Cave of Wealth And Death: Ethnic Identity Politics Are Deadly

ΩΩKilling peasants is very easy if there is no restraints in suppressing them.  You simply butcher everyone.  This is what we did to Fallujah, for example.  The war crimes committed by the US, UK and Israel are harder and harder to run away from, meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the peasants captured 2 US soldiers while killing a bunch of other invaders.  I am, as usual, going to talk about all the contradictions of ‘citizenship’ and the meaning of international agreed borders and why there is no such thing as a ‘global citizen’.  This is key to a political understanding of how to save ourselves or how any group of people have to save themselves from internal as well as external dangers.


ΩΩThe idea that defending oneself is OK is also one hard for most people on the left to grasp and is a key failure on the left.  The right believes that defending oneself means invading distant lands and controlling like puppets, all other governments.  Both the left and the right play the ethnic identity game for various reasons while left and right scream at each other about ‘racism’ and which ethnic group must be honored while which one is dishonored.  Both do it all the time, it is actually very rampant and during all of this, we forget what NATIONAL identity is rather than ethnic unity which is actually anti-nationalist in nature.


ΩΩLike on many, many, many issues, ideological identity forces people to march in lockstep.  The worse, by far, is the ethnic/religious identity issues.  Whenever I stray into this territory, I get hammered by readers and outsiders.  The pure concept of ‘citizenship’ causes more ire and hatred by people who have slid into religious/ethnic politics than virtually any other issue.  There are several other irritating issues which cause brains to shut down completely such as the issue of modern medicine versus pre-scientific medical understanding, sexual politics of every sort, religious dogma, things that are queer such as ‘UFOs’ or buildings falling down after being hit by large jets moving at a fast speed, etc.


ΩΩAlas, finding solutions to life’s dangers and difficulties often means wading into these dire areas and discussing them.  It really means going deep into the human brain where the anxiety-based ‘fright and flight’ evolutionary brain exists.  This controls all the ‘thinking’ parts of the forebrain.  If this part of the brain is activated, it overrides and terrorized all parts of the brain that we consider the ‘higher intelligence’.  So, like horses being taken out of a burning barn, if they can see, they run back in because it is safe.  You have to cover the horse’s eyes in order to lead them out.


ΩΩSo it is on every issue that bedevils us.  The reason why our political power structure is so powerless in many cases is due to the need to remain in a burning barn.  Instead of seeking a safer solution, we react reflexively to stimuli.  But across the spectrum, the stimuli produce different effects depending on what people read and how much propaganda they digest.  Just as going to church is a voluntary propaganda reinforcing device, so is reading the news issued by various parties.  The thing driving news owners nuts is, their revenues are declining but they love the power of propaganda over their readers so they hate doing what Murdoch is trying yet again: limiting reading to only people who pay up for the propaganda.


ΩΩI am going to run thorough the news, as usual, and illustrate again, what I am talking about when I talk about ‘citizenship’ and what is a country, etc.  The globalization process being imposed on all of us is both rejected and totally embraced by all parts of the political spectrum which is why it is very, very hard to change this force.  It may be futile on my part but again, this blog is all about writing history, not just giving opinions.  I feel very sad about the destruction of the concept of ‘national citizen’ and this scares me since the day we totally destroy this concept is the day the various empires go head to head into WWIII.


Senate Rejects War Bill, Puts House on the Spot — News from

Last night the Senate voted 46-51 against the House of Representatives version of the emergency war funding bill, forcing the House to face a new, direct vote on the issue without the additional domestic spending sought by nominally “antiwar” Democrats as a compromise for funding the continuation of the war.



Operation Throw Rug: Pentagon Enters Afghan Carpet Trade | Danger Room |


ΩΩAll the GOP war bills are larded with immense spreads of butter for the home folk.  But now, they are parsimonious.  We are supposed to pay for Democratic wars via higher taxes and fewer services.  Of course, the Democrats could have no wars and seek a saner foreign policy that ceases wars against Muslims and the Chinese, etc.  But no, to keep our empire going overseas, we must commit social or economic suicide.


ΩΩThe cynics who run the GOP want to force the Democrats to raise taxes while cutting social spending.  The Democrats on the left tried to do an end-run around this by appending social spending on the war spending bill.  But true to form, the traitors on the right hate spending money on citizens but love spending money on killing the citizens of distant lands.  They will all vote for more and more war spending so long as it has the least possible benefit for the people paying for all of this.  Naturally, both the Democrats and Republicans will cheerfully increase money going to Israel.  This is thanks to bribes, of course.


Lack of votes for Senate Democrats’ energy bill may mean the end

Instead, Democrats will push for a more limited measure that would seek to increase liability costs that oil companies would pay following spills such as the one in the Gulf of Mexico. It also would create additional incentives for the development of natural gas vehicles and would provide rebates for products that reduce home energy use. Senate Democrats said they expected to find GOP support for the bill and pass it in the next two weeks.


ΩΩAs I predicted, despite all the wails of the internationalists, the idea of taxing heavily the people of northern climates so we can save the planet isn’t going all that well.  We are having a warm, warm summer.  Despite this, support for paying more money for fossil fuels has failed.  Europe and Japan have very high fossil fuel costs already due to national taxes which are used to run the social systems of these nations.  But the US has low local taxes on energy which is why we love to drive big cars so much.


ΩΩThe entire insidious concept of the CO2 tax on pollution is to price energy out of range of the greater mass of US citizens and then the lower parts of society will go without while the rich pay more but don’t care since the CO2 tax will be a very, vanishingly small part of their swollen incomes.  This way, half of the population can be left to huddle in their mud huts with no modern systems and will walk everywhere while the princes and kings of society will happily motor about, fly high in the sky, etc.  They will cheerfully continue their internationalist system which requires burning tons of CO2 to move goods from Asia to flood the West so they can pocket the differential between lower Asian wages and higher Western incomes.


ΩΩThe politicians in DC know that passing CO2 taxes will cause social turmoil so they backed off.  This isn’t about faith in global warming, this is due to people being fearful of losing even more economic ground.  An understandable fear.  The idea of giving incentives to put solar panels on roofs is much better but still avoids the issue, how we will do this.  Spending huge amounts of money for Chinese solar panels will only worsen our economic statistics.  And lead to a world war as a desperate US fends off China via poking China in the eye over distant islands, for example.  Or trying to take apart China itself.


