US Foreign Legions In Endless Wars Against Endless Muslims

ΩΩThe US wars are slated to continue for the next decade or three.  The US is going bankrupt.  Volcker was defeated in his attempt at getting a corrupt Congress to reform our sick banking system.  And Obama is throwing illegal aliens out of work but not deporting them which is insane, too.  But then, AIPAC dictates what happens in our government and Bibi runs DC now so who do we vote for?  Our elections won’t matter if our government is foreign.

ΩΩ NATO: 6 US troops killed in Afghanistan | Antiwar Newswire: the grim war goes on and on.  The US military has been turned into a French Foreign Legion sort of thing now that we have no draft.  The Vietnam War killed not only the draft but our entire economic system.  That is, the addiction to a long, fruitless war proved all too alluring to the military industrial giants so they had to figure out how to have endless wars without public uproars.


.The creation of the French Foreign Legion concept worked wonderfully.  Low-octane wars that are tremendously expensive can run effortlessly for many years, even decades.  Gen. Casey: US in Iraq and Afghanistan for Another Decade: see how easy this is?  Many soldiers voted for Obama hoping he would stop this.  Instead, he increased it.  Every move he makes is pro-more-war, not end-hopeless-expensive-wars.  He just totally surrendered to AIPAC and this is one of the most warmongering organizations on earth.


ΩΩThe Democratic Party runs on Jewish funds raised so that AIPAC can control our government.  Instead of turning against this, the Democrats are hostage to AIPAC.  Way back just 4 years ago, I was banned from virtually all leftwing websites when I mentioned that our true enemy is AIPAC, not the GOP.  Wow, did the howls of racism and antisemitism pour out like the usual poison political enforcement flood.  Thinking across ideological lines can be very dangerous because people don’t want to figure things out, they want things to go their own way no matter how schizoid this may be.  This is why Tea Party poopers want tax cuts and a smaller government while wanting….more wars!  Pure insanity.


ΩΩVirtually every article I read about AIPAC mentions that most Jews in the US supposedly don’t support AIPAC.  This is arrant nonsense.  I lived very deep inside of the very heart of the NYC Jewish community and if one is anti-Zionist, you are kicked out of the entire community and disowned.  I have been disowned by Zionist family members!  This is severe enforcement.  The love of Israel trumps EVERYTHING just as religious fanatics of every kind always denounce and reject forever any family members who don’t join up.


ΩΩReligion and politics are two incredible tools used to break up families.  It is particularly strong when it comes to ethnic identity politics that are based on religious singular differences!  That is, Jews suffer from this in spades.  The Jewish community has invested vast sums in our government’s system so they can use this to engineer their ethnic cleansing schemes.  Period.  And this is NOT unpopular in the main parts of Judaism but rather is a main feature!  The Jews actively resisting Zionism are about 1%.  Not 50%.  I lost many Jewish readers here just for mentioning Zionism and AIPAC.


ΩΩI would be rich today if I embraced Zionism. I would be on TV, I would still be published by the NYT, I would not be disowned by family members.  I would have to lie, be cruel and live a deluded life but it would be  most comfortable.  Instead, I opted for true analysis and hard thinking which means sleeping on a hard bed.  The end result is obvious: the Jewish gambit of controlling America so even Presidents must bow to far right wing neo-Nazi Jews in Israel is doomed to end in great violence as the general population in the US rises up against the Jews and expel them all to Israel.


ΩΩI feel most strongly about this matter since the people expelling the Jews will be real Nazis and they don’t make fine distinctions between anti-Zionist Jews and Jews taking over the government so they can run the US as Israel’s bank, war machine and diplomatic power.  I and my own family will also be sent away even though my family has been here for hundreds of years!


ΩΩI fear this!  This is a real fear, not an exaggerated fear.  The issue of immigration is part of this mess.  The 2% Jewish minority believes quite fervently that if they let in millions of illegal Hispanics, the Hispanic Catholics will vote for Jewish puppets out of gratitude and thus, will become part of the Zionist machine.  There are severe problems with this plan.  One is, the Catholic Church has little love for Jews in the first place.


