Obama Surrenders To AIPAC, Petraeus Chooses Brutal Suppression

As I feared, Obama is moving rapidly into far, far rightwing territory when it comes to religious warfare across the entire planet.  AIPAC has warned Obama, he is their puppet every much as the President of Egypt is controlled by them.  Our invasion of Afghanistan is no longer even going to pretend to be all about winning ‘hearts and minds’ but rather, will be an endless mindless hate-filled grinding colonialist war aimed at crushing the tribes there.  We are on the road to WWIII.  All hopes for a sane foreign policy is now going up in literal flames.


ΩΩGen David Petraeus to review ‘courageous restraint’ – Telegraph:  It appears that McCrystal was trying the old ‘winning hearts and minds’ scheme which always fails since nothing loses hearts or changes minds more than alien foreign invaders coming in and trashing everything and attacking everyone as if they are cops patrolling inner city blacks here at home…ahem.  We are imposing our own sense of what is right and wrong on an alien culture with a ferocious reputation of resisting and hating anyone who tries to impose foreign rules on them.  The folly involved here is beyond obvious.  It is funny except people are dying thanks to this insane invasion.


ΩΩWars are won by butchering lots of people.  The noble idea that armies should butcher only each other is a farce since all colonialist ventures involve butchering lots and lots of poorly-armed, barely organized natives who often live in very primitive cultures.  The bloody nature of all colonialist imperial ventures means disguising the truth of this butchering of poorly armed natives.  The reason we have to disguise our disgusting actions is simple: they are war crimes.  We hung other imperial leaders for doing the exact same things.  So we have to pretend all of the dead civilians are actually ‘accidents’.  We can’t cover the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki or the firebombing of Tokyo and Dresden with the mantle of ‘accidents’ but we justify those slaughters of the innocent as the only way we could end WWII.


ΩΩOf course, we promised no more wars after these crimes!  And then…well, it is a very bloody history, isn’t it?  The pretense we are going in to save the Afghanis from the Taliban is falling apart rapidly.  The war we are waging is tribal warfare of the worst sort.  We arm and protect some tribal warlords who then merrily butcher their local enemies and vis versa.  We never brought peace and plenty at all but we spread out plenty of pieces of loot for the warlords!  They love us!  We take all the blame and do most of the killing while they roll in the hay.  Meanwhile, the civilians resisting us dig in for a long stretch of guerilla warfare.


ΩΩ4 Americans killed in Afghanistan – CNN.com: the dead bodies pile up.  Back when Bush launched this insane war, he decreed that no photographers or reporters could witness the return of bodies of dead soldiers.  They were brought in at night and a huge mortuary was built in Maryland to receive the bodies.  Back during the Vietnam War, people flying on planes for business or fun would sometimes see coffins of dead soldiers being flown to various hometowns.  The US government didn’t want this to happen this time so the entire process is cloaked in darkness.  Blissfully, the empire’s populace could go on vacation and not see the dirty side of grinding, long wars.


ΩΩMcCrystal was a total failure.  So now we have the Pentagon doing the ‘let’s just butcher all the civilians and get it over with’ gambit.  To hell with any pretense of being civilized.  We will go Mongol.  McChrystal Banned Fox News From Headquarters: Marc Ambinder: this amused me.  McCrystal was part of the COIN operation which was devised by warmongering liberals who wanted a war but wanted to be nice about it.  The military attracts right wingers who itch to kill aliens and fellow citizens of the wrong political leanings.  Killing ‘towel heads’ and mocking gays is all part of the rightwing culture.  The attempts at giving gays their full civil rights within the military has caused tremendous rage there.  These people are proto-Taliban, themselves.  Many are Christian religious fanatics.


ΩΩThe concept of sending an army of gay-hating, End of Times Christian fanatics into Muslim Afghanistan is a nightmare policy and was doomed from day one.  Americans itched to pound to death someone after 9/11 and even though there was no direct connection between the Taliban and 9/11, they were conveniently nearly disarmed and were pinned down with a civil war and had no air force or navy and the army was just rag-tag tribalists who had little military training, so they were an obvious and easy target.


