Israel Massacres Peace Flotilla On International Waters

ΩΩMassive international confrontation is now evolving rapidly in the Middle East.  The neo-fascist ruling party of Israel attacked the unarmed civilian flotilla going to Gaza in the dead of the night.  So far, confirmed deaths of unarmed civilians on these ships is over 14 with around 100 injured.  Every minute, there are more confirmed deaths.  Many of the dead probably are Turkish citizens.  Aljazeera report on the attack, 16 killed: latest death toll.

Screen shot of stretcher on one Gaza Flotilla boat showing blood from dead peace worker.

BBC News – Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship

The Israeli navy has stormed at least one of a convoy of ships carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza strip, amid reports of casualties on board. Israeli TV says that up to 14 people have been killed. Israel has declined to comment….Israel says it allows about 15,000 tones of humanitarian aid into Gaza every week. But the United Nations says this is less than a quarter of what is needed.

ΩΩThere is streaming news all over the Muslim world showing minute by minute, this outrageous attack.  This happened on the open sea and it is very much like the odious sinking of the USS Liberty.  In that case, there were no live camera feeds to clearly show Israeli aggression and war crimes.  The Zionist community is going crazy over all of this, they feel they have the right to kill any and all peace protestors no matter what.

ΩΩNearly all my life, arrogant Zionists of all stripes haughtily telling their victims to do as Martin Luther King and Gandhi and do the peaceful protests instead of fighting back.  Well, every time people do a proper peaceful protest, they are KILLED by these same Zionists!  And the US embassy won’t raise a finger on behalf of US citizens who are killed by the Israelis and there are quite a few who have been killed.

ΩΩThis is another example how our sovereign government has been totally hijacked by aliens.  In this case, a full American citizen can’t expect their own government to protect them from foreign aggression even on the high seas.   If the IDF wants to arrest our citizens when the enter Gaza (which Israel rules) then so be it…but killing them on the high seas is a totally different kettle of dead fish!

ΩΩThe sailors on the USS Liberty tried over and over, in vain, to get our own government to do a serious inquest on that crime whereby the Israelis deliberately shot at, sank and then strafed the survivors of a US naval observation vessel.  The Congress, owned by AIPAC, turned a very deaf ear to our own military servants!  Who cares!  Money from this Zionist crew is pure gold!  I am still quite amazed at how naked this all is!  But then, no American newspaper carried this story of our own military struggling to be heard!

ΩΩWell, this murder rampage by Israel is now very much international news.  Eventually, the US media will have to report it even if they do it as unsympathetically or briefly as possible.  This will continue the downward spiral we are on and we just spent $1 trillion on subjugating a number of Muslim countries and this will endanger our troops even further.  For real rage rises again and of course, wherever on earth or in hell bin Laden is, he is laughing so hard, his sides are splitting.

Free Gaza Movement (freegazaorg) on Twitter

Israeli radio says wounded have been taken to hospital, but it is forbidden to tell anyone which hospital

7 minutes ago via web Israeli radio says that the boats are going to be hauled into Haifa. This was not a confrontation. This was a massacre

10 minutes ago via web And that the boats are being hauled into Haifa and not Ashdod so that journalists are not there

26 minutes ago via web Our Israeli attorney in Haifa has said that ten people have been murdered

30 minutes ago via web Don’t know fate of the other boats

about 1 hour ago via web At about 4:30 am, Israeli commandos dropped from helicopter onto deck of Turkish ship, immediately opened fire on unarmed civilians.

ΩΩFor the longest time, Turkey strove to be Israel’s good buddy (footstool) in the hopes that Turkey would be allowed to join the EU (I bet Turkey is very relieved they were turned down!).  Well, the EU slapped Turkey smartly across the face last year and let in Armenia but not Turkey!  And now here we are, with Israel basically being a de-facto part of the EU while Turkey fumes outside the door.  And we have a major flashpoint developing every bit as dangerous as the confrontation with North Korea!

ΩΩIn this case, Israel is a nuclear North Korea, menacing everyone in the vicinity.  Even as the US whines about China not joining us in condemning North Korea, here we are with the US playing dumbbell to Israeli aggressions.  Only one gigantic difference here: North Korea is accused of sinking an armed military ship which was violating their perimeter waters in conjunction with US war games aimed at intimidating North Korea while this event in the Mediterranean Sea is a bunch of small, unarmed and very public and open civilian ships carrying food and building materials in order to save starving children living in tents!

Turkish protesters try to storm Israeli consulate – Yahoo! News

Turkish police blocked dozens of stone-throwing protesters who tried to storm the Israeli Consulate in Istanbul over reports of an Israeli attack on at least one aid ship in international waters on Monday, news channels reported. CNN-Turk and NTV showed dozens of angry protesters scuffling with Turkish police guarding the consulate in downtown Istanbul.

“Damn Israel,” the protesters shouted.

ΩΩFrom Malaysia to Saudi Arabia, from Egypt to Iran, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, this news is spreading like wildfire.  The people of Egypt are kept under severe armed guards paid for by the US but the puppet dictator there is dying and he knows his people hate his guts and will cheerfully rend his corpse to shreds but he hopes the US will bankroll his baby boy (a corrupt little middle aged man) just like in North Korea where one vile dictator hands off power to screwy, partially insane sons.

