Japan, Krugman, Beck And The Skull And Bones NWO

ΩΩKrugman and his buddies are in full bellow for the US to fall totally down the worst parts of the Japanese rabbit hole to financial hell.  That is, let’s just spend money like drunk monkeys and hope this will fix our too much red ink crisis!  Never, ever do these ‘economists’ mention our ongoing, 35 year trade deficit!  Instead, they stupidly compare us to Japan when we are the exact opposite of Japan.  As I  have said for many years now, our true problems broil out of Tokyo and are now the size of Godzilla and no one wants to face the dire facts about all of this, especially the Japanese leadership and billionaire businessmen.

Here is today’s sermon from the wild-eyed Krugman:  Things Could Be Worse – NYTimes.com

Yet the picture is grayish rather than pitch black. Japan’s economy may be depressed, but it’s not in a depression. The employment picture has been troubled, with a growing number of “freeters” living from temporary job to temporary job. But thanks to those government job-creation plans, the country isn’t suffering mass unemployment. Debt has risen, but despite constant warnings of imminent crisis — and even downgrades from rating agencies back in 2002 — the government is still able to borrow, long term, at an interest rate of only 1.1 percent.


ΩΩKrugman is typical of his class of economists: he totally and completely ignores the trade deficit. That is, Japan ran one of the world’s biggest trade surpluses ever since the 1989 crash! Huge surpluses. Japan has the world’s #2 FOREX dollar hoards. Japan is quite solvent when it comes to the very critical issue of trade numbers and wealth holdings by both the government and the very rich.


ΩΩThe US, on the other hand, has one of the world’s smallest FOREX holdings. It also sells much of its debt to…JAPAN. Japan is the #2 holder, behind China, of US government and private debt. So this makes Japan a CREDITOR nation, not a debtor nation. 90% of Japan’s government debt is owed to the Japanese people. Nearly 50% of US government debt is owed to Japan and China and other foreigners. This is over $5 trillion dollars!


ΩΩThe US is in debt to foreign powers who have trade deficits with us. Japan isn’t. This is an immense difference and Krugman’s call to create more debt is typical of an army of Keynesian economists who ignore the trade issues that are hammering us and which are at the root of our economic problems.


ΩΩIt pays time and again to look at US/Japan trade graphs to appreciate our woes.  The Japanese export graph at the Federal Reserve archives data base show us that we didn’t even get to $4 billion exports in Japan back under Reagan.  Meanwhile, while our trade was about $2 billion a year, Japan was at $6 billion.  Never, ever have we run a trade surplus with Japan since…since the 1950’s.  This is always astonishing but then, it is ditto with Germany.  The empires we defeated in outright warfare have managed to run a mercantile war with us for half a century and we lost every battle as well as overall.


ΩΩSouth Korea runs trade surpluses with nearly everyone, too, except for….Japan.  They can’t even begin to penetrate this economic Hermit Kingdom due to the Japanese refusing to buy anything made in Korea by Korean corporations.  The Japanese will cheerfully buy anything made by Japanese corporations overseas as well as foreign status goods mostly from Paris or Milan, for example, but not common consumer goods.


Soaring yen threatens disaster for most, but profits for some › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

“Around 1995, companies began moving production of general-purpose components overseas,” says Teikoku Data Bank’s Takakazu Nakamori. “But now we’re seeing a shift in production of core components to foreign plants. Nissan Motor Co has announced it would produce its popular March compact in Thailand. Lower labor costs in Thailand coupled with the higher purchasing power of the Japanese yen at home have generated a ‘March shock.’ If companies eventually transfer their key functions overseas, then it won’t just be factory workers who lose their jobs, but elite staff as well.”


…Kaoru Yokoyama, a financial journalist, nevertheless points out that the US dollar at 80 yen is a “bargain” and likely to prove a good investment in the long run. Economist Takashi Kadokura, meanwhile, sees potential in gold, which is still enjoying high demand, particularly among affluent Chinese, rising by as much as 1.5-fold over the next two to three years.


But one doesn’t need an astute grasp of forex or commodities trading to profit from the high yen. An unnamed journalist noted that a woman’s Burberry trench coat can be purchased from the UK’s net-a-porter.com site for 796 pounds (roughly 107,000 yen). On Japan’s Rakuten Ichiba shopping site, the same coat was selling for 183,000 yen—realizing a handy profit even after outlays for shipping and import duty.


