Turkey Moves Decisively Out Of US/EU Control

ΩΩThe Bilderberg gang are meeting at the same time as the G20 meeting.  This kind of divides up the Bilberberg guys, doesn’t it?  Some of them will be at the other meeting.  The alternative pole of power politics continues to get stronger as the existing pole of power in the EU/Japan/UK/US G7 nations crash into political and economical rocks.  Turkey, spurned by the EU, has decided not to be a part of the Bilderberg/NATO group and is drifting away towards this new pole of power politics which centers on China, not the US.  It is easy as pie to predict economic futures if we are aware of political realities such as how imperial politics always plays out: the US empire is dying.  And is thrashing around, attacking the poorest, weakest people on earth and failing to control or crush their spirits of defiance.

ΩΩThis is immensely important, an empire that has to use increasingly crude force to get its way with the poorest people on earth is a government losing power and legitimacy.  When the expanding US crushed the Western Indian tribes after the Civil War, this caused sympathy for the tribes to rise across the earth.  For example, Dvorak, when he was living in the US over 100 years ago, wrote one of the saddest string quartet movements of all time:

ΩΩIt is based on native American Indian songs he heard when a group of Indians were put on display, after surrendering to the US government.  It absolutely tears at the heart.  Dvorak felt emotional ties to the Indians because he felt the same way about the Czech people, his own ‘tribe’.  The flame that burns in the hearts of the defeated tribes of America hasn’t been quenched even after 100 years of defeat.  The same fire burns in Gaza, a place that is treated like the most miserable of Indian Reservations in the past.


Massacre in Czechoslovakia: Newly Discovered Film Shows Post-War Executions – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

It has long been known that German civilians fell victim to Czech excesses immediately following the Nazi surrender at the end of World War II. But a newly discovered video shows one such massacre in brutal detail. And it has come as a shock to the Czech Republic.


For decades, the images lay forgotten in an aluminum canister — almost seven minutes of original black and white film, shot with an 8 mm camera on May 10, 1945, in the Prague district of Borislavka during the confusing days of the German surrender.


The man who shot the film was Jirí Chmelnicek, a civil engineer and amateur filmmaker who lived in the Borislavka district and wanted to document the city’s liberation from the brutal Nazi occupation. Chmelnicek filmed tanks rolling through the streets, soldiers and refugees. Then, at some point, his camera also caught groups of Germans, who had been driven out of their houses and into Kladenska Street by Red Army soldiers and Czech militiamen.


Chmelnicek’s film shows how the Germans were rounded up in a nearby movie theater, also called the Borislavka. The camera then pans to the side of the street, where 40 men and at least one woman stand with their backs to the lens. A meadow can be seen in the background. Shots ring out and, one after another, each person in the line slumps and falls forward over a low embankment. The injured lying on the ground beg for mercy. Then a Red Army truck rolls up, its tires crushing dead and wounded alike. Later other Germans can be seen, forced to dig a mass grave in the meadow.


ΩΩHitler came from Bohemia and he hated the Czech people and these people were betrayed by England and France and handed quietly over to Germany who immediately began a ruthless ethnic cleansing scheme.  If anyone in Bohemia resisted this and killed even ONE Nazi, whole villages were razed to the ground and the children were removed to concentration camps.  Not to mention, non-Czech nationals were also removed.  The Nazi laws gave ‘German Aryans’ greater social and legal rights than other citizens who were reduced to being mere ‘residents’ which is exactly the classification of much of the Palestinian people today in the Holy Lands.


ΩΩThe reverberations of WWII still echo very loudly in Europe.  The Germans, who brought all of this down on their own heads, feel victimized just like anyone else who is caught in the jaws of History.  But of course, this all would have not happened if Hitler never happened and Hitler is a German, not a Czech problem.


