Holistic Medicine Is Also Big Pharma Profits

ΩΩLast fall I discovered a world I was unaware of, that is, the anti-vaccination community.  Many readers lost their heads when I endorsed the concept of using vaccinations to deal with the dreaded Viral Kingdom, one of the oldest life forms on earth.  One that mainly lives inside of other living things.  Well, vaccination stories have been in the news lately and I shoved this aside because of other pressing concerns like the dangerous oil crisis, for example.  But it is time to plunge back into the business about how we can protect ourselves from epidemics and debilitating diseases.


ΩΩOne paradox I will go into lower down in this story is the bizarre schizophrenic attitude of the ‘holistic’ community.  Namely, they are very angry about taking medicines and hate ‘big Pharma’ but they also have a huge ‘Pharma’ themselves only it is totally unregulated by anyone and often entails taking very dangerous supplements.  That is, they are very often pill poppers or snake oil drinkers!  Odd, isn’t it?  Far from being ‘organic’ they are just as addicted to short cut pills as anyone else.


ΩΩBut first, the miracle of vaccinations: no medical interventions are needed, just a brief and often nearly unnoticed shot in the arm and voila.  No more illnesses.  I can’t think of any better system to avoid communicable diseases.  But there is a catch to vaccinations just as all things are never perfect: they don’t work 100% but if at least 93% of the population has these vaccinations, the diseases can’t spread to those who don’t get the protection directly from the vaccinations.  This is a very simple concept called ‘herd immunity’.


ΩΩFirst, some very good news on the vaccine front that should make even the people who are scared of vaccinations, happy.  That is, scientists believe they can make vaccinations more perfect and have even fewer side effects:  Vaccinomics: Scientists Are Devising Your Personal Vaccine: Scientific American

The past decade has seen vaccinomics inch much closer to reality. With the completion of the first phase of the Human Genome Project in 2000, and the advent of sequencing technologies that can detect gene variations such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), for the first time scientists have the tools in hand to find the key immune genes and genetic networks that play roles in vaccine response.


Poland envisions a future in which people can opt to have their genome sequences stored on chips in their health insurance cards. At the doctor’s office, computers would scan the chips to determine whether the person’s gene sequences have been linked to vaccine side effects or weak responses. Then the patient and physician “will pick and choose an individualized program that best fits his or her genetics,” Poland explains.


ΩΩNow, if you are paranoid, the idea of someone keeping a file of your genetics is a scary thing.  Genetic information is just like any other medical information.  In this country, it is still illegal for anyone outside of the health system to access your medical information.  With one proviso: insurance.  Since we insist, or rather, lobbyists in DC insist, on having a goofy and inefficient healthcare system that sucks up tremendous amounts of money, the insurers don’t want to insure people who have  medical problems so they demand to see our medical records before insuring us.  Of course, if we are perfectly healthy, we wouldn’t need any health insurance.


ΩΩBusinesses want only healthy people so they can have lower premiums, for example.  If we had systems similar to all other sane modern first world nations, this business would never come up at all.  We live in a society, not as atomized individuals.  We have social obligations as well as collective needs but we still can have political individual rights.  Indeed, this is where lobbying short circuits all other collective/social systems: individuals may want various things but if the lobbyists don’t want it, we don’t get it.  If the lobbyists want something we despise, they get it, we vote out the guys who did this to us and then put in new chumps and the lobbyists then buy them off and we get nowhere, fast.


ΩΩGenetic information is a good thing, by itself.  But it also has dangers, like ANYTHING, thanks to humans abusing all systems and so we have to weigh our desire to survive with our fears that outsiders will violate our privacy and use it to destroy us rather than save us.  The ideal situation would be to have a disposable genetic information system so when we need specific services demanding our genetic information, it can be created and then immediately destroyed after using the data.


ΩΩNow on to the vaccination wars:  Whooping Cough Epidemic in California: Lax Vaccination May Be to Blame – ABC News

“Whooping cough is now an epidemic in California,” said Dr. Mark Horton, director of the California Department of Public Health, in a statement. “Children should be vaccinated against the disease and parents, family members and caregivers of infants need a booster shot.”  As of June 15, a total of 910 cases had been confirmed in the state. Another 600 suspected cases are currently being investigated by local health officials, the statement indicated.


…Dr. Blaise Congeni of Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio said he wasn’t surprised, as higher-than-usual numbers of pertussis cases have been reported across the country.  “We are having an outbreak in Ohio,” though not as severe as in California, he said.


Oregon public health officials have also reported an unusually high number of pertussis cases in that state….He said that the overall rate for PBEs among the state’s roughly 7,200 schools is about 2 percent. But rates are much higher in some schools. Records for 2009 indicated that close to 175 schools had PBE rates of 20 percent or more. A few had rates above 70 percent.


ΩΩThe points of entry for the Viral Kingdom is in religious fanatic communities such as the Ultra Orthodox Jews, the Amish and other similar communities who congregate in tight groups or in very liberal or extreme rightwing communities that have a lot of paranoia or a touching belief in ‘holistic’ medicines.  This is why the outbreaks of easily-controlled very contagious diseases, if you vaccinate everyone, are in specific places, over and over again.  NYC and LA have fair-sized anti-vaccination communities and both are entry points for international travelers and the combo is very dangerous.  Ohio has farming communities like the Amish and thus, even though they are socially more isolated than the NYC or LA communities, they still get and spread these diseases to a lesser extent.


ΩΩOnce the West Coast states made it very easy to evade vaccinating children and still have them go to school, vaccination rates are collapsing just as they are in Europe.  Europe has a very activist ‘holistic’ political community that is working tirelessly to undo modern medical systems and replace it with a fantasy system that will revert things to the good old days of low survival rates, high death rates of children…for example, Charles Darwin’s father was a well-known physician and Darwin was an upperclass Brit who feared communicable diseases so much, he refused to have his family live in London.


ΩΩNearly half of his children died of communicable diseases by age 15.  While eating and drinking only healthy stuff and living in the countryside at a fine estate!  Plenty of sun and plenty of exercise. He was one of the first Brits to have a verandah like the ones he saw overseas, installed so the family could eat outdoors.  Still, his children died.  Europe, with its below the 2.0 replacement threshold birthrate, cannot afford epidemics.  Many of the religious fanatic communities have high birthrates so they seem to not care about losing a quarter of their children to diseases.  But the rate of vaccination in Europe is dropping as it did in Japan, too.  And both are on a population collapse cycle which is of great interest to me.


