired Friday night, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Israel’s announcement of new construction of homes in a Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem was “insulting” to the United States. “I mean, it was just really a very unfortunate and difficult moment for everyone – the United States, our vice president who had gone to reassert our strong support for Israeli security – and I regret deeply that that occurred and made that known,” Clinton said during the CNN interview.


Note that poor Clinton ‘regrets’ the deliberate actions of the Zionist rulers!  This is being treated not as deliberate but accidental.  If only the Zionists were a little more careful about punching, slapping and spitting on top US envoys!  Then all will be sweet again.  The US was bitch-slapped by our alien pimps and the prostitute apologizes to the pimp.


While Clinton did not blame Netanyahu personally for the announcement, she said, “He is the prime minister. Like the president or secretary of state…ultimately, you are responsible.” .


Every single insult was done by this creep! Why can’t the cringing prostitute accuse him of abuse? Is she afraid of being bitch-slapped by AIPAC?


Absolutely!  The Clintons hold power thanks to the Zionists in the US!  She knows who her many sugar daddies are!  It turns out that Bibi really WAS responsible for some of the insults showered on the boot licker, Biden.

. …”The secretary said she could not understand how this happened, particularly in light of the United States’ strong commitment to Israel’s security,” Crowley said.


ΩΩ‘Why did you bitch slap me?’ wails the cringing prostitute.  ‘Yo, beeytch, I got to keep my stable in line,’ sneers the pimp, grinding his boot heel into her face.  The US public was kept nearly entirely in the dark about what went on during our VP’s visit.  Here is a much clearer version of the many insults and manipulations pulled by Bibi during Biden’s visit:


Ominous signs plague Biden’s Middle East visit

(Reuters) 12 March 2010, JERUSALEM – In the region where symbolism may matter most, the signs for U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s visit were inauspicious.


HAHAHA.  Sounds like the VP didn’t read his sheep entrails before heading off to the Holy Land!


First Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak cancelled talks in Cairo and flew to hospital for gallbladder surgery….


He couldn’t meet with the US puppet dictator of Egypt.  Keeping Egypt locked inside a dark room and preventing popular leaders from arising there is a #1 priority of the US government.  In Iraq, we had to pretend to have elections, ditto, Afghanistan, to make our illegal invasions legitimate.  But we need no such fictions in the case of Saudi Arabia or Egypt.  We totally support vile dictators in these countries.


…The first sign of trouble in Israel came when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented Biden with a glass-framed gift honouring his mother. “I have one thing to offer you right now and it’s broken glass,” Netanyahu said at discovering the shards he was holding…. The prime minister inadvertently shattered the glass when he put his elbows down on the podium, spokesman Mark Regev said.


By all accounts I gathered in foreign lands, this press conference was supposed to be short and to the point.  No one was supposed to speak for more than 5 minutes.  Biden, according to Jewish reporters, was supposedly incapable of making a long speech because he ‘might say the wrong thing’ but obviously, Bibi felt no such restraints.


So while Biden had to sit there, Bibi lectured him for half an hour!  This, in itself, was an insult!  And while ranting, he DELIBERATELY smashed the ‘gift’!  That is, he POUNDED THE PODIUM.  Why didn’t he just take off his shoe and yell, ‘We shall bury you!’?


At a later tour of Israel’s Holocaust memorial museum, Yad Vashem, the lights in the “Hall of Remembrance” unexpectedly went out as a prayer for those killed was chanted, catching Biden’s security detail by surprise. One Biden aide described the moment as “off-putting” but others said it worked well given the mournful context. In the darkness, the only light in the cavernous room came eerily from the eternal flame reflecting off the ceiling….


Most of Biden’s US handlers are Zionists.  So some members of the security detail were thrown off guard when the lights were DELIBERATELY doused without warning.  But the Jews in the contingent though this was a dramatic gesture and increased the ‘mourning’ aspect.


Now, this ‘Hall of Remembrance’ is a way for Jews to forget their own crimes.  The perpetual victim is a fun pose to have while one is butchering people or stealing stuff.  Note the video above where pious Jews celebrate mass murder of unarmed innocent people!  A true remembrance is to remember one’s own crimes, not crimes against oneself.


When in therapy, people first remember all the bad things done to themselves but then, they must move away from that and start understanding all the bad things they did, themselves.  This leads to understanding the nature of how we act and who we really are and helps heal the anger from various bad events or things happening to us!


