Top Issues: Illegal Immigration And Job Losses

ΩΩSome time back, I was taken to task for telling the facts about this election cycle.  I warned the Democrats that their policies supporting illegal aliens over American citizens would backfire very badly and of course, it has.  The mainstream media even had to admit that anti-illegal immigrant politicians are probably going to win wherever they run.  I hate to be right about these things but predicting and analyzing events is what a real analyst does.



ΩΩThe ‘liberal’ press still doesn’t get it.  I watched a CNN video the other day that tried to explain all of this while basically telling viewers that illegal immigration is totally OK.  It was funny.  As per many liberal sites, CNN said that sneaking into the country and taking jobs is NOT ‘illegal’ at all but a ‘civil offense’!  HAHAHA.  This is ridiculous.  Illegal – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • Illegal, or unlawful, is used to describe something that is prohibited or not authorized by law or, more generally, by rules specific to a particular situation (such as a game).


ΩΩSo, it is prohibited to enter the US without a passport and declaring oneself to authorities.  Ergo: it is ILLEGAL.  This game of telling citizens that it is not illegal to break the laws of the land is insidious and extremely dangerous.  It leads to a feeling that laws are not legal but rather, if it is ‘civil law’ then it is OK to violate it since this is not ‘illegal’.  Wow.  Talk about destroying society from within!


ΩΩHere is Wikipedia’s civil law definition:  Civil law may refer to:


ΩΩFor example, if you don’t pay child support, you get sanctions which can lead eventually to going to jail.  You don’t get to do as you please.  So violators of any civil laws can go to jail just like violators of criminal laws.  Certainly, you are not allowed to disobey civil laws at will.  These laws must be enforced or society collapses as ours is now collapsing.  Eventually, we get military or martial law if this continues.


ΩΩThe other CNN point was, the jobs being stolen by illegal foreigners or even legal ones such as we see in the dying computer technology sector, are not jobs Americans want or are capable of doing.  This is amazing as well as infuriating.  My own son, for example, had to change his major in college and stay in school longer because the area he was working towards vanished to Asia or jobs here were taken by a flood of foreigners in this field.


ΩΩUnfortunately, illegal aliens bring in criminal law problems, too.  This is because, if you are already content to break civil laws, this expands naturally into all other rules, regulations and laws.  This spreading lawlessness is a serious problem for our country.  Denying it is happening simply drives voters to extremism.


ΩΩHere is a news example that gives important data but is surrounded by a hodgepodge of excuses trying to deny reality:  ‘Politically explosive’ study suggests immigrants taking jobs from Americans | Raw Story

  • “In the year since the official end of recession in the United States, immigrants have seen job growth but native-born workers have continued to lose jobs,” the Christian Science Monitor reported on Friday. “That’s the politically explosive conclusion of an analysis released Friday by the Pew Hispanic Center, a nonpartisan research group funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts.”


  • “In the year following the official end of the Great Recession in June 2009, foreign-born workers posted a net gain of 656,000 jobs, while native-born workers lost 1.2 million,” the story explains. “The foreign-born category includes legal and illegal immigrants. As a result of immigrants’ recent job gains, the unemployment rate for immigrant workers fell during this period from 9.3 percent to 8.7 percent, while for native-born workers it rose from 9.2 percent to 9.7 percent.”


ΩΩThe Raw Story headline had to use the word, ‘suggests’ rather than ‘reveals’.  This report was immediately denounced by the usual people who have worked so very hard to convince us that illegal aliens are not breaking laws but rather, are civil offenders and then tricking us into thinking, it is no big deal to break civil laws.  Wow.  Anyway, the numbers are frightful and leads to one conclusion: the last thing the US needs right now is another 11 million illegal aliens making a mockery of civil laws and of course, even the legal aliens are too many since we have high unemployment.


ΩΩHere is another article that does admit the truth about all of this:  Immigration Hawks: Landing in a Gov’s Office Near You | Mother Jones.  But instead of lauding it and saying, ‘Yes, we must protect citizens first and letting a flood of aliens take US citizen’s jobs is really bad,’ instead, it moans about this as an evil thing.  Even when Hispanic politicians run on the ‘let’s stop illegal aliens’ platform, the writer of this article has little love for this.