ΩΩAnd here is another story about the moralists running Israel:  Children behind Israeli bars | Al Jazeera Blogs

“There was a dog barking outside the room… The soldier told me he would bring it in to f**k me if I didn’t confess… I was so scared… The guy then took out a stick; he whipped it forward and it got longer. He told his friends, who were looking on and laughing at me: “This boy doesn’t want to talk. Let’s pull down his pants so I can shove this stick up his a**.”

“I tried to hold on to the chair; he kept poking me, groping my privates with the stick, trying to get me off the chair,” N said while avoiding eye contact with me.

The Palestine Chapter of Defence for Children International (DCI) has collected 100 sworn affidavits this year of Palestinian children, under the age of 18, who said they were mistreated by their Israeli interrogators. Fourteen of them say they were either sexually abused or threatened with sexual assault, including rape, if they didn’t confess to what their interrogators accused them of.

ΩΩWe did this to children in our own secret prisons and our torturers were trained by Israeli Mossad cads who encouraged this sort of child abuse and rapine.  Why isn’t the US demanding an investigation?  We expected Obama to do this and true, he did release a ton of ugly raw data about our mimicking Israel’s crimes but then, when it came time to apply the rule of law to our own Nazi-like behaviors, the CIA and the Pentagon put Obama in a deep freezer along with his stupid Nobel Peace Prize (sic).

ΩΩThat stupid, ignoble prize should be air dropped on Gaza or the West Bank.  Let the victims of US and Israeli aggression have all these peace prizes, all the ones given to Americans and Israeli war criminals. All things are moving rapidly to a major confrontation that could very easily turn into WWIII.  We can’t sleep walk into this.  I wonder how many US embassies will be blown up this summer?

ΩΩWe have a gigantic mess right on our doorstep.  We are being overrun by aliens invading our country while oil pours into INTERNATIONAL waters and the US allowed British Petroleum to do this and thus, is responsible for polluting Cuba’s sovereign waters and the US weather service Atlantic Hurricane Outlook announced today that we will have a very active major hurricane season this year and generally, these monster storms move from east to west and a lot of this oil will end up in the face of the Mexicans who don’t deserve to be polluted by us!

ΩΩAnd already there was one tropical storm Agatha kills 73 in Guatemala.  And it wasn’t even a hurricane!

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67 responses to “Israel Massacres Peace Flotilla On International Waters

  1. nah

    Israel Deploys Three Nuclear Cruise Missile-Armed Subs Along Iranian Coastline
    Apparently responding to the Israeli activity, an Iranian admiral said oreally’, israel? really

  2. nah
    Israel Deploys Three Nuclear Cruise Missile-Armed Subs Along Iranian Coastline
    Apparently responding to the Israeli activity, an Iranian admiral said oreally’, israel? really

  3. nah
    Our President is of course relaxing in Chicago, the seat of corruption in which Mayor Daley appears to have committed an act of felonious assault:

    Daley picked up a bayonet-equipped rifle and told the Chicago Reader reporter, “If I put this up your butt, you’ll find out how effective it is. If we put a round up your, you-know. . . .”

    Was Daley arrested? Nope. But a man in San Jose, California, who left a phone message at Daley’s office containing the precise same threat is now facing extradition to Chicago – to face charges of threatening a public official.

    If that’s not one of the clearest statements yet about how there are two bodies of law – the law on the books that applies to all “ordinary people”, yet which does not apply to any public official or Wall Street Bankster, including Mayor Daley, Congress or even the President, I don’t know what is.
    Just wanted to point out how tuff our POOR POOR cops have it defending us from ourselves or…. whatever excuse suits them

  4. nah,0,907235.story
    BP’s new plan risks worsening oil spill
    A maneuver that includes severing a leaking pipe from the well may increase the flow as much as 20%. Officials also say there is no immediate remedy to plug the well until August.
    maybe its a disgusting secret plot to make things so bad no-one knows how your screwing them over anymore

  5. nah


  6. nah

    police state?? what police state
    LOOOOL ignorant bastards

  7. nah

    COPS…. cops only strike if they cant retire after 30 years…
    if theres injustice and world class felonies that arent being followed up on
    cops like to go slow… unless they want to go fast… COPS omfg

  8. nah

    At least four Israeli marines were injured, said a spokeswoman, including one who was shot when his gun was snatched by an activist.
    AWSOME to bad hes DEAD

  9. billibaldi

    Haaretz says the Israeli boarding party was a Naval Commando team but the Israeli PR flacks in Australia are trying to spin them as riot police. This is the first time I have seen riot police abseil from helicopters.

  10. billibaldi

    How to alienate Turkey,
    1) Humiliate the Prime Minister in 2008 by keeping him and his wife waiting at the border like a common arab.
    2) Humiliate the Turkish Ambassador on Israeli TV.
    3) Conduct war games with Greece.
    4) Attack a Turkish flagged vessel on the high seas.

    The Israelis would do well to remember that all of the Middle East bar Persia was once run by the Turks.

  11. Raybo

    From the LA Times:

    The raid set off a storm of international protest and drew condemnations from leaders from Spain, Sweden, France, Germany, the U.N., the European Union and Arab League.

    But after some initial expressions of regret, Israeli officials Monday came out strongly in defense of the raid, characterizing the protesters as hard-core extremists who had prepared an ambush for soldiers.

    Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon called the flotilla an “armada of hate and violence” that launched a “premeditated and outrageous provocation.” He said Israeli soldiers found evidence that “weapons” had been prepared in advance, but he did not specify whether those weapons included guns.

