Financial Tsunamis, Earthquakes And Volcanic Eruptions

ΩΩIndonesia is one of the more geologically active areas in the world and is constantly swept by tsunamis or volcanic eruptions or earthquakes.  It also has one of the fastest growing populations on earth so the people suffer all of these events but continue to fill dangerous ecological areas because of population pressure.  A quarter billion people live on this daisy chain of islands which is 20% the landmass of the US or China.  These sad facts is why a tsunami could sweep away around a quarter million and barely makes a slight dent in the population size.


ΩΩThis is an important facet of reality: sheer reproduction of anything is a natural response to danger but the seeds of overall destruction lies in natural reproduction itself.  The Chinese government tried to keep a lid on population pressure by huge swings in social stability such as the disastrous ‘Great Leap Forwards’ which killed 10-40 million peasants or the Cultural Revolution.  Neither of these catastrophes nor the 20-50 million Chinese that died during the Japanese invasion/civil war era stop the population from shooting past a billion people in just a few generations.


ΩΩSo the rationalists who took over China after the Mao Madness decreed the need for strict birth controls.  This put a lid on rapid population expansion.  But Indonesia does not encourage nor enforce birth controls so it is, like India, seeing very rapid doubling of the population despite Mother Nature hammering individual populations.  So, even as Mt. Merapi kills, the desperate peasants demand to return to their endangered farms.  They have little other options.


ΩΩThis lack of real options plagues the G7 nations.  Nearly all of the G7 have taken care of population pressures via the natural tendency for non-peasants to cease having many children since they are no longer a captive workforce on the farm but rather, a liability until they grow up and hopefully, get good work and big incomes.  The main form of ‘farming’ in the G7 nations is welfare: the more children, the more money comes into the family unit so the ‘peasant class’ has gone into farming children, not agricultural products.


ΩΩThanks to the collapse of the international banking system in the G7 nations, this is being ruthlessly cut.  The earthquake of the collapse in the derivatives/bond markets has created a tsunami that is sweeping away the ‘farmers’ who raise children who consume output, not produce output.  This, in turn, is causing a volcano of social unrest to erupt as previous farming strategies (having children instead of working) is collapsing.


ΩΩIn England, there is faux outrage that these urban children producers are going to have their finances clipped, forcing them to exit the bigger cities, mainly London, and move to the outer reaches of the realm but won’t interfere with the child production system itself.  But removing these ‘child farmers’ to the countryside is not going to please the people pursuing this economic strategy since ‘out of mind’ equals ‘end of the system itself’.


ΩΩThe multi-child families in Indonesia or even India have the excuse of ‘we need more labor on the farms’ but even Indonesia is now 50% urban and from Mexico to Brazil, from India to Senegal, vast seas of former peasants are flowing relentlessly into the cities and mega cities are swelling in size and again, the Chinese show the resolution of all of this: they control populations, control who gets to live in a city and control many of these forces all aimed at moving all of China forwards to first nation status and frankly, despite the West clucking like chickens and telling the Chinese they are wrong, they are actually….right.


ΩΩIt works their way.  We hate to see this fact and it pisses off both the right and the liberals in the US, for example.  The Chinese are control freaks!  And…are successful control freaks, not failures.   China Bullet Train Becomes World’s Fastest (VIDEO) is in stark contrast to this news from Europe:  Petrol bombs thrown in Belfast during second night of rioting — The Guardian.


ΩΩThis Chinese bullet train is definitely a problem for the G7 since it is a definite advance on Japanese/German systems and sets a blistering pace for rail technology development.  The US not just lags in this matter: we are not even in the race at all!  Japan is spending money in California, lobbying for the right to build a fast rail system in that state.  The US is not spending a penny lobbying anyone for us to build any train systems at all.  We don’t even make replacement subway cars for ourselves!


ΩΩAs our system clicks and clacks at 60 mph to antiquity, the Chinese brazenly breeze past us and it is their ‘command control’ government which is doing this stunt.  Our stunted system that is bleeding itself to death is based on popular politics, not a command system.  Of course, liberals hate the idea of a command system and even worse, the right wingers here hate the Chinese system because it grew out of communism, not fascism.


ΩΩThe Chinese government is quite ‘fascistic’ but it also is a sane form of this, not insane.  That is, they are not bent on ethnic cleansing like the Jews or the Nazi Germans, they actually are clipping births, not encouraging huge families of ‘settlers’ which are then used to torment and drive out native populations.  Even though Han Chinese are moving into Tibet and other outer regions of China, this is not to displace the natives but are adding to them which is different from the Israeli system which is to openly displace and terrorize and ultimately, drive out or kill the natives.