Bullies often think about how people have hurt them.  Screaming about all this pain, they lash out at everyone in their vicinity and then, when people fight back or cry, the bully gets even angrier.  Only his pain is allowed!  Everyone else has to just suck it up.  Unfortunately, the Holocaust has turned many Jews into bullies.  They can’t see that few people can sympathize with them anymore so long as they use Hitler as an excuse to butcher babies or starve women and children while abusing them in a ghetto.


An Israeli expert of Jewish mysticism, known as Kabballah, said Biden’s visit came at a time “when there is tremendous energy” before the Passover holiday that starts later this month, marking the biblical escape of the Jews from Egypt. “It could be something negative, like what is referred to as the ‘evil eye’,” said the expert, who declined to be named. “But in Kabballah, we also believe that sometimes before a great light is revealed, there have to be a series of disturbances.”


The star, the Evil Eye, is also the Head of Medusa which is a star that connects the constellations of Perseus with Pegasus.  The Evil Eye star is now rising in the East at dawn along with the outermost stars of Pisces.  The Kaballah is all about magic money making, the Zodiac, star magic, etc.  Biden walked into this religious maelstrom blindfolded by his own Jewish staff.


They knew this is a delicate time and that Bibi and his gang of neo-Nazis were being very, very provocative.  They should not have done this visit with this goyim in tow.  But then, how to bitch-slap the US so we would allow Jewish crimes in Jerusalem?  The entire Jewish staff of the VP should be sent packing.  Instead of protecting him from insults and actions, they shoved him into this.


Biden, of course, it most at fault here.  He should have turned on his heel and walked away from the ranting, violent Bibi and refused to accept a ‘gift’ which was smashed right in front of his face.  This would have scared the pants off of Bibi and the gang of Zionists who run the White House!  Instead, the VP took his bitch slaps with a contorted grin.  And is now a full fool rather than a pathetic fool.


David Wilder, a spokesman for Jewish settlers in the West Bank city of Hebron, said he did not necessarily believe “all of this happened because of divine intervention” but he saw the mishaps as “very symbolic”. “When the United States doesn’t play its cards right, it gets a gift of broken glass,” he said, noting that “one of the plagues in Egypt was darkness.


ΩΩSo, the lights going off at the right moment was ‘divine intervention’ and not….um…someone killing the lights for dramatic effect?  HAHAHA.  Ah, the mysteries of this god!  He can pull the cord!  Shows us that he is real and not cooked up inside of some rather cruel and demented brains!  Of course, like all other gods on earth, this one has to have human aide to pull off these mysterious miracles.


ΩΩNote also, David Wilder threatens the US.  We have to ‘play our cards right’ or else this vicious god will punish us!  And do note the far right wingers in Israel correctly see the deliberately broken glass as a warning that the US will be broken, too.  This is why Biden was totally wrong to accept this foul gift.  And the tight cluster of Jewish advisors with him should have immediately stepped on stage to intercept this fatal gift and quietly tell Bibi to do the ceremony later.


ΩΩThis doesn’t puzzle me, of course.  This is what happens when a minority group in a country gain too much power and influence. They forget who is boss.  Since the Jews run the White House nearly totally (anyone who thinks Rahm will allow anyone else to put a toe in the door is nuts!) they feel they can do as they please.  This is the sure road to devilish destruction.


Smashing the Glass in a Jewish Wedding: Symbolism of Breaking a Glass at the Marriage Ceremony in Judaism

The most widespread meaning attached to the glass-smashing ritual is that it symbolises the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70AD. As the Temple functioned as the centre of worship in Judaism, its destruction has been devastating to the Jewish people. By remembering this national sadness during the joyous festivities of a wedding, Jews “set Jerusalem above [their] highest joy” (Psalm 137)….


….Within the Ashkenazi Jewish community, the ritual occurs earlier in the ceremony, just before the reading of the ketubah (marriage contract). In Maurice Lamm’s article ‘The Breaking of the Glass’ on the site, Lamm notes that Jewish opinion is divided on whether the glass to be smashed ought to be the nuptial cup, the betrothal cup or simply a ‘prop’ glass. Nowadays an old light bulb is sometimes used instead inside the cloth, as it is easier to smash… Some Jews accompany the smashing of the glass by reciting from Psalm 137: “If I forget Thee, O Jerusalem, may my right hand fail at the height of my joy.”


