Citigroup Trader Computer Command Caused Collapse

ΩΩNow we have a bit of an idea, what caused the sudden catastrophic plunge in the US stock market, one that proved very contagious across the entire planet: a Citigroup trader typed in a ‘b’ instead of an ‘m’ when writing an order so a billion trades briefly was shown instead of millions of trades in Procter and Gamble stocks.  Now, this isn’t totally confirmed yet and of course, Citigroup and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange both deny this caused the crash.


ΩΩFrom day one, I have been totally against the rise of microsecond trading.  This is literally the speed of light as computers do some of the most pointless operations ever conceived by humans in order to divert as much possible capital into pockets of the most worthless, useless people on earth.  The fact that this happens at hyperspeed means that humans whose brains operate a tad slower, can’t control the computers.  So we have had this insane system operating for barely more than a decade and it is showing us that the system as it is devised right now, is extremely dangerous.  As is anything attached to the Goddess of Infinity.


ΩΩAs usual, I assume everyone knows very little and is curious about things and anyone who knows a lot can skip all of this information.  We have to lay the groundwork to show how the system operates in order to understand how it crashed and why it is impossible to protect us from errors in this system:


E-Mini (Stock Index Futures)

What Does E-Mini (Stock Index Futures) Mean? An electronically traded futures contract on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange that represents a portion of the normal futures contracts. E-mini contracts are available on a wide range of indices such as the Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, S&P MidCap 400 and Russell 2000. . For example, the E-mini S&P 500 futures contract is one-fifth the size of the standard S&P 500 futures contract. Advantages to trading E-mini contracts include liquidity, greater affordability for individual investors and around-the-clock trading


Anything that runs constantly has to be watched constantly and alas, humans sleep and the night shift humans tend to make more mistakes than day humans due to humans being diurnal creatures whose brains slow down at night even if the human tries to stay awake.


What Does Chicago Mercantile Exchange – CME Mean? The world’s second-largest exchange for futures and options on futures and the largest in the U.S. Trading involves mostly futures on interest rates, currency, equities, stock indices and a small amount on agricultural products.


The sole function of this exchange was to trade agricultural products!  It was allowed to expand into other options during the ‘deregulation’ years when the Ayn Randists took over all our economic systems and decided that the fewer restraints and controls on things, the better.


Founded in 1898 as a not-for-profit corporation, the CME was called the Chicago Butter and Egg Board until 1919. In November 2000, CME became the first U.S. financial exchange to demutualize and become a shareholder-owned corporation.


ΩΩThis was an exchange started by and for farmers!  And it was not supposed to make money, it was supposed to protect farmers from lurches in prices of dairy products.  Unlike grains, for example, dairy products are much more vulnerable to problems due to the fast perishable nature of milk 120 years ago!  It was supposed to iron out wild swings in prices!


ΩΩBy 2000, this once-public service regulator/restrainer of price collapses morphed into this totally opposite monster that is totally for profit and aims at making markets MORE volatile, not less volatile!  The more agitated the market, the more money the dealers and movers and shakers make so they are motivated to create CHAOS, not ORDER.  This switcheroo is very important: the yin/yang nature of the place I call the Cave of Wealth and Death has two goddesses who are sisters: the Goddess of Infinity and the Goddess of Zero.  The Zero Goddess is total death, doom and destruction, everything vanishes.  The Goddess of Infinity is much beloved by greedy people who fall for every trick She cooks up.


ΩΩThe entire concept of perpetual inflation so dear to the Keynesians is very connected to Her: if things ‘grow’ then all is well.  But of course, it has to have limits to growth or it suddenly shoots to infinity and dies!  Now, ALL systems on this planet and perhaps, the entire universe should NEVER run to infinity: this is either impossible or will lead to whatever it is that is suddenly zooming to infinity to implode and vanish.


ΩΩBut the entire concept of modern money/stock/trade systems is set so that the goal of the people doing business is to find some way of making things go to infinity both in speed of movement as well as growth rates.  This is why the Derivatives Beast is now bigger than all other systems for recording ‘wealth’ or ‘debts’.


