All Men Are Created Equal

ΩΩAs various economies collapse, we see a surge in ethnic and religious violence.  Money papers over sectarian battles but if there is no social embrace of the concept of true ‘liberalism’ of the sort which motivated many people in the Age of Reason (the eighteenth century) the dark specter of hatred rises like a Phoenix in the night of economic hell.  We are not seeing a total global collapse due to two forces at work, both fueled by the major new source of world wealth, China.  That is, oil is still quite high in price so the oil countries are growing stronger, not weaker.  But all others are weakening rapidly.


ΩΩRacial, religious and ethnic serenity isn’t a warm, fuzzy matter of having the right feelings.  It is a philosophical concept birthed rather violently in the New World, born of thinking individuals who renounced ethnic and religious identity and decided it was bad for any sense of ‘unity’ to encourage, allow or flatter the concept of various ethnic or religious superiorities or beliefs.  That is, the declaration that ‘All men are created EQUAL’ was the startling cornerstone of the American Revolution, a new thing never tried before on this planet.


ΩΩAnd was instantly a total FAILURE due to slave owners!  Of our first Presidents, two were slave owners.  Neither men wished to fight their neighbors and thus, confront the obvious problem of racism and slavery which were one and the same in the US.  Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were urged very strongly by non-slave owning revolutionaries to free their own slaves.  But both men refused to do this…for economic reasons.  Always, the restraining force against giving anyone the ‘All men are create EQUAL’ rights hits an economic wall of some sort or another all over the earth.


ΩΩThis is because people don’t want equal rights!  They want special benefits and privileges.  It is so much nicer, hogging economic and social benefits and not sharing this with others.  The problem liberals and the far left encounters during times of economic difficulties is this very problem: the concept of sharing collapses when things shrink instead of growing.  Even if the economic shrinkage is caused by rightwing policies, the inability of the left to figure out how to balance the very, very vital concept of ‘sovereignty’ and ‘citizenship’ versus the innate emotional urge to embrace the ‘world’: the right triumphs during economic contractions caused by rightwing policies in the first place!


ΩΩWe are now witnessing the rise of several strong social and economic forces in the world which have very big roots in the evolving philosophical system set into motion 200 years ago with the triumph of the American revolutionaries and their soaring vision of a secular state.  That is, the US is once again, losing its position as a guiding star for anyone seeking ‘All men are created EQUAL’ and instead, is becoming the reviled example of the worst sort of racism and exclusionary religious discrimination and even murder.  And this is due entirely to Israel and the heavy Jewish support of extreme ethnic cleansing there.


ΩΩJust as the slave owners killed the concept of ‘All men are created EQUAL’ strangling it in the cradle right on the heels of slaveowner Jefferson penning these wonderful words and then refusing to put them into action within his own household, AIPAC is busy killing the last remnants of the concept of the Civil Rights Act which expanded our revolutionary concept of equality.  Now, we see, ever since our endless wars against all Muslims, our most precious civil rights vanish one by one.  With the blame being thrust upon alien Muslims, not where it belongs: here at home, as we are turned into a terror state imposing draconian ethnic and religious cleansing on the world.


ΩΩIn stark contrast, China has been liberalizing rapidly and is increasingly setting an example for how people should live within the confines of a ‘nation’.  The entire concept of a ‘nation’ is REVOLUTIONARY.  That is, before the US revolution, people lived under ‘sovereigns’ who often could be total foreigners who marry each other and take over vast empires via sex.  For example, the Spanish empire was ruled by Austrian Germans when the US revolution happened.  Frankly, so was the British Empire, the King barely spoke English when the revolution was going on.  The soldiers brought into the colonies to suppress the revolt were more often German than English!


ΩΩThe idea that whole hunks of the planet and all the humans there are literally owned by a very small cluster of families is the antithesis of the liberal revolutionary concept of ‘All men are created EQUAL.’  Instead, rulers were superior and whoever they chose to do their bidding were also superior and all humans live on this ladder that one is born into and cannot climb.


ΩΩNow, China represents this freedom more and more as the Chinese people wrest power from the elites, bit by bit.  The suppression of race/religious riots in Tibet and elsewhere was a triumph of liberalism, not reactionary actions.  For the Tibetans and other minorities in China have seen vast improvements in their conditions compared to their previous lives under despotic rule of either religious fanatics or kings.


ΩΩAnti-liberal leftists in the US who romanticize the Tibetans, for example, cannot see the immense benefits of increasingly liberal Chinese power in Tibet.  The place was this terrible medieval nightmare before the Chinese communists took over.  We see in Afghanistan, the social hell that engulfed the country after the defeat of the communists there.  All the southern tier of the Soviet Union slid down the same hellish chute after the collapse of sovereign power in the Kremlin.  The despotism of state rule under Russian revolutionaries was replaced by hideous spasms of ethnic cleansing pushed by the masses who reacted with hatred for neighbors during the economic collapse of communism.