ΩΩI find it rather amusing in a dark way, how many religions have restrictions and ceremonies which are supposed to be aimed at pleasing or obeying gods but then cheat these same all-seeing gods in various ways.  For example, the Chinese used to burn paper money at funerals.  But quickly discovered that they didn’t have to do this.  The money, you see, is to bribe the Guardians at the Gates of Death.


ΩΩSince this is the Cave of Wealth and Death, the Chinese figured, they could bribe the Guardians with money!  So they burned money at funerals.  But then, the humans also figured, the money was burned so the Guardians being bribed couldn’t tell if the money was counterfeit.  So the Chinese now burn lots of fake money at funerals, smugly thinking they fool the celestial guardians who can see into our souls, in this fashion!


ΩΩUsing a burned out lightbulb in this case, it a similar cheat.  Anyway, since it is the Jews who have this superstition about breaking glass, this makes Bibi’s actions even worse than on the surface!  Of course, Bibi knew perfectly well, his breaking of the glass while it was under a covering cloth, has these implications and magical meanings!    This is also why he, not the US, should be groveling and begging for pardon.  Obviously, he isn’t doing this.  He is, in fact, being quite nasty about everything.


Likud whip to Netanyahu: Don’t stray from your policy on East Jerusalem – Haaretz – Israel News

Likud faction whip Ze’ev Elkin on Sunday urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to deviate from his policy on East Jerusalem construction, saying Israel must keep the capital undivided and under its sovereignty.


ΩΩUnrepentant and relentless, the Likudniks are openly defying the US in this matter.  Much less apologizing for the many insults to our VP, they are turning up the heat!  They bombed Gaza again right after the VP peace mission.  This doesn’t surprise me at all.  After all, Biden and his crew of Likudniks who work in the White House didn’t mention the Mossad passport stealing/assassinations, either.  How many stolen US passports does Mossad use?


ΩΩSince the very Jewish NYT doesn’t carry hardly any analysis of what is going on in Israel, we have to go to Israel itself to get any information or thoughts on what is going on:


Netanyahu must choose between ideology and U.S. support – Haaretz – Israel News

A widely predicted crisis between Israel and the United States upon Benjamin Netanyahu taking office as prime minister finally erupted this weekend.


A crisis that is barely known in the US! The Jews in Israel know that it has ‘erupted’ but in the US, the VP visit was not the topic of very many conversations mainly because the bulk of the population here was kept pretty much unaware that Biden was even visiting.

. U.S. President Barack Obama did not hold back in condemning the humiliation caused to Joe Biden with the Israeli announcement of 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem during what was supposed to be the vice president’s friendly visit to Israel.


Instead of accepting Netanyahu’s partial apology and letting bygones be bygones, Obama issued a stern warning to the Israeli prime minister and is now demanding that he take “specific actions” to show he is “committed” to the U.S.-Israel relationship and to the peace process itself.

.I saw the mealy mouthed Clinton rebuke but not an Obama speech condemning Zionists for humiliating his administration.  In fact, I don’t see Obama in the news at all, talking about Israel.  Note that the Jews in Israel admit that Bibi gave a PARTIAL apology.  This is what I call, ‘Further insults’.


When I disciplined children in the past, I always made them apologize before we let bygones be bygones.  But children who are naughty hate doing this so their first step is to make the apology as insulting as possible.  Then, when this isn’t accepted, they give a partial apology that doesn’t acknowledge what they did wrong.  Only after this is also refused, do they attempt to give an honest apology.


Washington did not reveal the contents of the ultimatum or the list of demands reportedly presented to Netanyahu. Those conditions, however, could undermine the prime minister’s coalition ties to hard-line right-wing parties like Yisrael Beiteinu and Shas, as well as provoke strong criticism from within his own Likud faction. In case Netanyahu still fails to understand the situation, a U.S. official told Reuters yesterday that the Israeli leader’s rightist coalition leaves him in a “perilous” situation.


We all knew that Bibi’s government would do this to the US.  The US Congress backed up the Likud right wing regime at every turn.  Congress is 98% behind the Likudniks.  All US goyim speeches made at AIPAC conventions are kept secret by both our craven politicians and the Jews who run a great deal of our media.  Sometimes, small snippets are released but generally, this is kept under wraps.


