One God Into Many Gods: The Relentless Battle Over Who Owns Jerusalem

At the dawn of the Age of Pisces, the two fishes, the tribal Jewish god suddenly split into three parts.  The destruction of the Temple by the angry Romans facilitated a spiritual revolution: the home of this very tribal god was suddenly gone and it became homeless.  It found three homes: Mecca, inside of all Jewish ghettos via the newfangled invention of the synagogue and the Christian Church.  The word ‘synagogue’ isn’t Jewish at all, it is Greek.  It means, ‘To gather together’.  The Church has Synods, for example.  


ΩΩA ‘temple’, on the other hand, is a dwelling place for various gods.  This words is Latin and is an ‘open sacred place’.  The threshing floor of Jerusalem where David supposedly stopped the Angel of Death (an epidemic, namely, some sort of virus or bacteria…hehehe) is an ‘open sacred space’.  This is also the ‘umbilical chord’ anchor of the tribal god worshipped by Jews.  Before they took over this site, it was the religious center of a far older religion dating from the Minoan empire.


ΩΩThe Minoan empire suddenly vanished when it was literally swept aside by the biggest tsunamis to ever slam into all islands and shorelines of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.  The shores of Canaan were controlled by the Minoans who had a seafaring empire, with the power base gone, all the inland tribes that were confined to the grazing areas suddenly  moved in and took over violently.  Indeed, the fight to take over the rocky outcropping of Jerusalem was so violent, the victors renamed the settlement as ‘City of Peace’ in the hopes that there would be no more wars.


ΩΩThe second big change was after several major empires took over Jerusalem and each, in turn faded and fell into disrepair and one of the local tribes (there were many such in the region such as the ‘Samaritans’ for example) rose up and took over, Taliban-style, and briefly ruled Jerusalem only to be defeated by the Persians and then the Greeks.  Both empires kept a Jewish satrap in Jerusalem with very limited powers and when the Romans defeated the last of the Greek rulers in Egypt, the famous Cleopatra, they continued this tradition.


ΩΩThe Jewish rebellion, on the other hand, was harshly suppressed by the Romans and Jews were scattered throughout the empire.  The loss of the Temple which the Romans destroyed in their rage, changed Judaism tremendously, internally.  With no center, no priesthood to manage the furniture and affairs of a normal god that lives in some place or another, this god became invisible and ceased needing a physical home and instead, was broken up into individual godliness dwelling wherever a Jewish person crossed a threshold.  That is, each Jewish home became the shrine.


ΩΩThis diaspora caused a huge rift in the community.  The birth of Christianity and Islam is directly related to the destruction of the Temple.  The sudden transformation of this very violent and biased singular god that serviced only one very small tribe into an international god is the cause of a great deal of grief for everyone through the ages.  One peculiarity of this triumvir god is its severe bias in human affairs.  If you worship it, you will live forever in one form or another while if you don’t, you don’t die and vanish, no, you suffer forever in some sort of hell.


ΩΩThe older, Jewish incarnation of this heartless god didn’t do this, it punished its own tribe when members had dual loyalties such as virtually all Mediterranean religions that were all ‘pagan’ with gods and goddesses expressing various conditions, planetary and stellar objects or collections, etc.  The very small tribe that ended up, after taking over Jerusalem, with just one god for all existing things, had no difficulty in paring down their religion so severely.  When it split up, the Christian faction returned to the normal state of affairs of varying levels of polytheism which is the norm for most human societies.

ΩΩThe chief difference between the newly born Christian and Muslim religions which were based on the older Jewish system is, they both worshipped humans, not an invisible god, even though the Muslims were much, much closer to Judaism in that they destroyed all their previous other, natural system gods, and kept only this angry desert god but they didn’t elevate Mohammed to god status which surpassed the older desert god.  But Mohammed is basically a human god who was totally connected magically to this god.  That is, he flew through the air and went to Jerusalem while in a dream and the belief system is, he actually did fly on a Pegasus stellar creature to Jerusalem and therefore, reunited the Temple god that was banished by the Romans, and thus, superseded it and became its only spokesperson, being a hyper-magical demigod in his own right.


ΩΩThe birthplace/home of this roaming desert god that got anchored in Jerusalem on the Rock back when the Minoan Empire collapsed, is the cause of tremendous bloodshed over the centuries.  Only when one competing gang of believers or another finally takes over, can they enjoy possession of this useless place and thus, celebrate themselves as beloved children of this bizarre god and then, after this happens, Jerusalem basically goes to sleep and ceases to interact with human affairs until the next change in hands, driven ruthlessly by religious ideology.


ΩΩAll three major religions contest this peculiar ‘home’ of this very peculiar and quite bloody ‘god’ that isn’t a natural force like say, lightning, a planet, a constellation or water, trees, etc.  This god lays claim not only to all things but still has enough ‘physical shape’ due to being just one of many pagan gods, that it needs to retain its ‘home’ in Jerusalem.  As more and more humans swore fealty to this strange god, the need to control its ‘home’ has been a constant.  The Romans, Greeks and Persians, as well as all the Hittites and Babylonian emperors, Egyptian Pharaohs, etc, fought to control this rocky outcropping only for trade purposes: to protect their trade moving through this region from roaming desert marauders such as the early Jewish tribes.


ΩΩBut after 550 AD, the battle for this site became religious and thus, much bloodier and more personal.  The terrible side effect of this singular but shattered god is, its basic intolerance.  It is all or nothing with this god.  This is most disturbing.  People are accustomed to this concept today but it is a terrible thing and has terrible consequences.  Any god or concept that is ‘all or nothing’ is….part of the Cave of Wealth and Death and is a manifestation of the goddesses of Zero and Infinity…as one entity!


ΩΩPeople wonder why I talk about this matter so much.  It is pretty simple: humanity is set on a course towards annihilation as per the plans of all these various sects growing out of this ‘indivisible god’ effect.  The locus for the Apocalypse is Jerusalem.  As tensions grow over this blighted real estate, the chances of humanity suffering tremendously rises.  Keeping this god in check is literal life and death.


ΩΩEvery single expression of these three major sects hates each other within this triumvirate. There are literally thousands of variations of all three portions and all of them hate each other in that all believe this bizarre and bloody god will love only themselves and no other humans and that all humans are doomed to be punished by this vengeful and irritable god except for this or that believers who often are very few in number.  Indeed, these believers celebrate their sagacity in figuring out which of these many variations of ceremonies and magic spells operate on this ‘one god’ that is hardly one at all.


ΩΩThe commonest way to fix things up with this dangerous god is to kill or violently evict anyone living in the vicinity of the ‘urheim’ (ultimate original home) of this god, its strange rock in this particular rift valley that is between Asia and Africa.  This month, we are seeing in horror, how the present violent owners of this hideous rock outcropping got nearly the entire Democratic Party to repudiate and attack their own leader!  The battle to possess this haunted site is destroying the United States.


