NK Baby Dragon Gives Western Alliance Hot Foot



ΩΩBack in time, during the first Korean War, the US rashly ran our military all the way up to the border of China which was no longer a helpless giant but had been taken over by very nationalistic communist Chinese led by Mao.  Instead of rolling right over North Korea, the Chinese repelled our invasion and using mass infantry units, nearly pushed the US out of Korea entirely.  So when the US, still trying in vain to control the entire planet using raw military force, got tangled in the Vietnam War after the Vietnamese kicked out the French colonialists, China made it crystal clear, the US could not invade North Vietnam, either.Miz_liberty_scared_dragon_big

ΩΩIn 1950, China didn’t have nuclear bombs.  The US seriously considered using nuclear bombs against the North Koreans secure in the notion, the Chinese would have to surrender to yet another expression of US imperial power, that is, the power to totally annihilate whole cities with just one bomb.  But world revulsion at the sight of incinerated Hiroshima and Nagasaki meant we couldn’t be hailed as the good guys, the saviors of humanity, if all we were doing was using nuclear bombs to butcher civilians.


ΩΩBy the early 1960’s, China had both missiles and hydrogen bombs so our ability to terrorize the Chinese collapsed.  Ever since the Soviets also gained the powers of total annihilation, the US pursued an alternative strategy which was called ‘The Cold War’.  In this, we tried to marshall all ‘free’ people to support our confrontations.  Only, our definition of ‘free’ was very elastic and a ‘free people’ could be living under distinctly unfree situations such as fascist military dictatorships put in power with the help of the US military and CIA.


ΩΩThe Soviets couldn’t form an alliance with nuclear China because they had many border disputes that predated communism.  Russia and China both struggled for power over who controls the Mongolian frontier and the ports on the Pacific rim.  Russia, as always, has been in a thousand year long struggle to gain control over warm water ports which has caused wars with other empires such as the Ottoman, Chinese, Japanese and German empires in the last 150 years.



ΩΩRight  now, we are having a typical confrontation between imperial powers using various outlier countries as tools to define spheres of influence.  A quick glance at a world map shows the madness of the US trying to maintain total dominance of the planet.  When nuclear China suddenly confronted nuclear Russia in a bizarre winter battle on their mutual border back in the 1960’s.  Mao’s descent into madness intervened and China looked like it would fall apart rapidly during the Cultural Revolution.


ΩΩBut somehow, barely, China survived this, too.  And with the death of Mao and his crazy wife being sent to prison, China recovered fully and today has surged forwards to take an increasingly big role in world affairs.  This increase in diplomatic power runs alongside power of industrial production.  China’s industrial growth is the basis for its increase in political power.  The US has fallen into decrepitude.  We are dependent upon running trade deficits with allies so they are always anxious to please us when we want something odd.


ΩΩWhat we usually want is to isolate someone and impose an embargo on them.  Generally speaking, these embargoes are usually placed against non-fascist countries.  A country can commit many crimes against humanity and still be listed as our very best friends.  Lands like Saudi Arabia, for example, or quasi-dictatorships like Egypt get financial rewards for being oppressive to their own people or cooperating with US/Zionist aggressions.


ΩΩLast night I finally had time to scour the news for hints as to why North Korea suddenly erupted in such rage.  As I expected, there was some provocative talk from our ally, South Korea:  South Korea considers return of US tactical nuclear weapons | guardian.co.uk


  • South Korea’s defence minister today raised the possibility that US nuclear weapons could be deployed in his country for the first time in nearly 20 years, after it was revealed that Pyongyang had built an advanced uranium enrichment plant.He replied that the matter would be “reviewed” by a joint US-Korean committee on deterrence set up last month. His remarks drew attention as the issue has been treated as taboo in the highly-charged atmosphere of the Korean peninsular.


  • Korean government officials were anxious to play down the significance of his comments, and insisted the taboo remained in place. A Korean defence ministry statement said the redeployment of nuclear weapons had not so far been raised. The Pentagon said there were no immediate plans to redeploy nuclear weapons in South Korea


ΩΩEven suggesting stationing nuclear bombs in South Korea is guaranteed to create a manic response from hyper-suspicious North Korea.  As well as strong annoyance in Beijing.  The many war games cooked up by our fat as a turkey Pentagon insures outrage on the part our political rivals in Asia.  Provoking this is fun when we are doing it to barely armed nations struggling to survive. But North Korea lives in the shadow of China which is not a nation struggling to survive.  Pretending all of our military flotillas are fun and game covers up the truth: they are acts of aggression.