US support for Israel remains high but when this is due to our own media hiding the truth, it is a fake condition.  The fact that this ‘ultimatum’ was kept secret by our own ‘leaders’ tells us everything we need to know about who is the boss.  The US puppets think that by keeping our demands secret from the American people, the embarrassment when the Likud bitch slap us some more will not be noticed.


I would love to see this list of ‘demands’.  A demand is something one MUST have, not suggestions.  Going back to being a mother: if a mother says, ‘I DEMAND you clean up your room, ‘ and the kid refuses to do this, the mother MUST punish the child.  There are various ways.  Taking away their video games being at the top of the list, what did the US threaten to take away from Israel?


We are still wasting nearly all our diplomatic capital, trotting all over the planet, talking only about how to isolate Iran!  We are still packaging billions of dollars and handing it over to Bibi and his insulting gang!  I seriously doubt even the slightest thing will be done.


Will we send over Biden again to say, ‘We are still bestest of buddies!  But will you please top poking me in the eye and kicking me int he balls, pretty please?’  What is our response?  It can’t be secret!  The insults were IN PUBLIC!  Therefore, our punishments must be very public.

. The prime minister has reached the moment of truth, where he must choose between his ideological beliefs and political cooperation with the right on one hand, and his need for American support on the other.


ΩΩThis is not a ‘moment of truth’.  First, the US media must raise a howl and demand Israel apologize properly and cooperate with us instead of bitch slapping us.  I hear no howls of protest here.  I noted in a previous article, when Reagan went to Bitgurg, the US media howled like banshees at him.  They are quite capable of hounding anyone they wish.


ΩΩI would suggest that it is the responsibility of all Jewish-owned or run media to go after Bibi and to force their fellow tribesman to behave better!  If he were hammered hard in the US media, he would stop insulting our goyim ‘leaders’.  Instead, he gets a free pass.  His insults are studiously ignored while any attempt at stopping these insults are treated as a small, piddling matter and not a grave issue of greatest importance to us all.


ΩΩThat is, when we lose diplomatic capital, lose face and above all, get sucked into stupid religious wars spanning the entire planet earth, we suffer directly!  Americans die.  Our country runs up immense debts.  This is literally life and death, not some small side issue.


Palestinians: Soldiers watched as settlers attacked – Israel News, Ynetnews

Palestinians from the Nablus area claimed to have been attacked Friday by Gilad Farm settlers with iron rods. According to the Palestinians, one of them was evacuated to the hospital with a broken hand.


The West Bank settlers, for their part, said they were provoked by left-wing activists at the scene. Three club-wielding settlers were detained. The injured Palestinian is the brother of Zachariah Sida, the operation’s coordinator in the Palestinian Authority for the Rabbis for Human Rights organization.


In a conversation with Ynet, Sida rejected the settlers’ claims, saying he was summoned to the scene by Palestinian farmers from the nearby Jit village who complained of being assaulted by the settlers. “I arrived at the scene with my two brothers. One of them was holding a camera and the settlers lunged at him, beat him, snatched the camera away and fled,” he said. “Another group of settlers attacked me and my other brother. Just as they were about to hit me with an iron rod, he stuck out his hand. That’s how he broke it. The settlers attacked while the soldiers stood and watched.”


ΩΩSeveral things here: our own media ignores these very brave rabbis.  They are not splashed all over the news like the Iranian young lady who was murdered while peacefully demonstrating against the ruling elites in Iran.  She was everywhere! Congress dutifully enshrined her as a martyr.  But these rabbis are ignored.  I don’t have the faintest idea, what they look like since filming them will anger the Likudniks.


ΩΩThese very brave rabbis risk their lives trying to stop fellow Jews from being total bullies, brutes and murderers.  Their tool: cameras.  Now, the Israeli-controlled regions are infested with Jewish US reporters.  Virtually none, actually, NONE take pictures of Jewish crimes.  They studiously ignore all of this.  In between ignoring crimes, they huffily tell the poor Palestinians to emulate Gandhi and have peaceful demonstrations.


ΩΩWhich are brutally terminated by the Jews!  Gandhi’s main tool, like Dr. King, was to have the media observe oppression.  The Palestinians can’t do this because all the many Jewish reporters (goyim are not encouraged to cover this part of the world) refuse to cover the news! They ignore it!  So any peaceful demonstrators who are killed or wounded are non-news and thus, secret and thus, do nothing to stop the bullies.


