Trade Wars And Bloody Wars And Ethnic Cleansing

ΩΩThe US wars against Afghanistan and Pakistan’s populations heats up to the point, Pakistan closed its borders to US travel.  US soldiers commit suicide at a faster and faster rate while our generals don’t kill themselves nearly fast enough.  And China is musing how to retaliate if we do slap tariffs only on them.  Meanwhile, the Democrats lie about jobs returning: not one job will appear here if we stop even all trade with China.

House Overwhelmingly Passes Trade Sanctions Bill Targeted At China

During the House debate, supporters cited studies that they said show the legislation would boost American exports and create more manufacturing jobs in this country.  “Some credible estimates are that we could return a million American jobs to this country,” said Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Calif., in urging support for the legislation. “We can either take bold steps or we can take baby steps.”


ΩΩThis entire business begs the issue, why not get ALL our manufacturing jobs back?  Every blasted one of them?  Why only a million jobs?  And the problem here is obvious: any factories seeing their costs in China rise will simply decamp to new places that are cheaper than China and the US is dead last on the list of ‘cheaper than anyone’.


ΩΩNearly all of our Senators (I am being kind here) are millionaires.  And nearly all are AIPAC drones.  And all defied Obama several key times in the last year and Obama has no party and his AIPAC/Mossad handlers are all fleeing his sinking ship with the latest dual citizen jerk leaving Friday (Rahmbo):  Democrats agree to block Obama nominees | Raw Story

In a stunning alliance between Senate Democrats and Senate Republicans, Senate Democratic leadership quietly agreed Wednesday evening to block President Barack Obama from making recess appointments while senators return home to campaign for midterm elections, according to a Congressional newspaper.



ΩΩThe excuse here is simple: the Democrats believe that even though they control all three sectors of our government, they act as if they are the weak minority party.  So they have to play nice.  Or so they are claiming.  They say, the Republicans are gumming up the works and they can’t get anything past these minions.  But…the Democrats were in the same boat for nearly a decade and…didn’t stop anything!  They didn’t hold up any appointments, they didn’t filibuster much at all even though we were screaming at them to do this, our ‘leaders’ who lost both elections due to ‘technicalities’ refused to lead us in sandbagging the GOP.  Not a thing was done, nay, often, the Democrats voted merrily to support the worst of the GOP votes such as the now-eternal Patriot Act that killed the Constitution.


ΩΩWhen Bush merrily appointed people without consulting Congress, nothing much happened!  The government didn’t grind to a halt.  The Democrats didn’t run to the press to announce they were going to stop all legislation until he withdrew his nominations, they didn’t start all the hearings from scratch and if they did, it was TOO LATE, the deed was done, the guys were in power and used it rapidly to do what they wanted.  Time is money!  Being in office even for only 3 months is still 3 months of frantic activity if one is so disposed.


ΩΩThe Clintons basically run the  Democratic party and they are very chummy with the Republicans.  They are super-triangulators who strangled the Democratic party since they are not partisan on our behalf, they are more interested in getting rich.  This is why they became multi-millionaires after being nearly bankrupt while in the White House.  Basically, the Democratic party is going to be ‘weak’ so long as we have no partisan leaders.


ΩΩThis affliction is self-generated: that is, lobbyists own the leaders of both parties but the GOP isn’t hindered by this since they have this old pact with the devil whereby they talk about sex and religion to their followers and then talk only money and power with the real party elites.  These same elites can desert the GOP whenever they wish and did so in the past and are now funding these fundamentalist hypocrites yet again in order to force the Democrats into compliance with the elitist goals which is….FREE TRADE, international banking via pirate coves and loads and loads of red ink debts to be dumped on top of the population.


ΩΩThis is why nothing has changed even with the Chinese tariff hysteria, the Democrats openly lie to their voters because they have zero intention of stopping ‘free trade’ nor ‘international bankers’: they want to play a bait and switch game which is becoming most dangerous.  People will cheer attacking China and the resulting inflation from higher prices and the potential for $2 trillion hidden US dollars flooding world markets (creating inflation in the US since we buy most of our stuff as imports).


ΩΩNo, there is no possible reason for even ONE job to return to the US if we fight off China since China is merely one of many nations running trade surpluses with us.  And the international bankers itch to move factories to more controllable countries such as Brazil or India.  Once the expected jobs don’t show up, frustrated voters will feel very burned.   The GOP depends on people with jobs who have the luxury to worry about sex and religion.  The Democrats have to bring home the bacon to justify their alliances and this isn’t happening.  Or rather, only government spending has gone up, not  investment in our own industrial base.