ΩΩThe US nuclear program was nearly entirely run on Indian tribal territory which was taken up by the government.  I grew up in these places due to my father’s involvement in these programs.  I remember how the Tucson valley was surrounded by nuclear missiles which were hidden from view (but could be discovered if you looked, of course).


ΩΩ.It turns out that one of the people killed by the heavily armed Israeli Jewish commandos was an American.  Not that this is headline news in the US, of course, for he was like an American Indian: his tribal family wasn’t European, it was Turkish, therefore, he ain’t one of ‘us’.  Like with the shooting of the latest American in Israel, a Jewish American young lady who lost her eye, the US government refuses to protect or look after its own citizens whenever they cross the path of Israeli violent repression of the Native Tribes of Palestine.  The only tribe allowed to have life there is the Jewish Tribe which isn’t even a tribe but a wild conglomeration of disparate ethnic groups who have somewhat similar religious views.


ΩΩFor 200 years, with the Enlightenment, the Jewish tribes have gained civil rights bit by painful bit just as African tribes kidnapped from their homes and enslaved.  Recognizing the rights of all tribes and protecting these under the umbrella of civil government rules and authority, the separation not only of religion and state but tribe and state so one can have a tribe but everyone can have the same civil rights: this is the battle for enlightenment and it is getting pretty dark out there.


ΩΩAs the Bilderberg gang meets, they want stronger personal social ties so they can sail above this mess they created post-WWII.  For the lesson of WWII was, Germany and Japan’s attempt at enslaving and annihilating all other ‘tribes’ was dead wrong and should be condemned.  That is, displacing natives and turning them into second class citizens or people without a nation as in the case of the Palestinian natives, is evil and should never happen again.  Instead, when England was forced out of India, the last thing they did was split the country in two, dooming a million people to death as the two nations instantly launched ethnic cleansing which continues to this day.


ΩΩHere is the Board of Advisors – The Israel Project, an organization that spins the news on behalf of ethnic cleansing in the Middle East:

TIP is proud to have the following members on its Board of Advisors:

Evan Bayh Ben Cardin
Saxby Chambliss
Susan Collins
Sen. Evan Bayh,
Sen. Ben Cardin,
Sen. Susan Collins,
Judd Gregg
Joe Lieberman
Bill Nelson
Pat Roberts
Sen. Judd Gregg,
Sen. Joe Lieberman,
Sen. Bill Nelson,
Sen. Pat Roberts,
Gordon Smith Arlen Specter John Thune Ron Wyden
Sen. Gordon Smith,
Sen. Arlen Specter,
Sen. John Thune,
Sen. Ron Wyden,
Robert Andrews Shelley Berkley Eliot Engel Frank Pallone
Rep. Rob Andrews,
Rep. Shelley Berkley,
Rep. Eliot Engel,
Rep. Frank Pallone,
Brad Sherman Joe Wilson
Rep. Brad Sherman,

ΩΩThe bipartisan effort to run Israeli propaganda schemes doesn’t surprise me.  Tracking the Israel/US Congress corruption business is a great way to get yelled at by liberals as ‘anti-semitic’ but seriously, what on earth are our Congress critters doing, belonging to this foreign operation????  I bet they get paid for their services.  I remember before 9/11, the US denounced the use of assassinations of leaders.  Now, this is our main strategy in war against distant tribes.


UN Expert Calls On US To Halt CIA Targeted Killings by William Fisher — Antiwar.com

Targeted killings, including those using drones, are increasingly being applied in ways that violate international law, according to a report issued Wednesday by a United Nations expert on extrajudicial killings.


The report by special rapporteur Philip Alston will be presented to the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva on Thursday. It says that while targeted killings may be permitted in armed conflict situations when used against combatants, fighters or civilians who directly engage in combat-like activities, they are increasingly being used far from any battlefield.