ΩΩFrantically, Bush and Cheney and the GOP worked very hard to blame Saddam, a total bystander, for 9/11.  But the Pentagon didn’t want to fight a real army, navy and air force so they waited two years while frantically forcing Saddam to disarm.  Only after the UN inspectors said he had no weapons, we attacked.  This act of aggressive cowardice will go down in history as one of the worst war crimes, right up there with Hitler’s invasion of Poland and the Japanese massacre of Nanking.


Petraeus to face soldier complaints over war rules | Antiwar Newswire

Crouched in a field of opium poppies, a young Marine lieutenant pleaded over the radio for an airstrike on a compound where he believed a sniper was firing at his troops. Request denied. Civilians might be inside and the Marines couldn’t see a muzzle flash to be absolutely sure the gunman was there.


The lieutenant’s frustration, witnessed by an Associated Press journalist in February in Marjah in southern Afghanistan, points to a Catch-22 dilemma facing the NATO force: how to protect troops against an enemy that lives — and fights — among the population without killing civilians and turning the people against the U.S.-led mission….


….”Winning hearts and minds in (counterinsurgency warfare) is a coldblooded thing,” McChrystal who was quoted in the article as telling an American soldier who expressed frustration about the rules. Trying to convince him, McChrystal said: “The Russians killed 1 million Afghans, and that didn’t work.  “To encourage that message, the command is considering presenting “Courageous Restraint Awards” to troops who displayed restraint in hostile situations.  “We routinely and systematically recognize valor, courage and effectiveness during kinetic combat operations,” the command said in a recent statement. “In a COIN campaign, however, it is critical to also recognize that sometimes the most effective bullet is the bullet not fired.”


ΩΩThe problem with this ‘war’ is the sad fact, it is not a war at all.  It is a revolt.  Throughout history, the only way to use the military to suppress any civilian revolt is to utterly crush the population.  Removal of whole populations such as when the Turks removed revolting Armenians which turned into a massive death march, or the Nazi-style punishing of civilians if any Germans were killed by killing 100 civilians for every German soldier and 3,000 civilians for every top Nazi assassinated, these killings do work on the short run, sort of.


ΩΩThe French battle for dominance in Algeria was extremely bloody.  The assassinations and counter-assassinations rolled onwards long after Algeria won independence and the French Foreign Legion was withdrawn.  These killings nearly ended the life of DeGaulle which was made into the movie, The_Day_of_the_Jackal.  Ending wars against civilians can lead to the various dirty fighting methods rebounding backwards to the home base of the imperial powers.  Civilian/military wars are filthy messes since the only way to win is usually to murder as many babies as possible or starve the rebel tribes or populations to the point, it is easier to remove them to ghettoes or reservations surrounded by military forces which disarm the rebel tribes.


ΩΩWe tried this in Vietnam, moving peasant natives into ‘hamlets’ surrounded by US troops.  This was a failure and made even more anger within the native population.  The only way an empire can hold onto a land with out committing much troops is to kill everyone and replace the population with people from the empire’s core such as how England colonized places like Australia or Tasmania (no Tasmanians survived this).  The US ‘Indian wars’ is all about how Afghani-style warrior tribal cultures could be defeated by modern military methods: surround the entire tribal encampment and then massacre them.  Both the US and England used the new tool, the machine gun, to mow down revolting natives.


ΩΩSo we will now see a green lighting of more war crimes.  So what, if civilians die?  The Jews always say this as they storm into civilian refugee camps!  They blame the civilians struggling against imperial colonialist powers which are displacing and crushing the civilians, of ‘hiding behind civilians’.  Of course, nearly all rebels against foreign military occupation ARE civilians!  Duh!  Once the invading European or American or Japanese power takes over, they disarm all people and everyone becomes a civilian!


ΩΩObama Disavows July 2011 Afghan Drawdown Date — News from Antiwar.com:  Warmongering Nobel Peace (sic) Prize winner Obama has to have secret deadlines for escaping this colonialist trap but can’t do it since the Pentagon sees Afghanistan as a perfect cash cow: they are not fighting a real war and this is hideously expensive and gives the Pentagon an excuse for open-ended spending.  Since 95% of the Pentagon’s staff is over here or safe on bases all over the planet in non-hostile territories (but the civilians in Okinawa want us gone!) so they don’t care if 5% or less of their mass are stuck in hell.  The rest of the Pentagon is in pig pork heaven!