ΩΩOnly when the Jewish owners and editors who run our media demand this stop, will it all end.  Instead, they enable this.  I was furious for years because of the front page news given to Darfur while Palestine was not covered.  I figured, this was done to distract people from the issue of Palestine.


AFP: Saudis deny discussing pressure on China over Iran with US

(AFP) – 1 day ago RIYADH — Saudi Arabia denied on Friday that its officials had discussed with US Defence Secretary Robert Gates putting pressure on China to back a new round of sanctions on Iran over its nuclear ambitions.


ΩΩAnother slap on the face for the US!  Clinton is the #3 bitch to be put in her place, ranking behind Biden and the Ghost in the Shell White House, Obama.  These three crawl from nation to nation, begging on behalf of Israel and then, when crawling away, are kicked in the rear.  Clinton, eager to please her owners, told them that Saudi Arabia, which is growing closer and closer to China, agreed to influence China on behalf of Israel.


ΩΩNo surprise for me.  This was a stupid assumption on Clinton’s part. But then, she isn’t working for us, she works for aliens.  This is what happens when one gives up sovereignty: confusion.  Clinton, Biden and Obama have forgotten who is the real boss. They figure, if they kow tow to Jews, they will have an easy ride.  As I showed in my previous story about Reagan and the Jewish media, when Reagan defied the media and talked directly to the American people, he was MORE popular, not less popular.


ΩΩI wonder if poor Obama knows this. Perhaps he should read my blog.  But then, I am totally anti-Zionist and he is not allowed to read this sort of thing.  He must be pro-Zionist 100% of the time and to reassure his owners, he is 100% Zionist and this means…he supports the suppression and removal of all Christians and Muslims in the Holy Lands!  And he dares not say that out loud, he has to keep this secret.


ΩΩThus, the secret ultimatum which the Jews can ignore.  Why fear consequences when they are hidden from the sovereign people of America?  What is Obama and Clinton afraid of?  A media shit storm?  Maybe Reagan’s ghost can tell them what to do.

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18 responses to “Israel’s President Smashed Biden Gift While Ranting At US

  1. CK

    Happy Pi day.

  2. OT , but Elaine you might be glad to hear some one seems to share your views about free trade, George Packer, in the Mar.15 NY’er mag.
    The same issue has a puff piece and whitewash on the economy however.

  3. MikeM

    This is off topic here, I’m two weeks behind in my reading, but a rant here is in order re: Lending to Oneself Printing Money… I absolutely must say I’ve suddenly lost faith in many regular reader/commentators here.

    How in the hell can anyone support Ellen Brown, insist she is correct, and discuss money ‘authoritatively,’ without understanding how the US monetary system works?

    As DrKrbyLuv stated: “It all comes down to how and who issues the money.” Like ALL of the NYT stooges, he obviously does not know, either.

    The US government gave up the capacity to issue money in 1913, with the (unconstitutional) Federal Reserve Act. If the US government needs money, it (actually primary dealers) puts US Treasury Bonds up for auction, which are denominated in Federal Reserve Notes. It is because of this FRN denomination that foreign holdings of USTs are held (in custody) by the Fed, and the auction is initiated by the Fed.

    If there are no foreign or domestic buyers of these bonds, and the Federal Reserve takes them off the primary dealers hands (overtly or covertly), we (US Treasury) owes the Federal Reserve, NOT OURSELVES. We have still borrowed this money.

    The US government currently LACKS THE CAPABILITY to print money at will, and lacks the authority to order the Federal Reserve to do ANYTHING. CONgress can abolish it, or change the charter, but that won’t happen. The US Mint is the only US agency that actually produces money, and wouldn’t ya know it, it has REAL value.

    Hand in hand, the Federal Reserve is NOT a part of the US Government, it is privately owned. Limited oversight DOES NOT imply ownership! Nor of control. This is quite easily established using Google for a few minutes. The Federal Reserve is actually a cartel of international bankers, mostly European. These bankers are who we are borrowing from when the Fed buys UST bonds. Bernanke is really nothing more than a front man. Sure he’s nominated by the Prez, but his bosses are bankers. Once again, US Government has NO control over the FED.