    Israel’s military said that protesters managed to grab two guns from Israeli soldiers and use them against the commandos, prompting soldiers to return fire.

    An Israeli commando, speaking on condition of anonymity, said he and other Israeli soldiers who rappelled onto the boat from a helicopter were immediately attacked by about 30 people on board.

    “They beat us up with metal sticks and knives,” he said. “There was live fire at some point against us. … They were shooting at us from below deck.”

    He said activists tossed some of the soldiers from the top deck to the lower deck and the soldiers jumped in the water to save themselves. Activists grabbed some soldiers and tried to hold them hostage, stripping them of their helmets and equipment, he said.

    Ten Israeli soldiers were wounded, two seriously, the military said.

    Protest organizers said the nighttime raid on the Turkish-flagged Mavi Marmara, the flotilla’s largest vessel with 600 passengers, occurred in international waters more than 40 miles off shore.

    Video released by television crews onboard and a live Internet signal transmitted from the boat show armed and masked Israeli soldiers rappelling from helicopters onto the boat and being attacked by passengers with iron clubs.

    Israeli military claims that protesters grabbed soldiers’ guns are “absurd,” according to Greta Berlin, leader of Free Gaza, one of the flotilla’s organizers.

    “This was murder,” Berlin said in a telephone interview from Cyprus. The group has been unable to reach passengers since the attack occurred because the Israeli military has blocked telephone signals, she said. “They can spin it any way they want. We’re the civilians and they are the military.”

    Responding to images of protesters striking soldiers, Berlin said the activists were acting in self-defense after soldiers opened fire.

    “People had the right to defend themselves against soldiers armed with machine guns,” she said.

    According to Berlin, flotilla organizers hoped to bring international attention to Israel’s Gaza blockade and expected a confrontation, “but we never expected this kind of violence.”

  12. if

    Report: Israel to deploy nuclear-armed submarines off Iran coast
    Sunday Times quotes IDF official saying the 3 German-made long range submarines will gather intelligence, act as deterrent and potentially land Mossad agents.

  13. neil

    you seem to be very certain of your accusations against Israel. however you neglect to mention that the Israelis have repeatedly offered to unload the cargo in Israel and after a security inspection send it to Gaza. but the activists didn’t want that, they wanted a confrontation and as alwayes in confrontations it only takes a few extremists to turn it into a violent one. 5 ships were taken without violence but on the mavi marmara, the lead vessel, the videos clearly show that troops were atacked even before they finished rappeling down to the deck. this was NOT a non-violent resistance.
    I am sorry for the dead but they made some bad choices.


    ELAINE: The cargo would never be delivered by the Jews who stop EVERYTHING at the border and let in only a tiny fraction of what UN agencies, Muslim countries or Europe sends.

  14. Daliwood

    Neil, have you ever read the list of what won’t pass the “security inspection” for aid to Gaza? (That’s a rhetorical question. Of course you haven’t.)

    You might be able to get used Kleenex through the “security inspection,” but the Zionists use security as an excuse to ban medicines, blankets, food, farm implements, toys, or anything else that might improve the lives of the imprisoned Palestinians.

    And your attempt to blame the victims is an old, tired trick. I suppose the woman whose hem is daringly high invites rape. She made a “bad choice” with that dress. And the parents of sexually abused Catholic children made the “bad choice” of letting their children be alone with a priest. Shame on them.

    It’s always somebody else’s bad choice, isn’t it? It couldn’t possibly be the psychopathology of Zionism murdering innocent civilians in international waters, while knowing full well that their stooges in the US Congress will shield them from accountability.

    So the video shows “troops were attacked even before they finished rappeling down to the deck”? My goodness. Those innocent Israeli stormtroopers, just innocently going about their business, not bothering anyone, when those crazed terrorists on the vessels dared to defend themselves. What’s next? People thinking they have a right to be on the high seas without being butchered? Thank goodness somebody like you was here to clear up all the misconceptions about “bad choices.”

  15. JT

    I really have a bad feeling about the rest of this year.

    The Gulf spill. I think they already know it will leak for 6 months and that it is the worst oil disaster ever.

    North Korea. It doesn´t make any sense. Kim does not want war he only wants to stay in power.

    And now Israel attacking aid convoys.
    19 dead. They shot the swedish author Henkell Manning for example. Most of the dead were Turkish (Nato problem).

    And all the banks in the West are permanently banktrupt. Still no change there.

    All these problems and we seem to have no answers to any of them.

  16. JT

    Sorry the shot author is Henning Mankell:

    36 wounded (5 IDF).

  17. Joseppi

    Here we are on Memorial Day, 2010, which is a day that most Americans put blinders on to salute the noble hero’s of WW11 who repelled the psychotic ambitions of the Nazis.

    Instead of a day of sanctimonious seriousness it should be a day of collective shame. How can we ignore that war is a complete breakdown of human rationality and empathy for fellow humans.

    By picking through the morgue of destructive wars we single out one war, that through the lens of history, retains what we want to desperately adhere to – a shred of morality in an inhuman activity of failure.

    This selective memory that enables Americans a moral feeling of righteousness towards violent behavior is amplified by patriotic ideologues, which smothers the pacifism of rational diplomacy to settle differences, and creates a moral greenlight to the endless war against those that resist the worldview of the USA.