ΩΩIt is driving wedges between the American people.  It is causing us to commit crimes against humanity.  We now do constant assassinations using remote controlled robots as we fight more and more Muslims.  Meanwhile, the Jews who took possession of this nasty place are shoving us into more religious wars over this rock.  Far from listening to wise advice, the Jews are smacking US leaders in the face in order to let everyone in the world know, the Jews run America and America is their tool, their sword of retribution.  Which angers the Muslims even more, of course, causing them to do battle with the Jewish sword, the US public.  Now for the awful news:

Nearly 300 Congress members declare commitment to ‘unbreakable’ U.S.-Israel bond – Haaretz – Israel News

Letter from members of Congress Dear Secretary Clinton: We are writing to reaffirm our commitment to the unbreakable bond that exists between our country and the State of Israel and to express to you our deep concern over recent tension….The announcement during Vice President Biden’s visit was, as Israel’s Prime Minister said in an apology to the United States, “a regrettable incident that was done in all innocence and was hurtful, and which certainly should not have occurred.” We are reassured that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s commitment to put in place new procedures will ensure that such surprises, however unintended, will not recur.


Note that our own ‘representatives’ side only with Bibi!  And worse, pretend this was all due to timing and not to the substance about the Jews-only housing being relentlessly built in illegal places.  There was nothing at all innocent in what happened.  Just like the Jews turned off the lights without warning while Biden was worshipping at the altar of dead WWII victims in order to scare him into a firmer belief in Jewish religious magical powers, the broken glass incident and all the many other small and large insults were due to contempt.  That is, AIPAC and Congress assured Bibi they would side with him no matter what so he tested them.  And discovered there is NO LIMIT to his ability to drag the US into religious wars.

. The United States and Israel are close allies whose people share a deep and abiding friendship based on a shared commitment to core values including democracy, human rights and freedom of the press and religion. Our two countries are partners in the fight against terrorism and share an important strategic relationship.


A cynical and very insane assertion!  Israel is NOT a ‘democracy’.  It is a theological dictatorship with Jews having far, far more privileges than anyone else.  There is no ‘freedom of religion’ because the Jews are allowed to disrespect, attack and abuse the believers of other parts of this strange, violent god.  Everyone hates all other religions in Jerusalem.  Jews spit on Christians and beat Muslims mercilessly, the Muslims wait with bloody eyes for the day when they can kill all the Jews and the Christians are absolutely certain, across the board, that Jesus will come with sword in hand and kill everyone but their own particular variations on Christianity (all other Christians will obviously be killed and sent to hell).


And Israel passed a law forbidding talking about or honoring ‘Nabka’, the Jewish invasion of Palestine.  So there is no free press there at all.


A strong Israel is an asset to the national security of the United States and brings stability to the Middle East. We are concerned that the highly publicized tensions in the relationship will not advance the interests the U.S. and Israel share. Above all, we must remain focused on the threat posed by the Iranian nuclear weapons program to Middle East peace and stability….


Israel totally destabilizes this region. And the Jewish desire to control all of Jerusalem is triggering a vast religious war which has spread across the entire planet. Disarming Iran only makes things worse. For the US and its Zionist handlers will invade and cause more violence, death and destruction.

. ….It is the very strength of this relationship that has, in fact, made Arab-Israeli peace agreements possible, both because it convinced those who sought Israel?s destruction to abandon any such hope and because it gave successive Israeli governments the confidence to take calculated risks for peace.


The US bondage to Israel is the #1 cause of NO PEACE. It has prevented a sane solution to this insane problem. The ‘confidence’ shown by Zionists running Israel is towards invasions and thefts of property leading to ghettoizing millions of natives.

. In its declaration of independence 62 years ago, Israel declared: “We extend our hand to all neighboring states and their peoples in an offer of peace and good neighborliness, and appeal to them to establish bonds of cooperation and mutual help with the sovereign Jewish people settled in its own land.”…


The ‘settlements’ would happen only if the inhabitants were removed. And so of course, the Muslims objected to Europeans invading and displacing natives! Duh. This is neither peaceful nor neighborly.


…As the Vice-President said during his recent visit to Israel: “Progress occurs in the Middle East when everyone knows there is simply no space between the U.S. and Israel when it comes to security, none. No space.”


Steadfast American backing has helped lead to Israeli peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan. And American involvement continues to be critical to the effort to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians.


The Egyptian people have no freedoms or rights. They are ruled by a brutal dictatorship that is kept in power by the Israelis and the US working together, with US funds, to keep the Egyptians under lock and key. This isn’t a mutually beneficial arrangement. It is an occupation by an imperial satrap.


We recognize that, despite the extraordinary closeness between our country and Israel, there will be differences over issues both large and small.


Our view is that such differences are best resolved quietly, in trust and confidence, as befits longstanding strategic allies. We hope and expect that, with mutual effort and good faith, the United States and Israel will move beyond this disruption quickly, to the lasting benefit of both nations.


‘Quietly’ means ‘don’t let the Americans paying for this immense expensive mess know about what is going on as Jews in America and Israel hijack the entire nation to use in this insane religious war.

. We believe, as President Obama said, that “Israel’s security is paramount” in our Middle East policy and that “it is in U.S. national security interests to assure that Israel?s security as an independent Jewish state is maintained.”


In that spirit, we look forward to working with you to achieve the common objectives of the U.S. and Israel, especially regional security and peace. Sincerely, STENY HOYER ERIC CANTOR HOWARD L. BERMAN ILEANA ROS-LEHTINEN GARY ACKERMAN DAN BURTO


ΩΩJust as the US media, mostly run by Zionists, wouldn’t report what went on inside AIPAC or Bilderberg meetings, so it is here: they need secrecy so there would be no debate about what is going on.  So much for freedom of the press or democracy!  This letter was NOT front page news in either the NYT or WP or on CNN or anywhere.  I got it from a foreign news service.  This is virtually the only way an American can find out basic information that should be very public.


ΩΩThis was not a secret letter, it was simply put under a blanket and totally ignored by our own media!  As we are told over and over again, we need to tighten our belts and do without important social services due to being too deep in debt, at the same time, these 300 traitors merrily vote overwhelmingly for more money to be spent on arming Israel:


Despite ‘Tensions,’ US OKs Massive Arms Shipment to Israel — News from

As reports continue to fly about the ever-worsening relationship between the Obama Administration and Israel’s Netanyahu government, it is business as usual for the nations’ defense establishments, which today reached an agreement on a $210 million arms deal…Israel’s air force will take delivery of the planes in 2013, but they won’t actually pay for them. The entire cost of them will be covered by the US as part of its annual military aid to Israel.


ΩΩThese 300 traitors also give very generously to Israelis to improve their socialist healthcare system via budget pork tucked away in various legislations passed by Congress.  Israel is one of the richest countries on earth, has a very good trade surplus with the US and EU and gets the lion’s share of US aid dollars.  This is totally insane.  And explosive—when starving Americans realize the Jews in the US have done this, the backlash will be extremely violent.  We know this from history, that bloody goddess that writes everything in human blood.


White House, Netanyahu: Progress achieved during visit – Israel News, Ynetnews

The White House said Thursday that talks with Israel showed “progress” after a visit by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington.