ΩΩThe only way to win a colonialist war which aims at erasing a culture (yes, that is our goal in Afghanistan!) is to eliminate the culture’s people.  The Jews are busy trying to drive out and away or kill off the natives in the Holy Land, for example, and this is intimately tied into the Taliban’s battle with us: they see themselves as the outlaying force against the US/Israel/NATO empire which seeks to weaken and destroy Islam.  All of Obama’s professions of friendly relations with Muslims has turned into dirt and we are now in the process of dropping this mask and showing our real intentions: to eliminate Islam as a world force and to pen up Islam so it can’t stop the ethnic cleansing of the Israeli and American Jews.


ΩΩMuslim youths in Germany throw stones at Jewish street performers – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Jewish dancers staging a street performance in Hanover, Germany were attacked by a group of stone-throwing Muslim youths, German police said yesterday.


According to police, the assailants were young people of Lebanese, Palestinian and Iranian origin. They reportedly threw stones at the dancers and taunted them by yelling phrases like “Juden raus” (“Jews out” ). The performance had to be stopped, and two of the attackers – aged 14 and 19 – were arrested….Police noted this was the first anti-Semitic incident in Hanover this year to have been committed by someone other that right-wing extremists.


ΩΩNote how this story is told in the Jewish media:  ahem….a bunch of SEMITES in Germany throw stones at European Jews who are colonizing Palestine.  These natives of Palestine and neighboring Muslim countries who have been shoved out by colonialist wars (Lebanon has been repeatedly invaded by the Jews) and now live in Germany are the true Semites and their displacement happened during my lifetime, not at the beginning of the Roman Empire.  The Roman Empire scattered the Jews because…they revolted!  Whoops!  HAHAHA.  So, according to the European doctrine of conquering all lands and colonizing them, the Roman model is correct.  Revolting populations should be removed.  End of story.


ΩΩOf course, the Jews demanded the right to restart their state terminated by the Romans!  And the Semites being attacked by the very distant descendants of the displaced Jews have even more history on their own side: they are still there today!  And were there last year!!!  And it isn’t ‘anti-semitism’ for real live Semites to throw stones at a rival tribe trying to displace them!!!!  This is inter-tribal warfare.  European Jews invading the Middle East are extremely anti-Semitic: anyone who has the ‘hooked nose/black curly hair/brown skin’ Semitic characteristics are hated and attacked.


ΩΩMany Jews invading Palestine have the wrong colored hair, wrong noses, pale skins, etc.  If they do have genetically ‘hooked’ noses, many of the well off Jews fix this with nose jobs so they can look non-Semitic.  The dancing Jews in Germany believe firmly that the Palestinian Semites should be ‘raus’ from ‘Israel’ and even the Palestinian territories.  They think it is perfectly OK for Jews to displace Muslim natives.  Therefore, they deserve NO protection from protestors screaming ‘Get out of Germany’ since these dancers are not Germans, they are foreigners who are visiting Germany.  The Semites who are protesting have a right to yell about this for there are NO dancing Gazan Ghetto victims performing in Tel Aviv!


Trend News: Israel surprised by German minister criticism of Gaza travel ban

Israel reacted with surprise Sunday to criticism by German Development Minister Dirk Niebel, who said Israel had made a “large foreign policy mistake” by not allowing him to visit the Gaza Strip, DPA reported.  “There is a clear policy,” an Israeli Foreign Ministry official said. “We have explained that we do not allow the entry of foreign politicians to the Gaza Strip.”


The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the German Press Agency dpa that Israel feared the Islamist Hamas movement, which administers the coastal salient, would exploit visits by foreign politicians for propaganda purposes. This would also weaken the moderate, West Bank-based government of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, he said….Niebel had planned Saturday to visit a sewage plant financed by German development aid. He said Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip was “not a sign of strength, but evidence of unspoken fear.”


ΩΩTo keep the NATO alliance and the goodwill of the US and this means making AIPAC happy, Germany bends over backwards for Israel.  But it is increasingly impossible to do.  Irritation over the constant references to the Holocaust bothers Germans greatly.  Couple this with neo-Nazi Zionism and we get schizophrenic policies in Germany.  The Germans itch to denounce ethnic cleansing in Palestine…but rightwing Germans love Zionist ethnic cleansing!  This is because it justifies the activity.  And it legalizes Naziism.