ΩΩNumber two is, Catholic countries tend to be very dogmatic about their religion and oppress all others.  Up until very recently, it was illegal to send Protestant missionaries into South and Central American countries.  Whenever a government went military in a coup, Jewish intellectuals would be tortured and killed.  On top of this, the entire Catholic Hispanic community can move very swiftly into the embrace of far rightwing Protestants in a ‘Jesus first’ alliance against Buddhists, Hindi, Muslims and Jews!  Pinning hopes on Hispanics for power politics is like rolling a keg of gunpowder into a campfire.


ΩΩMy harping on this matter has irritated readers.  I was supposed to do the knee-jerk thing and condemn my childhood state, Arizona, for trying desperately to stop the tsunami of illegal immigrants.  This is just plain insane.  The mainstream media has gone way out on a limb trying to convince us, there is no illegal alien crime wave which to me is pure insanity, this crime wave is OLD.  When I first began organizing to take back my NYC neighborhood, the #1 crime problem was purely illegal aliens running amok.


ΩΩThis was over 35 years ago!  It got only worse over time.  If someone is already a criminal via breaking the law to illegally enter a country, moving from that to crime all the time is easy as a greased pig slipping between the slats of a crate!  It is virtually inevitable.


Illegal Workers Swept From Jobs in ‘Silent Raids’ –

Over the past year, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has conducted audits of employee files at more than 2,900 companies. The agency has levied a record $3 million in civil fines so far this year on businesses that hired unauthorized immigrants, according to official figures. Thousands of those workers have been fired, immigrant groups estimate.  Employers say the audits reach more companies than the work-site roundups of the administration of President George W. Bush….


So…Obama is actually stricter than Bush?  Of course, the GOP pushes the immigration issue today knowing that confused Americans will rush to the GOP to be saved only to be totally betrayed.  90% of the GOP is owned by AIPAC.


Corporations prefer illegal aliens for obvious reasons: they have zero legal protections and thus are semi-slaves.  This is why we have to stop illegal aliens from taking over whole industries.


In another shift, the immigration agency has moved away from bringing criminal charges against immigrant workers who lack legal status but have otherwise clean records….


HAHAHA… they lose their jobs but haven’t been arrested yet!  OK.  So what happens next?  It is painfully obvious.  Another matter here: only about 20% of the criminal element is actually arrested within 20 years more or less.  Most get simple tickets or live in places where crime is nonstop and no one bothers to call the cops, that is, in slums.


In ethnic slums, the cop calling drops to nearly zero since everyone is scared of the cops!  I lived in places like that and trust me, people will commit daily crimes without batting an eye and never see the insides of any jails!


…“Instead of hundreds of agents going after one company, now one agent can go after hundreds of companies,” said Mark K. Reed, president of Border Management Strategies, a consulting firm in Tucson that advises companies across the country on immigration law. “And there is no drama, no trauma, no families being torn apart, no handcuffs.”


ΩΩThis policy is obviously stupid.  The hopes are, the Hispanic illegals will go home again. But it is hard getting into the country!  Why would they leave, especially since they can stay here and commit crimes in lieu of working?  The crime wave will definitely get much worse if this policy continues.  The vast bulk of illegals wait impatiently for the Democrats to legalize them so they can become part of the lower classes that don’t work.


ΩΩPeople tell me that non-working populations want to work.  I say, ‘True—BUT—the people I knew personally in NYC wanted their welfare kitty AND they worked on the side…mostly committing various crimes.  Which made them impossible and even dangerous neighbors.  You have to go to work and leave your home exposed to them and they spend their own free time probing our defenses!’


ΩΩThis reality has to be faced.  It is a hard thing since there is a large population of good people who are disabled who desperately need welfare systems to stay alive.  And helping them is very important!  But flooding this population with people who want to lounge about, goofing off, in between running around mugging everyone, breaking into homes, etc, is insane.  Worse, the people preyed on the most by the criminal/welfare class are…the disabled who need welfare and protection the most.


Obama’s immigration lawsuit doesn’t poll well – The Oval: Tracking the Obama presidency

Americans oppose the suit against Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration by a ratio of 50% to 33%, according to a new Gallup Poll.  “Emotions run high on both sides of the issue,” Gallup reported. “The substantial majority of those in favor and those opposed to the lawsuit say they feel strongly about their position.”


ΩΩEven though the GOP is every bit as cynical and manipulative and lying bastards about immigration, they can feel the pulse of America unlike the Democrats.  They are cynically using this issue even though Arizona did absolutely nothing about immigration before Obama was elected, for example.  Hell, McCain even talked like a Democrat on this issue two years ago!  Bush was very happy as was corporate America with the flood of illegal aliens!  But now they side with the citizens.  And the Democrats will have some very unpleasant surprises this fall if they don’t wake up.