“I think we are making progress on important issues,” Spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters on President Barack Obama’s plane. “I’d say that our staff and the prime minister’s staff again worked quite late into the evening.” However, he refused to address the substantive discussions….


…Netanyahu’s Cabinet Secretary Zvi Hauser said he would assemble top ministers to consider a package of goodwill gestures drawn up by his and Obama’s advisers in a flurry of White House meetings. As far as is known, the White House did not set a timetable for Netanyahu’s answer to the overall outline for progress on the Palestinian state, topped at this time by the issue of east Jerusalem construction.


ΩΩThis, too, isn’t much  news in the US.  We are not supposed to know that the Ghost in the White House totally surrendered to the Jews from Israel after they paraded about DC with 300 US traitors in tow.  Obama was completely stomped into the ground.  He is nothing and nobody compared to the very triumphant Bibi who won’t even pretend to cooperate on any level.


ΩΩNow, the Jews in Jerusalem know they must pretend to do something but they will strive to make this something be very miserable, very small and very insulting.  They will then whine that no one loves or understands them and are being mean by refusing to herald insulting actions as great deeds pushing forwards peace.  Most Americans are kept in the dark about how utterly ruined Obama’s diplomatic abilities now are.  They have vanished.  He has no credibility in the world.


ΩΩHe got some points for trying to stand up to his Israeli masters.  But lost them plus lost more bonus points for not going after Bibi in public and telling off his own party of traitors.  He retreated in disgrace. As we know from history, anyone who retreats loses troops, loses power and loses their lives.  The minute he decided to push back, he had to go to the American people and talk directly to us about all of this, not hold secret meetings with his dark master from Israel!


ΩΩHe should have forced the Jews out into the open.  Have Bibi lecture Obama and Obama give Bibi marching orders to stop the totally illegal house building, pronto.  Then, we would see if the US public wants to have a nation or be the appendage of this religious dictatorship building steam in Jerusalem, one of the most explosive cities on earth.


ΩΩDuring the Copenhagen meetings, I heard lots of doomsday talk.  Do note that the people fearful of global warming are silent about the prospect of the Apocalypse!  All my life, I worried about the Apocalypse.  We should all worry about this insane war.  And how many polar bears will survive WWIII, anyway?


ΩΩAnd we might get another ice age, too!  A nuclear winter could be fatal!  And so, since we totally control 100% whether or not we have WWIII, I wish the global warming people would focus more on this terrible thing.  The recent antiwar demonstrations were the smallest ever in time of war.  People seem to have given up.  Surrendering to these historical forces is dangerous.  Instead, we must deal directly with these forces and this means talking about this strange god and his bizarre house on the Rock in Jerusalem.


ΩΩ*** More news showing up rapidly!  It seems that Obama had a major tiff with the guy from Israel:  Binyamin Netanyahu humiliated after Barack Obama ‘dumped him for dinner’ – Times Online. It seems that Bibi showed up, full of arrogance and proceeded to lecture Obama the same way he lectured Biden in Israel.  He didn’t break any glass but he had this goofy chart that showed that this guy in charge of Israel was blameless in the TIMING of the announcement of the ILLEGAL housing in Jerusalem!  HAHAHA.  And therefore, Obama is supposed to do what?  Fire the Israeli ministers?  HAHAHA.


ΩΩObama was properly insulated by this hectoring, whining behavior (um, will someone please tell the Israelis to  not act in this fashion????) and walked out on him, having dinner alone.  Of course, this entire thing should have been put on TV so we could watch it and judge.  But this was kept secret.  Luckily for us, the Jews who drove things to this mess are loudmouthed whiners so they are now going about the planet, howling about this matter.  HAHAHA.  They should show more discretion!


ΩΩOf course, they are whining in public because they want their 300 stooges in Congress to attack Obama again.  Obama is now toast.  And we shall get more Bush Jrs running things here as the heavy hand of Jewish campaign financing will shift towards right wing neo-Nazis who support global warfare.


ΩΩ************MORE NEWS! US general reaffirms military bond with Israel – Israel News, Ynetnews

Political crisis, but no military crisis: US General David Petraeus on Wednesday spoke with Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi and reassured him that he never said Israel’s policies endanger US troops in the Middle East. Recent reports about Patraeus’ alleged comments during a Congress hearing were denied by American security officials. However, the general insisted on clearing the air himself and called the Israeli chief of staff….Mullen said he had spoken to Major-General Ashkenazi twice last week and that relations between the two armies continue to be extraordinarily strong.


ΩΩSo, as I asserted in the first place, the news about Petraeus turning on his Israeli Jewish masters was FALSE.  If true, then his total retreat from his supposed comments is proof that his powers are zero, he is no hero.    If he did make these comments, I expect him to be pressured out of office.  If they are fake, he won’t see any problems so long as he crawls on his belly sufficiently.  To the immense amusement of bin Laden who is still threatening the US and taking immense glee in all of this.


ΩΩThe more the Israelis humiliate the Americans, the better for al Qaeda!  And one humiliation after another is doing quite a job here.  The Jews have completely destroyed any credibility Obama had with any Muslim leaders and now is finished.  If the Petraeus thing was true, Obama should have gone to the American people and explained what the general said.  He didn’t, the time passed and the Jews put the kibosh on anyone who dares to say the truth and the truth is shot by a rubber bullet in East Jerusalem and we continue down this deep, eternal hole to the darkest parts of the Cave of Wealth and Death.


ΩΩOh and by the way, this startling news also is via foreign press, not the US.  The Jews in Israel are discussing this, not Americans.  American troops are dying and we got not a whiff about this explosive business with Petraeus in our own news but the Jews can openly discuss this in their ‘free’ press, something we do not have.

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60 responses to “One God Into Many Gods: The Relentless Battle Over Who Owns Jerusalem

  1. isha

    Would you please give me some advice whether the above-mentioned website is reliable? biased? safe to quote?

  2. emsnews

    Yes, it is legit.

  3. isha

    thanks for the very helpful info.

  4. justiceatsqualor

    300 Traitors? Generally speaking, one can only commit treason in the US by deliberately helping a declared enemy. Usually, that means a nation with which we are at war.
    Right now we’re in a war against terrorism, which seems like it ought to count. Let’s suppose it does. Then anyone of them who helps a nation whose intelligence service they know engaged in terrorism against the US, say, by participating in 9/11, is thus potentially criminally liable.

  5. Whats going with Karzai embracing Ahmajinedad , as i saw on the colbert report,, then there’s that Afgan deal with China.


    ELAINE: Yup, it is all kiss kiss love love with them. What a non shock.

  6. TweedleDeeDumb


    I do find your writing very interesting.
    And yes, that real estate over there! My such attention!

    (“..burdensome stone..” Zech. 12:3)

    “And when he was come near, he beheld the CITY, and wept over it, Saying, If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things [which belong] unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes.

    For the days shall come upon thee, that thine enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and keep thee in on every side, And shall lay thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee; and they shall not leave in thee one stone upon another;

    because thou knewest not the time of thy visitation.” (Lu 19:41-44)

  7. TweedleDeeDumb

    At issue is always, FINAL AUTHORITY…

    “Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times [the things] that are not [yet] done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:” (Isa 46:10)

    Pharoah and Belshazzar, of old, may challenge it, but in the end, it must be faced..