ΩΩHow dare the Jews keep foreign diplomats out of Gaza!  This is ridiculous.  This is not a free sovereign nation being isolated by the Jews, it is occupied territory, a ghetto!  The Japanese and German governments of the 1930’s and 1940’s also refused to let diplomats into areas being ethnically cleansed.



Act of Vengeance

Israel’s Bombing of the Gaza Power Plant and its Effects


This infrastructure depends greatly on a continuous electricity supply for its key functions: extracting the water from the wells and placing it into the distribution system, pushing water from pipes to the upper floors of multi-storied buildings, and transferring dirty water from the houses and septic tanks to the sewage treatment plants.17

The treatment of sewage is even more reliant on a steady supply of electricity.


ΩΩThe US also bombed out sewage facilities in Iraq and Serbia and other places we attack.  Afghanistan has nothing to bomb.  We do this to cities in order to make the civilians suffer from diseases.  The Jews love to think of the Gaza Ghetto as ‘dirty’ just as the Nazi Germans wanted to make the Jews in Warsaw ‘dirty’.  Concentration camps were very deliberately made ‘dirty’ and the hope was, disease would kill off the pesky people inside.  Just like all the sewer systems in Iraq are STILL broken, the ones broken by the Israelis in Gaza remain broken and there are no plans to fix this.  The Germans are worried about being party to ethnic cleansing and are quite aware that the Gaza Ghetto is a mirror image of the Warsaw Ghetto.  So they want to make at least a stab at being humane.  But the Jews won’t let them.

ΩΩBack to our own Gaza project in Afghanistan:  Russia pushing for control of fuel supplies to crucial US airbase – Telegraph

The Russian and American governments are discussing a bilateral government deal, under which Russian state-controlled oil companies Rosneft and Gazpromneft would supply kerosene directly to the Manas Transit Centre, a crucial logistics hub for the war in Afghanistan.


ΩΩThe Russians who invaded Afghanistan only to see their bankrupt empire die must be doubled over with laughter every time they leave the room after making promises to the arrogant US military men and clueless US diplomats!  DUH!  Russians have long memories!  They know that they defeated Napoleon by dragging his entire invasion force to death deep inside of Russia.  They, not the US, defeated the  Germans on the ground and ground down the Nazi war machine.  They know the power of uprisings, this killed Russia!  And they want the US whittled down to size, too.  Ditto, China.  Getting the US to cease being a global imperial power is high on both empire’s agendas.


ΩΩRussia will control our fates because they control our energy systems there.  End of story.  We are so doomed. Gates: U.S. not ‘bogged down’ in Afghanistan – USATODAY.com: HAHAHA…I remember the Vietnam War.  Nixon’s secret plan to end the war was to make it three times bigger and threaten to nuke people in Asia!  We nearly had WWIII.  Suddenly, due to our collapsing economy, the sudden hike in oil prices due to Israeli/Muslim wars and the US hitting the Hubbert Oil Peak, the loss of the gold peg for the dollar, we ended up seeing Nixon suddenly running off to China to basically surrender.

ΩΩBBC News – Australia’s Gillard assures US over Afghan war backing:  The Aussies are spending less than 5% of the costs of this stupid war and are losing far fewer soldiers than the US so of course, the new warmongering prime minister wants to continue this.  The US loves those who engage in our military colonialist wars and so all trade partners pretend to be engaged in this goofy activity so even as Europe and Britain slash spending on their citizens, they still support this insane war that is a roaring failure.  The rise in civilian deaths as Bomb Bomb Obama goes full Nazi will be most unpopular with Europeans and Aussies but no one cares: the dead babies are foreigners we hate because we hate Muslims and are in a world-wide war to push Mohammed back into the closet we shoved him into with the defeat of the Turkish Ottoman Empire and its dismemberment…and the occupation of Pakistan/India/Malaysia/Indonesia after the Crimean war.