Electronic Trading

CME Globex is the world’s leading electronic trading platform, providing access to the broadest array of futures and options products available on any exchange. Customers trade on CME Globex around the globe and virtually around the clock. It also offers:

  1. High speed trade execution
  2. Vast capabilities to facilitate the most complex and demanding trading
  3. Direct market access and central counterparty clearing
  4. Fairness, transparency and anonymity
  5. Global distribution and international hubs

Customers benefit from direct connectivity, ongoing development efforts, a single source for customer support and highly efficient access to real-time market data. The platform is continuously enhanced to serve customers high-speed, high-volume capacity, improved options capabilities and a range of new products.

To see a larger version of this graph with some added details, scan the bottom of the story here.


ΩΩThis graph shows the explosion in volume of millisecond trading on this insane and totally warped exchange.  This CME exchange has been restlessly developing new venues to add to this insane millisecond trading and is reaching out to foreign exchanges so all countries can be tied into this crazy scheme to have nonstop, international flipping going on all over the place. Far from regulating or controlling this business, the CME staff can’t even track the mess they create, it runs out of control at the slightest fault or error.


ΩΩThat is, any and all errors travel literally at the speed of light through the entire complex system and humans reacting to this panic.  Why do humans panic?  Things are out of control and moving too fast!  So we go crazy and our brains, far from thinking better, usually react in very, very primitive ways, that is, the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism becomes dominant and everyone screams and runs for the exits!  Causing chaos, trampling each other, etc.  Nothing is more dangerous than a crowd being routed and are fleeing say, a burning theater.


Stock plunge raises alarm on algo trading | Reuters

“The potential for giant high-speed computers to generate false trades and create market chaos reared its head again today,” Senator Edward Kaufman said in a statement.


“The battle of the algorithms — not understood by nor even remotely transparent to the Securities and Exchange Commission — simply must be carefully reviewed and placed within a meaningful regulatory framework soon.”


ΩΩPassively waiting for the next catastrophe is not an option.  In declining markets, the urge to rush the exits is very great.  This is why we view markets as going up or down: the dynamics of gravity are purely intellectual here, these are all basically meaningless digits of information and not physical objects but thanks to the way our minds work, we view them in the mental matrix where there is an up and down axis just as we see in charts and graphs.


ΩΩNow, this mental mathematical matrix view translates into energy dynamics whereby we slowly build up and up and up and when this process peaks and ceases, as things decline, we have to put on the brakes of some sort lest the mental machine we built runs downhill, out of control, towards zero.  The gravitational pull downwards on these made-up, non-real systems is very real and all the effects of any gravitational system clicks in including the fact that as things roll downhill, the steeper the decline and the higher the elevation where the fall begins cause things to go faster and faster downhill, thus, the need for various braking systems.


ΩΩI once drove a car owned by someone else which was badly maintained.  I came to a steep downslope with ice on it.  I had the car in 4WD low and proceeded to crawl downhill.  Only the transmission broke and suddenly I wasn’t in gear anymore nor could engage the gears and was in free fall!  The brakes were useless due to the ice and the worn tires and I picked up speed.  Plank Road is infamous for crashes, one famous crash set a good part of the village of Berlin on fire when a propane truck lost its brakes on this road.


ΩΩSeeing death looming, I deliberately crashed the car so that it would be a survivable crash rather than let it go all the way to the bottom.  So my speed was less than 35 mph when I hit the rails instead of 100 mph at the bottom sharp left turn!  So it is with markets: we can’t let things run so fast that a mistake can cause great damage before crashing all the systems!


Stocks Plunge as Investors Fear Spread of Greece Crisis – CNBC

According to multiple sources, a trader entered a “b” for billion instead of an “m” for million in a trade possibly involving Procter & Gamble, a component in the Dow.


Sources tell CNBC the erroneous trade may have been made at Citigroup. According to a person familiar with the probe, one focus is on futures contracts tied to the Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index, known as E-mini S&P 500 futures, and in particular a two-minute window in which 16 billion of the futures were sold.

. Citigroup’s total E-mini volume for the entire day was only 9 billion, suggesting that the origin of the trades was elsewhere, according to someone close to Citigroup’s own probe of the situation. The E-minis trade on the CME.


A CME spokesman said it found no problems with its systems.