    Memorial Day sentimentality needs to be reexamined, especially today, the day when Israeli armed forces violently boarded and killed an unarmed aid flotilla in international waters.

    This violence will be excused and forgotten, as is the violence of pilotless drones killing innocent civilians by our “defense forces” – why, because of our psychological ability to selectively create morality out of immoral actions, and our blind allegiance to an alliance between the USA and Israel, that transcends any rational justification, and will lead us all to more of the hell of war on earth.

  18. Raybo

    Wha?? nobility? collective shame?

    I’m just gonna enjoy the holiday, fly the flag, watch the Indy 500, and stuff my face with grilled cheese dogs.

    One pounders!!

    BURPPP……hey honey would ya run down to Walmart……we’ve reached the bottom of our 55 gallon tub of America’s favorite ketchup and the kids won’t eat the generic brand.

    Take the Suburban…..the Excursion’s low on gas…..


    Hey let’s see check out CNN to see how the top kill’s goin’.


    ELAINE: And don’t run over the dawgs while you’re at it! But it is OK to run over the flower hedge. 🙂

  19. wuen

    Israel is taking the region of Palestine as it sphere of influence. It supervise what can come in and come out of Palestine. It meddle in the election of Palestine. It send it military into Palestine and bomb any place they consider a threat.

    Israel does not allow others group to meddle in the affair of Israel and Palestine region. This recent incident of massacres of peace flotilla on international waters bound toward Palestine is their show of force to enforce their influence in Palestine.

    Why do Israel meddle in the international affair of Palestine. Does Israel recognize Palestine as a country? And is Palestine a country according to the U.N?

  20. This is a horrible act of barbarism that should shake every person to the core. The right-wingers who are running Israel are not pulling back from their aggressions, or making any attempt to disguise their crimes, or to hide their intentions.

  21. emsnews

    This is a classic thing that can start a world war. The useless US political classes are sitting on their asses and Israel is very busy making up this stupid story that the unarmed civilians attacked the masked Israeli Jewish commandos who are armed to the teeth. I saw the entire thing until the Jew cut the video feed and it was 100%+ Israel’s fault.

    Some of the Jewish invaders were disguised as Arabs, wearing Muslim gear!!! It was totally disgusting.

  22. Aussie

    @ Neil
    Re: ..I am sorry for the dead but they made some bad choices…

    With respect – what rot.
    I watched our ABC TV interview of Israel’s spokesman (Martin Regev and another):

    Hamaz is a ruler of Gaza.
    Correction: Hamaz won the democratic election overwhelmingly.

    Palestinian Government: correction illegal because they lost big time.

    Israel boarded the ships in international waters – illegal.

    Flotilla was a terrorist ploy: correction Australia had two journalists on board plus others.

    My summary: Israel is a pariah and terrorist state intent on genocide to rid native Palestinians from Gaza and the remaining rump that is West Bank.

    How can a people that suffered from the Holocaust turn around and do the same on others since WWII ends.

    Israel is no different than North Korea or Burma and a travesty for humanity.
    Israel gave the South Africa Apartheid regime nuclear bombs.

    We should impose total sanctions on Israel and force them to become civilized or simply boycott it to oblivion.

  23. DeVaul

    This event is just surreal. It is like a page straight out of the nazi German playbook.

    At this point, I don’t believe Israel has a foreign policy, other than keeping the US in a political headlock and waving a big stick.

    Navy seals dropping on the deck of a cruise ship in the dead of night? Who came up with this idea? Is Israel insane?

    If they wanted to be mean and vicious, they could have sent out warships to block the path of the supply ships and bombard them with water canons and use tugboats to ram them and force them off course. I mean, if they wanted to be outright mean and nasty, that is.

    But this?

    Hello Nazi Germany! I guess someone missed you.

  24. Dibbles

    What do the zionists have that makes our federal legislative and executive branches silly putty for Israel’s use and agenda? Blackmail? Nuclear bombs in some of our cities? Threats of financial terrorism?

    How can such a tiny, sadistic, ideological group within a relatively small population on the other side of the globe have so much more power in our own government than we American citizens?

    This truly has me stumped. Murderous criminal behavior in international waters should not be tolerated by anyone. The world is outraged, yet our federal government protects Israel increasingly to the detriment of our nation. Is a small global clique of conspirators really that much more savvy than the rest of us on this planet? Or has money and religion become so intertwined that losses by either is considered more suicidal than the road we racing down? I’m speechless (and that’s saying a lot) at what our government not only tolerates, but seems to support.

  25. DeVaul

    I’m speechless too. Boarding a ship in international waters, capturing the crew and stealing the goods is known as “piracy”, but I guess Israel gets a free pass on anything. At least the Somalis wave a skull and bones flag before boarding.

  26. wuen

    The solution to the Israel Palestine problem can be solve if both states decide to join together. Israel need to abandon it policy of discrimination against non Jews. In the past the people in Israel and Palestine live as one society. It can happen again. Israel government need to be persuaded.

    The question is how to use diplomatic method to persuade Israel government of abandoning it apartheid policies.

  27. larry, dfh

    ..What do the zionists have that makes our federal legislative and executive branches silly putty for Israel’s use and agenda?
    Money. Foreign aid goes to Israel, and comes back to congress via AIPAC. It’s a big money laundering scheme, run by politicians like Jane Harman, Henry Waxman, Chuck Schumer, etc. The Israelis are the bag-men; the real crooks are in our government.