    &&&&&&& Insert link to chart of who owns the Federal Reserve

    Under terms of the Federal Reserve Act, the FED DOES NOT have the authority to “print money.” They LOAN money (that they create out of thin air) to select banks at interest (ZIRP aside). The FED is allowed by charter to purchase securities ONLY IF BACKED BY THE FULL FAITH AND CREDIT OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT. When the FED is being accomodative in loaning the US government money (as in QE), they are doing EXACTY the same thing the Chinese and Japanese are doing, they’re putting us into shackles, using money that magically sprang into existance. This should remind people of Iceland.

    They have violated their charter by well over a trillion already by purchasing Fannie and Freddie junk. Not only that, but they obviously have also violated their charter in creating money out of thin air to support the myriad interests of the owners of the Federal Reserve itself. Not to mention collusion in the profitable destruction of certain financial institutions. Mostly secrative, OF COURSE.

    If you haven’t figured out the simple view yet, it is this:

    THE UNITED STATES RENTS IT’S MONEY SUPPLY FROM VERY GREEDY INTERNATIONAL BANKERS. We owe a hell of a lot of back rent, plus interest. The Fed couldn’t care less what country’s name is on the front, or whos picture is there either.

    On top of worrying about our creditors selling USTs, we should also worry about the FED saying “NO MORE!” They CAN do this. History does rhyme. Speaking of rhyming, they also have to worry about the US Government telling them their FRNs are no longer recognized, and basically annihilate them. (War of 1812, anyone? This would actually start WWIII)

    But the FED’s painted themselves into a corner, they know that no matter what they do, there will be extraordinarily adverse consequences. I believe they will buy ALL the USTs we need to sell, and I therefore believe we will eventually see hyperinflation. As Denninger says, “exponents matter.” All these dollars will be owed to the FED, by We The People. WE WILL NOT OWE IT TO OURSELVES!!

    Either way the FED turns, I doubt civil unrest is avoidable. Most people refuse to use their voices constructively and appropriately, and when those of us do, CONgress ignores us anyway. That leaves one way out.

    One last thought: what does the quantity of credit matter if nobody wants it? Has ANYONE heard of Austrian Economics? Von Mises would surely roll over in his grave reading the ignorant (or cabal tool) Miss Manners of the despicable NYT.

    PS Kudos to Kartius

    PS To Steve Smith, I could be wrong, but I don’t think silver is more plentiful than gold anymore, ounce for ounce above ground. Most has been used up (gone permanently) by industry and they find even more uses for it often. It’s an amazing metal! As for price, look at JPM’s short position. Unbelievable! Nearly all gold is still here, less what India has buried with their dead.

    You are right about a bi-metallic standard. England once tried to use only gold for money, but by itself it failed, as it’s price was easily manipulated by paper trading.

  4. flipspiceland

    “What is Obama and Clinton afraid of?”

    I presume the question is rhetorical.

    They are afraid, as are all politicians, of Shoshana Cardin, AIPAC, and other jewish lobbies here in the disUnited States.

  5. don

    I have always wondered where the printed money was going till I ran across this article from last year.

  6. linda

    the jewish leadership will detail how american politicians and the bushites .. destroyed the three towers,, lied us into war.. to continue the industrial militery complex.

    We are being blackmailed and the politicians ..hid in the corners of their corrupt minds


    ELAINE: Muslim hijackers did that. Mossad enabled this. But Atta was very much an Egyptian who was very angry about Palestine and other related issues. Do not fall for all the complex conspiracy stories you see online.

  7. DeVaul

    Wow! I am still shocked by Israel’s conduct.

    They must be drunk with power to act like this. Our response is eerily similar to the British response to Hitler, which later became known as “appeasement”. We all know how well that works.

    It is really scary to see how absolute power drives men absolutely insane. Just scary.

    Our country was founded partly on the idea that no one should have absolute power, most especially secret banking cartels and criminal syndicates. It only lasted maybe two generations. After Andrew Jackson, the long, steady march towards absolute power began in earnest.

    Perhaps what made America special was that we fended off this natural tendency for so long — longer than most (if not all) other countries throughout history.

    We will have to start all over again.

  8. PLovering

    Survival Tips … beating the collapse.

  9. DrKrbyLuv

    MikeM wrote: This is off topic here, I’m two weeks behind in my reading, but a rant here is in order re: Lending to Oneself Printing Money…

    You’re right it is off target and without any substance.

    You’re making yourself an ass-clown by ranting incoherently about something that is way beyond your grasp.