ΩΩThe US is basically killing anyone who defies us.  Ditto, Israel.  And using assassination squads which are quite amoral as well as illegal as hell.  The recent spate of fury aimed at Israel for using foreign passports for Mossad assassins is still very much in the news outside of the Israel Project’s board of US Congress people.  We are just as out of control as the Israelis and this is due to both the US ruling elites and the Israeli rulers becoming the same 666 Beast.


ΩΩHere is the latest CNN attempt at explaining things to Americans but as usual in the US, it uses language that degrades the tribes the US and Israel hates:  Turkey emerges as Middle East leader – CNN.com

After punching below its weight for far too long, Ankara thought now was the time to engage in an activist policy and capitalize on its economic prowess and strategic geopolitical location. It aggressively sought a role in international institutions such as the U.N. Security Council and engaged in all kinds of diplomatic efforts from the Middle East to the Balkans and the Caucasus.


All of these efforts were aimed at pleasing the diverse tribes in Europe and the US.  Turkey is part of NATO but then, not really.  And was promised to join the EU but this was suddenly dumped and Armenia, far on the flank of Turkey, was brought into the EU while pointedly excluding Turkey.  This was the final straw.  Turkey has increasingly abandoned efforts to placate or assist these foreign tribes and is renewing its connections with fellow Sunni Muslim nations such as Egypt and all the neighbors of Israel.


Erdogan and Turkey received many kudos for the Israeli-Syrian talks. But they came to an abrupt end with Israel’s Gaza war. Erdogan felt personally betrayed by then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who was in Ankara four days before launching the Gaza offensive. From then on, Turkish foreign policy vis-à-vis Israel was dramatically transformed.


Turkey warned Israel to not attack Gaza. But the Israelis went ahead and did is since they felt they had to make this an accomplished fact before Obama, a man they distrust and hate, entered the White House.  To their greatest relief, Obama chose the far right wing neo-Nazi, Biden, as his running mate and then gave power of the White House staff to a Mossad agent.  Still, he could blow their schemes out of the water with one stray appearance.


We first saw this at the January 2009 Davos meetings in Switzerland when Erdogan publicly confronted Israel’s President Shimon Peres and then walked off the stage. Positive reactions to his behavior in Turkey and in the Middle East provided Erdogan with the contours of Ankara’s new foreign policy.


Here, CNN becomes totally dishonest. The ‘debate’ was run by an Israeli American agent! He gave the blow hard from Israel free rein to talk and talk and talk and then gave Erdogan 5 minutes and was very rude to him. The Turk objected to this unfairness and was told to shut up so he stormed out. Never to return. No more Bilderberg meetings, either!


From then on, in almost every foreign policy speech, Erdogan would disparage Israel’s policy in Gaza, calling the Gaza Strip an open prison. He then began to challenge Israel’s nuclear arms while defending Iran against the West.


He kept Israel’s secrets just like the US and EU demanded. And got no reward for this. So now he is speaking the truth.


In a deliberate obfuscation of the issues, he argued that instead of criticizing Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, it was Israel’s not-so-secret nuclear arsenal that ought to be the object of censure.


Here is CNN’s blatant propaganda!  This didn’t ‘obfuscate’ the issue!  It CLARIFIED it!  The US and EU were lying bastards.  He told the truth!  And what were the US and EU yapping?  Why, the Middle East should have NO nukes!!!!  Last time I looked, Israel is part of the ‘Middle East’.  So Erdogan was 100% correct in bringing up the urgent issue of Israel’s massive nuclear arsenal.


This, of course, is a distortion of the truth as Iran was accused of violating the Non-Proliferation Treaty, of which it is a signatory while Israel is not. His singling out of Israel was purposeful but unfair; he never criticized Turkish ally Pakistan — or India for that matter– for having tested and deployed nuclear arms.


ΩΩThe last paragraph I quote here is quite telling: the Jews who write for CNN want us to know it is perfectly legal for the Jews to have a SECRET nuclear arsenal because they, LIKE India and Pakistan, refused to sign the non-proliferation treaty!  Well!  HAHAHA.  Great excuse.  But the US has come clean about its own hideous nuclear arsenal but the Jews continue to lie about their own arsenal.  No one is allowed to know anything about it, not even that it exists!