    ..full compliance.


  8. Gary

    If I had a choice whether to live in Palestine or live in Hell, I would live in Hell and rent out Palestine………….. Mark Twain in one of his travelogues

  9. DeVaul

    Thanks for writing this piece, Elaine.

    I have always noticed how the Jews fight and argue amongst themselves so viciously. It is so strange to see. There is nothing like it in my religion or even in my wife’s religion. It is just totally foreign to us.

    I really cannot understand their desire to live such nightmarish lives. It really sucks that some stupid mud city on the other side of the world will bring about the end of us all because of their bizarre beliefs.

    I have no love for the Romans, but maybe they were on to something. Maybe they thought they could get rid of this ugly god if they razed his temple. They should have razed the entire city for the good of all.

    I remember trying to read the bible(?) when I was very young. My friends said it was a good thing to do. At first it was interesting, then it got bogged down in chapter after chapter of wars and Jehova ordering everyone to be put to the sword except for those 15 years old and younger. (No word on what happened to them — slaves, sex toys, both? — I tried not to think about it).

    Finally, I just tossed the book aside and lied to my friends. I said, yeah, I read it. I just wanted to fit in. I cannot believe some of the nonesense I engaged in just to “fit in”.

    Peer pressure and fear are powerful tools.

  10. Eso

    None of it makes sense, because history is not two thousand or more years old, but about a thousand years old. Israel is not three thousand years old, but the Jews are a sect like the Bogomils, the Cathars, the Children of Johns, the Waldensians, etc., but a sect that survived the advent of neo-Christianity. It also survived Hitler, the latter a convert to neo-Christianity in the way he understood history. Hitler no longer knew, so to speak, how on 9/11 the Twin Towers really went down, but bought the rewritten version of history.

    I wish that the comments on the present state of chaos in the Near East would not keep repeating Zionist and neo-Christian versions of history. Israel arrives on the geopolitical stage in the Real by a very different historical route than orthodox historians tell. At the very least, one should not think of the Bible as history, which lends it to mythmaking and remaking.

  11. isha

    Interesting listening experience, this wit of Scotland …

  12. DeVaul

    “Hitler no longer knew, so to speak, how on 9/11 the Twin Towers really went down, but bought the rewritten version of history.”

    From his grave? Please block Eso’s comments.


    ELAINE: He is rather funny. He isn’t the only person trying to compress thousands of years of complicated history into nothingness. It is a common problem.

  13. larry, dfh

    Elaine, you might like this site:
    The artist is a very good friend of mine, and she claims complete authenticity in all the biblical (Torah) interpretations, including polytheism.

  14. emsnews

    Larry, funny comix!

  15. nah

    tell you what
    folks preach low taxes and small government but from time to time attribute democracy to israel
    as if it is the last bastion of rational mideast defence policy… an altruistic form of leadership surrounded by abusive intolerant government
    and lets face it im a lil’ conservative
    so i will listen to the hammering of healthcare overhauls and overeaching social policy failings
    but when i tell a conservative all i want from the middle east is cheap oil, iraq, turkey, saudi arabia, egypt, jordan and the 60million or so hearts and minds in the modern battlefield our troops are currently purging of our enemys
    then lead into NONE of these arabs are COMMUNISTS so they have much to add to our long term foreign policy
    people cant say a fucking thing cuz its true
    except the part where israel is a prize of democracy
    if anything they wage the worlds most hard handed ‘banana republic’ natural resource war in modern times OVER WATER and use zealots to secure scarce enclaves to rename the conflict some childish teritorial spat
    this conflict is not about 1000 barbwire rounded apartments in nomans land… its about Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Rishon, and Ashdod not getting their spoiled rotten 67′ goodies forever
    cry me a river

  16. Gary

    The whole concept of “one true god” is insane in itself. “God” in this case is like Comcast.

    It/he/she has no competition to keep the game of religion (or commerce) healthy. The concept of “one true god” is similar to Oligarchial Capitalism–or monopoly capitalism, ha ha. “God” needs a little competition to keep him/her honest and to keep him/her working gainfully instead of drinking and gambling all day.

    Better off we have lots and lots of Gods squabbling with eachother and stealing eachothers girlfriends and wives. That way there no one completely gets the upper hand and goes nuts from totally winning.

    Totally winning can usually be a bigger problem than losing.


    ELAINE: Better sex, too. 🙂

  17. adammateyko

    A fourth branch of the tribe of man was recently confirmed, in Siberia.. after neanderthal, homosapiensapien (us) and Lombok tiny folk… and perhaps more will be found. No doubt many others were wiped out by natural or manmade calamaties; perhaps there were advanced civilizations that came and went leaving little trace except shards of melted desert glasses. Or pillars of salt.

    Given the rancour and nasty habits of some current tribes, maybe there is a case to be made for some pruning by this tripartite god.

    By what means remains to be seen and is speculated upon or predicted via various tribal lenses. By this I mean the religious tribes, the scientific tribes, the philosophical tribes, etc. The materialistic/financial and military tribes are also throwing in their 2 bits worth.

    What I do know is that NONE of them are correct, as the future is unknowable. That is the crux of this matter; no god or representative of any god or tripart god or omnipotent god or vengeful god or loving god; has the real goods on whats going to unfold. And anyone who purports to say they know, is a liar.

    All we can see is the current results of this clash of views of the future, or what it should be; and it ain’t pretty.

  18. Aussie


    The loss of the Temple which the Romans destroyed….
    Thank you for your sweeping narrative on how ancient deities in creating Jerusalem continue to influence zealotry today.

    We now have a world where successors of those ancient beliefs have helped create our irrational behavior that, as you say, risks WWIII.
    Israel is the fuse and their irrational virus has infected US and the Islamic world.

    A small minority of Jewish zealots within Israel’s society wants to regain their mythical “Judea” lands at the expense of Palestine, Syria and Jordan thru continuous wars.
    They are influential because they preserved the Jewish identity during the Diaspora based on tribal unifying myths in their sacred texts.

    However Israel today is a much fractured society of numerous Jewish sects and immigrants from around the world…..even from India and China as well as the Lemba tribe in Southern Africa.
    It is only their militarized conquistador culture, Zionist vision and distrust of all goyim unites them …and peace has the potential to create a civil war.
    In many ways, they are fascists.

    The majority of “secular” Jews realizes the Zealots kept the vision of “Israel” alive during the diaspora and feels they owe them a historical debt.
    It can be argued the real “Israel” is in the Torah and not in the actual land they occupy.

    Many Israeli Jews are war veteran and walking time bombs ready to explode into violence at the smallest provocation.
    That is why, for example, there is so much road rage resulting from perceived traffic slights.

    In summary, peace could destroy Israel?

  19. emsnews

    The problem with Judaism is that it went into a deep crisis in 66 AD and converted outsiders briefly and thus, ceased being ‘tribal’. But then, when the successor groups trended towards Christianity and Islam, the core groups of ‘Judaism’ retreated into tight clan groups.