ΩΩIf you have money, a strong yen is lots of fun, one can shop all over the world with ease.  But this translates into offshoring of all jobs which is what ailed the US so heavily during the strong US dollar era when Japan, China and many trade rivals hoarded US paper money and debts.  Japanese upper class people will now embrace a strong yen because they love buying imported luxury goods from Europe and the US.  But this will accelerate the suppression of wages of Japanese workers who have been horrifically suppressed for 20 years and will lead to defunding jobs in Japan.


ΩΩJapan’s population crisis is rising to a critical level now.  News about the social and political chaos of the Japanese system which barely creaks along, mired in backward paperwork systems run by a senile bureaucracy and a rising tendency to not declare the elderly dead but hiding the bodies at home  so the survivors can collect pensions all the way to the fact that the few Japanese children that are being born are committing suicide even at 8 years of age:  234,354 centenarians unaccounted for among missing elderly

Among the missing centenarians, there appear to be people whose families did not report their deaths or for whom an adjudication of disappearance was not submitted to local authorities, as they died during wartime and postwar turmoil or after they emigrated, the ministry said.

.…Chiba told a press conference that there is no need to change the family registry system which is maintained and updated based on notification by residents, adding that the system ‘‘does not necessarily define population.’‘


ΩΩFamilies increasingly are not calling the coroner when gramps dies, they have been hiding these bodies in the back yard, closets, carried them about in backpacks, locked them in bedrooms for 30  years: this ghoulish social activity is running out of control there even as the entire population ages rapidly and are not being replaced.  Most people have a false impression of Japan due to the US media not covering 99% of what goes on in Japan.


ΩΩThanks to the internet, I get to read Japanese news everyday.  It is increasingly a litany of social despair.  The depression hasn’t even nicked the top 1%, nay, it has actually enriched them, while it hammers the rest of the Japanese people into the ground and all the way to hell.  Here is a sampling from just this month:


ΩΩIn July, there was a horrific story of a young woman who starved two children to death and all the neighbors could hear the children, abandoned at home for a month, wailing and begging for help and not one lifted a finger.  Murder/suicides are raging in Japan and the impression that Japan is running a decent healthcare system is a fantasy, too.


ΩΩJust this week, the Japanese news reported that ambulance response times are worse than ever.  The article didn’t mention the true catastrophe here but if you read comments by the foreign/Japanese readers, you get a true idea of the chaos there: ambulances will show up in about 8 minutes but have NO medical staff, they only drive people to hospitals and…they sit there for up to half an hour or in one case, 2 hours (the patient died!) calling hospitals to find one that will take a patient (most say no).


ΩΩ The entire system is now being starved of money even as Japan’s elites sit on one of the greatest wealth hoards on earth, money earned via export trade.  The image of Japanese corporate executives living modest lives is total bunk.  But they are secretive so it is hidden from view.  They hide from their own people.  The government of Japan keeps collapsing now due to all of this but can’t find any dynamic Japanese political people to effect change just like here where change means more status quo stuff.


ΩΩJapanese children are not coddled but rather, treated like garbage cans.  Japan insists on murdering whales for ‘research’ but actually sells the meat.  But instead of selling it, most of it sits in warehouses.  So the rich politicians have decided to feed this excess whale meat to the children:  Whale meat increasingly back on menu for school lunches in Japan › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion.


ΩΩThe meat is mostly dolphin meat with high mercury levels and the last people on earth who should eat this are school children.  Japan has a huge black eye due to killing dolphins and whales but fights tooth and nail for this but has no need for doing this at all, most school children hate eating this meat and want regular hamburgers instead, for example.  But the guys at the top want to keep poking the West in the eye over the issue of killing dolphins and will bull doggedly continue doing this to keep status.


ΩΩThe US continues to treat Japan as some child we must protect, not some dangerous Yakuza gangster operation.  Krugman, yesterday, yapped about all of this.  He sneers that Japan and Germany and everyone who runs trade surpluses with us better coddle us because we protect them but won’t say, from what.  Muslim terrorists are not going after Japan, for example.  But the Japanese warlords fear China and Korea so they want us parked nearby so we can die for Nippon rich.


Op-Ed Columnist – Superbroke, Superfrugal, Superpower? – NYTimes.com

Ever since the onset of the Great Recession of 2008, it has been clear that the nature of being a leader — political or corporate — was changing in America. During most of the post-World War II era, being a leader meant, on balance, giving things away to people. Today, and for the next decade at least, being a leader in America will mean, on balance, taking things away from people.


And there is simply no way that America’s leaders, as they have to take more things away from their own voters, are not going to look to save money on foreign policy and foreign wars. Foreign and defense policy is a lagging indicator. A lot of other things get cut first. But the cuts are coming — you can already hear the warnings from Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. And a frugal American superpower is sure to have ripple effects around the globe.


