Anwar Ibrahim Made His Own Bad Choices During DC Visit

ΩΩDue to great interest in Malaysia, I am redoing my story about Anwar Ibrahim because…well, people reading about me over in Malaysia don’t seem to get the entire story straight.  Anwar CIA tool’: Ex-Umno members in PKR told to return: this article in Malaysia leaves out my sources which happens to be a Jewish editor of the warmongering Washington Post.  So here is the direct quotes from the WASHINGTON POST, a very notorious Zionist warmongering paper in the capital of the USA:

ΩΩMalaysia is a very important country.  It lies like a great barrier to world sea lane traffic and the narrow seas between Indonesia and Malaysia teem with many international ships.  It is the needle which half of world sea trade must pass.  Singapore is the pirate cove of British extraction that lies at the entrance to this place.


ΩΩJust as Egypt’s Suez Canal is the eye of the needle for trade between the world and the Mediterranean Sea countries, so is Malaysia an important imperialist control issue for both Europe and the US.


ΩΩPeriodically, I rouse people in Malaysia by talking openly about things concerning the CIA, our imperial systems and the dangers the Malaysian people face. This causes some there to go haywire.  Odd, isn’t it?  Well, the same thing happens here at home! Who wants to listen to me????  Especially when I talk about the Chinese 50 Year Plan, the one they keep very secret but goofed by talking about it in my presence!


Jackson Diehl – Flirting with zealotry in Malaysia

Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of Malaysia’s political opposition, has become known over the past decade as one of the foremost advocates of liberal democracy in Muslim countries. His many friends in Washington include prominent members of the neoconservative movement — such as Paul Wolfowitz, the former World Bank president and U.S. ambassador to Indonesia — as well as such Democratic grandees as Al Gore.


Diehl is one of the many Zionists who runs the Washington Post.  The Post went from being a half-decent news source into a totally indecent news misinformation source in just 25 years.  Totally Zionist and utterly warmongering, it is the ‘Völklischer Beobachter’ of the Zionist set.  Poor Anwar I.  is a CIA creature.   That is, he is not an ‘agent’ but rather, a ‘tool’.   His list of buddies proves this: they are all undercover CIA.  I grew up in this world.  My dad had many international ‘friends’ including people like the Bin Laden clan, for example.


Lately, Anwar has been getting attention for something else: strident rhetoric about Israel and alleged “Zionist influence” in Malaysia. He recently joined a demonstration outside the U.S. embassy in Kuala Lumpur where an Israeli flag was burned. He’s made dark insinuations about the “Jewish-controlled” Washington public relations firm Apco Worldwide, which is working for Malaysia’s quasi-authoritarian government….


HAHAHA…this is why it pays to read the WP!  So, here is a CIA operation that is supposed to be a secret front organization.  Good to know.  Time to visit: APCO Worldwide


Client service not only drives us, it defines us. At APCO Worldwide, we address clients’ interests and objectives through communication and public affairs consulting that combines a global perspective with local expertise to understand the issues, events and trends that impact businesses and organizations around the world.


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HAHAHA….this thing reeks of CIA operations!  This organization also ‘fights malaria’ but that is a front.  Good things are used as fronts for bad things.  This is how the CIA operates: if something is good for a people, they will lurk behind it and use it to do horrible things to people while pretending to be ‘aiding’ people.  This is why distrust is so great (and is greatly exploited by very clever con artists!!!!!).


…Anwar, who was in Washington for a couple of days last week, spent a lot of time offering explanations to old friends, not to mention House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman and a Jewish leader or two. He said he regretted using terms such as “Zionist aggression,” which are common coin for demagogues like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. “Why do I need to use it if it causes so much misunderstanding?” he said.“I need to be more careful.”


AIPAC and the neo Nazis were blowing fuses over his betrayals.  He had to explain, this is more ‘deep cover’ for his CIA operations.  But the Jews are very suspicious.  What if he goes ‘bin Laden’ on them and they can’t kill him?  The problem with bin Laden is that he didn’t die for them as a sacrificial lamb after 9/11.  Poor Anwar.  He knows (we know each other, by the way!!!!) that the Mossad assassination squads will be after him, of course, using fake foreign passports.  So he flew to DC to beg for his life.  He thinks it is over.  The Zionists are not done with him.


Many of the Malaysian’s friends are inclined to give him a break. “What Anwar did was wrong, but considering that he’s literally fighting for his life — physically as well as politically — against a government that attacks him as being ‘a puppet of the Jews,’ one should cut him some slack,” Wolfowitz told me.


ΩΩThere are several key points to this amazing article…one that I didn’t write.  This was written by a neo con Zionist who revealed the true nature of Anwar’s recent visit to DC: to be chewed out by Zionist Jews and according to the Washington Post, he apologized to them and said he would not do these things (talk at an anti-Israeli demonstration in Malaysia, for example) ever again.


ΩΩThere are several key points all Malaysians must entertain here.  I will list these points but will do it in an odd way, namely, Mr. Anwar Ibrahim had three choices at each turn of the road and he made his choices.  I would suggest, rather bad choices.


ΩΩMr. Ibrahim is the leader of the opposition in Malaysia.  He needs allies and friends.  Where should he seek out these friends and allies?


  1. At top secret Bilderberg meetings?
  2. At meetings with US Jewish leaders?
  3. At gatherings in various Malaysian cities and towns, talking to the citizens of this country?


ΩΩIbrahim chose #1 and #2 options.  He made a big mistake doing this.


ΩΩNext: when visiting Washington, when he was told to meet with various top leaders who are Jews in Congress and ‘other Jewish leaders’ what did he do?


  1. Hurry off to these meetings and then apologize and grovel?
  2. Ask for US Jewish politicians to stop killing Muslims?
  3. Tell them to go to hell and turn around and make a public visit to Turkey?


ΩΩThe answer was #1: grovel and apologize.  I didn’t make this choice, HE made this choice.  I didn’t even report on this, the neo-con far right wing Zionist editor of the Washington Post BOASTED about this!  He thought it was funny.  If I were Ibrahim, I would have chosen option #3 or if I was foolish and went off to visit a bunch of very angry Zionists in DC, I would have lectured them about their beastly behavior towards the Turks, the people trapped in Gaza and the West Bank and ethnic cleansing in general.


ΩΩI would not grovel.  How stupid is that?  Why did he do this, anyway?  Obama has been forced to grovel to the Israelis after AIPAC and Congress turned on him and attacked him openly.  He is a very wounded leader and is going down in flames here in the US, his hardcore base is melting away.  If Ibrahim is the opposition in Malaysia, would his prospects be:


  1. Enhanced after his US visit and various apologies for talking at an anti-Zionist rally in Malaysia?
  2. In the toilet after apologizing for criticizing Israel at a Malaysian rally?
  3. On the run due to fury directed at him for running off to the US to apologize to his PERSONAL friends like notorious war criminals such as Wolfowitz?


ΩΩThe pressing question in Malaysia is, why is Ibrahim friends with Wolfowitz????  I am not Wolfowitz’s buddy!  I can’t possibly be his friend in any way, shape or form.  I hate the guy.  I want him put on trial for war crimes such as lying about Saddam’s supposed ‘weapons of mass destruction’, just for one glaring example.