    So the Jews can’t win any tribal wars with either Islam or Christianity unless they ally themselves with one or the other…which is why the Jewish tribal groups did for 2,000 years. But due to lack of population, the Jewish people can’t win in the long run: too small, far too small. The Han Chinese, for example, came from one ‘tribe’ but number in the hundreds of millions. They can be secure in their huge mass over the eons.

  20. Igneous

    My understanding is that christians adopted much of the theology of the roman mithraic tradition as it spread throughout the empire. It was very popular before Christianity.
    The Vatican is where the old mithras center used to be and I think it was headed by a guy called the Pape. It may be that Christianity is a more direct fusion of Judaism and mithraism after Mithraism adopted Jesus for astrological reasons. Maybe age of pises related.

    ELAINE: Jesus is very much a Pisces god. The first Christians used two fishes as their symbol, the cross came much, much later, nearly 1,000 years later.

  21. Igneous

    As for Judaism, for a while it was ‘evangelical’ religeon which actively pursued converts. Some people converted to Judaism in the roman empire. Also when Islam and Christianity became powerful the Jews became evangelists and tried to convert the russians and so I’ve read also successfully converted the kthars.

    There are all these theories that many Jews are descended from kathars. Koesler believed this and wrote a book about it. This is really sensitive stuff for Zionist and anti Semites. A large part of the argument for israeli occupation is the idea that Jews are a distinct racial group. There was genetics study done i think in 70’s which is hotly debated

  22. Eso

    A rewritten history has passed on to the West as its history. Though the history of today needs to be deconstructed (no doubt with a great headache to the academicians) to before the days of its rewriting, enough work has been done to give us a clear idea of where it went before.

    I use as my authority the intensely disliked (by the West; the BBC refused to advertise his books) Russian academician, mathematician, historian Anatoly Fomenko, and his 4 volume (out of a projected 7) tome: “History: Fiction or Science?” published by Delamera Publishing.

    Further interesting revelations about “Medieval Heresy” may be found in a book by that name written by Malcolm Lambert, Blackwell Publishing [he has also written on “The Cathars”], though for all his excellence, Mr. Lambert insists on calling the early Christians “heretics”, while retaining sympathy for the neo-Christians who rose to power with the sword of the French kings and princes supporting their crusades. We may wish to remember that the first Pope Innocent III studied “theology” in Paris. He also ordered the Crusade against Lanquedoc and Jersika in 1209.

    The early Christians, probably arising out of a common European tradition, were led by itinerant preachers many of whom were identified with the name of John (Janis Johann, Huan, Hans, Aengus, Ian, Ivan, etc.). These itinerant preachers visited their congregations on the average of at least once a year (per Lambert). Another interesting book on the early Christians is that by Caterina Bruschi. It is called “The Wandering Heretics of Languedoc”, Cambridge University Press. Unfortunately, Bruschi makes the same error as Lambert and views the “heretics” as interlopers into the territories of Christendom, rather than neo-Christianity displacing an earlier Christianity so secular kings and princes had better control over the population at large.

    “Heretical” early Christianity is the arch-Christianity not only of Old Europe, but much of Asia, the Middle East, and no doubt beyond. Some of these “heretical” sects were known by such names as the already mentioned Cathars, Bogomils, Waldensians, Johns Children, the Jews, and, yes, even the Muslims. It does not take much imagination (but one freed of prejudice) to see that Mohammed transliterates easily enough into Johann(ed), whereas one John is admitted by the New Testament itself to have preceded Jesus. The difference between the latter two is that John is the European itinerant preacher who walked the Earth (early Christians kissed the Earth as a sign of reverence to divinity), while Jesus was removed to Heaven wherefrom he could do no harm to the princes on Earth.

    My statement in an earlier post, re: “Hitler no longer knew, so to speak, how on 9/11 the Twin Towers really went down, but bought the rewritten version of history,” refers to the fact that by the 19th and 20th centuries certainly no conscious remembrance of the early age of the religion of Johns remained. The Jews, the only remaining tribe of arch-Christians, had become identified as the last enemies of neo-Christendom (with the latter of whom Hitler identified), and subsequently a wholesale slaughter by neo-Europeans of arch-Europeans resulted.

    Needless to say, Europeans continue to misidentify themselves. As for the Americans, they have no direct experience of arch-Christianity, because those who came ashore at Plymouth Rock were already Europeans who had lost memory of their past.

  23. Aussie


    Re: So the Jews can’t win any tribal wars…
    I agree the tribal theme is an excellent analogy to describe the “ghostly legacy” behind Israel’s behavior.

    @ Igneous,

    I agree in that non-Jews melded Judaism with their core belief systems to gain more mainstream converts.
    It seems many indigenous cultures adopted similar strategies whenever a foreign belief system was popularized.

    I suggest the concept of “tribes” as a group sharing the same belief system is applicable elsewhere.
    The Chinese, South East Asians, and Japan imported Hinduism and Buddhism from India much the same way.
    A similar process applied when Islam converted previous Hindu and Buddhist “tribes” on the Indian subcontinent and South East Asia.

    The difference being India was a huge population to begin with whereas the Jewish tribe was small relative to its neighbors?

    @ Esso,

    I don’t yet understand and will read about Anatoly Fomenko.
    Sometimes, different cultural traditions and experiences raise interesting alternative insights.
    That is why Hyman Minsky (Austrian Economic theory) developed his now relevant insight that so different to our Anglo-American school of thought.
    The same applies to the way Russian and Chinese science finds new insights.

  24. emsnews

    The business of all traveling preachers being called ‘John’ is very, very interesting. Yes, it is probably a title rather than a name which is why John the Baptist was named ‘John’.

    Note that Jesus was given a new name, ‘Christ’. Interesting history as to why, I guess.

  25. Steve Murgaski

    “Nearly 300 Congress members declare commitment to ‘unbreakable’ U.S.-Israel bond”

    It’s up to 327 now.,7340,L-3868712,00.html We could make it into a drinking game. Every time another spineless wimp signs up we drink a pint. I haven’t played a drinking game in ages.


    ELAINE: You will end up in the hospital. Heh.

  26. CTCT05

    Thank you for writing a wonderful article.

    “…humanity is set on a course towards annihilation…” — It appears that the signs are obvious, yet most people just ignore the signs.

  27. neoterikos4

    Excellent article, as always, Elaine! Thanks.

  28. TweedleDeeDumb


    You might enjoy.. well as the classic..

    “The Two Babylons” by Hislop

  29. And why are sex trade customers called Johns. hmm.


    ELAINE: 🙂 Of course, who is the best customers? Preachers, of course. They love trying to save sexy young females.

  30. Frederick N. Chase

    I guess the “3 GODS and 1 GODDESS” of the picture above are the holy trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost) and the virgin Mary.


    ELAINE: Correct. She is a human who has sex with gods. A demigod. Note that humans before her that had sex with gods usually died or had to be turned into constellations or continents (Europa….etc.)