ΩΩI grew up mostly in Tucson, Arizona.  The first street patrol I ever organized was for my downtown neighborhood due to three very violent rapes of beloved neighbors as well as the petty crimes.  We went after anyone and everyone who broke any law, civil or criminal.  I did this in NYC, too.  It works!


ΩΩWell, Tucson is under siege and has a high crime rate and this is very bad.  Here are the Tucson Crime Statistics (AZ) –

ΩΩViolent crimes are much higher than the rest of the nation and property crimes are DOUBLE.  This is terrible!  I won’t want to live there.  Who on earth would under these circumstances?  In stark contrast, NY has a lower violent crime rate but only by a bit whereas the property crime rate is HALF of the national rate!  One crime that vanished was the arson rate.  It was at zero last year. I remember when arson was big, big business and a huge amount of the city burned down.


ΩΩThings can change for the better!  Better laws (getting rid of rent control stopped a lot of the fires which were due to desperate landlords or the buildings falling into great disrepair and thus, electrical fires raged), better enforcement (a lot of building inspectors were corrupt in the 1970’s and went to prison).


ΩΩNYC had 597 murders whereas Tucson had only 55 (the above graph is out of date)  but NYC’s population is ten times bigger than Tucson.

Tucson crime rates and statistics – Neighborhood Scout

ΩΩTucson has been flooded with illegal aliens.  I don’t think anyone can dispute this.  The rise in crime rates is destroying the entire community.  Now that a depression has settled over the place and housing values are plummeting, there is some serious agitation about illegal aliens and the crime that seems to broil up around them.  Obama’s solution was to attack feeble attempts at stopping this huge crime problem.  Instead, the state itself was attacked by the Federal government and this was a huge, huge, gigantic mistake on the parts of the Democrats who applauded this action.  Very foolish indeed.


ΩΩThe national median for becoming a victim of a crime is ONE HALF the level of Tucson!  Sperling’s Best Places has an interesting list for crimes in cities.  It seems that Arizona is leading in many crime statistics, for example. All the southern/GOP states have high crime stats.  The safest cities are in the high-tax Democratic Northeast.


ΩΩTucson 2010 murder rate already higher than last year’s full total: Will more cops keep us safe? – Rynski’s Blogski: the state is already mostly GOP-run so running to the GOP for help won’t help much at all.  And this is the problem from the get-go: like with most things, the politicians say one thing and do another.  That is, cheap illicit foreign labor is very, very profitable for the very same people who fund or run the political parties!


ΩΩLike with anti-gay politics and the noxious ‘right to life’ business, the voters who are very worked up over sexual issues are milch cows for the GOP operatives who have zero intention of doing anything about wild sex except participate in it at all levels including gay sex.  With immigration, it is the same thing.  Bush talked about it but let the front door stay propped wide open.  The Democrats support a flood of aliens coming in whereas the GOP leaders need a flood of aliens so both have succeeded: a flood of aliens did pour in.


ΩΩBut the GOP can cynically exploit the voters on this issue and so the Democrats whine about this but export these law breakers in increasing numbers while liberals cry and wring their hands and wish to legalize law breakers and the GOP wants to keep them illegal because legal workers are protected and thus, cost more money to hire and are harder to fire whereas illegals are easy to hire and very easy to fire and can be cheated out of pay including SS taxes.


ΩΩFew voters are happy about these betrayals:  65% Favor Getting Rid of Entire Congress and Starting Over – Rasmussen Reports™.  Of course, no one has figured out how to get around these betrayals so voters get all worked up over sexual issues and ignore the real issues which happens to revolve around free trade, the dying dollar and how our jobs are vanishing like fog on a summer morning when the sun comes out.


ΩΩNow, off to dying Japan:  Japan entering the age of living alone › Japan Today

  • From the extended family to the nuclear family in the 20th century; from the nuclear family to solitude in the 21st—by 2030, reports Sapio (Oct 13-20), 37.4% of Japanese households will be single-occupant. As of now, single-occupant and family households (parents with children) are in rough balance. By 2030, the latter will have fallen far behind, to 21.9%. Two-person husband-and-wife households are projected to comprise 19.2%….Health ministry figures show that for 70% of care recipients, the caregiver is a family member. Japan’s care system is premised on family involvement. It is not set up to accommodate masses of family-less care-dependent people


ΩΩThis is a brewing catastrophe on an epic scale.  Seldom has a country self-destructed like Japan.  The US has the opposite problem: we attract poor people who wish to come here and have unlimited children while not working via our welfare system which is, compared to much of the world, extremely generous.  Also, there are jobs to be found here and few questions asked unlike protectionist Japan.