ΩΩClosing Guantánamo Fades as a Priority: Good lord, did we have an election????  So far, liberals are beyond scratching their heads.  I warned everyone that AIPAC’s claws are deeper in the Democratic Party compared to the Christian right wing End of Times GOP.  40% of the funds for the Dems comes from Jewish donors and this constrains Obama tremendously.  Even making a mouse peep about Jewish crimes on the high seas is forbidden.  He is being herded along the Zionist road which is a bloody highway to WWIII.  This is why he cannot run off to China to kiss Chairman Mao: the only people who can extract us from this hellish war are Muslim and the key state here is Turkey.


ΩΩWe are now verbally attacking Turkey after endorsing the murder of a US citizen whose parents are Turks.  That is, we are supporting the murder of even Americans who are in the presence of Turks being killed by European Jews!  This is not anti-semitism, the Turks are not Semites like the Palestinians, but it is religious warfare more like…Algeria when Catholic France was frantically trying to colonize.  Obama and his AIPAC crew are working very hard to herd Turkey into the anti-American Muslim camp.  A tremendous victory for the Muslim rebels!  Instead of spreading the US alliance, it is shrinking tremendously fast.


ΩΩThe US backing of any actions no matter how odious, done by Jews is killing our entire strategy to get the Muslims to love us and cooperate with us on ANYTHING on earth.  The cynical dictators of Saudi Arabia or Egypt still are in our camp but they sit on a volcano of domestic rage that is fueled by US/Israeli abuses.   The US cannot even mildly rebuke the Jews in Israel anymore!  This is ridiculous and will end badly, this is obvious.


Minister: Israel Won’t Hesitate to Use Force Against Lebanon in Gas Field Dispute — News from Antiwar.com

While Lebanon’s map of maritime claims is based on drawing a perpendicular line off the Mediterranean coast at the location of the border, which seems to be the usual practice, Israel’s map assumes that since its declared border juts off at an obtuse angle with Lebanon they can extend the line to claim “economic waters” even though they are off the Lebanese coast. Furthermore, Israel has never actually defined what they claim as their waters.


ΩΩThere is gas offshore of Gaza, too.  The Jews want that.  Whatever they want, they take using force, deception and a vicious disregard of anyone’s sovereignty or borders. That is, they don’t have borders!  They keep their borders fluid because they are like the Nazi Germans: the world is their oyster to be eaten when hungry. China: ‘East Turkistan’ terrorist ring smashed — Shanghai Daily | 上海日报 — English Window to China New

The group was involved in a 2008 attack targeting border police in China’s westernmost city of Kashgar in Xinjiang that killed 17 people and injured 15, ministry spokesman Wu Heping told a press conference in Beijing.


Also that year, the group detonated explosives in supermarkets, hotels and government buildings, killing two civilians and injuring two police officers in the region’s Kuqa County.


“The break-up of the major terrorist ring proves, once again, terrorist groups including the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement remain the principal terrorist threat facing China at present and in the near future,” Wu said.


ΩΩChina is maintaining its sovereignty.  It is a huge empire but not insidiously huge like the US/Israel empire.  The US encourages tribal fractionalism in China.  It fights it viciously in Afghanistan and Iraq except in Iraq, it encourages Kurdish tribal revolts against…the Iraqi puppet government and…TURKEY.  Turkey was once a huge empire which has been ruthlessly whittled down by Europe and the US until it is a rump state which we continue to dismantle.  Turkey recently flew into Iraqi space to bomb Kurdish rebels.  Instability is growing, not getting under control.


ΩΩWhile China asserts central authority over tribal areas, the Chinese are also intent on removing the US empire from its shores:  China concerns with Japan PM’s remarks

Kan made the remarks during a debate session with leaders of other parties Tuesday, when responding to questions on the Japan-US alliance. He also said he was “paying great attention to China’s burgeoning military power and thinking that we must watch out for it.”  Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told a regular news briefing that the Tokyo-Washington alliance, as a bilateral arrangement, should not exceed its bilateral scope and should not target any third country.


