G8 Versus G20=Wheels Spinning And Lots Of US Whining

ΩΩThe G20 meeting has embedded within, the G8 who are meeting above and beyond the greater group.  This inner circle happens to be the US/NATO/Japan group who did the usual warmongering, whining, demanding stuff they do all the time when excluding the BRIC group.  There is dissension within the G8 with the ZIRP nations running immense government overspending versus the German inflation-phobic group.  Rioters burn and loot outside in what is normally quiet Canada and of course, inside, there is naked fear that looting on a greater scale may happen across many of the G20 nations, a notion the Chinese take most seriously.


ΩΩThe anarchist rioters have virtually destroyed any ability to put together mass anti-ruling elite demonstrations.  The police state doesn’t mind this at all.  By  making it impossible for mainstream demonstrators, the Bilderberg gang who run the G8 nations can pretend that only a tiny, violent minority is restless, not whole populations.  Of course, this also allows the leaders who are nearly totally disconnected from the masses they supposedly lead, to pretend there is no unhappiness with the crappy job these crummy leaders are doing.  And they point to elections which have everyone rushing from one bogged-down, corrupt political party on the left to an equally corrupt and bogged-down party on the right.  So long as both support mainly the ruling corporate/banking elites, elections are sort of OK so long as they don’t stop bribery.


G20 protesters riot in Toronto | World news | guardian.co.uk

Bill Blair, the city’s chief of police, admitted officers had struggled to control the crowds, who at times numbered several thousand. He said 75 people had been detained, including some he believed were ringleaders of the violence that lasted through the afternoon and evening, after several hundred masked protesters broke away from a larger, peaceful demonstration.


The roving band, wearing black balaclavas, shattered shop windows and rampaged through central Toronto. Protesters set fire to at least three police cruisers in different parts of the city, including one in the heart of the financial district. One protester jumped on to the roof of one before dropping a Molotov cocktail into the smashed windscreen.


ΩΩThis is more like campus riots over stupid things like police busting up drinking parties.  An opportunity to loot and go crazy.  Just as the Tea Party was hijacked by Fox TV and turned into a Palin three ring circus with Rand Paul playing the clown, the nihilists are eating away at all leftist organizing efforts.  There is a strong thread of nihilism today which is nearly identical to before WWII.  The idealism of ethnic identity/religious fanaticism politics is gathering steam while the intellectualist/free thinking sort of community falls rapidly apart.


ΩΩThe high water mark for the ecology movement was getting their beloved ‘global warming summit.’  This, too, was totally and completely hijacked by the Bilderberg gang elitists and turned into the world’s biggest bribery/banking highway robbery event, ever.  The one major flaw in this ‘liberal’ summit was the bad timing: due to a series of volcanic eruptions in Alaska and Chile, there was a fine scrim of volcanic dust which caused endless winter storms in the northern hemisphere beginning in December and coinciding with the global warming bribery/derivatives pollution trading scheme.


ΩΩIt collapsed into dust, or more appropriately, was buried in a snowbank and the public, instead of screaming and running away from the too-warm sun were shivering in severe cold and growing quite irritable with the global warming business.  Now we are in a massive oil catastrophe which is more pressing than the somewhat more theoretical warming business (remember: nearly everyone loves warm weather and hates cold weather!) and this is caused by the same exact thing: fossil fuel exploration and use.


ΩΩThe G8 nations spend all of their energy howling about Iran, Afghanistan and petting the Israelis while kicking the Palestinians trapped in ghettoes down the stairs.  So far, not one peep about the Brits and Americans potentially polluting half of the planet’s oceans.  Nor were the continuing extinction of whales, tuna, sharks, sea turtles, etc, etc, mentioned!  I say, the Living Creatures Of This Planet should have representatives at any international meeting to make demands and to gain full citizenship of this planet!  If we are going to be realistic about future survival, maybe this is the only way, give Nature a vote.