ΩΩThat is, I firmly believe that humans have a very powerful death wish built into our psyches by evolution!  Why this happened can’t be proven, it can only be guessed at.  The concept of death/caves/wealth is extremely deep, held universally by all humans and runs alongside paranoia about the sun dying during an eclipse.  We are fascinated by extinction events even as we mindlessly kill off many species due to human overpopulation.  And the idea that we are overpopulating the earth haunts many people who also claim they are protecting their children and so they avoid protections that really work while rushing into ones that have zero utility.  Why is that?


ΩΩWe are basically paradoxical creatures.  We somehow escaped Mother Nature’s iron rule, that is, temporarily escaped. All other living things simply eat, sleep, have sex and then insure the young survive (either through having lots and lots of young or protecting and nourishing them) so that the precious genes we carry are carried onwards through time.  All the complex courting games of many animals is an attempt at finding the fittest mate so the chances of future survival of the genes is more likely.  All animals do this automatically.  They all want to have the best mates, the strongest offspring and the most surviving genes.  It is totally and completely unconscious.  They do this naturally.


ΩΩThey also die.  Humans, on the other hand, can protect the weak and keep many more offspring alive and we often kill the strongest and best rather than the weakest.  That is, we wage war against each other and in the process, kill off the bravest and strongest members of the community.  One of the paradoxes of humans is this process of weeding out the genetic best while allowing the genetically weak to proliferate.  The Nazis, when trying to understand this evolutionary information, decided to do a typical paradoxical human thing: send out the best and strongest and have them die trying to kill off the genetically weak (as the Nazis defined ‘genetically weak’).  That is, the Nazis began, long before they killed even one Jew or one Gypsy, to eliminate everyone with schizophrenia starting with Hitler’s own aunt living in an  asylum. The Nazi attempt at engineering a better human was a classic Cave of Wealth and Death moment: it did the exact opposite as Hitler hoped.


ΩΩHitler was also anti-modern medicine.  He believed in ‘holistic’ hocus-pocus.  He believed that if he had a certain diet, he would be the picture of hale and hearty health.  He was, of course, entirely insane and as time passed, became more and more insane.  Even as he convinced himself that his brain controlled his body and by thinking the right things and doing the right things, he could defeat his own genetic and cultural defects and this made things twice as bad than if he left things alone and didn’t try all these goofy ideas.  Several million humans would have not been cruelly murdered, too.


ΩΩFanaticism is very dangerous.  It takes over the emotional part of the brain which is where the most powerful death forces reside and in the grip of fanatical beliefs, humans tend towards doing dangerous or deadly things while simultaneously piously claiming they are trying to stay alive.  This does happen in the mainstream healthcare community which is not immune to these paradoxical interior forces.  This is why rational thinking, a very precious and rare thing, has to be applied in great force.


ΩΩMrs. Huffington who rules the Huffington Post, is a typical Hollywood type diva.  She hates modern medicine and believes in magic.  The movie/TV fantasy machine does this to people.  I know, I have family members who are part of this Hollywood business machine.  And I think they are crazy.  Anyway, her online publication is home to every quack and every holistic lunatic on earth.  Here is a typical example of what passes for an editorial there: Dr. Larry Dossey: Creating Disease: Big Pharma and Disease Mongering

You may think there is enough disease in the world already, and that no one would want to add to the diseases that we humans must deal with. But there is a powerful industry in our society that is working overtime to invent illnesses and to convince us we are suffering from them.


Thanks to people like this ‘Doctor’ we have plenty of communicable diseases which plague humanity and won’t go away since a good sized group of fanatics won’t get vaccinations.  Thank god the dreaded smallpox disease was eliminated before the anti-vaccinationists could stop that global program.  What the doctor here is complaining about is all the goofy medicines for various conditions which we could do with out but prefer to deal with via medicine because frankly, we like to.


That is, the cosmetic/feel good/smell good business ALWAYS has been tremendous!  Since day one when the first human put the first comb to the hair or used berry juice to make decorations on the skin or strung sea shells together.  The art of perfume making goes back to the earliest civilizations.  Dousing oneself with bear grease is incredibly ancient.  As is doing magical performances to fix diseases.  The Witchdoctor business is very ancient indeed and is one of the main drivers for observing the stars, moon and planets which were believed to control everything on earth including germs.


This effort is known as “disease mongering,” a term introduced by health-science writer Lynn Payer in her 1992 book Disease-Mongers: How Doctors, Drug Companies, and Insurers Are Making You Feel Sick…. The trick was to inflate a common, everyday condition to the level of pathology, which, if not attended to, could blight one’s prospects for personal happiness and success….. Among these “illnesses” are erectile dysfunction, female sexual dysfunction, bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), restless legs syndrome, osteoporosis, social shyness (also called social anxiety disorder and social phobia), irritable bowel syndrome and balding.


ΩΩWow.  This article rages on and on but the list of things that doctors are ‘inventing’ and the ‘curing’ according to the Huffington Post gang, is quite revealing.  That is, I have in my own family, people with bipolar problems, for example.  This plagues the members of my family that hangs out in Hollywood and work as actresses!  This also causes them to abuse illegal drugs and go crazy at regular intervals.  Indeed, Hollywood is infamous for the emotional and mental instability of the people who work there.  The death and bankruptcy rate of Hollywood people is very high.  Often, they die from abusing their own bodies in various ways, long before reaching retirement age.


ΩΩIt is one of the many paradoxes of life that the community most bent on spreading ‘holistic health’ happens to be the exact same community with an atrocious death rate due to all sorts of psychological and health problems brought on by their lifestyle choices!  Far from being healthy, Hollywood is very sick.


ΩΩThe list here includes osteoporosis.  This is an age-related problem.  I know personally, up close, people who lived organic, healthy lives and grew their own food, etc, but once they reached 80 years of age, got…osteoporosis.  These people live, often times, to this great age due to  medical interventions that were impossible even 35 years ago.  Eating well and living a good life is good and extends one’s life but much of the survival rates we see today are due mainly to modern medicine especially vaccinations.


ΩΩThe other things on the doctor’s list above are cosmetic.  Balding men are,  like women with wrinkles, discriminated against.  We have a ‘youth’ culture belief which requires tremendous amounts of medical interventions in order to hide the visual effects of aging.  So we have this restless and paranoid group of people centered on Hollywood and the fashion world starving themselves to look thin and having many interventions including using tanning beds, etc, trying to look young and turning into zombies with rigid faces and a population of fat, unhappy people who need surgical interventions to cut down on the calories which are due to industrialized food production systems…both are in trouble.