  28. emsnews

    Both parties are identical in this business.

  29. DeVaul

    “In the past the people in Israel and Palestine live as one society. It can happen again. Israel government need to be persuaded.”

    This is where I think Chinese diplomacy will fall off a cliff. Their vaunted diplomatic corps has no idea what it will be stepping into if it tries to broker some deal in the middle east. Their past successes were based on the concepts of mutual benefit, reason, stability, long-term agreements, cooperation and compromise.

    These concepts are not used in the middle east, much less actually known by the ruling classes there. Irrationality and insanity are the order of the day there, and both of these are bolstered by nations as far away as north america and indonesia.

    If China is smart, they will stay out of the middle east. I think they already know that they have too much at home to deal with, especially with Korea still at war with itself.

  30. E Fitz

    If you watch these videos ,
    you will see that it was not a massacre but self defense. this is a video of the attack on Israeli commandos on the flotilla ship. They boarded the ship with paintball guns for crowd control and were brutally attacked by so called activists with metal pipes knives and flash grenades. The Israeli commandos only used live fire after they were fired upon with a pistol stolen from them by and “activist” during the violence. Also international law of the sea states that a country may maneuver in international waters to hold a blockade Get your facts straight before spreading lies on the internet. Stop spinning your little leftist conspiracy theories about Israel and just join Hamas if you want to support terrorism.


    ELAINE: The IDF used stun grenades on sleeping people. And yes, the Turks fought back when INVADED. Not only that, Israel is on the road to start a war with Turkey, a nation with an army, navy, air force and missiles. A stupid idea but most Zionists are stupid.

  31. E Fitz

    Zionists are not allowed to scream at my people here. Begone.

  32. wb

    In 1948, the Israelis committed genocide at Deir Yassin.
    The villagers resisted the 120 Jewish attackers, as they had a right to, and a heavy machine gun and a mortar were brought up to end the battle. Then the raiding party entered the village and started behaving like a Nazi Einsatzkommando. Twenty-three men were led off to a quarry and executed in cold blood, and between 90 and 230 others were shot down in the village.

    Menachem Begin’s statement afterwards:

    Accept my congratulations on this splendid act of conquest….

    News of Deir Yassin spread quickly and was influential in causing much of the Arab population to flee the borders of the newly declared Israeli state. Israel, of course, has built a whole structure of ownership based on the “abandonment” of their houses and lands, as well as arguing ceaselessly that those who fled in 1948 did so needlessly and do not deserve to come back.

    (Source for the Deir Yassin information: Paul Johnson, A History of the Jews (Harper Perennial, 1987).

  33. DeVaul

    The Jews did not survive the holocaust. They became Nazis.

    When I mentioned this to a group of political science majors 25 years ago at a party over at my friend’s apartment, almost everyone began yelling and screaming at each other and frothing at the mouth with spit flying everywhere. One person challenged me to a duel on the tennis court.

    I was just amazed at the fury involved. I could have said anything about any country or people anywhere and garnered no reaction, but the topic of Israel and Jews and how they behave was emotional dynamite right in the middle of Kentucky, about as far away from Israel as you can get.

    When the citizens of a nation care more about another country than their own, that nation dies, and those who post here defending Israel could care less because Israel is their true homeland and sole concern. Everyone else can go to hell, especially Americans, who exist solely to support Israel.

    The only flaw I see in the Israeli tapeworm operation is that they do not seem to have made much effort to find another host. They do not understand how close to death we are, and when they exit through our anus, they will have no where else to go, and probably be surrounded by other nations who will immediately spray them with insecticide.

  34. E Fitz

    ELAINE: The IDF used stun grenades on sleeping people. And yes, the Turks fought back when INVADED. Not only that, Israel is on the road to start a war with Turkey, a nation with an army, navy, air force and missiles. A stupid idea but most Zionists are stupid.

    Where is any of your proof for this??? you can’t just make things like this up. You need proof and sources. The Israelis have released video proof that blatantly contradicts the statements of the turks on board please show your ocular proof for the accusations you have made against Israel.

  35. E Fitz

    To whoever is moderating this forum i would like to apologize for my anger at DeVaul’s horrid racism and wonder why it is unfair for me to question the validity of the post by esmnews’s where they stated that they had a live feed from aboard the Mavi Marmara and IDF commandos were disguised in “muslim gear”. It seems like a legitimate concern that could be taken care of if they presented a shred of proof.

  36. DeVaul

    “DeVaul’s horrid racism”

    I never said anything about Jews being racially inferior, nor that they dressed in Arab gear or anything like that. As a Jew, you made that all up and put it in my mouth. You read none of my posts. Typical deceptive behavior. I do believe Jews are decievers, and you are my evidence.

    I did say that Israeli commandos landed on ships in darkness in international waters and asked “who came up with that idea?”.

    Like any Zionist fanatic, you equate criticism of Jews and Israel with “racism”.

    I was the one “shunned” for 3 years, according to Jewish custom, by my future in-laws because I was deaf (racially inferior) and not of pure blood (non-jewish), and because I was physically disabled (untouchable). My sons were kidnapped, my ex-wife converted to a “born again christion” from being a Quaker (deceiving me and a court of law), then forced my sons to become jews because their new step-father was “jewish” and I was an unbeliever who would go to hell (my six year old son was told to tell me this, and he did).

    This is how Jews treat others, yet they have the nerve to call anyone who complains “a horrid racist”. That is exactly how the Nazis acted; hence, my conclusion that Jews are nazis.