ΩΩTurkey has hosted nuclear missiles in the past.  That is, the US tried to set up nuclear missile attack bases in Turkey and this led to the Cuban Missile Crisis when the Soviets retaliated by trying to put up missiles in Cuba.  This forced the US to back down in Turkey.  Turkey, of course, like any SANE nation, now desires its own nuclear arsenal.  This seems the only tool useful to keep the US and Israel from attacking.  The mess of the illegal Iraq invasion continues to unwind: no one trusts the US and no one ever dares to disarm and of course, the Palestinians will arm themselves as swiftly as possible once they are able, they must.


.This is due to the collapse of the US Pax Romana.  That is, we failed miserably to protect everyone in the world from aggression.  That is, we take sides, often in very ugly ways.  And we allow the massacre of natives in Central America, the Amazon, Southeast Asia, Africa or the Middle East not to mention, encouraging it in China or Russia.  The US policy of breaking apart nations and turning these into tiny tribal enclaves a la Yugoslavia, is destroying our imperial powers.  Tribes hate each other and have very nasty fights over every inch of land.  And are non-compatible.  Instead of spreading the seeds of Enlightenment and the concept of national citizenship rights, we are spreading naked tribalism.


Secretive Bilderberg Club ready for protests – Times Online

That is the thing about the Bilderberg group’s top secret meetings: you never know quite what is going on behind the police checkpoints…Plenty to talk about at the Dolce, then. The Bilderberg protesters, sure that they can smell a good oldfashioned capitalist conspiracy, will be holding fringe meetings in the town. The hunt will be on to find a chambermaid ready to ransack hotel litter bins for evidence that evil work is afoot. It has been easier to get nuggets of information out of Bilderberg since hotel staff started to read Dan Brown and talk about the illuminati. .

Could it be, though, that the Bilderbergers are simply having fun, away from their spouses, on their annual jamboree? The secret of Bilderberg could be that there is no secret. Certainly, the hotel offers plenty of distractions for stressed CEOs: qi-gong courses, excellent fish, fine wines and bicycle tours.


ΩΩNo, they are not having ‘fun’ at all.  They are scared to death.  And the Jewish members of this elite community are furious and freaked out, their ham fisted attempts at  destroying peaceful protestors has blown up in their faces and they need to conspire with fellow elites as to how to bring Europe and the US back into the Zionist stable and lock them down.


ΩΩI would suggest that the chat in Spain will be whispers about how to finish off the pesky people of Gaza.  I might suggest they use trains to move them to Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, the concentration camp is still there!  And then eliminate these pesky natives.  Or they could nuke Gaza!  That’s a great plan for international criminals!  Then, the US Congressmen of the Israeli Project can cook up some excuses justifying this.


ΩΩMeanwhile, in the real world, the US is under siege and eventually will be locked out of important markets: The Hindu : News / International : China tightens control on rare earth elements

Rare earths are a select group of 17 elements that are crucial to many of the world’s most advanced technologies. They also happen to be found widely in China, which is estimated to account for more than 95 per cent of their global supply.


The Chinese government is now considering tightening its control over the production and export of the valuable minerals, by restricting private companies’ access to their mines and their license to trade.


China’s State Council, or Cabinet, is examining a proposal that calls for limiting the production of rare earths to a select group of State-run enterprises, a move that would give the government almost complete control over both the destinations of export and a much greater say in regulating supply and prices.


ΩΩThe backbone of the modern US military machine relies on these rare earth metals.  And China knows this.  Either we let China continue embracing and controlling our own system or we fight them off but this means we lose a lot of things we desire. As in all wars, there are costs.  The US reliance on our massive nuclear arsenal, hidden in Israel or out in the open in the US, will come crashing to earth if China squeezes our nuts.