ΩΩThis happened to Yugoslavia, too.  And will happen to the US if we go bankrupt.  That is, the flower of liberalism grows only on good economic soil.  And when liberals became paralyzed and very, very, very divided in the US thanks to the issue of Israel, we see liberalism dying rapidly here despite the Democrats taking control of the government.  For we see clearly, the Democrats are NOT liberal at all: they are Nazis.  And seeing them Sieg Heiling any Israeli crimes is beyond disgusting: it is setting the stage for a far rightwing takeover of our own nation and the ethnic cleansing of all Jews who will be shipped off to Israel to die.


ΩΩThat is, our own nation is about to lose the concept of equality less than half a century after the Civil Rights Act and the blame for this lies not on the right but on the left: siding with illegal aliens seals the fate of the left as it loses even the concept of ‘citizenship’ and makes mush of the entire business created by our Founding Fathers who, using philosophical arguments and a close reading of history, strove to create a ‘nation’ rather than an ’empire.’  That is, the Democrats want empire, not  a nation and are willing to bankrupt our own homelands in order to keep the empire going.  And the rightwing agrees on this, too.  Only they are open about it whereas the left would like to think they are freeing people, not encouraging violent ethnic cleansing.


ΩΩNow. as usual, I include a lot of news to back up my contentions.  Here it goes: the UN is demanding everyone stop racism and ethnic cleansing but the most powerful member of the UN won’t listen.  That is, the US endorses, embraces and encourages racism and ethnic cleansing which makes the UN liberals look like idiots as they go around, yapping at everyone about stopping ethnic and race tensions;


UN body says Germany not doing enough against discrimination, racism | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 16.06.2010

The report, compiled by UN Special Rapporteur Githu Muigai, praises Germany for signing international conventions against intolerance and for having anti-discrimination laws. But he said these legal standards are not always being implemented at the ground level.


Petra Follmar-Otto, a researcher at the German Institute for Human Rights, said that one problem is that most Germans, and German law, tend to recognize only a narrow definition of racism.


ΩΩCertainly, Germany has many racists.  I used to live there.  The family I lived with was closely related to the head of the neo-Nazis during the sixties, Adolf von Tadden.  I got to infiltrate his secret meetings due to knowing about them.  One day, two students and I pulled a stunt on them: I pretended to be a Jewish woman from the 1930’s and my friends dressed as Nazis and we ran through the Bierstube, yelling.  Suddenly, we were being chased by a room full of drunk Nazis down the streets of Stuttgart.  I vaulted over a wall to escape them.


ΩΩGermany has racists. All countries have racists.  All countries have religious bigots.  Religion is the favorite hobby horse for riding ethnic cleansing and denying equality to others.  It is firmly embedded in the darkest and ugliest parts of the human mind.  All religions are, by definition and due to where they spring, very reactionary and very unliberal.  This is where self-centered certainty lies and can’t be moved even one inch.  Race is how people visually divide each other but religion is where the rubber hits the road: this is where the tools of oppression are easiest to pick up and use.


ΩΩWe say in Rwanda how two black ethnic groups which outsiders could barely tell apart, suddenly had an extreme ethnic cleansing episode.  We see in Iraq, how people outsiders can barely tell apart, visually, going after each other over very small religious differences.  And the guiding star to all of this, for our Founding Fathers, were the Catholic/Protestant religious wars of Europe.  Where a Prince would choose one religion or the other and then go to war, very violently.


UN says around 400,000 people displaced by violence in Kyrgyzstan

That number includes an estimated 100,000 refugees who have fled to neighboring Uzbekistan following violence pitting ethnic Uzbeks against ethnic Kyrgyz in southern Kyrgyzstan since June 10, the agency said in a statement.


Besides, there are around 300,000 internal displaced people who are either living with host families or still seeking shelter, it said.


The border between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan remains open, and some 9,000 refugees arrived in Uzbekistan on Wednesday alone, it added.


ΩΩBetween Russia and China lies this belt of total misery.  Even if there is great mineral wealth, the misery simply worsens and who is planted right smack in the middle?  The US!  We are encouraging these things!  We endorse ethnic cleansing.  Verbally, we mouth meaningless phrases condemning it but the old saying, it is what you do, not what you say, that is in play here: the US is the chief ethnic cleansing philosophical force in the entire world.  That is, an army of US commentators, news reporters, politicians and preachers all endorse the most brutal forms of religious and ethnic warfare and indeed, talk about destroying the entire planet in the name of religious warfare!


ΩΩThat is, the End of Times, the Apocalypse.  This Dark Horse flies over us every day, kicking lightning bolts from its iron shot hooves as it flashes overhead.  the Chinese are rational optimists.  The Americans are insane pessimists who think we can win only if most people on earth are killed by religious warfare centered on Jerusalem.


ΩΩSee how suddenly the specter of ethnic cleansing can arise!  It can happen in ONE DAY.  Years ago, I was living in the slums of NYC.  One day, during a thunderstorm, the power went off for nearly the entire city.  I was sitting on my third story porch, watching a violent thunderstorm over the distant Bronx when lightning destroyed the transmission source of a major Con Ed power plant.  Within just an hour, I was in the middle of the total disintegration of authority and the beginning of a potential race riot.  My entire neighborhood except for a small sliver (my part) was burned to the ground!  Without the slightest warning.  There were no tensions, no anger at all that summer.  Then, boom!  All gone in an hour, flipped into the opposite.