ΩΩNeedless to say, the G8 show little interest in global warming at this point.  If they can’t make money off of taxing our pollution and pocketing the proceeds, they don’t care if we all roast in hell.  As I mentioned in the past, the anxiety they were showing last year was TOTALLY FAKE.  The fainting fits, the howls of doom and destruction were all a show because they wanted to loot us, not put solar cells on every roof.  If that was the goal, I would have been overjoyed.  Instead, the same elites screaming about how oil is killing us, were happily drilling deep holes in the ocean’s floor to find more oil to sell us and then get the profits off of the air pollution this goofy business is creating.  It was a win/win situation…for them.


2010/06/26 23:50 – Kan Says China Should Be Invited At Times To G-8

-Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Friday told his Group of Eight counterparts that they should consider inviting China to its meetings to heighten China’s sense of responsibility, the Japanese government said.  China isn’t a member of the G-8 leading industrialized countries, even though many analysts expect its economy to overtake Japan this year to become the second largest in the world, behind only the U.S.


ΩΩHAHAHA….Japan irritated the Dragon last week with announcements that the US base had to stay in Okinawa to protect Japan from China.  Arms were twisted.  That is, the new Japanese prime minister was careless in diplomacy so suddenly all the Japanese auto factories had strikes.  That is, the government of China refused to repress the workers so they happily took advantage of this and went on strike and these strikes were very popular in China and totally freaked out for Japan!  The Japanese, always in service of the corporate owners, rushed off to China to apologize.


ΩΩThe deal probably was, Japan would push the US to let China be one of the G8.  HAHAHA.  China even has nuclear bombs.  Come to think of it, both China and India, BRIC members, have nukes.  So they have a lot in common with the colonialist warmongers of the G8.  The US cannot have China in the G8 because at every meeting, the Chinese creditors can join with the Japanese creditors who hold over $2 trillion in US government debt, ahem…HAHAHA.  The US is an LA bimbo on a shopping spree using daddy’s credit cards.  It would be like daddy going along to Rodeo Drive.


The G-20 Debate: Germany Warns US Not to Become ‘Addicted to Borrowing’ – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

Indeed, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble poured more fuel on the fire in a contribution published Friday in the business daily Handelsblatt. Referring to US demands that Germany abandon austerity in favor of additional economic stimulus measures, Schäuble said that “governments should not become addicted to borrowing as a quick fix to stimulate demand. Deficit spending cannot become a permanent state of affairs.…Additionally, we also have so-called automatic stabilizers (such as high social welfare expenditures) that do not play as big a role in the countries that are now criticizing us.”


HAHAHA….another reason why the US cannot possibly allow China into the G8 meetings!  China is always warning us about our bimbo shopping sprees which we blame on China, not our own reckless selves.  But with China AND Germany whacking the US, well…we can’t go flouncing about, tossing our hair extensions and snipping, ‘But daddy, I NEEEEED those high heel boots and $5000 purse or no one will LOVE me!!!!’  Instead, the hard headed bookkeepers of China and Germany will go over the statistics and numbers and begin demanding budget restraints.


Merkel’s finance minister also pointed out that “while US policymakers like to focus on short-term corrective measures, we take the longer view and are, therefore, more preoccupied with the implications of excessive deficits and the dangers of high inflation.” Schäuble remarked that, while US economic history has taught the country to be wary of deflation, Germany’s history has resulted in widespread fear of deficits and inflation….


The Goddess of Zero and the Goddess of Infinity are twin sisters.  They can suddenly shift from one steady state to the other.  The hockey stick graph is how we can track when these sudden shifts happen.  When anything and I do mean ANYTHING in creation suddenly goes straight towards infinity, it doesn’t merely stop: it always implodes and either blows up or dies and becomes zero again.  This is why a universal sign of danger is anything ‘overheating’ or ‘growing too fast’.


…A European proposal for a global tax on financial transactions appears to be headed for the dustbin in Toronto. Similarly, a worldwide levy on banks to build up a fund for the next crisis is likely to be rejected. China, Australia and host Canada — all countries that did not have to bail out their banking industry during the financial crisis — are opposed to the measures.