ΩΩIf I were to poll all the Ibrahim supporters in Malaysia about this question, ‘Do you think ANYONE should be Wolfowitz’s friend?’ I suspect the poll would be about 99.9% in agreement with me.


ΩΩFrom Mr. Diehl’s article in the Washington Post, yet again:

“What Anwar did was wrong, but considering that he’s literally fighting for his life — physically as well as politically — against a government that attacks him as being ‘a puppet of the Jews,’ one should cut him some slack,” Wolfowitz told me.


ΩΩThe ‘wrong’ thing that Mr. Wolfowitz is talking about happens to be talking about Israel in a negative way while giving a speech in Malaysia!  So the question for everyone here is simple: is Ibrahim a ‘puppet of the Jews’ or what is he?  Did his visit to DC and the Diehl story confirm that he is a ‘puppet of the Jews’ or didn’t it?


ΩΩThe answer is obvious!  It showed that he is, indeed, saying one thing in public to get a good opinion in Malaysia and then turning around and telling his sponsors in the US, he didn’t mean it at all and wants to retract it!  Then going home and NOT retracting it but pretending he never promised to retract it and these meetings never happened!


ΩΩWhat is going on here?  Palestinian village to be encircled by barrier | Antiwar Newswire: right on the heels of Bibi’s conquest visit with his minor tool, Obama, he continues to expand the Israeli take over of the West Bank.  Obama can’t stop him because he is a puppet, not a President.  His own political party left him high and dry. Here is the video of poor puppet Obama’s infamous speech, one that got a lot of Zionists totally enraged:

Click here for video of Cairo speech:


Remarks by the President at Cairo University, 6-04-09 | The White House

June 4, 2009:




…I’ve come here to Cairo to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, one based on mutual interest and mutual respect, and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition.  Instead, they overlap, and share common principles — principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings….


This speech said many, many things that totally outraged our Zionist rulers.  They expected Obama to sweet talk to the Muslims but above all, to LIE to them.  Lying is easy.  All one has to do is say whatever people want to hear and the do the exact opposite.  And then collect the loot.  President Clinton was most excellent at this.


…Now, that does not mean we should ignore sources of tension. Indeed, it suggests the opposite: We must face these tensions squarely. And so in that spirit, let me speak as clearly and as plainly as I can about some specific issues that I believe we must finally confront together…Now, make no mistake:  We do not want to keep our troops in Afghanistan.  We see no military — we seek no military bases there….


This, like nearly the entire speech, was a total lie.  Even if he thought this way last summer, he chickened out when AIPAC, Congress and the Pentagon beat the sh*t out of him last spring.  His feeble attempts at doing any form of diplomacy was wrathfully squashed flat.


…I have made it clear to the Iraqi people that we pursue no bases, and no claim on their territory or resources.  Iraq’s sovereignty is its own. And that’s why I ordered the removal of our combat brigades by next August. That is why we will honor our agreement with Iraq’s democratically elected government to remove combat troops from Iraqi cities by July, and to remove all of our troops from Iraq by 2012….


August is right around the corner!  And he did move his troops…to Afghanistan where they are fighting ferociously.  It is scary that the Rolling Stone magazine which was anti-war for so many years, was the tool (I believe, deliberately!) for destroying Mc Chrystal.  Most of the ugly interview items were his ‘staff’ who probably was set up to take him down and he went down and was replaced by overt butchers who plan to fight more viciously and to hell with civilian deaths.  Already, this is causing tremendous violence and has widened the war and bombs are going off all over Pakistan as well as Afghanistan.


…The second major source of tension that we need to discuss is the situation between Israelis, Palestinians and the Arab world….So let there be no doubt: The situation for the Palestinian people is intolerable.  And America will not turn our backs on the legitimate Palestinian aspiration for dignity, opportunity, and a state of their own….But if we see this conflict only from one side or the other, then we will be blind to the truth: The only resolution is for the aspirations of both sides to be met through two states, where Israelis and Palestinians each live in peace and security.The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements. (Applause.)  This construction violates previous agreements and undermines efforts to achieve peace.  It is time for these settlements to stop.…America will align our policies with those who pursue peace, and we will say in public what we say in private to Israelis and Palestinians and Arabs….


This part of the speech is what caused all the Zionists to take out their knives and go hunting for Obama’s scalp.  They collected it this week with his meek kow tow to Bibi.  Bibi also wanted Ibrahim to do the same so it was done via proxies, of course.  Everything Obama said here was thrown back in his face.  The Israelis basically spat on him and kicked him in the groin.


Not even the slightest attempt was made to curb the Greater Israel Ethnic Cleansing plan.  Not one thing.  After murdering Turkish and US citizens on the high seas, Israel grudgingly said they would let in a few more tidbits into Gaza but  not too much.  And will go back to strangling Gaza after this week’s visit.


Bibi Netanyahu is the President of the United States.  Of course, Mr. Ibrahim knows this which is why he has to be friendly with the various agents who run our government.  This means kissing ass, big time.  The more smooching, the happier the rulers are.  Pointing out their war crimes is a no-no.  Which is why I delight in doing this.  Unlike Ibrahim, Mr. Wolfowitz will never invite me over for dinner.  Besides, I would throw up on him.  Much less, be his buddy boy.


…I understand those who protest that some countries have weapons that others do not. No single nation should pick and choose which nation holds nuclear weapons.  And that’s why I strongly reaffirmed America’s commitment to seek a world in which no nations hold nuclear weapons. (Applause.)  And any nation — including Iran — should have the right to access peaceful nuclear power if it complies with its responsibilities under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.  That commitment is at the core of the treaty, and it must be kept for all who fully abide by it. And I’m hopeful that all countries in the region can share in this goal.


ΩΩThis paragraph is most infuriating.  Obama allowed the UN to censor Israel for its huge secret nuclear arsenal.  Then Congress and AIPAC howled at him and he retreated and told Bibi, our real ruler, that it was a mistake and he would erase it.  EXACTLY the same back tracking poor Ibrahim, who longs to ‘rule’ Malaysia, had to make!  DUH!  Problemo!  Big time!  Far from eliminating our own nukes, we are actually going to upgrade them and use them better than before, that is, on subs scattered all over the planet.


ΩΩAnd of course, Israel can go back to pretending they have no nukes while threatening everyone including the people of Malaysia, with hidden subs armed with nukes.  Yes, they have nuclear subs with nuclear bombs and these roam the high seas, protected by our Pentagon.  Malaysia just bought 2 subs.  With no nukes, of course.  They have 6 New Generation Patrol Vessels, one anti sub helicopter and several frigates.  In other words, their naval power is tiny even though, unlike Israel, they have a huge number of miles of shoreline to defend.


ΩΩIsrael, on the other hand, controls the entire Mediterranean Sea and can even chew up NATO members at will and be forgiven, nay, strongly backed.  As Turkey reels away from Israel and DC, I would suggest the smart thing for any Malaysian politician could do is to draw closer to Turkey!  I bet this would be immensely popular at home as well as in Turkey.    Brazil defied the US about Iran’s nuclear program and so can Malaysia, if they so desire.  Balkan summit condemns Israeli raid on Gaza flotilla – Haaretz: this conference, Malaysia condemned the Israel high sea attack on the Turkish ship.

. – Seventy Days After Deadline, Sanctions Against Iran Appear No Closer

According to the FDD, Iran’s remaining gasoline suppliers include the French company Total, LUKOIL of Russia and companies in China, Malaysia and Kuwait.