ΩΩHysterics in Hollywood howling about vaccinations being evil are the exact same idiots who run off to a cosmetic doctor to get botulism germs injected into the face so they can erase natural wrinkles!  Just for example.  YUCK.  Talk about UNNATURAL.  Looking at Mrs. Huffington’s smooth, seamless and ageless face and I suspect very strongly, she happily sucks down botulism injections while giving a platform for anti-vaccinationists to howl about how terrifying simple injections are to humanity.  That is, she is a typical Hollywood hypocrite.


Doctors paying to hear anti-vaccine views in Oregon – USATODAY.com is due to this: Dramatic rise in whooping cough cases in Jackson Co. Oregon| KDRV

Even if you were vaccinated as an infant, the county is asking everyone ages 11 to 64 to get a Tdap. The Tdap is a booster shot vaccination needed later in life because immunity can wear off during adolescence.  Officials say there has been an anti-vaccine trend in Southern Oregon.


ΩΩThe CDC wants to know how people reason out things.  Of course, reasoning out things is one of the most painful processes humans can embark on.  That is, we can’t really do it.  The rules of science try to minimize human delusional thinking but this is very hard to do since we naturally fall effortlessly into delusional thinking.  We are ALL delusional.  We can hope to riddle out this matter or that thing but in the end, the dangers of delusions are very hard to avoid.  Just as we know that most of us, if we don’t work in Hollywood and thus have a good chance to survive past 65 years, will end up totally delusional before dying after 80 years of age, 99% of the people at 65 who know this information will still attest that THEY won’t become senile!  Nope, each individual imagines they will be that 1% who retain their minds even when 100 years old.


ΩΩThis is statistically impossible but the individual clings to the rare stories of intelligent, cognizant super-elderly instead of preparing for senility.  So it is with vaccinations: people will, even in the teeth of an epidemic that is killing people, cling to beliefs that tell themselves, ‘I will live forever if only I do this thing or that thing.’  Since this is a religious, not intellectual, matter, any information that counters these beliefs will be violently and emotionally rejected.  This is why so many of my readers stormed off in a rage when I suggested that vaccinations protect us from epidemics.


ΩΩClick here for the Vaccine War | FRONTLINE | PBS Video: this video by Frontline caused a huge row in their comments section.  Just as with my own blog, the anti-vaccinationists were furious and attacked everything Frontline has ever done while yelling, ‘I will never watch your show again!’  Of course, preservation of one’s beliefs requires not taking on contrary information!  This happens in all belief systems!  It happens to be a feature of all beliefs: they exist only in a vacuum where there is zero feedback from any other belief systems or even real facts.  This is why ‘miracles’ are a core element in all belief systems.  Suspending the iron laws of Nature is epidemic within all religions and beliefs.


ΩΩThe present experiment in ‘holistic health’ is a counterforce to the numbing system of modern technical medical care.  One thing that amuses me is how every single ‘holistic’ person I know rushes off to get heartless modern technical medicine when facing death.  Then rush back to their happy holistic home when the crisis is fixed by mean Big Pharma/modern medicine doctors!


ΩΩI have eaten yogurt since the 1969’s when I had to cook it myself, using goat’s milk from our nanny goats.  Milking goats is fun.  They have horns.  I milk sheep, too.  I like goat and sheep milk especially when it is made into cheeses.  The healthy side of all of this has been perverted by the holistic health community’s witch doctors to produce ‘big pharma-style’ fake medicines exploiting simple information about yogurt: Be skeptical of claims about probiotics and prebiotics – Los Angeles Times

Jamie Lee Curtis promises in TV adds that bacteria-laced Dannon yogurt will improve colon regularity. Other companies sell little pills full of living microbes and even supplements promising to feed those microbes what they most like to eat. Probiotics and prebiotics — from bacteria-infused beverages to microbe-filled chocolates — are gaining in popularity, even as some scientific studies find they don’t always live up to their claims….People can easily get useful bacteria from fermented foods, such as sauerkraut and miso, Smith says.


HAHAHA.  I not only made my own yogurt, I made my own sauerkraut, too! And beer!  From scratch!!! HAHAHA.  Yup, people can grow and make their own foods.  Imagine that.  But most people do NOT want to do this.  Then would far rather pop a pill or drink something simple that is made in….hold onto your hats here…FACTORIES!  Nearly all of the ‘holistic’ medicines sold in stores is made in factories!  DUH.  Not only that, to get customers, they make these factory-produced ‘health foods’ so they have all the bad stuff that people like in ‘non-health foods’.  This always has amused me.


I recall the first ‘health bar’ foods in Berkeley in the early 1970’s back when I was milking goats, etc.  These were nuts and raisins.  But to increase sales, they added a candy core that was ‘organic’ and then chocolate and so on until it became just as nasty as any candy bar!  This is normal.  Humans want the illusion of health, not the hard work behind it.  Try milking a goat!  I will show anyone how to do this (a lost art…you caress the tits while bumping the full udder with the fist, imitating the baby goat’s method of getting milk).


….However, some scientists remain wary of the claims made by probiotics manufacturers. And since the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate probiotics, proof of efficacy is often sketchy. Last year, Dannon settled a lawsuit with yogurt buyers who asserted its ad campaign made false promises.


“Be skeptical,” advised Dr. Michael Starnbach of Harvard Medical School. The bacteria that have inhabited a person’s gut for decades will not easily give up their place to newcomers, he said. Prebiotics, he says, seem logical — but there is not much in the way of scientific data on them yet.


ΩΩFor the most part, much of the incoming data will show that eating the ‘good stuff’ is good but TAKING PILLS is stupid.  And of course, the Holistic Big Pharma factories will howl that they are producing a real medicine while cranking out really stupid pills and drinks or even toxic garbage.  And since they are unregulated, they can do this in a very nasty way.


Probiotics – Financially Motivated Health Scam or Beneficial Bug?

In the June 7, 2010 article, “Snake Oil in Your Snacks. Food Masquerading as Drugs Have Become a $160 Billion Business,” Matthew Herper and Rebecca Ruiz of Forbes says that the world’s biggest food companies are stuffing foods full of beneficial bacteria promising to, “boost immunity; protect your heart and digestive system and help you sleep.”