House Democrats Rip Senate Colleagues: Their Lethargy Is Going To Cost Us Seats In 2010

A trio of progressive House members took direct aim at their colleagues in the Senate on Saturday, declaring that the upper chamber “sucks,” has a “toxic effect” on the legislative process, and would cost House Democrats seats in the 2010 election.  Appearing at a panel discussion at Netroots Nation , the lawmakers argued that the public was not discriminating in its anger with Congress’ legislative inertia. And while a fair chunk of the Senate was immune from direct, electoral blowback, every member of the House would have to deal with the taint.


ΩΩI was once part of the ‘Netroots Nation’ only due to talking about verboten things such as protecting our nation, I was kicked out.  The public has very good reason to be angry with the left.  The reason the Democratic house members are in trouble is, they are far, far, far more supportive of Jewish ethnic cleansing than white Protestant ethnic cleansing.  They decisively choose to side with cleansing foreign lands using US Congressional funds while attacking people at home for wanting more secure borders, etc.


ΩΩThis is totally schizophrenic and is the root cause of much of the political paralysis on the left!  If the left in Congress was honest, (outside of a very few brave souls in Congress on the left or right who condemn Israeli Jews and who fight AIPAC) they would embrace ethnic cleansing and this means, national socialism for ethnic groups only which would allow them to court ‘whites’ who are scared of being pushed out of power by a flood of illegal immigrants and organized ethnic identity parties.


ΩΩInstead, the left and Obama have chosen to attack white Protestants.  This is one of the roots of the formation of the Tea Party which is a total, complete failure since TV edged that group over into the Zionist camp.  Palin is a roaring Zionist and there is tremendous schizophrenia in the Protestant white community due to the End of Times beliefs that we have to make the Jews very powerful in order to bring Jesus back who will kill all the Jews due to their hubris, etc.  The love/hate schizoid thinking surrounding ethnic identity politics in America is scary in the extreme since it is leading both us and Israel into fascist solutions.  And the left is as guilty as the right on this matter.


ΩΩOnly the left wants ethnic identity politics with socialism and no fascism.  They want the mythological ‘international citizen’ who gets to flit about, doing as they please, while supporting ethnic cleansing in say, Tibet.   So long as the Tibetans don’t chase out or kill the ‘international citizens’ who wish to pass in and out of the country, doing as they please.


Toxic legacy of US assault on Fallujah ‘worse than Hiroshima’ – Middle East, World – The Independent

Iraqi doctors in Fallujah have complained since 2005 of being overwhelmed by the number of babies with serious birth defects, ranging from a girl born with two heads to paralysis of the lower limbs. They said they were also seeing far more cancers than they did before the battle for Fallujah between US troops and insurgents.

.Their claims have been supported by a survey showing a four-fold increase in all cancers and a 12-fold increase in childhood cancer in under-14s. Infant mortality in the city is more than four times higher than in neighbouring Jordan and eight times higher than in Kuwait.


ΩΩThe use of ‘depleted uranium’ in Fallujah is a war crime.  The hijacking of four jets in order to tip the US into a full scale war against enemies of bin Laden worked perfectly.  It very briefly united the US public but over time, has totally divided the public.  Organizers on the left and the right have to deal with hysteria on this issue to this day.  As time passes, people believe more and more things about 9/11 which leads not to unity on some front but rather, emotional distress and political isolation.  This is due to all the many players on that event covering both the left and right but very centered on religious/ethnic identity politics.


ΩΩSo everyone involved in enabling and carrying out this attempt at launching WWIII were doing this so they could consolidate fascistic powers within various religious communities.  For example, bin Laden dearly wanted the US to remove Saddam from power.  The US dearly wanted bin Laden’s followers to attack the US so the Zionists would have an excuse to kill Saddam and attack the Palestinians and control the Muslims even more.  The US military wanted a war so they could have more power and more funds.  Everyone had a finger in the pie on 9/11 because they all had the same goal: ethnic religious warfare that would justify more spending.  Alas, bin Laden’s desire for the US to spend more on wars was so we will go bankrupt and his plan seems to be the only one that is really working.


ΩΩThe population of Fallujah revolted against US neocon contractors who ran amok in Iraq.  To punish the entire population, the US cut off this city and bombarded it with WMD.  Just as Israel did later to Gaza.  The city is quiet right now but the hatred for the US seethes.  They would love nothing more than to see the US go bankrupt.  The Zionists don’t want to see the US go bankrupt.  But they want endless money for their projects so they figure, they have to work it out so the US cuts social spending while increasing spending in Israel and in anti-Muslim wars.


ΩΩThis herding of the US public into a dark tunnel of endless death was illustrated recently in Germany.  The police blocked the exit to a tunnel where non-ticket holding party kids wanted to use to invade a paying concert (it was not free).  Like the tidal movements of any mass of people, they found a ‘hole in the wall’ which was this tunnel.  Running into the tunnel, they were stopped and this caused a panic as more poured in but none could exit to the Promised Land of the concert so quite a few were trampled to death.

Festivalgoers killed in stampede at Love Parade in Germany | World news |

Scuffles began to break out in the late afternoon when thousands of angry people entered the tunnel to get easier access to the overcrowded festival grounds after being told by police at the entrance to the event that it was closed due to overcapacity. Police said the passageway quickly turned into a bottleneck. Those inside panicked and a stampede ensued….The disaster happened when revellers took a short cut through a tunnel that was too narrow to cope with the crowds.

.An estimated 1.4 million people took part in the world’s largest techno music festival, taking place in the western city of Duisburg for the first time. Most of the ravers continued to dance into the early evening, unaware of the tragedy that had occurred.  Officials decided not to inform the crowd about the incident, saying it was safer to let the event continue rather than create even more panic.


ΩΩThis is typical of the CAVE OF WEALTH AND DEATH.  I keep mentioning this because it is important for humans to recognize our affinity for running into a cave even if this means death.  Like horses panicking in a fire, we see a cave, we are drawn to go into it.  The metaphorical cave we go into is of course, seeking financial power via war.  If we fight, fight, fight, we get richer.  Some people do!  But most find death is the chief reward.  This is why so many soldiers who survive commit suicide or drink to death.


ΩΩInstead of thinking sanely, the US has decided the solution for all problems is to increase our wars, attack all rivals and use diplomacy for spearheading wars.  Just as the Nazis or Japanese used their diplomats solely for provoking wars, the US is doing the exact same thing today.  Most of Hilary’s perambulations about the planet is on behalf of egging everyone on into a war with Iran, for example.

North Korea Warns of Nuclear Response to Naval Exercises –

North Korea said it would counter U.S. and South Korean joint naval exercises with “nuclear deterrence” after the Obama administration said the government in Pyongyang shouldn’t take any provocative steps.  North Korea will “legitimately counter with their powerful nuclear deterrence the largest-ever nuclear war exercises to be staged by the U.S. and the South Korean puppet forces,” the National Defense Commission said, according to the Korean Central News Agency.