ΩΩFor example, the Tibetan population which suffered starvation, slavery and loss of growth under the Buddhist dictatorship are now growing rapidly in numbers thanks to modern medicine especially vaccinations, modern food production reforms and civil freedoms (nonexistent earlier under the Buddhist ruling cliques) and above all, modern transportation systems including a train line as well as modern airports.  I believe, for the most part, the one child rule wasn’t applied to Tibet, too.


ΩΩOn to today’s news:  Treasury Draws Negative Yield for First Time During TIPS Sale –

  • “It signals people’s expectation of the Fed being able to create some inflation with the QE program,” said Alex Li, an interest-rate strategist in New York at Deutsche Bank AG, which as a primary dealer is required to bid at Treasury auctions. “With nominal rates so low, in order have high TIPS breakevens you’ve got to have negative real yields on the five-year.”


ΩΩStocks are down today and this is no surprise to me.  The market has been bouncing along between 10,000 and 11,000 points since the crash.  When it bumps up or drops down this scale, things ‘right themselves’ since the new status quo is to paddle in place.  The Fed keeps trying to ‘create inflation’ hoping this will cause savers to spend more but savers were badly burned recently and they won’t take the lure.  Of course, the government knows that if they hand out more SS money like the $250 being proposed for retirees, this will immediately be spent as the elderly will mainly hand off a lot of this to their children and grandchildren who are struggling right now.


ΩΩCash Hoard Shows Borrowers’ Angst Over Growth: Credit Markets –  businesses are buildingbulk by borrowing cheap ZIRP money and then holding it.  When it looks like spending will be a good thing, they will use it not to hire but to grow in size by eating up smaller entities.  Indeed, since 1990, the main game has been not to grow in size by hiring but to do the exact opposite: grow by absorbing other corporations that are rivals and then firing many people!


ΩΩThis is why we now are in an economic collapse: aside from exporting jobs and killing unions, the growth and consolidation of banks and businesses has been aimed at reducing competition and above all, reducing the number of workers.  So debts grew, working force shrank and we get a perfect storm.  All the various schemes and games of speculators, bankers and corporate executives could have run for a much longer time if it wasn’t coupled with chopping apart the workforce and reducing wages!


ΩΩWith that happening, we get a situation where people can’t pay their debts, don’t pay taxes and the only ones who really flourish are the ‘child farmers’ who produce only children and live off of their wits via illicit activities such as working under the table, dealing drugs and prostitution, or stealing, etc.  This increases social disorder while the business community amputates much of the working class.


ΩΩAnd the games used to hide the reality of our dire economic condition continues.  I found it very hard to believe the headlines about how the taxpayers didn’t lose tremendous sums which were added to our debts due to China.  And so it is: they played a numbers game on us just like they do with the M3 information or inflation statistics.  Treasury Hid A.I.G. Loss, Report Says – CNBC

  • The United States Treasury concealed $40 billion in likely taxpayer losses on the bailout of the American International Group earlier this month, when it abandoned its usual method for valuing investments, according to a report by the special inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program…


  • …An official of the Treasury disputed Mr. Barofsky’s conclusions, saying the department appropriately used different methods for different purposes. He said the smaller loss was a projection of future events, and the larger one was the result of an audit, which includes only realized gains and losses.


ΩΩSo, the ‘official’ information was…WISHFUL THINKING!  ‘Oh, if all is well, we MIGHT not lose so much money,’ is in stark contrast to the actual information coming in.  Indeed, it is five times worse if we look at the hard facts, not the birds in the bush.  The sort of childish optimism is classic for us: we love to pretend we are a naive, young nation when we are really an old, senile nation.  Just as the elderly get very angry if anyone tells them how to do things or to stop doing insane things, we get mad when we are told, we can’t afford tax cuts nor our immense military spending.  We want to do this, we will do this and our enemies are very happy when we do this so no one is stopping us.


ΩΩThe idea that everyone opposing us from Bin Laden to the Chinese communists desire for us to be senile and reckless and willful is beyond our ken.  We think we still are in charge of things when things are in charge of us, we are as helpless as the people of Indonesia when tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes all converge on us.


ΩΩAs usual, we look at Russia and sneer.  But Russian billionaires are buying up the UK and US.  Russia most corrupt among global powers, study says; U.S. ranking also worsens.  Our system is totally corrupt.  We see this in the present election: it is all about money and the right wing Catholics on the Supreme Court voted to let foreigners and secret funders to pollute the election process further.  Also, we see all of Congress for sale!  When they retire, they join foreigners and lobby to make our nation weaker.  Reagan even openly ran off to Japan to collect his $2.5 million bribe and wasn’t hung from a lamppost upon his return!