ΩΩWe do love driving our cars!  But being humans, we can’t drive very well over time and get into accidents or our cars fail us and endanger our own lives.  The carnage caused mostly by human errors while driving cars….many thousands and thousands of people die despite all the safety improvements…we have people multi-tasking while driving which leads to crashes and the more we do while driving leads directly to more crashes.  So it is here: CME created a monster they cannot even hope to control.  Microtrading is like having drunk teens texting insults while driving at 100 mph.  Guaranteed to end badly.


ΩΩThis experiment in superfast trading has been shown to be a roaring failure and instead of growing greater, should be outlawed.  Many money making schemes cooked up by the investment community should be nipped to the bud in order to protect real systems we need to stay alive.  For example, commodity markets should never be flooded with speculators using ZIRP Japanese carry trade loans to gamble on futures!  There has to be restrictions of some sort.


CME Co-Location Services

To better serve the needs of our clients, CME Group will begin offering co-location services comprised of hosting, connectivity and support services at our new, state-of-the-art data center. This service offering is expected to launch early 2012. Additional Information on CME Co-Location Services:

  • CME Group will provide power and space to meet customer demand and growth
  • Co-location facilities will be under the management and control of CME Group and will be available to all customers
  • All customers will be treated the same
  • Pricing will be completely transparent


ΩΩInstead of stopping the out of control CME, it is expanding its operations.  Now any Tom, Dick or Harry can hurry over to the computers at home and make the same stupid mistakes some anonymous young, overstressed and overworked traders for Citigroup made!  How on earth can we control this?  It is impossible.  Thus, the need to slow down systems and stop the computers from mindlessly doing something for no good reason.


ΩΩCollapsing all our economic systems just because an army of idle people are playing computer games with equities and commodities is pure insanity.  Sovereign nations have to take this bull by the horns!  Since the US is the originator or enabler of most of this mess, we are responsible for fixing it and preventing it from taking over real market systems.


ΩΩPricing instability is growing greater and greater due to the high volume of international trade, the rise of microsecond trading in Chicago and NYC and instability of the floating fiat currency regime.  Note that the price of gold shot up yesterday in direct response to the glitch in microsecond trading in a totally different market!  Gold, which used to be the stable fulcrum for world trade and the value of paper money, is now just one more amplifier of instability in the system.

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24 responses to “Citigroup Trader Computer Command Caused Collapse

  1. Kevin Crowley

    The Fat Finger story will turn out to be a MacGuffin simply because the largest order of e-minis is limited to 2000 contracts.


    ELAINE: You are right. This was an epidemic failure due to the nature of the system which is why I attacked the SYSTEM itself and said, it is impossible to run in a sane way.

  2. charlottemom

    I completely reject the “b” instead of “m” theory! Are we to believe a rogue someone is actually transmitting orders from keyboard inputs?! These are programmed trades. The market was clearly accelerating downward on increasing volume. These were programmed trades coming in way below stops and hitting zero bid, intentionally by-passing specialists in the primary market.

    The only bug in the system is HFT. Wreaking havoc with orderly financial markets is a feature NOT a bug of HFT.

  3. if

    Post Black Thursday Synopsis
    “…we don’t know what really caused this – yes, there are plenty of rumors and innuendo – as usual. Fade all of that and stay neutral – don’t even waste your time discussing it. Even if we get served a semi-plausible ‘nothing to see here, keep walking’ explanation on a platter tomorrow remember that we mortals will NEVER EVER know the real root cause behind this. What really goes on and what the public gets to ‘know’ are two completely different pair of shoes. Call me paranoid but I don’t believe anything they tell me on bubble TV or in the MSM. Just remember the Greek drama and how for weeks it was insisted that Greece did not need a bailout. Well, you all know how that worked out. They are now claiming that Portugal and Spain are completely insulated from Greece – meanwhile yields for pertinent credit default swaps are shooting through the roof.

  4. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    I had a similar experience, riding in a truck on the winding road down the mountain from Padre Pio’s Church at San Giovani Rotundo in Italy in 99′.

    The truck driver burned out the brakes and asked me what to do. I yelled “Sinestra subbito!”and he hit the wall of sub-par Italian marble on the opposite side of the road at about 40 klicks. Totaled the truck, but we escaped w/o a scratch.