ΩΩSeems the present government of Malaysia was selling gasoline to Iran until this month when AIPAC demanded extreme US sanctions that are aimed at punishing our allies and ‘friends’ if they do business with Iran at all.  This is eating into the finances of Europe as well as Asia and is keeping world oil prices artificially high.


ΩΩThe people of Malaysia have to wrestle with the same problems we have here in the US: rich and connected people are trying to take over the country and use it for their own ends.  The Bilderberg group and the CIA have very significant overlaps. Wolfowitz IS pure CIA, any ‘opposition leader’ of any country that calls this gangster ‘my friend’ is now, ipso facto, part of the CIA machine.  This machine runs on FRIENDSHIPS and SECRET MEETINGS and DOUBLE TALK by these friends who lie to even their own families!


ΩΩThis network of friends grew up at the same time and was fed by the same people as the people who created and run the Bilderberg society meetings.  Many major, huge things like the EU are cooked up at these secret meetings.  I suggest the people of Malaysia who support Ibrahim call the Washington Post and demand answers to Mr. Diehl’s editorial!  Talk to HIM, not ME.  I am a mere messenger.


ΩΩFinally, some very sad war news: Warrior Diplomats: Soldiers Take Over Where Afghanistan Government Fears To Go

But the timeline is already starting to look crunched as new forces prepare to push into the area overseen by Bravo Company this fall and President Barack Obama has said troops need to start drawing down in 2011.


Soldiers say that impending deadline makes it harder for them to convince villagers that they’re here to stay until the government really can step in. The Taliban have successfully convinced many that a full pullout is imminent.


And so it isn’t surprising that Mullah Bas Mohammad is far from ready to stick his head out on behalf of American troops. He and the people he serves are still on the edge.


A young boy who’s been listening in on the conversation from a couple feet away looks at the U.S. soldiers and says “Taliban” while giving a thumbs-up sign. Then he turns his thumb down toward the ground and says “American.”


An Afghan soldier hands the boy a bottle of water. The boy pours it out on the ground without taking a sip.


ΩΩPoor Mullah Bas Mohammad!!!  He is in the exact same boat as Ibrahim: the US wants him to be our tool, our servant and obey our rules and above all, cooperate with the taming of the Muslim world so that it has zero political power.  But that little boy is the Truth.  He would NEVER eat with Mr. Wolfowitz or drink with the dude or call him, ‘My friend’ or visit that guy in DC or NOTHING….he would attack the guy on sight!


ΩΩThe children of Palestine are exactly the same.  They are defiant.  We can crush mom and dad but the kids burn with desire to get revenge.  Bombers Kill More Than 50 in Attacks in Uganda Capital – the bombings are spreading, not disappearing.  This is because the chaos and anger is growing, not getting less.  Obama’s speech in Cairo was nearly perfect.  If he could have carried out all of the things he promised, we would see a happier world.


ΩΩInstead, he repudiated every single aspect of this speech and chose the wrong road just like Mr. Ibrahim decided to walk the wrong path, too.  If you make too many wrong choices, bad things happen.  DUH.  This is why making the right choices is so important!


ΩΩI still feel that Mr. Diehl was setting up Mr. Ibrahim for a bad fall by publishing his story in the Washington Post.  But there would have been no story if Mr. Ibrahim was as certain and brave as that Afghani child.

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  2. Hijaz

    Thank you so much.

    You do not know how profound your help is in toppling down the Anwar regime.

  3. Catcha

    Thank you for this.

    Amusing to read about a black man at the White House called Bibi Blackie.

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  5. kuntamaten

    Pretty soon, someone somewhere will say you are being paid by PM Najib of Malaysia to say “bad things” about Anwar Ibrahim.
    Pity you…

  6. emsnews

    I wish someone would pay me something! Please donate if you like anything I write. I need the money.

    By the way, when I was a hot shot in NYC politics, I had a sign in my office saying, ‘Why do I have no bribes?’

    I sent more than one NYC politico to prison over bribe scandals. This is key to any political matter: keeping your own people clean is the hardest thing to do!

  7. kornell1us

    Chinese 50 Year Plan???? explain more….

  8. ned2169

    good piece! but i must agree with kuntamaten… sooner or later Anwar’s spin doctors will claim that you are a ‘tool’ of the ruling party. Sigh!

  9. Hijaz

    You are indeed making headlines in the most circulated Malaysian newspaper, the Utusan Malaysia(literally The Malaysia Post).It is inBahasa Melayu but basically it just says what you say.

  10. Proing

    Sorry, but as a Pakatan Voter, I am programmed to say that you are: –
    -PAid by BeEnd to write this article
    -PRostitoot journalism or something of that sort and
    -Spin king

    Have a nice day.


    ELAINE: Tell someone to pay me. I need the money.

  11. Johnny

    Anwar Ibrahim is a son of bitch…he wreck the whole nation for the last 12 yrs…split the people…damn him…

  12. why oh.. why..?

    why do you decided to go against anwar? you really does not know he’s irrational fanatic so called supporter. it wont be long before you’ll be badly insulted by the trifling supporter.

    btw, I don’t know what you are write is correct or what, I’m really shock reading it. You’re exposing one side of anwar which Malaysian have never seen. it won’t be easy for you with the insult… good luck! 🙂

  13. John Lenny

    I’m surprised for what just I read.

    Ibrahim is a really CIA tool? You kidding me.

  14. JSmith

    I’ve gathered that Ibrahim’s “mistake #1” was to get on the bad side of Mahathir Mohammed (the Lee Kuan Yew of Malaysia); these sorts of fellows see opposition in much the same way as any president-for-life in that part of the world sees it: as something to be dealt with by whatever means necessary. (You’ll no doubt recall that others in the neighborhood, such as Suharto and F. Marcos, didn’t work well with opposition either.)

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  16. Frank Obo-meh

    r u smoking pot or like u got paid churning out shitty piece like this… since you desperately need money as you made it known to everyone.

  17. ned2169

    Frank, go get a life! don’t u know that smoking pot is bad for your brains? judging from your post, it looks like you’ve been smoking pot since u were born!

  18. adamm

    Exactly right. The former PM Mahatir found out the treachery of Anwar ie. treason essentially; and had him put on ice for a long while. The CIA and others love to comprimise their friends and allies alike. This is how the game is played. Sockpuppet leaders in the MEast and their “family dynasties” are easier to control when they have no real “sovereignity” ie are under an implicit controller in the Washington area. The tentacles of the octopus are in every corner of the world.


    ELAINE: Correct. It was the Washington Post who threw Anwar under the bus. They, not I, did this deed. I merely explained how things operate. It is like I am the ‘owner’s manual’ for driving a car that crashes all the time.

  19. melponeme_k

    You have gotten a few trolls here. It indicates me you hit close to the bulls eye.

    What is really sad is that Obama and Ibrahim are in cages with open doors. They could topple everything by going public. But they won’t, so obviously the silk threads enchaining them are more attractive than justice.


    ELAINE: The silk cord is called ‘money’. I have no money and no one gives me money so I am free as a bird.

  20. Salak

    That Elaine opines Anwar might have made a mistake is fair comment.

