Israel Sold Stolen US Nukes To South Africa

ΩΩShocking documents were released by South Africa this week and it clearly shows that Israel did make a secret deal with the racist South African government to hand over US NUCLEAR MISSILES!  And so the last shred of veil of secrecy is now rent and Israel must come clean about its own nuclear arsenal and of course, the US must demand to know who the traitors were who handed over US nuclear missiles to a foreign country!!!!

ΩΩFirst, here is just one example of how the US ‘lost’ various nuclear bombs or missiles:  The Case of the Missing H-Bomb

On the night of February 5, 1958 a B-47 Stratojet bomber carrying a hydrogen bomb on a night training flight off the Georgia coast collided with an F-86 Saberjet fighter at 36,000 feet.

The collision destroyed the fighter and severely damaged a wing of the bomber, leaving one of its engines partially dislodged. The bomber’s pilot, Maj. Howard Richardson, was instructed to jettison the H-bomb before attempting a landing. Richardson dropped the bomb into the shallow waters of Warsaw Sound, near the mouth of the Savannah River, a few miles from the city of Tybee Island, where he believed the bomb would be swiftly recovered.

The Pentagon recorded the incident in a top secret memo to the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. The memo has been partially declassified: “A B-47 aircraft with a [word redacted] nuclear weapon aboard was damaged in a collision with an F-86 aircraft near Sylvania, Georgia, on February 5, 1958. The B-47 aircraft attempted three times unsuccessfully to land with the weapon.

The weapon was then jettisoned visually over water off the mouth of the Savannah River. No detonation was observed.” Soon search and rescue teams were sent to the site. Warsaw Sound was mysteriously cordoned off by Air Force troops. For six weeks, the Air Force looked for the bomb without success. Underwater divers scoured the depths, troops tromped through nearby salt marshes, and a blimp hovered over the area attempting to spot a hole or crater in the beach or swamp.

Then just a month later, the search was abruptly halted. The Air Force sent its forces to Florence, South Carolina, where another H-bomb had been accidentally dropped by a B-47. The bomb’s 200 pounds of TNT exploded on impact, sending radioactive debris across the landscape. The explosion caused extensive property damage and several injuries on the ground. Fortunately, the nuke itself didn’t detonate.

ΩΩNote the total lack of interest in what happened!  That is, in every case of missing bombs, these were shrugged off not just by the Pentagon but all our Presidents.  This incuriosity is, of course, rather treasonous as well as a worry for all other nations on earth.  The US is screaming along with the howling banshees of Jewish warlords in Israel, shrieking like teenage girls seeing a naked old man at a slumber party, that Iran is getting secret nuclear bombs.

Iran Urges West to Accept Enrichment Deal — News from

The deal is materially the same one the Obama Administration endorsed just a few months ago and was demanding that Iran agree to as recently as last month, but the US has condemned the deal, demanding Iran submit the offer formally for consideration by the IAEA, which they did today.

But diplomats familiar with the situation say that the prospect of a deal is very unlikely, particularly as the Obama Administration moves forward with plans to sanction Iran which were nominally designed to punish them for not agreeing to the deal in the first place.

ΩΩThe US and Israelis who have screwed over the entire planet thanks to 55 years of lies about both our own as well as Israel’s secret nuclear deals, is continuing to pretend to be virginal and pure even though no other nation has dared to murder many tens of thousands of civilians with nuclear bombs except for the US.  For many years, rumors of Israelis selling US missiles which were ‘stolen’ from our own military, has been a staple online and now is revealed emphatically as TRUE.  It is a real, honest to god conspiracy.

ΩΩAs usual, I like to publish the actual documents and here they are, cleaned up from the poor reproduction made by the British press.  I used photoshop to bring out the text a bit better.

The memos and minutes that confirm Israel’s nuclear stockpile | World news |

This memo was uncovered by Peter Liberman and published in the Nonproliferation Review.

ΩΩLike 9/11 or the sinking of the Liberty which was an Israeli crime against our own military, this screams for a full investigation.  Instead, it isn’t even being published in our Zionist media.  The same media hysterics who howl endlessly about Iran are pretending to now be three monkeys who can’t see, hear or

speak the truth.  This is how our media handles all Israeli crimes: the guardians of our public weal do the Mafioso-omerta game and pretend nothing is going on.  What crimes?

ΩΩFar from an outcry about Israel’s nuclear programs and how they got it (via THEFT from the US!!!!)—gads, we executed a Jewish couple for selling nuclear secrets to Russia!  And why wouldn’t an army of Jewish nuclear experts also give their home state nuclear missiles and bombs?

ΩΩOf course, someone did this and more than just one someone since this is a very difficult trick to pull of by one’s lonesome.  If we executed the Rosenbergs, then the hidden Rosenbergs who gave Israel our top secret military WMD should be pulled out of the grave or shadows and punished…like, with a death sentence.