See?  Simple foods anyone can produce—I have done it!—are turned into ‘medicine’ which then is compressed in factories into pills or injected, again, in factories, into all sorts of foods.  For example, I have and can bake pro-biotic cookies.  That is, I use yogurt in the cookie dough.  Easy to do.  But will this be ‘probiotic’?  I don’t know if it makes the slightest difference but I like the TASTE so I do it for that reason.


People ate my cookies because they liked them.  Cooking with good ingredients is good!  But injecting this stuff as it is produced in a factory is not good.  If people want health, they have to cook from scratch.  Not buy billions in manufactured foods that make ridiculous health claims.


Herper and Ruiz also claim that these large companies are funding, “often deliberately vague” clinical research to justify health claims and to “blur the line between nutrition and medicine.” Steven Nissen, head of cardiology at the Cleveland clinic told Forbes that most claims are “completely unsubstantiated.”


Another paradox here: ‘holistic’ medical people decry modern science while hitchhiking on the back of modern science.  Using the systems for refining stuff, the factories and the injection methods, they ape modern medicine all the way down the line but do this unscientifically, that is, with often zero proof what they are doing is good or bad or indifferent.  One thing it is: expensive!  They prey on people’s trust, telling them to fear ‘big Pharma’ while luring the poor saps into an identical but more dangerous ‘big Pharma’ production system.


Thomas Pirko of Bevmark, a consulting company with clients such as Kraft, Nestle and Coke adds that, “If you find the perfect additive, you get rich.” The Forbes article continues to cite reputable sources and renowned physicists such as Daniel Merenstein of Georgetown University who points out that if drug companies made such claims without sufficient evidence, they would be fined.


The big manufacturing powers who happen to include the ‘holistic’ health factories LOVE additives.  They LOVE supplements.


The National Institutes of Health, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, NCCAM, says that there is limited available data or clinical research to support probiotic therapy. Furthermore, it says that, “Effects found from one species or strain of probiotics do not necessarily hold true for others, or even for different preparations of the same species or strain.” This is despite, “American spending on probiotic supplements,” having “nearly tripled from 1994 to 2003.”


ΩΩThis is the latest health fad.  Graham crackers were a holistic health fad, for example.  Now, it is just another food.  With additives, of course.  Fads are fun but even if there is some basis in science, this doesn’t mean it carries through to the additive market.  Stupid things are injected or mixed into everything we eat in order for the sellers to put up ads yelling, ‘This comes with the latest additive that will make you healthy!’  The best food is the least processed and if you grow it yourself.  But people can live long lives eating garbage!  We are garbage guts. That is, we evolved from eating specific things such as insect larva and fruits to eating EVERYTHING we can get our hands on!


ΩΩLiterally, we can be cannibals and survive.  We can literally eat dirt and survive for a while.  We ranged about the world, stuffing nearly every possible thing into our mouths, things that fly, swim, run, plants, insects, animals, tubulars dug up from the earth, seeds, whatever.  Few animals on earth eat EVERYTHING but humans can and will eat….EVERYTHING. And we survived while doing this, indeed, this is why we now are a major, major biomass on earth!


ΩΩThe phobias and ticks about foods we eat is coupled with the massive growth of sweetened foods that is causing an obesity epidemic in modern cities.  While the ‘whole foods’ movement is equally delusional worried about eating this thing or that thing while consuming some of the move vile tasting garbage.  My mother-in-law nearly died this year.  Her sweet friends are now coming over with ‘probiotic’ stuff which is disgusting to smell or drink.  One ‘health drink’ claimed to be ‘pro-biotic’ and it was fermented berries!  Ie: alcoholic.  Tasted like cough syrup.


ΩΩWine was an early ‘medicine’ and was consumed in small quantities until the technology of growing and pressing wines improved and then the Minoan empire had huge wine vats and this led to the creation of the god, Dionysius who got roaring drunk and drinking too much wine is not good for your health and gets you into lots of social trouble so the ancient people made this into a religion, of course.  Ahem.  Humans are funny as hell sometimes!  We love experimenting with stuff and when it proves to be good, we go overboard and it becomes bad.  This is the whole infinity/zero business.  We always do to much of everything.  It is our natures to do this.

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51 responses to “Holistic Medicine Is Also Big Pharma Profits

  1. JSmith

    Oh, God… here we go again.

    Who’ s going to pitch a bitch first – Lovering? Probably.

    Have fun, Elaine!

  2. emsnews

    He peddles a typical magic cure which requires ingesting something horrible. I believe humans need to have medicine taste terrible in order to get the sense of being ‘cured’. Nearly all alcohols were ‘medicines’ before they became addictions. Ever taste scotch? Yuck. Beer is yucky, too. But we like the buzz so we drink it anyway. This is probably why beer has bitters as part of the recipe.

  3. leavingtheoffice

    I love your attitude about food. People I work with sneer at me because I eat raw nuts and pieces of fruit rather than donuts and cookies on my coffee breaks. Eating lots of foods that have not been altered by processing is a far better idea than eating crap that has supposedly healthy additives like pro-biotics. The paleo food movement might be the most rational fad of them all.

  4. melponeme_k

    I eat yogurt not for it’s supposed health benefits but because it tastes good. I get the thick, whole milk, Greek type. Its like eating a piece of heaven and one of the few foods that doesn’t cause GERD symptoms for me. Believe me, a person’s relation to food changes a lot when one is grateful for simply being able to eat without pain.

    I had a cat who loved yogurt. He would only eat the whole milk kind, he hated the low fat concoctions. When I tried to share the low fat types with him, he would look at me shocked almost accusing me of poisoning him.

    I had the H1N1 vaccine when the NY CDC gave them out near me. It was easy, they only wanted assurances that you were lived or worked with young children or the elderly. Then a quick jab and it was over. What was upsetting was that vaccination area was practically empty. And it was set up for a huge crowds too. They expected a run for the shots but instead the anti-vacc people had done their horrible work. I suppose we are lucky that enough people did get the shots to improve crowd immunity.

  5. Rex Caruthers

    I was the owner of a Medical Business,and my clients were physicians. What I learned from many MDs is that Physicians,in general, don’t immunize their kids,particularly disliked is the pertussis vaccine.


    ELAINE: That is false. If so, we would have doctors spreading huge epidemics of this disease which can be silently carried by adults all over the place. Doctors are a very important disease vector.

  6. JT

    “Everything, but with moderation.”