ΩΩChina is very angry with us but expected this to happen.  They understand that sane sovereign nations not run by foreign groups (AIPAC) go protectionist when things go south for the winter.  So China opposes US bill on foreign currency reform because they are not Germany and Japan circa 1972 or later with the various Bretton Woods and Plaza accords whereby the US unilaterally demanded both make their currencies 50% stronger.  Both did this and it did NOTHING for the US.  Nothing at all.


ΩΩVery simple: both ceased buying US goods.  After a two year pause each time, the trade surplus both had with us would resume with even greater strength.  The only thing we got from these accords was for oil to boomerang on us as Germany and Japan used US dollars to outbid us in world energy markets.  The Chinese are using our own tools to hammer us: US yuan bill violates WTO rules: Beijing.  They will win in court unless Japan and Europe cheat and side with the US even though they are all doing exactly what China is doing.


ΩΩRemember the story recently about the secret commission (all Bilderberger people, naturally) who manipulated the euro recently?  HAHAHA.  The Chinese know this and are demanding more information about it.  They already know the Japanese are now outrageously trying to manipulate the yen.  Not a peep from the US about this.  The problem with the rule of law is, you have to submit to these laws and the US wants to have laws apply only when it refers to others, not ourselves nor our buddies.  Thus, no war crime prosecutions of anyone in NATO, Israel’s leaders or heaven forfend, US Presidents.


ΩΩHere is a Chinese commentary about all of this:  China should not take the medicine for a US illness

Can the US government say that it does not manipulate its own currency at all? Can the US government name any country in today’s world that does not manipulate currency to the best of its interests?


Every country does and should manipulate its own currency for its own benefit and at its own risk. It is not any other governments’ business to press another government to value its currency. If we really believe in free market, then let the market do its job. If any government manipulates its currency in defiance of the market, it will be punished by the market in the end. Is not that how the market works?


ΩΩThe Chinese are correct about this.  They imitated Japan successfully.  The US let Japan play ZIRP/FOREX holding games for two decades so why can’t China do this?  If we denounce the concept of ‘free markets’ then we have to declare the need for PROTECTIONIST trade!  HAHAHA.  That is, denounce the system we have today which totally stinks.


ΩΩThe US still thinks we can spend to infinity while running trade wars with all and sundry except of course,  nearly everyone, a selective trade war if there ever was one:  Study: Wars Could Cost $4 Trillion to $6 Trillion.  We are not buying this debt.  We are not paying for it via taxes.  This $6 trillion will be more money poured onto the world’s currency markets and most of it will be taken to foreign lands and spent so our economy will continue to be anemic and so on.  It never ends.


ΩΩPentagon Losing Control of Bombs to China’s Monopoly – BusinessWeek: The Chinese retaliations will be many and will hurt all over the place.  This isn’t Iran that is helpless, China is nearly a quarter of the world’s population, has more college graduates than we have citizens, has the world’s biggest FOREX and debt holdings, um, this is not midget like El Salvador or Lebanon or even the Serbs in Yugoslavia.  This is a nuclear power nation that has a lot of heft.

Robert Gates: Too Few Americans Bear The Burdens Of War

To attract and retain recruits, the Defense Department finds itself spending more money, including handsome bonuses and education benefits. The money spent on personnel and benefits has nearly doubled since the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, from $90 billion to $170 billion.


“That is our sacred obligation,” Gates told the audience of compensating troops. “But given the enormous fiscal pressures facing the country,” the nation must devise “an equitable and sustainable system of military pay and benefits that reflects the realities of this century.”


ΩΩOur gold -plated war is bankrupting the nation.  There is nothing sacred about this mess.  This is pure cynical military spending in order to fatten various wallets of a host of foreigners, international bankers and assorted petty criminals.  Corruption is from the very top to the very bottom including our Congress.  I wish Gates would sacrifice himself to his Baal.  Throw himself into the burning fire and be done with it.


ΩΩFrom our great victorious freedomfest of Iraq, we get this story:  Official: Soldiers argued before two were killed –

The global refrain about genocide is “Never Again,” but we may be watching how that slips into “One More Time.”  The place is southern Sudan, and the timetable is the next few months. The South, which holds more than 75 percent of Sudan’s oil, is scheduled to hold a referendum on Jan. 9 on seceding from the rest of Sudan. Here’s how one more time might unfold:


ΩΩAt home things are not going so hot, too:  Army’s largest base reeling from four apparent suicides in one weekend –  Why don’t all our generals commit suicide?   Hitler did this!  The Japanese were infamous for doing this!  Hari-kari time in DC!  Fall on our swords like real men!  Stop forcing the lowest level soldiers to kill themselves.  Set a good example.  BBC News – Pakistan cuts Nato supply line after helicopter strike

A queue of about 100 Nato vehicles is now waiting to cross the border into Afghanistan.  Interior Minister Rehman Malik said after the border attack on Thursday that “we will have to see whether we are allies or enemies”.