  31. Colin

    John the Baptist was elisha. Elisha beheads the bull and so brings to an end the solar age of taurus and begins the solar age of aries, (in orthodox icons john and elisha are depicted with ram’s horns, cloven hoves, and wearing sheep’s fleece) over one thousand years later (as fore told by anyone that knows astronomy) he returns at the ‘end of the world’ that is the end of the solar age of aries.

    He is then beheadded beginning the solar age of pisces. Elisha encounters dogs and a raven on his travels, just as mithras did when he was beheadding a bull; as the costailations of aries and taurus line up with canus and corvus when the equinoxes shift. Elisha doesn’t die – like jesus – but ‘rides accross the sky in a firey golden charriot’.

    The death of the ‘lamb of god’ clearly refers to the death of john the baptist – aries, but someone must have got confused in retelling the storey and mistakenly linked it with jesus, who is the fish not the lamb. But then again the people who wrote the gospels thought that you could have a eclipse and a full moon on the same day, DUH! So obviously they didn’t understand astronomy, clearly they where just copying something from they didn’t understand, and there must be something else behind the gospels, some earlier book / teacher.

    Also notice that jesus and john where born six months appart and died on days six months appart. John is born at the end of march – the spring equinox, and jesus was born six months later – logically then at the autumn equinox. Jesus dies at an not to specific date at the start of april, that is presumably at the end of the three day passage thru the spring equinox, and john the baptist dies specifcally at the end of the three day period of the autum equinox.

    So, john is born when jesus dies and jesus dies when john is born.They are in fact the double sun gods of the summer and winter sun’s. The normal battle between the two suns is intensified at this juncture because this is also procession of the equinox.

    (and notice that when the catholic church moved jesus birthday to the winter solstice, they also very carefully moved john the baptists birthday to the summer solstice)

  32. emsnews

    Well, the dove, raven and owl are all the Triple Goddess and thus, Athena, Aphrodite and Medusa….heh…many connections here….

  33. Igneous

    What I find interesting is that religion combines 2 very powerful forces, interpretation of history and ignorance to control it’s adherents. The mythic history then takes on a life of it’s own. The jc myth took 100s of years to chrystalise.

  34. the fool on the hill

    Stealing wives and girlfriends is a good recipe for chaos. Especially when there are children involved.

  35. Colin

    Jesus does identify john as elisha by the way, i’m not inventing this; when asked by the deciples why elisha has not returned as it is proficied that elisha will return before teh messia, jesus replies:
    ‘elisha has already returned and you did not know him’. (refering to john)

    I presume however that all of this is ultimately to do with the Gnostics, their gospels have a far clearer undestanding of what the biblical symbols actually mean.

    The gospel of thomas has john say: ‘i must decrease so that he may increase.’ (refering to jesus)

    It’s my personal opinion that the four ‘pauline’ gospels are ignorant copies of earlier gnostic gospels.

  36. K-Bo

    @Colin, the Gnostic gospels were written at least 100 years after Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

    I think you all read an awful lot into mythology and astrology, and make up lots of things. Not to say these things weren’t important to people at one time, but I don’t think that much.

    One god into many gods? Yahweh, the God of Moses, Isaac, and the Hebrew Abraham in Judaism is the same as Allah, the God of the Muslim Abraham, is the same God as the Father of Jesus Christ. There were many gods before monotheism, not after. There is but one God and one Creator.

    “Christ” is the “anointed” one written about in the Jewish bible, the “Son of Man” and savior.


    ELAINE: My own definition of a god happens to be an entity that lives forever and judges the dead. So….Jesus was turned into a god, an astonishing and I think, very stupid thing to do. It goes under the heading of ‘hubris’, that is, humans who dare to challenge the gods directly and elevate themselves to godhood.

  37. norcalkid

    Good article, Elaine.

    Suggested reading list… all interesting and relating to your subject. Tribalism is always destructive in the long run.

    By Elaine Pagels: “Beyond Belief- The Secret Gospel of Thomas;” also “The Gnostic Gospels.”

    By Hyam Maccoby: “The Mythmaker- Paul and the Invention of Christianity.”

    By Paul Kriwaczek: “In Search of Zarathustra- The First Prophet and the Ideas That Changed the World.”

  38. Many, many thanks for the article, Elaine. I did not think you would have written it so soon.

    One of the resurrection gods who influenced the arch-christians when they came up with their JC myth was Antinous, god of erotic love between men. And this one was also a human who was made a deity by none other than Antinous’ lover, Emperor Hadrian himself in 130 CE. Unfortuntely, Hadrian’s scribes and priests pegged his constellation to a star that blew up in a nova, making him a death god. At the same time, the arch-Christians imported same-sex lovemaking from various pagan religions into their rituals. Which explains the persecution and state-sanctioned murder of men who loved men at the hands of the christian church and government authorities for 1600 years and counting…

    And the arch-christians and early orthodox christians recoiled at the thought of venerating the cross, despite their using its sign as a symbol to mark themselves until Constantine got rid of crucifixion as an execution method. And when the cross did show up as an object of worship, it was “neutered” and sanitized…

    For further reading about the JC myth, the book “Jesus Never Existed” by Kenneth Humphreys. There’s also a website:


    ELAINE: Jesus did exist, he was one of many, many Jewish (or in his case, half-Jewish) guys wandering about the Holy Land, wailing about the End of Times as Pisces replaced Aries when the last stars of the constellation at sunrise in the vernal equinox are seen on the horizon, an important thing for ancient astronomers to track and observe. The Greeks were on the verge of figuring out why the Zodiac stars shifted every century when all understanding of science collapsed, long before the Roman Empire collapsed.

  39. Eso

    Yes, EMSnews, I too find it “very very interesting” about the ubiquity of the name “John”.

    I have been looking into the origins of this for some time, since I live in a country (Latvia), where the Children of Johns are still mentioned in the annual Johns Eve (Midsummer night) Festival.

    I believe that the name likely originates in the word “gans” = herder. [There is a whole series of words grouped around the word “gens”, gentile including.] The consonant G can readily shift to J or to H, or for that matter to D as in Donau = Jonau, or the Latvian River Daugava (Dvina) may = Jaunava, re young woman. Don Huan is a double entry, re John of Johns.

    Incidentally, Joan of Arc comes from the same group of “herders”, which is why it was so necessary to put her to the stake to burn.

    The notion of the herder is retained in the bent staff of the upper caste of the neo-Christian priesthood. In my country, the latter have been misdirecting the attention of the public since the times of the Teutonic Knights, insisting that its origins are to in paganism (whatever that is), rather than in arch-Christianity, once–in my humble opinion–an important element (or offshoot of it) in the orientation of the mind itself, which as we know grows in complexity with the growth in vocabulary.

    The fundamental difference between arch-and neo- Christianity is that the former grounds the “herder” in the intinerant (wandering) Johns on Earth, while the latter singularized John into one Jesus and put him up in Heaven.

  40. emsnews

    All herding community tribes have taken over all empires at various times. This is the nature of their restless wanderings. The exceptions to this rule were the Vikings who were not herders but fishers like the Minoans ended up creating a great empire via sea conquests.

    All European royalty and nobility trace their roots back to the Viking invaders who roamed all over Europe and the Mediterranean at will.