ΩΩHere is an Al Jazeera video about Turkey. Our own media is totally dishonest about Turkey which is a secular Muslim state and thus, supposedly, a shining example to all the others.  Instead, we now are supposed to hate Turkey because they tried to stop the Jews from starving the Palestinians to death.

US Congressmen express ire toward Turkey

“Turkey is responsible for the nine deaths aboard that ship. It is not Israel that’s responsible,” declared Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-Nevada), who pointed to Turkish funding and support for the expedition.


“If Israel is at fault in any way, it’s by falling into the trap that was set for them by Turkey.”


She continued: “The Turks have extraordinary nerve to lecture the State of Israel when they are occupiers of the island of Cyprus, where they systematically discriminate against the ecumenical patriarch, and they refuse to recognize the Armenian genocide.”


Her comments – which were accompanied by an announcement that Turkish representatives were no longer welcome in her office – touched on sensitive issues with Turkey that the US has often shied away from pressing Ankara on aggressively.


Her words raised the prospect that the US Congress at least would be more assertive about its displeasure with Turkey.


Speaking at the same press conference, Rep. Mike Pence (R-Indiana) said he recently warned the Turkish ambassador that “With regard to Congress of the United States, there will be a cost if Turkey stays on its current path of growing closed to Iran and more antagonistic to the State of Israel.”


Among other issues, he said, he was now likely to switch his vote to support a resolution recognizing the mass killing of Armenians during the Ottoman empire as a genocide, a move he had voted against in the past because he thought relations with Turkey were more important.


Turkey has vehemently opposed the resolution, briefly recalling its ambassador to the US when the measure passed a House committee earlier this year.


ΩΩThis news is very disgusting.  The US will use the ‘you are ethnic cleansers’ tool against the Turks.  This would be as if the US were to attack the Germans over the issue of Hitler if the Germans were to demand a stop to Jewish ethnic and religious cleansing crimes!  Indeed, this is exactly the tool we use to force Germany to assent to Jewish crimes.  Russia and China, both much more liberal than the US in this regard (both are anti-ethnic cleansing) are very happy to see the US drive Turkey out of NATO.  For this is the end result.  The US is willing to destroy Europe’s control of most of the Mediterranean Sea, just to back Israel’s ethnic cleansing.


ΩΩOur greater strategies to control the planet are going up in flames because we reflexively side with human rights violators!  What a stupid choice on EVERY level!  Our wars with Muslims are draining the Treasury and destroying our economy while the social and philosophical destruction this is causing is ignored by the ‘liberals’ in the Democratic party.  Of course, the neo-Nazis on the right in the US support all of this!  But tragically, so do even the top liberals excepting a tiny, tiny handful such as Kucinich.


ΩΩThe sight of our ‘liberals’ who wail about how mean Arizona is to Hispanics switch magically into full blown Naziism whenever Jews abuse the natives of Palestine or commit war crimes.  If more than half of our nation supports ethnic cleansing in Israel, then it is easy to predict that more than half will support ethnic cleansing here at home.  The liberals won’t be able to switch off their Naziism when accused, accurately, of both hypocrisy as well as treason.  Supporting aliens here at home while attacking natives of Palestine, siding with the aliens invading there, is unsustainable.


ΩΩThere are very brave Jews who are aware of this and are very agitated about this!  And they are going to try to have an organizational  meeting this summer in Detroit.  A good choice: this is a place ravaged by ‘liberal’ trade policies that destroyed our auto unions and killed our native industries.


The 2010 U.S. Assembly of Jews Confronting Racism and Israeli Apartheid





JUNE 19-22, 2010: DETROIT

The 2010 US Social Forum comes at a time when there is great urgency to build on recent successes of the Palestine solidarity movement, as United States corporations and the government continue to commit grave injustices in Palestine– not to mention in our own communities. Organized anti-Zionist Jews in the United States can play a critical role in movements with anti-racism and anti-imperialism at the center, andbuilding stronger international solidarity.


ΩΩUnfortunately, I found out yesterday of this meeting and can’t attend it on short notice.  I look forwards to news about it and hope they embrace the ‘All men are created EQUAL’ with hope and love.

Thousands of haredim protest in Jerusalem | JTA – Jewish & Israel News

Tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews gathered in Jerusalem to protest a Supreme Court order to integrate Ashkenazi and Sephardi girls in a West Bank school, after which dozens of haredi parents entered prison.


Thousands more rallied Thursday in Bnei Brak, near Tel Aviv, which is comprised mostly of haredim.


The rally in Jerusalem escorted to jail some of the 43 sets of haredi Ashkenazi parents from Emanuel who did not inform the court in writing by Wednesday that they would abide by the desegregation order. The parents began entering a prison in Jerusalem late Thursday afternoon to serve two-week sentences. Four fathers and 22 mothers did not show up at the jail by Thursday night; As police worked to locate them, the court decided to delay the imprisonment of the women and meet Friday to respond to an appeal by the women’s attorneys.

