Lost My Internet Service But Now Is Fixed

Generally speaking, for the past 5 years, I have posted at least one story a day except for when I have too intense a workload in the non-computer world. But for the first time, I couldn’t even access the internet for several days.  Yikes. End of the world.  Or not.  This computer isn’t the center of the universe (I think) but it is important to me and I missed my daily posting process.  Instead, I did tons of other useful things like getting ready for winter, building a garage, etc.  Whoopee!  Anyway, the news waits for no one and thank you all for being patient.


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22 responses to “Lost My Internet Service But Now Is Fixed

  1. Ruth

    No problem. I’ve learned a thing or two from you about the how the world really works since I found your blog, so I will continue to tune in. Thank you.

  2. PaulinMtl

    Glad to have you back. I kept on checking. I was expecting a comment from you on the last Krugman’s commentary: The Angry Rich, posted on the 19th. That was one of his better ones in a long time. He’s over 1300 comments in response and largely positive.

    As for me, I got turned down again by NYT for my comment on today’s column from Brooks. Decidedly, he’s getting on my nerve and I can’t help but rant and be harsh. Here it is and thanks again to lend your space once more:

    The level of this commentary is as dumbing down of America as the ambiance the book depicts. The level of writing is afflicting: “But surely this is Franzen’s point.” or “Franzen is obviously trying to make us see…”.

    Brooks coudn’t escape his usual indoctrination: “There’s an absence of ethnic heritage, military service, [..] or anything else potentially lofty and ennobling.” This all too resembles Rahm Emanuel’s book The Plan: Big Ideas for America, published in 2006 where he extolled the merits of a National Service as a character building experience and which dovetailed with Obama’s declaration in 2008 that once elected, he will create a Civilian Security Force.

    There is never in Brooks’ comments the simple but oh uplifting joy of reading infelt observations that stems from a wish to enlighten and share in a collective betterment. Instead, he internalizes other people’s agendas that have ulterior motives to implant. «Surely and obviously», he’s an operative of some nefarious plans that are all too uninspiring and miles away from Freedom.

  3. Joseppi

    “I missed my daily posting process.”

    Although the news waits for no one, and you may have been missing your posting, but we were all mighty worried knowing something wasn’t right…..welcome back.

  4. nah


  5. jermz/Nashville

    I am eager to read what you think about some of the news reports that have been posted over the past few days. 🙂

  6. emsnews

    I have to get things reorganized tomorrow morning and will resume at that time. I will talk about the ‘Poor Rich’ because I know first hand how they become poor even while living in a fine house and sending children to private schools, etc.

    They really do go bankrupt easily! I used to live in a very rich neighborhood and was the really poor person there, I only lived there because the Chinese government paid me money to train their future economic advisors (back in 1986). HAHAHA.

    Seriously, people go very deep in debt and then wonder why a huge income is worthless!

  7. Z

    Glad to hear that only your internet connection is ill.


  8. charlottemom

    funny…know many here in Charlotte that also lost their internet service within the last few days.

    glad you’re back.

  9. Matheus

    I was getting worried. I glad you are back !

  10. Colin

    Hurra! Welcome back

  11. I thought you had been catching up on your sleep. It seems the devil has been sleeping lately. No recent crises.

  12. nah

    U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by Unidentified Aerial Objects

    PR Newswire

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 15

    Ex-military men say unknown intruders have monitored and even tampered with American nuclear missiles
    why dont the aliens get on TV… trash our corporate leadership… and tell us to get with the space alliance
    either that or spread out our military, destroy our economic, and government leadership responsibility… send the people to the hills, destroy our food and energy logistical capability and proceed to defeat the worlds most powerful alliance.
    just an idea

  13. nah

    either that or spread out our military, destroy our economic, and government leadership credibility… send the people to the hills, destroy our food and energy logistical capability and proceed to defeat the worlds most powerful alliance.
    it sounds better

  14. nah

    while we are at it… give the aliens time to figure out how best to proceed in a war against a insurgent human population that is 100yrs in the past
    imean what if nuclear bombs are the biggest fairly stable weapon in the universe and the aliens dont want to use them either… they want power just like us and its REALLY expensive

  15. enshuligum

    your blog makes my day, complex situations rarely have simple solutions, its singular to find a well thought out and researched opinion.

  16. enshuligum

    I don’t know but your town maybe could define itself by its http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkN4DyA16yAusic
    some things can’t be outsourced

  17. nah

    Former Bell police chief had a lucrative tax angle for retirement
    Randy Adams had himself declared disabled even as he was hired for the job, a move that could make him millions in tax-free pension income when he retires, according to records and interviews.
    the awsomest bullshit on tv

  18. nah

    The Curiosity is a technical marvel. Radioisotope thermoelectric generators will generate electricity from decaying plutonium and the rover will be able to reach a maximum speed of 300 feet per hour
    but can it run over aliens?
    the US is spaceman central if only for its love of knowledge and the grace of god… right wing muslims should at least respect that

  19. Joseppi

    ” Russian military chief says sale is off after concerns Tehran would use S-300 weapons system to protect nuclear facilities ”

    Right, it’s almost as if Russia is baiting the US/Israel to attack so they can benefit with high oil prices and make out like bandits.

  20. John

    Good to have you back Elaine!

    Glad it was nothing serious.

  21. Glad to have you back, Elaine!

    Hope this is not the beginning of a trend: DOS based on location, location, location.

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