ΩΩWWI began from a rather peculiar fuse: the assassination of a prince was not all that uncommon.  Anarchists in many countries were terrorizing leaders by trying to assassinate them.  This included Leon Czolgosz, son of Polish immigrants.  He shot President William McKinley in 1901 at the Pan-American Exposition in New York.  It turns out that one of the numerous anarchist attacks on world leaders did the trick of tripping the entire planet into a massive world war.  Bin Laden and others like him hope to do the same.  This anarchistic desire to destroy major empires by bankrupting them as they roar from one futile war to the next was a fine strategy if one wishes for chaos.


ΩΩUnlike US aggressive postures in the Persian Gulf, the price for tripping up and ending up in a war with a major nuclear power is a thousand times higher in Asia.  Attacking Russians on their borders is equally dangerous which is why I must puzzle about Japan.  Why did Japan go out of its way to provoke the Russians right when they needed desperately to have Russian help in their ongoing dispute with China over some small islands?  And why did the US back Japan in both disputes since all this does is make us look like warmongers?


ΩΩHere is another take on the North/South Korea event: Sky News: North Korea says South Korea fired first


  • ‘The South Korean enemy, despite our repeated warnings, committed reckless military provocations of firing artillery shells into our maritime territory near Yeonpyeong island beginning 1pm (1500 AEDT),’ a statement from the North’s military supreme command said.


  • The North’s military ‘will continue to make merciless military attacks with no hesitation if the South Korean enemy dares to invade our sea territory by 0.001 mm’, it said in the statement carried by the official news agency. ‘It is our military’s traditional response to quell provocative actions with a merciless thunderbolt.’ The statement added that in the West Sea (Yellow Sea), ‘there will only exist the sea boundary set by us’.



ΩΩThe US had a golden opportunity to end the Korean War (IT IS NOT OVER AT ALL) but flubbed it because we were all so very excited about Russia’s collapse, we thought North Korea would fall as easily. But we forgot something big: Russia fell because they invaded Afghanistan.  North Korea is a classic Korean Hermit Kingdom.  They are invading no one.  So they don’t have a bleeding ulcerous wound, diseased and rotting away the body.  I have suggested in the past, backing off usually releases tension and causes changes.


ΩΩPressing harder and harder increases resistance.  We see this in all dynamic systems.  Apply pressure and things solidify.  Release pressure and things loosen up.  This works in animal confrontations in nature.  If you approach a dog, it will first bark and then growl and then prepare to lunge and if you continue to press forwards, it will suddenly bite you.  If you back off, the dog will cease growling.  Better still, feed the dog…I have done this to tame other people’s dogs and teach them how to behave…and the dog will become increasingly peaceful.


ΩΩYears ago, I was so annoyed with this man who taught his dog to lunge at children coming home from school, I used food bribes to win the dog’s affections and one day, the guy came out of his house, yelling at me and I told the dog to bite him.  It did.  Now, the captive people of North Korea don’t see us being friendly, they see us piling on all sorts of losses, pain and suffering.  Ditto, in Iran.  So they don’t view us as saviors but as oppressors.


ΩΩThe US is so habituated by Zionism which is a fascist ideology seeking to displace or destroy ethnic and religious groups.  So we can’t figure out why everyone we oppose continues to oppose us.  We still like to think we are being friendly even when we are showing them naked aggression.  So of course, the Zionist war media in the US thinks North Korea is nuts to resist US military domination:  North Korea’s Very Risky Game – NYTimes.com


  • Siegfried Hecker, a former chief of the Los Alamos nuclear lab who visited the centrifuge plant, called it “astonishingly modern.” He said the plant and the reactor could be converted to produce weapons. But he said they “appear to be designed primarily for civilian nuclear power, not to boost North Korea’s military capability.”


  • Mr. Obama has insisted that he won’t get played by the North, but administration officials have also left the door open to both reviving the six-party talks and bilateral negotiations. We see no evidence of a serious American strategy for getting there. For now, China, reinforced by United Nations sanctions, has the best chance of walking the North back from the brink. It must take the lead. But Washington must also re-engage.