ΩΩThanks to the internet, this news leaked out of the tiny confines of Jewish news in Israel.  The Israelis have lots and lots of news and discussions whereas our Jewish-owned or Jewish edited news system pulls the plug of any and all news that reflects badly on Israel.  Israel is a hotbed of racism and ethnic hysteria.  It is a Rwanda in spades with Jews hating Jews as well as racism leading to discrimination, that is, Jews who look like Palestinians are abused.  And of course, the specter of religious nuclear war is centered there.

Russia grudgingly supported the trimmed down UN Security Council sanctions under the assumption they would be it, but in the next week both the US and EU have announced massive new unilateral moves. Russia warns that the moves are doing harm to the UN Security Council measures and could damage future diplomacy.

ΩΩBoth Russia and China joined the US for economic trade reasons, only to be betrayed.  The US demands even more ‘sanctions’ against Iran while at the same time continues to attack both Russia and China militarily (placing missiles around them) and economically (attacking their currency policies or energy deals).
ΩΩI was stunned when I saw this al Jazeera report about how the US and UN still are keeping poor Iraq under sanctions that prevent simple health or trade business from going on!

ΩΩSo, Turkey becomes the Beacon of Hope, the uniter of Muslim factions!  Of course, Turkey, like Russia and China, has to suppress ethnic warfare by the Kurds.  This isn’t racism or even religious warfare: the Kurds want to turn both Turkey and Iraq into Yugoslavias.  That is, ripping apart countries to have ethnic enclaves that hate neighbors.  The world could be a violent patchwork of these entities.  Or it could have nations that all give equality to all their citizens.  The shining ideal of the US revolution is still there!  But has been decisively rejected by the US leadership, media and military.  That is, half of these entities.


ΩΩThe other half, the ‘liberal’ half, has gone totally schizophrenic and is now dying.  I see no hope unless the left rejects the CONCEPT of ‘Israel’ entirely.  That is, the whole idea of that place is based on anti-American principles.  It states openly that religious and ethnic identity is the ONLY reason for the state to exist and all things that go against this goal are to be destroyed.  This is the exact opposite of what the US is supposed to be.  Even if our nation, again, is very schizophrenic, being founded on conquering and killing the natives and then moving them into Gazan ghettos.  Something we still can’t fix, psychologically or morally.  This blight still is on our fruits and is a poison to our political system.

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32 responses to “All Men Are Created Equal

  1. wb


    When the animals take over the farm, they think it is the start of a better life. Their dream is of a world where all animals are equal and all property is shared. But soon the pigs take control and one of them, Napoleon, becomes the leader of all the animals. One by one the principles of the revolution are abandoned, until the animals have even less freedom than before.

    EMS: “..born of thinking individuals who renounced ethnic and religious identity and decided it was bad for any sense of ‘unity’ to encourage, allow or flatter the concept of various ethnic or religious superiorities or beliefs. That is, the declaration that ‘All men are created EQUAL’ was the startling cornerstone of the American Revolution, a new thing never tried before on this planet.”

    The result now is an atomized, individualistic soceity, where nobody co-operates with anybody else, individuals are alone and powerless, unable to join together into any kind of organized resistance, so they are easy prey for exploitation and repression.

  2. melponeme_k

    I no longer call myself a liberal nor am I part of the democratic party. Too many times I have seen people fall into self-righteous attitudes and overly pious platitudes which negate even the possibility of debate over important issues.

    I don’t know if I would label myself feminist anymore. Not after I watched the leading feminist sites ignore an attack on a fellow citizen in order to cry over illegal immigrants in Arizona.

    In fact, I think the true children of the enlightenment are very small isolated groups. Maybe they always were. And we can’t do a thing about the coming tidal wave of collapse heading our way.

    I do see Fascism in full flower here. All it needs is a figure with mass appeal. We are just lucky he/she hasn’t shown up yet, but it is a matter of time.

    You keep rightly stressing that Jewish Americans will be victims of the coming insanity. But along with them, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Chinese, Vietnamese, and every other non-white race will be thrown into the bonfires of racist hate as well.


    ELAINE; I have a very mixed race family. Including Jewish members. I fear this tremendously for good reasons.

  3. wuen

    It sound nice to believe in all men are created equal. But I know that it is not true. What is the truth is all men have difference. It is to embrace the difference and work toward a synergy interaction will a society become harmonious and prosperous.

    Acknowledge and tolerate the difference between human is most difficult part for some people. A person want everyone to appear, talk, behave similarly to us. Integrate or assimilate different cultures or behavior still need to be work on.

  4. Elaine, I’m with you on most of this essay, which you started with a strong thesis; and you make it coherent by virtue of the way you support it.

    Perspectives may differ on who is, or is not liberal,–as that is defined in this country. “Kucinich liberals” are in the minority. Those democrats who both cheer Israel’s ethnic cleansing and deride the meanness and vulgarity of Arizona’s new power, are hypocrites–to say the least–and are not liberal by any stretch of the imagination.

    You are right when you conclude that there will never be a coherent political power, in the left, so long as it adheres to mindless support of Israel and its crimes.