  37. E Fitz

    Dear DeVaul, I am a half Jewish american who will in the next few years begin to prepare papers to immigrate to Israel and join the brave men and women of the IDF hopefully in the Golani Brigade.
    Israel’s not going anywhere and I’ll see you in hell.

  38. emsnews

    Yes, you are leaving the US as DeVaul said you might. This is the whole point of the Apocalypse: the US born again Christians WANT all the Jews to go to Israel where they will all die when ‘Jesus’ comes.

    Jews thought they could pull the wool over the born again Christian’s eyes but the wool was pulled over Jewish eyes. When I was Mrs. Levy, I saw close up how the more powerful Jewish intelligensia thought and as Elaine Meinel, I saw how the born again Christians think! Big time.

    Having lived in BOTH worlds, I know the true natures of both worlds and both are heading towards killing most of humanity in WWIII. This is a catastrophe I hope we can avoid. And to avoid this, we must disarm not only US nukes but Israeli nukes.

  39. E Fitz

    DeVaul, The Arab gear comment was not directed at you but at an earlier post by another person. I apologize that jew in your family are so awful to you but i and a majority of jews and Israeli’s do not support that sort of strict adherence to Halacha (Jewish religious law). The reason your post is racist is because unlike you i do believe that a Nazi was a evil and wicked entity. So calling a entire race of people Nazis is racist andit is your sweeping generalizations that makes what you say feel racist…. Also i question where your 6 year old son got the idea of a hell in Judaism because that doesn’t exsist. Also the idea of shunning the deaf also doesn’t exist in halacha. In fact it is a mitzvah(commandment) to assist people like you and the blind, the widow, and the orphan. Your ex-wife should talk to her Rabbi because she is not following Jewish law or beliefs.

    Also I don’t understand your comment about the raiding of the ship at night in international waters. I agree with you in the statement that the raids was done a 4 a.m. and in international waters i already explained why that was legal in a earlier post.


    ELAINE: I pray that the Israeli Jews be hauled into international courts to explain the legality of their crimes! Of course, excusing themselves by slicing and dicing laws is typical of all tyrants. The Nazis argued that all the crimes they did were legal, too. Didn’t pass the smell test.

  40. E Fitz

    emsnews, I guess ill already be there ready to be slaughtered when Christ comes. Also living in the “jewish world” I have not heard about the plan to killing most of humanity in WWIII but I will be sure to ask at the next big meeting of the world wide Jewish conspiracy.
    Also who are the “more powerful Jewish intelligentsia” because i would LOVE to meet up with them at our next meeting.

  41. E Fitz

    Dear DeVaul,
    Here is a link about Halacha and the deaf that you may want to send your ex wife.
    It states that the deaf are full and equal people in judaism and may be counted in a minyan. A minyan is a prayer service which needs ten Jewish people to start.

  42. E Fitz

    Also it is impossible for you to be discriminated against for not being of pure blood because blood descent is not a factor in Judaism. Halacha accepts conversions by people of any faith or ethnicity and doesnt have a blood hierarchy. Also many people have misconceptions about the term “Chosen People” this does not mean that we think that god picked us to be greater than all other nations (as the Nazis did minus the god part) it simply means god chose us to receive the Torah at mount Sinai. This is where many people form the misconception that Jews think they are better than other races which is as i said a misconception. You should study judaism more before writing us of as racist and falling into hopefully unintentional bigotry. Like concluding that Jews are Nazis


    ELAINE: You, sir, are a total liar. Israel recently tried to impose a Nazi-like blood law whereby any child of a non-Jewish mother and Jewish father was NOT a Jew and had to ‘convert’ and was not good for marriages in Israel, for example. I was Mrs. Levy for decades and was a second class family member due to racism inherent in all things Jewish. I gave up on it all in disgust.

  43. E Fitz

    I didn’t clarify in my previous post that i was speaking to DeVaul.

  44. DeVaul

    “Your ex-wife should talk to her Rabbi because she is not following Jewish law or beliefs”


    “Also I don’t understand your comment about the raiding of the ship at night in international waters”

    More bullshit!

    “A minyan is a prayer service which needs ten Jewish people to start”

    Find me ten Jews who will pray for a non-Jew who has no interest in praying to Jehova in a minyan.

    Are Jews a “race”, as you claim, or are they followers of Jehova? I have always assumed the latter, but Jews act as if they are a separate race of people who are so “by blood” (and thus, superior to non-Jews).

    Better not tell the Gondola Brigade that you are only “half” Jewish. They might reject you. If so, you can come back and live with all us mongrels here in America — assuming you can give up your dreams of conquest and glory.

    And yes, my son did tell me that there were no other gods but Jehova, and that anyone who did not follow him would go to hell. I was there. You were not.

  45. emsnews

    True, Mr. Fitz will have a fit when he discovers, if his mom is not Jewish, that he is considered ‘dirty’ too.