    Long life tip from;
    Arvo Henrik Ylppo (1887-1992)


  7. professacatapillar

    Hey there Elaine,

    First time commenting, though I’ve read you for years now. I love you and appreciate you in so many ways. But I don’t always agree with your views on “science” and “modern medicine”. Sometimes you make sweeping generalizations in these regards. Some issues may indeed be “black and white”, but sometimes also there are “shades of grey”, where an understanding of context and circumstances are required. (Which is kind of interesting because on most issues, you are so very sharp on context and circumstances surrounding issues.)

    There are various streams and factions in the so-called “holistic” community. There is indeed the supplement “pill-pusher” crowd out there, very much influenced by hollywood media propaganda flowing through their televisions and computers, buying all the latest fad “health” industrial products and programs. There’s also the vegan crowd and the vegetarians, some plugged into middle-class propaganda and media, and others more on the “hippie” side of life without TV’s and embracing do-it-yourself simplicity, growing gardens, and making hands on food stuff like seed yogurt and sauerkraut, etc. (Among them you have the raw-fooders, the yoga community folks, the fruitarian sorts, the tofu crowd and others.) There are of course over-laps among many of these groups.

    The “holistic” consciousness movement that I personally find the most rational, the most rooted in “common sense”, the most tried and true in historical tradition, is the “nourishing traditions” movement based on the teachings of Weston Price, who was a dentist in the ’30’s, who with his wife traveled all around the world investigating the last groups of healthy traditional peoples whose diets had not yet been assaulted by the “displacing foods of modern civilization”. The information is amazing, and the current movement that embraces this wisdom is dynamic, compassionate, rational and most relevant in this planetary emergency which we all face. It is the wisdom revealed in the recent popular documentary “Food Inc.”, also such books as Sally Fallon’s “Nourishing Traditions”, Dr. Thomas Cowan’s “The Four-fold Path To Healing”, Nora Gedgaudas’ “Primal Body, Primal Mind”, and the amazing “The Vegetarian Myth”, by Lierre Keith, (which I’m almost finished reading right now), among many others. Polyculture perennial farming such as Joel Salatin’s Polyface farm, where plants, grasses and animals all are in the service of building soil, the foundation of all life, is the real “hope and change” as far as I’m concerned.

    Thanks Elaine, for all of your efforts and the wisdom that flows, for the most part, through your writings and musings. I’ve learned alot from you. Many blessings. Peace.

  8. Chorddog

    Elaine, I agree with you, but I think that you overstated your point.

    Firstly, since you mentioned Poland, my wife is Polish (from Poland, not like you’re Nordic).

    There, people certainly accept vaccines and modern medicine, but they also see value in natural medicinals, what you call “hocus-pocus”.

    Certain herbal teas or plant-based treatments do work, and your ancestors probably used them, too.

    Secondly, these natural remedies have been suppressed by the Big Pharma in the U.S. and Western Europe, to enhance profits.
    In the same vein, the tobacco industry actually tauted the health benefits of smoking cigarettes.
    I watched a commercial on television from 1960 where Mike Wallace explained that Lucky Strikes can “sooth a sore throat”.

    To “melponeme_k”, I think that the swine flu vaccine is a perfect example of corporate greed capitalizing on public fear.
    Three multinational drug companies colluded to sell an unnessesary drug to government agencies and ministries. Hundreds of million of dollars in profits in a very short time.
    In fact, the Health Minister of Poland became a bit of a folk hero in the U.S. when she refused to allocate money and purchase the Swine Flu vaccine for the Polish people.
    Her speech before the Polish Sejm is on Youtube.
    Guess what, NO Swine Flu outbreak in Poland. That’s some good hocus pocus, Elaine.

    Never forget the famous line from the “RUSH” song,
    “…Big Money, Got No Soul.”

    Elaine, you are correct though, that many “anti-vaccine” groups go too far. There are too many people moving all over this planet. It is way beyond a “natural situation”. Serious diseases need strong lab-created treatments, unless we want nature to take its course and wipe out huge swathes of population “naturally”.

  9. Dibbles

    But but but but the Human Genome Project is a Socialist plot! It’s funded by the government! By the .U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health.

    OK sarcasm off now.

  10. Dibbles

    “We live in a society, not as atomized individuals.”

    Can someone please explain this to knuckle-head libertarians?


    I think there is a mistrust of medical/healthcare advancement because it has become primarily profit-driven. All associated costs have exploded beyond people’s ability to comfortably pay, even with health insurance. And too often medical assistance has marginal personal success at a time in our history when miracles truly seem within human capability and control. I think cynicism turns people toward more affordable alternatives. If healthcare’s primary reason for existing were to genuinely become for healthcare of the individual and society (rather than $), I think trust in the system would return with great success and achievement for all parties concerned. Non-profit organizations can still generate great wealth, and return decision-making control to the rightful participants.

    Another potential for great scientific/medical achievement is the use of Mitochondrial DNA. It tracks maternal lineage going back millenia and can identify medical ailments specific to ancestral groupings.


    “I firmly believe that humans have a very powerful death wish built into our psyches…”

    I believe modern man has a fascination with death. I think war is a desire to avoid death by imposing it on others. A sense of mastery. A refusal to accept our own mortality. Fear-based. (Religion, too, peddles “eternal life”.) Cannibals and primitive peoples shared a belief that eating the parts and organs of their opponents transfered, to them, symbolic powers they admired in their competitors.

    “We are fascinated by extinction events even as we mindlessly kill off many species due to human overpopulation.”

    Because we have become so removed from our inclusion in nature. We fail to grasp our dependence on nature for our very survival. Again hubris and religion has seduced us into “believing” we have conquered nature – that we are superior and detached from all other life.

  11. nah

    vaccination/modern medicine has probably saved a billion or more souls
    still i never go to the doctor till it hurts… me thinks me heart and blood grows better stronger learning virus and bacteria…
    hell same with the dentist if you floss,brush,mouthwash with all the flouride/tartar chemcoctails you shouldnt need to so much
    at some point dogs can eat their own poop and stomach plastic and rotten food for the purpose of survival
    cooking/vaccine/society only makes us smarter than dogs
    whats in it

  12. I enjoyed this post, Elaine. You have a lot to teach and have really grabbed life by the horns; and I’ve been such and endless city dweller. I’d like to try some of that do-it-from-scratch stuff before I get much older.

    And I agree with you about the value of vaccinations and accepting medical technologies that improve life for all. But I think Western medicine should be more inclusive and incorporate herbal medicines from the Chinese, and from other native medicinal sources.