ΩΩYears ago, I explained that a big nuclear power cannot intimidate a fellow nuclear power which has equal or greater landmass and population.  Israel can intimidate NON-nuclear neighbors but not nuclear neighbors.  Pakistan is worried about its own tribes so it is letting the US kill off the Taliban, thus directing tribal rage towards the US troops in Afghanistan.  But Pakistan has nukes and eventually will join Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey—AND IRAN— in a nuclear alliance against Israeli intimidation of non-nuclear neighbors.


ΩΩSo there will be the US/EU/Israel power pole versus the Muslim nuclear power pole and the lynchpin nation will be nuclear China which is very interested in drawing its neighbors into a new nuclear alliance.  The crude trade-off for keeping the US base (which hosted secret nuclear bombs in the past!) has irritated the Japanese so greatly, they forced their Prime Minister to resign in disgrace.


BP May Sell Prudhoe Bay Stake as Spill Costs Mount (Update1) – Bloomberg.com

BP Plc may have to sell some of its most-valued assets, including a stake in the biggest U.S. oil field, to pay cleanup costs, fines and legal damages from the largest offshore spill in U.S. history. .

The 26 percent stake in Prudhoe Bay on Alaska’s North Slope and other BP assets could attract suitors such as China National Petroleum Corp., Occidental Petroleum Corp. and Hess Corp., said Douglas Ober, chief executive officer at Petroleum & Resources Corp. in Baltimore, the oldest U.S. oil fund.


ΩΩHAHAHA….and so it goes: eventually will will have to sell everything to our trade partners, this is the secret way we pay for our trade deficits.  And NOTHING has been done to fix this.  The jaw boning in the media has been totally ineffective.  Small, selective tariffs have been less than inspiring.  The numbers are again, growing worse, heading back towards record deficits again.


ΩΩBP cuts leaking oil pipe; protests set to start – CNN.com : first step in trying to really fix this disaster!  Over a month late, of course.  Each attempt at repairs are more expensive than the previous repairs.  No more rubber bands and bubble gum fixes, this is going to be hellishly expensive if even possible.  We don’t know!  And this is of far greater importance than the stupid Bilderberg meetings, eh, guys?  Get home, dudes.  HAHAHA.  The banking collapse caused by these conspirators was easy to fix: raid national bank accounts and dump losses onto the citizens!


ΩΩBut this has no such blindingly easy heist sort of fix.  This is raw reality: BP has to stop this flow and if they fail, we all pretty much die.  And this is so like the nuclear bomb mess: once this genie pops out of its bottle and it will, we are all doomed.  The hazards are so severe, the UN, not the G20 nor the Bilderbergs, should be meeting and this meeting should focus on Israel’s hidden arsenal ASAP.


FSA Hands J.P. Morgan Record Fine – WSJ.com

The U.K.’s Financial Services Authority said Thursday it has fined J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. £33.32 million ($48.8 million) for failing to separate client money from the firm’s money, in the largest fine in the FSA’s history. The market regulator also warned firms that it has more cases in the pipeline, urging them to ensure their internal controls over client money separation are in place.


ΩΩI think we should force all t he major holders of those credit default swaps to pay our governments the $3+ trillion used to fix the mess they created.  But it seems the major business media owners want to keep this wretched and broken system going!  Here is a charming example:


Financial Reform: Transparency Is The Enemy « Business in The Beltway – Forbes.com

Watching laws being made has become more distasteful than ever, especially banking laws, in an environment where lawmakers compete to outdo each other in the popular sport of bank bashing. Reasonable, thoughtful financial reform legislation is probably needed, but being reasonable and thoughtful leaves politicians open to being labeled as soft on banks. Soft on banks and soft on Wall Street are two different things, but such distinctions are risky in the current competition to win the populist of the year award.