    The US (and Israel to a lesser degree) export war. Other countries and peoples are besieged by the hubris, aggression, and economic ambitions of these two countries.

    A corollary to “All men are created equal” is solidarity among equals. If we allow laws that provoke division among communities (our own communities); if we are willing to give tacit approval to racial profiling (and I’m talking about profiling and harassment of the LEGAL Hispanic community) we are most certainly worming our way toward discrimination, and worse.

    As far as the Apocalypse is concerned (another of your potent themes), the beginning of the end is likely to be a willingness by Obama to fracture the NATO alliance, just to service the psychopathic impulses of Israel. But the basis of destruction is the Death Wish itself; and the fundamentals of this horror can be seen in that video released by Wikileaks a few weeks ago, showing how much the machine gunner and pilot of that Apache helicopter enjoyed butchering unarmed men in the middle of a Muslim street in Baghdad.

    The really horrifying “hockey stick graph” is the one that shows our country’s precipitous plunge into perversion, cruelty, sadism, lawlessness, and homicidal rage.

  5. Elaine, the conflagration of the coming war between Israel and Iran, Syria, Lebanon And Turkey will be beyond all past wars.

    Yes, the scope and intensity of the coming war between Israel and its arab neighbors will be beyond that of World War II, the Clinton Yugoslavia-Kosovo War, and the Bush Iraq War.

    This coming war requires that Zionism be established as sovereign over Orthodox Judaism.

    Israel’s leaders are taking action to quiet dissidents of all types in Israel, as this coming war cannot have any internal opposition. There can be no chance of any religious opposition to the war; pre-emptive action is being taken to assure that Zion’s leaders have a stable internal state as the coming war will require “an all out drive” beyond that of prior wars waged anywhere on planet earth. Hence the action taken as reported in JTA article Thousands Of Haredim Protest In Jerusalem.

    One might ask what war? It is the war that is coming to stop Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Israel and/or the US is going to take a pre-emptive military strike against Iran, and the spark for the war might be tensions with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

    Reformed Christianity, of which I adhere, is not particularly, supportive of Zionism; yet it has a doctrine of bible prophecy which foretells of a world war between Israel, Iran, Syria, Turkey and other arab nations that draws in Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, as well as Turkey. One can read of this in Is The Ezekiel 38 War Coming Soon?


    ELAINE: The ultra Orthodox Jews are amazingly racist, sexist and are nearly identical to the Taliban. Utterly intolerant. One of my relatives is one and he is disliked by even my Jewish relatives. He is very cruel.

  6. eso

    ‘All men are created EQUAL’ was the startling cornerstone of the American Revolution, a new thing never tried before on this planet………………

    I do not really believe that America is that unique, though it certainly was a welcome new opportunity to expand upon the unhappiness of European people, which had come to a dead-end in Europe and was compressing to explode.

    This brings me to putting in a word on behalf of the wolf-man, the “threshold of indistinction between animal and man”, per Giorgio Agamben in his book “Homo Sacer”. If wolf-men take after wolves, pack loyalty is extremely important and differences in personality and hierarchy are noted and respected among pack members. However, because wolf-man is part of the state of nature, he-she does not worry about equality; it is a given.

    I suspect that wolf-man and wolf-woman will prevail against repression, unseat the military hierarchy, denationalize his-her body, and reinvent society along a new and more mature egalitarian pattern.

  7. CK

    Poor T.J., always mistranslated.
    All Men are created by the same method. ( In his day that was true—today maybe not so much)
    All men are ( supposedly ) equal in the eyes of whatever fictional super entity you ( plural ) subscribe unto. ( Not true then, not true now, not ever true in any religion anywhere at anytime.)
    Equality is a mathematical relationship, not a human one.
    Your goyisher kop might not accept reality; reality is not to blame for your failures.

  8. Colin

    It’s true that people are dis-equal, and that it’s important to be tolerant of other peoples differences – providing they are capible of being tolerant of others in turn.

    But there is another way of looking at it, no two things are ever completely equal, even identical twins have differences, in personality and looks. Things will always be slightly different, but are the differences between people big enough to be important?

    Hobbes said “people are different, but the differences don’t matter much; no one is so intelligent that they don’t get the wrong answer sometimes, no one is so strong that they can win every fight.”

    Even the highest IQ in the world is only three times the lowest IQ. (if we are to believe in IQ’s)

    Just two years ago the bankers who called themselves ‘masters of the universe’ became the biggest fools on the planet.

    There is justification for some inequalities between people, but not much.

    Think of a college graduate; she’s a smart maths graduate with an IQ of 150, she gets a job in a wall street bank. She rises through the company and she earns 200 times the average wage. How can that be justifible?

    Ceartainly she deserves to be payed more because she is very smart, she has high intelligence. But judged by IQ ‘high intelligence’ is defined as 50% better than average, so she should be payed 50% better than average?

    Maybe she works longer hours, ok it’s reasonable that she be payed more. The average is an 8 hour day, if she works 16 her wage should be double, but there are only 24 hours in the day and we’re still nowhere near 200 times the average.