ΩΩOpenly talking about using illegal aliens as future voters for the DNC is a typical example of how dimwitted the Democrats are!  How about we invite in 50 million communist Chinese?  They can then vote in our election!  Or how about 50 million people from Congo?  Or Vietnam?  Or India?  Any country can cheerfully send over dozens of millions of people if they get to become instant citizens and then vote!  .

ΩΩThis dilutes the sovereign votes of the existing citizens and should be viewed as a hostile take over. The Jewish population isn’t above 20 million so they can’t flood the US with alien voters but using other countries…BUT NOT MUSLIMS!…to do this is the height of cynicism.


Ministers and monarchy pass buck on ‘non-doms’ – UK Politics, UK – The Independent

Anger was growing yesterday that four peers who have given up their seats in the House of Lords to enable them to live abroad for tax reasons will still be able to style themselves Lord or Baroness and use their coats of arms.


More than 20 MPs are next week expected to back moves to close the loophole and remove the titles from Barons Bagri, Laidlaw and McAlpine and from Baroness Dunn….Pam Giddy, director of the Power 2010 political reform campaign group, said: “This shows yet again the need to reform the upper chamber.


“The myth that appointed peers bring an independence and range of expertise we all benefit from is once again shown to be nothing more than window dressing for a process that allows our political leaders to reward those that have ‘paid their dues’ to the parties.”


ΩΩI find this story to be really funny.  There is a spat between Parliament and the Queen over this stupid, meaningless issue.  Neither wishes to directly deal with this.  Of course, the solution is very simple: strip ALL of the damn lords and ladies of ALL of their pretensions including the royals!  Every blasted one of them should be turned into ‘citizens’!  How simple is this?


ΩΩIt has been done in the past!  More than once!  Over and over again, actually.  It is healthy, it makes a nation much stronger and fairer and it enforces the concept of equality!  Granting superior status to tax cheats is stupid.  Granting superior status to any lay about is stupid.  Time to stop it, Britain.  The empire is dead.  Time to become a real country, instead.


Haitians wait in tents for a recovery that has still barely begun – Americas, World – The Independent

Faced with long-term homelessness, hundreds of thousands left Port-au-Prince in the aftermath of the disaster and returned to the countryside, or to smaller towns, where they are attempting to eke an existence from the land. They hope to return, when things improve. But most of the promised help has still not arrived. An investigation by the American news network ABC into the 23 biggest charities working in Haiti revealed this week that just 2 per cent of the $1.1bn (£728m) they raised has so far been released. A mere 1 per cent has been spent on relief operations.


To millions still living in Port au Prince’s temporary camps, rebuilding can’t come quickly enough. And the Caribbean’s hurricane season brings a more pressing concern: in Haiti, there’s no such thing as drizzle.


ΩΩI figured this would happen.  All the sob stories used by clever advertisers to get people to send various ‘charities’ lots of loot (this emphatically includes the futile and stupid Bush/Clinton charity) but virtually none of this ever filters down to any masses.  This is trickle down economics at its worse!  All charities have lovely headquarters in prime real estate in the world’s richest cities.  All of the directors of these fake charities live in fine houses and fly around the world in their jets, fretting about this or that including ‘global warming’.  I have a lot more to say about that, this fine, hot summer!


ΩΩAll of this is FAKE.  From the first hour!  And TYPICAL!  The ‘tithe’ of the early Christians was for aid for the poor and quickly evolved into a looting expedition from the Church designed to fatten the rich and decimate the poorest of the poor.  So it is with modern charities: the people staffing these rip off operations often are the scion of the very rich.  They consider this a ‘job’ and of course, ‘me first!’ is their motto.


ΩΩStill, spending only 1% of billions during a major humanitarian crisis is the height of cynicism.  Note that I mention this ‘cynicism’ frequently.  This is because one has to pretend to be interested and filled with care while being totally self-centered and greedy.  A major problem.   I hope all these fake front charities are disbanded and the operatives arrested.  Many politicians (again, see Bush & Clinton!) are involved in these obvious scams and should also be arrested.