ΩΩNo surprise to me, the US has used war games to excite the dictator of North Korea back when the ship was sunk.  So, to fix this sinking, the US and South Korea have decided to increase provocative war games!  And this is a great way to launch a real war.  One the US can ill-afford.  The peasants of Afghanistan and the residents of Fallujah or Gaza have no armies, navy or air force.  North Korea has all three plus nuclear bombs and a powerful potential ally, China and even perhaps, Russia.


ΩΩThe Pentagon itches to spend money on very expensive jets, nuclear bombs, nuclear subs, etc.  A war with a seeming midget country is a great way to do this except this could turn into WWIII in a literal flash, like it takes less than 24 hours for WWIII to be launched into total warfare aimed at citizens of competing empires.  We can all become flaming Fallujahs and Gaza in an eye blink which is why we have to treat any confrontation with any nuclear power or protectorate of a nuclear power with great caution.


how-the-rich-are-winning: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

Tiffany & Co. (NYSE: TIF – News) says sales at its flagship New York store jumped 26% in the first quarter. International luxury goods giant Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy — whose brands range from Fendi to Givenchy to Moet & Chandon Champagne, plus, of course, those cliched Vuitton bags — says U.S. sales boomed 20% in the first quarter, including a remarkable 58% boost for sales of jewelry and expensive watches like Tag Heuer.


Indeed the Swiss watch federation says exports of luxury watches (those $2,000 “timepieces”) to the U.S. rose 12% in May and are now ahead 9% for the year. Nordstrom Inc. (NYSE: JWN – News) says same-store sales zoomed ahead 14% in June. They’re up 11% year to date. Super-luxury goods purveyor Richemont — which owns such brands as Cartier, Dunhill, and Van Cleef & Arpels — says U.S. sales are up.


The Sunseeker Club in New York, America’s biggest dealership in the multi-million dollar British luxury power boats, tells me business is strong again. Those who have the money to spend, they say, are spending it….As for socialism: The Federal Reserve reports that the private sector is doing so badly that corporate profits just, um, rocketed to a new record high. The after-tax profits of corporate America rocketed 43% in the first quarter.


And let’s not overlook, too, this year’s gigantic one-off tax cut for the very wealthiest: The one-year abolition of the federal estate tax.


ΩΩThe right wing has no problem with a huge divide between rich and poor.  Our politics is more and more about oligarchy.  Many rich people are directly investing, like Mayor Bloomberg, in a political career so they can better channel money towards themselves.  The favored way for this is the inheritance tax as well as reducing taxes on banking profits.  The Reagan-onwards tax cuts coupled with heavy deficit spending has made the rich richer.  They want this to continue to infinity.


ΩΩThe Cave of Death they are herding us into is also where the wealth is so they are inside, not outside of this cave.  And they feel the heat from the sweating masses.  Here are two articles of interest in this area:   Will Your Children Grow Up To Be Servants And Nannies? –

Will large numbers of today’s children grow up to become servants and nannies in the homes of the digital bourgeoisie? There is good reason to believe that the answer is yes….This raises the question of what will happen to those trapped in the low end of the labor market. Recently, the cultural critic Annalee Newitz offered a provocative hypothesis: “We may return to arrangements that look a lot like what people had over a century ago,” Newitz writes. As more skilled women enter the workforce, and as the labor market position of millions of less-skilled workers deteriorate, we’ll see more servants and nannies in middle-class homes. While this future might seem disturbing at first, there is no reason to believe that these armies of servants and nannies won’t earn decent wages.


ΩΩThe army of servants will earn terrible wages.  This goes without saying.  During the golden years of empire in Britain, the huge estates had huge staff due to cheap labor.  But the twin lures of moving to lands where the lower classes could be free landowners was great plus improvements in labor conditions in factories due to socialist union building meant people could have better lives and more dignity working in factories…but only if they were organized into unions.


ΩΩServants in private estates are very open to emotional and physical abuse and we see in any OPEC nation that has lots of servants brought in from SE Asia, these poor people are treated literally like slaves.  As per usual, slaves are overworked and beaten up as well as living in fear.  Illegal aliens make excellent servants since they have no civil rights.  Telling the public that is it OK to transition from a manufacturing economy to a rich man/poor servant economy is criminal.  I hope everyone understands the implications of all of this!


ΩΩThere are no ‘decent wages’ in a rich/poor society.  Not the slightest chance.  Now, off to our great ally, Britain: Migrants responsible for birth of one baby in four: number of foreign-born mothers has doubled | Mail Online

The figures produced fresh warnings to ministers that immigration rates must be brought down to avoid the growing threat of overpopulation in Britain.  Numbers of children born to mothers from outside the country have been growing fast in recent years as immigration has reached record levels…


.. Last year, the ONS calculated that women born in Britain will average 1.84 children each during their lifetimes, while women who came to this country from abroad will have 2.51 children during their lives.   Immigration and higher birthrates are the greatest factor in pushing up population rates.  The ONS has predicted that the UK population will hit the sensitive 70million mark in 2029.


ΩΩThis is identical to what is happening in the US.  This is why ‘whites’ are getting scared.  The statistics are grim.  The need to create a baby so an illegal can stay in the US is very great and ditto for British immigrants.  Meanwhile, the overhead costs of having children rises for the nativist middle class.  Especially if the schools deteriorate further due to a flood of babies from foreign mothers.  The US dealt with this in the 19th century via lack of child labor laws.  Aliens who were invited into places like the US brought their children but nearly all of these immediately were put to work and few went to school.


ΩΩOver time, child labor laws were passed and children began going to schools.  So the school learning process was changed dramatically so children of immigrants would be turned into citizens rapidly.  This was the open goal of education.  But over time, support for this goal of integration has collapsed and now we see our schools flooded with immigrant children from second and third world countries that seem to have little interest in learning how to become citizens which means the school atmosphere is degrading rapidly, trust me on this one, I had to deal with it first hand…and is causing the entire public school system to collapse.


ΩΩOn top of this lies a huge schizophrenic problem on the left: many leftists are ‘conservationists’ who worry about CO2 global warming, loss of wildlife habitat, etc.  But  stopping out of control population growth is the only way to deal with all of this.  Preventing the West from deteriorating into a  peasant/rich ruler society is top of the list and this means preventing mass population flows from high birth/high income gap countries to the socialist/industrial countries. There is no easy solution that can be plastered over all of this.  Conservatives should be more ecological in nature but they are also schizophrenic: they want cheap labor, lots of servants and a huge income gap between rich and poor with themselves on the rich side of the scale, abusing and controlling the poorer servants and child labor.