  46. E Fitz

    1.) I don’t think Bullshit is a adequate response in the light of the evidence i presented. and i didn’t understand the purpose of the post about international waters and that it was night time because that is true and i agreed with you and the evidence.
    2.) i know ten Jews who would and will be praying for you and i will pray for you tomorrow morning at my Reform minyan.(i go to a religious school and pray most mornings)
    3.) Jews are a race descendant of Abraham and so they also share a patriarchal lineage with all semitic religions. this however doesn’t imply superiority over them or any other race.
    4.) I know i qualify for IDF service as you only need 1 Jewish grandparent to qualify for Israeli citizenship.
    5.)Also i never question that your son said you would go to hell i wondered where he got the idea.
    6.) Also if your son or wife were better informed on Judaism they would know that the way we pronounce god is Adoni or HaShem. Yehova is the christen pronunciation of transliterated Hebrew. You should try to educate your relatives on their misguided ways by asking the to talk to a rabbi or by talking to one yourself so you can help them.


    ELAINE; See? Even you, poor child, call Jews a ‘race’. And they have made themselves into a very racist race, to boot.

  47. E Fitz

    emsnews, My mom is Jewish so i’m all good.
    Even if she wasn’t though i would still not be considered dirty even by the most Orthodox Jews. You should educate yourself on the laws of my faith before saying things like this.


    ELAINE: You are a faker. My own relatives who are right wing Orthodox Jews, refuse to even get in the same car with me because I am only partially Jewish.

  48. E Fitz

    Elaine, It was the orthodox in Israel who TRIED but did not succeed to impose these law. Also the law was that they needed an orthodox conversion and the only time you need that is if you want to be recognized as jewish by the orthodox movement which isn’t important for anything.

    I’m sorry you experienced racism in your family but that does not mean that there is “inherent racism in all things Jewish”. In fact Judaism is one of the only religions i know of that commands you to bring the outsider into your home and treat them as equals. (I know Bedouin tribes practice this but am not aware if it is a tribal or religious practice) you should look at Judaism as a whole instead of focusing on just your family which may have been the problem rather than their religion.

  49. emsnews

    Any religion that claims there is one god and that god loves only one tribe is inherently racist as well as awful. If you read the Old Testament carefully, you will see this clearly.

  50. wb

    “How to Defend the Indefensible and Get Away With It.”

    1. We didn’t do it! (Denials usually don’t work, but it’s worth a try).

    2. We know you think we did it but we aren’t admitting anything.

    3. Actually, maybe we did do something but not what we are accused of doing.

    4. Ok, we did it but it wasn’t that bad (“waterboarding isn’t really torture, you know”).

    5. Well, maybe it was pretty bad but it was justified or necessary. (We only torture terrorists, or suspected terrorists, or people who might know a terrorist…”)

    6. What we did was really quite restrained, when you consider how powerful we really are. I mean, we could have done something even worse.

    7. Besides, what we did was technically legal under some interpretations of international law (or at least as our lawyers interpret the law as it applies to us.)

    8. Don’t forget: the other side is much worse. In fact, they’re evil. Really.

    9. Plus, they started it.

    10. And remember: We are the good guys. We are not morally equivalent to the bad guys no matter what we did. Only morally obtuse, misguided critics could fail to see this fundamental distinction between Them and Us.

    11. The results may have been imperfect, but our intentions were noble. (Invading Iraq may have resulted in tens of thousands of dead and wounded and millions of refugees, but we meant well.)

    12. We have to do things like this to maintain our credibility. You don’t want to encourage those bad guys, do you?

    13. Especially because the only language the other side understands is force.

    14. In fact, it was imperative to teach them a lesson. For the Nth time.

    15. If we hadn’t done this to them they would undoubtedly have done something even worse to us. Well, maybe not. But who could take that chance?

    16. In fact, no responsible government could have acted otherwise in the face of such provocation.

    17. Plus, we had no choice. What we did may have been awful, but all other policy options had failed and/or nothing else would have worked.

    18. It’s a tough world out there and Serious People understand that sometimes you have to do these things. Only ignorant idealists, terrorist sympathizers, craven appeasers and/or treasonous liberals would question our actions.

    19. In fact, whatever we did will be worth it eventually, and someday the rest of the world will thank us.

    20. We are the victims of a double-standard. Other states do the same things (or worse) and nobody complains about them. What we did was therefore permissible.

    21. And if you keep criticizing us, we’ll get really upset and then we might do something really crazy. You don’t want that, do you?

    Repeat as necessary.

  51. E Fitz

    emsnews, where in the old testament does it state that god only loves one tribe. I asume that because you have read the old testament sooooo carefully you will be able to do this. A god who loved only one tribe would not have let the Nation of Israel be destroyed by the Assyrians, or forced the Hebrews to wander for forty years, or have saved the Ninivtes while punishing Jonah, or have brought the affliction of Saul as king upon the nation in his anger at the peole asking for a king.

  52. E Fitz

    Also ems a few other religion that claim there is only one god who “loves one tribe” are All of the many forms of Christianity, Islam, and every other monotheistic faith that has ever existed outside of my knowledge.

  53. E Fitz

    Wb please explain how Israel did your fantastic 21 step program instead of talking in platitudes and non sequitur.
    and remember the defense of your a Zionist so i don’t have to backup my statements doesn’t actual prove anything it just shows your spouting off nothing.

  54. wb

    “The claim that God is “out there” is common to the Western monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This is the most pernicious error ever to have corrupted spiritual thinking. To say that God is “out there” is to imply that one is separate from God, and renders God an object, to which can be attributed various qualities. Among the most common of these are the alleged qualities of being a ruler, a lawgiver, a judge, a delegator of authority, an interested party in the conflicts that humans wage among themselves. In such conflicts it is always asserted that “God is on our side” against those perceived as “the enemy”. Such an assertion is then used to justify acts of barbarity, such as the slaughtering of the enemy — “in the name of God” of course.”