    Say she’s more dilligent than others, works harder even when the work the same hours, so pay her more for that. Can one person really work 200 times harder than another person? Really that’s what promotion and firing are for. If a person was working significantly less – 200 times less than others – they’d be fired.

    If you look at it from physics it must be impossible for one person to work 200 times harder than someone else, the human metabolic rate simply cannot go that high. If it did you’d have a heart rate of 1,200bpm. Physically the human body cannot support that amount of activity. Three times the average of 60 or 240 is supposed to be the maximum heart beat, any higher than that and your having a heart attack. Even 240 is fine for two minutes, but you cant keep that up for an 8hour day.

    There are other simple physicological limits on how much in-equality there can be between people. I’ve seen Time-and-Motion Studies that say people only ever work 5 hours a day – because that’s all the human brain can concentrate for. The might be in work for 8 hours, but three of those hours will be procrastinating. In the same way people only have 20 minute attention spans – you can schedule a 1 hour long meeting but people will only be awake for the first 20 minutes.

    Even if they say their jobs are more ‘complicated’ or involve ‘multi-tasking’ and cant be judged in this crude phyiso-logical way. This is still baloney, coz there is a definite upper limit the the amout of ‘multi tasking’ and ‘complication’ the human brain can handle. Short-term-memory only has 7 ‘slots’, you cannot remember more than 7 items at a time. Also you you cannot preform a complicated task with more than 7 functions. Driving a car is a good example: F1 right-hand steer wheel, F2 left-hand change gears, F3 right-foot accelerator, F4 left-foot clutch, F5 look at the road, F6 remember where you’re going!, F7 listen to the radio.

    Seven that’s it, So you can’t multi task more than seven things, and you cant do a complicated task with more than 7 parts. There is little variation in this accross people, but rarely, some can only do 6 and some can do 8 or 9. So pay the multi tasker 7 times what the person doing a single-task-job (if there is such a job) but not 200 times.

    Even if you assume there are some super-humans that can do all these things at maximum; and multiply all these things together to get the maximum possible ‘natural wage inequality’. Average wage (40k) * genuis level IQ (1.5) * maximum multi-tasking ablity of the human brain (7) * working 16 hour days (2), you still only get $840,000. That’s 21 times as the absolute theoretical maximum wage, and not quite the multimillion bonus, and 200 times average of some CEO’s packages.

    She does have more experince in banking than others, so its plausible that experinced people can do supprisingly more in a hour than others. A novice nail-maker might turn out forty nails a day and a master-nail maker produces fourhundred. People get more efficent at their jobs from experince. But EVERY job gets more efficent with experince. She is fourhundred times more experinced at banking than the guy that cleans out her bins, but the guy that cleans out her bins is fourhundred times more experinced at his job. Why is the experince of a banker considered so much more worthy than the experince of a garbage man? The experinced banker gets a million dollar bonus, but the experinced garbage man gets a pat on the back. Experince is important inside a profession (old-garbageman is more experinecd than new-garbageman) but not between professions (banker is not more experinced garbage man).

    Is the bankers job is essential? No, the world can do without bankers, it cannot do without garbage men! The claim that bankers are central to the economy is bogus, they are no more central than garbage men: no garbage collection, rubbish piles up in the streets, everyone leaves the country, no economy. Nor doctors: no doctors, everyoned dies, no economy. Doctors, nurses, police, vaccine makers, and firemen are the most essencial people in society. Then teachers, scientists, garbagemen, chemists, pharmacists, engineers, border guards, etc. Bankers come a long way down the list of necessity, but are at the top of the payment list.

    As for the argument that its good for the economy this is also false, study last year (i’m not bothering to hunt it out on google – look it up for yourselves) showed the most succesful companies the higest payed got 8 times the lowest payed, any more than that and it was actually damaging to the company.

    Is it simply a tradition? 2,300 years ago Aristotle suggested a maximum wage of 5 times the minimum. It was popular idea of-and-on for the next 1,7oo years.

    All of this is just the inequality in america, before we compare the first world to the third world!

    I can see natural reasons for inequality between people, but the inequalities that actually exist in the world are far greater than any natural difference or anything that could be justified by any NATURAL difference.

    From a moral perspective, even if humans where as different from one another as they are from apes, would it matter? After all we don’t like people killing apes and dolphins coz we know they’re intelligent, maybe only a tenth as intelligent as us, but we still think that is enough to have some laws to protect them.

  9. Colin


    “Poor T.J., always mistranslated.”

    ahem!? how does one TRANSLATE english into english?

    goyisher kop, wonder what that tranlates to? No don’t bother i can guess.

    … More proof that all humans are equal! : the languages are composed of different sounds, but they are always used to express the same bigotries.

  10. JSmith

    “This is because people don’t want equal rights! They want special benefits and privileges. It is so much nicer, hogging economic and social benefits and not sharing this with others. ”

    Somewhat. However (and there’s always a “however”), you can have equality or you can have freedom. That’s not an either/or, but if you want greater equality of outcome you have to find a way to constrain those people with greater talent, opportunity, or both. If you want more freedom, that will have to include the freedom to grab an inordinately large slice of the world’s pie.