    There is just inadequate comment on the only ruling party of Malaysia which has messed up the country for 50 years, just as Suharto screwed up Indonesia with compliments of the US tax payers which Elaine will definitely not be happy about, or so I believe.

    There is a passing remark about Malaysia being a quasi-authoritarian government. Anwar’s friends, party members and many Malaysians do not hesitate to admit fascism having set in Malaysia..

    The ruling party in Malaysia will now parse every sentence that Elaine has written and hype up those they like, happily. The Americans will judge their Presidents as Malaysians will their leaders. They may not forgive Anwar’s error but they might with his human fallibility and the chance for change after 5 decades that he has shown to them to be achievable now. Maybe they will even forgive him as do Americans when they grind down their molars and bite their nails at the prospect of Bibi Netanyahu holding court on Abraham Lincoln’s ideals.


    ELAINE: This is all about who owns who. It is obvious that Malaysia’s opposition is owned by Zionists in the US. Trust me on this one: they ALWAYS demand their needs come first, second and third. They will bankrupt the government if they think this will make their stronghold in the Middle East stronger. So if their tentacles are wrapped around anyone’s neck, you can bet, that person will drown rather than go against these people. Wolfowitz is a total Zionist, up down and all around.

    He can’t run the World Bank anymore and eventually the Chinese who are not Zionists, will run it because they have the money, we only have massive debts. Right now, the World Bank runs on dollars printed by the Federal Reserve and which are actually loans owed to China and OPEC.

  21. if Anyone wanted to kill Anwar. He can be kill at anytime at your pleasure.He has blog at that often publish where is his whereabout. But they dont. He is nobody.He got no power. Even in Malaysia if he ever considered a threat to the government. He still happily living and speak to the people.He always went overseas to speak at any conference. You can kill him at anytime. I am sure he will be happy to be killed as martyr.

    CIA is US American Goverment tools. Obama is currently be friend with Najib, he never mentioned or criticized Najib’s over Anwar’s second sodomy trial.Najib even hired APCO.You also confirm in one of your article that APCO is jewish tools. Najib’s recent visits is worthless if you said Obama is going inside Malaysia by using Anwar as a tool.


    ELAINE: The light dawns! The CIA/Mossad organization owns BOTH sides of the coin in Malaysia just like…here in the US! No one who is outside of these strict controls are allowed to appear in the media (Ron Paul, just for example) except when they do something embarrassing while the tools get to talk in public and do stuff and nothing bad happens to them…but this is due to being owned, lock stock and barrel (refers to guns, by the way).

  22. if

    The Financial Con Of The Decade Explained So Simply Even A Congressman Will Get It
    1. Enable trillions of dollars in mortgages guaranteed to default by packaging unlimited quantities of them into mortgage-backed securities (MBS), creating umlimited demand for fraudulently originated loans.

    2. Sell these MBS as “safe” to credulous investors, institutions, town councils in Norway, etc., i.e. “the bezzle” on a global scale.

    3. Make huge “side bets” against these doomed mortgages so when they default then the short-side bets generate billions in profits.

    4. Leverage each $1 of actual capital into $100 of high-risk bets.

    5. Hide the utterly fraudulent bets offshore and/or off-balance sheet (not that the regulators you had muzzled would have noticed anyway).

    6. When the longside bets go bad, transfer hundreds of billions of dollars in Federal guarantees, bailouts and backstops into the private hands which made the risky bets, either via direct payments or via proxies like AIG. Enable these private Power Elites to borrow hundreds of billions more from the Treasury/Fed at zero interest.

    7. Deposit these funds at the Federal Reserve, where they earn 3-4%. Reap billions in guaranteed income by borrowing Federal money for free and getting paid interest by the Fed.

    8. As profits pile up, start buying boatloads of short-term U.S. Treasuries. Now the taxpayers who absorbed the trillions in private losses and who transferred trillions in subsidies, backstops, guarantees, bailouts and loans to private banks and corporations, are now paying interest on the Treasuries their own money purchased for the banks/corporations.

    9. Slowly acquire trillions of dollars in Treasuries–not difficult to do as the Federal government is borrowing $1.5 trillion a year.

    10. Stop buying Treasuries and dump a boatload onto the market, forcing interest rates to rise as supply of new T-Bills exceeds demand (at least temporarily). Repeat as necessary to double and then triple interest rates paid on Treasuries.

    11. Buy hundreds of billions in long-term Treasuries at high rates of interest. As interest rates rise, interest payments dwarf all other Federal spending, forcing extreme cuts in all other government spending.

    12. Enjoy the hundreds of billions of dollars in interest payments being paid by taxpayers on Treasuries that were purchased with their money but which are safely in private hands.

  23. Horton

    50 year plan?
    starting when? 1979?
    (when Deng said get rich) Asian animal calendar
    12 (V.nam uses cat) animals/yrs x 4=48
    W. calendar years, or 60. . .so ….2039 voila!

  24. myrayza

    The Malaysian map you’ve shown is only the half of it. Where’s the other half? You forgot about Sabah and Sarawak the East Malaysian. It’s the same with your story. Show the story from the other half too. Bloggers should be neutral and tells both side of the story. I am not for or against anyone. Just for the sake of justice to anyone involved.


    ELAINE: I was showing a Google Earth map that clearly shows how Malaysia is an important naval area and then I discussed the pathetic size of the navy of Malaysia. Want more information as to why Malaysia, an ancient sea power, is now so tiny and useless?

  25. Catcha


    Sometimes in early 80’s, under Mahathir’s watch Malaysia bought some 80 Tomahawks. The Deputy Finance Minister was then Najib Razak whilst the Defence Minister who converse with a script was Abang Abu Bakar, a Sarawakian.

    Only some 40 of these were taken / delivered. The rest were left in the California desert. When the scorpene submarines were bought in 1992, it was bought on Mahathir’s watch.

    When you drive down to California have a look see, you might see some junkies living in them and gunning the dragon under the clear desert night sky, if no one have by now sold them for scraps or sent them to some African country.

  26. perkissa

    “…I wish someone would pay me something! Please donate if you like anything I write. I need the money….”

    It’s not about bribes. Check with APCO. they’re well advertised even on your blog.


    ELAINE: APCO is a front organization. I am a single individual who isn’t paid to write stuff.

  27. anah

    Argghh… i m sick reading all these things!Politic is every where…when i was a child.. it was about on 90’s..i feel so peacefull and harmony.. you can sleep at night without lock your door..but after 1998..everything is change!! too many small riot happen in Malaysia..just because of politic!! Anwar is one of this choas!

  28. Hijaz


    Malaysia di not buy Tomahwks but Skyhawks you idoit misinformed Anwar worshipper.

    We bought them quickly out of fear that Vietnam which just gone completely Commie would go down Thailand down to SIngapore in a Commie Red Flood. But it didn’t and the Skyhawks were not needed and were eventually forgotten. They were then already obsolete to be revived anyway.

    Anwar is a nobody indeed. But with friends who can easily put him on CNN during his pilgrimage to his Zionist lords turn him into the biggest threat to Malaysian society as we can see today.The socio economic balance has now gone beserk.Not to mention he has been paraded into the most influential Asian on so called Asian Renaissance on western magazines. A nobody indeed? is he who has been hyping that Mahathir was poisoning him in prioson , but now, he could even sodomize a 20 year old boy and go on his pilgrimage to US without hindrance with his so called back pain.