  13. emsnews

    Herbs are part of ‘food’. What do we think salt, pepper and spices are? They, too are ‘food’. All food is ‘medicine’ in that we love having all of this food due to evolving into omnivores long ago. Indeed, the road to omnivorism began with knacking stones and controlling fires. Once we did that, we could and did experiment with eating nearly everything.

    And we can survive doing this! Quite well, as we see with the WIDE variety of diets across the planet. Except if you try to survive on say, McDonald’s food only. Heh. The famous movie, ‘Super Size Me’ is available on Hulu, by the way.

    Eating crap is bad. Eating food that is natural as possible is good. We evolved cooking some things, eating other things raw and pickling stuff including putting things in pots and letting them ferment.

    All these things are also bad for us. Just as my horses and cows would get very ill and even lame if they eat lots of corn after breaking into a corn field or into an orchard, so can humans. We have to restrain our eating.

    My point here is, ‘holistic’ medicine ignores germs nearly totally. Eating whatever in whatever way will do virtually nothing to protect you from the Viral Empire which doesn’t give a hoot, what you eat, your body is so much flesh to colonize, the healthier, the better!

    Very healthy people have been killed by germs! This is the evolutionary nature of germs. Just like a virus killed all the healthy elm trees in America, annihilating them totally. I wish my elms were saved by vaccinations! Alas.

  14. Dibbles

    I wish I could send you my elms. I have two very old gigantic elms that I will have to hire someone to remove. They present danger in windstorms.

    Just an interesting tidbit – In medieval times “witches” were old crones that practiced herbal medicine. They knew the medicinal uses of plant life. This was considered heresy…cavorting with the devil. Man was considered too far above nature to cooperate. I personally think it was the church’s way to rip-off and monopolize nature’s gifts, and practice theurgical hocus pocus.


    ELAINE: At no point in time, throughout all human history and evolution, could any herbs or medicines stop viral epidemics. Until vaccines came along.

  15. g.t. gordon

    see web on vaccine “courts” + preservatives,
    useful in 3rd world w/out refrigeration,
    Whats the practical limit on number of
    jabs before a certain age>?

  16. meadows

    I make my own cider from apples I collect from neighbor’s back yards for free, I trade them in cider. I drink buckets of the stuff in “hard” form, which was the only cider any early american drank! due to dangerous bacteria in the sweet cider. (ecoli) Whole families tipsy at lunch and dinner, even breakfast.

    Temperance and German factory beer-making systems put a stop to it in the mid 1800’s and vast orchards were cut down in the Northeast, especially.

    I am of the biased opinion that “natural” hard cider is great stuff…


    ELAINE: Johnny Appleseed was all about a religious pacifist who went around early America, planting apple trees and telling people about the health benefits from storing apples. You don’t have to turn them into hard cider to store apples. A root cellar does the job just fine if you store them on sand. I had zero refrigeration for 10 years. I had a root cellar.

    I used to joke that the refrigerator turned on in November and off in March.

  17. nah

    by tahoebumsmith
    on Fri, 06/25/2010 – 16:09

    It is very obvious that this is the case as now they have the containment cap half way off to allow more flow from the bop. There is no doubt that they are trying to conceal the extent of this leak. Just look for yourself at the live feed, the gusher is twice as much and they are vigourously pumping the Corexit 9500 at much higher rates into the gusher to allow the oil to stay submerged. With the bop now tilting at a 14 degree angle I would expect it will not be long before the whole thing collapses and creates a bigger problem. My guess is we will see another address from the oval office possibly after the 4th of July weekend revealing the true extent of the situation. Why the government would try and cover up the extent of this to protect their political positions is alarming.The fact that they have not allowed any other countries to help makes it clear that they do not want anybody else to discover what they know. This should be treated as a war, as if there was a nuclear threat being staged against the Gulf and every piece of information should be public to protect the people that live in this region and the rest of the country for that matter.
    MSM is doing a horrible job at letting people in on this monumental dirty secret… people need to be concerned with alot more than pumping oil… toxic goo for the foreseeable future and then what, panic on the southern coastline? the whole country? BP failed like what 6times to seal the deal, we are in deep water and drilling for oil wont fix anything… ignoring the magnitude of destruction to EVERYTHING US is unconscionable but it appears that is what the MSM is all about… stupid do nothing couch potatoes in oil denial…
    lots of important things dont need oil at all… and it would appear that a good deal of our national heritage that doesnt need oil is about to disappear/die/poison/void our reality
    and were totally in oil mode still in the MSM birds are dying crabs are dying dolphins are dying thats the catastrophe…. NOTHING ABOUT OIL ROTTING THE CORE of the south and how we need to get beyond peak oil
    P E A K O I L man once is ENOUGH

  18. nah

    if its so not a big deal why dont we just nuke the cities in the Gulf every 60yrs… no big deal rite
    look there is no built in safety on these wells no matter what anyone says… if it goes boom IT GOES BOOM 100%+ that is insane risk
    and really regardless of what the oil deniers claim the geologists are at best guessing best case scenarios ALL THE TIME… noone was prepared not even the US Govt. and there handing out permits on these weapons of mass destruction??? and i need to be subjected to the patriot act???
    there is no rational way we can close our eyes about the failure inherent next-gen wells and modern bailout captured government… MSM wake up analyze more than official statements this is the USA we are talking about
    wonders why we dont use nuclear as much as the MSM keeps a hat on this all out meltdown…. big oil maybe realized they couldn’t compete against the price structure/investment category
    this is sick

  19. nah

    rap is full of crazy people

  20. Colin

    “The phobias and ticks about foods we eat is coupled with the massive growth…”

    Woha! My advice is to give up right now, food taboos are the basis of most magical systems, reason will not be argued with these people:

    Always remember the story of how we got the word TABOO. When Captain Cook first discovered The South Sea Islanders all the women on the island ran to his crew on the beach and began trying to have sex with them, right then and there, before they even knew who they where. “What a strange and liberated people we have discovered,” wrote Cook in his journal.

    But they weren’t at all, it’s just that their religious beliefs obcessed over food, like ours obcess over sex. So when the islanders saw one of ships crew eating an bannana, they went crazy! Running everwhere shouting TABOO (that’s where we get the word) and demanding human sacrifices, to purify them.