ΩΩNaturally, true to his own tribe looting our nation, he won’t mention a top recipient of US largess: Israel.  He won’t talk about why ‘other things’ get cut before we cut funds to Israel.  He won’t mention Israel.  Israel doesn’t exist in his articles talking about finances or trade.  It is the giant black hole at the NYT: never is the connections between the many rich Jews here connected to our wild spending in Israel on behalf of Jewish colonialist expansions!  It is totally verboten.


ΩΩThis irks me no end because it can’t be hidden totally from view and if the Jews think this is OK and can go on and on, cutting everything in the US to ribbons while expanding paying for Jews in Israel, they are nuts.  It will hit this  massive brick wall which will crash down on the heads of Jews in the US in a very bad way.  My warnings, far from alerting most American citizens who are Jews to do something to stop this madness, leads only to Jews calling me an ‘anti-semite’ instead.


ΩΩJust as with Japan, the blinkers are firmly in place.  Most Americans are totally clueless what is going on financially and politically with both Japan and Israel and this is deliberate.  Reading comments in American forums discussing Japan is sad as people repeat old, old propaganda and don’t know the real situation there but reading comments in the Japanese news is very eye-opening.  The social collapse there is accelerating, not vanishing, even as trade balances are totally in favor of export powers.


ΩΩThis is why I say with great alarm, we cannot possibly export our way out of our financial problems.  We have to stop this wild import/export train wreck world economy.  We must not imitate Japan.  We  have to imitate the US back in 1896-1913 when we didn’t imitate European imperial banks and governments but had a real government, here at home, and a real domestic economy that was very productive.


China’s UN diplomat in drunken rant against Americans – Telegraph

“You’ve been trying to get rid of me,” said 62-year-old Mr Sha according to the senior UN official present, “You can fire me anytime, you can fire me today.”

.Later in his impromptu speech Mr Sha turned to an American colleague, singling out Bob Orr, from the executive office of the secretary-general.

.“I really don’t like him: he’s an American and I really don’t like Americans,” he said….Officials present at the dinner suggested that Mr Sha might have been the victim of a misguided attempt at humour….In a BBC interview in 2006 he was goaded into a furious, shrieking attack on American criticisms of China’s rapidly growing defence budget.

.“It is much better for [America] to shut up, keep quiet. Are you the number one? Is it true that the US has almost 50 per cent of the world’s military budget?”

.The Chinese population is five or six times bigger.

.“Why blame China? Forget it. It’s high time to shut up. It’s America’s sovereign right to do whatever is good for them. But don’t tell us what is good for China.”


ΩΩThis latest ‘drunken rant’ was not covered in US news.  I read it in Europe.  Naturally, it amuses me since Mr. Sha is simply saying out loud what all the top Chinese say in private with each other.  But then, this is exactly what all the top Japanese say to each other, too!  Duh!  Sheesh.  We have to grow up.  The Chinese leaders try to hold all their cards very close to their chests but the 50 Year Plan should be painfully obvious even to lunatics like Dr. Krugman of the NYT.  The NYT also hired another tribe member to tell us about world trade, etc.  And Orzag is being replaced in the captive White House where the black butler gets to open and shut the door or even open his mouth once and awhile.  The replacement is…Austan Goolsbee To Chair Council Of Economic Advisers, Replacing Christina Romer

Goolsbee, 41, was Obama’s senior economic policy adviser during the 2008 presidential campaign. A graduate of Yale and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he is considered to be a centrist economist.


He gained unwanted visibility during the campaign after a Canadian consulate memo asserted that Goolsbee privately told Canadian officials that Obama’s public statements on trade were “political positioning.” Goolsbee disputed the claim.


ΩΩAnd what is this guy?  Is he a good guy?  Or is he a Skull and Bones member?  The Skull and Bones ran the White House for years and the Bush/Kerry election was Skull versus Bones all the way to the bitter end.  So of course, it is no shock to see the real boss as far as economic matters is concerned, continues to be this vicious, murderous crew of Satanist New World Order conspirators:


ΩΩFrom an article I wrote several years ago comes this cartoon:  Health News: New UN Warning Sign Appropriate For New World Order

Zeitgeist: the human mind inadvertently clicks onto ideas and images. Today, we are in a Skull and Bones nightmare New World Order so the new UN warning sign is perfect.I took one look and laughed. If any Skull and Bones person approaches, run like hell. This includes Kerry who goofed off during the election vis a vis his brother, Bush, and then threw in the towel without a blink of the eye.