ΩΩWe just saw a total collapse of international finance.  We also saw virtually no reforms.  The US reform bill didn’t pass until all the corrupt politicians got a billion dollars in bribes and then a mouse of a reform act was finally inked.  It is worse than useless: it didn’t even begin to deal with the Derivatives Beast which is the hulking monster that is behind much of the present destruction.  ZIRP borrowing is a major, major problem.  Far from making life better, it is the perfect merging of the Goddesses of Infinity and Zero!  That is, the hope is for infinite principal debt building while being charged no interest on this!  The sky is the limit on borrowing!  Whoopee!


ΩΩNot, of course, possible.  We are rapidly reaching the point where the principal balance due is a huge problem.  The expectation is to never pay it at all, ever.  The US housing bubble grew to immense size as people flocked into the ARM, never pay any principal off, programs.  This is fatal as we clearly saw in private markets and now will see in government public debt collapses.


States of Crisis for 46 Governments Facing Greek-Style Deficits – Bloomberg.com

Californians don’t see much evidence that the worst economic contraction since the Great Depression is coming to an end.


Unemployment was 12.4 percent in May, 2.7 percentage points higher than the national rate. Lawmakers gridlocked over how to close a $19 billion budget gap are weighing the termination of the main welfare program for 1.3 million poor families or borrowing more than $9 billion in the bond market. California, tied with Illinois for the lowest credit rating of any state, is diverting a rising portion of tax revenue to service debt, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its August issue.


Far from rebounding, the Golden State, with a $1.8 trillion economy that’s larger than Russia’s, is sinking deeper into its financial funk. And it’s not alone.


Even as the U.S. appears to be on the mend — gross domestic product has climbed three straight quarters — finances in Arizona, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and other states show few signs of improvement. Forty-six states face budget shortfalls that add up to $112 billion for the fiscal year ending next June, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a Washington research institution. State spending is 12 percent of U.S. GDP.


ΩΩWe are not on the mend. The US trade deficit is ballooning all over again!  We can balance it only by going into severe depression.  The US must stand alone against ALL the other nations ESPECIALLY our own allies due to our trade deficit.  The Germans want to prevent inflation.  Well, we have to prevent a trade deficit!  We consume way too much oil.  We import way too much oil.  We are also polluting the planet in various ways due to our way too much oil addiction.  No other country is doing so much oil-f*cked up garbage from top to bottom than the US.  So the fiction of a G8 should end and everyone should take realistic positions vis a vis each other.


G-8: Gaza situation not sustainable

G-8 leaders meeting in Canada today focused their attention on Gaza and Iran. While expressing regret for the loss of life on the Mavi Marmara, the G-8 said it approved of Israel’s decision to set up an independent investigative commission into the incident. In addition, the G-8 asked all parties to abide by UNSC 1860 to guarantee the stream of humanitarian aid to Gaza, calling for a change to existing policies.


Attacking the Muslim world, increasing ethnic warfare: this is the G8.  Of course, they ask Israel who controls the US delegation, to please let in some food and clothing to Gaza and Israel will loosen their grip on Gaza’s throat ever so slightly to let in a little oxygen but will tighten it immediately afterwards.  Israel didn’t set up an ‘independent commission’ at all, by the way.


Right wing Zionist Jews investigating right wing Zionist Jewish international crimes is a joke and everyone knows this but the US is demanding the trade partners who all run trade surpluses with us, praise the fascists in Israel for investigating their own crimes.  Another farce.  All these international farces are basically predicated on keeping the present trade status quo.  The US wants this because the Zionists can use our trade deficit to strong arm allies into endorsing crimes against humanity.  It is the major most diplomatic tool in the Zionist’s war chest.


G-8 leaders welcomed the Israeli government’s decision to ease the blockade and urged “full and effective implementation of this policy in order to address the needs of Gaza’s population for humanitarian and commercial goods, civilian reconstruction and infrastructure, and legitimate economic activity”. They added that Israel’s security concerns were legitimate and needed to be protected….


…Additionally, the G-8 called on all states to implement UNSC resolution 1929 and expressed deep concern for Iran’s lack of transparency regarding its nuclear program and declared intention to enrich uranium to almost 20 percent. “Our goal is to persuade Iran’s leaders to engage in a transparent dialogue about its nuclear activities and to meet Iran’s international obligations.”