  41. Dibbles

    Thank you Elaine for your efforts in sharing your depth and understanding of history and mythology as it relates to our human condition today. All my life I’ve understood snippets of these on-going threads and connections. You connect them in a way that lays it all out in a thoughtful, comprehensible manner as it relates to our own lives.

    A concept that has often perplexed me is “the holy land.” What’s so special about the middle east? Isn’t any land that supports life holy? Especially human life since “holy” is a human concept.

    I visited Mayan ruins a number of years ago. As remarkable and impressive as these ruins are, they are not considered “holy” by most people. Yet they are. I guess it’s because the progeny of these Meso-American civilizations are considered “conquered” peoples and therefore their ancient history is not as significant. Yet the Mayan Empire was perhaps as vast and influential as the Roman Empire at its’ zenith.

    Rediscovering historical civilizations and empire in the New World becomes more impressive as more is discovered. IMHO there is nothing less “holy” or impressive about any of the world’s ancient civilizations. And they all seem to include expansion, bloodshed, slaughter, and eventual decline.

    Why aren’t ancient archeological sites in China not considered “holy”? Their empires were vast and influential. Some of their achievements are things we take for granted today.

    The drive by certain individuals and tribal affiliations to destroy our representative form of governance, – and along with it the concept of “e. pluribus unum” – is particularly distressing. The growing factionalism and return to tribalism doesn’t bode well for our survival as a nation, for civilization, or for humanity in general. Nothing “holy” about that.

  42. Dibbles

    You said:
    “The recent antiwar demonstrations were the smallest ever in time of war.”

    If the draft was to be re-instated this would change rapidly, demonstrably and without question IMHO. Forcing American blood and treasure (what’s left of it) to be spent for benefit of others will not be tolerated, except by the gullible and the most ardent sky-faerie cultists. (Granted that’s a pretty big chunk of our citizenry, but nowhere near a majority.)

  43. Dibbles

    Aussie @ March 27, 2010 at 3:22 am

    “It can be argued the real “Israel” is in the Torah and not in the actual land they occupy.”

    A few years back I heard an Orthodox Russian Jew say as much – that “Israel” is not a real, physical place.

  44. Colin

    “Colin, the Gnostic gospels were written at least 100 years after Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.”

    No actually the date ranges for Thomas are from AD 60 or as late as AD 140. It has a very strong claim to being the first gospel, and earlier than paul. But believing that the gnostic gospels where written a hundred years later (particulary after john) is simply pure fantasy.

  45. DeVaul

    So, Eso, you are from Latvia. That’s an all around excuse for anything. I’m from Kentucky, so I get the same kind of total immunity.

    We have a museum north of here that is called the “Creationist Museum” (I think). It features dinosaurs with sadddles on them, thus showing how men rode them and used them. Unfortunately, they put a show-horse saddle on a dino that was really a workhorse, the kind that would be use to herd brontos and platupusses and dinos like that out west. They also had thoroughbred saddles on draftdinos and stuff like that.

    When someone from Lexington, horse capital of the world, pointed this out to the museum curator, he was not amused.

  46. Eso

    DeVaul. It is not an excuse for anything, but a fact. When one wishes to learn a secret about some community, one best finds one from that community to get better facts than a mere visitor can discover.

    In turn, my forty-six years in the U.S. make me a better interpreted of what is happening in the U.S. than a Latvian will make who has never been there.

    The fact that an ancient ritual once had a story in which Clever John cheats Crazy Jane who is the daughter of not only the Mother of the Devil, but is also the Sun and believed in self-sacrifice,

  47. @Elaine: Yes, several Jesusses wandered around Palestine back in the first century.

    And it was christianity that caused the scientific understanding / understanding of science to collapse. The Roman Empire had excellent public health and infrastructure until the christians became the majority… with Constantine’s help.

    Now that the Age of Pisces is coming to an end and Aquarius is pouring our the waters of faith, the end-timer christians are more insane than ever! (in our lifetime anyway)

  48. …pouring out the waters of faith…

  49. Colin

    Actually i refute the claim that i have ‘made lots of things up’. I feel sorry for you, kbo, cleary what has happened is some pastor has filled your head with a load of guff and nonsense and you have no clue what is written in the gosples. The dates of birth of jesus and john, are given as specific dates, each of which lines up exactly with the other’s death, let me take you thru it:

    The gospels say that john’s conseption was on the days after Zacharias service as temple preist

    Luke 1:8 And it came to pass, that while he executed the priest’s office before God in the order of his course
    Luke 1:23 And it came to pass, that, as soon as the days of his ministration were accomplished, he departed to his own house.

    Luke 1:24 And after those days his wife Elisabeth conceived,

    Zacharia was a member of the Abijah branch of the Aaron family, meaning that his turn for temple service was the second week of Sivan (june), thus john was concieved on 15 sivan. Count forward nine months / fourty lunar weeks and you get 15 Nisan (april) which is the date of … PASSOVER!

    So FACT john was born on passover
    FACT john was born the same date jesus died
    FACT john was born on the spring equinox (as that’s when passover is held)
    FACT jews leave a glass of wine out on the night of passover to honour the prophecy that elijah will be reborn on 15 Nisan, the Seder meal
    FACT jesus identifies john as elias or elisha Mat 17:12 / sorry elijah (dam my gallic sh for j)

    On elijah, the bible tells us
    FACT, he didnt die but rode a sun charriot accross the heavans: II Kings 2:11
    FACT, he killed the bull, symbol of an older religion, I Kings 18:39
    FACT, he’s associated with ravens: 1 Kings 17:6
    FACT dogs aid him to kill Jezabel 1 Kings 21:23
    FACT he is an ‘end of the world’ figure Malachi 3:23-24

    back to jesus and john, the bible tells us jesus was concieved six months after john

    Luke 1:26 And in the sixth month [of elizabeths pregnancy] the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth, Luke 1:27 To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary. Luke 1:36 And, behold, thy cousin Elisabeth, she hath also conceived a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her, who was called barren.

    Counting six months from 15 sivan gives jesus CONSEPTION (not birth) 25 Kislev … which is the week of HANUKKAH or christmass.

    Then count the six months after john’s birth in nivan, as the gospels record and you get jesus real date of birth 15 Tishri (mid september), suprise suprise the week of the festival of TABERNACLES. Which celebrates the autum equinox and the harvest Exo 23:16.

    The harvest is celebrated when the constilation virgo, the virgin appears, a; so now we understand all that guff and nonsense about jesus being born of a virgin.

    Knowing that jesus was born at the feast of tabernacles also clears up all that garbage fabricated by Luke about the ‘roma cenus’. Luke claims joseph and mary journed to bethelehem to conform with the roman cenus, but this is just nonsense: why on earth would the romans want people to return to the place of their ancestors to register in a census; it was a census for tax not geneology! Going to the places of their ancestors would have made roman tax collection HARDER. The romans had no interest in this kind of thing, and the roman records dont mention anything about demanding people go back to their ancestors places; moreover, the detalis Luke gives are factualy untrue for more obvious reasons:
    The roman cenus was conducted by Quirinius govenor of syira and he govenor was from 6a.d. to 12a.d. The date for the roman cenus was 6 a d, but that is mutually incompatible with the story of King Herod the Great’s threating to kill the baby jesus, coz Herod the Great died in the solar eclipse of 4 b.c. These dates are ten years apart! – so obviously Luke’s account is pure fabrication.