ΩΩThe tightrope between protectionism and free-for-all cultures is a matter of balance: if you go too far into any direction, the social system collapses.  Playing with a happy medium is the key.  This weekend, many Americans flooded into DC for the TV left wing comic show which was all about the happy middle.  Yes, there is such a thing.


ΩΩBut there is no happy middle right now, the happy middle is collapsing, thus, the unease and fear.  Saying, ‘I am a happy middle person and pleased with the status quo,’ is pure delusional thinking.  The status quo is dying here and in Japan.  And are very much connected.  Our trade deficit began with Japan and is continuing with Japan and it is bankrupting our happy middle class and the strictures of the Japanese protectionist system that won’t even let us export food to Japan is collapsing due to sheer starvation, quite literally in many cases.


ΩΩMeanwhile, a politically connected (bribes) Mexican owner (a man whose family emigrated to Mexico in the last century) of a state-protected monopoly is now the half owner of the NYT and is another reason the Times supports free trade.  Here he is, talking about China, of all things, as Mexico (several massacres of government agents this week!) burns to the ground and civil disorders are raging nearly out of control:  Carlos Slim Calls on China to Bolster Domestic Demand (Update1) –

  • The U.S. should rely on private investment rather than government spending to help the economy, Slim, 70, said. Near zero interest rates in the U.S. make “most of the investments profitable.” Slim said the government needs to consider selling assets to boost the economy and reduce the deficit.…Slim, who controls Telefonos de Mexico SAB, the nation’s largest landline phone company, and has a stake in the New York Times Co., said the global financial crisis is a sign that governments must rein in debt. Forbes estimates Slim’s net worth at $53.5 billion.


ΩΩHAHAHA.  He wants our government to sell our joint assets to foreigners like himself.  He should be forced to divest his stranglehold on the Mexican communications infrastructure!  He is part of the reason why Mexico is falling into social disorders!  He wants the same draconian pricing power over us, too!  YIKES.  Mexico has many terrible social problems but this clown has $53+billion????  He should be taxed very heavily but isn’t.  And this is the model the bankers want for us: to ape the worst of Mexico and Japan.  That is, export more and sell off all our government facilities to rapists.


ΩΩJapan wants to open the doors again but finds this very hard: Gov’t to submit bill encouraging foreign firms to have HQ in Japan › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

  • It plans to outline the bill by the year-end given the increase in the number of foreign firms moving their Asian headquarters from Japan to other Asian countries such as South Korea and Singapore, which are enthusiastic in inviting firms from Europe and the United States.


ΩΩNote that these firms are NOT moving back to the US, they are expanding in Asia.  And since Japan has fewer and fewer cheap workers and is too protectionist, they are moving to other Asian countries.  They can’t ignore China for the very simple reason, China has a billion people and thus, a billion customers.


ΩΩIt is hilarious for the looting creep from Mexico who has been stealing from Mexicans via his monopoly powers to demand the Chinese spend more!  HAHAHA.  Mexicans should spend more but can’t since they pay a huge personal overhead to this Slim guy.  And even so, Mexico and the US populations together are still not even 20% of China’s population!


ΩΩJapan’s population is less than 10% of China’s population!  And so where is the future growth?  In China, not the US, Mexico or Japan.  There is no need to worry about the Chinese spending money on themselves: they plan to do this.  The nations not doing this are Mexico and Japan!  They should have their rich exporters/exploiters telling them to spend more and this means…HIGHER WAGES for Mexicans and Japanese!  I am 100% for this, big time.


ΩΩInstead, in Japan, the people continue to suffer and nothing gets better:  Windfalls from soaring yen not necessarily passed on to consumers › Japan Today: this is so pathetic.  And the lack of political power is in stark contrast with France where riots happen whenever people are unhappy.


ΩΩThis brings me to the last news item today:  Angela Merkel forces Europe to protect euro from future collapse — The Guardian

  • The Germans believe that forcing creditors to share the losses in the event of a sovereign debt rescheduling or default will make lenders less reckless, expose profligate countries to higher risk premiums, and encourage fiscal rigour. Jean-Claude Trichet, the head of the European Central Bank, objected to Merkel’s formula.