The G-8 statement on Iran comes on the heels of the US House of Representatives vote for its own new, and harsher, sanctions against Teheran on Friday.

ΩΩWhere is global warming in all of this?  HAHAHA.  Where is it in our corrupt DC government?  Gone with the wind!  The full focus of nearly every domestic and international meeting is now consumed by Zionist needs to control all the Muslims and enable the ethnic cleansing games.  There is virtually no motivation to protect the US from trade deficits, illegal aliens or budget overruns. Much less, re-engineer our nation so we are no longer consuming too much oil.


Guest Voices: Peacemaking is more than pointing fingers – On Faith at washingtonpost.com

How best to encourage peace in the Middle East? The week of July 4, Presbyterians will tackle this most daunting of questions when they convene their denomination’s General Assembly–its top policymaking body–in Minneapolis. Awaiting the 600 commissioners–as representatives of the Presbyterian Church (USA) are called–will be a scaldingly critical 150-page report. It rebukes Israel for its treatment of Palestinian neighbors and calls for the denomination and the American government to squeeze the Jewish state financially.


ΩΩAnd now we know why all Presbyterians have been removed from the Supreme Court!  The Jewish media will now go on a full frontal attack on Jimmy Carter-style Christians who are troubled by ethnic cleansing in the Holy Land.  Some very powerful Jews are merrily looting our country and transferring our wealth to their little ugly kingdom.  They can’t let us stop their gravy train!  Israel was one of the very few countries to see no contraction in trade or finances during this depression and they even got our corrupt Congress to DOUBLE our payments to Israel!


ΩΩThis isn’t the biggest hole in our finances, the Pentagon remains the gaping maw of nothingness.  But our Pentagon no longer protects our nation as we saw on 9/11 when not one air force jet did anything for a critical 3 hours.  This stand down still has not been thoroughly investigated and it is far, far, far more important than the question, why do big, badly build structures collapse when hit by jets.  Anyway, the Presbyterians better watch out.  They may soon be the victims of a terrorist attack.


New York Times reporter calls Zionist terrorism ‘romantic’ | Raw Story

In an interview published Tuesday, Livni, the leader of Israel’s centrist Kadima party, boasted that her parents, both members of the Zionist militant group Irgun in the 1940s, were the first couple to be married in the newly-formed state of Israel.  “Both of them were in the Irgun,” Livni said. “They were freedom fighters, and they met while boarding a British train. When the British Mandate was here, they robbed a train to get the money in order to buy weapons.” To which New York Times reporter Deborah Solomon responded: “It was a more romantic era.”

ΩΩJewish terrorism is romantic.  It is also OK.  But revolting natives who resent being shoved into reservations and ghettos, fighting back is terrorism. The US is guilty of this, too.  We romanticized the lopsided battles against the natives here and any fighting by Indians was called ‘massacres’ whereas the butchering of the natives was never called that.  Even when the Indians killed only soldiers, it was a ‘massacre’ whereas, when soldiers machine gunned Indian women and children to death, it was called a ‘battle’.  This is exactly how we talk about our invasions of Muslim countries: they fight back, we call this ‘massacres’ even when it is purely military being killed in battles whereas, when we use assassin predator drones to murder women and children and it turns out to be outright murder, we snivel that it was an ‘accident’, not a brutal and deliberate massacre.


Israeli foreign minister wants Palestinians stripped of citizenship and relocated – The National Newspaper

True peace, the foreign minister claimed, would come only with land swaps, or “an exchange of populated territories to create two largely homogeneous states, one Jewish Israeli and the other Arab Palestinian”. He added that under his plan “those Arabs who were in Israel will now receive Palestinian citizenship”.


ΩΩWill the G8 condemn this?  He isn’t some anonymous member of Congress which has blood thirsty Zionists saying this, too.  No, this is Israel’s foreign minister.  So the G8 should loudly condemn this as….ETHNIC CLEANSING.  Denying citizenship is typical: the first move of the Nazis was to remove citizenship from Jews who lived in Germany less than 100 years (Russian and Eastern European immigrants who were chased out by the pogroms).