ΩΩHere is a funny NYT headline from today:  Unease in Tibet Over Influx of China’s Money and Migrants.  The ‘migrants’ are NOT ‘migrants’, they are fellow citizens of China!  This is more like say, Arizona complaining about people moving from New Jersey to the  Sunshine State.  Of course, the native Indians of Arizona don’t want these migrants!  Never did.  But have zero say in this.  Just as Tibet which is identical in nature.  Of course, the US doesn’t intend to break apart and put up barriers to movement from one state to another…YET.  But will, in the end, ipso facto, when we go bankrupt.


ΩΩThe NYT is totally for ethnic cleansing and preventing populations within a country from moving about when it comes to China and Israel.  But not the US.  Schizoid thinking causes the Times to demand we let in a flood of illegal aliens, punish anyone who tries to stop this and we are ‘international citizens’ not Americans and dual citizenship is great but being patriotic Americans is stupid, etc, etc.  The recent UN pronouncement that it is OK for ethnic religious groups to break apart a nation was cheered by the NYT and our ruling elites who dearly hope to break apart many smaller nations using this nifty tool.  But not break up the US, of course!  Not yet, anyway.


The New Doom | The New York Observer

“Life is such a fucking disaster,” a prominent New York hedge fund manager said recently. “We all live in some kind of world we create for ourselves. And I think that what happened is that built into that world were very enlarged expectations about what life was going to be. There’s been this sensation of excessive expectation that, frankly, became unsustainable.”


He had just returned from his ranch in the wilderness of central Idaho. “I just like it because it’s massively low human density. It would be a place you could hole up in. But, gosh, I hope that doesn’t happen.”

Last week, not very far from the hedge fund manager’s ranch, the billionaire John Malone gave a little-noticed interview to The Wall Street Journal from Allen & Co.’s annual Sun Valley conference. Asked about the biggest risks to Liberty, his media conglomerate, Mr. Malone said his concern was this country’s survival. “We have a retreat that’s right on the Quebec border. We own 18 miles on the border, so we can cross. Anytime we want to, we can get away.”


ΩΩThis guy runs a propaganda empire?  HAHAHA.  And is ready to run off to another country if things get bad, here?  HAHAHA, again.  Typical of the ‘international citizen’ sort of thinking!  The rich cannot hole up in a safe place.  There is no such thing.  In a world war, no one is safe.  The war will seek out whoever is the target and this is a target-rich world we live in.  So far, the opening shots of WWIII are aimed only at the poorest peasants on earth.  But the war will insidiously spread to richer targets because all wars do this: wars against very poor people are too expensive. Wars against rich people has many benefits not the least of which is control of the entire planet’s wealth.


ΩΩJust as WWII, against industrial powers of Germany and Japan made the US very rich, so will WWIII make the winner rich.  The US still hopes to win this confrontation but is confused about how to do this.  WWII didn’t touch the US hardly at all.  WWIII will hammer the US.  We will be a Japan/Germany target, not the reverse.  If we destroy China, this won’t fix our mess since we transferred our industrial base to Germany and Japan.  If only the US and China fight (an impossible probability, by the way) then Germany and Japan will be intact and will take over, not the US.  I doubt our war gamers have figured this dire fact out.


Right Wing Front Organizations Use Progressive Sounding Names to Promote Anti-Immigration and Anti-Environmental Agendas | The Smirking Chimp

“ATB arguments on immigrants and population pull directly from the neo-Malthusian stance — displacing blame from the negative influence of economic globalization onto populations that are the worst impacted. This push by ATB to distort “cause and effect” serves to intentionally transform a holistic environmental philosophy based on greater care towards the world and each other, into misanthropy. Ecological thinking based on dynamic and interconnected natural systems turns into a philosophy that treats national and state borders as unchallengeable nature. People become pollutants, with all the racial overtones of such a social construction.”


The report concludes by declaring that “There should be no taboo on discussing population — a topic clearly tied to environmental concerns, as in fact is every human interaction within ecological systems. What should be rejected are racism and simplistic arguments that over-emphasize the ‘numbers game’ at the expense of other factors — interlocking issues of production and consumption, patterns of land use, technology and planning, globalization and poverty, the status of women in society, as well as wasteful cycles of boom and bust. This remains true no matter how much ecological damage we believe societies may have produced. Such a social and ecological outlook is vitally important in overcoming ‘man versus nature’ thinking.”


ΩΩThis is an interesting read since it reveals clearly the wishful thinking and the schizoid beliefs on the left when it comes to population issues.  That is, ALL ecological believers MUST be anti-human since the rest of nature is being exploited, destroyed and abused by humans.  Period.  Third world humans living in poverty are even worse for the environment than first world humans.  And first world humans quickly decline to third world status if the third world floods into the first world seeking social services and civilization.


ΩΩYou can’t be an environmentalist and remain ignorant about the need to impose draconian birth controls on most of humanity.  The worst off the nation, the higher the birthrate.  This is very significant.  The population movements towards hot, dry places is also an environmental mess as is the move to live right next to the ocean.  Everyone who succeeds in finding their warm, oceanic paradise, wants to freeze things in place via draconian environmental rules imposed on everyone else especially those people who don’t move to the paradises so beloved of environmentalists.


ΩΩWe are destroying Eden.  And the main tool for this is a high birth rate coupled with a high consumption rate.  In the debate about what to do about all of this, the left is losing.  This is due to hidden racist/ethnic cleansing impulses on the left and outright racist/ethnic cleansing beliefs on the right.  At least the right is honest about its beliefs and intentions!  The left is totally dishonest.


ΩΩIslam and Buddhism as well as Christianity were all born at roughly the same time, the collapse of the Chinese and Roman empires.  These three religions sought to transcend tribal/ethnic identity by making things Universal.  All three are anti-ethnic.  And all three have been grossly broken up by ethnic battles as well as debased by the widening divide between masters and servants as the great empires collapsed.


ΩΩToday, all the major Universal religions are very much about ethnic identity politics.  This is due partially to European ethnic politics which emphasizes one’s tribal roots rather than being a citizen of a country.  This force was launched in the 19th century and continues very powerfully forwards. In the US, we are whipsawed by this.  Any white Protestant group that embraces this is chastised whereas any other ethnic group is praised.  This is explosive, to put it mildly.  Very dangerous and very disingenuous.


War of words as government demands removal of German signs – Europe, World – The Independent

Some of the province’s Italian-speaking inhabitants – who make up 25 per cent of the population – have claimed that the German-only signs could be dangerous because they might confuse lone or vulnerable mountaineers or trekkers.