    I dunno. If the CIA do assassinate him, My bets is that Anwar supporters will say UMNO assassinated him(after all this years) and conduct a Thai like Red revolution. We have see how Anwar’s henchmen in the DAP commie party parade themselves in Red before and conduct racial riots before. They can do it again, And Anwar’s death, by CIA or anybody would be a good excuse to throw away 50 years of peace and uninterrupted growth in our beloved federation.

  29. Anwar Ibrahim is losing credibility with or without your disclosure.Some of your commentators are right, his supporters will accuse you of being paid by Najib.

    Though I have never been paid one cent that what they have accused me of in the past.

    Anwar is done.He killed himself politically.People now know he has forked tongue and he wouldn’t be the cause for political change in Malaysia anymore.

    If there were to be an change it would come about by people’s power.


    ELAINE: What interested me the most was why a Washington Post Zionist editor threw him under the bus. That is, this very public punishment dealt to him for daring to be hostile about Israel’s crimes.

  30. Sorry for the typo error.Should read

    1st para…..commentators were right, and

    last para…..If there were to be any change…

  31. Hijaz

    I dunno where these Anwar worshippers get the idea that we freely allow US to dock their ships at our ports.

    FYI, of the nations around the Malacca Straits, it is Malaysia which vehemently oppose any notions by China,India and even the US from conducting joint patrols in ths Straits. China has its base in Burma while India is struglling to gain a foothold.The US as usual has its Singaporean Lim stooges to accommodate their supercarriers under the courtesy of the Lim dynasty.

    But this is not enough for the US as usual and my bet Anwar will sell Malaysian ports and in turn sell Malaysian women to sex hungry US navymen when he turns PM.Malaysia despite its small navy is determined to free its waterways from any foreign presence including submarines. Our coming fleet of patrol vessels will be geared towards anti-sub operations and we already have 6 anti sub helicopters all stationed at our Lumut base which is at a narrow chokepoint at the Straits of Malacca.With our hunter killer subs, yes,designed to hunt other subs, we could even shadow any nuke subs in the region, from US or China.


    ELAINE: You seem to see the light: ever since the European navies began their major assaults on Asia beginning in 1470, they have broken down or stripped all Asian navies for about 300 years and only with the beginning of the Japanese naval revival in the late 19th century did any Asian navy push back.

    But the Japanese went nuts and were even worse than the Europeans and their brutality towards all other Asians was disgusting in the extreme. I believe each nation should have sovereignty and that the people have full citizenship and this includes the ability to defend themselves and to control their situation. Malaysia doesn’t do this due to being extremely weak.

    China isn’t weak, it was weak under Mao during the years of his madness. But they pulled out of that death spiral and shot upwards. So can Malaysia. But the key here is not religious or ethnic identity….it is CITIZEN’S RIGHTS and PATRIOTISM. I hope all Malaysians are patriotic and love not just their smaller groupings but their entire nation and want to protect it and defend it.

  32. Ady

    Dear Elaine,

    Where did you get your source from? Have you ever meet Anwar? Have you ever been in Malaysia? Have you ever met and greeted by Malaysian?

    You talk about him as if you had a grudge on him. Why? Please explain.


    ELAINE: Some small background here….my parents went all over Asia working for the US government since WWII. They knew every leader there INCLUDING Mao. All of them. I grew up traveling the world and meeting people my parents met and interacting with many world leaders. I grew up to be rather annoyed by the moves being made to destroy democracy and sovereignty and I declared war on the CIA about around 1964 when I was only 13 years old.

    Leaders are mere humans with the weaknesses, pride, delusions and bravery and other negative and positive elements all mixed into one but the one thing I despise the most is two faced betrayals. The Malaysian people are betrayed by their leaders…AS WE ARE HERE IN THE US. We are in the same boat.

  33. Hijaz

    Sorry for the multiple posts, but a Malaysian blogger has dig up some good stuff that may help your claims of Anwar-Zionist meetings.

    Your name is being disgraced by Anwar supporters. So it’d be good that we Malaysian provide some material to defend your claims and arguments.

  34. catcha

    I dunno. If the CIA do assassinate him, My bets is that Anwar supporters will say UMNO assassinated him. – Hijaz
    July 13, 2010 at 2:54 am

    You play snooker? You just got snooked.

    Go try it. American play billiards even in their pockets! :)) Except Elaine!

    And what’s wrong with a “commie”? The Americans living in the outbacks are all commies! Maybe half of the population is. That’s why they’re said to blow up the Twin Towers and blame everyone!

    American citizens, as Elaine has simply said, are not so free as they believe. Like everyone else they’re crying out to the world for help – at least to pay back China! 😉

  35. KD


    I honestly feel it’s lazy journalism when someone plucks and picks selective texts and opinions and connect the dots with his or her own idea of facts.

    I would have honestly expected some research or further interviews, for us readers to have a broader understanding of the issue, and form our own opinion, as opposed to having one forced down our throats. Sounds like gutter journalism, if you ask me.

    And it doesn’t help your credibility when you throw in terms like the Chinese 50 year plan and etc.

    You do sound like a red neck and it’s shameful politicians in Malaysia would be using you as a source of information. It’s really a joke.

    Try being a real journalist, and not come up with content any semi-intelligent person would regard as fluff.


    ELAINE: When I do ‘journalism’ these are stories about my town here in the mountains of NY. When I link to a series of news stories by other journalists and then discuss these based on my extensive experience on this planet, this is called ‘Political Commentary’ and is PURE OPINION. I hope you see the difference.

  36. KD

    By the way, you’ve been struck by lightning 10 times? In your own home?

    Yeah, that would help your credibility *Sarcastic grin*

    🙂 Oh Lord, this is a classic.


    ELAINE: Yes, I hold the world’s record for being struck by lightning indoors. Anyone who is interested in this can visit me during a thunderstorm. Most amusing. The previous holder of this title, a man working in the forest service, committed suicide. I won’t commit suicide, I am too stubborn.

  37. nah

    funny you can find so many people that understand what zion is… comfortable talking about it as a sideshow to a sideshow of global politics
    Malaysians make my CPUs… infact this tower has one in it AMD… quality stuff…
    but anwar i dont know squat about the guy… but from the sounds of it hes not such a turncoat that the CIA can use him as a tool for every bad 3rd world bandit… like osama bin laden, that dude is some funky dance of death – and if you believe the MSM he gets all the blame…
    seeing how western 1st world money is completely political international corporate policy based… our only real foreign policy is 3rd world gotcha’ media war
    US foreign policy of ‘CIAOSAMA’

  38. nah

    oyeah… oyeah… oyeah… AND the iranians are getting the bomb like next week… so we are all dead unless we STAND up and confront the next worst thing than WWIII
    israel not being able to scream and cry about NEEDING to kill somebody…. cuz iran wont be attacked, and ZION goes to the #1 position of things to do in the middle east in 3-10yrs
    SO rather than deal with ZION… lets finish what we started in 1991 and KILL ALL THE MUSLIMS…
    in my opinion IRAQ is to much a prize to let hang in the balance of some really distasteful politics… iran=israel, or rather… israel=Iran….
    nukes muslims zion US ocupation are we trying to win anything over there

  39. catcha

    Like all people who’ve been zapped by lightning in one form or another Americans are blessed.

