The Great Sell Off Of Britain Begins

ΩΩThe Great Sell Off of Britain begins.  This is like the opening to WWII: the Bombing of Britain.  In this case, the defeated Brits sell off all their resources, public lands and buildings to Russian, Arab and Asia billionaires.  I don’t know how interested the Chinese are in British things except they do want all of their loot back that the Brits took when they invaded China.  Russia, on the other hand, wants warmer places so they will park themselves onn British estates, I suppose.  And it is a safe haven for Saudi royals except if they beat their slaves to death in hotel elevators.  



ΩΩBritain is now the bellwether for the US just as Japan’s merry collapse into ZIRP depression is a leading indicator.  The news out of the Queen’s domains is quite startling and should scare Americans a great deal since England is now going to force the entire social entity to pay for the global banking collapse:  Bankers ’caused credit crisis for kicks’ – Telegraph

  • In ‘Blood on the Trading Floor: Waste, Sacrifice and Death in Financial Crises,’ Dr Crosthwaite claims his anthropological study of investors and traders found evidence of an element of masochistic satisfaction in running up losses.


ΩΩAll gambling casinos know that if someone is taking losses, they get into this odd mood which leads them to become increasingly careless and they tend to make their biggest bets when going down in flames.  A few drinks helps long this process.  This is the ‘Oh hell, let’s go over the cliff!’ attitude which is an integral part of our natures.  This is why thinking of wealth systems as the Cave of Wealth and Death is so useful: this is ritual suicide, a mental state where one is grabbed by a lion or cave bear and as the beast shakes the hunter to death, he basically gives up.


ΩΩThis is a very deep animal trait: all animals, when caught, often freeze and the plan is, often, the aggressor will pause thinking the prey is dead and then the prey can suddenly lurch away.  Well, this ‘masochistic satisfaction’ is also connected with the joy little children have when they demolish something.  Hell, older people love to burn down houses or wreck cars for fun!  And we saw a younger generation go nuts, demolishing the entire banking system of the G7 nations…but…THEY DIDN’T SET THIS UP.  They simply reacted to a system set into motion by their older leaders who rewarded them for being reckless.


ΩΩNow the deadly Plague Piper must be paid!  Pound forecast to tumble on ‘insane’ spending cuts – Telegraph

  • The Bank of England has publicly welcomed sterling’s decline since the financial crisis erupted in 2008, but the central bank is not alone. Having already yanked hard on monetary and fiscal levers, an increasing number of governments are eyeing a weaker currency as a way of securing their share of an uneven global recovery.


ΩΩAll the nations trading with the US want ZIRP and weak currencies and a strong dollar because then the old status quo can continue. But the ultimate deep cause of all this mayhem is precisely the US trade deficit.  I have hammered on this endlessly but note that everyone in charge of the systems are in studious denial of this important, all-embracing fact!  They want to disregard this and blame reckless young traders in the FX and derivatives markets, not the underlying problem of the world’s biggest economy running the universe’s biggest trade deficits!


ΩΩThe US is angry that England is cutting back spending but then everyone is doing this  because everywhere, the People must pay for the banker’s mistakes.  England is the world’s #1 banking hub if we include all of Queen Elizabeth’s many little pirate coves.  To fix this mess which was created by too many insane, tax dodging pirate coves being used as banking centers, London has decided it is time to stave the poor, kill the elderly and sell off everything except stuff the Queen owns outright such as her many palaces which won’t be looted or sold to Russian oil billionaires or Arab kings:  Ministers plan huge sell off of Britain’s forests – Telegraph

  • The controversial decision will pave the way for a huge expansion in the number of Center Parcs-style holiday villages, golf courses, adventure sites and commercial logging operations throughout Britain as land is sold to private companies.  Legislation which currently governs the treatment of “ancient forests” such as the Forest of Dean and Sherwood Forest is likely to be changed giving private firms the right to cut down trees.