But Luis Durnwalder, the president of Bolzano for 22 years, told Corriere della Sera that his province would “not accept arrogant diktats from Rome”.  Durnwalder added that for the most part it was not possible to translate German place names into Italian.


ΩΩAfter WWI and then WWII, the victors tore apart the Austrian and German empires claiming, this was all in the name of giving more power to ethnic minorities who wanted to keep their domestic languages and cultures. Of course, just like in the US, the people who are viewed as ‘white’ or belonging to a major empire in the recent past, are attacked for using their language or religion.  In this case, the Italians are the invaders of the Adige Valley.  This valley is most important to history: many of the invaders of Italy came via this valley.


ΩΩIt also has a long, long history of resisting Italian control and only the Romans were able to impose this on the valley and when the barbarians invaded, the Italian natives were killed off and the Germanic tribes took over.  Venice had a very tight connection with the Adige Valley who allied themselves with the sea-ward city-state in order to fight off the Italians from Rome.  This continues to this day and what makes them different from the Tibetans?


ΩΩOf course, they are ignored by the NYT or the left in the US because this makes us uncomfortable, supporting freedom movements of Germanic ethnic groups!  We call them, Nazis.  While applauding Nazi-clones in Tibet or Israel.  This dishonesty is key to leftist weakness and is why it is in overall decline even as ethnic groups desperately want social services!  Which is why National SOCIALISM is a popular concept, not the Hitler model which was actually a master/slave looting model (which is very popular with rich people).  No, most populations want social services for their own ethnic/religious group.  And since there are limited resources, this means cutting out ‘outsiders’ of various sorts.


ΩΩHow can we fix this?  I say, the concept of ‘citizens of a nation’ that transcends race or creed is the key!  But this means keeping out aliens!  Otherwise, this Eden is quickly flooded and sunk.  Like the Tunnel in Germany, everyone rushes in for the free lunch and is crushed to death.

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    Just tax energy for heavens sake. I´m sure you could find some use for the tax dollars.

    One more thing you could learn from Europe mistakes.
    It is just silly that EU solutions to energy problems are the same in Finland and in Greece for example.
    Houses in the north should be well insulated and made from wood.
    In the south they should be 1 meter thick solid stone in order to keep cool.
    That would be fair in my opinion.

    More than 40 per cent of people anywhere in the world living north of the 60th parallel live in Finland.
    And EU pays us to install solar panels and wind turbines.
    We need energy in the winter when:
    a the sun doesn´t shine
    b when it´s really cold there usually is no wind (Works in Denmark by the North sea but not here).
    Solar panels do nothing for us in the summer we have a huge surplus of electricity from our nuclear power plants during summertime.

    Try not to repeat all of Europe´s huge mistakes over there.
    You need local energy solutions. And pls say no to carbon trading, it creates huge windfall profits and does not work at all.

  2. B.A.

    Great post as usual. I would not refer to Democrats as “the Left” though. I like Gore Vidal’s description of the American party system: “…we have only one party in the U.S., the Property Party, with two right wings, Republican and Democrat. […] Republicans are often stupider and more doctrinaire than the Democrats, who are cuter, a bit more corrupt but willing to make small, very small adjustements…”
    From his “State of the Union”, 1972.

  3. I cannot defend the concept of national citizenship, as it is one of a bygone era. Our nation perished by a number of coups; of which I provide only a short list.

    The floating currency standard coup: Our nation died when Nixon followed Milton Friedman’s advise and took the US off the gold standard because France, Great Britain and others were demanding gold for dollars, and because Nixon wanted to fund global military expansion that could easily be financed from a freshly debased currency.

    The mortgage GSE coup: Our nation died when Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were chartered to underwrite housing loans. Banks divorced themselves of responsible lending and moral hazard was passed to the taxpayers for speculative housing development.

    The credit coup: Our nation died when a credit bubble expanded creating debt that cannot be repaid. Alan Greenspan, as the czar of lending, eased credit which enabled mortgage refinancing to expand domestic spending for everything from boob jobs, to cosmetic surgery, to the purchase of recreational vehicles, to investment in second homes.

    The free trade coup: Our nation perished when neoliberal concepts took hold and free trade treaties such as NAFTA were signed.

    The financial deregulation coup: Our nation perished when the Glass Steagall Act was repealed by Clinton and 92 Senators who voted for so-called financial deregulation, which issued in a new era of financial securitization and financialization.

    The QE coup: Our nation died when Ben Bernanke announced the US Federal Reserve Facilities such as TARP which transferred out US Treasuries to banks, and accepted in toxic debt of every kind.

    The Constitutional coup: Our nation died when the nation responded to anthrax false flag event and passed the Patriot Act, and responded to the 911 false flag event, which started the building of an archipelago of military bases extending to Central Asia, Euro Asia, Diego Garcia, Romania and Bulgaria to establish a military power to oppose a military buildup in Iraq and Iran. There was no queer incident on September 11, 2001. The world trade tower buildings did not fall down after being hit by large jets moving at a fast speed. Strong buildings do not fall down, even when hit by fast-moving objects. The twin towers were taken down by thermite cutting the steel support beams at the base of the buildings, and by demolition charges exploding on every single floor. Another large building nearby was destroyed by an incoming missile and yet another also by demolition charges. The twin tower buildings did not burn down, there were taken down.

    The military coup: Our nation died when Command Authority replaced the traditional military chain of command. I refer to the October 2, 2002 NORHTCOM press release where Paul Wolfowitz announced the NORTHCOM Command Authority.

    The national sovereignty coup. We no longer live in a sovereign nation. The evidence is clear, cogent and convincing that we live in a region of global governance, where the word, will and way of the leaders is the law of the land, and will soon be the law of the continent in accordance with the Announcement of the three leaders of the North American Continent on March 23, 2005, of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, the SPP, which called for a “home”, that is a homeland for the continent’s people. The Leader’s Announcement waived national sovereignty: one is no longer a citizen, rather one is a resident living in a region of global governance. President Obama communicated the concept of global citizenship when he recently spoke at West Point and announced an International Order and a vision for securing global peace and security.

    The coups have destroyed both the rule of law and the rule of constitutional law. I have no means to protect and save myself or others from internal or external dangers. Lacking a national identity, and seeing that the rulers are sovereign, I must have some other identity and a greater sovereignty. I need to protect myself against danger, I must turn away from propoganda found in churches, I simply do not attend any church. I’ve given up reading the news issued by Newsweek, Time, US News And World Report and the Tea Party’s Glenn Beck, as each has an agenda and precepts I am thoroughly familiar with, and must turn away from.

