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Top Issues: Illegal Immigration And Job Losses

ΩΩSome time back, I was taken to task for telling the facts about this election cycle.  I warned the Democrats that their policies supporting illegal aliens over American citizens would backfire very badly and of course, it has.  The mainstream media even had to admit that anti-illegal immigrant politicians are probably going to win wherever they run.  I hate to be right about these things but predicting and analyzing events is what a real analyst does. Continue reading


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Multiple Volcanic Eruptions Might Change Weather

ΩΩWe had quite a bit of action in the geological area of reality.  That is, earthquakes and volcanoes are causing some concern.  People are dying.  The Aleutian Island volcanic chain is suddenly active as is a volcano in Sumatra.  Some of these eruptions are injecting volcanic dust in the higher stratosphere and this will alter the climate rather a bit.  Maybe, a lot depending on how many volcanoes erupt and how violent the eruptions are. Continue reading


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Inflation Follies

ΩΩBernanke is hesitating before taking on a trillion in inflationary dollars via buying up tremendous US debts created by a desperate government that is terrified of taxing the rich or putting tariffs on the tsunami of imports pouring into our country.  If we taxed all imports, we would have no government and probably, no trade deficit.  But this isn’t being done because the importers are the very rich who got this way doing this thing to us.  Ergo: we are defenseless even as unemployment is very high and pay is dropping. Continue reading


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Financial Tsunamis, Earthquakes And Volcanic Eruptions

ΩΩIndonesia is one of the more geologically active areas in the world and is constantly swept by tsunamis or volcanic eruptions or earthquakes.  It also has one of the fastest growing populations on earth so the people suffer all of these events but continue to fill dangerous ecological areas because of population pressure.  A quarter billion people live on this daisy chain of islands which is 20% the landmass of the US or China.  These sad facts is why a tsunami could sweep away around a quarter million and barely makes a slight dent in the population size. Continue reading


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Krazy Kat Karzai Fights For His Own People

ΩΩAs if it never happened, the US media has sailed through the Wikileaks storm intact in tandem with the Pentagon.  The economic storm continues and occasionally bulletins from that grinding mess appear on front pages but the real information continues to be ignored, too.  But both storms are very much active hurricanes and are destroying our infrastructure and killing people.  And we seem awfully helpless about all of this.  Our Peace Prize President is the least capable of stopping either storm nor will the winners of this election who are very much pro-storm, that is, let the winds howl, we won’t change course. Continue reading


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Rare Earth Metallica

ΩΩThe US managed to skate away from explosive war crimes just as we did with Vietnam and other ‘wars’.  But the economic collapse we allowed to fall into is less forgiving.  Harsh reality is right around the corner and where we must look to see where this is most is the evolving relations between a desperate, ZIRP-hammered, dying Japan and a dangerous, growing and powerful China.  Nearly unnoticed by US media and the American public, the severe tussle between the world’s #2 and #3 economies continues to evolve in ways that should alarm the US no end. Continue reading


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The Great Sell Off Of Britain Begins

ΩΩThe Great Sell Off of Britain begins.  This is like the opening to WWII: the Bombing of Britain.  In this case, the defeated Brits sell off all their resources, public lands and buildings to Russian, Arab and Asia billionaires.  I don’t know how interested the Chinese are in British things except they do want all of their loot back that the Brits took when they invaded China.  Russia, on the other hand, wants warmer places so they will park themselves onn British estates, I suppose.  And it is a safe haven for Saudi royals except if they beat their slaves to death in hotel elevators.   Continue reading


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