    So we have to look at Colin’s banker above and say, “Good for you.” She interviewed and got the job; now she makes what the company HR department decided that job pays. Unless she’s a real superstar, she didn’t get to name her own salary.

    But maybe she ought to share. “2,300 years ago Aristotle suggested a maximum wage of 5 times the minimum. It was popular idea of-and-on for the next 1,7oo years.”

    2300 years ago, jobs weren’t very specialized. Some refined skills are required to run a 21st-century society, and some of those skills pay very well. Like they say: to get a good job get a good education.


    ELAINE; How false is that contention??? Try carving Praxiteles amazing statues! Or look at ancient Greek pottery! Not to mention the architects. There was a lot of specialization in Greece. For example, the female priestesses….heh….not to mention the ship builders, the armorers, the women weavers, whoever. Good gods, there was tons of specialization in ancient Greece!

    Also, grabbing for giant hunks of the social or economic pie invariably leads to social dislocations, violence, murder and the collapse of a society. It is instrumentally a very, very bad thing. Not that this has stopped looters at any time.

  11. wuen

    I believe the phrase all men are created equal should be rephrase as all citizens are equal under the law.

    Even if every citizen are equal under the law, then the non citizen does not have the same laws. For example, in a society in which they tolerate a slave system, the slave does not have equal right under the law because they are not consider as a citizen. So there are special laws for slaves.

    To put all men equal under the laws require for every men to be a citizen. That is not possible unless their is a revolution of ideal in respect to global citizen.


    ELAINE; The larger the unit, the smaller each individual. If we are citizens of the world, we will see each of our own voices and choices whittled down to a very, very tiny slice and thus, virtually no influence. History shows us that being part of a cohesive ‘country’ is far better. Over bloated empires, terrible.

  12. if

    More than twelve United States Naval warships and at least one Israeli ship crossed the Suez Canal towards the Red Sea on Friday, British Arabic Language newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported Saturday.


    ELAINE: Yup, I saw that and will comment later. Big news.

  13. the fool on the hill

    Well, the true purpose of education is not to make one more marketable. It is to gain the power of personal sovereignty. I many cases, asserting personal sovereignty means sacrifice, not gain.

    I always thought the “all men are created equal” phrase was clumsily worded, and therefore gives rise to clumsy debates. Obviously, humans are not “equal” in a literal sense. And it is unlikely that the Framers intended to do away with the concept of individuality. But Elaine’s exposition of the underlying philosophical concept probably comports with reality as well as any.

    For example, take this: “you can have equality or you can have freedom”. Of course, the “freedom” desired in many cases, and especially in the case of the banker example, is precisely what Elaine points to as leading to collapse, namely claiming “special benefits and privileges . . . [and] hogging economic and social benefits and not sharing this with others.”

    The basic revolutionary idea is simply that the “divine right” of the ruling class is kaput. So now there has to be some sort of plan for organizing things. The idea was “checks and balances”. This is what we are losing. The Pentagon and the CIA are unchecked, and this has militated against balance. For example, there is a reason the Framers required Congressional declarations of war. Our disregard of this vital Constitutional provision is a moral failure.

    As far as the whole “what is the proper role of government” debate, the Framers were aware of this problem and articulated it (at least intellectually, this quote is a letter of James Madison, another slave-owner) –surprise!—as an issue of balance.

    It is a melancholy reflection that liberty should be equally exposed to danger whether the Government have too much or too little power, and that the line which defines these extremes should be so inaccurately defined by experience.

    There is very little support for the idea that the Framers, and the ‘economic’ philosophers they studied, would be on board with the anarcho-capatalist religion of the modern ‘freedom loving’ right.

    Now, the Framers weren’t perfect, but they were a lot smarter than most of the clowns wielding power, both with ‘pen’ and ‘sword’, today.


    ELAINE; So true. The ‘small farmer’ idea is at the core of the idealism of the Founding Fathers, that is, the ancient Greek model but that was displaced by the Greek empire model of a slave society which the Romans who were all small landholding farmers in 250 BC ended up the nastiest imperial slave society of 100BC. Enslaving the Greeks, no less!

    The Founding Fathers feared that but half of them WANTED the Roman model of slave society! So the roots of our schizophrenia lie very deep and is as deep as the Greek desire for freedom and equality which tolerated slavery!

    As for wild bankers; the Founding Fathers knew about finance bubbles and wanted strong curbs on bankers. The debate about ‘what is money’ and ‘how should bankers be controlled’ began at the very beginning and has raged ever since.

  14. Aussie

    @ Elaine and fellow readers

    Thank you for an excellent thesis and thoughtful feedback commentary.

    Its so refreshing to read about sanity inspite of the dreadful mess and hypocrisy of so-called leaders and media bs.

  15. PLovering

    @Colin, “It’s true that people are dis-equal …”

    It’s interesting that you dis-equal people based on IQ.

    Study shows 5 out of 6 people with an IQ-150 are male.

    Other studies show that males are more productive.

    Just in case you were wondering why this country is going down the tubes.