The one flaw in this UN warning sign is not making the Eye of the Pyramid perfect. They hide it inside the old atomic warning symbol but they couldn’t resist using the many arms of the Solar God reaching down to the Skull and Bones and the fleeing human.


I suggest these signs be posted all over DC as well as New Haven. And the rest of the world better pay attention too: these clowns are killing people far and wide. Do not shake their hands! Do not talk to them! Do not touch them!


ΩΩYes, there are conspiracies!  This doesn’t mean these idiots are gods and do miraculous wonders.  They are mere humans and incompetent in surprising ways.  They do exploit all sorts of energetic actions of others including terrorists who are pouring into the world by huge numbers thanks to our support of colonialist, imperialist actions.  Yes, they believe in magic.  Yes, they are in love with magic numbers, too.  9/11/1 was a glorious magical number day, for example.  Bush Sr made a speech gloating about establishing a ‘New World Order’ on 9/11/91 after butchering many civilians and massacring a fleeing Iraqi army in Kuwait.


ΩΩThe stupid Tea Party has been taken over by the Skull and Bones and the Zionists and poor Ron Paul has been turned on his head by them as they wrestle this movement into becoming a foolish front for their conspiratorial activities:  Glenn Beck wearing a Skull and Crossbones Corset


ΩΩThis example of the literal pirates who run our economy, our media and who work hand in glove with Zionists to drive us into endless wars is now in firm control of the once-revolutionary libertarian right.  I predicted this would happen and warned them to not let FOX TV take over the organization.


ΩΩIt is all so sad: Beck can lecture deluded white Christian rightwingers about morals and freedom and then hop over to a top ruling elite event and openly wear his beloved true flag: the Skull and Bones.  Will the Christians repudiate this pig?


ΩΩOf course not!  Because this was hidden by the news media and videos of this Tyrannosaurus Rex media manipulator was removed by You Tube as the behest of NBC which accidentally showed the true face of this monster.  Naturally, this will be discussed by the ‘conspiracy’ side of the net and will collect all sorts of odds and ends until no one sane can use this information without an army of people yelling about this (9/11 has been totally trashed by this).


ΩΩSo I will still stick my neck out and say, yes, there is a conspiracy at work to steal all our wealth and to create useless wars that endanger America and so on but…this doesn’t mean all the goofy stories run by conspiracy outfits are even faintly true.  The Bilderberg conspirators are evil.  The Skull and Bones is totally evil.  Christians should fear both organizations but are too easy to manipulate and all the media has to do is show all the quirky, silly conspiracy stories that encrust these real conspiracies and thus, hide the truth even better.  This is why keeping a clear head and not charging into all sorts of silly speculative stories is necessary: it is enough to know that this guy, who talked to thousands of demonstrators about regaining US morals, is a PIRATE and worships DEATH.  Thank you.  The rest is up to the Christians to recognize the obvious and to denounce this creep.


ΩΩThe disgusting business of people working for Congress and the President unable to pay taxes continues under both the GOP and DNC:  Capitol Hill employees owed $9.3 million in back taxes last year, data show

The average unpaid tax bill is $12,787 among the Senate’s delinquent taxpayers and $15,498 among those working in the House.


ΩΩThey owe more taxes but…are fewer in number compared to under the GOP.  But then, the head of the Treasury is one of these tax cheats.  He should be arrested.  Instead, he works with Krugman to demand we print lots of money and ship it overseas as we continue our orgy of buying imports.


ΩΩAnd before I forget, the richest Senator in our corrupt Senate is a Democrat who is also a Skull and Bones pirate:  The Top 10 Richest Politicians In Congress

The economy may have been tanking, but it was apparently a different story on Capitol Hill where the 50 richest lawmakers gained a cumulative $1.4 billion in personal wealth from 2008 to 2009.  Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.): $188.6 Million


ΩΩThe GOP and DNC leaders are all billionaires.  They take care of themselves just fine.  They are not sweating bullets because the Christian right has been sucked into the maw of Skull and Bones pirates and the left has been left to hang and the DNC would rather lose power than give power to the people on the left so we are left with a bunch of pirates cutting their own taxes while not paying them anyway and wanting to crush the rest of us so we commit suicide at the age of 8 like in Japan or hide our parent’s rotting corpses so we can collect a few more dollars from the dying social security systems.  Yup, way to go!

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15 responses to “Japan, Krugman, Beck And The Skull And Bones NWO

  1. PLovering

    Patriots, traitors, and communists will gathering tomorrow in NYC to celebrate the anniversary of 9/11.