    ELAINE: Mike is correct about quite a few things. But the problem here is, few people connect our financial difficulties with trade.

  10. justiceatsqualor

    The “bitch slap” is so unnecessary, so over the top. Even beggars on horseback try to downplay their ride. Yes, this is something different. Most likely, Israeli insults and AIPAC posturing mask fear, desperation, and weakness on their part.

    First, I suppose they have an unrealistic fear of US retaliation for what looks to have been Mossad chaperoned Saudi hijackers in 9-11, but only if US politicians can get past their own hocus pocus, skull and bones, illuminist nerdlings, their oil-men dominionists and their own bewildered assent to what they probably thought would be a non-lethal Tonkin-esque attack. Second, I suppose they also fear a catastrophic (for them) loss of continued US support either from the bursting of the last great bubble in T-bills or peak-oil, or both decimating our US real GDP. Third, I suppose they fear loss of control over US once politicians realize the people would elect any yellow dog that eschewed AIPAC funding and ran on a vocal platform to end our alliance with Israel. Fourth, I suppose they could be trying to encourage immigration to their land by drawing the foul of anti-semitism once the press curtain is eventually pulled back. But if number three starts to occur, then they may try to cause number two in order to avoid number one.


    ELAINE: The Zionists fret all the time about integration. When I married into an all-Jewish clan, they resoundingly rejected me. I never gained full ‘citizenship’ in this family and simply gave up trying.

    Yes, the Zionists love anti-semitism. It prevents integration and increases the ‘ghetto’ thinking.

  11. mike

    remembering you as a great pharmacology biz advocate, i wonder by todays research that says statins impair and inhibit the creation of arterial collaterals which are needed if one would survive the heart disease that they are used as a tonic and preventer for by possibly hundreds of millions of paying customers…consumers….who made them the top two best selling drugs and put their ads on television almost endlessly and lined the biz”s pockets with billions upon billions of dollars…


    ELAINE: The very safest medical process on earth are vaccinations. Drugs, on the other hand, have bad side effects. Try understanding the difference and you will see conflating one with the other doesn’t impress me.

  12. justiceatsqualor

    Of course, the insults might be just a result of cruelty and arrogant prejudices, mistaking finite goodwill for infinite stupidity. . .

  13. isha

    But if sweet reason won’t work, what’s the alternative? In 1971 the United States dealt with a similar but much less severe problem of foreign undervaluation by imposing a temporary 10 percent surcharge on imports, which was removed a few months later after Germany, Japan and other nations raised the dollar value of their currencies. At this point, it’s hard to see China changing its policies unless faced with the threat of similar action — except that this time the surcharge would have to be much larger, say 25 percent.

    Elaine: Is this Krugman guy reading and stealing your line?
    Are you going to recommend the same policy change if you have Obmas’ ear?


    ELAINE: HAHAHA. Well, Krugman, like the others, want only China as the target. But this keeps the door wide open for all the others who are ravaging us. Fixes nothing, of course. And the 10% surcharge fixed nothing, too. This is because we needed credit so we could run our Cold War Pentagon costs.

  14. JT


    Banks in the US are just as broke as their customers. They receive 2 types of support.

    a they can value items in their balance sheets as they please (40-60% hot air.)
    b they get 0% loans from the FED and buy treasuries with 3-4% profit. big automatic profits let the bonuses flow…

    That´s how the problem of deregulation was solved and is now neatly under the carpet. More deregulation and free money.

    Now we hope and pray for inflation to come and fix the balance sheets.

    Will it all blow up? Yes eventually but when? It could take a decade or two.

    No money for consumers or businesses though.
    I sometimes wonder why banks have to be bailed out. It is very easy to start a new bank and cheap compared to saving them.
    How badly do we really need this house of cards banking monster?


    ELAINE: Two decades is exactly when the Chinese 50 Year Plan comes to fruition.

  15. don

    If you watched 60 minutes last night:
    You will find this interesting, if you

  16. K-Bo

    “All these dollars will be owed to the FED, by We The People.”

    Except the Fed just cut the US Treasury a big check for $45B for the interest it earned (well 97% of it anyways) on it’s $1.8T stash of assets it “bought” or held or created out of thin air at the end of 2009.

    Then again, it’s hard to know exactly what the Fed does, because it HASN’T BEEN AUDITED.

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