ΩΩAnother great diplomatic failure of warmongering Eva Braun of the State Department, Hilary C.  Where is this bitch?  In Haiti?  I cannot guess.  Maybe she is talking to the Chinese about trade.  Or going to Brazil to green light more US corporations moving there.  I don’t know and I don’t care, she is a catastrophe and she doesn’t care very much, either.  Her Bilderberg buddies don’t care, they think this will roll onwards, effortlessly.


ΩΩShe won’t commit suicide, either!  What is wrong with these people?  Doesn’t this broad toss and turn at night, thinking, ‘I drove a dozen US soldier heroes to kill themselves this week!  Yikes!’  Or does she snore at 3am, thinking, ‘Hey, ethnic cleansing is great stuff!  Can’t wait to do more!’


ΩΩMeanwhile, the fascist racist Jewish writers who get to romp all over the NYT unchecked are hauling out good old Darfur and are using this ridiculous tribal conflict to demand all ethnic cleansers be washed out of society and punished most grossly:  NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: Chronicle of a Genocide Foretold –  I won’t even quote this jerk.  Oh, the mercy!  People are being starved by the IDF!  Oops, wrong ethnic cleansing!  Ethnic cleansing is fantastic if the right people are being washed out of their homelands and displaced, starved, tortured, shot, raped, etc.  Jews have an open invitation to do all of this gratis thanks to their deranged god.


ΩΩAnother flotilla run this time by very brave Jews has been intercepted trying to reach Gaza.  Israeli Troops Treated Activists ‘Harshly’ in Jewish Boat Raid is typical of this business: the IDF is extremely brutal.  This doesn’t make news in the US.  The usual silence prevails as it does nearly all across the board when it comes to ethnic cleansing news broiling out of Israel.  Here is yet another example that was emailed to me this week, via a Palestinian woman in Switzerland:  Burying Nuclear Waste in the Palestinian Territories – Al-Qassam English Forum

Palestinian farmers from Yatta village south of Hebron in the West Bank have revealed that the Israeli military continues to bury nuclear waste in their farmlands at Al-Masafer near the armistice line in the West Bank. The farmers said that the military forces “IDF” brings trucks loaded with waste suspected to be radioactive waste and is burying it in their lands after they force them to evacuate the area.


The farmers said that they were able to hide themselves in some caves and watch the military operation. They stated that the Israeli soldiers who declared the area as a military zone were wearing white overalls over their military uniforms during the burial. The farmers said that they live in Al-Masafer with their animals….


Dr. Zuheir Al-WazeerAfter the conference I was informed by Dr. Al-Wazeer that IAEA equipment which was sent to Palestine two years ago is still under the Israeli embargo. The equipment consists of devices used to detect radiation pollution. According to my information, the IAEA did not work enough or ask the general assembly members to impose pressure on Israel to release this equipment under the Israeli hold and which will help the Palestinian ministry of health in identifying areas of radioactive contamination in Palestine.


ΩΩTypical: the Jews know perfectly well, how to abuse these people.  The capricious embargo is designed to cause maximum damage to the society and physical lives of the people there.  Killing them with pollution, radiation, etc is…like US war crimes.  We do this.  Iraq is a messy toxic hell hole as is Vietnam thanks to our chemical and nuclear waste warfare.  All of this is war crimes and directly responsible for people hating our guts.


ΩΩPeople hate each other all the time and religion always is a great tool for group hatreds.  India is very unstable due to religious lunacy just like the Middle East in general.  Here is the latest turn of the screwed up mess there which coincides with the Common Wealth games:  Ayodh ya verdict: Muslims and Hindus ordered to share religious site |

With only three days before the Commonwealth Games opening in Delhi, today’s decision poses another security threat to the thousands of athletes and dignitaries already in India. More, including Prince Charles, are due to arrive before the opening ceremony this weekend. Ayodha is around 350 miles east of the capital…


…The passions roused by the issue have threatened India’s multi-ethnic, secular democracy, many say. Some analysts, however, argue that India has changed enormously since the early 1990s, with economic aspirations more dominant than ever before and religious identities less strong.