  • …Trichet told the EU leaders that they did not understand the gravity of the euro crisis, prompting Sarkozy to interrupt him to declare that he was more concerned about the views of the French public than he was about those of central bankers.


  • Merkel had to set aside a further demand that countries whose fiscal misconduct put the euro at risk should forfeit their voting rights in the EU.


ΩΩYes, Sarkozy fears revolution.  The Germans want to enforce sound fiscal practices and France wants to have fun.  Taking losses is an important part of capitalism.  The fact that our biggest bankers refused to take losses meant we now have a crippled system that is destroying social cohesion.  This, in turn, is the much bigger issue and one that our election is doing nothing to address at all.  The stupid ‘Middle of the Road Rally’ in DC was fun and games and utterly ridiculous and more like moving the chairs around on a sinking ship.


ΩΩThere ARE issues to address and quickly and we can’t keep this status quo at all.  Eventually,  none of us will be able to hop down to DC to party if we have to walk all the way when the US trade dollar collapses in value and we can’t buy much of the world’s oil output.

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15 responses to “Top Issues: Illegal Immigration And Job Losses

  1. nah

    Illegal immigration is out of control… and the problem is heaped on the door step of border states
    There is so much violence in mexico its hard to imagine Arizona can afford to be less than vigilant to what appears to be a raging crime wave in and out of its boarders
    Arizona is the last thing standing between Mexico and Tucson
    as for job losses, the banks have cornered wealth abusing trust courts and finances for way too long… the machine is less than ideal
    then go to the government, see if they will give you money

  2. zip

    found this …. haha

  3. Paul S

    I can recall 10 years ago or so how the fast food places and the convenience stores were paying their new employees a starting wage of $10/hr. Some were even offering medical benefits and/or tuition asisstance. There it is right there: the US rulers decided wages MUST stay low ( this in an economy where 70% of the economy is fueled by consumer spending. Go figure.) So…they keep the illegal immigration floodgates wide open. This is all a part of the bigger picture of the US ruling class’ war on the US Middle Class. But hey, the surge IS working in Iraq, right?

  4. Joseppi

    “stupid ‘Middle of the Road Rally’ in DC was fun and games….”

    I strongly disagree.
    It was an important lesson/warm-up exercise that public demonstrations of agitation, even if it was led by a political absurdist MC and a brillant social comic, are still necessary due to the present social injustices and belligent foreign policies, which are muted by the dominant US media.
    Public displays of discontent on the street is a potent collective tool and a necessary social responsibility – it has successful historical examples such as – women’s right to vote, the right to form unions, civil rights for both Blacks and gays, the end of the Vietnam war, all of which were achieved with large demonstrations in the streets.
    Don’t dismiss the power of protesting, I think, now more than ever, we need to keep the tradition of expression alive and by learning from the past mistakes and we could try not to be too clumsy while we are engaging in a favorite national pastime.
    The following is an interesting post Return to Sanity rally/protest commentary.

    “Americans have cultural norms that work against trying to move the political/social needle. Class and economic aspirations are one of them; protestors are by definition malcontents, and thus presumed losers. Busy successful people obviously have not reason to waste their time this way, right? Another impediment is the weird American fixation with optimism. Talk candidly about how stuffed up things are, and you can be dismissed as being “negative”. Despite how much it is revered in pop psychology and the “how to succeed in business” literature, optimism is not necessarily a good trait for long, hard fought struggles. Those who anticipate that success will come sooner than it does will find their hopes dashed repeatedly.”

  5. melponeme_k

    I stopped supporting feminism groups and sites because they harp on about how it is racist to oppose illegal immigration. Not only that, they refuse to believe that illegal immigration is causing bursts of crime waves in the border states.

    Obviously they do not hold the welfare of their citizen supporters above those of illegal criminals.

    They also forget that illegal immigration is not only from Central and South America. NY is suffering from crime waves due to Eastern European illegals.

  6. emsnews

    In general, the last thing we can afford right now is to lose 12% of our jobs to foreigners here at home not to mention, losing 25% or more to foreigners in foreign countries! This is a huge, huge, huge problem.

    Note that the pointless ‘sanity’ rally didn’t mention this mess! Hey, we are all perfectly sane…reminds me of the movie, ‘Eric the Viking’ by the Monty Python crew.