    ELAINE; You better back up that contention with very powerful data. I speak as a female. My parents had 7 children, half boys and half girls and myself. We all had the same high IQ.

  16. zip

    i saw an animation about motivation. and when not to pay bonuses. It surprised, me but thinking over it. It makes sense, i see it around me in a product development environment. We are (not yet) very thight organised, and because we have strict deadlines, people are ‘rewarded’ if they solve problems in very short times. This is good for the motivation (like “yes we can”). And because we are the only compagny in our business in our country, the people who work here, would probably come to work if the pays are reduced as well.

    I dont fully agree with your statement, it is onlyhalf true (IMO):
    Like they say: to get a good job get a good education, but without chances, good education is no guarantee for a good job

  17. wb

    “We are entering a period in which the very ocean services upon which humanity depends are undergoing massive change and in some cases beginning to fail”

  18. seraphim

    …but some are more equal than others!

  19. emsnews

    I include the natural world when I say that all things are created equal. That is, if we kill off the ecosystem, we die. If we don’t respect Nature, we perish. If we are cruel to animals, we are cruel to humans, too. If we are ruthless with Nature we are ruthless to all humans since we can see very clearly this year, screwing Nature ends up screwing ourselves.

    Respect is a powerful force. It will save our lives.

  20. PLovering

    @Elaine, Study shows 5 out of 6 people with an IQ-150 are male.

    I’ve posted this study previously on this forum. Here’s the backup.

  21. JSmith

    “There was a lot of specialization in Greece.”

    But not all that many separate and distinct occupations. Mostly, you fought, you farmed, or you traded. Or sat around the Agora, shooting the breeze. Which was nice work if you could get it.


    ELAINE: HAHAHAHA. You wish. I bet, back then, your proto-ancestor was one of the goof offs who didn’t do actual work. Socrates, by the way, was a stone carver by profession. Thought you would like to know this tid bit.

  22. Agree – fatal defects in systems are nearly always present at the beginning. This culture (US) is still racist, perhaps getting better, but probably too little, too late. (BTW, Washington freed his own slaves in his will. Martha’s [Custis] slaves were parceled out to her heirs upon her death, at which time George’s slaves were allowed to go free.)

  23. emsnews

    Correct, Facti. Indeed, Washington’s private servant who took care of him until death, had to BUY his own freedom from Martha.

  24. Dibbles

    wuen@June 19, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    “All men are created equal” does not mean we are all the same. And it certainly doesn’t mean that we will all end up the same.

    It means we come into this world in an equal manner – helpless, intellectually unformed, in need of constant care and nurturing, with a personal history yet to unfold – formed by life circumstances and the individual’s personal make up.

    As history repeats over and over – some people who came into this world in equal status go on to do great things for love of humanity. And others are too easily seduced by the dark side of human nature, preying on peoples’ fear and peddling narcissist self-indulgence. (Religion, unfortunately, often reinforces this.) Pol Pot, Hitler, Pinochet and their kind are examples. Extremely intelligent, charismatic men, but lacking humanity’s better spiritual qualities.

  25. Dibbles

    Again to wuen@June 19, 2010 at 10:34 pm

    “I believe the phrase all men are created equal should be rephrase as all citizens are equal under the law.”

    Yes, equality under the law in our nation governed by laws. I believe this was the intent of our founding fathers. The Enlightenment sought to end oligarchy and monarchism – humans born as personal property to a lucky (by birth) few.

    Sadly, we witness how money has corrupted, which it does repeatedly throughout history. There are remedies, of course. But Americans seemed disinclined to engage in the hard, unpredictable, often disappointing work of politics. Easier to bitch and blame. And seek entertainment.

  26. Dibbles

    To the fool on the hill@June 19, 2010 at 11:17 pm
    “Well, the true purpose of education is not to make one more marketable.”

    Thank you for stating this. It is one of my gripes about higher education today. With corporatism and global economy, our colleges and universities no longer emphasize seeking knowledge and building an independent life and career. Instead we now “train” students to “be employed”. (We train dogs to entertain and have utilitarian function as well.) Corporations and endowments heavily fund higher education to help cover what tax-revenues can no longer provide.

  27. TweedleDeeDumb

    Any high IQ’d college professor without the answer to death, has no answers.

    Thus, go with infallible credibility..

    “Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” (Joh 2:19)

    “In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” (Col 2:3)

  28. Norm

    “My parents had 7 children, half boys and half girls and myself.”

    And you are … a freak?


    ELAINE: I was joking. I was the Middle Child. All Middle Children are freaks by definition. I even called myself ‘a freak’ back in the sixties in SF whenever tourists would yell, ‘Hey, hippie!’

    ‘I am not a hippie, I’m a FREAK’ I would yell back.

  29. JSmith

    “I bet, back then, your proto-ancestor was one of the goof offs who didn’t do actual work.”

    That’s what the serfs were there for. And your proto-ancestor was … ? (I’m guessing Hera.)

  30. Truly Liked the Read.

  31. Lou

    This happened to Yugoslavia, too. And will happen to the US if we go bankrupt.


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