ΩΩIn record, 54 Chinese firms hit Global 500 — Shanghai Daily | 上海日报 — English Window to China New: Meanwhile, China rolls effortlessly forwards.  Chinese trade surplus gap hits $22.8bn: which is higher than ‘expected’ but no surprise to me.  Incidentally, the US trade deficit grew quickly, too.  One reason why China never asks for foreign aid after natural disasters is due to the Haitian problem: they know this is all about a bunch of swindlers stealing money in the name of the Chinese people.  Since their own government struggles with corruption, letting foreigners exploit Chinese pain for their own gain is frowned upon…ahem.


ΩΩHaiti should learn a lesson here!  They will never see the light of day if they are a perpetual lure for ‘aid dollars’ that are sucked up by a bunch of freeloading welfare cases who are the children of the very rich!  Haiti should look to other solutions.  Except the people still expect handouts.  Which is similar to the US: we want free money, too.  And print up great quantities of this.


Paul Volcker Pushes for Reform, and Regrets His Past Silence –

A well-regarded lion of the regulatory world, Mr. Volcker had endorsed the legislation before he went fishing, but unenthusiastically. If he were a teacher, and not a senior White House adviser and the towering former chairman of the Federal Reserve, he says, he would have given the new rules just an ordinary B — not even a B-plus.


“There is a certain circularity in all this business,” he concedes. “You have a crisis, followed by some kind of reform, for better or worse, and things go well for a while, and then you have another crisis.”


ΩΩVolcker was defeated.  Normally, reforms pass after great catastrophes like this recent one.  But this time around, Congress was so corrupt, they didn’t even bother with pretending to fix anything which is also why the Ron Paul Audit the Fed bill was deep-sixed.  Usually, the bankers wait in the wings until they can sneak in and bit by bit, tear down all reforms and restart the free funny money making machines.


ΩΩNow, they don’t have to wait!  Now we can have repeat bubbles in frequent intervals!  Until our nation goes bankrupt, of course.  A severe limitation we try to not think about.  But then, running our French Foreign Legion-style empire is a financial catastrophe in itself.

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21 responses to “US Foreign Legions In Endless Wars Against Endless Muslims

  1. DeVaul

    What a great article, Elaine! Are you sure you are not from Eastern Kentucky?

    “Pinning hopes on Hispanics for power politics is like rolling a keg of gunpowder into a campfire.”

    “…is easy as a greased pig slipping between the slats of a crate!”

    You are starting to sound like the miners I used to work with everyday.

    Anyway, I often wondered why Clinton and especially Bush (who everyone knows does not give a damn about anyone) were always showing up at disaster sites. I still remember King George’s “Jack Sparrow moment” in Haiti as he wiped his hands on Clinton’s shirt. I thought the money was stolen by warlords, but now it appears it never left Clinton and Bush’s coffers. How truly evil. “Cynical” is an understatement.

    I also noticed that the U.S. government will try to run sting operations to catch Arizona police using ethnic profiling against immigrants. Hello! Where were the stings against New York cops using racial profiling to stop blacks on the road and even in their own homes? Again, totally cynical.

    The Chinese have every right to drop that 2.5 trillion on the forex markets, but I doubt they will do it as long as we keep gutting ourselves. I actually hope they step in later to pay someone to guard the hoarde of nuclear weapons like we did with Russia as it fell apart.

    Althought most Americans are religious fanatics who can easily be prodded into a suicidal war, this fact is offset by the physical inability of most Americans to even walk across a parking lot. Our police, our firemen, even the paramilitary groups are all so obese I cannot see them enduring much hardship for very long. I am hoping their religious fanaticism will fade from their minds after they go a few days without food and water.

    Hope springs eternal.

  2. emsnews

    The Afghanis are lean and mean.

  3. JT

    I think both sides won already.

    US has demonstraded that in can invade and bomb any muslim country at will and replace the government.

    Afganis/fundamentalists have demonstrated that they will never give up.
    You can bomb them again once they setup camp. Who´s stopping you.

    What else is there to achieve?
    Do you want break the 30 year war record or what? 😀

  4. Chorddog

    “The Democratic Party runs on Jewish funds raised so that AIPAC can control our government.”


    There is ample evidence that a portion of the annual $5billion in U.S. foreign aid to Israel is funneled back to deserving Senators and Congressmen, with AIPAC as the conduit.

    So, fundraising isn’t necessary, really.

    THAT money is actually a redistribution of our tax dollars.