  55. E Fitz

    The link that you posted is just a statement of what someone personally believes about god and is opinion not fact. It cannot be proven or disproven unless someone can have a little chat with god and ask “what is your true nature?”This link and post are again non sequitur because Israel never claimed divine authority as an excuse for boarding a ship trying to run a blockade. Just because you read something online doesn’t mean it is true or the only answer regarding faith.


    ELAINE: Mother Nature is the only ‘god’ I know of except for the denizens of the Cave of Wealth and Death, especially the Goddess of Infinity and the Goddess of Zero, the twin Medusas that rule even Mother Nature. Then there is Libra, the goddess who strives to balance things and is the guardian at the Gates of Death.

  56. E Fitz

    Also to add my own non sequitur the ideas about of faith that is stated in the link that Wb posted is called Reconstructionist Judaism

  57. wb

    …unless someone can have a little chat with god and ask “ what is your true nature ? ”

    Well done, E Fitz !

    Hahaha, yes ! that’s *exactly* what I do do.

    I don’t care if it’s ‘reconstructionist Judaism’, or any other brand. The point is that Israel behaves in an intemperate, infantile, psychopathic, brutal, reckless manner.

    That is not amusing at all.

    As EMS has mentioned, such foolishness can escalate into a nuclear conflagration, where nobody wins, just unimaginable horror. I find your own warlike inclinations and their justifications, mentioned above, totally deplorable and unacceptable.

    For the last 2 or 3 thousand years war was a kind of sport, where men could gain medals for valour. The situation is now entirely different. A stupid action, like this killing of activists on the peace flotilla, can so easily spiral out of anyones control, and we ALL get dragged into WW3.

    Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, all get sucked into the vortex… is that what you want ??

    Britain, France, Germany, USA, Russia, China, all get dragged in, because of vested interests, nobody can stand back and just let it happen… is that what you want ?

    To quote from someone Jewish, with a more measured and deeply considered view than your own :

    “Israel must stop reverting to the issue of the Holocaust as a shield or an excuse for the Israelis. Israel is not, and has never been, primarily a nation of Holocaust survivors. Political Zionism has its roots in the 19th century and before. While Begin was a refugee from Poland, Ben Gurion had been in Palestine since early in the century, as had many of the early leaders of the new Israeli state. One early right-wing Zionist leader was Vladimir Jabotinsky, who wrote in 1923:

    “Zionism is a colonizing adventure and therefore it stands or falls by the question of armed force. It is important to build, it is important to speak Hebrew, but, unfortunately, it is even more important to be able to shoot–or else I am through with playing at colonization.’

    (Quoted in Beit-Hallahmi, Original Sins, (Olive Branch Press 1992),

    Beit-Hallahmi sums up as follows:

    ‘It was easy to make the Palestinians pay for 2,000 years of persecution. The Palestinians, who have felt the enormous power of this vengeance, were not the historical oppressors of the Jews. They did not put Jews into ghettoes and did not force them to wear yellow stars. They did not plan holocausts. But they had one fault. They were weak and defenseless in the face of real military might, so they were the ideal victims for an abstract revenge…

    A country founded in blood–built on the backs and the corpses of a group of its inhabitants–is badly off-balance and will never recover, if it does not undertake a terrible soul-searching, a flight from violence and lies. There is a stirring, a yearning for peace and relief from violence today, but it is still being mitigated by hatred, denial, greed, and the desire for revenge. When the Israelis learn to police their own lunatic fringe, can avoid offering with one hand what they withdraw with the other, and face the Palestinians with firm honesty, there will be a chance.”

  58. E Fitz

    I got to go to school i’ll debunk whatever you said later

  59. wb

    IMHO, you are only attempting to defend the indefensible, E Fitz, and I am not at all interested in scoring debating points, so I doubt that I will be responding further.

    In my estimation, Israel is a country stolen from it’s inhabitants, by violence, like USA, and Australia, and many others through the historical record.

    Being neither a Jew nor a Palestinian, why should I care ? The answer is, I don’t, very much. I empathize with the suffering of the people of Gaza and the West Bank, and the injustices inflicted upon them by a thoroughly unpleasant regime. I put Israel in the same category as Burma, and apartheid S. Africa.

    But there is nothing, or very little, I can do, personally, to change history, or ease the misery of millions of people, all over the place, who have wretched lives because of oppression and exploitation, often directly the result of wicked deeds by wicked men who escape punishment and evade taking responsibility.

    I do feel a sense of outrage, when I hear Israeli spokesmen on the news, twisting and spinning language to try to justify utterly shameful and despicable behaviour. I really don’t like liars and I don’t like having my intelligence insulted, especially by deceitful war criminals and their hired shills and apologists.

  60. wb

    For example :

    ‘Proof has surfaced today that many of the so-called “evidence” photographs being distributed by the Israeli government as examples of terror weapons on board the Gaza aid flotilla date back years:’

  61. emsnews

    I discount all the ‘weapons’ blather by Israeli agents because they have a huge secret nuclear arsenal. Who can believe a word, these guys say!

  62. wb

    Yup. Mordechai Vanunu should have got the Nobel Peace prize, not Obama. An amazingly strong, courageous man.

  63. emsnews

    Yes, he should get it. Instead, he is in prison. I have written about him years ago.

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