ΩΩThe curious silence about the G8 about these obvious calls by Jews for further ethnic cleansing is running alongside Jewish efforts to shame the US into not enforcing even feeble immigration regulations.  The demonization of Arizona is backfiring since many Americans agree with some sort of new laws to be imposed before it is too late.  Namely, Mexico’s drug wars are very ugly and getting  worse and we are part of it, being the customer base, and illegal aliens operating across the borders are the river, the stream of humanity which the drug sharks swim in.  Arizona has many problems directly tied into all of this:


Being a cop in border town more perilous as drug cartels issue threats – CNN.com

Mario Morales keeps his Commando assault rifle propped up on the seat of his patrol vehicle. The car snakes along a dirt road about a half-mile from the Mexican border.  He’s always kept the rifle within arm’s reach. But in recent weeks, staying armed at all times has taken on a new urgency: Mexican cartels have issued death threats against the police on the Nogales force….

He has relatives across the border, but he hasn’t been to family gatherings in Mexico for three years. It’s too risky — an American police officer fetches a high price for cartel kidnappings….The cartel hit men are ruthless, and he says some were trained by U.S. Special Forces to help Mexico fight the drug war, until they went to the other side. “That is what we’re up against.”


The recent death threats — the first ever by Mexican cartels on the police here — came after two recent busts by off-duty officers. In the first case, two officers were riding horseback when they intercepted a van full of marijuana.


ΩΩWhere is our vaunted military?  Why aren’t they actively protecting us?  What the hell?  I know Nogales very well, went there all the time since early childhood.  I loved Nogales.  It is a green oasis in the Sonora, the elevation is higher than Phoenix which is in a very hot and dry bowl which exists only thanks to rivers that spring from distant mountains (like the Gila).  It is greener than Tucson.  I remember well, running around, watching fire flies in the monsoon season there.


ΩΩThe drug wars are roaring hot in Mexico now.  And are definitely crossing the border.  We have to concentrate on dealing with this, not dealing endlessly with Jewish ethnic cleansing plans.  We have to take every penny we are handing out like candy to Israel and Afghani war lords and use it here at home to secure our borders and top the drug cartels!  They are so bold now, they can openly threaten our own guards protecting our own nation!  This is beyond disgusting.


ΩΩThe US should have Mexico as part of the G8 since we suck up a lot of Mexican oil and use Mexico as one of our manufacturing cheap labor bases.  Let the Mexicans have some say at these damn international meetings!  And of course, legalize pot.  For god’s sake!  Just legalize it.  Like beer, keeping it illegal is worse than any social side effects of using it.


Teen shot by Border Patrol had smuggling arrests | The Daily Caller – Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

A 15-year-old Mexican boy shot and killed by a U.S. Border Patrol agent was among El Paso’s most wanted juvenile immigrant smugglers, according to federal arrest records reviewed by The Associated Press.


The records show Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereka had been arrested at least four times since 2008 and twice in the same week in February 2009 on suspicion of smuggling illegal immigrants across the U.S.-Mexico border. Hernandez was repeatedly arrested along the U.S. side of the border near downtown El Paso, not far from where he was killed, but was never charged with a crime by federal prosecutors.


ΩΩSo, it turns out that the charming boy is actually a criminal.  The anti-protectionists were all up in arms about this matter.  The border guard still shouldn’t have shot him but on the other hand, crime in Mexico is pouring into the US.  Generally speaking, most Mexicans are social, law abiding people just like ourselves (namely, we all jay walk and speed) they are not hyper criminals but they are unable to stop the criminals because…their government is corrupt, elections are a farce and bribery runs rampant as corporations undermine communities, etc, etc: the sam as here in the US.


ΩΩProtecting Mexico is identical to protecting the US: the citizens, that is, people who are not either illegal aliens nor criminals, should have control over their own country and the politicians should work for them, not international bankers, international corporation or aliens from distant lands who want international votes for them, not for the natives who are citizens and who pay for their own government.  We are all in the same boat.  And as I keep warning the left, siding with non-citizens against the citizens is fatally bad.  It is terrible in the extreme.  And is going to kill the left as a movement.