    The Patriots want a new investigation.

    The Traitors want a host country without an extradition treaty.

    And the communists will be running the show.

  2. PLovering

    There is still time to save some of your money.


  3. emsnews

    I am going to delete any of your insane anti-vaccination propaganda you drag out of the gutter of the internet. I am dumbfounded that someone can be as gullible and illogical as you.

  4. emsnews

    And if you imagine communists had squat diddly to do with 9/11….HAHAHA. Sheesh.

  5. melponeme_k

    The skull and bones ties into the alchemical symbolism of the caput mortuum. The separation of spirit (philosopher’s stone) and body.

    This imagery runs through all our popular culture from art, books, plays and films. And, of course, through our national symbols. I can only deduce that this running them is their profession of faith. Do you have insight why we must watch this “transformation” from Shakespeare to Harry Potter?

    The dead head? The US of course, and from our ashes will be the stone that turns lead into gold. For the rich elite only.

  6. PLovering

    @Elaine, “I am going to delete any of your insane anti-vaccination”

    Well, so much for free speech.

    Good-bye all. Been good to know you.

    Color me gone.


    ELAINE: A great relief.

  7. nah

    The stupid Tea Party has been taken over by the Skull and Bones and the Zionists and poor Ron Paul has been turned on his head by them as they wrestle this movement into becoming a foolish front for their conspiratorial activities:
    AND ITS IN PLAIN SIGHT… barely covered by the alternate media that the tea part is sold out… when a dude like GLEN BECK IS A PIRATE CAPTAIN ABANDON SHIP, mermaids and omens are wiser than he
    i dont care for babble… i babble Ron Paul is honest, RON PAUL 2012… WE DONT NEED MORE INFORMATION, i dont care whos got it glen beck sarah palin oreily, news and history is not a big deal in politics
    HONEST LEADERS ARE… get em’ Ron Paul, i dont care if you do shrink the military, they defend kabul with muslims marching down the street burning the US flag and freak out on 911 cuz some huckster wants to burn a koran… what nation building maaaaaan
    internationalism is bullshit, debt is a tool to create less and charge more for it ‘carbon foot prints/deflation’ price control, money is propaganda, and we belong to EVERY globalist world body
    Nation Building War, and Government Unions…. vote NO in 2012

    paul krugman is like wealth is a abstract concept because BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

  8. nah

    US govt suppresses the media for BP… keeps honest folk 200 yards from the PUBLIC BEACH
    and puts Joe Koran on the front page as a THREAT TO THE NATION
    fuck that shit

  9. nah

    September 10, 2010 at 10:08 pm
    Color me gone.
    what color is gone… some blue sadface

  10. Daliwood

    Plovering, the right of free speech refers mostly to dissent against the government, not comment postings on a blog. Blogs (particularly one that is paid for by a private citizen like Elaine) are not bound by the Constitution or any law to faithfully reproduce whatever idiotic conspiracy theory caught your fancy today. Nevertheless, I think Elaine has been more than generous and accommodating in allowing your nitwit ravings to appear on an otherwise delightfully intelligent and insightful blog. In fact, I believe she has deleted only a few very comments from anyone over the years, and then only because they were wholly unrelated to the topic at hand and just plain goofy.

    You have no right whatsover to have your comments appear in a citizen’s blog, any more than you have a right to tell Elaine what to include in an email to a family member. This is her blog, her writing, her decision as to content. Your reference to free speech, therefore, is a complete non sequitur.

    Your right of free speech can be exercised, however, if you start your own blog, where you too, by the way, can screen comment postings and delete any you wish. In fact, I hope you start your own blog. Let me know the URL and I’ll show up to comment. We’ll see how you feel about my “free speech.”

  11. DrKrbyLuv

    PLovering – your posts and links will be greatly missed.

    Keep up the good fight and don’t lose your cynical humor!


    ELAINE: He is totally insane probably due to his silver drinking lunacy.

  12. CK

    The Nah abides; the PLO is redacted. It is probably not adviseable to discredit the conventional profitmongering too much.

  13. hanju

    Glenn Beck is a total fraud. He is pushing all the goy into the pen to be sheared. He is a shill for the Yale elite & zionist power bloc. You nailed it good Elaine. Youve always said not to listen to or trust Beck the shill.

  14. Colin

    ELAINE: He is totally insane probably due to his silver drinking lunacy.

    Nooo! Dont let that guy go. After he claimed that silver was proven to cure everthing from cold to aids, we made a bet that if he infected himself with aids, and drank that silver rubbish, he wouldn’t be cured. I’m still waiting to find out what happened!

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