ΩΩChina has made it crystal clear for years now, the US must engage China directly instead of trying to be the sole power brokers in Asia.  The US thought if we join South Korea and Japan in these talks and then dictate terms as we do with the Palestinians, all we needed was China’s rubber stamp.  But the growing direct friendship as well as mutual ends of Russia matching China has led to these two great powers (Russia is very much a great power since it can wipe out the entire US infrastructure and all of our cities in less than six hours!) forming a diplomatic alliance which the US still refuses to understand or acknowledge.


ΩΩJust like with Iran, assurances that nuclear power plants are peaceful isn’t enough.  Israel has nuclear power plants and is frantically building a formerly secret nuclear arsenal and the US protects Israel from being examined by the UN or anyone.  Watching these nuclear maniac Zionists scream about anyone getting bombs is most interesting.  In the US, we feel that we and our Zionist allies must have Armageddon levels of destructive ability to whip the entire planet into compliance whereas everyone else should disarm.




  • The aircraft carrier USS George Washington will participate in a four-day South Korea-U.S. military exercise to take place in the West Sea from Sunday, the U.S. Forces Korea said Wednesday. The exercise is the latest in a series of the joint drills aimed at enhancing the allies’ deterrence capabilities against North Korean provocations.


  • The series of the drills were announced in July at the so-called “two-plus-two talks,” an unprecedented meeting of the two countries’ foreign and defense ministers, which was initially arranged to mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.


ΩΩAgain: this news is recognized in South Korea.  That is, the initial provocation for the ship sinking, bombing, release of flood waters and other unpleasant events all come out of this meeting between the US and South Korea where the US openly declared it will expand military engagement and aim this at resolving all of the hanging issues from the ceasefire by unilaterally controlling disputed areas using our military might.  Since July, things have been heating up rapidly.  And this is very much like WWI: a small event led to everyone calling up reserves and massing them on each other’s borders and then it all cascaded into full scale international war to the bitter end.


ΩΩThe North Koreans who run the military have full access to news in the West.  So they know that any saber rattling by the rulers of South Korea always leads to markets collapsing and paper wealth vanishing:  AFP: S.Korean stock market big drop after attacks


The benchmark KOSPI index opened down 2.33 percent or 45.02 points at 1,883.92. The won opened at a two-month low of 1,175 to the dollar on concerns about North Korea.


ΩΩToday, markets are going up slightly as traders assume, I fear, rashly assume, this is a one time event and there will be no war.  But the announcement that the US is stepping up military displays should scare anyone from investing in or holding South Korean stocks and bonds.  What I see is a steady rise in violence and counter violence.


ΩΩThe fact that South Korea announced grandly that they would have severe repercussions for this latest fire exchange shows us that this is not going to end today quietly.  The fact that China is not rushing in to hold our hands is significant.  China has plenty of reasons to sit on its hands in this matter and let the US stick its navy deep into North Korean waters.


ΩΩSeeing a few US major ships go down might rather amuse China so long as this happens in Japanese or South Korean waters.  If it happens in Chinese waters, we get WWIII.  Does the US want this terrible war?  Since we are fighting Islam, this could be a huge problem if Russia and China suddenly side openly with the Islamic forces gathering against us.



  • President Obama said China should take a more resolute stance on North Korea and that he would speak to the Chinese leadership for more cooperation in dealing with Pyongyang,” Lee’s spokesperson Kim Hee-jung said in a press briefing. “President Lee said he expected Beijing to collaborate as the North has disclosed its high enriched uranium program, which it had denied so far, and attacked civilians.”
  • During the 30-minute telephone conversation, Obama also explained about the dispatch of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington to the West Sea and suggested holding more ROK-U.S. joint military drills if necessary, Kim said.


ΩΩSee how conciliatory South Korea’s right wing President is?  He basically is threatening China, not asking to be saved by China.  And part of this threat is to increase US military involvement!  More drills, not less!  More pressure, not release of pressure!  And this, while Japan struts and frets as if the Rising Sun flag was backed by millions of armed Japanese suicide kamikaze pilots.
ΩΩMeanwhile, our wars against poor peasants continues to collapse:  Nato ‘duped by impostor who posed as Taliban negotiator’ – Asia, World – The Independent

  • The revelation, which appeared in The New York Times, is embarrassing for a host of Afghan and Western officials, including President Hamid Karzai, who has made reconciliation with his “Taliban brothers” a cornerstone of his presidency. It is also a setback for US General David Petraeus who had touted a breakthrough in peace talks as evidence his counter-insurgency strategy is working.