    Cook when to try and thrash out the diplomatic incident with the island’s cheiftan. Where the cheiftan told him “Eating food is the worst possible sin”. Curious, thought Cook and asked, “but don’t your people need to eat food to survive?”

    “No,” replied the chieftan, “we survive on pure spiritual energy sent from the gods; we need no food.”

    Cook reflected on what the chieftan had said and thought, A: clearly you’re lying, and B: you’re a wacko. But he was outnumbered so he ordered his crew to immitate the same religious hippocrisy as the natives by pubically declaing that they never ate food, while having as much food as they liked in private.

    There are three lesons:
    one, being a tourist teaches you what wackos people really are,
    two, religious people are constantly lying through their back-teeth,
    three, some people are as weird about food as they are about sex.

    So good luck dealing with the probiotic – geen food – free range crowd… coz you’ll get more sense from out of an Ayatollah.

  21. Colin

    Oh, and just to remind people what a reasonable man the Ayatollah is:

    While claming he was allah’s represntive on earth he wrote a comentary on the Koran:

    “if your husband regularly sodomises camels, it is lamentable but not grounds for divorce; if he sodomises his brother in law, it is grounds for divorce.”


    The mind boggles


    ELAINE: It is good to know that camel sex is OK. I have worked with camels. How one can do this baffles me. Unless it is with a baby camel. Camels not only bite, they are tall. And kick pretty good, too.

  22. nah

    Disturbing evidence is mounting that something frightening is happening deep under the waters of the Gulf of Mexico—something far worse than the BP oil gusher.

    Warnings were raised as long as a year before the Deepwater Horizon disaster that the area of seabed chosen by the BP geologists might be unstable, or worse, inherently dangerous.

    What makes the location that Transocean chose potentially far riskier than other potential oil deposits located at other regions of the Gulf?

    It can be summed up with two words: methane gas.

    According to worried geologists, the first signs that the methane may burst its way through the bottom of the ocean would be fissures or cracks appearing on the ocean floor near the damaged well head.

    With the emerging evidence of fissures, the quiet fear now is the methane bubble rupturing the seabed and exploding into the Gulf waters. If the bubble escapes, every ship, drilling rig and structure within the region of the bubble will instantaneously sink. All the workers, engineers, Coast Guard personnel and marine biologists measuring the oil plumes’ advance will instantly perish.

    The burgeoning methane gas cloud will surface, killing everything it touches, and set off a supersonic tsunami with the wave travelling somewhere between 400 to 600 miles per hour.

    While the entire Gulf coastline is vulnerable, the state most exposed to the fury of a supersonic wave towering 150 to 200 feet or more is Florida. The Sunshine State only averages about 100 feet above sea level with much of the coastline and lowlands and swamps near zero elevation.
    probably debatable by the oil companies, but what are we doing… the end game is humiliation in the name of oil life be damned… oil is a commodity we use as a tool, life is more flexible and immensely more difficult to replace human or otherwise… these cities/ports can become the worlds ‘greatest disgrace in history’
    the Governor of Louisiana wants more oil drilling for 1 more quick fix…. im becoming convinced that the world infact is full of the same ever higher spiral of ignorance that some easy out provides the moneyed few
    change is not required… there is plenty of energy to deplete, this is about investment risk/reward
    fascism is not capitalism cuz the banks say so

  23. larry, dfh

    Viruses are NOT alive.
    It would seem that the for-profit nature of all our society is largely to blame for the fucked-up public health system that we have. What you say about ‘mental illness’ is a prime example. Insurance only pays for a couple of visits, so shrinks are reduced to pushing pills, pills with vastly underestimated side-effects. And the for-profit nature of big-pharma leads to their deceptive marketing of these drugs, and their over-prescription and lack of monitoring. I fully understand that people like to get stupified now and then, but big pharma wants a large segment of the population to be lit 24/7, and they’ve had the regulations written so that can occur. But the people that actually need help are left hanging. It’s pretty disgusting, really.


    ELAINE: Viruses have ‘life’ on their own very ancient terms. They can grow DIRECTLY in the right environments such as in water bubbling out of volcanic vents, for example, under the oceans or in places like Yellowstone. It is just that the earth has evolved and changed and isn’t like it was when sulfur rained down. Viruses love sulfur! So they moved ‘indoors’ into living things and hike around, multiplying there instead of mostly ‘outside’. We are their vessels.

    And the deceptions of the stupid ‘holistic’ drug makers is tremendous: they lie about nearly everything. They are fakers. They pretend they have cures when they have no cures. This is criminal.

  24. nah

    Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s took his punishment like a proud soldier. He didn’t point fingers or claim that he was unfairly ambushed by Michael Hastings, the Rolling Stone journalist who he allowed into his inner circle. But now, after the President Obama summarily relieved Gen. McChrystal of duty, the military command is contending that Hastings quoted conversations that were off-the-record.
    way to go boss… its Obama’s show and for better or worse hes in it to win it…
    1 $trillion in dirt… and id bet your hard pressed to find an afghan that has the same perception of law/nations as yer’ US citizen counterpart… as i see it theres not much in Afghanistan if the folks living there are molds of themselves…
    they may hate to hear it but education has alot to do with Afghan access to trade and materiel with our without the Americans… mullahs dont make the world go round, science does Boi.

  25. nah

    Defeat of jobs bill in Senate costly to California
    NOW let the ‘taxes are the lowest in the developed world’ crowd raise taxes!!! we need a test ground for overbearing government come round to its own altar of greed n’ blame
    california always gets credit for being ‘modern’… well ive been there and let me tell you they have INSAINE taxes/regulation/taxes… as i see it its about time the legislature did something about the stuuuupid system of government they got going on down there
    like GET STUPID

  26. nah

    They chanted, “Hey, hey, ho, ho. Sarah Palin’s got to go,” and held signs with such slogans as “We’d rather have Tina Fey,” in protest of Palin’s visit.

    “This is a campus with many Latinos, African Americans and Asians, and to invite someone affiliated with the ‘tea party’ is a slap in the face to students,” said Melina Juarez, 23, a political science major.
    what the anti-tea party are a bunch of ‘plugged in’ multicultural xenophobes turned off by sarah palin??? W T F
    um, like sarah palin is dumb… duh… the tea party is like, so out of touch oh my GOD… sec’ imna’ text my bff brb
    sarah palin is a dingbat and the teaparty let her use them for millions in cash… DOWN WITH THE TEA PARTY

  27. wb

    John Michael Greer on the ending of industrial soceity

  28. wb

    I think that anybody who has studied the record of conduct of Big Pharma and still trusts them, is crazy. I say that as someone who depends everyday on one of their products. So, I’m grateful. Without it, I wouldn’t have a life.