    At one point, the people of Atlantis are singing this silly song while the island is rapidly sinking. As the king is urged to save himself, he mocks his daughter and tells her, ‘Everything is OK!’ And drowns.

  7. emsnews

    Click here for the video.

  8. DeVaul

    Yeah, I don’t think it accomplished much at all, other than to stroke the egos of those who think they are “above all the political nonsense”. I like Colbert, but the other guy is not all that funny or even satirical.

    These same “sane” people will not have a clue as to what is happening, so their protest will be misdirected like others or simply vanish for lack of forcefulness. The rulers do not budge unless shoved, as the French know full well.

    I think there was a lot more to the French protests than we were told. I don’t believe they were fighting over a two year delay in the retirement age. I think it was something more than that, or perhaps they knew what was coming next if they did nothing at all.

  9. Joseppi

    “we are all perfectly sane…”

    Touche……I’m OK and you’re OK, and shall we all just have a nice sane day……Sanity is only a dose of medication away and public demonstrations will be like somnambulant parades and whimsical walks in the park while we ignore our insane shadows.

  10. John

    Don’t kid yourselves. Colbert and Stewart are doing their part to carry the Elitists’ water. They caper and prance, playing the part of the jester, but we forget that the jester was oftimes the most honest person in the royal court.

    The point of this retarded “rally” was to try to lull the populace back to sleep. “There’s really nothing to see here people – it’s all a big farcical joke! Back to sleep with you, now…”

    I’d rather this mess not have exploded in my lifetime, but since it has, I’m really looking forward to “pitchforks and torches” time.

    I loathe the psychopathic monitary elite (e.g. the ideological allies of David Rockefeller and the Bilderburgers, as opposed to the non-psychopathic wealthy, who really aren’t causing any huge problems, and are often trying to do some good in the world with their wealth), and I want them erased from the Earth. And the only way that happens is for the populace to rise up in fury and set upon them with bare hands and teeth.

    Believe me, I wish it were not so, but as Elaine documents here every week, we’ve completely lost control of our political process, and only by wiping out the wealthy, parasitic psychopaths who are driving our society destruction can we reclaim it.

    When Mellon-Sciafe co-opted the Tea Party (via Sarah Palin and fox News), that was the end of the last chance for a peaceful end to the oligarchs. Even Ron Paul fails to denounce this new, pro-Zionist, perpetual-war Tea Party.

    Pitchforks and torches, folks. Pitchforks and torches. No, not today, and probably not tomorrow. But sooner than you think.

    And – for God’s sake – QUIT thinking “top 1%.” What bullshit. Think “top .01%.” Those are the f*cksticks causing all the problems.

  11. Dibbles

    John @ 7:06

    I agree with your assessment about the “top 1%” vs the “top .01%” Shrub called this constituency the “haves” and “have-mores”. He was proud to have them as his base and did everything to work in their interests (which included himself and his family) at the expense of the working, middle-class, lower 98% that will be required to pay for his deficits unless the tax breaks for his constituency is allowed to expire. He did his job in representing them.

    (Richard Mellon Scaife funded the eight year long witch-hunt against the Clintons that finally ended with the Monica Lewinsky nonsense.)

  12. emsnews

    Well, the elites are not happy with warring with a billion irritated Muslims so we decided to let Japan goad a billion+Chinese into a direct military confrontation and typical of Japanese arrogance (the stupid gaijins will die for the Rising Sun) Japan decided to poke Russia in the eye this week, too. Touche!

  13. JT

    “The Germans believe that forcing creditors to share the losses in the event of a sovereign debt rescheduling or default will make lenders less reckless, expose profligate countries to higher risk premiums, and encourage fiscal rigour. ”

    If Allianz or Deutsche Bank is about to go banktrupt they can hold a stock offering for the needed amount and sell the stocks to countries.

    You could have done this in the US too.
    It is so simple.
    Stock holders of banks take a loss and tax payers have a chance of getting their money back.

  14. Puddin

    Elaine check out what Gonzolo Lira wrote about your ‘pal’ Brad DeLong….its spot on and hilarious. Enjoy..

  15. It is crazy the amount of illeagles that are taking all of our Americans jobs. And the bad thing is that they are trying to pass more legislation to give away more of our jobs. A limit has to be set before we go bankrupt.

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