    Oh, Elaine, what a funny and wacky world we live in! 🙂

  5. emsnews

    Never forget the 100 Years War. 😦

  6. Niels

    “The Vietnam War killed not only the draft but our entire economic system”.

    That’s absolutely true. A book I read in 1976 (which I kept) details this. “Vain Hopes, Grim Realities: The Economic Consequences of the Vietnam War” by Robert Warren Stevens. What a wonderful title!

    The Vietnam War always had a fragile popularity, dependent on using draftees rather than reservists, and not raising taxes. The Army used the draft to hold onto abusive personnel practices (for example, its notorious pass system). The GI Generation (now called the Greatest Generation) felt they had made enough sacrifices already and refused to pay for it with taxes. Our elites wanted the war, but understood its fragile popularity, and wound up seriously damaging the economy. It never really recovered.

  7. JT


    You will at least beat the Sovjets by a few years.
    Come on, declare victory already 😀 .

    I understand that any self respecting empire has to invade a few countries every once in a while as a show of force.
    I think we´ve hit the million mark in casualties also.

    Very respectable.
    I will be a long wait however if you want someone from the other side to throw a white towel in the ring.

    A win by a unanomous decision not a knockout.

  8. Elaine is right about AIPAC; and she’s right for criticizing the way officeholders in Washington grovel before this lobby. I respect her for being ahead of others in confronting this problem. I read Elaine every day and find much more cause to praise than to be critical. I wouldn’t keep reading if I didn’t learn much here, and find her analysis a valuable resource.

    What’s been catching my eye in the news lately are things that confirm, again and again, the way that the economic payoffs preserve a war economy. The War On Drugs benefits banks that have been caught laundering money. The war of resource extraction benefits the corporation, as well as the government and its officials. Just look at the gusher and the cleanup charade on the Gulf Coast; where it happens that the corporate power of BP has effective authority over the Coast Guard, and seems to have worked out some kind of financial arrangement, paying for overtime work by local sheriffs. The whole area has been screened off from public scrutiny.

    I think the Israeli government sometimes uses its periodic ravaging of Lebanon to bring about the economic leveling of that local competitor; and Israelis welcome a pretext for war. The material strength of Lebanon it considered a threat; and in the last clash of arms, a border incident was blown up into an excuse to devastate the country’s infrastructure and kill a thousand and more Lebanese.

  9. PLovering

    @Elaine, “Bibi runs DC now, so who do we vote for?”

    Forget DC. Bibi has a hard time running Israel. Bibi stops by the offal office for face time, photo ops, and kosher baloney.

    Bibi made his most important stop at the CFR, where Rocky Baby gave Bibi his marching orders.

    When Rocky Baby says jump, Bibi asks how high on the way up.

  10. nah

    I would be rich today if I embraced Zionism. I would be on TV, I would still be published by the NYT, I would not be disowned by family members. I would have to lie
    that is a powerful statement of intent dear lady
    israel is nothing but consequence for all partys involved… even ems news… a US citizen ‘according to yer’ wordthingies
    however i dont believe the GOP is a bunch of heartless betrayers of the public on behalf of the ‘gotcha media’… just fools with the best theme
    people are comfortable with crime and victims if they have never seen them…. even rich people… even sooper rich people…. innocence in another dimension giving vague ideas kinetic energy…. US or die baby

    israel? what is that

  11. nah

    In pictures: Battle of Britain’s 70th anniversary
    Kill all the Germans mahn
    the US air war over there is something to shake your head at

  12. Aussie

    Elaine is right about AIPAC and the same reticent to mention overpowering pro-Israel influence in Australia applies.

    Two additional indications of Washington rot:

    Embargo of news and confronting photo evidence of Gulf environmental devastation BP:

    Dagong International Credit Rating Co’s verdict was a break with Moody’s, Standard & Poors and Fitch, which say US government debt is the world’s safest.
    Dagong said it rated Washington below China and 11 other countries such as Switzerland and Australia due to high debt and slow growth. It warned the US is among countries that might face rising borrowing costs and risks of default.


    ELAINE: No shock here. Our buoyancy is due 100% to our trade partners being most anxious to keep extending credit so we will continue free trade. The cynical part is, the Chinese communists want us in debt to them so they can crush us whenever they wish.