    Sorry, but I agree with others that the “fat-fingered rogue trader” explanation by the MSM is imbecilic. We’d have black-swan days like this everyday if that were possible.

    More likely the PTB are testing their next manipulation tool of ‘we the people.’

    The Frankensteinian event comes when the CPU’s ‘take over’ and run all financial markets into the ground in a few minutes/hours/days.

    But then I guess the PTB will say “Oh no the computers just crashed and burned our financial system, time to start over!”

    AMERO anyone?


  5. adamm

    Instability amplifier… good one. Not fat finger, only fat puffed up heads… just follow the money to see who was making the gains on the short selling etc.
    The interconnectedness of all markets makes correlation almost 100%, or should I even dare say OVER 100%. Like those feedback amps with 100 000x feedback loops. With digital algorithms, this is a reality.
    The hasty fat finger propaganda is a ready made catchy meme that sounds plausible; but isn’t in reality. Dissection of events show that liquidity disappeared and when there are no buyers, stocks go to zero right now~ EVEN IF ITS FOR 1 SECOND.

  6. payAttention

    ”Many money making schemes cooked up by the investment community should be nipped to the bud in order to protect real systems we need to stay alive.”

    Maybe if we had Deputy Barney Fife on the job, but we got Mary Schapiro. I very clearly stated last week that share prices were fake, when mom and myself were discussing hedge funds. You can go back and check it if you like, if you don’t erase my comments.

    Now, HFT has been touted as a liquidity provider everytime a Goldcrap shill got airtime, or inkspace. Yesterday, HFT ate all the liquidity that was availalbe due to human traders posting bids and offers. However there was no bid/ask displayed for about ten minutes in many equities, due to HFT robots intercepting them at the exchanges. That is the benefit of colocation, the robots can take orders by human traders before other human traders see them.

    Finally Globex/CME/E mini is the overnight contract that has been mysteriously bid up overnight for the last 18 months. It has been wondrous, a 45 degree slope up, steady as can be. It also leads market reversals. Take from that what you will, if you understand what I am saying.

  7. So if was just a ‘mistake’ wheres the big bounce today.

  8. ann rind

    DO computers have windows
    that ask ‘do you really want to
    sell a Billion or…only million” lick here.?
    CME also started trading c1971 in
    futures on…bundles of stocks, bonds, etc.

  9. emsnews

    Yes, the flubs that happened in harmony yesterday to cause a fall off of a cliff probably are INDICATORS of distress: that is, everyone is ready to bolt to the exits because of fundamental instability problems with…hold onto your hats: sovereign countries who are deep in debt!

    A topic I have been hammering on for quite a while. This isn’t a surprise, it is a punch in the nose and as I often say in the past, this Great Depression will be exactly like the last one since I detect no differences between them so far. The bail outs only shoved the problems to a higher level which is where hell happens. That is, whole countries now are holding most of the garbage and will sink due to this. Britain is certainly ready to fling itself into the same bonfires burning Athens.

  10. JT

    Not a typo.
    Gold was up. It was a full panic.

    I think yesterday clearly shows on how thin ice we really are.

    Geldman Sucks made money on this too of course.

    HAL2000 will get us all in the end.
    “The horizon effect (or horizon problem) is a problem in artificial intelligence.
    An example of the horizon effect occurs when some negative event is inevitable, but postponable. Because only a partial game tree has been analyzed, it will appear that the event can be avoided when in fact this is not the case. For example, in chess, assume a situation where black is searching the game tree to six plies depth, and from current position it can see that it is going to lose queen in the sixth ply. Also, suppose there is another combination of moves where by sacrificing a rook, the loss of the queen is pushed to the eighth ply. This is of course an even worse move, because it leads to losing not only the queen, but also a rook. However, since the loss of the queen was pushed over the horizon of search, it is not discovered and evaluated by the search. Sacrificing of the rook seems to be better than losing the queen, so the sacrificing move is returned as the best option.”

  11. Dibbles

    Hot dang! We’re motel chain moguls.

    Rep. Alan Grayson: You Own the Red Roof Inn, Thanks to the Fed

  12. Aussie

    @ charlottemom and payAttention
    Re: I completely reject the “b” instead of “m” theory!