ΩΩLike Australia, Japan has a new prime minister without an election.  In Australia, it is due to taxes on mineral wealth.  In Japan, he replaced the old one when the old one gave in to US demands and imposed a continuing occupation of Okinawa which happens to be extremely unpopular there.  The new Japanese prime minister, like some previous ones, makes no bones about viewing China as a danger.  There are living Chinese who remember the brutal invasion and occupation of China by imperial Japanese troops who looted, raped and murdered many millions of Chinese civilians.  All Chinese soldiers who surrendered were murdered even more brutally than Russian troops were murdered by the Nazis.


ΩΩThe Japanese didn’t even pretend to put them in prison camps!  They were butchered on the spot.  China hasn’t forgotten this matter.  The Japanese paid no reparations, nothing happened to them, they became much richer afterwards as the US protected them and helped Japan rebuild.  Japan is at the heart of the US trade deficit since it operates in such a way, we can’t do much business there whereas they get an open door to our own economy.  This has pretty much destroyed our own economy and now China is doing this, too, but the government makes loud noises of stopping China but  not a peep about stopping Japan.   This is one of our many stupid schizoid policies.


Chinese rebut US jab at yuan — Shanghai Daily | 上海日报 — English Window to China New

CHINA yesterday rejected the latest US accusation that its currency is undervalued, saying a stronger yuan will not ease America’s yawning trade deficit as officials prepared to face off on the issue at the G20 Summit in Canada this weekend.


Ahead of the summit that brings together the biggest rich and developing economies, US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke told a Senate Finance Committee that the weak Chinese yuan continues to hurt American exports despite China’s announcement it would loosen its controls on the currency.


ΩΩThe US still refuses to hold huge FOREX money and thus, strengthen the yuan.  We want China to do something.  The yen is stronger again against the dollar but this is due to Japan being unable to soak up even more US dollars into their trillion+ holdings.  Our trade war with China has the potential to start WWIII but then, everything the Jews are doing is aimed straight at causing a global religious war, the worst thing the US could do.

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24 responses to “Obama Surrenders To AIPAC, Petraeus Chooses Brutal Suppression

  1. wb

    EMS, “Warmongering Nobel Peace (sic) Prize winner Obama…”

    Erm, shouldn’t that be sicK, as in vomit ?

    Sign up, join The Love Police, good clean fun for all the family…

  2. Adamm

    A study has proved for the first time that groups of aggressive chimpanzees invade the territory of their neighbours in order to acquire more resources or mates

    Gangs of chimpanzees carry out violent attacks on individuals from rival groups in order to secure more resources or mates, a 10-year study in Uganda has found.

    — uk guardian news 22 June 2010. /. Science

  3. wb

    Yes, but we’re just as closely related to Bonobos, and they don’t behave that way…

  4. TweedleDeeDumb

    War is typically conducted along atheistic lines.

    The armed forces are not known for confirmation via the New Testament, or for carrier/submarine placement or Navy Seal/Army Ranger missions.

    This holds true for both the U.S. and Israel.

    Neither consult with the Amish for country invasions or wars.

    “Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.” Jn. 18:36

    Serious followers of the Lamb follow in HIS steps..

    “For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps:
    Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth:
    Who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not; but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously:” 1 Pet. 2:21,22,23

  5. wb

    “War is typically conducted along atheistic lines.”

    Hang on, TweedleDeeDumb, I know you’ve got a bee in your bonnet about all this religious stuff of yours, ( fair enough, if that’s your thing, who am I to deny you your beliefs ? )

    But that statement is clearly way inaccurate. People have been fighting religious wars for the last two or three thousand years at least. What is typical is that each side will declare that they have the special privilege of having God on their side…

    Have you looked at the history of, say, the 100 Years War, between Catholics and Protestants ?

    Certainly, Blair and Bush didn’t consult the Amish, more’s the pity. But they didn’t consult anybody else either, they decided they wanted to grab the Iraqi oil, and they engineered a good excuse, via 9/11, and forced their plan through, disregarding the better judgement of most people on the planet…

    That kind of trick is also typical of evil megalomaniacs down through the ages. If there is such a being as God, if He,She,It, condones such activities, then they’ve got to be psychopathic. If they are All Powerful, as some claim, then they would seem to be grossly negligent, by permitting so many atrocities, the slaughter and destruction of so many totally innocent people, don’t you think ?