    I do feel sad about the destruction of the concept of national citizenship, and it makes me sadder to know that the US is headed off very soon to WW III, as it carries out a military strike to take out the nuclear and missile capability of Iran.

    Such a middle east war will cause Russia to come to protect its shipping and pipeline interests. And it will cause Syria, Hezbollah in Jordan, and Turkey to split with NATO and attack Israel. The response will be NATO troops coming in from Germany, with the support from missile defense batteries set up in Romania and Bulgaria.

    A globalization process has been ongoing for quite some time; it is an impossible force to change. It was identified by the Apostle John on the island of Patmos about 90 AD, where he wrote in the Book of Revelation of a dream, that is a vision detailing “things which must shortly take place”, Revelation 1:1, meaning that when the foretold events start to occur, they will rapidly fall in place, much like a row of dominoes falling one after another.

    In his dream, he saw a Beast System rising to rule mankind, that is a world-wide system of global governance, Revelation 13:1-4, consisting of ten regions as called for by the Club of Rome in 1974, rising from the sea of humanity; one of these regions is the Eurozone, another is the North American Continent, and another is the ASEAN trading group. And a global governor, a Sovereign, rising to rule mankind, Revelation 13:5-10. He will be complemented by the Seignior, Revelation 13:11-18, who directs the 666 credit system, Revelation 13:17-18 where one will be given the charagma, or mark, necessary to conduct commercial activity. Yes an unholy trinity, a beast system, a sovereign and a seignior are coming to rule mankind.

    My identity is that I am a Hebrew, meaning one from the other side. My physical mother is not Jewish. My father, that is my starter, is Abraham, as he commenced those of like-minded faith, specifically those who have eyes of faith to see a city whose builder and maker is God. I am also a Reformed Christian, meaning that I believe in the doctrine of The Election of Grace I live by the faith of the Son Of God, it’s not my faith it’s His Faith.

    I perceive that one has a choice of four sources to determine what right(s) exist: religion, law, philosophy, or the state.

    1) … Reformed Christianity holds there is only one right. “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.” 1 John 1:12. Right or Rights can only exist where there is power. Where the power is, there the right is. 1 John 1:12 means that one, after having received Christ, has the power to manifest as, or to develop as, the son of God. In other words, one having received Christ, can exercise his right and actuate as the progeny of God. Either one will manifest genuine concerning the faith of the Son of God or one will manifest reprobate concerning the Son of God. Manifesting faithful to the Word of God is the only Right there is.

    2) Some look to Constitutional Law, State or other Law to determine what rights one has.

    3) Some look to philosophy for rights.

    4) In the age of global governance, the announcements of state leaders or regional leaders determine what rights one has.

    One is wise to ask what is sovereign and who is sovereign, as rights are exercised out of sovereignty.

    Let me ask: is the individual sovereign? Are local states sovereign? Is the US sovereign? Is Obama sovereign?

    Personally I believe that God and His will are sovereign; and that in eternity past, He foresaw all that would happen and is happening, and is simply letting things proceed along a pre-established course.

    Your article is a most helpful one — it stimulated me to come to a decision on nationhood: my hood is that of Abraham, who with eyes of faith, saw a city whose builder and maker is God.

  4. PLovering

    Jane Burgermeister quotes:

    “The Bilderbergs are the blind cave dwellers staring at shadows, so well described by Plato. They do not see the sun of truth. Their time is over and they do not recognize it.

    It was not God’s plan that people should suffer in artificial wars, in artificial famines, in artificial vaccine holocausts, in artificial natural catastrophes such as this oil spill catastrophe.”

    Jane Burgermeister, hostess of a vastly popular EU web site, is at present in a Vienna, Austria courtroom defending her right to speak truth to power.

  5. DeVaul

    Today I saw a headline that just blew my mind. It may be the most cynical statement I have ever read:

    “Obama tells liberals and bloggers at Nevada convention to keep pushing for change in DC.”


    That’s like Nero telling Roman citizens to keep asking the Praetorian Guard to call the fire department.

    It takes a certain kind of intelligence to make a statement like that. Bush could not even repeat worn out platitudes after much rehearsal:

    “Fool me once… well, shame on… me. Fool me twice… well, umm, shame… on you… uh… again.”

    Perhaps Gore Vidal is right. Republicans tend to be just stupidly evil, whereas Democrats tend to be more cleverly evil.

    The end result is still evil. Perhaps all we are really looking at is various sub-categories of complete psychopaths.

  6. JT


    “It was not God’s plan that people should suffer in artificial wars, in artificial famines, in artificial vaccine holocausts, in artificial natural catastrophes such as this oil spill catastrophe.”

    You really like this stuff?
    I believe Bilderberg meetings are designed to influence the world leaders indirectly by the powerful money and corporate elites behind our backs.
    It´s immoral and wrong.
    But if you want to blame all that on just one thing then I would say the correct answer is indeed God 😉 .

  7. wb

    “Just as the U.S. Senate was abandoning plans for a U.S. cap-and-trade system, this article ran in The China Daily: “BEIJING — The country is set to begin domestic carbon trading programs during its 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015) to help it meet its 2020 carbon intensity target. The decision was made at a closed-door meeting chaired by Xie Zhenhua, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission … Putting a price on carbon is a crucial step for the country to employ the market to reduce its carbon emissions and genuinely shift to a low-carbon economy, industry analysts said.”

    “over 1,000 Americans have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan hauling fuel to air-condition tents and buildings. If our military would simply insulate their structures, it would save billions of dollars and, more importantly, save lives of truck drivers and escorts.”


    ELAINE: The Chinese probably plan to force the US to pay the World Bank for our carbon pollution. By then, China will be the World Bank. This is part of their deep desires and they are very close to gaining this.

    I want to tax CO2 stuff so we can use it for social services while cutting the Pentagon by at least 50%.

  8. JT


    “As a developing country, China does not shoulder legally binding responsibilities to reduce carbon emissions, according to the basic principle set by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”

    “China said Thursday it will cut its carbon dioxide emissions per unit of gross domestic product by 40 to 45% in 2020 from 2005”

    “The consensus that a domestic carbon-trading scheme is essential was reached, but a debate is still ongoing among experts and industries regarding what approach should be adopted,” the source said. ”

    With 9% yearly GDP growth in China?
    China will “cut” exactly how much 😉 .

  9. wb


    We shall see, JT.

    China is confident, exuberant, knows what it wants and where it’s going. The world wants clean technology, electric cars, electric bicycles, wind turbines, solar panels, smart electricity grids, etc, etc. China is happy to supply the world.