    But, seems to me, this whole edifice of corporations and industrial civilization built upon petrochemicals is on the brink of collapse, so there may no longer be a choice, there may be no more high tech medical services available to the wealthy anymore, it maybe that folk remedies will be all that’s left, just as it is now in many very poor countries. Heck, I knew of an old man in Arizona, a couple of years back, with skin cancer on his face, who treated it with BUTTER, because he couldn’t afford the sort of treatment that would be provided in the Britain FREE, under the National Health Service.

    Everybody pays so much attention to the economic situation, to the political situation, to the cultural situation, but, really, those things don’t matter much, because, as the ecology of the planet collapses, and there’s no clean water to drink, no food fit to eat, and climate change makes much of the planet uninhabitable, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse are going to take care of everything for you, just as they always did in the past…



    ELAINE: Anyone who studies the fake medicines peddled by the alternative medical community also should be disgusted. Why do people freak out about ‘big Pharma’ lies while accepting, wholesale, even stupider lies by ‘alternative medicine’ people? Can’t you see the obvious here?

  29. wb

    “A whole bunch of American ships are headed to Iran, including one aircraft carrier. Some claim this deployment is “normal”, while others think it might be the first move in a U.S. offensive against Iran, either actual or diplomatic.
    From the Iranians’ point of view, there’s only one way to look at this deployment: As another provocation.”


  30. wb

    “Amitai Etzioni, professor of International Relations at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., believes the only option available to contain Iran’s atomic ambitions is a series of assaults on its non-nuclear facilities.”


  31. TweedleDeeDumb

    The human being is spirit, soul, and body.

    Doctors actually “heal” nothing.

    This is easily demonstrated with a laceration applied to a dead man’s arm.
    Regardless of medication, and the chemistry present, healing won’t take place…

    ..the spiritual base is gone.

    Two things are infallible fact in the human body..

    1) God both creates AND sustains living cells.

    2) Because of the Fall (spiritual cause), aging and death will take place. A plethora of “goodies” can be provided to assist, as cellular degenerative processes become evident.

    BECAUSE of God, living cells with the skull of an atheist Doctor, is made possible.

    Should he/she deny this, truth is denied.

    However, this in no way forbids the clinic, to bill Medicare for the visit, while holding erroneous positions about the human body.

    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    The same was in the beginning with God.
    All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” Jn. 1:1-3

  32. Rex Caruthers

    ELAINE: That is false. If so, we would have doctors spreading huge epidemics of this disease which can be silently carried by adults all over the place. Doctors are a very important disease vector

    Doctors are 100% compliant in pushing vaccines on their patients,they are quite cautious about their own children especially Neurologists who are are scared s=====ss about vaccines.

  33. PLovering

    JSmith, “Oh, God… here we go again. Who’ s going to pitch a bitch first – Lovering? ”

    Vaccines were invented by Jazis for profit and depopulation. And for pseudo-science idiots.



    ELAINE: Since vaccinations have helped around a billion people to exist, I guess this is the worst failure on earth, eh? Better check your sanity in a mirror, Plovering.

  34. larry, dfh

    No they can’t. You’re describing thermophilic bacteria, which are considered archibacteria, in reference to their very early origins. Viruses came about AFTER life. They require the mechanistic aspects of living organisms to proliferate. They have no metabolic capabilities, that is why they are always grown in living medium (i.e. living eggs, cows, sheep). They do not ‘eat’, they have no food sources. They hi-jack the life-mechanisms of their host. They are little parcels from living systems which successfully ‘got away’. It is maybe more appropriate to look at viruses in strictly mathematical terms, in terms of statistics and probability.

  35. PLovering

    @Larry, “It is maybe more appropriate to look at viruses in strictly mathematical terms, in terms of statistics and probability.”

    I look at viruses in terms of colloidal silver.

    CS kills all viruses.


  36. emsnews

    Kills humans, too.

  37. Joe

    Colloidal Silver works incredibly well.

    You really out to give up this subject matter again Elaine.

    You lose lots of credibility


    ELAINE: Really? HAHAHA. Right. Look, it has ZERO credibility except for one purpose: to kill germs on the skin. Not good if you eat it. Not good at all. Anyone peddling this for digestion is deluded.

  38. emsnews

    View a silver colored man suffering from the quack colloidal silver ‘medicine’.

    Funny enough, this poor sap thinks his ‘medicine’ is good and he turned blue because he rubbed some on his skin. I know for a fact that rubbing in this stuff does nothing like this. He is delusional.

  39. JSmith

    What do you know – Lovering didn’t make an appearance until post 36.

    “CS kills all viruses.”

    It kills all credibility, too; whenever someone says “colloidal silver” you know you’re dealing with a crank.

  40. emsnews

    Maybe we are viruses. Hell, we have many viruses inside our digestive system and if they are all killed, we die. Same with all animals.

  41. PLovering

    Aluminum serves no purpose in the human body.

    If fact, aluminum is toxic as hell … like thickens your blood and compromises your immune system. Google search this matter for thousands of confirmations.

    So what do the Jazis inject with most of their vaccines? Aluminum sulfate !!!

    Vaccines are slow death. Vaccines cripple and kill many more people than they save.

    Gulf War Syndrome, caused by adjuvant “Squalene” in anthrax vaccines, afflicts 250,000 US soldiers.


  42. PLovering


    Blue Man Fraud



    ELAINE: You are impervious to any incoming data.

  43. JSmith

    Who’s going to believe anything from colloids-dot-com?

  44. PLovering

    Vaccines are worse than useless.

    Not only will the viruses in the vaccine shot live on in your body forever, but so will the the other 13 toxic ingredients.

    The correlation between vaccines and cancer borders on mathematical certainty.

    Vaccines are a major force in the Jazi depopulation program.


  45. It’s a good idea to hand sanitizer to carry with you at all times. When you meet someone who wants to keep the baby, you can always ask to use the first vacuum cleaner. Most people will understand and enjoyable. Take baby wipes with you so you can wipe the baby’s face and hands after someone touches him.
    Be aware of anyone who sounds like a cold or sniffles. You are only to protect your toddler.

  46. some of the health foods that i always eat are those gluten free foods”-*

  47. health foods that are organice and have natural source should be the stuff that we should take :~~

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