ΩΩThe Chinese officials asked me about this back then.  I said, ‘I guess it is OK for our Presidents to be traitors.’  They said, ‘We will buy them all.’  And they have.  As have all others who have sovereign wealth and can buy whatever or whoever they wish.  AIPAC totally overrules our own needs and desires and now openly loots the Treasury on behalf of Jews in Israel.  All of this is signs of imperial rot. And this election fixes nothing: no campaign fiance reforms, no removal of bribes or punishing traitors who sell out to foreigners.  Nothing.


  • But if Sheikh Hamad is the most aggressive and adventurous buyer of British property, he is far from alone. Arabs, primarily from the Gulf states, have tripled their share of investment in UK commercial property in the past five years. Last year they spent £1.48 bn – representing 16 per cent of all foreign investment in the sector….The Qatari monarch, who owns one third of the world’s natural gas reserves, is five times richer than the Queen.


ΩΩThe Queen of England wanted to hog one third of all money for heating the homes of the poor so she could heat her palaces.  She will make alliances with any foreigner if this means preserving her own privileges and powers.  She would even hand over the entire country to foreigners if they promise to keep her palaces heated.  She is NOT a rallying point for patriots.


ΩΩAs the US goes through a particularly worthless election with no real issues being openly discussed outside of illegal immigrants (which is mostly why the Democrats are being hammered) we see real socialist countries doing as well as proto-communist/capitalist dictatorship China:  World Sweet Spot Is Nordic as Exports Lift Stocks (Update3) –
  • While politicians and central bankers around the world struggle to keep economies from shrinking, the combination of surging exports and Europe’s smallest deficits is boosting optimism for Nordic markets. Credit-default swaps show Danske Bank A/S and Swedbank AB are among Europe’s safest lenders, though their shares trade at lower multiples of assets than Banco Santander SA and Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA.


ΩΩSemi-socialist Germany is the same way:  German boom creates ECB policy nightmare as south lags – Telegraph.  As the French riot so they can retire young, the Nordic and German states are moving in the opposite direction.  And as in all points in history, nations that work hard and don’t export jobs thrive whereas ones the choose to treat the citizens as either disposable cattle or the citizens want to goof off, they collapse.


ΩΩAnd what is the upshot of all this?  Here is some rather shocking news:  NASA sees hope for a Chinese partner!  Yup, we are going to the Chinese for space help.  Maybe they can build us a super-fast train to the moon.  Meanwhile, our real bosses in Israel are pissed as hell that the US gave a feeble request for them to stop bullying Palestinian farmers and burning mosques:  Israel ‘Outraged’ as UN Calls for End to Settler Attacks — News from  In this article, the Israeli overlords whine that Obama’s staff asked them to be civilized.  They have zero intention of being slightly civilized which is why all the Zionist press in the US whining about Tibet is so odious.

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22 responses to “Financial Tsunamis, Earthquakes And Volcanic Eruptions

  1. “I learnt Israeli martial arts”.

    “Now i know 17 ways to kick an old lady in the back”.

    Frankie Boyle

  2. tio

    The image of the chained eagle now haunts me.

  3. tio

    America on Sale, From Matt Taibbi’s ‘Griftopia’
    The Tombstone Blues
    James Howard Kunstler

  4. Chinese bullet train is the fastest and they’re going to be the fastest to put a bullet in our back when the Elites are through destroying the value of their FOREX holdings.

  5. tio

    Elites? children who need a good spanking more like.

  6. shirt

    Check the shakeout sim of a Southern CA. quake @ , a subject you’ve well writen about. Not only does the force travel up the faultline but it follows every major river to the ocean. From North to south, San Luis Rey (Oceanside), Santa Ana, Long Beach/San Gabriel, Los Angles and Santa Inez river (Oxnard).

    Makes you wonder if those old riverbeds are actual old West to East fault lines.

  7. nah

    If china ends up with more modern trains/mass transit by 2100 than the US… we will have to thank the banks for all the wise investment, commodity manipulation, and royal embezzlement of wealth
    used to be good money

  8. nah

    subsidies are just artificial management guys like krugman hold as science

  9. Pingback: Bond Vigilantes Call Interest Rates Higher And Currency Traders Call Currencies Lower On Concerns That QE 2 Is Monetization Of US Debt « EconomicReview Journal

  10. Aussie

    @ Elaine
    Re: …And the games used to hide the reality of our dire economic condition continues….

    Several blogs today reveal the US elite duplicity and delusion pursuing agendas harmful to its own national interests continues to amaze:

    The US continues to break its legal and moral commitment to not interfere in Iran’s internal affairs – see below.
    No wonder the Iranians so rightly label the US as “The Great Satan”.

    The article by Andy Xie describes how US money printing and delusional “solutions” to its self inflicted problems resulting from “Crony capitalism” will only make matters worse.