    I have two electric wheelbarrows ( I am getting old and my land is steep ) both made in China, different designs by different companies. Variable speed, disc brakes, reverse, etc. They are both excellent.

    I would have preferred to buy British, or European, or even American ( because of the delivery miles ) but they don’t exist. Only a German version, which is possibly wonderful and high quality, but costs 5 times as much.

    My impression is that China is genuine and serious about greening it’s economy.

    Whether that will make a difference to AGW, and all the other enviro problems, is another matter.


    ELAINE: China is the world’s biggest alternative energy systems producer as of this year. So yes, if they force us into the CO2 trade business, this means buying lots and lots of Chinese alternative energy stuff.

  10. JT

    “China is confident, exuberant, knows what it wants and where it’s going. The world wants clean technology, electric cars, electric bicycles, wind turbines, solar panels, smart electricity grids, etc, etc. China is happy to supply the world.”

    No disagreement there.
    We´ll cut away from oil when it comes necessary.
    CO2 I doubt very much.

    But who am I to disagree.
    I guess the stock holders of energy companies need a few trillion more.
    Goldman needs Carbon Credits to peddle around.

    You do know that in Europe the aftermarket consisted mainly (90%) of VAT fraudsters and that at the moment the credits are pretty much worthless due to the economic slowdown.
    Energy companies got the money of course and now buy electricity from Russia after shutting down the cole plants here.
    It is an utter fiasko.
    And yes CO2 emissions in Europe are up 13%. So no advance there.

    I like the green movement.
    I´m not so sure how good they are dealing with the GS crowd or how well they really understand how economy works.

  11. Lindsey Williams in his latest DVD series “Tragedy Hope Reality” states that WWIII is 2 years off. Does anyone doubt this is where TPTB are going? How could you, when you listen to all the anti-Iranian rhetoric spewed forth by the MSM continually? I’m glad I’m not of draft age anymore. If I had a son today of military service age, I’d buy him a ticket to Canada.

  12. Joseppi

    “ethnic/religious identity issues..”

    These are not static issues. As in all kinetic forces there are opposing energies. There are positive dynamic characteristics of ethnic/religious identities besides the negative. Why just think about eating nacho chips from the local taquiera, while watching a Kung Fu movie with sub titles, having a fortune cookie for desert, and wearing a Guatemalan shirt given to you by a friend who is married to a Guatemalan, with your favorite Tai Chi slippers on that your sister brought back from China after getting married to a Chinese professor.

    The irrepressible migration and urge in humans with portable sex organs has millions of humans moving around the planet losing their allegiance to ethnic identities becoming multi-racial with cross racial breeding, and multi-cultural by integrating cultures in a new synthesis of lifestyles. The perception that immigrants must be assimilated into the nativist dominant culture is an out molded paradigm of Archie Bunkers.

    Beside the innate urge to wander, there are economic and climate motivations driving the locomotion of immigration. Technological improvements in transportation and communication has accelerated this process of ethnic/religious transmigration.

    Religions are also in a constant state of reorganization. Muslims in Europe are changing the tenets of their beliefs. Catholics are catatonic and in a apotropaic coma from priest gone wild videos. Christians are denouncing their fellow believers and flirting with new age mysticism. Tibetan Buddhism has completely changed and adapted to the diaspora.

    Even though globalization that has been hijacked by corporate greed, it’s a movement that will continue. Statists in any culture or religious belief system have great difficulty with change, especially change that dilutes the purity of their fanaticism. We will witness, and be the victims to this resistance to change. It’s our responsibility to support the positive evolution of the movement and morphing of what it means to be human.

  13. emsnews

    Global movements of masses of people are a feature of all mega-imperial systems. VIRTUALLY NO ONE is immigrating to say, Japan!!!! DUH. Just for one very glaring example. I can think of many others. If you are a Muslim displaced by European Jews, try entering ‘Israel’ and see how many bullets that earns you.

  14. melponeme_k

    Its ironic that we will become what the founders fought against, a colony. A colony that will have it’s resources taken, then be forced to buy the results made from our own resources. A colony with no industry of it’s own.

    We have forgotten ourselves. Truly.

    It took two hundred years and change but the Loyalist Royalists won.

  15. JT

    “We shall see, JT. ”

    Don´t take my word for it, James Hansen (head of Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies) letter to Obama

    Click to access 20081229_DearMichelleAndBarack.pdf

    “Cap and trade” generates special interests, lobbyists, and trading schemes, yielding non
    productive millionaires, all at public expense. The public is fed up with such business. Tax
    with 100% dividend, in contrast, would spur our economy, while aiding the disadvantaged,
    the climate, and our national security.”

    It is a beatiful thing when someones writes honestly. And rare.

  16. wb

    “ELAINE: The Chinese probably plan to force the US to pay the World Bank for our carbon pollution. By then, China will be the World Bank. This is part of their deep desires and they are very close to gaining this.
    I want to tax CO2 stuff so we can use it for social services while cutting the Pentagon by at least 50%.”

    Which is worse as the World Bank, Bilderbergers or China ? Are there any other options ? 🙂

    I’d like to respond to the points in the post, about citizenship, but I need to think about that more, before I do.

    I don’t really have an opinion on the various proposed schemes re carbon trading, cap and trade, alternatives, because I don’t understand tax and finance and economics well enough to know.

    What I’d like to see is strict control of all corporations ( possibly above a certain size ) where they’d be required to apply for a license to operate. To obtain that license they’d have to submit to an environmental audit, similar to having financial accounts audited. The environmental audit would have to show all ‘energy in’ and ‘pollution out’ with a minimum net threshold. If they failed that audit 2 years running, they’d be subject to financial penalties, 3 years, they’d lose their license to operate and be shut down.

    “ELAINE: China is the world’s biggest alternative energy systems producer as of this year. So yes, if they force us into the CO2 trade business, this means buying lots and lots of Chinese alternative energy stuff.”

    There’s something I don’t understand there. What’s wrong with supplying the alternative energy stuff ? There’s a demand ( quite apart from reducing emissions, it produces cheap energy, clean and quite, gets us away from GOM type oil disasters, etc ), so if European or American companies can’t supply, why not China ? Or Turkey, or Korea, or whoever ?

    I thought that was the capitalist ideal, ‘you can’t buck the market’, Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand, ‘demand determines supply’, etc.

    I know that American corporations, like Monsanto and Big Pharma have a different, fascistic, model of capitalism, where they capture the market and force people to buy products, like Roundup and GM crops with terminator genes, whether the market wants them or not.