    I mean, didn’t Jesus have something to say, like ‘Thou shallt not kill’ ?
    I don’t recall any sub-clause where it says ‘unless you’re a soldier, then it’s fine’ or ‘unless the President tells you to, then it’ll be ok with God’ or any such thing…

  6. JT


    All soldiers who have seen action go to hell. And will be tormented with fire and brimstone forever.
    Even the artillery guys?

    But hell only has a population of 1500?

  7. Aussie


    Re: Our invasion of Afghanistan is no longer even going to pretend ….
    ..as how England colonized places like Australia or Tasmania (no Tasmanians survived this).

    Again, you have presented another perceptive and accurate observation.

    Unfortunately, the less powerful US and the West become due to our self inflicted wounds the more naked will our ruthless and brutal reactions be.
    Slowly but surely the BS cloaking our “noble light on the hill” will die away.

    For example, the Germans are a creditor nation and want to remain so. But Obama (representing the epicenter of GFC and fake solutions) wants Germany to follow US policies so the US remains ascendant amongst equally bankrupt Germany etc.

    The US and the West have become fascist:
    Police tasers 86 year old disabled woman: http://www.blacklistednews.com/news-9433-0-8-8–.html
    Mounted Police in restaurant: http://www.infowars.com/cops-resort-to-planet-of-the-apes-style-policing-to-let-the-scum-public-know-who-their-bosses-are/

    Our economies now ruled by oligarchies and our police becoming thugs.
    The whiff of decay is evident everywhere.

    The fall of Australia’s Kevin Rudd (a good and decent man) by Julia Gillard (a good and decent woman) results from mining industry backlash.

    I fear, as Elaine expressed, we are on the slippery slope to WWIII.


    ELAINE: The disabled woman was going insane. She had a fairly large knife. Her grandson called for medics to take her in because she was going crazy. Crazy people are quite dangerous and tasering her was less dangerous than shooting her dead. My husband has brain damage and when he becomes violent, he is extremely dangerous and I have to call the cops. He knows he can’t run out of the house with a knife or gun but has gotten put away due to breaking a large kitchen knife while screaming at me.

    If you read the police report, it becomes clear the woman was deranged and dangerous.

  8. nah

    I dont want to sound like a total dick but WELCOME TO PEAK OIL… we fight wars to win them and thats about it… dreamy military pretenses about oppression and democracy are total garbage… war is war and afghanistan let the taliban run warbirds into our cities, and we have failed to purge this menace… id rather war not be pretty or high minded as it is cumbersome to strategy and association ‘there is more to life than equality’ we need to win this war, if that means we are best served as servants of the people than fine… however if our war policy is unreconcialable with the taboos of our ill natured enemys… should we bow to dictators of the man law? As the USA our aim is more than simple impotence to nails and hammers if we seek war… and i believe in this case it is war we seek
    not that we should indoctrinate or pillage anything… but if a General of recognizable rank views a worthy strategy that will better find victory than sleep… im all for it
    i dont want any of Afghanistans dirt… all i want is a realistic US foreign policy that ends what is unrecognizable tolerance for US intolerance, and looking clearly at Hamas… i wouldn’t trust the Taliban first, indeed they need to trust in some human dignity or else war in Afghanistan it is

    humanity is a gift

  9. nah

    The rationale is the discredited “crowding out” theory:

    Budget deficits mean more borrowing, which bids up interest rates. Lower interest rates are supposed to help countries – or would, if borrowing was for productive capital formation. But this is not how financial markets operate in today’s world. Lower interest rates simply make it cheaper and easier for corporate raiders or speculators to capitalize a given flow of earnings at a higher multiple, loading the economy down with even more debt
    the government views money in terms of credit… NOT capitol… skills/ownership is nothing to a TAX and spend government economy
    whatever it takes for the mean of credit to remain equitable to a voracious system of government is all we can expect from congress
    money is nothing but power, a means to an end for a ‘political’ elite of masked superheros on cocaine

  10. nah

    The Jerusalem Post website on Sunday said reports that the Israeli military had established a base in Saudi Arabia originated with Iranian and Israeli news outlets. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency and Ha’aretz were among Israeli media carrying the reports credited to Fars, the semi-official Iranian news agency. The Fars report was also picked up buy international outlets such as UPI.
    wow… the Saudis must see alot in all this nonsence