    You got to steal from everyone and you got to proselytize to everyone and you suck real bad to those commies in the outback.

    We do that too in Malaysia, it’s the black man’s burden! 😉

  40. catcha

    “…Have you ever been in Malaysia? Have you ever met and greeted by Malaysian?”- Ady
    July 13, 2010 at 3:03 am

    We should have more contacts. Please come over. Malaysia has fantastic beaches. Just keep some clothes on or some stray monkeys might snatch things off from you. But otherwise, good. You can stretch out on those lazy warm beaches knowing you can stretch your dollar. Or Yuan or whatever. The tropics can be rainy, check your calendar. Wrong time of the year, heavy clouds hang above. And that means some lightning can zap you, too.

    Want some latest games? We got them and if you’re lucky, pay less for them, too!

    If you have trouble with broadband, a Government Minister will come to your help. Dr Rais Yatim will make it your day.

    It’s a wonderful world, so let’s share it.

  41. Altantuya

    Is Anwar a friend or a foe?

    B’nai B’rith – The Global Voice of the Jewish Community
    “[Ibrahim’s] frequent criticisms of the government of Prime Minister Najib Razak are infused with anti-Jewish and anti-Israel slanders, such as his April 30 assertion that Israeli spies are ‘directly involved in the running of the government,’” the letter reads. “On another occasion he alleged the presence of ‘Israeli intelligence personnel in the Police IT unit.’”

  42. Aussie

    This is off message but may interest fellow readers.

    I try to keep informed on China since their economic growth has produced commensurately more patents, products and consumerism etc.
    Their size means you need to speak and read Mandarin to better sell or buy or persue research since the mandarin language world is huge.

    Ultimately there will two worlds for English speaking and Mandarin speaking.
    Of course there will always be a niche for, say, French and Swahili speakers etc.

    The easier Internet access for a billion Chinese speakers is another milestone towards a Mandarin world:


    ELAINE: Whoever rules the Seven Seas gets to be the dominant language. For example, when Spain did this, everyone had to learn Spanish to discuss international affairs. Then it was French and then English. The US expanded the Seven Seas English business after WWI and WWII but next is China. The military rule of the seas is less important than the commercial rule of the seas and the US gave that up about 30 years ago! We have no commercial navies at all.

    We are going down. China’s naval power, both military and commercial shipping, is shooting upwards so the next century will be Mandarin speaking for international business and diplomacy.

  43. catcha

    Please let me try some Mandarin. How about this?




    Google still has to convince China the Compay is not Zionist! 😉

  44. myrayza

    It is not about Anwar. It is saying something not proven to be true about someone, that we don’t like. Anyone can be the victim. Even Elaine.


    ELAINE: When I do political analysis just like my economic or religious analyst stuff, I don’t have a ‘like’ or ‘dislike’. I try to see both sides of an issue but I do like to view things as ‘sane’ or ‘insane’. Modern politics has lots of insanity. This is definitely tied directly to religions.

  45. catcha

    You’re right, myrza!

    It’s sad but true.

    Anwar is just another glorified monkey.

    But Bibi Nyetanyahu is King of the Glorified monkeys. I never voted for Obama, though I should have, regardless of citizenship but it’s ironic that all this is the Black Man’s Burden. You know, we all came out of Africa. Including Bibi.

    Anyway, South Africans should be happy with a big stadium to play ball or snooker while the rest in the continent have stomachaches.

  46. Khobu

    Malaysia is made up of part of borneo and Peninsular ( Malaya ). On the google map , obviously the borneo part of malaysia ( aka East malaysia) was left out.


    ELAINE: I centered the map on Singapore because this is the bottleneck to world shipping that I was talking about. The more distant islands are immaterial to the point I was making. Just like many maps of the US, when talking about the 48 states, leaves out Alaska and Hawaii.

  47. JSmith

    As long as we’re discussing Far-Eastern dustups… whither Thailand? Will Thaksin come home to the cheers of his supporters? Or will the royalist forces of repression continue to hold the upper hand? What happens when Bhumibol kicks it?

  48. Najavo

    What’s wrong with CIA? It’s American. God bless America!!!

  49. “Malaysia is made up of part of borneo and Peninsular ( Malaya ). “

  50. DeVaul

    Wow, Elaine, you really stirred up a hornet’s nest here. Where are all these new posters from? Are they Malaysians or Jewish sock-puppets?

    As for Thailand, my wife said her family and many others are tired of the red shirt/yellow shirt thing, and also said there are “new” colored shirts coming onto the scene.

    The big question among Thais is who will succeed the King — his son or daughter? Many support his daughter even though the male usually sucedes to the thrown. Her brother is not very popular.

    My wife’s family now support the red shirts because of the overuse of force against them. It is a tough choice for Thais. Thaksin is corrupt, but the yellow shirts represent the upper class who rule Thailand from Bangkok (also corrupt). Thaksin was able to go up against them because he was independantly wealthy and may have had ties to the US and Britain.

    There really is no good choice for them at the present time — same as us.

  51. emsnews

    This isn’t the first time the Malaysians have yelled at me. Each time, I am proved right by events so this amuses me. I don’t know why someone doesn’t hire me so I can be paid to shut up. 🙂

  52. PLovering

    @catcha, “Google still has to convince China the Compay is not Zionist! ;)”

    Lotsa luck.

  53. Nation Branding is not easy, especially in SE Asia where petty squabbles get more column inches than dragging a reluctant nation into the 21st century.

    I have a question for you, Quote from your piece “Singapore is the pirate cove of British extraction” What does that mean?


    ELAINE: It is all about a Brit named Raffles…who took over during the 19th century. Like Hong Kong, Singapore was extracted from Malaysia and turned into a Brit stronghold.

  54. J Dean

    Interesting article. Keep it up!

  55. nobody

    Elaine, though some may think that Anwar-CIA link is news, but believe me, many more are not surprised at all.

    Check this out:

    Most articles here are written in Malay language. There are articles on illuminati, IIIT, ICG and all – all about Anwar.

    For Malaysians who ‘READ’, the news is not really news to us. We had suspected it as early as 1998 when he was about to fall. Mahathir saw it first, but just like today, Anwar did it to himself, not Mahathir. It wasn’t easy to prove his link to CIA, but he made it easier to throw him out by involving in homosexual activities.

  56. noeye

    Many sites talk bad Anwar. Some more H E R E, H E R E and H E R E.

  57. lol

    some deep rabbit hole

  58. JSmith

    “The big question among Thais is who will succeed the King — his son or daughter? Many support his daughter even though the male usually sucedes to the thrown. Her brother is not very popular.”

    For whatever it’s worth… Vajiralongkorn may be just what the place needs.

    Bhumibol has been King/Guide/Father of the People for a very long time. If his successor is a fellow who likes to stay up late, open the bar early, and appear with a model on each arm, that could certainly help lessen the Thais’ dependence on the monarchy as a stabilizing force and motivate them to build some real democratic institutions.

  59. DeVaul

    Yeah, I think the son may be a bit of spoiled playboy type, but I am not sure of this. I know he has several wives, but this is common in Thailand (why my wife wanted to marry an American or European). Fewer women are accepting this kind of relationship, though, and those who are in one argue and fight a lot.