    So are you saying that China wants a carbon trade, so that people are forced to buy their Chinese alternative energy products ? I don’t see that. The market is new, growing fast, there’s no need to force people to buy stuff, they WANT to buy the stuff, just like they want to buy tv sets and iPods.

    All Americans have to do is produce the better mousetrap, and the world will be at your door to buy it. But American industry missed the boat. They wanted to hold onto the old status quo, with the dirty old gas guzzling cars, etc. If they can’t compete now, whose fault is that ? Live by the sword, die by the sword.

    America has been promoting so-called free market capitalism for 100+ years, corporations pillaging the planet, which has been terrible for lots of other countries, and now complain because China has grabbed it off them and taken the lead ?

    Once Britain was ‘the workshop of the world’, making all the stuff. Americans took over. The British moved into making money by cunning paperwork, through legal and financial services. I’m certain that if the British design a carbon scheme, it’ll mean it’s great for them, but rips off everybody else. Same goes for the US, if the Senate and Golman Sachs have anything to do with it.

    ( Personally, I think the whole system stinks and is an unsustainable disaster. I want CO2 emissions down, super fast, don’t care how it’s done, so long as it’s effective. )

  17. emsnews

    There is great need to force the first world nations to buy Chinese alternative energy systems! That is, fossil fuels are still cheaper! This is a ‘duh’ piece of information. Germany has lots of solar panels due to an energy tax on all other energy systems to subsidize the solar panels.

    A CO2 tax would do this very nicely. The US fell on its face, we used to be one of the world’s biggest producers of solar panels but right from the start, thanks to my dad, the Chinese launched their own manufacturing of panels beginning with the first factory they built (thanks to my dad, again) in 1982.

    The most effective way to stop the CO2 thing and global warming if you want speed, is WWIII: nuclear winter. How’s that?

  18. JT

    “The BP board is scheduled to meet Monday to discuss and approve Mr. Hayward’s departure, these people said, one describing the decision as “mutual.”

    Poor guy. He gets only 11 million pounds departure money for his troubles.
    And he has to spend rest of his days fishing and sailing in the Bahamas. 😦

  19. wb

    ‘Fossil fuels still cheaper’, well, only because the coal companies don’t have to pay for the damage they cause, oil companies don’t have to pay for the damage they cause, transport and car drivers don’t have to pay for the damage they cause.

    They privatise the profits, socialise the harm, and we all have to live with, and pay, the true cost.

    They don’t like alternatives, because, once you’ve set up the equipment, the wind and sunshine are free, so there’s no revenue stream for them. But that’s good news for the peasants. The peasants are learning, they WANT the equipment, they don’t need to be forced.

    There’s loads of small companies started in UK over recent years supplying and fitting alternatives. They have to import Chinese kit, because there’s no British or American kit being made. Why not ? There’s plenty of brilliant British and American guys who could design the gear, but if they want to manufacture and market it, there’s a mountain of bureaucracy and barriers, hopelessly negative attitudes all round, the banks and government give no support. So it’s easier just to order it from China.

    They have a positive attitude to everything, all you have to do is say you have some money, and you want it, and they’ll find or make it, whatever it is…

    Try that in UK. Everybody will tell you it’s totally impossible, can’t be done, whatever it is…

    The Chinese stuff used to be considered crap, because of hopeless quality control, and Americans and British boasted about ‘our high skills and standards’. But that used to be said once about Japanese stuff. The Japanese learned fast, and totally destroyed the British motorcycle, in just a couple of years, because Jap bikes were suddenly much better quality.

    People adored their British bikes, but the damn things fell to pieces all the time. The Jap bikes didn’t. Same as how Toyota got big.

    I suggest that China will reach that stage, where folks are impressed with the high quality of their manufactured products and engineering skills. They’re getting there fast, faster than the Indians.

    I know a little about this, because old fashioned diesel engines of British design ( Listers, etc, from 1920-30s ) are being copied and produced in India and in China. The Chinese are much better standard.

    Hahaha, yes, WW3 will do the job ok, but the cure is worse than the disease, ‘the operation was a great success, but the patient died’…

    I wouldn’t mind so much if it only killed all the nasty and stupid people, and left everything else intact… told you, I’m a cantankerous misanthrope 🙂

    I see ! So this whole problem is all YOUR DAD’s fault ? Why didn’t you talk him out of it, or kill him, or something ?
    ( just kidding ! :->)

  20. emsnews

    Chou Enlai was not a stupid man, he was actually quite smart. He even used Kissinger for his own ends! HA.

    And due to a top Chinese scientist liking my dad who tried to save him from McCarthy’s commie hearings, he told Chou to ask Kissinger to bring over my dad to China during the historic talks that opened China to the US.

    The Chinese know very well what they are doing and why.

  21. wb

    Re the citizenship thing…

    Isn’t this about personal identity ? Which is both a psychological and a social construct ?

    I think it can also be an emotional construct, that deep tribal loyalty, which is probably of ancient biological origin. Wolves have it, chickens have it. They know their own, and drive off intruders.

    So, one can have a loyalty to ones profession, to workmates, to kin, to the area one lives in, to the country one inhabits, to a political doctrine, to a religion, all sorts of layers and strands and complex, subtle inter-related facets to this.

    And you’re arguing that the solution, or A solution, is to define citizenship rigorously, attaching rights and obligations. And the State ( or the Nation State ) will do this ?

    So, the the State will say ‘these are our citizens’ and ‘those are not our citizens’. So these we keep safe inside the fence, and those will be excluded.

    Is that how you see it ?

    So there’ll need to be more Iron Curtains, more Israel-Palestine walls, to divide citizens and non-citizens ?

    And somewhere out in the wilderness, will be all those which no State will acknowledge as ‘belonging’ ?

    Might not a better approach be to say that all humans are automatically citizens of the world, with certain fundamental rights, entitlements and obligations, regardless of their civil status or national origin ?

    I can see plenty of drawbacks with that idea too, but I’m just trying to clarify what you are saying in this post, and elsewhere, as to what the concept ‘citizen’ actually means in philosophical and practical terms.

  22. Joseppi

    Trying to reinstate US sovereignty is like trying to reinflate a sacred dead cow……I think any expansion of the US sovereignty movement will only be fascist flatulence from the rotting guts of a democratic republic.
    As Elaine points out just look at the growing fascist tendencies of Japan and Israel.


    ELAINE: neither Israel nor Japan have ‘citizens’….they have ETHNIC IDENTITY FOLK. This is the stark, huge, gigantic difference.

  23. PLovering

    Continuing the war against the Kingship of Christ … get a whiff of this.

  24. PLovering

    The tipping point of our society is in the hands of Atheistic Bankers, not corrupted scientists.

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