ΩΩA grocer from Pakistan decides to play a con game and won!  HAHAHA.  And pray tell, who are our opponents in Afghanistan?  Well, the leaders, the followers, everyone seems to be…civilian peasants.  They are a classic peasant uprising such as the ones we have seen since the dawn of agriculture and cattle herding.  Anyone is a ‘Taliban leader’.

ΩΩThis is like the movie, Spartacus:

ΩΩAll the men in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq are the Taliban if they so choose. Who are we to say who they are?  Since we assassinate anyone we think is a leader, no one will show up in public to be executed by this Modern Rome.  The ancient Romans dealt with obstacles by killing everyone and anyone in the most brutal way possible.  We can’t do this openly due to our act on the world stage as ‘good guys’ who are saving the world for democracy and peace.
ΩΩSo we grit our teeth and commit crimes and are brutal while having to smile and play nice as much as possible.  The Romans also liked starving people to death.  The emperors did this to daughters, wives and other difficult social relationships.  The US does this to whole populations while pointing out, how evil the Nazis were for starving millions and millions of people to death.  We even point out that the poor people of North Korea are starving to death which is why…we are making this worse.


  • Israel’s new law requiring that any withdrawal from East Jerusalem or the Golan Heights be approved either by two-thirds of the legislature or in a popular referendum has lengthened the odds against the country’s conflicts being settled by negotiation. The 120-seat Knesset passed the law — initiated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party — late Monday, by a vote of 65-33, raising further obstacles to Washington’s longstanding efforts to broker peace through territorial compromise.


ΩΩEver since Netanyahu got nearly all of Congress to condemn Obama and relegate him to doorman for the White House, Israel simply hands over lists of demands and the Zionist Clinton lady hands it over to Obama and orders him to sign the dotted line.  Even as Obama’s budget commission says they want to starve Americans to death to balance the budget, every item on the Israeli list handed to Clinton passes without murmur to Obama who must sign it with the enthusiastic applause of Congress.


ΩΩHow long will this last?  When Americans are begging on street corners or dying, will Congress continue to increase funding for Israel?  This law in Israel is a direct slap in the face of Obama and few Americans will be aware of this law.  I am frankly surprised to see Time magazine cover this story.  Maybe the dark shroud of secrecy covering Israeli actions will be finally lifted?


ΩΩObama could simply withdraw from these faux negotiations and tell Israel to take a hike.  But then, he won’t be showered like the Bushes or Reagan or Clintons, with rich rewards.  Instead, he will join Jimmy Carter in the financial and political wilderness to wander about, a lost soul.  But then, he will also save the US from a terrible fate.  Which will it be?  Get rich while betraying Americans or be poor for defending Americans?


ΩΩEasy choice!  Most people grasp the money and run.  But in WWIII, there will be no where to run and hide any loot.

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21 responses to “NK Baby Dragon Gives Western Alliance Hot Foot

  1. nah

    could be a huge problem if Russia and China suddenly side openly with the Islamic forces gathering against us.
    Dont forget Israel is turning against us too… boobing around for peace to ensure any major conflict in asia starts the US off as the bad guys
    we are in a pretty bad way pressing representative government on illiterate masses… its a pretty weak link for some global asian stratagy… hell Id forget my name if Id never seen it… much less corporate democracy
    North Korea is the past, or the future
    Artistic Victory

  2. nah

    oops i embeded it

  3. nah

    bah… WE NEED EMBEDED VIDEOS!… this heres a slave blog

  4. nah

    Jets win 24-17… kind of a blow out Thanksgiving… oyeah

  5. nah

    Former President Kim Young-sam used the occasion to criticize North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, saying he is “not a human,” and said that a China that defends North Korea “can never be trusted,” Yonhap said.
    really, china is eternally tied to a lying, thieving, violent, corrupt, murderous, oppressive, communist hell hole
    and that makes china what the good cop

  6. nah

    Irish opposition vows to upend austerity planhttp://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101125/ap_on_re_eu/eu_ireland_financial_crisis
    Thats what im talking about… if the elite (who historically never give up power without murder) want to bankrupt us… lets have lower taxes… its the only thing we can all agree on… there aint no leadership

  7. leavingtheoffice

    @Elaine alluded to China and Russia giving up on the dollar the other day. Here is the formal announcement and an almost shocking quote from Wen below…
    China, Russia quit dollar
    Over the past year, “our strategic cooperative partnership endured strenuous tests and reached an unprecedented level,” Wen said, adding the two nations are now more confident and determined to defend their mutual interests.”
    “China will firmly follow the path of peaceful development and support the renaissance of Russia as a great power,” he said.