    The algorithm explanation makes a lot more sense with the data available.
    Zerohedge highlights how the liquidity gap and trade sequences on micro-second screens better explained by a human switching off the program then restarting the “Round Robin” trading.

    For once, I agree with some of payAttentions comments on corrupt practices.

  13. payAttention

    Aussie.. funny. You think Cruddy Ruddy is actually trying to help people by flinging money around, when all he wants is people to pay his bankrupt pals at Macquarie as they are drowning in debt they took on while gobbling up roads and airports around the world.

  14. Aussie

    @ payAttention
    Re: …at Macquarie as they are drowning…

    “Cruddy Ruddy” just wants to be elected. Again, to my dismay, I have to agree with you regarding Macquarie.
    Its such an unnatural feeling to serially agree with you.
    Can’t you return to you naturally outrageous track record ..please?

  15. if

    Excerpted from Anti-Sopitalist Blogg:

    EUROPEs Death is a PROMOTION, manufactured in EUROPE (it is not without basis though, the EURO was OVERPRICED at 1.51). Wall Street cannot, easily promote things which have no Bases. Neither the American Administation, nor Wall Street are stupid enough to try that.

    Weak EURO is a god send Gift for the EURO Area, because 1.51 was strangling their export- (Let us not forget GERMANY until recently was BIGGEST exporter in the WORLD!!! and still is after CHINA). How is that for the Importance of EURO Levels?

    Once Hedges , including SOROS and ROGERS and FABER understood the opportunity , they all got on Dollar Band-Vagon. The only question that remains is , when will the HEDGES, finally say, OK, we made enough money?

    When will the EURO gov’s say, OK euro is now cheap enough?

    When will the FED say. OK, now we will swap Dollars again with Other Central Banks and screw Americans ( by depreciating the dollar)?

    This is all well orchestrated and is coming to a Head, soon.

    IMF is a synonym for “DEPRECIATING THE DOLLAR” for USA is the largest IMF donor.

    USA being the next GREECE itself, is in a position to print its own Currency and depreciate it all they want and you and I will be damned as long as G&S makes profits.

    IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME when FED gets of its Behind and SWAPS/SHIPS more dollars out. The FED is a Bank with a License to print its Currency and support it with GUNS. No other Banks can do that.

    For the FED to do this, they need a nice Cover.

    “GREECE TRAGEDY”, most true and partially manufactured (as if we did not know GREECE and PIGS are basket case before), give a NICE COVER.

    1) Hedges, favored Banks knew about the Promotion and made money on the moves till now
    2) Euro got, much needed lower Value.
    3) FED gets a nice Cover to swap Dollars again and screw you and me

    HEDGES, connected inside to this info, know exact timing of these events.

    You and I, we have to guess.

  16. emsnews

    Of course, the market is in a panic. It was going down due to various elements. But the actual panic was triggered by computers which have automatic ‘sells’ which depend on other computers having automatic ‘buys’ but when the ‘buying’ computers decide to also sell then out of control chaos is amplified greatly due to hyperspeed systems!

    Normally, markets get slowed down by the physical inability to communicate buys and sells. But with computers working at the speed of light, there is NOTHING now that can slow down panics.

  17. Huluriasquias

    The Hound of the Baskervilles Syndrome.

    We’ve seen more than a dozen theories that try to explain Thursday’s Crash. (It was a proper crash. I didn’t see that word printed either)

    But nowhere it was mentioned that it happened at the same time Con-gress was negotiating Financial Reform.

    When the smoke settles we have a “miraculous” intraday recovery from the almost -1000 Dow points and the splitting-the-banks provision (among others) removed from the law.

    This was simply Wall Street warning the Government not to mess with them.

    The rest is noise.

  18. DeVaul

    “From day one, I have been totally against the rise of microsecond trading. This is literally the speed of light as computers do some of the most pointless operations ever conceived by humans in order to divert as much possible capital into pockets of the most worthless, useless people on earth.”

    And this is the reason why it is pointless to analyse them anymore. After it became known that a few traders were using computers to churn stocks in the millions and were responsible for 90% or more of trading volume every day, I assumed that most talk about the stock market would go away, but no, it continues on like some kind of religion.

    Our ancestors did not have this problem. If a well was known to be poisoned, they did not stand around and wonder whether it would become unpoisoned an hour later or perhaps the next day. No, they moved on to the next well. A dead well is a dead well. This is common sense, and we no longer have it.