ΩΩOne comment on this site said, ‘Sell the Cotswolds to the Japanese…’ etc.  Sell Sherwood Forest and repopulate it with bowmen attacking tax collectors!  Cut it all down, sort of like Saruman tried to do to Treebeard’s forests.  Tolkien was right about this impulse.  The Sarumen of London who brewed this mess while hiding in their tall towers want to sell off the forests to pay for their messes.  Yup.  Art=Life.


ΩΩHere it is in Turkish 🙂  

David Cameron’s secret plan to cut UK’s £149bn debt by selling off property – Telegraph

  • The Office for National Statistics estimates that government property is worth about £370bn. However, there is no comprehensive register of the entire portfolio and some City experts believe the estate could be worth £500bn….


  • …The previous government commissioned Labour peer Lord Carter of Coles to report on the value locked up in state-owned property. He found it could expect to make about £20bn from disposals over the next 10 years and a further £5bn in annual savings by the end of the period.


  • However, Mr Cameron has brought fresh urgency to the project and expanded it beyond assets already managed by the Executive – including Royal Mail, the Met Office and the British Waterways Authority – to include all government property.


ΩΩI include here a disturbing image: a British Tory using a old-style Jewish retailer who was given the lovely job of deciding what British patrimonial property is to be sold to foreigners or his tribe in return for letting the British people bail out a bunch of foreigners and tribal members who got very rich double dealing everyone and everything in sight.


ΩΩLord Green bought his position and he imagines that he can supervise this fire sale of 1,000 years of British wealth building and not become the devil incarnate for 90% of the population.  On the other hand, Cameron knows his history inside and out and knows that when the mob does inevitably come as they are in France right now, he can toss this gnome over the balustrade and get off scot-free.  This is traditional.  This is old hat and quite obvious, yet the Jewish merchant seems utterly unaware of this developing situation.


ΩΩPeople used to get really mad at me whenever I issue warnings to my own community (my family is half Jewish so we are very interested in saving ourselves from destruction!) about the various dangers that face us and none of this is from Palestinians, it is from our own actions.  Since I am also an old member of the ancient ruling Norman class that invaded and controlled Britain for many years, I know both sides of the story here and both sides scare the heck out of me.


ΩΩFrance’s Sarkozy approval at record low, and France braces itself for another week of protests as Sarkozy believes he has turned corner prefigures Britain’s future news.  Cameron is popular if he cuts welfare but when he begins to slash pensions and hits schools and terminates many high class programs, the Queen and the PM will both be hunted down by angry subjects exactly like in France and already, it is beginning:  Firefighters walk out on strike | UK news |

  • Members of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) left stations across London at 10am on Saturday for an eight hour stoppage, with a similar strike planned for November 1 if the row is not resolved. The union accused the capital’s fire brigade of threatening thousands of firefighters with the sack if they didn’t agree to new shift patterns.


ΩΩThe unions in Europe won’t go down so fast as US unions.  In the US, unions were destroyed by the politics of the former slave states and since businesses could move to slave states, they did, before moving to foreign slave states.  Now, the US is on its economic back and the rich get richer and the working class rejoins the poorest classes and retirees see retirement as this mirage as it relentlessly marches northwards in time with the government raising the SS retirement age and cutting inflation protections as much as possible.


ΩΩThese things won’t go away if the conservatives (and a whole lot of very misguided and foolish Jewish leaders and advisors) win the day and make these cuts and sell off everything to foreigners or their rich buddies who are their advisors: this merely sets the next, much more explosive stage which is full blown ethnic/religious warfare mixed in with huge doses of class warfare which may finally see the Queen of England join her French and German relatives in the Graveyard of History.


ΩΩNow, on to real graveyards.  The Wikileaks news has been totally twisted into the US into an examination of the possible sex life of the publisher of these rape/murder leaks.  First, let’s look at the Guardian of England’s webpage to see what the readers are interested in:  WikiLeaks Iraq war logs: Nick Clegg calls for investigation of abuse claims | World news |


ΩΩOh, look!  The #1 item is the war crimes exposed by Wikileaks!  Next, an actress is controversial since making a movie about war rape victims.  Then, more war news and Gaza news.  And then news about the budding French revolution that has no set goals…yet.