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22 responses to “G8 Versus G20=Wheels Spinning And Lots Of US Whining

  1. melponeme_k

    The left is already dead, its the walking dead. I doubt too many people pay attention to it anymore or think it’s spokespersons are independent of corruption.

    The Obama administration took care of all that.

    What I’m worried about now is panic. Now that most people see we are boxed in, our numbers will fracture and most will run to the far, far, far right. I’m terrified about that ending.

  2. Fetung

    The BP disaster was a man-made disaster. They still want the carbon taxes to the go through using BP disaster as an excuse.

    “Criminal Investigation of BP Staged Oil Spill Vital ”


  3. PLovering

    Tea Party Patriots support reason, accountability, and the Constitution.

    Tea Party Patriots are leaderless.

    TPP are 15 million strong, and counting.

  4. Elaine I’m unable to identify this alleged political “left” you describe that the G8 populations are forced to choose from in contrast to the radical corporatist of the Right in mainstream electoral politics. The authentic left is in the streets being unruly. Surely you don’t equate the US Democratic party or New Labour of Britain, etc to in any way represent the Left do you?

    If events over the past four years have proven nothing else it is that elections are essentially meaningless at this point. Mere distractions whereby the population is expected to ratify decisions already made for them. The roughly 60% of eligible voters (in the US) who don’t bother to vote and the people rioting in the streets throughout the G20 recognize this instinctively and are thus misbehaving as they should.

    No progressive advance of consequence in human history has EVER been initiated from the top down to the masses via “electoral extravaganzas” to borrow Chomsky’s memorable phrase. Think of a single instance be it the end of (official) slavery, a woman’s right to vote (in the global north at least), the eight hour work day, the right of workers to bargain collectively, the end of South African (de jure) Apartheid, etc and in every example meaningful change came about due to the organizing, agitation, and disruption of those at the ground roots most directly effected and their sympathizers on a mass scale. So it will be here…

  5. nah

    This isn’t the biggest hole in our finances, the Pentagon remains the gaping maw of nothingness. But our Pentagon no longer protects our nation as we saw on 9/11 when not one air force jet did anything for a critical 3 hours. This stand down still has not been thoroughly investigated and it is far, far, far more important than the question, why do big, badly build structures collapse when hit by jets. Anyway, the Presbyterians better watch out. They may soon be the victims of a terrorist attack.
    Jewish terrorism is romantic.
    definately has a special place in our hurt feelings… if it were not for israel chances are we would not be facing ‘graveyard of empire’ wars
    personally i think israel dictates US success much the way that california does, dragging their feet and poo pooing their neighbors in the claim of being progressive… which happens to be just ignorant and selfish enough to gain more power by proxy
    but as citizens we let government stonewall our rights and centralize their control over everything ‘war included’ with the end result being some mish mash of tomorrows ‘bills’ to pay to the same fat fingered puppets of supernational corporate trickle down economic kick back elite
    imean the majority of people literally have no idea what is going on in the gulf, or have convinced themselves it is a ‘natural’ good thing thx to Rush Limbaugh
    until people realize they are slaves to debt they wont complain about slaving people
    what is good for the master

  6. Some good political analysis comes from the left; and the anti-war movement is, to a large part, of the left. Our America labor movement owes a great deal to the left and has drawn upon that side for its activism in communities. The left is historically a source of compassion for the poor. The right in this country has has real enthusiasm for using the poor as cannon fodder, and would further tax the poor if they could get away with it.

    If the far right were in power; they probably couldn’t resist the temptation to grind the poor into hamburger, and use the grindings for filler in Happy Meals.

    The left is still reeling because of the thorough political betrayal at the hands of the Obama administration. This has been like watching a slow motion train wreck, and continues to be psychologically devastating.

    The conscience of the left is important in the US; and this country is pretty much doomed if the left doesn’t get its act together.