    The “markets” are so imbedded in people’s minds that they can conceive of no other way of living. The sooner they are destroyed, the sooner people’s minds will clear of the fog of “markets” and new ways of living and doing things can be seen.

  19. Aussie

    @ emsnews
    Re: But with computers working at the speed of light,….
    @ DeVaul
    Re: And this is the reason why it is pointless to analyse…

    Together, the implication is why do we persist with analysis and stories?
    I suggest it is because our brains need a narrative as Elaine’s theme on myths suggest?

    An analogy for consideration is to explain the nation state as a complex community of organism similar to our human body in which there exists competition bounded by to stay alive – collectively.

    It is composed of healthy cells in essential organs protected by immune systems and the brain.

    The original Goldman Sachs as a merchant banker was useful to society then morphed into a predatory trader entity able to gain immense wealth by sucking profits from the economic system then capture congress etc.
    The process mimics metastasis cancer or HIV that overwhelms or bypasses the immune system causing death thru physiological starvation?

    Perhaps, the invention of the corporation that was benign when it’s limited power and lifespan was curbed by US founding fathers became the modern Frankenstein (enfranchised possessing infinite lifespan) unbounded using the legal privileges intended to free “slaves” is the original sin?

    As if Adam and Eve ate the apple offered by the serpent?

    Now the nation or biological entity needs to find a way to eliminate or control the cancerous Frankenstein it has created thru greed and hubris?

  20. nah
    The Jewish Question: British Anti-Semitism
    With a training both literary and legal, Julius is well prepared for the immensity of his task. He is a truth-teller, and authentic enough to stand against the English literary and academic establishment, which essentially opposes the right of the state of Israel to exist, while indulging in the humbuggery that its anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism.
    – – –
    “In the modern world, the Jew has perpetually been on trial; still today the Jew is on trial, in the person of the Israeli — and this modern trial of the Jew, this trial which never ends, begins with the trial of Shylock.”
    Idealogical canned meat for thoght
    on and on about honor, liberal society, modernity, calm balance, and “Anti-Semitism is a sewer.”
    should like be retitled WTF israel is this

  21. MikeM

    Everybody should be required as part of their initial driving test to exceed 160mph on a safe track.

    You learn not to multitask while driving VERY fast! Besides that, it’s really exciting!

    I laughed watching a documentary on the autobahn years ago…this one guy who routinely drove around 200 was saying that the people you need to be afraid of are the ones going 120, because (paraphrasing) they’re multitasking while going too fast.

    IMO, another requirement to getting a license would be a tailored physics test. People who get right on your ass obviously have no idea what a 4,000 lb vehicle can do when out of control.


    I was just remarking the other day on the fascinating aspects of mass human behavior, specifically stampedes. They’re in the news occasionally, but most don’t notice. It never ceases to amaze me that most people think we don’t do this. I attempt to avoid large crowds, and am very mindful when in them.

    As outlined in “Devil Takes the Hindmost,” for some time before the ’29 crash there was huge volatility. A visiting Winston Churchill was observing the market floor on a particularly bad down day, just before the BIG crash, and had remarked on how orderly the floor traders had remained.

    On the day of the big crash, those same traders had blood-stained and torn clothing. Literally.

    I suspect that some day in our lifetimes, maybe not too far off, our bond markets will see this, in spades. Libra always prevails in the end.

    I also suspect it won’t be too long before the only commodity markets that matter will also be in Asia, and the price fluctuations that occur in the US markets will be shrugged off by the rest of the planet. Yep, that’s a bleak assessment, for us over here.

    I also suspect that lamp posts will (again) find a dual purpose…but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

  22. MikeM$WLSH,uu%5Bh,a%5Ddaclyyay%5Bpb50!b200%5D%5Bvc60%5D%5BiUh14,3!La12,26,9%5D&pref=G

    The Wilshire 5000 is basically the entire stock market. The chart sez it all….

    This wasn’t a keyboard error.

  23. emsnews

    Note my latest story about π and how humans can’t operate massive systems that are ‘irrational’ that is, strange systems like π. We built the first computers precisely so we could create the biggest death machine in creation.

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