    But if we understand jesus to be born on the feast of Tabernacles the situation is different. The feast requires all male jews to make a pligrimage to jersalem. Now we understand why a man would with such urgency take a heavily pregnant wife the ten days donkey ride south, and also why such a small town of bethlehem was packed with people (no room at the inn?) – it was the last stop before jersalem and filled with pligrims.

    Futher the only historical date we have for jesus birth puts him in a time frame shortly after august. Iranaeus writing at the end of the second century says jesus was born at the beginning of the 42 year of the reign of the Emporer Augustus, years in the roman empire ran from the emporer birthday (not a specific date) augustus was born on the in august (and named the month after himself). Putting jesus into a autumn birth time frame.

    So, FACT jesus was born in late september
    FACT, he was born at the festival of tabernacles
    FACT, he was born at the autumn equinox

    We all know jesus died at passover, so wont retread. John’s death is harder and needs some detour. The catholic church says John’s death is said to be August 29, but the only historical evidence comes from Josephus Antiquities of the Jews (18:5:2). who tells us that he was beheaded ‘some time after’ events that can be dated to the 17th august. But more importantly josephus says that this was done quickly so that Herod Antipas could go to jerusalm to offer sacrifice as an ancient festival of the jews had come. The only festival that fits the time period and demands that a male makes pilgrimage to jerusalm is the festival of Tabernacles, also he only refers to it as ‘The Festival’ which is the traditional way to refer to tabernacles (unlike tabernacles the other festivals are always named)

    So, FACT, john died on the festival of tabernacles and the autumn equinox.
    FACT, john died on the same date jesus was born

    Clearly jesus is to be under stood as noting more that an immitant of several contempory pagan sun gods.

    CHECK AND MATE, mattey!

    The factual accuracy of the four gospels is of course nill. They where totally discredited by real historians two centuries ago, and yet there is a consistent thread underneath all the nonsense, wild contradictions and blatant historical untruths, which must point to a real historical figure and a underlying cohereant theology.

    Infact, i would say, the only person who is making things up is you. You claim that jesus was prophsed in the bible as the ‘anointed one’, this is more guff and nonsense. There are real prophesies of a messia, but jesus totall failed at them, eg the nile did not dry up, all jews did not return to jerusalem etc. Attempts to find prophesies about jesus in the old testament, are simply lies based on willful misquotes and wilful mistranslations of the hebrew. And all such claims of jesus as prophesied as saviour disolve as rubbish after simple examination.

  50. emsnews

    ALL religious entities are very much astronomical and tied to the sun, the moon, the Zodiac, the constellations, it is all ancient astronomy!

    The dwelling place for religious impulses caused by ancient astronomy is the part of our brain where sex and hunger and fear reside. This is why all of these are interacting with each other and why religious fanatics are so dangerous. They are literally insane.

  51. K-Bo

    Colin, nobody knows exactly when Jesus was born. But feel free to make up whatever goofy beliefs you want about the astrology of Jesus and John as sun gods. Use the gospels to prove your point, then claim that the canonical gospels are a “fabrication” and “fraud” based on the “true” gospel of Thomas. Nice logic. Then call me stupid and brainwashed because I don’t believe in your astrological fantasies. I will admit, that apparently you’ve thought things out in some detail and this is important to you for some reason.

    Wikipedia has a nice summary of The Gospel According to Thomas, presenting both arguments: an early origin 60-140 AD, or a later one nearer to 150 AD.

    It’s interesting how people put their own spin on who was Jesus. Ed-M thinks he never existed. You seem to claim he was imitating a pagan sun god. Elaine claims Jesus himself and others made him into a god (why?). You all claim the gospels are a pack of lies. How is anyone to know the truth? I guess that’s why they call it faith. There is little evidence to confirm one way or another.

    I wonder, if the gospels aren’t true, how could Jesus’ disciples and billions of people be convinced to follow a “fraud”? Many like Peter even to die for Him?

  52. Colin

    “I wonder, if the gospels aren’t true, how could Jesus’ disciples and billions of people be convinced to follow a “fraud”? Many like Peter even to die for Him?”

    The same way mohamid and, buddah convince billions of people to follow and die for them. By being very clever frauds.

    “Colin, nobody knows exactly when Jesus was born.”

    Sorry your wrong again, the gospels give an exact date, as i explained.

    “You all claim the gospels are a pack of lies. How is anyone to know the truth?”

    We know the truth by evidence. And the historical evidence proves that what is written in the gospels is lies.

  53. Colin

    And i see you now admit i was correct that the dates for the Gnostic gospel of james are 60 to 140, making it either exactly contemporous with the other gospels, or much earlier. And you admit that your ealier claim that it was hundreds of years later where ignorant lies.

  54. K-Bo

    No, I don’t think you are correct about the Gospel of Thomas. Nor do you recognize the fallacy in your logic, for you repeat it again!

    “Your (sic) wrong. The gospels prove I am right. … what is written in the gospels is lies.”

    You must be pretty dense.

  55. DeVaul

    Well, I am not Jewish, so I will not comment on all this other stuff about Jesus and the prophets and all that. It just does not interest me.

    I do have one question, though. If all religions are or were originally based on the zodiac, what will the future bring? Who looks at the stars now or even notices them? Who knows which stars rise in the east at night now? Who can see them over city lights other than astronomers, who are scientists not really interested in religion?

    When you add to that the fact that the Aquarius group of stars will take a long time to appear regularly at night, what will happen in the meantime?

    The allure of the “one god who knows everything and is always right” is just too strong for the billions of people who do not want to think about anything beyond making money or whatever.

    I do not see Jewish religion fading away despite all the dissatisfaction with it (pedophiles, genocide, holy wars, jihads, terrorism, murder and mayhem, etc.). People just join a different Jewish cult and continue on without really thinking about it.

    I think the end of Jewish religion will be the most violent cataclysm the world has ever seen. We will be lucky if we make it to the “Age of Aquarius”.

  56. TweedleDeeDumb


    The Bible is always infallible.
    AFTER you become a NEW CREATION in Christ, Bible commentary will become possible for you.

    The final authority on the NT, is the NT.

    Fallen-sinner, clipboarded, Bible-rejecting historian-ites, simply have nothing to contribute. Their information is N/A.

    They need to get their lives right with Jesus Christ.

    “Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.” (2Ti 3:8)

    Any supposed “spiritual teaching” contrary to the infallible Bible, is counterfeit.

    Hope that helps.

  57. TweedleDeeDumb

    There are demonic principalities and powers..

    ..only the Christian, through the indwelling Holy Spirit, can expect victory in the spiritual battle..

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” (Eph 6:12-13)

    …spiritual defeat is guaranteed among the unsaved.

    Thus, receive Christ.
    And the eternal adventure will begin.

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