    As we write our commentaries, there are signs that a corporate police apparatus is slowly spreading its tentacles over a colonized planet. There were serious globalization protests, beginning in Seattle. And police violence injured demonstrators in Miami, in the protest against WTO, a few years ago. Now, in Toronto around the G-8, G-20 gathering, we see the internationally known anti-war activist, Medea Benjamin, being turned back at the US-Canadian border; she was refused entry into Canada. And I think this is an early sign that border entry into other countries that have “special relationships” with the US (new data bank sharing) is going to impact Americans with passports, and eventually curtail travel overseas for a select number of them.

    When Ms. Benjamin protested, after she learned that her traveling companion would be held in prolonged custody, before being deported to the US, the Canadian official replied that “the United States does it all the time.”


    ELAINE: Since 9/11, many, many legal citizens breaking no laws have been refused entry to lots of countries including our own while the same governments denying citizens the right to travel suddenly go totally passive when ILLEGALS cross over! See? I am furious about this. We have tight security where it doesn’t matter. None where it matters the most.

  7. wb

    “And at every step of the way, this ever-growing dynamic of religious nationalism — which has found its highest, most complete expression in the war-profiteering militarist empire of the Terror War and its attendant atrocities, foreign and domestic — has been aided and abetted and strengthened and expanded by the so-called “liberals” and “progressives” of the Democratic Party (and their own innumerable outriders, servitors and sycophants) who have been and remain among the fiercest proponents of … the war-profiteering militarist empire. (“Progressives,” of course want to “reform” the empire — that is, make its deadly operations more efficient and codify its most heinous atrocities into law — but none of them, not one, call for it to be dismantled.)”


  8. Daliwood

    Copeland wrote, “The left is still reeling because of the thorough political betrayal at the hands of the Obama administration.”

    I agree with much of what you’ve said, but there was no betrayal at all by the Obama Administration. If you look back at his campaign, you see that it consisted mostly of smarmy, feel-good claptrap about hope and change. Underneath that wrapping, however, was the same old same old and it was glaringly evident to those of us on the left who didn’t vote for him.

    Those who voted for Obama now fall, for the most part, into two camps: those who feel betrayed and those who cling to his empty platitudes as if he were the agent of real change.

    Both camps are wrong. He’s a right-winger, he has always been a right-winger, and he will continue to govern as a right-winger.

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when the Republicans rage about Obama being a liberal, when in fact they have an ally on board for their agenda more ardent than the raving Bush. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but Obama has out-Bushed Bush. The largest Pentagon budget in the history of the US, the expansion of the illegal wars, and the all-consuming devotion to Israel come to mind.

  9. zip

    Well I was always thinking budget deficits are bad, but now I am not so sure, who’s problem it really is.

    I saw an interview with M Hudson at maxkeiser (http://maxkeiser.com/2010/06/27/ote60-on-the-edge-with-michael-hudson-26-june-2010/) and i saw that he wrote a book about ‘super imperialism’ (summary : http://www.opednews.com/articles/Michael-Hudson-s-Super-Im-by-Stephen-Lendman-090701-653.html) (first pages http://www.soilandhealth.org/03sov/0303critic/030317hudson/030317.imperialism.pdf) .

    His point is that the budget deficit is not paid by the US, but by the other central banks. Because of the dollar hegemony, the CB have to buy back US treasuries, or deflate the dollar and hurt their own export.

    So running deficits, implies printing paper, and making that the owner of the ‘fresh dollar’ has a problem what to do with the paper.

    As long as this continue, what is than the problem? The US Banks are ‘bigger’ than before, and the ‘global competition’ is almost gone. Only flaw is that US labor is getting poorer and poorer, because jobs are vanishing.

    So Elaine, i am getting lost , what is than the problem, is the budget deficit theory from mr Hudson flawed?


    ELAINE: Only a total fool would refuse to look at who is buying our debts: ASIA. Asia is itching for revenge for the imperialist years and China in particular planned to be our ‘bankers’ back in the 1980’s and succeeded in this and is rapidly industrializing itself and building massive infrastructures while we are falling apart and becoming like Greece. We are in very deep trouble.