Under normal circumstances, shining light on the legislative process is probably a good thing—if not overdone. In the current poisoned environment, however, the TV cameras only add to the dysfunction. Our only hope of having the few adults in Congress exert a moderating influence in the reconcilement process is to turn the cameras off and have the meeting in a dark smoke-filled room.


ΩΩForbes goes to the Bilderberg meetings and I suppose he will be flacking this idea that these charming crooks should be allowed to continue operating in total secrecy so they can cook the books without interference.  Arrest them all.  Hell, embargo the Bilderberg hotel in Spain and don’t let in any goods until they surrender to us.  Any delivery men will be killed if they try to sneak in any illicit fine French wines.


Service Industries in U.S. Expand for Fifth Month (Update2) – Bloomberg.com

The Institute for Supply Management’s index of non- manufacturing businesses, which makes up almost 90 percent of the economy, held at 55.4 for a third month. Readings above 50 signal expansion. The group’s employment gauge climbed to the highest level since the recession began in December 2007.


Companies increased staffs by almost half a million workers through April, leading to gains in incomes and spending that will help sustain the economic rebound after government support wanes. Target Corp. and Dow Chemical Co. are among those seeing a pickup in sales that indicates confidence is growing even as the European debt crisis roils financial markets.


“Services remain in rebound,” Maxwell Clarke, chief U.S. economist at IDEAglobal Inc. in New York, said before the report. “Now that you’ve got the ball rolling for services, it’s going to take a lot more than a hiccup of concerns to derail it.”


ΩΩAnd that is all we have left!  ‘Services’ are a net loser in international trade!  Ask the Japanese!  They cut that field like crazy to make the exporters richer.


Supermarkets shun seasonal British food – News, Food & Drink – The Independent

Supermarkets are shunning seasonal British food in favour of fruit and vegetables air-freighted from thousands of miles away, according to research for the Independent….


…Asda had the most foreign items, five, including aspargus from Peru, strawberries from Spain and cauliflower from France. Marks & Spencer had the fewest – two, broad beans from Guatemala and broccoli from Spain.


ΩΩYet another illustration of the collapse of sanity in national politics!  The UK runs big, nasty trade deficits.  They can grow a lot of their own food but won’t.  So more and more is imported.  The UK can’t afford to do this but does this because of free trade.  Eventually, the populace will figure things out.

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18 responses to “Turkey Moves Decisively Out Of US/EU Control

  1. if

    Koreas may go to war at ‘any moment’
    Thu, 03 Jun 2010 17:43:51 GMT

    Some 46 South Korean sailors were killed in the incident.
    Pyongyang has warned of an imminent war in the Korean Peninsula amid rising tensions over the sinking of a South Korean warship back in March.
    “The present situation of the Korean Peninsula is so grave that a war may break out any moment,” Ri Jang Gon, North Korea’s deputy ambassador to Geneva, said in a speech on Thursday.
    He once again denied Pyongyang’s involvement in the sinking of the ship.
    Pyongyang accuses Seoul of trying to use the issue to ignite a campaign against its northern neighbor.
    South Korea has been pushing the UN Security Council to hold the North responsible for the shipwreck.
    Seoul accuses Pyongyang of having attacked the vessel with a torpedo. But the North denies any involvement in the incident.
    North Korea has also threatened the South with war in case of new sanctions against Pyongyang.

  2. if

    Russia plans big naval exercise off North Korea – May 27, 2010 – A flotilla of warships will set off for the Sea of Japan from Vladivostok, the home port of Russia’s Pacific fleet, its spokesman Roman Martov said. Vladivostok is in the Primorsky Krai, the only Russian region that borders North Korea.
    For the first time, other fleets of Russia’s navy will also join in the war games.
    The Black Sea fleet’s flagship Moskva missile cruiser, dubbed “the aircraft carrier killer” in the Russian media, will take part alongside the heavy nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great, flagship of the Northern fleet.