  13. igneous

    Yeah its kind of interesting. The right wing always promote nationalist agendas thus attracting a large section of the lower middle class and working class vote. But its just jingoistic flag waving and nothing else. They actually just promote anything that benefits their corporate sponsors. I’m pretty sure when Margaret Thatcher was in power there was a huge increase in imigration. What is also strange is that anyone would believe that she was a nationalist anyway with her globalist trade policies.

    Why the middle class left wing intellectuals can’t capitalise on this, expose the right wing’s nationalism as a con and become more nationalist themselves is beyond me. Do they not understand that any government of a nation has in fact a duty to be nationalist, thats its job.

    I think they are shocked by the flag waving of the grubby common workers. To me this anti nationalism is more a symptom of class war fare than a result of well thought out policy. ie middle class ‘intellectuals’ and working class red necks.

    The left by not being more nationalist actually supports the right wing’s real agenda. I guess therefore people look at the left and think they are elites hence the mistrust of socialism. Its easy to think this because they are internationalist and act outside any national interest.

  14. emsnews

    Correct, Igneous. Patriotism is a tool. A great tool and a very dangerous tool. Deadly when connected to ethnic cleansing.

    Just as I can kill someone with a hammer or a shovel, so it is with this dangerous tool: it can be wisely used to BUILD something, too. It is not an evil thing in itself, it is a very useful tool that can build countries, bind together people of different faiths and variations in skin color or it can divide and kill. We get to choose what it will do to us.

  15. One correction, Elaine. Arizona has been trying to stem illegal immigration for at least a decade. We passed a bunch of referendums denying benefits to non-citizens, for example. Also, our legislature passed bills making illegal immigration a FELONY, but they were vetoed by Janet Napolitano. In a supreme irony, we can thank Obama for SB1070, because he appointed Janet in the middle of her term, which left the governor position to be filled by the Republican legislature.

    We have been trying for years, decades even. Let me remind you, it was federal judges that mandated we pay educational and hospital costs for illegals, too, overturning our popular laws to the contrary.

  16. floridasandy

    if you are going to generalize, the left wing is just being exposed as the arrogant elitists that they are. they have always believed in big government simply because they thought that the “people”aren’t smart enough to take care of themselves. it is that arrogance which is showing through now with the “we know better” attitude of this entire administration and this will cost them on election day.
    as far as the haiti fraud, every time money is collected in large sums very little seems to make it to its intended target and i agree that both clinton and bush should be investigated on the handling of that money. it is interesting that the russian spy who exposed russia stealing money from the oil /food program in iraq has died of (evidently) natural causes at 53.


    ELAINE: Greed and stupidity seem to occur in the general population.

  17. JSmith

    “The cynical part is, the Chinese communists want us in debt to them so they can crush us whenever they wish.”

    Don’t think so. The concept is “vendor financing”: they buy our debt so that we’ll continue to buy their crap, sorry, “goods”. If we stop buying their, um, stuff, they have a difficult problem.

    And I’m sure the Chinese have read their Adam Smith along with their little red books, specifically the part in Adam’s discussion of sovereign debt where he astutely notes that “when national debts have once been accumulated to a certain degree, there is scarce, I believe, a single instance of their having been fairly and completely paid.”

    In Other Words… it’s to the advantage of the Chinese as well as the US to continue to pretend all that paper they bought from us is actually worth something.

  18. emsnews

    No, they want to end our military empire. Period. Don’t underestimate this desire. It is huge. Very huge.

  19. wb

    “..a book published in China in February 1999 which proposes tactics for developing countries, in particular China, to compensate for their military inferiority vis-à-vis the United States during a high-tech war.”

  20. DeVaul

    “…it’s to the advantage of the Chinese as well as the US to continue to pretend all that paper they bought from us is actually worth something”

    That does not make any sense in the long term, JSmith. If they really believed it was necessary to do that, they would not laugh out loud at Geithner when he said the dollar was a stable store of value.

    They know from history that the dollar is toast, so they are just biding their time, trying to buy whatever they can before the collapse while also creating some kind of alternative.

    Knowing that we can never pay them what we owe them motivates them to find some way to survive the coming default.

  21. DeVaul

    Also, they are highly motivated to end our military dominance, as Elaine has repeatedly said.

    We have military bases and thousands of troops, an entire fleet, and countless aircraft right on their border. How would we react if Cuba became a Chinese air and naval base?

    You can bet everything would be dropped like a rock in order to deal with that pronto.

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