ΩΩHere is Wikipedia:

Babri Mosque in Ayodhya, a city in the Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh, on Ramkot Hill (“Rama’s fort”). It was destroyed in 1992 when a political rally developed into a riot involving 150,000 people,[1] despite a commitment to the Indian Supreme Court by the rally organisers that the mosque would not be harmed. More than 2,000 people were killed in ensuing riots in many major Indian cities including Mumbai and Delhi. The mosque was constructed in 1527 by order of Babur, (ELAINE:  who fought the Afghanis most of his life!) the first Mughal emperor of India. Before the 1940s, the mosque was called Masjid-i Janmasthan (“mosque of the birthplace”) acknowledging the site as the birthplace of the Hindu deity, Lord Rama. The Babri Mosque was one of the largest mosques in Uttar Pradesh, a state in India with some 31 million Muslimsthe Babri Mosque is an ancient structure with a well which both the Hindus and Mussalmans claim has Miraculous properties.”… According to Jain Samata Vahini, a social organization of the Jains, “the only structure that could be found during excavation would be a sixth century Jain temple”.

Sohan Mehta, the General Secretary of Jain Samata Vahini, claims that the demolished disputed structure was actually built on the remnants of an ancient Jain temple, and that the excavation by ASI, ordered by Allahabad High Court to settle the Babri Masjid-Ramjanmabhoomi dispute, would prove it.


ΩΩAh, a magic well!  No cave.  Magic wells that heal are nearly universal.  This is probably because deep wells are clean whereas rivers are not so clean and the rivers in India are very dirty indeed. I once swam the Rhine in ate May, 1968.  It was a toxic stew!  I am still alive but I didn’t swallow any water back then. It stank.  It ruined my dress (I was kind of swimming out of France due to political business).  India is wracked by terrible race/religion/language riots.  The US wishes for China to be ruined by these sorts of riots, too.


ΩΩGads.  I support the Chinese dictators when they don’t allow this sort of thing. Heaven help us if we indulge in this here, too!  And since the GOP leans on religion, sexual hatred and the Democrats support ethnic cleansing in Israel, I see some nasty storms brewing here if we don’t bring home our industries.

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15 responses to “Trade Wars And Bloody Wars And Ethnic Cleansing

  1. Aussie

    @ Elaine,

    Re: …This entire business begs the issue, why not get ALL our manufacturing jobs back?…

    I do agree with your analysis and suggest Washington is playing a dangerous political game by blaming china for self inflicted wounds.

    The US, as you indicated, recently initiated a series of moves to increase pressure on China ranging from charges of “currency manipulation” to increasing tensions near Korea and the South China Sea using proxies South Korea, Japan and Vietnam etc.

    Creditor China is playing a long time frame game whilst the debtor US is obsessed with expediency.
    Sadly, US behaviour is analogous to the agitated buzzing wings of a fly trapped in a confined space.

    Andy Xie speculates the US senate will stop the congress resolution post election and China will make minor concessions in return.
    Why?….Because there is little the US can do should push come to very serious shove.

    The world also losses when an inept Washington fails to look after its people by managing a sustainable and healthy economy.
    Smokes and mirrors should be confined to Hollywood or should I say…Bollywood?
    By Andy Xie 09.26.2010 18:51
    Disappearing in a Huff

  2. curious cat

    Elaine, you speak a lot about putting up barriers to trade, bringing back industries and so on. I wonder if you could explain how that is going to work. Thanks!

  3. nah

    the war in asia huh… what a trip
    as for the chinese they can stonewall US imports, confiscate US corporate assets, and sandbag US owned manufacturing in china till theres noone left inside the mammoth facilities created for a non-existent reality
    and israel, they can claim whatever they want based on fear and superstition save peace

    billions of fish worthy of a second chance

  4. nah
    Ecuador coup attempt? President Rafael Correa attacked in police revolt.

    Ecuador coup attempt? On Thursday, President Rafael Correa was attacked, a state of emergency was declared, and police across the country revolted.
    COPS… corruption no protest, embezzlement no protest, lawlessness no protest… police pensions and droughts on the line… WATCH OUT FOR THE POLICE THEY AINT SAVING NOBODY

  5. nah

    @curious cat
    September 30, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    Elaine, you speak a lot about putting up barriers to trade, bringing back industries and so on. I wonder if you could explain how that is going to work. Thanks!
    DUDE let me try

    1. loss of purchasing power

    2. debt gets defaulted/restructured/purged my necessity

    2a. pain

    3. assets cost LESS relatively and bear little leverage

    4. banks have collateral and books to lend against.