ΩΩHere is a letter from Peres, the Peace Prize CLOWN in 1994, gloating over this new nuclear bomb alliance and hinting darkly about how both racist ethnic cleansing regimes have an awful lot in common:

ΩΩPoor Jimmy Carter was dragged over the coals by a bunch of enraged racist Jewish Zionists for daring to compare South Africa with the Nazi Jewish state of Israel.  Well!!!!  It seems that Peres was not a very peaceful guy, no surprise here.  Look at Bomb Bomb Bomb Obama!  He got this goofy prize and proceeded to not only bomb everyone to smithereens, use robot assassin missiles in more than one country but also is going to ‘update’ our nuclear arsenal to the tune of $80 billion we can’t afford.

ΩΩWill our AIPAC Congress pull in the creeps who did this and cross question them harshly???  Will we decide it is time to protect our country from dangerous criminals?   Talking about Zionist criminal operations, the US media barely gives the slightest mention of other Mossad crimes.  Here is today’s news about what is roiling any nation stupid enough to do business with the criminals in Tel Aviv:

Israeli envoy to Australia shortens Israel visit due to escalating crisis – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

The Israeli ambassador to Australia Yuval Rotem, who has been in Israel on business for the last few days, cut his stay short and left for Canberra in alarm on Monday, in hopes of pacifying the escalated crisis between Israel and Australia. Israeli-Australian relations tensed following the announcement by Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith that Australia has expelled Israel’s Mossad representative in the Israeli embassy in Canberra.

Smith said that Australia has asked Israel to withdraw a diplomat after an investigation found “no doubt” of its role in forging four Australian passports implicated in the slaying of a Hamas operative in Dubai earlier this year.

ΩΩNo mention in our own country.  The Jews get endless cover from our own State Department which seems to spend about 99% of our diplomatic capital, bailing out the bullies in the Middle East and running around, cleaning up all their many, many messes.  As I reported here, even Rand Paul has decided to crawl on his belly to AIPAC and has decided it is OK for our ‘ally’ there to even declare war and cause mayhem that will rebound on our own nation very harshly.

ΩΩSigh.  We have no county.  We have been reduced to an appendage of this racist, dangerous, criminal country of Israel.  Here is the right wing ruler sneering at the starving Palestinians (Hitler could learn lessons from this guy!):

Netanyahu to PA: Israel boycott is only hurting yourselves – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

“Israel aspires to economic peace,” Netanyahu said at the start of a Likud faction meeting on Monday. “We have removed checkpoints, eased the lives of Palestinians and are working all the time to advance the Palestinian economy. Despite this, the Palestinians are opposing economic peace and are taking steps that in the end hurt themselves.”

Netanyahu cited Palestinian opposition to Israel’s recent entrance to the OECD and the Palestinian boycott of Israeli products made in the West Bank as examples of counter-productive Palestinian actions.

ΩΩLife is a total misery for the poor natives of the Holy Land.  The squeeze operation funded by US taxpayers is creating inhuman conditions for the people of Palestine.  The recent attempt to shame the US and EU into being slightly less inhuman as the desperate Palestinians offered to give the Israeli aggressors even more bits of Czechoslovakia to the Israeli Hitler has been tossed back into their faces as Netanyahu declared, he wants it ALL, including Poland.  Ahem.

ΩΩGood gods!  What the hell are we doing here???  By not going after Israeli nuclear thieves, we are again, saying that our own nation not only is not a sovereign nation but also, is not to be trusted since we obviously LIED about all those missing nuclear bombs.  Which were NOT missing at all!  And how many Presidents are party to this de

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7 responses to “Israel Sold Stolen US Nukes To South Africa

  1. zip

    what about the source ??

    why is it in the news at this moment??

  2. melponeme_k

    Obama trying to grant all his contributors wishes before he is thrown out in the next election.

  3. How much for one of them nukular bombs? My neighbors hamsters are stinking so bad I think that’s the only thing witch can get ridda that smell. PU. Will you take payment in kronas?

  4. Colin

    “How much for one of them nukular bombs? My neighbors hamsters are stinking so bad I think that’s the only thing witch can get ridda that smell. PU. Will you take payment in kronas?”

    That’s almost as good idea as a nuclear handgrenade.

  5. nah

    to be honest i always thot israel was treasonous to a large extent against US interests… and the wierdest part is i think they have had some real opportunities by all the states involved to come clean and ‘honor thy father’ type stuff
    so this doesnt suprise me too much…. HELL they stole the bomb from us to BEGIN WITH
    still they are a nation of hard workin’ folk… and we dont want to muddy the waters too much just for the everyguys sake… but i cant stand israel and all the arrogent ‘US jews are victims of israel’ BULLSHIT
    but man… they were selling our bombs… like US bombs to a bunch of racists… reality is such a cruel bitch


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