  11. nah

    Israel reacted with surprise Sunday to criticism by German Development Minister Dirk Niebel, who said Israel had made a “large foreign policy mistake” by not allowing him to visit the Gaza Strip, DPA reported. ”There is a clear policy,” an Israeli Foreign Ministry official said. “We have explained that we do not allow the entry of foreign politicians to the Gaza Strip.”
    Im a huge NATO guy… the UN is mostly garbage
    but if WWIII breaks out, me thinks NATO will be there in force to shore up our hemorrhaging forces of un-mothballed destruction

  12. nah

    “I killed, cut off heads” says repentant Mexico hitman
    Fearing for his safety, he asked to have his identity kept secret. He spoke in almost a whisper, his eyes hidden behind mirrored sunglasses. A row of broken teeth were just visible behind his bottom lip.
    if Mexico cant find people that are more professional than this guy they are in deep shit… this guy survived a system of narco-trafficking, theres a TON of dudes out there like him… hes not some badass but really, the rewards of any job breeds some kind of animal

  13. nah

    Palin: Obama lacks leadership with Gulf oil spill
    Sarah Palin fired up an enthusiastic Texas crowd late Saturday by criticizing President Barack Obama’s handling of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, saying he’s falling short on leadership.
    I AM RETARDED NOW President Obama said we ‘SHOULD NOT’ allow wells to be drilled willy nily… we need energy independence WTF i must be retarded… drill baby drill because we are too retarded to analyze the reality our our overwhelming situation
    fish are dumb nature is unnecessary, Sarah Palin will make every thing OK… all we need are clips of muscle cars to understand

  14. nah

    June 26, 2010 at 9:43 pm
    Even the artillery guys?
    the US has the BEST artillery guys in the WORLD as of ever… be forewarned

  15. nah

    Thus, from a situation in which it won a sweeping victory in the 2006 elections, which could have enabled it to control both parts of Palestine, it has had to make do with managing the crisis in Gaza. Without a return to the important political race in the West Bank, it can claim only a humanitarian success, but not a political or diplomatic achievement.
    is this some war of memories??? law dictates a few things… the rest is honor
    zion is a trashy word… and yet here we are 1000′ yrs from nowhere… politics are everything and Israel is a bigot… hamas is a trashy word

  16. nah

    We are sinking more and more deeply into the fetid quagmire of Afghanistan and neither the president nor General Petraeus nor anyone else has the slightest clue about how to get out. The counterinsurgency zealots in the military want more troops sent to Afghanistan, and they want the president to completely scrap his already shaky July 2011 timetable for the beginning of a withdrawal.
    i personally dont see war as a dead end ‘its really sad’… however if modern war dictates terms of equivocal loss and promise WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO OBSERVE SUCH REASON
    until ‘counter-insurgency’ is better reformed… it is still war and loss is abominable to the future of out people

  17. Nah take a sedative and try to get some rest… please.

  18. IndianaJohn

    Nah, it’s actually easy to “get out”.
    You just turn around and go home. If you still have one.

  19. emsnews

    Yes, he should go off and find something better to do.

  20. igneous

    The only way an empire can hold onto a land with out committing much troops is to kill everyone and replace the population with people from the empire’s core such as how England colonized places like Australia or Tasmania (no Tasmanians survived this).

    Yes and no. Many indigenous Australians just died from disease brought by Europeans. Also the British government had an official policy of providing natives with legal protection. This didn’t stop the locals (disaffected convicts) from butchering them. Some of my ancestors migrated to Tasmania and made a living as merchants. One of them left for New Zealand after he came across 2 farmers playing with the severed hand of an aboriginal they had killed. They were trying to make the fingers work by pulling the tendons.

    In NZ the Maoris were too powerful for the British to conquer so the british traded with them mainly for hemp to make rope (I think). My great great grand uncle became a Pakahor Maori . ie a white guy who joined a Maori tribe, lived as a Maori with a Maori wife.
    The Maori were decimated by the introduction of the musket and felt threatened by the Europeans. The british were sought for protection. The Waitangi treaty was signed http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Waitangi. The treaty gives sovereign rights to maori chiefs. Though how much is a matter of debate.

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