    5. Americans are capitalists and look to expand markets for their goods via credit and hiring.

    6. growth

    7. wealth

    8. power and history

  6. nah

    mad cuz ignorant dont mean nothing pal

  7. Aussie

    @ Elaine,

    Re: …Very simple: both ceased buying US goods…..

    The rest of the world has even ceased listening to our diktats and leadership as well as buying US goods.
    Witness the rise of a new Turkey coalescing into a new middle east block nearly a century of trying to be accepted into the western group of nations including the European Union.

    The breakup of both the US empire and 200 years of western geopolitical dominance is ending because of hubris and self absorbed entitlement.
    Latin America and Africa and Asia have started the process of adjusting to the new multi-polar world and ascendant China.
    Turkey and Russia: Cleaning up the mess in the Middle East


    …In a delicious irony, invasions by the U.S. and Israel in the Middle East and Eurasia have not cowed the countries affected, but emboldened them to work together, creating the basis for a new alignment of forces, including Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iran….

    ….Syria, Turkey and Iran are united not only by tradition, faith, resistance to U.S.-Israeli plans, but by their common need to fight Kurdish separatists, who have been supported by both the U.S. and Israel. Their economic cooperation is growing by leaps and bounds. Adding Russia to the mix constitutes a like-minded, strong regional force encompassing the full socio-political spectrum, from Sunni and Shia Muslim, Christian, even Jewish, to secular traditions.
    This is the natural regional geopolitical logic, not the artificial one imposed over the past 150 years by the British and now U.S. empires. Just as the Crusaders came to wreak havoc a millennium ago, forcing locals to unite to expel the invaders, so today’s Crusaders have set in motion the forces of their own demise…..

    …Turkey’s bold move with Brazil to defuse the West’s stand-off with Iran caught the world’s imagination in May. Its defiance of Israel after the Israeli attack on the Peace Flotilla trying to break the siege of Gaza in June made it the darling of the Arab world…


  8. nah

    @ Aussie
    October 1, 2010 at 1:30 am
    Turkey and Russia: Cleaning up the mess in the Middle East

    …In a delicious irony, invasions by the U.S. and Israel in the Middle East and Eurasia have not cowed the countries affected, but emboldened them to work together, creating the basis for a new alignment of forces, including Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iran….
    absolute truth, who are we kidding that asia is far away and israel is waiting for daddy to change the doo doo and make baby smily
    it just cant end well if our ally agitates endless angst and bitterness… forget how righteous we are for bending over backwards for people that see no harm spitting in our face, duping the American public into a dialog of victimization, fear, and endless wars… REAL problems just dont end right – we should find a way to disengage for Iraq AND israel without looking like REAL DEAD ENDERS

  9. nah
    Analysis: Will TARP hatred give way to revisionist history?
    tarp was the governments response to at least 1trillion dollars of theft organized by fortune 500 companies poor management that rewarded ‘talent’ over… basic accounting???
    like what, crime should go over easy because we are all insured… ARE WE INSURED… or are the same moneyed morons just patting themselves on the back, still figuring out just how stupid they all are while completely baffled
    calling anyone who questions what tarp was for a revisionist… it was free money DUH, and we gave it to some ignorant sons of bitches… possibly TRILLIONS in public financing
    so the government can cut social security… to promote mindless power whores?
    i hate TARP, its like encouraging 13yr olds to steal credit cards from their parents… like its some economically progressive idea
    like the science of global warming… they teaching that in schools across America yet… its science right? human pollution taxes for the military industrial complex

  10. Wu Wei


    GO EMS!

  11. Wu Wei

    EMS, why are you doing this blog?

    Out of compassion for the wellbeing of all people on planet earth?

  12. Wu Wei

    EMS, why are you doing this blog?

    Out of compassion for the wellbeing of all people on planet earth??!?


    ELAINE: if you hate my information, you can ban yourself.

    As for free money: depressions hurt various individual groups but hyperinflation destroys EVERYONE.

  13. Christian W

    Meanwhile over in Ireland the Anglo Irish bank is bankrupt and “could bring down Ireland” if not bailed out (according to a minister…)

    And the Central Bank of Norway has started litigation against Citigroup:

  14. Joseppi

    Krugman is on the attack today in the NYT of China for it’s sovereign strategy to help it’s citizens, but fails to mention the multinational corporation controlled political system in the US that aided and abetted in the deteriorating situation in the US.
    The interesting page is the comments page, which reveals that not all Americans are as misinformed as Krugman.

  15. emsnews

    Nearly always, about 50% of the people commenting about his tripe are more informed or have a better take on what is wrong.

    Krugman can’t stop free trade, he is a Zionist.

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