ΩΩThis is in stark contrast with the NYT which is the most intellectual paper in the US mainstream media and is also extremely Zionist: The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia


ΩΩThe top news is the sex life of the Wikileaks publisher.  Naturally, and then a story by Dowd about a Supreme Court justice’s dirty sex life.  Rich, complaining about the rotten stagnation in the DNC, DUH!  Baseball news, news about Iran using their brains and bribing people instead of murdering or raping civilians in Iraq….and so on.  Nothing about the actual American war crimes.


ΩΩThis is how we deal with all our war crimes: we give ourselves medals, earn Peace Prizes and pat ourselves on the back.  We don’t examine them and then demand justice.  We want the power!  We want to muscle our way to happiness which means killing people.



ΩΩThe one story that pretty much replaced all of the stories about our war crimes is this one:  Contractors Added to War’s Chaos.  Duh.  Mercenaries bankrupt governments which are too afraid to have a draft for wars and instead, creates mountains of debts to hire Daddy Warbuck troops and organizations set up to loot, rape and steal and they do…they loot, rape and steel from the entity they work for as well as everyone they encounter.  They are extremely destructive which is why so many European heads of state had a truce in this business after the Protestant/Catholic wars.  Didn’t last long, of course.


ΩΩNapoleon discovered how revolutionaries could use the mass drafting of civilians for massive wars and it worked great and lead to the WWI conflagration.  The present war is very expensive from top to bottom as well as useless and as all our NATO allies frantically cut military spending, we sail merrily onwards into total bankruptcy.  We have a trillion dollars in national real estate to sell off to the Chinese!  And they are willing to spend their $2 trillion FX funds to buy it all up. And every penny of this came from free trade.

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14 responses to “The Great Sell Off Of Britain Begins

  1. vengeur

    This all reminds me of how Gordon Brown did such a wonderful job
    selling off of Great Britains gold at the absolute rock bottom price of $250 an ounce.
    Nothing like having a give away “fire sale ” for your rich friends. It’s just like our politicians leave economic devastation in their wakes, then go merrily on their way back into private life to enrich themselves (and get pay-back from their friends) with absolutely no accountability for the long term damage they have done to the country.


    ELAINE: Yes, that was the beginning.

  2. Daliwood

    Rolling Stone has an article about the sell-off of America–an excerpt from Matt Taibbi’s Griftopia:

    It’s disturbing. For instance:

    “…the Pennsylvania Turnpike deal almost went through, only to be killed by the state legislature, but there were others just like it that did go through, most notably the sale of all the parking meters in Chicago to a consortium that included the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, from the United Arab Emirates.

    There were others: A toll highway in Indiana. The Chicago Skyway. A stretch of highway in Florida. Parking meters in Nashville, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and other cities. A port in Virginia. And a whole bevy of Californian public infrastructure projects, all either already leased or set to be leased for fifty or seventy-five years or more in exchange for one-off lump sum payments of a few billion bucks at best, usually just to help patch a hole or two in a single budget year.”

  3. Duski

    I made a new economic theory. It is just natural extrapolation from current trends. Really short and simple: Economy with worthless currency is strongest!

    Now ECB, FED, BoJ, on the move! Add some zeros to all bank accounts!

  4. nah

    Duh Mercenaries rape and steal and they do…they loot, rape
    The english are bailing out the banks cuz its the elites new world order… be a shame if it turned out pure shit
    war for stupid cant last forever, even the generals cant fight forever…. there is legitimate power and order, the rest is a con front business with zero employees… like MERS
    yes 100% forever

  5. nah

    the west views france as a skeleton crew of western values… quitters… these protests could prove disastrous for common folks perceptions of what is, thats 1 big economy uh huh

  6. Christian W

    My very first comment to an Elaine article, some five or six years ago now, was a long rant about how impossible it was for the US/West to pay it’s debt to it’s creditors using the phoney floating money. Real money is the land, it’s rescources and above all the work (labour) of the “peasants”.