  8. if

    India test-fires nuclear-capable missile
    Nuclear-capable India and Pakistan, which have fought three wars, two over the disputed Himalayan territory of Kashmir, routinely carry out missile tests but normally notify each other in advance under an agreement.Both neighbors have refused to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and other treaties that restrict developing or testing nuclear weapons.
    Probably to ease the global tension(?!)

  9. Christian W

    China has also been making deals with Turkey and Brazil to cut out the dollar for trade purposes. Most likely China is doing this with other nations as well as part of an overall strategy. I suspect that is the reason the Fed is attacking China so fiercely.

    What happens to these idle dollars that suddenly are not in use anymore? How do nations put dollars to use that are surplus to FOREX requirements?

  10. emsnews

    The stash of idle dollars held by all our major trade rivals is immense. It is, I figure, about one third the money ‘in circulation’ that is, well over $4 trillion. If all our trade partners panic as this money stash loses value, they may end up in a race to the bottom, using it as fast as possible to buy up US assets and wealth making systems or buy out each other.

  11. nah

    China issues warning ahead of U.S.-South Korea drills
    wow… talk about opposing interests
    looks like everyone wants to rule the world, thats never good… maybe we should just let the chenoan and Yeonpyeong suffer under the dprk… South Korean freedom is overrated, the terrorists and communists always win anyways
    tyrants leading uneducated masses breeding ignorance and hate its just foolish banter, imean the real hitler is dead and gone

  12. nah

    Just like the Romans, our Army’s stretched too thin, Senators arguing about “politics” and parties (distracting you while robbing you blind) and huge coliseums for sport. HELLLOOO.
    its always the ones you never see coming that are real’ dangerous.
    this heres the oldest trick in the book, prepared, justified, mobilized, engaged threat.
    only problem is dprk’ dont have enough doctors or hospitals, aint the US that made that error damn commies.

  13. Christian W

    Thx for the answer Elaine 🙂 More q’s 🙂

    But do nations that are trying to cut out the dollar from their trade accept US dollars from other nations for their commodities/money systems/goods? Isn’t that a losing game for them if there is a expat dollar circulation system – a gulf stream of sorts – that circulates expat US paper dollars in a commodity buyout run around?

    And is that one reason the US has adapted the ZIRP system, to keep all those idle/expat dollars from coming home with a vengence, now that the rules of the game has changed?

    And since foreigners have stopped loaning money to the US the US has started to print more dollars to make up the difference in the budget, ie creating magical money (QE).

    And this magical money stream is also intended to give more momentum to the overseas expat dollar stream, which of course greatly annoys the foreign nations drowning in useless dollars.

    Meanwhile US companies report record profits, mostly because they are hooked into the expat dollar stream.

    Now, isn’t it in the interest of China (say) to use the idle US dollars to buy commodities in nations like Australia, that still belong to the dollar believers, but refuse to take any US dollars back for their goods. In other words, to push the dollars out of their system and limiting the ways back in.

    What if half the world suddenly stopped trading in dollars, using their own currencies instead in a compact of sorts. Isn’t that the aim of China and Russia et al? Would they need more? That would stop the artificial expat dollar Gulf stream cold and the whole dollar system would enter a frigid Ice Age. Because if such a compact took place they wouldn’t use the dollars to hit each other with, but to dismember the US with and devour the pieces.

    (And at that point the US will most likely go even more insane and President Palin will press the button…)

  14. Christian W

    Just found this…

    Putin: Russia will Join the Euro One Day

    Heh, Putin isn’t exactly mincing words here. The Germans and Russians look serious about joining up. (Btw, I find it very interesting that Schröder is working for Gazprom these days…).

  15. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you article again soon.

  16. The US $ can’t lose value it would seem because its measured in Euros. neat system.

  17. emsnews

    As I predicted years ago, Germany will move towards Russia, not away from Russia. This is a common situation, the natural flow for German influence is eastwards, not westwards. And Germany always has been most interested in China and Japan. and this is reciprocated. The US would love to think Japan is imitating us but basically, when given a choice, Japan tends to copy the German systems (such as with schools and medical care systems) not the US.

  18. CK

    “such as with schools and medical care systems” true, why copy the copyist when you can copy the crappy original.

  19. Mic

    Baby dragon north korea… So cute and yet so wrong.

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