    The blogs both directly and by inference simply support Elaine’s meta themes.

    I simply hope sanity prevails before worse happens…a forlorn hope it seems.
    Covert ops sabotage US-Iran ties
    By Rob Grace

    During the Iran hostage crisis, Iran only agreed to free the 52 trapped Americans after the United States pledged non-intervention in Iranian affairs. As stated in the 1981 Algiers Accords, “it is and from now on will be the policy of the United States not to intervene, directly or indirectly, politically or militarily, in Iran’s internal affairs.”

    However, the United States has not lived up this commitment. In 1995, American news media revealed a US$18 million covert effort by the CIA to destabilize Iran, confirming Iranian suspicions of the “Great Satan”.
    Short-term Capital, Streaming and Steaming
    By Andy Xie

    Emerging economies need a fresh spray of capital controls and higher interest rates – because hot money inflows are about to go from boiling to molten

  11. leavingtheoffice

    Elaine, since you love symbolism so much, this one will make you shake your head… “Representatives of the Russian energy giant Gazprom confirm that the company is poised to participate in a joint venture to supply fuel to the US-run Manas Transit Center, a key logistics hub for US and NATO forces in Afghanistan.”


    ELAINE: Lenin is laughing somewhere in Hell.

  12. DeVaul

    Yesterday I noticed a headline on the weather channel that said: “Merkel of Germany wants plan for orderly sovereign defaults instead of big bailouts.” (Or something very close to that.)

    Holy Crap! Isn’t that the news that the super rich got over the tickertape not long before the crash of 1929?

    How do countries default on their debts in an “orderly” fashion (the Germans are obcessed with “ordnung”)?

    How do several European nations do this simultaneously in an “orderly” fashion?

    I wonder if Germany has made a deal with the Russians as a way out of the European mess, which they cannot fund alone?


    ELAINE: I am half German and lived in Germany for a while once upon a time. Ordnung ist alles.

  13. nah

    no news, no cartoons, the end

  14. Clueless

    Reality check for those who refuse to learn from history.

  15. JT


    EU is now opening the Lisbon treaty.
    It is called the pandora´s box.
    We have to pay to save German and French banks, forever.

    One guy in a thread here looked it up:

    “According to the myth, Pandora opened a jar (pithos), in modern accounts sometimes mistranslated as “Pandora’s box” (see below), releasing all the evils of mankind— although the particular evils, aside from plagues and diseases, are not specified in detail by Hesiod — leaving only Hope inside once she had closed it again.She opened the jar out of simple curiosity and not as a malicious act.”

    a fitting description …

  16. JT


    The problem is this. Greece aid was against EU law.

    “1. The Union shall not be liable for or assume the commitments of central governments, regional, local or other public authorities, other bodies governed by public law, or public undertakings of any Member State, without prejudice to mutual financial guarantees for the joint execution of a specific project. A Member State shall not be liable for or assume the commitments of central governments, regional, local or other public authorities, other bodies governed by public law, or public undertakings of another Member State, without prejudice to mutual financial guarantees for the joint execution of a specific project.”

    “except when French banks need to be bailed out”

  17. emsnews

    Pandora was created to punish Prometheus and Epimetheus for creating man and giving him fire.

  18. emsnews

    Yes, the bail outs violated the letter of the law in Europe which is a very ratcheted Confederation (all confederations go bankrupt rapidly).

    Fixing the US problems and the European ones means dumping previous treaties, laws and regulations and simply making the status quo legal whatever it is. This post-haste jiggering is most dangerous and leads to social collapse since the primacy of contracts, rules and laws is the underpinning of any social and political system.

  19. JT

    Sweden seems to be interested in a new Kalmar Union.

    There was a survey just released 40% of people thought a new nordic union would be a good idea.

    We are thinking about the fall of EU already.

    Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Faroes and Greenland.

    Heh a new one 😀 .

  20. DeVaul

    Thanks for the info on the Lisbon Treaty. I did not know anything about it. I am still unsure about JT’s comment that we (the US?) will have to fund all these defaults. How will that happen?

    I have always believed that Scandinavia will form a union of its own, and I also believe that the remaining Celtic nations will do the same (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and MAYBE France). England is so discredited that I cannot see it being allied with anyone, especially with its odious royal family still running the country. I do not find these developments surprising at all.

    I see Clinton is over in Asia today throwing gasoline on a fire. That’s what the Roman delegation did right before the Celts came down and sacked Rome for interfering in their internal affairs. At least the Etruscans were nearby. The South China Sea is not our backyard or a neighboring region. It is not our concern at all. It’s their problem.

  21. emsnews

    Britain, like many of the nordic neighbors, was an oil exporter until very recently. England’s woes are directly tied to the sudden cessation of oil from the North Sea wells.

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