    The game today so obviously is for the Elites to skimp out of paying the dollar/pound debts to overseas creditors and leave the bill for the peasant classes, while the Elites coast along insulated from such petty fiscal concerns as debt.

  7. Steve Murgaski

    Re: the Rolling Stone link, maybe Chicago will get some benefit out of selling off its parking meters. It should be building public transportation anyway. This way the city gets out of the game of collecting parking fees, so it’s easier for them to improve the subways and buses.

  8. On the bankrupt state of the U.S., Lindsey Williams latest report on Alex Jones (globalist spills guts) mentions that the most important story ignored by the Truth-Free press, is the fact that Russia and China have inked an energy agreement to be paid WITHOUT U.S. dollars. Other Elite machinations to follow include creating another false flag conflict in the middle east, oil and gas prices, along with gold and silver prices, shooting through the roof. And the chaos to come–well use your imagination.

  9. if

    Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara said Japan is working to mend frayed ties with China while at the same time looking for alternative sources of rare earth metals.
    “It’s certainly not good for our own resource security to rely on a single country,” Maehara said yesterday in an interview in Tokyo. With China controlling 97 percent of the rare earth market, “we’re in the process of diversifying our supply sources.”


    ELAINE: I have that story one my computer but thanks for also finding it! Yes, this is BIG BIG news in certain ways to be explained.

  10. nah
    Most important, Venice is today through its Cini Foundation and its Societé Europeenne de Culture the think tank and staging area for the Club of Rome and related deployments. Venice is the supranational homeland of the New Dark Ages gang, the unifying symbol for the most extreme Utopian lunatic fringe in the international intelligence community today.
    is there a scumbag elite subconsciousness that would not hesitate to abuse and humiliate the masses for the overlords miscellaneous agendas regarding centralized global power…
    I worry about vain curiosity with limitless rewards… mostly because the FED, Senate, Executive, Congress, SEC, WTO, POLICE, CIA, FBI, and IRS have no jurisdiction over co-dependent communism
    COMMUNISM: Control the media, Control the state, Control property

  11. nah

    read Marx Engels communist manifesto… the chinese are hardcore commies

  12. nah
    BP’s new chief executive said its rivals and the media had helped cause a climate of fear during the summer when the oil giant’s blown-out Gulf of Mexico well caused the worst ever oil spill in the United States.
    fear that 20,000+bpd would be spilling into the ocean for 4+months and that BP was not being properly regulated for pouring corexit into the ocean beyond ‘practical use’… burying/incinerating every endagered species they could find on the beach to avoid $250,000 Federal fines… pretty much lying to the government in complete acceptance with no feeling of responsibility to the future sustainability of gulf habitat cuz ‘its so big’… for an english company

  13. nah

    now , now , i feel real bad… real bad about the dallas cowboys… real bad…
    GO NY GIANTS!!!! WOOOO HOOOO huge win for nah
    pitts, wash, NY
    SEATTLE ! ! !

  14. Claire Voyant

    There are 2 economies: the ‘real’ economy, on Main Street, and the money laundering shell game economy played by the Fed and bankster elites, who are pumping ZIRP money into the equities market to help launder worthless stocks (AIG, Citi, etc.) into cash. Corporate America hoards cash and fires workers to play the casino, too. The real profit is not in providing goods and services any more, it’s in participating in Fed-subsidized economic fraud.

    The good news is that the fraud is increasingly transparent. Public trust in this system, like interest rates, has fallen to zero. In the second wave of this collapse, we will bankrupt ourselves from the ground up. Who is obligated to pay debts owed to a fraud? Scamster economics call for a general repudiation of debt as Main Street walks away, ruining the neighborhood and taking the system down with it.

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