  3. if

    That Sinking Feeling: M3 Falling at 1930s Pace
    M3 This should not be happening: the US money supply is falling hard. We have stimulated, liquidified, pumped, swapped, backed, TARPed and done about everything years of academic analysis of the Great Depression told us to do. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (AEP) of the UK Telegraph penned US Money Supply Plunges at 1930s Pace that headlines:
    The M3 money supply in the United States is contracting at an accelerating rate that now matches the average decline seen from 1929 to 1933, despite near zero interest rates and the biggest fiscal blitz in history
    This plunge has no precedent since the Great Depression. The fall seems due to debt deleveraging, which is accelerating, without any corresponding new commercial debt issuance. Credit remains frozen. In a fiat currency economy, debt creates money, and write-down of debt reduces the money supply.
    USnetdebt in a growing panic, the Obama administration is now thinking of throwing more stimulus onto the fire of debt deleveraging. This risks repeating the mistake of Japan, pushing public debt even faster to dangerous levels. The IMF is already quite concerned over US fiscal policy

  4. JT


    I´d worry much more about the M3 or the middle east than North Korea.
    Kim fears his own generals. I doubt they would attack even if ordered. Kim and his generals have everything to lose. Why would they attack?

    Here some sad string music from my neck of the woods. With an appropiate band name 😉 .

    Apocalyptica (Ft. HIM & THE RASMUS)

  5. kim park

    cant pay for big ww3
    Traynham says buy real stuff
    now, Faber sees hyperinflation.
    Chap –
    .man sees mostly DEflationary depression.
    ‘Electric power use is down 2 yrs, first
    time since c’49”. UK economists tell
    Greeks to leave euro monetary union,
    default. . .

  6. emsnews

    Yes, the ‘money supply’ is mainly people paying off loans/getting more debts. And yes, this is falling….IT MUST FALL. This is how Libra deals with ridiculous credit bubbles. It has to be rebalanced. Trying to force it won’t work.

    This is why detecting and preventing credit bubbles is the #1 chore of the central bankers and one they have screwed up greatly. This is because everyone loves a credit bubble. They are immensely popular.

  7. Aussie

    @ Elaine

    Re: This is immensely important, an empire that has to use increasingly crude force to get its way with the poorest people on earth is a government losing power and legitimacy….
    …The crude trade-off for keeping the US base (which hosted secret nuclear bombs in the past!) has irritated the Japanese so greatly, they forced their Prime Minister to resign in disgrace….

    The US has a history of false flag operations and propaganda and its behaviour is no different than Israel or North Korea or Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.
    Hence, I remain uncertain of the veracity of US/South Korean claims the Cheonan was torpedoed by North Korea.
    These links may be of interest:

    Any comments?

    Several decades ago I would accept at face value what ever the media and US government said.
    Now I question everthing….this is a reflection of US legitimacy and trustworthiness – how sad.

  8. Gus

    “We didn’t start this provocation, we did not send bullies with knives and metal rods to Turkey,” he said. “In this case, the entire blame, all of it, from beginning to end, is that of Turkey.


    “Israel made one of the greatest mistakes in its history. It will see in time what a huge mistake it made,” he said.

    If it’s August, it must be WWIII

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  10. nah

    protect everyone in the world from aggression. That is, we take sides
    which is good man needs to forge the future it is our destiny, could be the middle of horseshit is a splendid place to ‘sort it all out’
    I think turkeys cool… its the future now, and tell you what for all the things turkey ‘gets us doin’ we got a relationship thats fine.
    June 3, 2010 at 8:01 pm
    Apocalyptica (Ft. HIM & THE RASMUS)

  11. nah

    always want to buy more metal… keep em commin’
    super chick bands too man i needs me way more
    As I Slither by Canadian death metal band Kataklysm from their album “Serenity In Fire”.

    super chick bands too man i needs me way more

  12. nah


  13. eso

    They [the Bilderberg group] are scared to death.
    That sentence caught my eye. It seems to be a subjective judgement, but one that is perhaps based on some personal contacts or hearsay information?