    And the dollar, when it ceases to be the world’s main currency and this day will come in less than 15 years, we will suffer hideously since our entire culture depends on a flood of ‘free’ oil paid in paper dollars. Kiss that goodbye.

  10. zip

    I also found this (http://henryckliu.com/page143.html). Where mr Liu more or less describes the success of the ‘US budget deficits’, Jpn and China and the other emerging markets are the new colonies of monetary imperialism.
    I can imagine that the US wants to keep the system in place….at all costs


    ELAINE: So, we are colonizing Japan and China? HAHAHA. So that is why we sell virtually no US autos in Japan and China is buying up our auto corporations? And why Japan is building factories here while we can’t build them there? HAHAHA. Right. Sheesh. Talk about effing insane.

  11. wuen

    The Toronto G20 Riot Fraud: Undercover Police engaged in Purposeful Provocation


  12. Firestar

    Daliwood wrote:
    “He is a right winger, he has always been a right-winger, and he will continue to govern as a right-winger.”

    Obama is a rightwinger – This would be news even for Obama I guess. I hope you are not being serious.

    May be things are so fu**ed up in country that it matters less and less with each passing day how blue or red or magenta or polychrome a president is… I’m sure Obama feels responsible than any US citizen for the changes he promised to bring about in his tenure.

    If only he is allowed to act without politically motivated disruptions and insane attacks from either of the aisles… But that can happen only in his dreams…


    ELAINE: Obama tried to change course. He tried to reach out to the Islamic people. AIPAC owns the Democratic party lock, stock and barrel. It pays for nearly half of Democratic campaign costs. So almost all the Democrats in both the House and Senate censored Obama for even talking slightly tough to the far right wing Zionist fascists in Israel. He retreated since he had virtually zero support from his own party.

    The Democrats are NOT ‘liberal’ at all. They are schizophrenic. They are for open borders and legalizing aliens here but for huge, tall walls and expelling the natives in Palestine! How schizoid is that?

  13. Firestar

    as far as Obama goes:

    And I’m sure before getting getting involved in these govt politics he was probably only aware of groups like friends/notso friends, males/females, locals/aliens and such in his immediate vicinity. In essence he might have not even evaluated people based on which side of the political spectrum they lean.
    He also probably never imagined in his freelancing lawyer days he will be fending off left and right political thrusts in his future. It must be as much as a learning and a vexing experience for him.
    And ever since I bet he must be trying to learn the nature and workings of the dark beast called DC Politics with whatever sanity he is left with.
    In beginning, both left and right didnt even care to let him know the gravity of the BP situation. Keeping him in the dark about burning issues were deemed as convenience so that obama can be twisted and turned as they wish later. He must have been deeply shocked when wild accusations came flying about later (that without even letting him know in the first place whats happening behind the scenes).
    It later dawned on me, both left and the right in essence must have been looking just for a Yes Man, not a Statesman for their next president. Trying to follow the mid path, rather conveniently leaning left or right, can be a dangerous, devastating career decision is what he must have found out later.

  14. floridasandy

    it is interesting that some people are now trying to portray obama as a right winger now that his failures mount. obama was always a globalist and anyone who looked at his voting record would have recognized that-between his IMF support, world debt forgiveness, pro illegal stand, DREAM act, big bank bailout, and big bonuses for those same bankers.
    this is not a republican vs democrat issue, but rather a US vs globalist issue. government workers are unwilling to reduce their own pay (actually giving themselves raises in a recession!) and unwilling to cut the spending,(except for unemployment recently) and NEED to keep borrowing from china to facilitate this spending. that means globalization will always win out over the US citizen as long as government continues to grow.

    americans need to ask themselves if their lives are now better with bigger government.

  15. ”’the nihilists are eating away at all leftist organizing efforts. ”

    They might be agent provocateur. But i’ve seen no evidence

  16. emsnews

    Nihilism is ‘the world is coming to an end’ ism. I see it all over the place. Saving ourselves isn’t so difficult but only if we are not greedy or self-centered. Alas… maybe we are doomed….

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