    I think the daughter is viewed as having picked up more of her father’s traits: cares about the poor (for a king), interested in improving life for all Thais, determined to maintain Thai independance from foreign powers like Rama the 5th did (Elaine will like that one), and some other things. She is just viewed as more educated and more serious generally.

    Of course, in Thailand all these things are discussed in whispers behind closed doors with only close family members.

  60. supportantiAi


    I am a great fan of, for a long time, just like ‘nobody’. There are dozen and dozen of facts about anwar. Anwaraidc archived his files collected for couple of years. It will take month to read. Factual analysis about anwar, thousand of articles and linked blogs. And also thousand of his photo with his linkages in US. (This idiot thinks that he is damn smart because he will make sure every great moments with his devils ‘friends’ are recorded”.. photograph. He tooks tons and tons of photos with these people. Mostly Jews. For us to see cause nothing much we can do..

    Most of us knows about anwar. But nothing happen. He will still be flying to US most of the time. and more photos for everybody viewing.

    One great question still unanswered. When will he falls. What your “political commentary”?. We have been waiting for decades.

    Will he be over by now? So that I can stop reading anwaraidc.

  61. Shaszari

    Dear all mens & womens here,

    Mr Anwar Ibrahim is not a pederast, corruption man or others accusation to published false statement that damages his reputation where cause him & his loving family live under miserable conditions . For information Malaysian poor people like Muslim, Hindusm, Buddist, Kristian, & many more race in Malaysia was give him 150% supports to enhane his potential from the Opposition Leader to become a Prime Minister for the new Malaysia. Jews at Israel, wait for us Muslim come to you one day future to destroys all of you as said/stated in our Al-Quran since 1400 years ago…!!

  62. Sadam

    “Opposition Leader to become a Prime Minister for the new Malaysia. Jews at Israel, wait for us Muslim come to you one day future to destroys all of you as said/stated in our Al-Quran since 1400 years ago…!! “

    Please send me a copy of your Al-Quran. It might be the same I got but may be got hidden verses or I didn’t understand it.

    I’m not happy where I am. Don’t worry, they still won’t let me go home yet! 😀

  63. Shaszari

    Will send u later…Anyway, recommend for all readers to (ex-mufti one of the small country in Malaysia – choose for English Session) & Malaysia Opposition Leader website to knows the truth more about Cartoon Scenario in Malaysian situation now.

  64. noeye

    Shaszari, go wipe off your ears.

  65. tok nilam

    150%? Are you dreaming? Don’t get carried away with whatever wild fantasy that you have involving Anwar.

    I am a Malaysian too and majority of people I know do not support and don’t even like Anwar – not my friends, my neighbours or my colleagues.. In fact, a few who supported Anwar before now choose to either keep mum or openly admit that they made a mistake.

    If there ever was a conspiracy to bring Anwar down, then it must be the longest, most expensive and greatest conspiracy in the world – imagine: 3 eras of Prime Ministers, hundreds of policemen, judges, lawyers and witnesses.

  66. tok nilam

    I noticed that evil people are always led to making bad choices..

    Maybe it’s God’s way to help us see the truth.

  67. noeye

    tok nilam,

    Sounds like wise words.

    I’m also evil. But WTF, I’m by your reasoning not evil, too! 😀

    BTW, doesn’t it bother you that the ruling POLITICAL party of Malaysia is still in office for 5 decades? They have not changed very much. But by your wise reasoning I think they’re egging God to move Malaysians to change the present government and put in a new one.

    Peace, Man!

  68. tok nilam

    Dear No Eye,

    So, why should I bother if the ruling party rules for 100 years if my family, my neighbours, my friends and my colleagues live peacefully?

    Why should I bother if through the years, the ruling party managed to turned the country into an Asian Economic Tiger and took us through economic recessions gracefully?

    Should I be bothered just because someone from the opposition couldn’t find a way to fulfill his dream to be the PM of Malaysia?

    The ruling party is not at all perfect just like all other political parties in the world. But as long as we can live happily and peacefully – practice our religion, our culture and provide for our children, I really have no complains because what matters most is the wellbeing of my family, not Anwar’s or any power crazy goons. It’s just not worth it, cause life is so short.

    I wouldn’t change something just for the sake of making changes. Especially when I don’t see better alternatives.

    Ruling party and oppositions both corrupt, but at least the ruling party proves that they care for the people. All the opposition ever do is complain, oppose, spreading lies and show that they are willing to tear out the country by creating racial tension and everything JUST to bring down the ruling party. For me, that’s very irresponsible, immature and evil.

    Unless the opposition can prove that they are not racist (DAP), dumb (PAS), evil (PKR) then…sorry pal, I really have no choice but to support the ruling party. Any changes to be made should be made within the party for at least the time being – that is, by throwing the garbage out!…one by one..

  69. noeye

    I think your original falsapu is great! 😀

    I don’t care a damn what you do. Wait! Sorry! I do somewhat care what you do. Your falsapu will sapu you! 😀

    Peace, Man!

  70. i am a newbie about billiard
    but nice post dude..i will revisit later

  71. shaszari

    Mirzan Mahathir appointed director on San Miguel Corp board

    Log on –

    KUALA LUMPUR — Mirzan Mahathir, the eldest son of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was recently appointed to the board of San Miguel Corp, the biggest food and beverage conglomerate in the Philippines and the owner of San Miguel Brewery Inc.

    San Miguel Corp told the Philippines stock exchange last week about Mirzan’s appointment which is to represent the interests of Q-Tech Alliance Holdings Inc on the board.

    Q-Tech, a Manila-based investment company in which Mirzan has a stake in, recently acquired a 19.9 per cent share in San Miguel Corp for 39.61 billion pesos (RM2.9 billion). It bought the stake from Japan’s Kirin Holdings, which used the funds to help finance the acquisition of a 43 per cent stake in San Miguel Brewery Inc.

    With this latest corporate exercise, San Miguel Corp still maintains a 51 per cent stake in San Miguel Brewery Inc.San Miguel Brewery controls 95 per cent of the Philippine beer market. The company has made San Miguel Beer for more than a century. The beer is brewed in the Philippines, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, and is sold in 60 markets worldwide, according to the company’s Web site.

    San Miguel Corp has been selling its food and beverage assets since 2007 to expand into the mining, infrastructure and property industries.
    Mirzan’s involvement in the deal, while a sound investment decision, has raised some eyebrows among Malaysia’s conservative Muslim community.
    Since news of Q-Tech’s acquisition of San Miguel Corp shares began circulating here, a number of news blogs have used it to attack Dr Mahathir’s Muslim credentials.

    Mirzan’s corporate forays have not been without controversy.
    He once controlled Konsortium Perkapalan Bhd when Dr Mahathir was prime minister, but was forced to sell its shipping assets to Malaysia International Shipping Corporation (MISC), in what critics said then was a bailout.