    If the latter, then we should hear more about the options for the group. What is the muzz muzz about that?

    Iran war coming up? I cannot imagine that it can end in victory even if victory came our way, because the populace of the defeated will remain extremely hostile to the West (Bilderberg group).

    Me thinks, Elaine, you attack Hitler too much. He did not originate the holocaust. IMO it began with the crusades in the 13th century with the European secular princes and their popish brothers taking the spiritual reigns from the natives. Yes, Hitler put a brutal finishing touch on the Inquisition burnings, which were among the first “disappearings” or evaporations of people. Still, the world’s disgust with Hitler and Stalin has not put an end to the tactic as Quantanamo and the secret prisons in Eastern Europe have shown.

    I suspect that the Bilderberg group is up shit creek. I found some comments (I’ve lost the source) on the so-called Foxconn suicides very interesting. One writer spoke of suicide clusters being a global phenomenon (on occasion). Might such occasions not become more frequent as the natives are increasingly pushed against the wall? It might sound like a strange form of resistance, but when it happens it is a real and telling one.

    These suicide clusters are like the American Indian desparate imaginations working overtime when they imagined that when they were in a transe the bullets of the U.S. cavalry would be harmless.

    Given that the Cavalry charge is led by a headless general (?the Bilderbergs), might not the natives tactics for once be successful?

  14. Dibbles

    Fears of new flashpoint as defiant Israel prepares for showdown with two more Gaza aid ships


    “Israel remained defiant about the raid, with the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. comparing it to America’s fight against Nazi Germany.”…

    “‘The U.S. acted under similar international law when it fought the Germans and the Japanese in World War Two.”

    My God, is there no authority with common sense left in Israel? They are so suicidally paranoid and violent that they cannot distinguish between empires’ war-waging military of millions, and a flotilla of six boats full of humanitarian activists.

    How are they different now from suicide bombers? I guess their bombs are bigger and they’ll take us all down with them.


    ELAINE: The Nazis always exaggerated threats so they could have an excuse for attacking someone. They did this to the Soviets, too. In the long run, that led to the destruction of Nazi Germany.

  15. emsnews

    Suicides always ‘cluster’: one person does it and several always follow suit. This is a well-known human reaction. In Japan, the entire culture is suicidal.

    Don’t get drawn into the belief that these stupid elites are gods who pull all strings and cause all events. That is just plain silly. They are mere humans and have a limited reach.

  16. Paul S

    Steve Forbes is a sleazeball. He goes around promoting a “flat tax” to fix the tax system. Forbes knows full well that a flat tax would be a HUGE tax break for the wealthy because a flat tax is regressive. Of course, Forbes disguises his tax ploy under the guise of tax “fairness”. And it’s the wealthy who scream the loudest about “class warfare” in politics.

  17. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Minor historical note; you wrote:

    “Turkey has hosted nuclear missiles in the past. That is, the US tried to set up nuclear missile attack bases in Turkey and this led to the Cuban Missile Crisis when the Soviets retaliated by trying to put up missiles in Cuba. This forced the US to back down in Turkey. ”

    JFK – “Just to set the record straight, will you [Ken O’Donnell] find out when was the last time I asked those damn missiles be taken out of Turkey? Not the first five f%$#ing times, just the latest!”

    KO – “I checked and sure enough, the president had ordered the removal of the Jupiter missiles in August two months before the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

    The Jupiter Missiles had been placed in Turkey by Eisenhower at the request of NATO in 1955. By 1962 they were obsolete and certainly no reason for the Russians to place intermediate range nuclear missiles in Cuba.

    Krushcev’s famous second letter to JFK demanding their removal was ignored by him because he was concerned that it would appear to DeGaulle that the US would broker the security of Europe with the Russians.


  18. Thanks, good job.

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