    San Miguel Brewery carries a portfolio of eight beer brands:

    San Miguel Pale Pilsen
    San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer
    San Miguel Super Dry
    Cerveza Negra (San Miguel Dark Beer)
    San Mig Strong Ice
    Red Horse Beer
    San Mig Light
    Gold Eagle Beer

    Take a look at this

    #This is the `Product` made by DEB & our ex-PM who recent one of the Malay Richest entrepreneur.
    # Agreed with Tok Nilam – Why should I bother if through the years, the ruling party good managed the economics continually, although recently our `1malaysia1israel` facing so bad of defisit continually after the era of the ex-finance minister, someone from the opposition. `Malaysia will future to be bankcrupt if continual give people subsidy said Minister Idris Jala`, in fact, but also with stupid fact from the country who produce oil fuel. In `era` someone who dreamy to be next PM, the fuel price that time to be RM 1.10 continually until 1998. After, now & forever as UMNO motto??! Fuel only the example, other goods & service? The opposition ever do now like complain, oppose, spreading lies as you see now is becauce of only `1 side` of media reportedly. They also care for the people, but only `care` cannot give people satisfy. Maybe our Tok Nilam comfort now doesnt care about all at issue, like me if im driving a mercedes benz as long as we can live happily and peacefully. But the small peoples?? Im the member of UMNO, but im sick with them. “Like Mahatma Gandhi said `The world is enough for everymens need, BUT the world is not ENOUGH for everyone`s Greed, Greedy like most of UMNO leader.
    #`noeye`& tok nilam, go wipe off your `ears & eyeball`.:)


    ELAINE: Sounds like the British and American systems! 😦

  72. I’m a jewish. If i have to choose this two parties in malaysia,i like to choose b.n @ barisan nasional. Why? Why all the jews want to choose p.r @ pakatan rakyat? To let the muslim movement especially PAS beheaded all the jews? I think that chinese in DAP have eat something ‘poison’ in that islamic law. All people,citizenship of malaysia must vote the nasionalist front. For the long lasting of the jewish mankind. Israel rules the world.!

  73. no eye

    David Levi,

    Me too, I’m Jewish but not Zionist.

    The PAS people whose prophet Moses was Jewish might be tempted to decapitate you if only to prove the point, that they love Jews but not bad Zionists. The DAP has no qualms in quoting Quranic verses in Parliament when the BN appointed Mufti, Harussani of Perak, might be more a Zionist ponzi scheme operator than an honest and decent religionist.

  74. Shaszari

    Dear Sadam,

    Here as your request but with no a copy of `Al-Quran translation` :). It might the same you got. Ask for assistant from others muslim friends k & be happy where you are now. (Sentence 5 :al-maidah(dish) verse 1-120(madaniyyah)

    # For brief, this translation story more about the tribe who condemn to hell by Allah SWT, prohibit to become`Jewish` friend, the tribe who always make damage, disaster, & deception & hate by all mankind. They proud of oneself & looking down on others mankind include Christianity.

    #`Fact`, they having much wealth & powerful to control people like U.S now who downwards under them although only 10% of `Jewish`at U.S & although very small population in the world. The reality, nation of`Jewish`the most coward as mention in this verse & prophet sunnah but bright, cheat, atrocious, & practice corruption. Like to allege weakling people at Gaza as terrorist or others, who the reality ferocious are them.
    …(weapons/`Coward vs`Stone/brave)….

    #In fact, How they be chase out from the Palestine(runaway) around the world, 1400 years ago by the Muslims & now after (conquer) & `back` to Palestine, finally the ending story, again will be slaughter in large of numbers by the Muslim future. This statement is not predict by the witch/paul but `In Fact`.

    #Info, maybe Hitler the former Nazi Leader, doing so much of kindliness to help reduce the population of this such of evil mankind.

  75. Malaysian Muslim

    I’ve voted twice… and none of my votes went to Barisan Nasional.

    I dont give a damn whether Anwar is a CIA agent or Zionist agent etc. He just an opposition leader.

    But those who are ruling this country keep overspending public funds, corrupted and egoists… that’s why many people (like me) who would vote anything but BN…

    We voted Pakatan Rakyat parties not because we love Anwar, but because we hate Barisan Nasional… and under Najib Razak it’s getting worser..

    Please investigates involving our Prime Minister and his wife too… and the whole cabinet members too.. if you’re a neutral and believing in the truth…

  76. Malaysian Muslim

    David Levi,

    שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם

    FYI, PAS was the first people who made Malaysian Muslims realised that not all Jews are Zionists and there are peaceful Jews who support state of Palestine.

    I’ve read articles about Naturei Kartei and about differentiating the Jews and the Zionists in their newsletters Harakah years ago…

  77. noeye

    Edward Said more than fought for Palestine and he wasn’t a Muslim.

    Only UMNO dumbos think the only world Muslims are UMNO Malays and that is their end of history.

  78. Thank you for the info you’ve provided here.
    Hope that this article will help enlighten the perspective view for those Anwar’s hardcore supporter here in Malaysia.

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  81. Rohaan bin Abdullah

    Good article

  82. Dupree

    I have a question for you, Quote from your piece “Singapore is the pirate cove of British extraction” What does that mean?
    ELAINE: It is all about a Brit named Raffles…who took over during the 19th century. Like Hong Kong, Singapore was extracted from Malaysia and turned into a Brit stronghold.
    ———————————————Captain Semmes and his crew of the CSS Alabama sent 66 Union vessels and their contraband cargo to the bottom of the seas in less than two years.

    Photo of the CSS Alabama docked at Singaphore for refueling(coal.)

  83. Dupree

    …#info maybe Hitler the former Nazi Leader, doing so much of kindliness to help reduce the population of this such of evil mankind.Shaszari

    From David Irving’s Hitler’s War:Walther Hewell Quoting Hitler at a dinner talk on religion.

    “Over dinner that evening, a wonderful talk on the Roman Empire and its displacement by Christianity…Christianity has been one long act of deceit and self contradiction. It preaches goodness, humility, and love-thy-neighbor, but under this slogan it has burned and butchered millions to the accompanient of pious proverbs. The ancients openly admitted that they killed for self-protection, in revenge, or as a punishment. The Christians do so only for love! Only Christianity has created a vengeful God, one who commits man to Hell the moment he starts using the brain God gave him. The Classical was an age of enlightenment. With the onset of Christianity scientific research was halted and there began instead a research into the visions of saints, instead of the things God gave us. Rsearch into nature became a sin. The tragedy is that to this very day there are thousands of ‘educated’ people running around and believing all this claptrap–they deny that Nature is all powerful, they glorify the weak, the sick, the crippled, and the simpleminded. In the ideal world of [Pastor Friedrick von] Bodelschwingh the healthy find everlasting life only if they have devoted their lives to the weak, to the idiot and suchlike;the sick are there so that we can do Good Deeds. If this goes on much longer, there will be more sick than sound. Today there are already a thousand million of them.

    As for cruelty, Christianity holds all records. Christianity is the revenge of the wandering Jew. Where would we be today if only we had not had Christianity–we would have had the same brains,but we would have avoided a hiatus of one-and-a-half thousand years…The terrible thing is that millions of people believe,or act as though they believe,all this:they feign belief in it all. If we had all been Mohammedans, today the world would have been ours.

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  86. Mike Grant

    I sympathize the CIA and America for thinking Anwar Ibrahim as being their tool. Its the same thing with Ikhwan and all the Islamic movements, because to them, Anwar is also their friend. In fact he is even closer to the middle eastern Islamic movements than to America. He made CIA feels he’s their puppet but the reality is the other way round.

  87. emsnews

    Ibrahim, once he was framed, has turned to the Dark Side. And the missing jet is very much Dark Side stuff. I am so sorry about the victims of this hijacking. I suspect something didn’t work out for the hijackers and everyone died.

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